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Intro... Capture the beauty of the beach in your home. Beach-house living means easy living and a carefree lifestyle. If you’re in the process of decorating a beach house, then this decorating guide will help you on your way. On the following pages you will fi nd tips, ideas and inspiration for creating a beach house with just a few essential ingredients. A beach house should be approachable and inviting, not over decorated or too rigid. To achieve this, pieces should be simple but comfortable, upholstered in soft durable fabrics such as cotton, linen or leather. Painted fi nishes, bleached or recycled timbers, cane, rattan, vintage pieces and contemporary furniture all sit comfortably in casual relaxed beachside interiors. French, Asian, rustic or antique statement pieces can add interest and character to your scheme. The interior should truly refl ect the needs, personality, tastes, interests and budget of it’s owners.


credits Words Melissah Weigall



Coastal Style http://coastal-style.blogspot. com

Interior design and decortion ... inspired by seaside living

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Beach style is all about bringing the outside in and creating a retreat with a relaxed and airy vibe. Beach style incorporates a natural colour palette that refl ects the surrounding landscape, along with plenty of natural light, coastal style furniture and organic textiles.

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Beach style decor recalls images of sand and sea, shells and marine life and offers the promise of endless beach days and a laid back lifestyle where land meets the ocean. Beach styles range from the more formal Hamptons style, to Shabby Chic, Nautical, Tropical, Modern and the more casual Natural Style. These are of course very loose categories that can be mixed and matched to create your own individual mix or style.

Photos of my house by Matt Lord Phography unless stated otherwise

Whether you live near to the ocean or not, if you love the beach you can bring a little of that laid back atmosphere into your home.

Pleae advise if you wish any image belonging to you to be removed and it will be done so immediately.


Stylish details

Seaside accessories

Beachside transport

A tranquil retreat with old fashionedcharm


Image credits : Shannon Fricke

BEA CH CO TTAG E STYLE White is the backbone for shabby chic or beach cottage design. Use bucket loads of white paint accented with pale, neutral colours and subtle seashell decor to create a chic, sea-inspired living space. An eclectic mix of distressed furniture with crisp white accents showcase the casual elegance of shabby chic style. White slipcovered sofas and chairs, white painted pine lining boards, cane, sisal and painted furniture are all reminiscent of relaxed summers and shabby seaside homes.


Image credits clockwise : 1 Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design | 2 Archpelago |3 & 4 Greg Cox-Hogl

M O D ERN STYLE Modern style is all about contemporary architecture and clean lines. Minimal styling, open plan living, low maintenance and a restrained colour palette are all features of Modern Beach Style. Whites, neutrals, muted greys, black and charcoal are all suited to this look. Bright pops of colour make great accents against this neutral background. Furniture should have straight lines and interiors should be clutter free to create a sharp, modern feel. Polished concrete, leather, steel and glass are all materials suited to this style.


Image credits clockwise: Tovima | Weylandts | The House Mag | Real Simple

RU STIC STYLE Raw, earthy and natural best describes elements of this style. Weathered timbers, recycled wood, salvaged materials, worn leather, coarsely woven fabrics and burlap could all feature in this beach house decorating style. Furnishings and accessories should be rustic, textured and organic looking. Anything industrial also works in this scheme. Furniture is often generous in scale, colour palettes should be organic and earthy and interiors should be simple and pared back to create this look.


Image credits clockwise: Decordots | Heather Wilson Architect| Apartment Therapy

VIN TAG E STYLE Decorating with second hand and re-cycled furniture and objects has recently become a huge global trend. This look is perfectly suited to beach house decorating and is the most affordable way to furnish a casual seaside cottage. To create a vintage feel in your beach house, mix furniture and decorative pieces with aged character alongside antiques and fl ea market fi nds. Hunt around for furniture and accessories that are unique and interesting. Look for pieces that allow you to mix and match various style as well as the old with the new. Use a simple and restricted colour palette to help tie the various pieces together otherwise it could end up looking too busy! Become an expert at scouring local garage sales, antique shops, junk yards and second-hand shops for distinctive pieces that embrace your sense of style. Use your DIY skills to breathe new life into these items by re-staining, painting and re-upholstering them.


