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Boiling Point Issue 14


Welcome to Issue #14 of Boiling Point, the magazine for Zip HydroTap, providing instant boiling and chilled filtered water to state-of-the-art design and architectural spaces.


P.01 Blurring the Boundaries A flexible workforce is inspired by a fluid landscape in Accenture’s landmark new workplace.

New Zealand P.04 Sharing Ideas


Communal areas invite collaboration in the new offices of New Zealand architectural firm Jasmax.

Commercial P.08 Natural Flow

Abigroup’s new headquarters connects to the natural landscape.



P.10 A Healthy Balance


The new building design embodies the values and ethos of Blackmores.



P.12 Feeling Right at Home Master planner Trevor De Waal selects the Zip HydroTap for his own home.



Blurring the boundaries

Accenture, Sydney Text: Judy Friedlander Photography: Martin Van der Wall Architect: HBO+EMTB

A fluid workforce feels quite at home in the flexible new Accenture offices that accommodate shifting needs in Sydney’s landmark workplace6.

Boiling Point Issue 14


The impressive new workplace of global management consultancy Accenture in Sydney’s Darling Island has created new benchmarks in environmental and work/ lifestyle dimensions and design.

is enhanced by the extensive use of glass and a central light well located in the inner core of the building. The link to the outside world is furthered through the inclusion of a winter garden on each level.

Aptly described as workplace6, the building boasts NSW’s first 6-Star Green Star rated building credentials. Levels 2 and 3, which Accenture inhabits, feature a unique flexibility of space that caters to its highly fluid professional workforce.

“The scale is quite humane. As a low-rise building it is close to the streetscape, which allows us to bring the external aspects inside,” says Brian Rogut, Director of Interiors.

With Sydney’s harbour playing a background role and sparkling through the windows, workplace6 serves as an enticing magnet to staff. The light emanating from the harbour infuses Accenture’s workspace. The luminosity and opportunity to view the surrounding landscape

The brief to HBO+EMTB, who were given the task of designing the interior space, was to achieve a Green Star rating for Accenture, independent of workplace6’s already acclaimed green architecture. Accenture’s workforce could only be described as contemporary, with a significant percentage alternating between home and work office spaces and client sites.


“ Zip HydroTap delivers the peak capacity required for both boiling and chilled water.”

Rogut says that with the population of Accenture staff and clients fluctuating throughout the day and week, support spaces and break-out environments with amenities to support these varying loads were required. The Zip HydroTap was considered perfectly placed to cater to the dynamic workforce.

The unconventional layout is defined by a lack of fixed furniture and traditional boundaries.

“The Zip HydroTap delivers the peak capacity we required for both boiling and chilled water but has the ability to go into sleep mode when idle.

“We definitely wanted it to be defined but we did not want boundaries that were rigid or inflexible,” says Isaacson.

“This saves on energy, and because the units are air cooled, they also save water,” Rogut says.

HBO+EMTB (61 2) 8226 2000 hboemtb.com

“We wanted to blur the distinction between a typical commercial fit-out and how people like to feel when they are at home”, explains Andrew Isaacson, Design Principal at HBO+EMTB. “The client requested a bringing together of people to allow for effective collaboration between home and office bases.”

The three dedicated offices within the 6,300m2 floor plan, with glass walls, flexible workstations and lounge settings result in a fluid and dynamic office landscape.

For more information about Zip HydroTap products and services, visit zipindustries.com

Boiling Point Issue 14



Sharing ideas

Jasmax, Auckland Text: Judy Friedlander Photography: Simon Devitt Architecture and Interiors: Jasmax

Communal areas invite collaboration and creativity in the vibrant new Jasmax architectural offices in Auckland, New Zealand.

