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JUNE 2013

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Summer celebration

2013 Worthing Days to be held June 28-29


he City of W o r t h ing will be holding their annual Worthing Days celebration on Friday, June 28 and Saturday, June 29. Friday will kick off with Cruise Night which will be from 6 to 10 p.m. The event will take place on Main Street, Worthing. The driver of each Cruise Night entry will get a coupon for a free meal.

There will also be a Bike Decorating Contest on Friday with setup starting at 6:30 p.m. This will take place at the Blue Sky Lot. Judging begins at 7:15 p.m. Family Movie Night will wrap up the night with a movie being shown at the Rec Complex from 9:30 to 11 p.m. On Saturday, June 29 the day’s events begin with a 5K run/walk at 8 a.m. Breakfast will be hosted by the Masons from 7 to 10

a.m. at the Worthing Civic Center. Then crowds will line the streets of Worthing to watch the Parade which will begin at 10 a.m. The parade route will go East down 1st St. (Hwy 44) to Main, South to 4th, East to Cherry and North back to Hwy 44. If you would like to be in the parade line-up contact Worthing Days Committee Chair, Andrea Letze at 605201-8127 or email her at

Worthing commissioners approve use agreement for school gym BY WENDY SWEETER, REPORTER

Worthing resident Jennifer Passaniti expressed her concern at the May 20 Worthing City Commission over some lilac bushes she planted at the corner of her property. Since Passaniti and her family live on a corner, they see a lot of kids zipping across their yard or people’s dogs leaving their waste in their yard. To try to deter some of this activity, she wanted to plant some bushes. After visiting with planning administrator Jason Schroeder earlier in May, Passaniti said she was given approval to plant lilac bushes there and was told she did not need a permit. However, after another resident filed a complaint after she’d planted them, she was told she could not plant them there because they were in the right-of-way. At the meeting, she wanted the commissioners to look at the problem and to look at other property owners who have done similar things without recourse. After much discussion on what should be done, Carrie McDannel, public safety commissioner, moved to authorize Mayor Eric Saugstad to make a decision on the bushes on the property line after he looked at the

property. The commissioners approved the motion. In new business, the commission approved the hiring of Derek DeWitt as a seasonal maintenance worker for the city. They also approved an amendment to the Worthing school gymnasium common use agreement, which is that the city can use the gym at no charge for the next five years. City administrator Jeff Tanner said the Lennox School District has had a common use agreement with the city of Worthing for use of the gym since 2000. For the first 10 years of the agreement, the city paid the school district $6,500 each year. Then the last three years have been free. At 13 years into the 20-year agreement, the district was to renegotiate it. “The district has agreed to five additional years of use of the gymnasium at no cost,” Tanner said. “The district was proactive on this and came to us and offered this to us.” In Tanner’s report to the commission, he reported a question from a resident who had rented the civic center, paid the daily fee and wanted to know if she could be reimbursed for a portion of the fee because she did not use the facility for the full day.


After much discussion, the commissioners decided to consider a change to policy regarding half-day use and a rate schedule for discussion at the June 10 meeting. Tanner also reported he testified in Pierre May 16 in regards to funding for the third round for the Safe Routes to School program. He said 18 communities are vying for funds. The commissioners thanked maintenance lead Jake Sees for his hard work during citywide cleanup, rec cleanup and the pet clinic. Mayor Eric Saugstad also thanked the commissioners for their work during those events. “Thanks for showing the community that we’re making it a better place to live,” Saugstad said. Saugstad and McDannel attended the rural fire board meeting earlier in May where they approved to start the process in purchasing a new pumper tanker. Saugstad reported that public works commissioner Todd Gannon received the President’s Volunteer Service Award. “We don’t know who recommended him but appreciate that he was recognized,” Saugstad said. Your official weekly newspaper! Become a subscriber, call 647-2284

At the Civic Center from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. the Chips Program is available. The Child Identification Program (CHIP) addresses the alarming fact that over 1,000,000 children are reported missing in the United States each year. The Masonic CHIP Kit is the most comprehensive service of its kind anywhere. CHIP is provided at no charge to the public and all of the identifying items generated during CHIP are

given to the child’s family. In the Ark building from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., there will be Vendors for people to shop around at. To reserve a space call Andrea Letze at 605-201-8172. Form 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. kids will be busy with inflatables, train rides, watermelon eating contest, balloons by Mr. Z and face painting. This will all take place on Main Street and Blue Sky Lot. Adult activities will also

take place from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and include a Bean Bag Tournament on Main Street which will begin at 4 p.m. There will also be a dunk tank at the Blue Sky Lot at 1 p.m. and a Fire Hose Water Hockey event at 1 p.m. on Main Street. From 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. music will entertain the crowd by band Autumn Road. Concessions and food vendors will also be available Friday and Saturday.

From drought to flood… Water washing over gravel roads, and lakes and rivers where there were none, was a common sight throughout the area after 4-8 inches of rain inundated parts of SE South Dakota, erasing signs of last Fall’s drought. Pictured below a creek north of Worthing spills out of its banks flooding fields and pasture along Louise Avenue May 27.

Below the Worthing School stayed dry even though water flooded across the field and road very near it; photo taken on May 27.

Welcome to the

Small town living and so much more 38.5 Acre Industrial Park Elementary School Strong Local Fire Department 20 Minutes from Sioux Falls



Keep the moisture with mulch


f we could look into the that can cause some weed seeds to future and see what our happily germinate and cause probgardens would look like a lems for a while until it really gets month down the road we really warm so they don’t usually would know recommend the clear. what steps to We have never used take in a lot any inorganic materiof areas. One als as mulch so my area that I experience is limited think is going here to what I have to be imporheard or read. As in tant, is keepany mulch, your area ing as much be as weed free HomeGrowin’ should moisture in as possible before you Gail & Dave Strasser lay it down and the the ground for our plants ground should also as possible. have adequate moisSo what I am talking about obvi- ture underneath. In very high heat/ ously in this time of year is mulch. drought years this may become a Basically there is organic mate- hard mulch to work with because rial mulch (grass clippings, straw, of the extreme heat it creates etc) or inorganic (plastic) that we to later planted items. It is usucan use in gardens. Newspaper is ally only recommended for warm made from an organic material but weather crops also. it has been manufacture, so that We try to use organic material seems to fall in between the two. mulch around a couple of items in Each has its pluses and minuses so our gardens. Grass clippings are here are a few tips. our biggest resource around here, Inorganic material mulch can so that is our “go to” item. Again be found basically in two main with organic mater mulch, go to colors to help you. The regular work and get as many of those black plastic or there is a red weeds out before you begin to plastic that is good for tomatoes. mulch. When the plants are about It is hard for me to visualize that 5-8 inches tall is our best time to a plant can know the difference in mulch and if using grass a total of colors, but through research they 4-6 inches is what you need for have found that the red does make the best weed control and water tomato plants more productive. retention in the ground. Notice When we first learned about this I said control of weeds and not at a conference I couldn’t believe elimination. You will always get it, but that is progress. Clear some weeds coming through, but it plastic warms the soil quicker so won’t be near as many as without.


