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Freemasons in Masonic regalia laid first cornerstone of Capitol fairly quickly, and for much of a nation. of its history the Capitol has Originally referred to either been needing expanas the “Congress House,” sion, undergoing construcJefferson insisted instead on calling it the Capitol, a word tion, or recently having finished rooted in renovation. Latin that has Thornassociations ton’s with the Roblueprint was man temple of submitted Jupiter Option January mus Maximus 31, 1793 and on Capitoline construction Hill. William began in Thornton’s original John’s Journey September of that same design of the John Pribnow year. (It is Capitol looks safe to say very different things moved from today’s quicker in Capitol. The the late eighteenth century.) main reason for that would George Washington, alongbe size. Kentucky became side eight other Freemasons the fifteenth state to join the dressed in full Masonic union in June of 1792, and Thornton somehow managed regalia, laid the cornerstone. Though construction did not to predict the manifest not finish for another eleven destiny of the United States, years, Congress was first so things got pretty squeezy



n 1792, a competition was held. The monetary prize promised to the winner was $500. The challenge was simple: design the Capitol and the “President’s House.” Nobody won. At that time our infant country may have been chock full of revolutionaries, but in the way of accomplished architects, well, let’s just say our strengths laid elsewhere. Luckily, an amateur architect named William Thornton submitted a late entry that satisfied the picky choosing committee headed by one Thomas Jefferson. Using the Louvre and the Paris Pantheon for inspiration, Thornton’s submission was described as an admirable combination of “grandeur, simplicity, and beauty.” It marked a unique beginning to an iconic building that contains the history

held in the building in 1800 at the urging of President John Adams in a bid to garner more Southern votes in the upcoming presidential election. Church services were regularly held in the Capitol until the Civil War. Soon after the Capitol’s finishing touches were applied in 1811, it was touched by violence for the first time. The War of 1812 saw some unhappy British troops briefly occupy Washington, D.C. and go willy-nilly burning public buildings. Construction from this incident continued until 1826 and produced something new- a dome. Though not the dome we see today atop the Capitol, we have the Brits to thank for the style of the Capitol, which has endured. It was in the 1850’s that hosted the largest expansion of the Capitol, and almost

Choosing the right tomato plants

as if setting the stage for the upcoming Civil War, work was largely performed by slaves. This expansion doubled the size of the Capitol, as the union itself had doubled with California joining our exclusive club, courtesy of Mexico, in September of 1850 (state number thirty one). And this particular expansion brought us the grandiloquent dome sitting high above the Capitol to this day, which weighs upwards of nine million pounds. Then, it seemed like the dome was too much for the rest of the building, so the wings were further widened. Hopping a century forward, the dome underwent its final restoration. The heavy Corinthian columns that once supported the dome were brought down and replaced along with hundreds of blocks of

original stone. The columns can now be viewed near the Mall seemingly in an ode to Persepolis, and the stones act as governmental paperweights in a maintenance yard in D.C.’s Rock Creek Park. The last modification to the Capitol began in 2000 and gave us the Capitol Visitor Center. A 1998 shooting forced the issue of funneling visitors more efficiently through the building, and eight years and around half a billion dollars later, it was completed. Your correspondent can personally testify to the beauty of the underground Visitor Center, which is ornamented with statues from many states as well as a replica of the “Statue of Freedom,” which decorates the dome’s peak. And that, dear readers, is your U.S. Capitol experience for the week!

