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the Hyd ro n o l o od C herwo S ( d r o f e t St a f By Ja n AS A WESTERN SOCIETY WE ARE STARTING TO REALISE HOW IMPORTANT THE GUT REALLY IS, WE ARE WHAT OUR GUT IS. The bowel has a big part to play in keeping us healthy and around 80 % of our immunity is from our gut. It is linked to all areas of our body, when it’s working well it is linked to controlling our weight. It can also influence our mood and atributes to general wellness. The gut is as important as our brains and heart, yet as a nation we may be still too embarrassed to ask vital questions about it. The Gut microbiome or our individual gut plan of good “gut flora” or bacteria, as we commonly know it as, play a key part in obesity, allergies and depression. With the ever increasing incidence of gastrointestinal diseases and symptoms soaring in the western world today, such as diverticulitis, colitis, constipation to name but a few, I see clients who come to me for alternatives. They are sometimes at their wits end and feel conventional medicine hasn’t worked for them.

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put people back on right track to good intestinal health. Not only do I provide a consultation and the treatment, if we need to go further in our investigations, I am able to provide comprehensive further testing. Colon hydrotherapy is an ancient therapy and practised long before conventional medicine. In the western society Colon hydrotherapy is becoming more widely known and more accessible to people as they become more interested in their health in general, in particular intestinal health. Celebritries have it regularly to keep them healthy, Princess Diana was said to attribute her treatments to her clear complexion.


Services include; Colon Hydrotherapy, which is a gentle cleanse of the large intestine by water gently passing along the colon. Many clients visit me, to seek relief from their constipation, IBS or just want a wellness cleanse. I also provide various Colon cleanses during treatment such as liver or kidney cleanse and even parasite cleanses for people who may have contracted parasite infestations, to help the body detoxify.

That’s why at my clinic everyone is an individual to me, I take time in my consultation to provide for the individual person. I am happy to provide after care and answer any bowel problem questions after treatment, often people go off track and just need some advice.

Given that I am medically trained and knowledgeable of the field, I try to keep my prices reasonable, so it is more affordable to everyone. As often more than one treatment may be needed if the bowel is very congested.

We often have busy and stressful lives, where lack of exercise, not eating the right things or genetics can really have an effect on our gut. I can help to

People not only visit if they feel ill or have a problem, they visit me for wellness and as sense of wellbeing.

We have all sorts of other things done externally, such has hair and nails, but neglect the most important areas that if it’s built up with toxicity we may feel fatigue, frequently feel unwell and get colds. If this continues we get constipated which in turn could potentially lead to something more serious. So take that plunge and phone me today, I am happy to answer any of your questions! For more details and to make an appointment head to, email or call 0115 9234986 or 07932 629 003 504 Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Nottingham, NG5 2FB My Clinic has disabled access and is next door to a free car park.

@Colon_Clinic @colonhydrotherapyclinic ABOUT JANET: Janet has a medical background and trained as a Registered Nurse just outside London. She finds that being medically trained, people feel more assured that they are in safe hands. She’s worked in many of the London hospitals in all disciplines such as Male Trauma Orthopaedic, Intensive care and Gastroenterology, to name but a few. She has also worked abroad. Janet is also a qualified Teacher and her degree is in Psychology and Physiology. She has always worked with people, that’s why her clients say how comfortable and reassured they feel when they visit Janet. She’s a good listener and her environment is relaxing and soothing. Everyone that comes to Janet, looks forward to coming back. March 18 | IN Nottingham | 25