They usually don’t recommend putting the total amount on at once because of the tendency to “make silage” under that plant. If you have used clipping before, you know what I mean. There is a definite odor from that clipping pile and it will stay there for a while. DO NOT use grass clippings from lawns that have been recently treated with weed killer. Obviously you will regret that choice in a few days after applying it to your plants. If you have mowed through a patch of seeding dandelions or grass with seed heads you will have a problem using that grass for mulch. The same thing applies with a straw bale that you have purchased from a farmer friend or the nursery. If you don’t know the environment where it came from don’t be surprised if you end up with more weeds. Straw is a great organic material mulch, but you are choosing your battles when mulching with organic matter. Also in any mulch leave the mulch a few inches away from the plant to keep the plant from rotting at the stem if your area becomes over saturated with water for a time period. Hopefully you have found a few ideas here. Remember, research and experience are great teachers for you in all areas of your garden, so just try something! Share YOUR experiences with someone else and you’ll be surprised what you learn.


People are the essential ingredient in prosperity


he recent Governor’s corner, most people start thinkConference on Eco- ing about the family vacation, nomic Development, weekends at the lake or the more as well as local meet- relaxed backyard activities that ings of economic make the warm weather months development enjoyable. We’ll groups, remind us that our work is all hit the links, take in a ballgame or about people. It’s not just programs, gather the fishpolicies or projects ing ge ar—and not give much that advance the thought to the prosperity of our region, but it’s the fact that our communities’ elected people who work officials and ecohard to build their communities and nomic developvolunteer their ment people are still on the job. time to serve on Building comcommittees, ecomunity prospernomic develop- BY NICK FOSHEIM ity is not only a ment corporations EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR MINNEHAHA & LINCOLN CO. ECOand civic boards. NOMIC DEVELOPMENT ASSOC. long-term job, it’s Some of those a daily commitment. We partner people are elected officials, like mayors and city with your community’s leaders and council members. Others are paid volunteers to make sure they have professionals, the economic de- the resources and support they velopment directors, the finance need to keep all of our communiadministrators or the city clerks. ties moving forward. There will Still others are active local citizens be times when we must give up who raise their hand to serve on a golf game or postpone a fishing any committee, turn out for any trip to show off the community’s clean-up effort or contribute time advantages when company execuand money to any civic improve- tives come calling—and our comment campaign. How could we munity leaders and development get along without their dedication volunteers do so willingly. As we go about our summer and commitment to their communities? routine, let’s remember the people With summer just around the in each of our communities who make economic development and community growth happen. They are among our greatest assets—and they make us all proud.

A moment in South Dakota history: William S. Harney


en. William S. Harney and his men swept through the heart of Lakota country in the fall of 1855. Harney was one of the bestknown military figures in the United States between the War of 1812 and the War Between the States. He chased the last remaining pirates of Jean Lafitte in Louisiana, fought in the Black Hawk War, led the cavalry in the Mexican War, almost caused a war with Great Britain in the Pacific Northwest and was both a fighter and peacemaker with American Indians. He was at Fort Laramie in southeast Wyoming when he was called upon to assert the might of the United States government against American Indians. In 1854, a group of Mormons that was headed west left a lame cow untethered at Fort Laramie. American Indians killed the cow for food. Lt. J.L. Grattan led 29 men from Fort Laramie to the Indian camp to find the guilty party. Negotiations grew heated, and a

shot was fired. The result was the death of all the soldiers and the beginning of some 30 years of intermittent warfare on the northern plains. Harney was sent to avenge the killing of the soldiers. He and his men arrived at Ash Hollow along the North Platte River in presentday Garden County, Neb., on Sept. 2, 1855, where Little Thunder’s Brulé band was camped. Although Little Thunder and other American Indian leaders came forward with a white flag, Harney refused to talk peace with them, nor did he shake Little Thunder’s outstretched hand. As the American Indian leaders disappeared from sight, Harney ordered the infantry to charge. In the end, four soldiers and 86 American Indians, including women and children, were killed. Seventy more American Indians, mostly women and children, were taken prisoner. Harney returned to Fort Laramie, but realized he had intimidated only a portion of the Lakota with this show of force. He and about 425 troops left on Sept.

29, 1855, for Fort Pierre. The federal government had recently purchased the former fur trading post north of the present-day town of Fort Pierre. Harney and his men arrived at Fort Pierre in a sleet and snowstorm on Oct. 20, only to find dilapidated buildings and no nearby hay and wood . Harney abandoned Fort Pierre in 1857. Before doing so, he had called a peace council that included all the western bands of Lakota. A treaty was negotiated which for the first time provided an Indian police force to preserve the peace. The treaty was rejected by the U.S. Senate. While still at Fort Pierre, Harney also found a suitable site for a fort along the Missouri River. He established Fort Randall about 110 miles by river above Yankton. Fort Randall was a strategic site in western frontier defense. In order to end fighting throughout the Great Plains, Congress established the Indian Peace Commission of 1867. Harney served on this commission. American Indians he had fought now saw Contact Information: By Mail: PO Box 76, Lennox, SD 57039

Published once a month. Debbie Schmidt ....................................................Publisher Kelli Bultena .................... Editor and Advertising Manager Anne Homan .................................................. Sports Editor Wendy Sweeter ...................................................... Reporter © 2013 The Worthing Enterprise. All photographs, articles, and advertisements are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without permission from The Worthing Enterprise.


him come to make peace. During the councils, Harney became the defender of American Indians. He stressed their need for food and clothing. He was later placed in charge of the administrative district known as the Great Sioux Reservation. This included all the land west of the Missouri River in present-day South Dakota. Overseeing the Great Sioux Reservation was Harney’s last government job. He died in Orlando, Fla., on May 9, 1889. His name lives on in South Dakota. The peak he might have observed in the distance as he and his troops skirted the Black Hills in 1855 was named Harney Peak in his honor by Lt. G.K. Warren while on a survey expedition in 1857. This moment in South Dakota history is provided by the South Dakota Historical Society Foundation, the nonprofit fundraising partner of the South Dakota State Historical Society. Find us on the web at Contact us at to submit a story idea.