Image credits : 1-3 Gant Home | Lexington Company

N AU TICA L STYLE Nautical themed decor celebrates a love for the sea and creates a calming, maritime feel in any beach house. Here are some great ideas for creating a martime look in your beach house. Stick to a classic palette of navy and white. A splash of red will brighten things up if you are looking for a pop of colour. The look will really come together with the accessories you use - hunt around antique markets, marine suppliers and salvage yards for old oars, wooden steering helms, life boys, sailing fl ags, anchors, ship lanterns, telescopes and model boats. These will all add character and charm to your scheme. Something with a bit of age and history will look more authentic and have more personality than something new and shiny. Nautical themed cushions and artwork will put the fi nishing touches to your look!

Image credits : Restoration Harfdware

H A M PTO N S STYLE For the New York elite, the Hamptons on Long Island is home to many picturesque beachside homes ‌ and mansions! To compliment the classically elegant architecture, the interiors of these homes are infused with a laid back sense of luxury. Stylish yet comfortable, their aura of relaxed luxury is achieved through the restrained use of colour, careful selection of understated fabrics, classical furniture mixed with antiques and nautically inspired decor.


Image credits clockwise : 1 & 3 Coastal Living | 2 Hutker Architects | 4 Tim Clarke

TRO PICA L BEA CH STYLE Bring the beauty of the tropics to your beach house with tropical prints, rattan accents, bamboo furniture, cane baskets, jute, coir and seagrass matting. Natural textures and a tropical spirit make woven accessories the perfect addition to laid-back beachy tropical style. Use them as room accessories, feature pendant lights, bar stools and casual furniture pieces to create a relaxed feel. Bright fresh greens and pops of tropical colours inject a sense of fun and vibrancy into this scheme.


Image credits clockwise : 1, 2 & 4 House and Home | 3 House & Leisure

N ATU RA L STYLE To create a relaxed, earthy feel to your coastal home only use natural materials and a simple palette of neutral colours like chalky whites, sandy hues, soft grey, driftwood and bleached linen. Use textured, natural fabrics like wool, linen and cotton alongside wicker, bamboo, rattan and sisal. Layer pieces for a creative, organic approach. Bleached, recycled and rustic timbers are also a key element of this style.


Design Inspiration BE CREATIVE Loving the design studio of interior designer and stylist Shannon Fricke.

It is both organised and inspiring allowing creative ideas to fl ow freely and easily. Her moodbord is a collection of

BE INSPIRED hen faced with the task of decorating a beach house - the easiest way to start is by collecting images and ideas that inspire you from books and magazines. This will help you determine your style and the look you are trying to achieve. Tear pages from magazines, scan books, collect paint and fabric swatches. Edit your selection, then use your favourites to create a moodboard, pinboard or scrapbook.


creative ideas perfect This will be your visual tool for your ideas and inspiration and will be the foundation for your décor style and colour palette.

for a coastal inspired decor scheme.

* Image Credits : Top - Shannon Fricke


Be organised

Mood Boards

Try to keep your ideas, tear sheets, product brochures and quotes in an organised manner to ensure the design process goes smoothly and effi ciently. Collect things that inspire you :seashells, tiles, magazine clippings, paint samples, fabric cuttings, twine, carpet, photographs, fl ooring, stone samples, laminates and veneers.

The Virtual Mood Board Collecting images off Pinterest and your favourite blogs is also a great way of gathering both inspiration and information on-line.

Image - Australian Coastal Home Magazine

Mood boards and scrapbooks are also a great way to communicate your thoughts with others. As they say … a picture tells a thousand words!

10 Image : Colour Lovers

Use soothing colours that are reminiscent of the ocean, sky and a sandy beach or use a vibrant shade like bright aqua for an instant pop of colour. For a burst of sunshine add a splash of yellow or add some green for a fresh, clean look. A touch of red works well with a nautical palette.

Add a splash of colour like blue, turquoise, seafoam or soft aqua to bring the outside in and make the most of your natural beachside surroundings.


Part of the allure of living by the sea is the wealth of calming colours that characterise the coastal landscape. By using these colours in a soothing palette in our homes we can re-create this sense of calm and serenity.

Coastal Colour Palettes... A coastal color palette brings to mind images of the ocean and shoreline. Take your inspiration from Mother Nature and dress your interior in chalky whites, sandy tones, bleached neutrals, driftwood greys and all shades of the ocean. Select colours that are light and not oversaturated to keep the space open and airy.