There are certain workplaces that immediately present themselves as places to be. To walk into this vibrant architectural firm in the creative and commercial hub of Parnell in Auckland and see a barista bestowing macchiatos and lattés to groups of designers and architects in the café/atrium, automatically signals Jasmax as a coveted enterprise. Tim Hooson, a Jasmax director and Director of Interiors and Workplace Strategy, explains that the creative, business and strategic elements of Jasmax are reflected in the way spaces flow and integrate in the new workspace. Re-configuring and utilising a warehouse in the central Auckland area that straddles the CBD and looks out onto the port, North Head, the university and Rangitoto Island, provides Jasmax with a stimulating outlook and open spaces that encourage communication and a “collision of ideas”.

Hooson, in fact, describes the prevailing ethos as “organised chaos”, saying “if you’re not exposing yourself to the unexpected, creative endeavours can be limited”. He says key communal areas were identified as being important to generate collaboration and creativity in the new workspace and that the previous building “split across many different levels and studios and made it quite difficult to transfer knowledge”. Jasmax’s exciting new space combines a reconfigured top level of a warehouse with a new two-level building, contributing to 2,400 square metres of studio. “Two to three colliding ideas” are apparent in the overall design, says Hooson. “Many creatives in the office were motivated by a ‘warehouse of ideas’ concept which shared spaces encourage. Stripping back the building and exposing the

Boiling Point Issue 14


raw materials takes away the precious element of an interior and allows an appreciation of the mechanical and electrical workings – an honest, stripped-back approach. It also makes the space more textured. Limiting the finishes is also strongly environmental.” This environmental ethos has guided the new design. The green wall of climbing vines which veils the southern side provides a link to the vegetated areas beyond and reduces the heat island effect. According to Hooson, the green wall features what was once identified as “the most endangered plant in the world”, the “Three Kings Vine”. Botanists found it on an island cliff and it is now encouraged throughout New Zealand. The new office is also located close to the

“ HydroTap optimises space whilst supporting environmental goals.”

07 Jasmax-designed Britomart transport centre which is a rail, bus and ferry hub. “So the neighbourhood and building options were all factored in before we decided to build and re-configure,” says Hooson. For this reason, Zenith Heaters’ products have been specified throughout. “It was unreasonable to expect that 160 people could use the café at a point in time so we decided to place hydration stations in key areas”, Hooson says. “We wanted to create a series of landmark nodes or interaction magnets within the studio where people would gravitate to. The café is the major social hub but ‘hydration stations’ have been designed so that everyone is not further than 18 metres away from refreshment.

“Having filtered and boiling water on tap allows people to make tea, be refreshed and gather. The HydroTap supplied by Zenith Heaters is compact and immediate which optimises space whilst supporting environmental goals.” As well, the low-flow rated, infra-red Zenith Heaters’ sensor taps which feature in the bathrooms were selected to substantially reduce water consumption, says Hooson. Jasmax (64) 09 366 9626 jasmax.com For more information about Zip HydroTap products and services, visit zipindustries.com

Boiling Point Issue 14


Natural Flow

Abigroup House, Brisbane Text: Judy Friedlander Photography: Christopher Frederick Jones Architect: Cox Rayner Architects

Abigroup’s new headquarters in Brisbane strives to connect structure with landscape, encouraging a natural order and flow. With a nod to the previous structure that graced this stunning site on Brisbane’s South Bank Parklands, Abigroup’s new Queensland headquarters is a translucent yet taut structure that takes full advantage of the surroundings. Locals may remember the Butterfly House, an Expo favourite, which previously inhabited the site. Construction and engineering company Abigroup’s transparent glass and steel pavilion shares its lightness of being. Visitors can look through the new building from one side of the park to the other, a feature which enhances the structure’s connection to the natural landscape. The Cox Rayner, John Mainwaring design is refined yet robust – a fitting reflection of Abigroup’s approach to infrastructure projects which range from Olympic stadiums to expressways and public schools. “We opted not to have another decorative form along the street,” says project architect Michael Rayner. “A glass pavilion in the park is part of a tradition in a sense, but also allows for humility.” Project architect Stephen Gunn describes it as a “boutique building” whose minimalist approach has demanded the highest standards, and is therefore a showcase for Abigroup’s abilities.