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Carrie McDannel was sworn in as a Worthing city commissioner for another term at the commission’s May 6 meeting. The commission also approved a motion to reappoint all commissioners to their current department positions – McDannel as public safety commissioner; Troy Larson as finance and revenue commissioner; Todd Gannon as public works commissioner; and Darren Van Houten as public utilities commissioner. In other business, the commissioners approved a change order to the 2012 Worthing School Improvement Project Phase I – the water and sewer utility phase. Mayor Eric Saugstad said the change order was for work done this fall and decreased the total amount by $22,000. The commissioners moved to approve using Schoenfish & Co. of Parkston, S.D., to perform the audit of the city’s books. In open public speaking, Paul Ebeling expressed his concern for the lack of proper fencing around the city’s lagoons, as well as concerns over the city’s animal noise ordinance. “Since we’ve moved in, the gate is open most of the time and last year someone ran over part of the barbed wire fence,” Ebeling said. “There are a lot of kids over there and if one of them wanders over there the fence is down.” Ebeling also expressed his concerns that angry neighbors could continuously call the city and make complaints against a dog owner just because they don’t like someone. “It is not our intention to hound people about their animal barking. It

has to be 10 consecutive minutes of barking. It is an issue of someone will have to prove that a dog was barking that long,” said Mayor Eric Saugstad. The ordinance will be finalized this month. However, the proposed logbook and possible fines have not been proposed at this point. Ebeling also expressed interest in what if anything will be done with the 6-foot tall weeds in the empty lots next to his property and was curious if there was an agreement between Avery Zahn and the city in regards to the lagoons. Both Saugstad and city administrator Jeff Tanner assured him they would look into both items. Saugstad reported the tree pile at the end of Main Street is nearly gone thanks to Mueller Pallets of Tea. No more branch dumping is allowed there, but if citizens have trees to drop off they can drop them off directly at Mueller Pallets at the Tea exit. Tanner updated the commission on what the Planning & Zoning Commission has been working on. They have been working on a new schedule of fees for building permits and a new building permit form. “The building permit form is more user-friendly than the previous one,” Tanner said. The Planning & Zoning Commission looked at numerous communities to form their own suggestions. “The goal was so that the permits were recorded and not make it too costly,” Tanner said. He also said FEMA was in town last week and did a damage assessment from the ice storm. Cost estimates were around $7,800. He said one thing that increased the city’s ability to get reimbursement is the overwhelming volunteer effort.

Worthing Days Committee Meeting at the Firehall

Thursday, June 6th at 7:30 p.m. Everyone in the community is invited to come to find out if they are able to help with volunteering for some of the activities going on June 28-29th.

July 3rd street dance in Lennox features Judd Hoos Judd Hoos, a high energy rock band, will be the headliner at the Lennox Commercial Club’s July 3rd street dance in Lennox. Tickets are on sale now for $7; they will be $10 at the gate the day of the event. Home base for Judd Hoos is South Dakota, but the band members are separated by hundreds of miles between shows. Zach Fronce (guitar) lives in Omaha, NE; Shane Funk (drums and vocals) lives in Spearfish, SD; Chris Hornick (bass and vocals) lives in Rapid City, SD; Andy Young (guitar, keyboard and vocals) lives in Rapid City, SD; and Bob Zwart (vocals) along with the tech crew live in the Sioux Falls, SD area. The band just released their second album “TWO” this Spring. Opening for Judd Hoos will be Ledfoot Lucy. This band plays a variety of music including pop, rock and country. Jerod Zimmer, of Lennox, is a member of the band, along with Eric Foglesong, Gary Melbrech, Dale Hennings, and Ellyn Donahoe. Lennox Commercial Club is sponsoring the street dance, with proceeds from the event to benefit a Lennox project, such as the bike path. Tickets can be purchased at these local businesses: Sunshine, Cenex Total Stop, Studio G Salon, Chad Wulf Ins., D&D Small Engine Repair, Wayne Peterson, Flowers By Bob, Cabinet Specialists Inc., Home Federal Bank, The Lennox Independent, and Lewis Drug.

Jake Sees recognized for work on Worthing water system BY WENDY SWEETER REPORTER

Jake Sees enjoys working in a small town, particularly Worthing. Sees, who grew up on a farm near Irene, S.D., said he loves working with the people of Worthing, as well as the city staff. “I love it. I just like the people,” Sees said. “It’s right up my alleyway. I like to wave at everybody.” As maintenance lead for the city of Worthing for the past two and a half years, he works on many tasks like water, wastewater, storm sewers, general maintenance, rec, snow removal and street maintenance. After high school, Sees worked for a rental company in Sioux Falls for five years. Then he drove truck for the same company before taking a job hauling heavy construction equipment. Then he did

underground construction for about two years. As a class 1 certified operator for wastewater and water distribution, Sees was recognized from the state Department of Environment & Natural Resources with a certificate of achievement. “We fulfilled all of our waste water requirements so I was awarded for that and fulfilling all that through the state through DENR,” Sees said. Sees said the attraction of a small town community drew him and his wife and two kids to Worthing. He said working to help the town’s residents is the most rewarding part of his job. “Most challenging, I would say probably satisfying everybody’s needs in the community,” Sees said. “I would say it’s pretty tough to do.” Jake Sees pictured at right.



Worthing reports damage estimate of $7,800 from ice storm


Submitted by Crystal Jacobson


n Saturday, June 29th at 4:00 p.m., the Park and Rec will be having a bean bag tournament. The cost is $20 per team. All of the proceeds will go to the Worthing Park and Rec. Some of the prizes includ: 2 tickets to the dinner theatre, 2 passes to Wild Water West, and a massage. Please contact me by text or phone call at 605-940-4653 for more information or if you are interested in participating. Thank you to this years team sponsors: KJ Automotive, Knology, Lennox

Independent, Tri State Utilities, Blue Sky Junction, and Great Plains RV! I truly appreciate your sponsorships and I know the kids loved getting their tshirts this year! I would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone that helped with Park and Rec cleanup. You all did an amazing job and the fields look wonderful! Also thank you to all of the head coaches: Dave Musser, Nate Bach, Bridget Jackson, Kathy Bach and Chad Dangle. Thank you assistant coaches also! Summer Rec would not be possible without you!

Worthing City Hall Hours Located at 208 South Main Street Mon.—Thurs.: 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. & Fri.: 7:30 a.m. - 12 noon Phone: (605) 372-4113 Fax: 605-372-2194 Mail: PO Box 277, Worthing, S.D. 57077

CITY COMMISSION MEETINGS Monday, June 10, 2013 and Monday, June 24, 2013 Regular Meeting @ 7 p.m. Each meeting begins at 7 p.m. with the exclusion of special meetings. Meetings are now being held in the Worthing Civic Center (American Legion Building). All meetings are open to the public except for Executive Session, which is used only to discuss legal and personnel issues.

