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encouragement & ideas for your twin cities wedding

fall 2011 • volume 1, issue 1

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welcome to hearten

A wedding ring is often described as an outward symbol of an inward Commitment: by the time you are up there on the altar, you have already made a commitment to each other in your hearts. Likewise, this magazine is an outward sign of a commitment that we have already made as local wedding professionals. It’s a commitment to sharing our expertise, to bringing creativity and passion to our endeavors, and always representing the warm humor and camaraderie of the Midwest. This magazine, we hope, shows our commitment to keeping these values in Minnesota. Our inspiration is local - in this premier issue we bring elegance to the kitschy side of Minnesota tradition. Enjoy our delectable church basement feast, featuring playful takes on the foods we all rejected as teenagers. And in our reinvention on “Paul Bunyon & Babe,” we bring the local fashion scene into Minnesota folklore. This is the first day of our outward commitment helping you plan the right wedding for you, with some encouragement, bountiful ideas, and a lot of Minnesota. ~Becca Dilley Founder, Independent Wedding Association


hearten Fall 2011 Volume 1, Issue 1 Editor in Chief Becca Dilley

Art Director Amy Armato

Contributing Independent Wedding Association Members

Armato Design & Press, Ashley Fox Design, Becca Dilley Photography, Brett Dorian Artistry Studios, Chowgirls Killer Catering, Cocoa & Fig, JWP Jewelry, Northern Clay Center, Posh Bridal Couture, Roycraft, Sarah McGee Photography, Sassafras Floral + Garden Design, Sewell Photography, Studio Laguna Photography

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Hearten is the online magazine of the Independent Wedding Association. At this time, Hearten does not offer advertising. Participation is open to current members of the Independent Wedding Association.

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glossary floral design terms & tips from Sassafras Floral & Garden Design


Be prepared to define yourselves, as a couple. While your vendors don’t want to put you in a box, they do want to get a good feel for your style so they can best represent you. Clean lines/modern/simple vs. tradition/romantic/a little messy. Think of creative ways to define it - ikea vs. anthropologie vs. pottery barn vs. crate and barrel. If you are a mixture, let them know that too.

{Boutonnieres and Corsages}

Boutonnieres are worn by men. Corsages are worn by women. A regular corsage is pinned onto the women’s dress or jacket. A wrist corsage is worn on the wrist, traditionally attached with ribbon, but does not have to be traditional – they can be attached to a vinyl or leather cuff, a piece of chunky jewelry, etc. Alternatives to corsages (lots of ladies are not thrilled to see us coming at their expensive new gown with a pin in hand!): A nosegay is a very small bouquet that can be given in lieu of a corsage. A purse corsage is a corsage pinned to a purse. A note on etiquette, traditionally parents, grandparents, personal attendants, and anyone else you are asking to play a role in your wedding day receives a corsage or boutonniere. For example, a hired vocalist would not receive a corsage or boutonniere, but the best friend you have asked to sing would receive one.

bouquet styles & terms {Sheath}

A bunch of upright stems wrapped together. Picture an upright cluster of calla lilies or tulips, tied simply with a ribbon. This is a more ‘vase shaped’ bouquet.

{Clean, round bouquets}

These are often monochromatic or tone on tone in color, usually have very few types of flowers, and no greenery. Think of the all rose bouquet or the bouquet of roses, hydrangea and calla lilies.

{Loosely rounded}

This is still a rounded bouquet but with a little more texture (berries, greenery, more varied flower types)


Flowers are literally cascading down from the bouquet. This can be achieved with ribbon, loosely trailing flowers, feathers love knots (an old tradition where ribbons are tied in knots and cascade from the bouquet), or by individually wiring blooms to fall from the bouquet.

{Arm bouquet}

A bouquet that is carried sideways over the forearm. Picture a loose cluster of large white calla lilies tied loosely in the middle with a wide satin ribbon.


A bouquet that features a small cluster of one kind of flower surrounded by one or more concentric cuffs or rings of a different type or color of flower.


A bouquet that fades from one color to another. For example one side, or perhaps the center of the bouquet is white fading out or across to ivory to butter yellow to bright yellow to peach and orange.

{Textural bouquet}

This is much looser, less rounded with lots of different textural elements and what we, at Sassafras, call ‘wangers’, but not a cascade

{Cuff} 6

Something that encircles the bottom of the bouquet. This can be a greenery, leaf folds, a large ruffle of fabric, ribbon loops, feathers, fur, etc. Not to be confused with the stem wrap or treatment.

{Stem wrap, stem treatment}

This is what the actual stems of your bouquet are wrapped in. Traditionally a ribbon or piece of fabric that matches the dress attached with pins. Other less, or non-traditional ideas include: leather, vinyl, vintage wallpaper, heirloom handkerchief, wire, twine, yarn, felt, vintage fabric. This can be a place to incorporate something old or something blue. We have attached broaches, watches, cameos, buttons, lockets, etc. etc...


The literal ‘ball’ of flowers that hangs from a ribbon. Popular for flower girls and aisle decorations.