Think beige, taupe, grey, chocolate and charcoal. A neutral colour palette against a backdrop of white (or cream) creates a tranquil seaside look for your beach house or coastal retreat. For an accent colour you could consider something soft and soothing like misty blue, seafoam, teal or sea green or for something more dramatic add a splash of vibrant colour like aqua or turquoise.

The dominate background colour should be a crisp white, soothing cream or a very light neutral. Offset this with deeper neutral tones that mimic the surrounding landscape.

The choice is yours but colour will add interest and dimension to your decor scheme.


N atu ralSto n e Fireplace

Shells, sand dollars, coral and starďŹ sh make great displays. Textured earthernware in organic shapes in a palette of natural hues makes for an interesting collection.


R u stic fu rn iture, h an dcrafted tim ber bow ls, vin tage bo ttles an d sea treasures add character an d w arm th to a beach h o u se.

B rin g th e o u tdo o rs in side by in co rpo ratin g item s like driftw o o d,reclaim ed tim ber,n atu ralsto n e an d o th er elem en ts o f n atu re in to yo u r sch em e. One of the keys elements to creating a welcoming coastal retreat is natural materials and textures. Consider materials such as untreated and recycled fl oorboards, sisal wool carpets, textured linen, natural cotton, leather, suede, bamboo, coral and ceramics. Surfaces can be and handcrafted or primitive. These natural elements are usually affordable and they also give a space a casual, relaxed feel. Natural colours and tonings also help to create a relaxed, coastal feel to your home. These colours create a neutral backdrop for an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories. 19

Lighting can make all the difference! Consider textured, organic, maritime and vintage fi ttings to create a point of difference. Shop around for some great ambient lighting like table lamps and fl oor lamps to create a lovely, relaxed mood in the evening.

A textured cane pendant creates an interesting focal point over the dining table.


Lighting Don’t underestimate the importance of good lighting. A combination of pendants and decorative lamps creates interest and reduces the need for excessive use of down lights.

consider wall lights, picture lights and step lights when laying out your electrical plan. Don’t Because lighting makes such a state- forget to put all key lighting on dimmers ment in a room, it to create the right should be incorporated into the design kind of ambience when required. There scheme at the very is a huge range of beginning. Think interesting fi ttings about placing a feature pendant light out there so take your time to fi nd in a key position to great pieces to comcreate a dramatic focal point. Also pliment your decor

Lighting creates warmth and ambience in a home.


Furniture Start with a list of furniture pieces you require and a furniture layout plan of each room to make sure everything fi ts. This will all need to be to scale. Start with the biggest pieces fi rst like dining tables, sofas and beds working through to smaller scale pieces like coffee tables and side tables. Think about the style you like and work out a rough budget to keep you on track. For a beachy feel choose lighter timbers, painted pieces and wicker furniture.


The key to beach style decorating is creating a laid-back, casual and soothing feel. Rooms should embrace comfort and relaxation, and be accented with reminders of the sea.

beach style chic Simple furniture styles are best suited to beach house living. Sturdy, durable pieces in hard wearing, low maintenance fi nishes and fabrics will ensure your time at the beach house is relaxed and fuss free.

Keep fabrics on big ticket items like sofas in light or neutral tones to create a light and airy beach house feel. By using white or neutral colours the style or colour scheme of a room can easily be updated by changing cushions and accessories without having to purchase new sofas. You are also less likely to tire of classic colours over a long period of time. Use texture and / or colour for accent chairs, feature pieces, scatter cushions, bedlinen, artwork, rugs and throws to create interest and excitement.


Accessories he accessories and fi nishing touches are often the most aesthetically important element in a coastal scheme. These are the details that truly personalise a room and bring out it’s soul and personality. Use scatter cushions, artwork, interesting art d’objets and natural looking rugs for creative interest, warmth and a burst of colour. It is often the details in a space that give the room interest and character and can take an ordinary room and make it extraordinary!


ccessories chosen for their coastal or nautical feel evoke a sense of a relaxed life by the sea. Model ships, sailboats, fi sh­ ing fl oats, surboards, fi shing rods, anchors, telescopes, boat oars, nautical equipment and hurricane lamps all contribute to a coastal theme.


extures, decorations, colours and scents inspired by nature and the sea are the

easiest way to create a beach house feel. Don’t go overboard, but use gifts from the sea such as seashells, coral, sea fans, starfi sh, sand dollars and drift­ wood to create a coastal feel. These natural wonders are the perfect accessories to fi ll glass jars and baskets with, decorate shelves and create displays on coffee tables, consoles and other occasional furniture.