PLANNING COMMISSION MEETINGS Monday, May 17, 2013 at 6 p.m., Worthing City Hall Planning Commission Meetings: Each meeting begins at 6 p.m. with the exclusion of special meetings. Meetings are held at Worthing City Hall. All meetings are open to the public

Worthing City Officials Eric Saugstad, Mayor: 270-2614, Darren Van Houten, Public Utilities: 212-4908, Todd Gannon, Public Works: 254-3229, Troy Larson, Finance & Revenue: 201-6644, Carrie McDannel, Public Safety: (605) 941-0665, Jeff Tanner, City Administrator: 372-4113, Kay Heiberger, Finance Officer: 372-4113, Jake Sees, Maintenance Lead, 251-4555, Marie Albertson, Administrative Assistant/Utility Assistant, 372-4113, Jason Schroder, Zoning Administrator: 941-2751




Services held for Becky Jandl Abbas loses courageous Jared Stearns honored at DWU battle with cancer Becky Jean (Lonning) Jandl, 56, much loved wife, mother, grandmother, and friend passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, May 21, 2013, at the Sanford Medical Center in Sioux Falls. A memorial service was held on Saturday, May 25, at Hilltop United Methodist Church in Sioux Falls. Becky Jean Lonning, only daughter of Samuel and Vashti (Piechouski) Lonning, was born January 17, 1957, in Fergus Falls, MN. She grew up in Fergus Falls and various places in Wisconsin, before moving to Sioux Falls when in high school. She graduated from Lincoln High School in 1976 and attended the University of South Dakota for two years. Becky and David Jandl were married on June 16, 1990, under a tree on their farm outside of Worthing, SD. Becky worked in many different jobs in her life, mostly in service to others. Most recently, she was a co-owner of Bizzy Bees Concessions and Catering, and worked in food service at the Lennox Middle School. In October 1980, Becky welcomed her first daughter, Jacqueline Jean, to the world, followed in December 1982 with green-eyed, spunky, Tracy Kae. In July 1990, daughter Jaimee Lyn joined the family with a head full of curls. Finally, in April 1998, Brady Samdon, their only son, finally gave Dave a child on “his side”. Her family grew with even more love when she became “Becky Grandma” to Kaden James and Brenner Charles. Becky spent nearly her entire life serving others – mostly through food!

Becky’s amazing meals will be sorely missed. She was a proud shareholder of the Green Bay Packers, and wore the green and gold with pride nearly every day. She was her children’s biggest cheerleader, attending all their activities, serving in the PTA, and cheering from the crowd at golf meets, softball and baseball games, band and vocal concerts, debate and quiz bowl tournaments, and high school, college, and graduate school graduations. Becky had a tremendous love for animals, especially Holstein calves, and all kinds of dogs. Grateful for having shared her life are her husband of nearly 23 years, David Jandl, Worthing, SD; daughters, Jacquie Lonning and her fiancé Dan Letsche, Saint Paul, MN; Jim and Tracy (Lonning) Gerdes, Hurley, SD; and Jaimee Jandl, Sioux Falls, SD; son, Brady Jandl, Worthing; grandsons Kaden and Brenner Gerdes; and many other relatives and friends. Becky was preceded in death by her parents Sam and Vashti Lonning. If donations are preferred, the family requests they be directed to the Lennox Sundstrom FFA or the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society.

Robert Abbas, 78 of Worthing was called home to Heaven, Thursday, May 16, 2013 surrounded by his family at the CantonInwood Hospital following a short courageous battle with cancer. Funeral services were held at West Prairie Lutheran Church in rural Lennox on May 21 at 1:30 p.m. Officiating was Pastor Maribeth Anderson. Music was provided by organist Helen Sweeter and vocalists Pam Engelland and Tim Engelland. Pallbearers were his grandchildren: Douglas Abbas, Amanda McMartin, Andrea Schreurs Kaitlin Groendyk, Robert Johnson, Ryan Johnson, LeAnn Hjelmeland, Shane Johnson, Cody Ovre, Austin Ovre, and Tanner Ovre. Interment was in the Worthing Cemetery. Robert Vincent Abbas was born on October 14, 1934 on the family farm near Worthing, South Dakota, the son of Theodore and Verla Valentine (Grayson) Abbas. He attended school in Worthing and graduated from Worthing High School in 1952. He attended Augustana College and Southern State Teachers College, where he met his wife. On May 20, 1956 he was united in marriage to Margaret Engelland at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, rural Armour. The couple farmed and raised cattle near Worthing their entire married life. Robert was an active member of West Prairie Lutheran Church where he

had served as treasurer. He served in the South Dakota Air National Guard for several years and had been a 4H Leader. He loved spending time with family, especially his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He was passionate about fishing and enjoyed gardening and photography. Besides his parents, Robert was preceded in death by an infant daughter in 1958. Grateful for having shared his life are his wife, Margaret, Worthing; children: David (Jamie) Abbas, Worthing, Karen (Mark) Johnson, Cleghorn, IA and Debra (Douglas) Ovre, Worthing; 11 grandchildren: Douglas (Megan) Abbas, Amanda (Devon) McMartin, Andrea (Lance) Schreurs, Kaitlin Groendyk, Robert (Jenna) Johnson, Ryan Johnson, LeAnn (Clayton) Hjelmeland, Shane Johnson, Cody Ovre, Austin Ovre (Jessie Oliver), Tanner Ovre (Develyn Vetos); 11 great-grandchildren; brother, Donald (Sarah) Abbas, Worthing and other relatives and friends.

Services held for John ‘Jack Kuhns John ‘Jack’ Kuhns, age 81, formerly of the Worthing area, passed away Thursday, May 23, 2013 under hospice care at the Lennox Good Samaritan Center after a courageous battle with cancer. Funeral servicewas held. Saturday, May 25 at Canton United Methodist Church. Visitation was held Friday at Anderson Funeral Home in Canton. A Masonic service was held that evening. Jack was born October 3, 1931 to Lloyd and Maude (Grayson) Kuhns on the

family farm in rural Worthing.

Jack graduated from Canton High School in 1949 and entered the US Army. He was stationed in Maryland during the Korean Conflict. Following his discharge, he returned to the family farm near Worthing. He moved to Canton following his retirement. In his later years, he worked at various jobs including, mowing at Newton Hills State Park and maintenance at Canton Good Samaritan Center. He was an avid Minnesota Vikings fan. Jack was united in mar-

riage to Elvina Nichols on November 15, 1996. She died February 3, 2005. Jack was then blessed in marriage with his second wife, Dorothy Gedstad on January 6, 2007. He is survived by his wife, Dorothy; 4 nephews, David and Loren Vosburg of Colton, Bob (Carolyn) and Brad Vosburg of Renner; and 9 step children. He was preceded in death by his parents, his sister, Myrna Vosburg, and his first wife, Elvina.