{From left to right}

Corsage vs. Boutonniere; Clean, round bouquet; loosely rounded bouquet; cascade bouquet; fade bouquet; textural bouquet; cuff corsage; pomander


authentic minnesota From Sewell Photography: Alissa and Alex were married on a chilly but beautiful fall day in Lutsen Minnesota. They weaved in their killer style while keeping the feel of the day casual and fun.


From Studio Laguna Photography: Charlie and Stacy wanted a wedding focused on wine and love. Stacy is an interior designer, so choosing spaces with interesting architectural elements led to choosing the Bigelow Chapel and Spill the Wine. Aloe blue and warm olive were the color choices and everything had a vintage flair.



You’re invited to join us for a good, old fashioned church basement wedding including tater tot hot dish, Jell-O molds, Pie-on-a-Stick, and don’t forget the vintage Pyrex!

This is Love, Minnesota Style


Killer Food, Killer Catering

Chowgirls Killer Catering creates personalized menus for all their clients. And, because co-owners Amy and Heidi have such a fondness for family food traditions, they’ll even try to accommodate special requests that may include family recipes or cultural foods. It’s a great way to create more significance at such an important life event. “My husband never saw grown men fight over Jell-o until he had Christmas with my uncles,” says Heidi Andermack. “The Holidazzle Jell-o is my adaptation of one of the three great Jell-o molds my Grandma Olmack makes every year.”



Cheese Makers and Markers

The cheese flags were hand made by ceramic artist Katharine Gotham with the Northern Clay Center. They will also be available as a gift set for the holidays, available through the Heavy Table {this page & opposite}. Bent River cheese, from the Alemar Cheese Co., is in the style of Camembert. Named for the sharp turn of the Minnesota River a few hundred yards from our production site, it has a creamy interior and loads of flavor {opposite page}.




Add Color with an Ice Mold

To make: fill gelatin mold 1/4 way with water. Place cranberries (which will float) into mold and freeze until solid (about 1 hour). Fill mold until 3/4 full and add and arrange remaining items (in this case: mint leaves, orange peel, previously frozen raspberries and more cranberries). Freeze until solid (about 2 hours). Fill mold until full and freeze.


MN on a stick from Cocoa & Fig

There are two big trends in wedding desserts right now – individual portions and classic comfort foods. Mini, individual dessert portions are not only cute, they’re also practical. Guest love being able to walk around and mingle while enjoying their after dinner sweets. And those classic comfort desserts like cookies, doughnuts and pies bring back a bit of nostalgia from our childhoods. Pie-on-a-Stick is the “it” dessert at the moment and so classically Minnesotan as well, where everything seems to be better on a stick!



Loose & Lovely

Ashley Fox Designs created a bouquet that is elegant, easy to carry and beautiful at every angle, yet different at every angle as well. Whether it is right side up or upside down, the bouquet is stunning. The flowers used are relaxed and look like they were pulled from the garden with pops of color from ranunculus, ever a favorite on the flower scene. Using grass seed heads to complete the bouquet makes it feel like it could have come from a Minnesota prairie adding to this bouquet’s sense of place.



Guest Book Alternative & Foodie Favors

Instead of a traditional guest book, a vintage recipe box is used to hold guests’ thoughts and hopes for the couple written on recipe cards custom designed by Armato Design & Press. Guests also receive recipe cards as a favor. Both are inspired by motifs on the recipe box and the vintage Pyrex used on the buffet table.



For the love of Minnesota

The theme of this Minnesota inspired wedding is evident to guests right from the beginning in the invitation suite and is carried on through the table signage, guest book and favors.



print it Just pop a 4 x 6 inch recipe card in your printer and you’ll be able to make {or give} these great recipes created by Chowgirls Killer Catering. Click on the recipes at the right and you’ll automatically download a printable pdf. Enjoy!


From the k

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itchen of

-tot Hotd

1 lb p a 1 me ckage tate d r 3 cele ium onio tots n ry sta 1 tbsp lks, fi , finely ch o nely Béch chop pped 1 tbsp olive oil a ped 1 tbsp mel Sauc Béch butter e amel 1 cup flour Sauc 1½ c e milk up so ½ u 1½ c cup p up ch r cream arme dash e ¼ cu san fr p cho ddar chee 1 tsp esh grou cheese pped se manu nd n sa Pre fresh fa utme ¼ tsp lt parsl until cturer’s heat oven g fresh ey in so to crush brow ft. Prepa struction 350º. ed bla C ned, r s. slowly e bécham While c ook ½ p c nutm k p eppe ac oo e e a r TB so g. Line b dd milk, l: melt bu king, sau kage of ta o ter to c tt té ch u o ts Top w r cream, ttom of e ook until er in me ach c dium pped onio (about 2 thick 2 TB ith ch a e 4 nn sa c n n oppe ) recip d par heddar. T ing jar w ed. Whil ucepan, a s and cele accordin e ©20 e 11 C sley a it o g d r howgi nd se p with un h 4 cook still hot, d flour a y in olive to rls/H nd w ed ta stir in rve h cook eidi A oil te nder o e t. d r p arme hisk unti and butte tots, mack tater Serve • reci sa p l lig to r s o n, 6. ts. Ba u pe ca rd des ke fo r in ¼ C salt, pep htly ign © r 35p b 2011 Armat 40 m échamel, er, and o Des inute la ign & s , un yer with latin Press , Inc. 2 til bu erry ge bbly. e box raspb 1 larg iling water ined o ed rained 1 cup b ur cream ple, dra nsed and d ed and drain pineap so , ri es, thaw 2 cups can) crushed berry sauce ri er b sp an 14 oz (1 can) whole cr wberries or ra ra 14 oz (1 ag) frozen st k in b . Whis 8 oz (1 h water tin wit . Refrigerate er gela ld th o m ge so r to to o ak wl, mix ries. Pour in 15 minutes r rge bo . In a la erry, and ber om temp fo . il o h it ro b plate mold w eapple, cran old, let sit at onto a Spray the m ed pin d invert d drain gelatin from minutes an m. Ad 5 n r ea se cr fo o r lo sou To water t hot) iately. immed of warm (no Inc. h Press, in a bat esign & mato D


