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INTRODUCTION ABOUT YOURS TRUELY I am Martin, Italian tourist and an avid traveler too. Recently , I stayed at Amanvana, one of the resorts in coorg and discovered five magical elements which I am sharing here below:

 Recently, I had the good fortune of staying in a magical resort called

Amanvana.  Touted as a spa resort, it is situated deep inside Coorg situated on the banks of the River Kaveri.  It is a luxurious resort with all kinds of amenities. It has a sense of quiet that is rare and beautiful.  If this sounds like idle, self-fulfilling chatter to you then I advise you to visit the place yourself.

 Here are five things I enjoyed doing on the resort that will stay with me

forever like picture postcards in my memory:    

Use of futon in the drawing room Write at the table Sit in the wicker chair on the lawn Read beside the river

USE OF FUTON IN THE DRAWING ROOM  The bungalows in Amanvana are as luxurious as they are inviting. They

consist of a private lawn, patio, living room, bedroom, closet and bathroom.  It has a splendid futon. You can fold it out, lie in it and watch TV or even sleep on it through the night.  When you get up, you can look out through the tall, white French windows and see the birds in the plants.

 There is an elegant and quaint

writing table in the bedroom that’s attached to a wall.  It has a brass lamp on it. During the day, this is a very relaxing and productive place, especially to work or to write.  What makes it even more beautiful is the window in the wall right beside it and through which you can look out at the bright, green leaves and the flowers.  This can trigger the imagination and soothe the mind.

ď‚— The lawns have a lotus pond and lots

of birds that keep chirping in the trees. But what I really love about the lawn is the little white wicker chairs. ď‚— Located at the far corner of the lawn, these are ideal spots for reading or sunning. ď‚— It is an ideal for opening beer and enjoying the evening time in beautiful surroundings.

 Your trip to Amanvana would be

incomplete if you didn’t spend a few hours just sitting beside the river.  When I visited the place, the monsoon had settled down and so the water in the river had receded.  And also the barricades had been taken away, thus allowing the guests to sit close to the river and look at its smooth surface and listen to its pleasant singing.

ď‚— There is a wrought iron bench and a table on the banks of the river. It is a

lovely place to read a book or make notes. ď‚— A canopy of leaves hangs above it. After years, I spotted a ladybird patiently climbing a tree.

ď‚— Moments of quiet beauty and reflection like these are the reason I enjoyed

Amanvana. There is really no other place quite like it. ď‚— It is luxurious without being garish. Likewise, there are no loud entertainments or DJ nights to break the tranquility and make you feel like you are back in the city again.

 If it’s quiet, inspiration and rejuvenation you are looking for in a natural

setting, look no further. This is the place.

Coorg resort travelogue time stood still while at amanvana  

Last stay in the resort was the memorable stay in my life. I stayed at Amanvana a magical luxurious coorg resorts where the spa experience l...