Brende Electric, LLC Doug Brende Owner Andrea Sweeter An Independent Associate Representing Aflac

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Licensed, Insured, and Bonded 26 years experience with Ag, Commercial, Industrial & Residential

Many Dakota Wesleyan University students were honored on April 28 at the 2013 Honors Sunday convocation held on campus. Students who earned recognition for Honors in Scholarship had to have a grade point average of 3.5 or above for all work at Dakota Wesleyan University and elsewhere. Among those recognized was Jared Stearns of Worthing. Stearns, a sophomore, was also awarded the Kelley Center Student Leadership Award. The award is designed to recognize emerging student leaders. Recipients demonstrate individual commitment to the mission of the Kelley Center, as well as their ability to promote its mission through a leadership role within the DWU Chapter of Students in Free Enterprise.

SDSU announces 2013 spring graduates BROOKINGS—Area students graduating from South Dakota State University this Spring included the following (an asterisk (*) designates graduation with Cum Laude; ** designates Magna Cum Laude; and *** designates Summa Cum Laude: Worthing—Larissa Abbas, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture & Biological Sciences; Jason Gervais, Bachelor of Science in Arts & Sciences; Eric Stearns**, Bachelor of Science in Engineering.

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Sattler awarded scholarship at SDSU BROOKINGS—Courtney Sattler of Worthing was awarded the K. Lorette Lackey Scholarship for the 2013-2014 academic year at South Dakota State University. Mrs. Lackey and her husband, Harold, established the K. Lorette Lackey Scholarship. Sattler also was awarded the Bev Ordal York Memorial Scholarship in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences for the 2013-2014 academic year at South Dakota State University. Sattler is a senior at SDSU, the daughter of LaDell and Brenda Sattler and is a 2010 graduate of the Harrisburg High School.

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Middle school, high school, elementary honor roll lists released Lennox High School recently released the second semester honor roll. Students achieving this honor included: Highest Academic Honors 4.000 Seniors—Carl Lang, Gre tche n R op s , Ty l e r Youngquist Juniors—Mikala Fjerstad, Katelyn Hinker, Halie Mechels, Audra Meyer, Ellen Renz Sophomores—Olivia Grave, Karisa Hagena, Samantha Hyronimus, Emma Lang Freshmen—Brady Klock, August Meyer, Mahli Strasser High Academic Honors 3.500-3.999 Seniors—Joshua Beukelman, Chad Buse, Taylor Clay, Tyler Harms, Shayla Hartz, Joseph Hendrickson, Jena Jorgensen, Hannah Kidd, Patrick Konda, Zachary Koosman, April Lackas, Alexander Lane, Samantha Lopez, Katie Odland, Krista Smit, Taylor Wentz, Katelin Wipf, Ethan Zimmerman Juniors—Taylor Anderson, Shannon Clay, Travis Cownie, Joshua Friese, Trey Furgeson, Mariana Guerra Gonzales, Cody Haugse, Trevor Hovaldt, Jessica Jellema, McKenzie Kjose, Elizabeth Klock, Tara Kuper, Miranda Letze, Matthew Mazourek, John Morgan, Geneva Petrich, Logan Pytleski, Courtney Rippentrop, Brady Rupp, Samantha Smidt, Katelynd Whitehead, Kali Wipf, Blake Zingler Sophomores—Alyssa Becker, MacKenzie Braak, Harlie Breck, Kaylee Cartner, Tabbitha C onner, Adam Decker, Autumn Haan, Samantha Hagedorn, Kenzi Hartman, Brianna Homelvig, Stormie Nice, Nathan Timmerman, Jordan Wittrock Freshmen—Keeley Anderson, Abigail Beach, Samantha Dlugosh, Taylor Dubbelde, Hailey Hagedorn, Jacob Hinker, Brady Jandl, Kayla Johnston, Molly Kroeger, Jacob Lackas, Catlynn Lee, Taber Lee, Madison Marquardt, Collin McEntee, John Steever, Holly Voges, Kayle Waldner, McKenzie Weeldreyer, Taylor Weeldreyer, Traesha West Academic Honors 3.000-3.499 Seniors—Melisa Anderson, Josephine Eli, Sara Ellefson, Brandon Erickson, Joshua Goeman, Jason Haan, Samantha Hladky, Desiree Hoppe, Lindsey Ihnen, Amber Kost, Kayla Kruse, Taylor Lawrence, Christian Petrich, Megan Stewart, James Symens, Carissa Wunder Juniors—Amanda Covert, Dereck DeVries, Paige

Edwards, Mariah Halverson, Jessica Herrboldt, Kenadi Javers, Brianna Johnson, Kaitlyn Johnson, Abby Jorgensen, Cheyenne Levene, Brittnie Nordmann, Shelby Schoffelman, Rachel West Sophomores—Cameron Abbas, Connor Abbas, Isaac Burma, Jacob Cinco, Monica Eli, Brady Fischer, Jacob Heisinger, Delane Hood, Justin Hoogestraat, Bennett Hurley,, Zachary Kaderabek, Lyndsey Kleinschmit, Jared Kroeger, Katherine Lembke, Caelan Mangan, Kolby Reinke, Tannen Serr, Christopher Stokke, Grant Sweeter, Marissa Waldner, Austin Weischedel, Mikaela Wipf Freshmen—Angel Bird, Crystal Cordell, Trevor Dixon, Zachary Ford, Dylan Hyronimus, Nicholas Kayl, Shaelyn Kirchner, Hunter Kjose, Hunter Knock, Breanna Kruid, Jacob Landon, Allison Lefers, Tyler Leisinger, Lawton Luke, Ben Lund, Maranda McLaren, John Oldenkamp, Masen Oltmanns, Mitchell Peters, Taryn Raabe Fourth quarter honor roll students in the Lennox/Worthing/Chancellor Middle School included the following: 6M, Mr. McLouth A—Brock Anderson, Quincy Ihnen, Zachery Leisinger, Chevy Levene, Brooklynn Paulson, Elizabeth Rezac B—Isabel Coady, Bailey Cramer, Garrett Knock, Taylor Kuper, Mitchell Rust, Britain Smith, Shawna Therkildsen, Blayne Wallenstein, Raymond Williams, Joseph Zacher 6S, Mr. Sattler A—Jenna Bruns, Emily Buse, Zachary Foss, Kaleb Lunstra, Jack Nordmann, Hunter Peters, Riley Peters, Nathan Renz, Brock Schroeder, Bree VanMeeteren, Logan VanRuler, Madison Wentz, Camden Wulf, Isabel Young B—Zachary Baumert, McKayla Cockerham, Grant Edwards, Jayden Gayle, Jared Graber, Nicholas Ihnen, JD Kirchner, Sydney Marquardt, Cheyanne Paweltzki, Kendra Stien, Morgan Wipf 6B, Mr. Bahnson A—Maxwell Arkema, Cooper Benning, Leslie Fillipi, Bailey Fodness, Tyson Stoebner, Zachary Wipf B—Anthony Finnell, Riley Knutson, Aricka Niezwaag, Samara Nordmann, Miranda Rabine, Bobby Smidt, Kami Spring, Hunter Stroud, Noah Talatzko, Clay Vinson, Whitney Weischedel, Delaney Wrage