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links Armato Design & Press | Stationery Ashley Fox Designs | Floral Design Becca Dilley Photography Chow Girls Killer Catering | Food Cocoa & Fig | Pie on a Stick Roycraft | Apron Katharine Gotham | Cheese Tags Northern Clay Center | Cheese Tags Sarah McGee Photography Wood in the Hood |Cutting Board Location | P olish National Alliance Northeast Minneapolis


flow chart different ways to plan your day from photographer Becca Dilley

Will you see each other before the wedding? YES Do you want to go to another location for photos {other than the ceremony or reception locations}?


before the ceremony

12 location 1 family 2:30 end 3 p.m. ceremony



after the ceremony

1 family 2:30 end 3 ceremony 4-5 p.m. location

NO 1 family 2:30 end 3 p.m. ceremony

NO Do you want to go to another location for photos {other than the ceremony or reception locations}?



Do you have a huge family or a large wedding party?

YES 12:30 pix of girls 1:30 pix of guys 2:30 end 3 ceremony 4-5 family 5-6 p.m. location

NO 3 ceremony 4-5 family 5-6 p.m. location

Do you have a huge family or a large wedding party?

YES 12:30 pix of girls 1:30 pix of guys 2:30 end 3 ceremony 4-5

NO 3 ceremony 4-5 p.m. family

Wait, I’m having a receiving line! Add 45 minutes before starting family photos, and make sure to tell your family to stay! 27



& his


in blue 29

The Lumberjack and his Babe

An old log cabin at Lake Maria State Park, near Monticello MN is a lovely setting for a couple of campers who still want a stylish wedding.



Reception Redo

Who says your reception has to be the way everyone else does it? If outside by the campfire is perfectly you, then do it.




Upcycled & Accessorized

Designed by local upcycling brand CounterCouture, this dress was created for their new line which will be debuting next spring. It is made from 100% upcycled materials, primarily a gently used bridesmaid dress unworthy of reuse in it’s original form. {opposite page} Floating in large sterling silver teardrops wrapped with petite Freshwater Pearls, these amazing Swiss Blue Topaz briolettes from JWP Jewelry dazzle the eye and add a pop of something blue. {this page} necklace from Posh Bridal Couture.



Alluring Blues

Sassafras Floral + Garden Design added the fishing lure in the boutonniere as a nice way to include a part of the groom’s personality, which has a tendency to get stuffed away for the day {this page}. Sultry blues are enhanced by the unexpected use of pine branches, moss and young pine cones in the bride’s bouquet {opposite page}.



Stationery Sweet

Antique camping gear contrasts with modern silhouettes of the bride and groom in the save the date customed designed by Armato Design & Press {opposite page}. The invitation suite, while informed by the save-the-date and thank you card, depart slightly in design making this wedding stationery dynamic and interesting {this page}.


Creative Containers

Beyond the tackle box seen here, Sassafras Floral + Garden Design has used antique milk bottles (for a groom’s family collection from his grandpa’s days as a milkman), cake stands (a bride who was a baker), and burlap and twine wrapped soup cans with succulents, grasses and rocks (southern country wedding), just to name a few. These centerpieces have so much more presence and personality than a regular old clear glass vase.




links Armato Design & Press | Stationery Becca Dilley Photography Jamie for Brett Dorian Artistry Studios | Hair & Makeup Counter Couture | Blue dress Fleet Farm | Boots, Suspenders, Jacket JWP Jewelry Posh Bridal Couture | Jewelry Sarah McGee Photography Sassafras Floral + Garden Design Location | Lake Maria State Park Near Monticello, MN

A special thanks to our real life couple models, Mandy & Chandler Olson 43

independent wedding a s s o c i a t i o n | member director y


encouragement & ideas for your twin cities wedding

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Hearten Issue 1: Kitchy Minnesota  

Hearten is the online magazine of the Independent Wedding Association offering encouragement and ideas for your Twin Cities wedding.

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