The lay of the land has influenced the building’s proportions with three storeys of horizontal banding blending into the park’s contours.

“ Zip HydroTap became the obvious choice for staff refreshment facilities.”

John Mainwaring stresses the importance of the connectivity between inside and out. “It’s easy for a corporate building to be clumped onto the ground without that degree of participation,” he says. The natural flow between inside and out is augmented by the use of warm timbers and graphite hued tiles in the interiors and the integration of the quintessential Queensland verandas which allow staff to take in fresh air and view the river and surrounds. Executive offices line both sides of the open workspaces, but are transparent. Workplaces are open, with a number of staff coffee hubs provided for retreat and meetings. Gunn says that the award-winning design for the Green Star rated building and interior fitout required that the selection of fittings must enhance the efficiency and experience of the way the building is used. “Seamless integration of refreshment facilities into the workplace environment is a feature of the design,” says Gunn.

“In keeping with both the design aesthetic and the desire to maintain the building’s green credentials, the Zip HydroTap became the obvious choice for supplying filtered hot and cold water to the staff refreshment facilities. At Cox Rayner, we recognised the advantage of having instantaneously available hot or cold water available to the Abigroup staff.” Abigroup House has a 4-Star Green Star rating and a 5-Star NABERS rating due to a number of features including solar controlled glazing, the set back of the upper level, recycling of various demolition materials and the lighting on the range of timer switches. Cox Rayner Architects (61 7) 3210 0844 cox.com.au For more information about Zip HydroTap products and services, visit zipindustries.com

Boiling Point Issue 14


A Healthy Balance An holistic design, reflecting Blackmores’ philosophy and identity, has resulted in an exciting new staff campus with a healthy approach. Blackmores Campus, Sydney Text: Judy Friedlander Photography: Richard Glover Photography Architect: Watermark Architecture and Interiors

Visitors to Blackmores’ new headquarters in Warriewood on Sydney’s northern beaches might be forgiven for thinking they had inadvertently walked into a health resort.

This holistic approach, responding to Blackmores’ philosophy and identity, was paramount when Watermark designed the innovative new campus.

Employees are encouraged to use the ‘Staff Wellness Centre’ as a regular part of their day to help maintain a healthy work-life balance. Those lucky enough to work in the building are enticed with treatment rooms for massage and naturopathy, a yoga area, gym and a lap pool.

Blackmores is an established name in the health industry in Australia, having opened the country’s first health food store in 1938.

“The idea of ‘wellness’ sits neatly with the Blackmores brand, and reflects their genuine commitment to staff,” says Project Manager David Bennett from architecture and interior design firm Watermark.

“Our design embodies the values and ethos of Blackmores into the built environment,” says Managing Director of Watermark, Greg Barnett. The new campus consolidates the company and all 220 staff in a series of low-rise buildings carefully sited within the surrounding native Australian landscape.


Internal ‘streets’ running through a central hub and connecting the north and south office wings “encourage regular staff interaction, cross-pollination and a sense of togetherness”, says Bennett. On the second floor, the ‘street’ is an Ironbark bridge that looks down through a central void to the ground floor and the shared-use winter garden space – a break-out area for informal meetings. The ready availability of instant boiling and chilled filtered water, in particular, the energy and water efficient Zip HydroTap, was considered to be a natural component in breakout areas and café. “The Zip HydroTap offers an attractive, streamlined aesthetic and encourages staff with a natural refreshment which, of course, aligns with the Blackmores’ philosophy,” says Bennett. The bridge runs through the communal café, where “someone who works in production can sit at the same table as someone from finance”, says Barnett. A number of key initiatives have resulted in the new campus achieving sustainable superlatives. The long office wings allow for natural light, cross flow ventilation and solar control, and the towering glass stack provides natural ventilation. Wetlands surround the entrance, and the building is accessed via a boardwalk that covers what Barnett describes as “the lungs of the building” – the innovative underground labyrinth that, along with the wetlands, pre-cools the incoming air. An onsite gas fired tri-generation plant with two co-generation engines connected in parallel to the grid are predicted to only generate one third the annual carbon dioxide emissions of a similar development which lacks these new initiatives. The site is also designed to be independent of mains water for 70% of the year. Watermark Architecture and Interiors (61 2) 9299 0401 watermarkarchitecture.com.au For more information about Zip HydroTap products and services, visit zipindustries.com