7D, Mrs. Diede A—Zachar y Bultena, Benjamin Goeman, Rachel Jensen, Tatum Musser, Elizabeth Reiss, Jessica Symens, Joshua Van Houten B—Alexander Brenholt, Cavan Coffey, Ethan Gilbert, Samuel Osborn, Jessica Schneiderman, Austin Smidt, Rachel Van Ningen, Tadan Wilson 7M, Mr. McVey A—Mia Cramer, Megan Hinker, Callie Luke B—Holdyn Breck, Ethan Dannen, Ahna Groen, Stetson Ihnen, Janne Johnson, Sarah Kroeger, Marcus Metivier, Hunter Nordman, Denver Nordmann, Drew Plucker, Alex Ruud, Elizabeth Steever, Addison Stubbe 7R, Mrs. Raabe A—Maxwell Bultena B—Evan Dubbelde, Alexandria Eoff, Shawn Florey, Taylen Gassman, Jordyn Hovaldt, Amanda Kayl, Grace Kidd, Parker King, Kip Kuper, Emma Mechels,

Tiffany Plimpton, Dawson Smit, Taylor Stroschein, Karissa West, Charles Wittrock 8K, Mr. Kruse A—Jessica Birgholtz, Tessa Friese, Hannah Hagena, Jennifer Kruid, CarLee Mechels, Mason Meyer, Rachel Odland B — Ab b y Ab r a h a m , Whitley Barr, Megan Cramer, Kaitlin Gundvalson, Cole Halouska, Daniel Jaspring, Brendan Langbehn, Maddie Lauters, Sarah Logan, Saphyre Nordman, Ethan Olson, Toni Serr, Abbie Strasser, Corissa Sweeter, Amanda Timmerman, Olivia Young 8B, Mr. Bryan A—Samant ha Haan, Dylan Hanisch, Jordanna Kruse, Sydney Mechels, Andrew Paulson, Braedon Wallenstein B—Baylee Abraham, Maisey Bainbridge, Amber Decker, Zachary Dobson, Shelby Geiken, Devon Jongeling, Matthew Klingbile, Haley Mendel, Leon-

Grace Schroeder B—Blake Gibney, Hanna Kirschenman, Thomas Lane, Morgan McDannel, Brandon Otte, Tori Vanderwaerdt

ard Meyer, Shelbie Moore, Juliee Scott, Timi Serr, Brock Stien, Katie Top, Violet Williamson 8FW, Mr. Fodness/Ms. Wollmann A—Brooke Ehlers, Miranda Hall, Austin Odland, Taylor Smidt, Matthew Wolf, Alison Ziegler, Alyssa Zirpel B—Logan Barr, Ethan Cinco, Catherine Daugherty, Jymira Devlin, Julia Gesling, Riley Gillihan, Erika Hofer, Marshall McLaren, Bailey Nelson, Haley Reinholt, Brandon Rupp, MiKayla Smit, Courtney Weeldreyer, Wesley Weischedel, Jacob Ziegler

5th Grade, Mrs. Pixler A—Will Daugherty, Josie Stucky, Katie Vest B—Brandon Andrews, Samantha Bach, Koby Jackson, Connor Jelsma, Austin Metivier, Namoi Reiss

Perfect attendance for the 2012-13 school year Worthing Elementary 1st Grade—Lucas Bontje, Noah Werner, Elizabeth Lauck, Clara Stucky 2nd Grade—Myah Jelsma 3rd Grade—Kelsey Bontje, Brett Duncan 4th Grade—Thomas Lane, Madison Palmer 5th Grade—Josie Stucky, Connor Jelsma

Honor roll lists were released for the Lennox School District. Students achieving this honor included the following:

Worthing Elementary 4th Grade, Mrs. Wagers A—Andy Meyer, Madison Palmer, Gavin Sanculi,

JUNE 28th–29th

<28'21¡7:$17 720,66,7

Friday, June 28 &58,6(1,*+7 0DLQ6WIURPSP %,.('(&25$7,1*&217(67 %OXH6N\/RW


+(/3860$.( :257+,1*'$<6 $68&&(66 :HQHHGYROXQWHHUV VSRQVRUV SDUWLFLSDQWV

)$0,/<029,(1,*+7 5HF&RPSOH[IURPSP

Saturday, June 29 .581:$/. DP


%5($.)$67²0$6216 DP


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086,&(17(57$,10(17 0DLQ6WIURPSPDP






Children learn safety tips, receive bike helmet at Worthing bike rodeo Worthing Elementary held a bike rodeo on the last day of school, May 17 as part of Worthing’s Safe Routes to School Grant. Worthing has received this grant for two years in a row. Students participated in different events like figure 8s where they practiced bike control. They also had a station where they practiced hand signals and one where their bikes were checked for tire air pressure and seat height. Two bikes per classroom (one boy and one girl) were given away. The school partnered with Scheel’s in Sioux Falls, who delivered the bikes and performed safety inspections for all the students in school. The school also partnered with Shoe Carnival to give away 20 vouches worth $75 to be spent on children’s shoes. One large part of the Safe Routes to School grant is to encourage kids to walk and bike to school. Each student took home a bike helmet, bag, t-shirt, water bottle, bike lock and bike computer (odometer). “It was a great day,” said Worthing Principal Kym Johnston. At right: Rebecca McMath and Karin Sweeter enjoy Worthing Elementary’s bike rodeo held as part of the Safe Routes to School Grant.

Above: Worthing Elementary students practice figure 8s at the bike rodeo on the last day of school.

At right: Worthing Elementary students line up to start figure 8s on Friday, May 17.

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June 15 - Otisʼ 4th Annual Golf Tournament 3-person scramble. Pre-register at the bar.