Fresh owers make all the difference!

Decorate with things you love

Handmade ceramics add character

The bar tray adds old fashioned charm


natural light ne of the key features to a beach house is natural light to give that bright, airy feeling. Light is one of the most important decorating elements in a coastal home. Large windows that let in the sunlight are a great investment. Also consider external sliding doors, bi-folds or French Doors to let the outside in.


f your beach house isn’t blessed with lots of natural light then here are a few tricks to create the illusion of light. Paint the walls white and try to leave the windows as minimal as possible ­ think sheer fl owing curtains or roller blinds. White painted or light timber furniture is another way to lighten up a room - a white or linen coloured sofa slipcover will give the oldest, dark-


est couch a beachy feel! Where light is really limited, consider installing a skylight to give the room a lift.

Let there be light!

Love this beautiful light fi lled space bathed in 26

natural light.

window coverings

* Iimage credit : Greg Premru Photography

Select window coverings that let in the

Drapes work particularly well in a Hamp-

light and don’t block the view to the

tons style or classic decor schemes. They

outside. Wherever possible choose window

are also a popular choice for bedrooms.

coverings that disappear. Privacy issues,

Roman blinds or roller blinds in an inter-

the amount of light required for each room,

esting textured or woven fabric are a nice

aspect, decor style and personal taste will

casual option and open up views. They

dictate your selection of window treat-

suit houses aiming for a more minimal or

ments. Opt for a colour that matches or

relaxed approach. Plantation shutters look

blends in with the walls. Choose sheer or

stylish and are well suited to coastal homes

lined full height curtains in natural fabrics

but can shut out the light – they are a great

like linen or cotton to add softness, warmth

solution for bedrooms and bathrooms

and a sense of comfort to a room.

where privacy is important.


Fabrics A dd in terest,co lo u r an d textu re w ith fabrics.

FA BRIC SELEC TIO N Seek out natural fi bres for your upholstery, soft furnishings, curtains and rugs. Popular ‘beach friendly’ fabrics include cotton, linen, leather and canvas. Beach houses tend to feature robust, low maintenance fabrics that can be easily washed or dry-cleaned. Don’t forget to make sure fabrics are soft and comfortable and feel good against bare skin. Selecting outdoor - friendly fabric such as canvas is an excellent choice. It’s easy to wipe sand off it, and it doesn’t fade as quickly as other materials. Striped, patterned and printed fabrics make great accents against a background of solid neutral colours. Fall in love with stripes! Nothing says ‘nautical’ quite like stripes. Particularly in shades of blue! Stripes are great for accents like scatter cushions, bedlinen, upholstery fabric and hammocks. 28


Timber fl oors anchor a room by adding character and natural beauty. Two of my favourite species are Blackbutt and Spotted Gum. They are hard wearing and low maintenance and are great for sweeping away the sand! To hide defects or create fl oors with more interest consider painting, staining or lime washing them for a coastal feel. Recycled boards give a more rustic, laid back, natural feel. They are also a great eco-friendly option! Pre­fi nished, engineered fl oorboards are experienc­ ing huge popularity at the moment. They are available in a fabulous range of fi nishes and colours that are impossible to achieve in solid timber hardwood fl oors. Porcelain tiles are hardwearing and maintenance free. They are a very practical solution in the summer but without under fl oor heating can be cold in the winter. Natural stone is beautiful and it adds an earthy, organic feel to a beach house. It’s downside is that’s it’s expensive and there are maintenance issues. If you after a modern, minimal look then polished concrete may appeal but beware that it will crack.



It’s the little things that count! Create a coastal feel with organic materials such as cane, rattan, wood, linen, bamboo and sisal. Clever collections of beach-themed accessories add the integral touches of style to a beach house. Add some seaside inspired artwork, beautiful books, a scented candle, a sisal rug and some textured scatter cushions to complete the look.

Simplicity is the key when selecting accessories, so keep the look clean, breezy and clutter free. Even if you don’t want a full beachinspired decorating scheme, you can still coordinate subtle hints of marine life and seashells into your décor to give your home a coastal vibe.


