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HOW TO REGISTER If you’re not registered by

You can vote in the general election if you’re registered to vote and:

- aged 18 or over on polling day - a British citizen, Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of the Irish Republic - not legally excluded from voting (eg because you’re in prison)

April 20th you won’t be able to vote. Registering doesn’t mean you have to vote, but if you’re not registered you can’t vote.

Bein g regis on the e le ter c an he ctoral you’ re lp if mobi trying t o l e ph Register online and fill in a get a on or simple form-it only takes a couple of minutes but you’ll need your National r anything e contra ct un a wher c Insurance number. you. redit che e they ck on In Bristol you can also drop in to Temple Street Customer Service Point. In South Glos you can give them a call on the number below or drop in to one of the one stop shops at Kingswood Civic Centre, ou Patchway Hub, Yate or Thornbury and they can call for you. Legally y

register have to r t a lette If you don’t have a permanent address if you ge u to (you If you don’t currently have a permanent address, which most of you now asking yo ned £80 t fi will, but are based in Bristol or South Glos you can fill out a could ge e). fus 'Declaration of Local Connection' form, giving the council an address in the if you re local area that you can collect your ballot paper from. This does not have to be somewhere you are staying. There is a freepost address at the top of the form for you to return it to. It can last up to twelve months if you don’t register from a new address, after 12 months you will have to renew it. BRISTOL: Download a form from or call on the number below. SOUTH GLOS: Call them and give them an address they can send the form to, the form is not currently available online.

Make su re your ful you use l name as needs t o match it the name a ttached to your Na tional Insrance number DWP re & cords.

If you need any help ask your support worker or contact Bristol City Council or South Glos Council: Bristol City Council Electoral Services (B Bond) c/o 9 Willway Street Bedminster Bristol BS3 4SP 0117 922 3400

Electoral Registration Officer South Glos Council, PO Box 300, Electoral Services, Civic Centre High Street, Kingswood, Bristol BS15 0DS 01454 863 030 15

ipeople Winter 2015 Issue 12  

The quarterly magazine for service users and supporters of 1625 Independent People.

ipeople Winter 2015 Issue 12  

The quarterly magazine for service users and supporters of 1625 Independent People.