June 15 - Pearl Snaps Band in the beer garden beginning at 7pm

June 28 & 29 — Worthing Cruise Night

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Sixth graders present concert

Cookie fundraiser a success for Worthing PTT Cookie sales by the Worthing Elementary Families raised $3975.35 for the Worthing PTT. The top seller was Preschooler Kennedy Vant Hull, followed by Elizabeth Lauck in 2nd Grade and Tori Vander Waerdt in 4th grade. The Parent group uses the money raised to support

The Lennox Worthing Chancellor sixth graders presented “A Better You… A Better Me!” on May 7th. The program was directed by Cheryl Jacobson. All of the students wore the t-shirt designed by Kendra Stien.

the school academically and recreationally. Over the years the group has installed playground equipment, purchased a IPod Station, AR books, assemblies, supplemented field trips and much more. The group is looking into adding to the playground equipment again with money raised.

Worthing Carnival a success

Fifth and sixth graders hold end of year track meet 4th; Hannah Denning, 8'3", 5th; Emma Smidt, 8'.5", 6th; Standing Long Jump 6th grade boys: Nathan Renz, 5'9", 1st; Jared Graber, 5'8", 2nd; Jayden Gayle, 5'7", 3rd; Anthony Finnell, 5'3", 4th; Blayne Wallenstein, 5', 5th; Hunter Stroud, 4'10", 6th; 6th grade girls: McKayla Cockerham, 5'1", 1st; Morgan Wipf, 5", 2nd; 5th grade boys: Josh Arlt, 6'9", 1st; Cooper Dixon, 6', 2nd; Eli Olson, 5'7", 3rd; 5th grade girls: Quincy Naatjes, 4'8", 1st; Kierra Abbas, 4'6", 2nd; Football Throw 6th grade boys: Brock Anderson, 1st; Riley Knudson, 2nd; Dawson Moraz, 3rd; Clay Vinson, 4th; JD Halverson, 5th; Zach Baubert, 6th; 6th grade girls: Isabel Young, 1st; Michaela Jaspring, 2nd; Bailey Fodness, 3rd; Taylor Kuper, 4th; Whitney Weischedel, 5th; Cheyanne Paweltzki, 6th; Emily Buse, 7th; 5th grade boys: Kaleb Johnson, 1st; Koby Jackson, 2nd; Kaleb Smit, 3rd; Austin Metevier, 4th; Will Bryant, 5th; Ben Zarr, 6th; 5th grade girls: Tori Kuper, 1st; Jessica Mai, 2nd; Softball Throw 6th grade boys: Zach Leisinger, 1st; Tyson Stobner, 2nd; Brock Anderson, 3rd; Dawson Moraz, 4th; Garett Knock, 5th; JD Kirchner, 6th; 6th grade girls: Isabel Coady, 1st; Jenna Bruns, 2nd; Britain Smith, 3rd; Leslie Fillipi, 4th; Riley Peters, 5th; Taylor Kuper, 6th; 5th grade boys: Caleb Johnson, 1st; Caleb Metcalf, 2nd; Koby Jackson, 3rd; Eli Cinco, 4th; Jace Bridges, 5th; Caleb Smit, 6th; 5th grade girls: Hattie Breck, 1st; Isabel Ihnen, 2nd; Madisyn Grim, 3rd; Paige Fischer, 4th; Jordan Thomas, 5th; Victoria Niezwaag, 6th; Frisbee Throw 6th grade boys: Cooper Benning, 1st; Hunter Peters, 2nd; Blayne Wallenstein, 3rd; Chevy Levene, 4th; Brock Schroeder, 5th; Kayler Johnson, 6th; 6th

grade girls: Leslie Fillipi, 1st; Cheyanne Paweltzki, 2nd; Kendra Stien, 3rd; Isabel Young, 4th; Shawna Therkildsen, 5th; Liz Rezac, 6th; 5th grade boys: Trevor Brown, 1st; Chase Styles, 2nd; Jaxson Daldorf, 3rd; 5th grade girls: Hailey Spoonemore, 1st; Hailey Peterson, 2nd; Bailey Gillihan, 3rd; Destiney Blackford, 4th; Abbie Kriebell, 5th; Tori Niezwaag, 6th.

munity feed. Donations for the food were received from Sunshine in Lennox, Coke, Walmart and HyVee. Hot Dogs and BBQ’s were served with chips, Coke products and dessert bars. The evening ended with the Raffle drawings. Each class put together baskets for the raffle. Other raffle items were donated by Flowers by Bob, A New Look Salon, Studio G, Lennox Lewis, SEAMS design, Steever House, City of Lennox, Lennox School District, Scheels, Worthing Insurance, Thirty-one by Kathy Bach, Sentsy by Denise Hansen, Usborne Books by Natalie VanHoutten, Worthing Dinner Theater, Otis’s, Blue Sky Junction, Village Hair by Heidi Hanson, Washington Pavilion, Taco Bell, BH Beauty College, Peachwave, Lennox Independent, Little Caesar’s, and parent donations.

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furth, 15:73, 2nd; Bailey Fodness, 15:98, 3rd; Jenna Bruns, 16:12, 4th; Riley Peters, 16:29, 5th; Britian Smith, 16:30, 6th; 5th grade boys: Hayden Mendel, 15:26, 1st; Brandon Andrews, 15:42, 2nd; Will Daugherty, 16:01, 3rd; Gavin Smit, 16:32, 4th; Trevor Brown, 16:34, 5th; Starr Hall, 16:38, 6th; 5th grade girls: Isabel Ihnen, 16:02, 1st; Adrianna Carlson, 16:44, 2nd; Emma Smidt, 16:57, 3rd; Gracie Bowers, 16:70, 4th; Tori Cooper, 16:93, 5th; Kailey Munson, 16:99, 6th; 1 mile 6th grade boys: Braeden Dose, 6:34, 1st; Jaetin DeCou, 6:40, 2nd; Mitchell Rust, 7:23, 3rd; Chevy Levene, 7:32, 4th; Jack Nordmann, 8:07, 5th; Zach Wipf, 9:01, 6th; Noah Talatzko, 9:20, 7th; 5th grade boys: Riley Williams, 6:22, 1st; Cooper Dixon, 7:31, 2nd; Mason Miller, 7:32, 3rd; Cadin Smidt, 8:00, 4th; Gavin Gibney, 8:21, 5thh; Levi Andernacht, 8:22, 6th; 5th grade girls: Samantha Bach, 6:46, 1st; Maddie Vlastuin, 6:49, 2nd; Hattie Brack, 7:22, 3rd; Rio Philipi, 7:33, 4th; Naomi Reiss, 8:14, 5th; Quincy Naatjes, 8:26, 6th; Josie Stucky, 8:30, 7th; Paige Fischer, 8:45, 8th; Running Long Jump 6th grade boys: Zach Leisinger, 14'6", 1st; Quincy Ihnen, 14'3", 2nd; Jaetin DeCou, 13', 3rd; Braden Dose, 12'8", 4th; Jared Graber, 12'6", 5th; Camden Wulf, 12'4", 6th; 6th grade girls: Bree VanMeeteren, 10'3.5", 1st; Liz Steinfurth, 10'3.5", 2nd; Riley Peters, 9'10", 3rd; Britain Smith, 9'7", 4th; Michaela Jaspring, 9'5", 5th; Isabel Coady, 8'10.5", 6th; 5th grade boys: Caleb Metcalf, 12'2", 1st; Josh Arlt, 12'1", 2nd; Riley Williams, 12', 3rd; Will Daugherty, 11'9", 4th; Brandon Andrews, 11'4", 5th; Haden Mendel, 11', 6th; 5th grade girls: Rianna Fillipi, 10'5", 1st; Hattie Breck, 10'.5", 2nd; Madysen Vlastuin, 9'6.5", 3rd; Gracie Bowers, 8'5",