Paint Colour Keep it simple! Don’t Overload Your Palette. While a mixture of colours can be beautiful, too many colours together can be overwhelming and end

Test your colours

up looking busy. Follow

Once you have made your paint

a favorite color scheme

colour selections, invest in a litre can of the desired colour (not just

and stick with the 60-3010 rule to create the perfect

a small sample pot) and brush it out on the


actual walls where the paint will be applied. Select a large test area and paint away. Review the colour over a few days in different lighting conditions and at different times of the day so you have a good understanding of the colours before painting the entire house! A paint chip can look totally different to the colour when applied to an actual surface on a large scale.

60-30-10 Rule

Colour Trends Don’t Rely on Color Trends

Follow the colour principal of 60-30-10 to

Adding a trendy colour to a room’s pal-

create a harmonious and balanced colour

ette can be the fresh update you need, but

scheme. Divide your colour choices into

choose where you use colour wisely.

percentages: 60 percent is the dominant

Fashion colours are best kept to feature

colour, 30 percent is a secondary color and

walls and accessories. White and neutral

10 percent is the accent or highlight colour.

tones are best for the long haul.

Image Credits: Top - Creature Comforts Blog | Middle - Deigned For Life | iBottom - Made by Girl

B each H ouse S tyle Tips If you are looking to furnish and decorate a beach house these tips and tricks that will help you decorate with ease and style ... . Use balance and symmetry to give a sense of calm. . Keep rooms open and spacious - avoid over furnishing a room. . Use a limited number of colours - 3 per room is a safe bet. . Choose comfortable furniture to sit in, lie in and dine at. . Ensure you have adequate lighting - make sure task and ambient lighting is covered.


A beautifully detailed bathro o m

. Pay attention to details, it’s all about the fi nishing touches . De-clutter, keep displays simple and colour coordinated. . Group decorative objects in odd numbers, 3 & 5 work best . Form a trianlge when displaying objects (eg. tallest piece in the middle) . Finish the project, don’t give in until everything is just right!


e t t e l a p l a c o a st a

A sim ple n eu tralpalette lets th e view play cen tre stage an d th e w h ite w alls h igh ligh ts th e arch itectu ralfeatu res an d m axim ises th e n atu ralligh t.

Seaside D isplay Layer up seaside treasures in shades of white to create a stylish vignette.

Flow ers & plan ts add a fresh, natural element.

N atu ralElem en ts Complete a white decor scheme with natural textures, splashes of colour and seasside inspired accessories.


simply white


White is a favourite colour of many interior designers. It always looks crisp, fresh and uplifting. It is very popular for beach house decor because it maximises the light and creates bright, breezy spaces that feel calm and tranquil. Decorating with white allows endless possibilities to play with scale, interesting furniture pieces, texture and different styles without making too many mistakes! White comes in many tints and tones – creamy, milky, chalky and greyed – all of which look beautiful layered on top of one another. To prevent a room from being too cool and stark – layer various shades of white and use a mix of textures to create added interest.


C risp an d clean w ith an allw h ite palette.

White works wonders in a beach house. White paint on the walls, ceilings and furniture keeps rooms looking clean and bright. White paint also makes a room feel larger and it lets the light bounce freely off the surfaces giving a light, airy feel to the space. White sofas and chairs always look fabulous and beachy but make sure they can easily be unzipped or slipped off and washed otherwise they will be your worst nightmare!!


Image Credit: Queensland Homes

Colour-wise, everything is quite simple with whites, off whites, pale neutrals teamed with accents of pale green, duck egg blue, light greys and grayish blues. These tranquil colours give a feeling of spaciousness and evoke images of oceans and coastal skies. 38

The Hamptons Look

Images Above: Queensland Homes

Image Credit: Casabella Home Furnishings & Interiors

The decor of a Hamptons house celebrates a life lived by the beach.

Add plush upholstered linen sofas, a couple of wingbacks chairs, the odd antique piece, some comfy cushions, an eclectic mix of ‘beachy’ nautical fi nds, woven baskets, wicker furniture, some rustic pieces, touches of wood and you will feel like you are on holiday at the Hamptons!


Image Credit: Kate Jackson Interio Design

Style Guide H am pto n s Style There are plenty of great ways to replicate this classic style, even on a budget. Here’s a few basic guidelines to follow...

1. Invest in a few key pieces of furniture in neutral shades, That way you can update the look with seasonal accessories.

2. If you're looking for a classic Hamptons beach style feel, start with colour. The idea is to keep things light, breezy and natural. Stick with white or light, neutral coloured walls. Choose blues and greens as your decorating accents colours and select furniture and accessories that compliment this seaside inspired colour palette.