“ Zip HydroTap offers staff with a natural refreshment.”

Boiling Point Issue 14


Trevor De Waal, director of the well-known Sydney-based architectural firm, Kann Finch Group, is a true ‘master planner’ whose everyday work involves elaborate and highly detailed design of buildings for thousands. His most recently completed project, the Penrith government offices, caters to hundreds of people and design considerations ranged from the latest kitchen specifications to integrating boardrooms with hundreds of office spaces. The Kann Finch Group has had extensive experience designing and overseeing large and innovative projects with organisations such as Energy Australia, Housing NSW Major Projects Division, The Stamford Group, Woodside Petroleum, ASX, BankWest and Hotel InterContinental. With De Waal’s involvement with both the bigpicture concepts and the most specific details, he is abreast of key developments in technical innovations and the latest applications.

Feeling Right at Home Trevor De Waal, Kann Finch Group Text: Judy Friedlander Photography: Tyrone Branigan

A long-time advocate of Zip HydroTap in large-scale, commercial developments, architect Trevor De Waal had no hesitation in specifying it for his new home kitchen.

His home in Sydney’s northern beaches reflects his expertise and design philosophy, blending cutting edge sophisticated high-tech design with comfort and practicality. The kitchen and dining area is the focal point of the house and often serves as “meeting point, family area and place for entertaining friends,” says De Waal. He says that in both commercial and residential developments, the kitchen has not only become an important utilitarian area but is becoming a more important communal area. “In commercial buildings, kitchens are increasingly becoming areas where people gather to discuss ideas and socialise, so it is very important that these spaces look good and work well,” De Waal says. “They are creative and social hubs.”


“ There are so many ways we use the Zip HydroTap at home.”

“Residential kitchens are becoming more high-tech and visible to surrounding areas so they need to be aesthetically appealing in that they are going to perform as a social hub and pleasant place to be.

De Waal says his wife keenly pursued the idea of having a Zip HydroTap with instant boiling and chilled functions for its practical applications.

“Domestically, people are also increasingly demanding sophisticated selection of products, finishes and appliances as the kitchen becomes a focal point for people to get together.”

“There are so many ways we use the Zip HydroTap at home,” he says. He lists not having to boil water at the stove, using instant boiling water for plunger coffee and the ability to have boiled water at the ready to clean bowls and utensils as important functions.

De Waal considers the Zip HydroTap as an integral feature of today’s kitchens and says it was a natural choice to be a key component in his home kitchen.

De Waal says the elegant and clean lines of the Zip HydroTap also sit comfortably with wellknown brands of taps which contributes to a consistent aesthetic appeal.

“My teenage son and daughter love the Zip HydroTap boil function as the boiling water on tap provides a quick and easy way to make noodles. Having chilled water on tap also means a healthy alternative to other drinks that teenagers love.

“The energy savings are also a very attractive feature in this more environmentallysensitive time.”

“We find that we actually drink more water and when friends come over, a glass of cold water is usually requested before sitting down to chat.”

Kann Finch Group (61 2) 9299 4111 kannfinch.com.au For more information about Zip HydroTap products and services, visit zipindustries.com

Boiling Point Issue 14


Boiling Point brings together Zip HydroTap patented innovative technology and the best in international architecture and interior design.

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