Chuck Olinger, Lennox



The fifth and sixth graders participated in their track and field day on Tuesday, May 7. Complete results from the day’s events are as follows: 800 meter run 6th grade boys: Cooper Benning, 3:04.43, 1st; Ray Williams, 3:08.19, 2nd, Nick Ihnen, 3:30, 3rd, Chevy Levene, 3:40.68, 4th; 6th grade girls: Kendra Stien, 3:29.29, 1st; Leslie Fillipi, 4:02.33, 2nd; Emily Buus, 4:03, 3rd; Liz Rezac, 4:12.19, 4th; 5th grade boys: Josh Arlt, 2:54.33, 1st; Riley Williams, 2:59.12, 2nd; Will Bryant, 3:37, 3rd; 5th grade girls: Isabel Ihnen, 3:20.77, 1st; Lily Maddox, 3:26.38, 2nd; Katie Vest, 3:57, 3rd; Quincy Naatjes, 4:10.39, 4th; Jessica Mai, 5:14.99, 5th; 400 meter dash 6th grade boys: Camden Wulf, 1:12.79, 1st; Quincy Ihnen, 1:13.80, 2nd; Zach Leisinger, 1:15.95, 3rd; Braedon Dose, 1:16.57, 4th; Cooper Benning, 1:18.11, 5th; Devin Andernacht, 1:21.07, 6th; 6th grade girls: Liz Steinfurth, 1:18.26, 1st; Bree VanMeeteren, 1:27,89, 2nd; Sydney Marquart, 1:29.70, 3rd; Michaela Jaspring, 1:30.64, 4th; Taylor Cooper, 1:35.67, 5th; Hannah Anderson, 1:47.87, 6th; 5th grade boys: Will Daugherty, 1:17.21, 1st; Brandon Andrews, 1:17.21, 1st; Caleb Metcalf, 1:19.16, 2nd; Eli Olson, 1:19.55, 3rd; Gavin Smit, 1:21.28, 4th; Matthew Kruid, 1:22.71, 5th; Starr Hall, 1:23, 6th; 5th grade girls: Maddie Vlastuin, 1:22.64, 1st; Rianna Fillipi, 1:24.69, 2nd; Gracie Bowers, 1:25.37, 3rd; Hannah Denning, 1:31.40, 4th; Katie Vest, 1:34.44, 5th; Madeline Loewe, 1:36.97, 6th; 100 meter dash 6th grade boys: Quincy Ihnen, 14:57, 1st; Zach Foss, 14:94, 2nd; Jaetin DeCou, 15:78, 3rd; Camden Wulf, 15:83, 4th; Jarrod Graeber, 15:93, 5th; Kaleb Lunstra, 15:95, 6th; 6th grade girls: Isabel Coady, 15:13, 1st; Liz Stein-

The Worthing Carnival hosted by the Worthing PTT (Parents and Teachers Together) was held on April 26 at the Elementary school. Several families came out to enjoy carnival games, cake walk, raffle items and community feed. Parents, middle school students and high school students donated their time to making the carnival successful and keeping the games going. The favorite games of the night included the ring toss and the cake walk. Carnival goers waited patiently in line for the balloon creations by Harry Podrasky and his son Joseph. They generously donated their time and supplies to making hundreds of balloon animals and figures. Winners of the Chuck a Duck for cash were Gavin Sanculi and Gary Oldenkamp. Women from the Ladies Auxillary offer their time serving food for the com-


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Reach for the Stars program encourages students to read

AREA CHURCH DIRECTORY St. Magdalen Catholic Church Pastor - Fr. Paul Pathiyamoola Rectory: 764-2002 Cell: 201-1244 Email:


Pictured at left (top) are the Top Pledge Earners from Worthing Elementary. They include Kennedy Vant Hul, Keira Tammen, Noah Werner, Elizabeth Lauck, Mailee Weideman,Hanna Kirschenman, and Samantha Bach. At left (below) the Top Minute Readers. They are Cole Hyronimus, Zander Hazuka, Ethan Peterson, Kira Waldhalm, Eve Bunkers, Grace Schroeder, Josie Stucky, Gabrielle Olson, Damen Peterson, and Tori VanderWaerdt.

Kym Johnston

orthing Elementary Students teamed up with Usborne Books & More for the Reach for the Stars program. The Reach for the Stars program encourages kids to read by having the students earn pledges for minutes read. Half of the pledged money goes to the school to buy books and the students are able to buy books with the remaining half. The students at Worthing set a reading goal of 41,400 minutes and they read 43,429. For passing their goal, Principal Kym Johnston agreed to wacky clothes and being duct taped to the wall by the top readers and top pledge earners (pictured below at right). Mr. Smidt’s third grade class (pictured above) had a clean sweep of the Traveling Trophy awards. They received the trophy for Highest Percentage of 300 minute readers with 91% and also received the Highest Percentage of Students Collecting Pledges with 68%.

Mass at St. Magdalen in Lennox Wednesday: Mass, 9 a.m. Friday: Mass, 9 a.m. Sunday: Mass, 8:45 a.m.

St. Dominic Catholic Church, Canton Sunday: Mass at 10:45 a.m.

The Church of God 201 E. 2nd St., Worthing, SD Daniel Scheideler, Pastor Phone: 521-8434 Sundays: Worship Service, 11 a.m. Children’s Church, 11:15 a.m. Sunday School, 10 a.m.

West Prairie Lutheran 46788 282nd St., Lennox Pastor Erika Lehmann , (605) 359-4902 Church: 647-5923 Sundays: Worship, 9:30 a.m. with coffee and fellowship following. Sunday School for preschool through Middle School.



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Worthing Enterprise June 2013  

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Worthing Enterprise June 2013  

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