Letter to the editor

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I still don’t to accept that your parents buy, maybe a lot of you knew that we would be of roots along the stem that get a blue tint and I know completely understand are your best support system. gardeners use some of the within a week to seeing fighting a battle for years is buried so that helps to what prompted the events In my situation my parents same to come with several items, of those five months, but of were there for me no matter develop a that color that I might as criteria so I sent off a soil sample. good root well give up and start with the several girls that were what, and I’m sure that’s the that I do new plants. They just I was disappointed to system manipulated into becoming case for you too. when say the least when the can’t seem to snap back for the My advice to parents is part of this clique, one girl I am information I got back plant. for me. Many people use to be understanding. I know in particular took the role as looking was far from helpful. I A items like a wall of water the ringleader. This girl was when I first started trying at the needed my degree to be in plant that plastic covers. Some use relentless in her attempts to to tell my mom how bad it actual Agriculture or be a lifetime tear me down; she would was getting she didn’t want has had their tomato cages and health of farmer to understand that wrap plastic wrap around call me and harass me with to believe me; she thought I HomeGrowin’ a good the plant. little information sheet! healthy the outside to hold in threats and text messages was being dramatic. I can Gail & Dave Strasser I worked Sometimes ignorance is start heat. 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That’s dating myself by saying would be too rich and now they haven’t been recently perfect start. support of my friends and when kids start to feel like that, but a lot of my after three years we are transplanted at the nursery Depending upon your family, that’s what I did. We there isn’t anywhere left to gardening skills today were and that they are ready to maybe ready to give that soil you may need to feed filed police reports with all turn. In summary, listen to learned while working for a try. By the way planting have another transplant your plants, and tomatoes of the supporting text mes- what your kids have to say, Dale and Gladys Johnson. in a cow yard has brought take place. I also “tickle love acid. There are sages and cell phone call help them to get through it They taught me that the us many surprises as we the toes” of the root ball, fertilizers specifically logs and on June 6, 2011, we and encourage them to talk actual stem of the plant is till each year. We have gently easing the roots formulated just for were granted the first ever to a school counselor. Talkvery important to a healthy apart, to give the roots tomatoes if that is the route uncovered bricks, rocks, juvenile protection order in ing about it and getting the start. A good thick stem washing machine parts, a chance to stretch out that you want to go. A Lake County on mine and word out is the most benefimeans a good start for your in their new placement horseshoes, machinery lot will depend upon the my brother’s behalf. Today I cial way to stop bullying all plant. So I root around in parts and on and on. quickly. care you have given your look back and I am so thank- together. Taylor B., 16, Madison the plants until I find the Moral of the story, your There are a lot of after plot through the years and ful that God was watching thickest ones I can get. I care items that people what your general fertilizer garden plot may yield far over me and protected me Taylor is participating have about three nurseries more than you expected! use to help their tomato needs are for your whole from hurting myself so that in the Miss South Dakota that I prefer and I am sure Keep digging in the dirt plants along. Like I garden. I am not here to I can be here today as an Outstanding Teen Pageant you have your favorite till next time. said in the last column, give you specific brands. advocate against bullying. in Hot Springs this June and sources also. tomatoes love heat, and Again that is part of your My goal is to share my she will use Stomp Out BulAnother thing I was story so parents everywhere lying as her Platform. if a sudden cold snap yearly records as to what taught long ago by the Johnsons was to never shy Contact Information: away from a tall plant as By Phone: 605.647.2284 By Mail: PO Box 76, long as it had a healthy By Fax: 605.647.2218 stem. You can basically Lennox, SD 57039 “bury” the plant by By E-mail: for news items: e digging a very deep hole Published once a month. for advertising: so that only a few leaves Debbie Schmidt ....................................................Publisher are showing. In some Neighborhood Newspapers brought to you by: cases I have even used the Kelli Bultena .................... Editor and Advertising Manager 116 S. MAIN trenching method where Anne Homan .................................................. Sports Editor LENNOX, SD you dig a hole, but if it still 57036 Wendy Sweeter ...................................................... Reporter isn’t deep enough you can The Lennox Independent is the official newspaper for the Lennox School © 2013 The Worthing Enterprise. All photographs, articles, and advertisements are make a trench to lay the copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without permission from The Worthing Enterprise. District 41-4, Cities of Lennox and Worthing, and Lincoln County. rest of the plant down into



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