3. Mix contemporary pieces with rustic touces like recycled fl oorboards, rustic wood elements, original hardware and timber pan­ elled walls.

4. Introduce some vintage pieces - hunt around antique markets for pieces with character. If you are working to a tighter budget try garage sales, fl ea markets and local oppertunity shops.


Classic, white shaker doors, white stone benchtops, subway tile splashbacks, old fashioned cabinet handles, traditional tapware and pendant lights sums up a Hamptons style kitchen.

6. Bring the outdoors inside by incorporating a coastal feel indoors. Use seaside treasures like shells and coral along with some nautical decor.

7. Bring as much light into the room as you can. Invest in large windows and French doors to let sunlight wash into the rooms.


t e g d u b a n beach style o

Renovate on a budget using your DIY skills, project managing it yourself, shopping around and sticking to a budget.


Po tted plan ts make for great inexpensive displays

Fresh fru it and owers adds colour and interest to your decor scheme

A rtfuldisplays Use things from around the home and garden to create inexpensive vignettes


Affordable accessories


decorating on a budget Recycle, Re-use, Re-purpose When on a tight budget forget about buying new furniture – freshen up existing pieces with a coat of paint, some new upholstery, a throw or a slipcover.

Shop Secondhand &DIY If you do need some new furniture hunt around for second hand pieces on ebay, at auction houses and local markets. Look for pieces with character that can be painted, re-stained and re-upholstered for a 'shabby chic' vintage, beach vibe. Also hunt around for recycled timber for more of a rustic, natural feel.

Affordable Accessories Pull it altogether with affordable accessories. Think outside the square for interesting and creative decorator items that don't cost a fortune. Hurricane lanterns, second hand books, inexpensive Chinese porcelain, cane, magazine stacks, old signs and vintage maritime objects all make for quirky and original displays. Check out $2 shops, supermarkets and discount stores for inexpensive basics like candles, glass jars, bathroom accessories, baskets and vases.

Use Gifts From Mother Nature Look to Mother Nature for an abundance of inspiration for displays, decorative pieces and wall art. River pebbles, driftwood, shells, sand dollars, coral, bamboo, pine cones, twigs and seed pods all make interesting art d'objets'. Baskets and collections of found objects make for a great displays full of character.

Choose Affordable Art Art does not have to cost a fortune. Think recycled frames from operrtunity shops and garage sales. Stain or paint them all to give them a fresh, up-to-date look. White paint is the easiest option and always looks stylish. Mirrors are a cheap form of wall art, as is making your own collages or framing images from books and calendars. Think about framing shells and objects you have collected on the beach.

Freebies Look for free "stuff." Check out the side of the road for your neighbours’ unwanted furniture. Tell family and friends which pieces you are on the look out for and they just maybe happy to off load an unwanted piece. Give it a makeover if it needs a little TLC.

Paint it White White paint is your best friend! All you need is a can of paint, time and plenty of enthusiasm! Your best investment is a big tin of white paint. Paint walls and ceilings white. Breathe new life into unloved or neglected furniture and paint it white for a fresh new look.

Sale Time Shop wherever possible during sale time - you will save yourself a fortune!


O utdoor Living Embrace the coastal lifestyle. Give your outdoor spaces a coastal feel to match your interior décor. Consider pieces like outdoor table settings, wicker or cane furniture, deck chairs, fl oor cushions, feature pots, hur­ ricane lamps and Adirondack chairs. Make it like a real living room but exposed to the elements. That latest trend for alfresco entertertaining is the outdoor kitchen so think about incorporating this concept into your barbeque area. A bar fridge, outdoor sink and prep area makes for easy entertaining! Build a fabulous deck overlooking the ocean, a pool or your garden. Invest in some great outdoor furniture that you love and that will also withstand maritime conditions. Teak and synthetic cane are durable, hard wearing outdoor materials that will last the distance. Take advantage of all the fabulous outdoor furniture and accessories that are around and make a statement in your back yard. No matter what your budget is there are exciting options at all price levels. So hang up a swing, a hammock or a cane hanging chair... then kick back and relax with a glass or wine and a good book!


Make the most of summer entertaining with an outdoor deck.


C o astalStyle

Stylish inspiration for all things coastal. h ttp://co astal-style.blo gspo m