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Overview of project and establish goal Meetings ( ) with client and design team Area crime analysis Security survey of existing security situation Conduct Risk & Vulnerability Analysis comprising: a. Area of Responsibility (Within development boundaries). b. Areas of Influence (Outside development boundaries neighbours, servitudes and greenbelts) c. Areas of Interest (Outlying high risk areas and likely intrusion routes) d. Meetings with crime intelligence services and other intelligence sources e. Prioritise most vulnerable areas Environmental Survey and application of the principle of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) Submit holistic concept security framework plan and options for integrated security system: a. Technology: CCTV, Intelligent video analytics (IVA), early warning detection systems, fence mounted perimeter detection systems, intruder alarm systems, electric fencing, communications, intercom systems, access control, floodlights and fire detection b. Physical security specifications: fencing, walls, barriers, gates, booms, locks c. Manpower: guards, armed response, CCTV operators, investigations d. Counter Intelligence to mitigate sophisticated crime and the inside job e. Procedures: access control, patrols, emergency, response security, guarding, armed response f. Data and personnel security Submit concept security plans and drawings Submit estimated costs and cost vs. benefit analysis of options Presentation of recommended option

Fee: R PHASE TWO: TENDER PROCESS OR REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

Meetings ( ) with design team Provision of marked up plans and drawings for approval Provide reticulation requirements for electrical backbone Provision of operational requirements and performance specifications for quotations or RFP/Tender Advise on tender strategy Recommendations for guarding and protection services Assist with selection and appointment of security and risk management Distribute tender documents Adjudicate quotations and screen tenderers Evaluate and test preferred systems. Site meeting and briefing with tenderers Make recommendations for the appointment of selected security contractors and service providers. Meet with appointed contractors and service providers. Appoint selected contractors

Fee: R

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Co-ordinate installations. Attend site meetings and inspect conduit and electrical requirements with contractor ( ) Inspect installations ( ) and compile snag lists Monitor compliance with RFP operational requirements, performance specifications, suppliers specifications and security regulations Approve contractors’ work for issuing of completion certificates. Test systems Oversee commissioning of systems Facilitate maintenance agreements Arrange for screening of contractors

Fee: R

FEES: (Flat fee value-based billing and/or hourly rate) 34. Our fee structure reflects the value of our expertise and estimated time required to ensure the achievement of the pre-determined measurable outcomes. 35. This fee proposal is based on our hourly rate of R920.00 in terms of estimated input required, and value of services provided. Any departure from the scope of work will be costed at R920/hr. 36. Scope of Work and fees will be re-evaluated at the end of each phase 37. Costs for producing or reproducing plans and documents or binding thereof will be for the Client’s account 38. Travel costs are not included in this fee estimate. These will be charged at the applicable AA rates of R4.50/km and submitted for reimbursement at regular intervals. 39. All payments are to be made to Independent Security Consultancy upon presentation of invoice. 40. Late payments will be liable for a 5% increase

OPTIONAL RETAINER SUPPORT PROGRAMME, ADVISORY SECURITY MANAGEMENT SERVICE AND ONLINE CONSULTING SERVICE 41. Advice on risk management: Advising decision makers at board room level results in quality, politics-free decisions saving time and money 42. Annual or bi-annual security surveys/audits 43. Re-assessment of risk analysis. Prioritize risks and make recommendations 44. Operational testing of systems 45. Intrusion tests and recommendations 46. Advice on hiring and appointing of contractors 47. Oversee upgrading of security installations, provide specifications, adjudicate quotations, approval of works 48. Recommendations on all security products and services 49. Checking compliance with maintenance agreements 50. Security investigations and counter intelligence operations 51. Guidelines for security procedures 52. Facilitate security training and awareness programs

SOW ESTATES 2012.1.docx


TERMS AND CONDITIONS 53. A signed copy of the Scope of Work and upon receiving the noted deposit will constitute a firm order between Independent Security Consultancy and the client. 54. The Client agrees to deal directly with the Consultant on all security related issues in order to ensure co-ordination of all security matters and derive maximum benefit from the service. 55. Electrical, electronic and landscaping drawings and revisions thereto will be required. 56. Input by this office in the implementation of Phase Three will be limited to that of an advisory and facilitatory nature, site instructions and variation orders relative to approved documentation, progress reports, general consultant liaison and the facilitation of direct agreements between the Client and Service Providers. 57. The Client agrees to take reasonable steps to keep confidential any information pertaining to the design and installation of the security systems and prevent such information from becoming public as this could seriously compromise the security and personal safety provided by the system. 58. ISC does not accept any liability and/or responsibility for any defect now or hereafter in the installers/contractors installation and equipment and any loss suffered by any party, due to its failure to operate at any time and no warranty or condition expressed or implied whether statutory or otherwise is given by ISC in regard to the above work either to the approved contractors, service providers or to the client. 59. It is expressly agreed that the consultancy service rendered by ISC is for the purpose of minimising the risks of intrusions, burglary and personal attack and not eliminating such risks. 60. Accordingly, while ISC shall exercise reasonable care in the rendering of security consulting services, nothing shall be continued or interpreted in any manner whatsoever as providing the customer or any third party whatsoever with any guarantee or assurance of safety or against any loss, liability or damage or whatsoever nature and however arising. 61. All guarantees for equipment, operation of systems and installation are between the customer and the appointed installers, contractors or security companies. ISC does not provide any guarantee in this regard. 62. Armed response and monitoring services agreements are between the client and the armed response and monitoring companies. ISC carries no responsibility in this regard. 63. The customer hereby agrees and acknowledges that the services are complementary to insurance cover and do not provide an alternative to such insurance cover. It remains at all times the responsibility of the customer to ensure that he/she has adequate insurance where necessary. 64. Work will not commence unless all terms and conditions are agreed upon

ACCEPTANCE OF ABOVE SCOPE OF WORK AND FEES 65. The Client shall pay a deposit of R.00 on acceptance 66. All payments are to be made to Independent Security Consultancy 67. Any outstanding payments could delay the project. I hereby accept the above Scope of Work and Fees:

________________________ ___________________ Signature of Client Date

SOW ESTATES 2012.1.docx

Scope of Work Estates  

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