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Issue 1 Winter 2011

Narraser Gordon

“There’s nothing stopping you”

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FILM REVIEW Black power mix tape

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1 Independent People’s Quarterly Magazine

CONTENTS 3 ......Brisfest 2011

A volunteer reports on doing a shift on Independent People’s stall at Brisfest

4/5......Parklife Two young parents review our Summer trips to the park

6......Film Review - Black Power Mixtape Three young men review this iconic film

7......Current Affairs with Narraser Gordon Narraser Gordon, ex-Service User talks to us

8/9......Interview with Gastro An interview with Graffiti artist Gastro

10/11......Sent in / Fill this space

Contribution space. Write a poem,make some art, you decide!

12......Dinner for a fiver

How to make “Chilli con Carne” for £5

13......Useful numbers

Useful numbers and contact details

14/15......Opportunities /Events FREE stuff going on

This magazine is produced by

service users, volunteers and staff at Independent People. Please forward it on to as many people as you can! Contact us Freephone for service users: 0800 731 72 13 Head Office Kingsley Hall 59 Old Market Street, Bristol, BS2 0ER 0117 317 8800 South Gloucestershire Office 23 The Parade Coniston Road Patchway Bristol BS34 5LP 01454 865 732 St Georges House 101 St Georges Road Hotwells Bristol BS1 5UP 0117 927 6600 Go to our website

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Friday 3rd February 2012 22


d r a e h r e v e n “I had Brisfest about ” e r o f e b

1 1 0 2 t s e isF


Me and my sister took part in helping out with

the stall at Brisfest this year for Independent People. We had to get people to sign up for a quarterly newsletter, tell people what Independent People do (how they help young homeless people) and we also handed out leaflets. There was also a game where you had to balance a coin on top of a lemon to win a free t-shirt. The t-shirts were designed by young people who are with the organisation. I had never heard of Brisfest before until I got asked if I would like to help out. It was very busy on the Saturday and a lot of people didn’t know who Independent People were. Independent People have three main units, one in Patchway, Old Market and St George’s House.

a n n e J d an i r r e T by

Independent People help young homeless people, young families and young single parents, they also help and support young people. At Brisfest I was nervous at first to confront the public but after a short while I felt confident to speak to a variety of people who were interested to find out what Independent People do and got a few sign ups off the public and I feel I spoke confidently to them. I had a good experience at Brisfest and I feel it boosted my confidence.

Do you think you’ve got as much confidence as Terri?

Would you like to have a go? Come and help out at one of our events, no experience necessary! Contact Joni or Tom in the Participation Team on 0117 317 8800 or speak to your support worker.



Two service users review a Summer spent visiting Bristol parks. Funded through Quartet Community Foundation


Independent People

the other staff that organised it were great. organised us to go to six different parks. The It was a laugh when they were putting up the first one we went to was Vassell’s Park. We gazebo, they made sure everyone was ok and all met up in the park and Joni put the gazebo having fun. up and got toys out. We all had the kids collected stuff In St George’s Park they bought a laugh, the kids really enjoyed meeting other children and there they found in the park the kids duck food to feed the was a picnic that everyone enducks which was nice to see the joyed. kids do - they loved it. Even though the weather was bad - raining - it It was good to go to different parks in Bristol to was still great . see what was around for the kids. It was good to take the kids and have fun in places that cost Two weeks later we went to Blaise Park for nothing. It also gave the parents a break and an art activity. The kids loved that one, they enjoyment. I really enjoyed it and the staff did a collected stuff they found in the park and stuck wicked job I would love to do something like that it on card and made their own bags. My son again. Kye really loved it and I thought it was a great thing to do. I met new people and the kids made Written by service user Ibi friends as well.

Every two weeks we would go to a park.

Hengrove, St George’s, Ashton Court and St Andrews. There was a different activity for each one and food supplied. I think Joni and


Parklife was all about the different types of

activities and facilities to get your family and your children out and about. One of the parks we went to was Vassell’s Park where we did a

health and safety quiz all around the house. I yourself ‘what do I do’? Why not go to one of organised and put the quiz together and read these fantastic parks, fun for all the family with the questions and asked the other parents to so many activities to see and do. You won’t be write down what they thought was the right andisappointed. Even when it’s raining put your swer. I also had to phone people to make sure wellies on and get splashing in the puddles with they were attending the trip as a your children. The best thing lot of people couldn’t make it. I about going to the park was “You don’t managed to get people on the mini meeting all the other parents bus without any difficulties. It was and knowing you have someneed money to enjoy a lovely day, we had a picnic and thing in common with them. It yourself” played in the park. Towards the was good for the children to end it started raining but that didn’t meet each other as it will get stop us from having a lovely day. them used to being around other people and get them used to sharing. St George’s was another park we went to where

it was really hot. We did a treasure hunt with the kids which they all enjoyed. We had lunch and after we went and fed the ducks and played in the park. They had different equipment in the park for all ages. Previous parks we went to were mainly suitable for older children. All the parents and children seemed to really enjoy themelves and we all had a laugh and got to all make friends out of it.

You don’t need money to enjoy yourself when

you’re down and feeling blue and asking

I hope you will find this interesting as it’s helped me a lot with my confidence. It has made me realise there is more to life then just staying in and being bored like I was. Not only is it good for you but it gets your children motivated at the same time and gives their confidence a boost too. Written by service user Kim Want to contribute your own article? Contact Joni or Tom in the Participation Team on 0117 317 8800


Reviews that the army were called in to control the black people rising to power. I learnt about America’s oppressed black people’s lack of human rights. I thought the music was good

As part of Black History Month,

as it helped to bring out the emotions of the scene and add effect to it Farhan: I learnt the dark history of the West. I also learnt how quickly things can change for instance the black people went from being unable to have any job fifty years ago, to having the first black president in 2008 Craig: My favourite part was when the kids sang about picking up guns and when the kids were talking about the oppression of black people and told people to expect death. It’s upsetting and horrible to understand that the government was able to stop people’s freedom of speech. Angela Davis lived! The film showed what was, to help us to see what is now. It was used to raise awareness and evoke emotions out of people by showing how people get treated differently.

three residents from St Georges House, Farhan, Craig and Bradley were offered tickets to a screening of Black Power Mix tape 1967-1975 at the Watershed cinema in exchange for writing a review for the magazine. Craig: Farhan said: The film was about the oppression ...the death of The only thing I did not like about the and fight for black people’s right to be film is that they did not distinguish from treated the same as white people and Martin Luther ‘The Nation of Islam’ and ‘true Islam’. how the use of non-violence can get King made The ‘Nation of Islam’ were set up as a results. new religious movement in America in America fall into 1930. True Islam has nearly 2 billion Farhan: The film was about, as Talib Kweli put followers. chaos it, “The missing equation to the black It was true Muslims, such as Malcolm movement.” The missing equation being: to X that brought about change. get equality, justice and freedom from unlawful True Islam teaches that all of mankind are equal. persecution. As Malcolm X put it; “by any means necessary.” Thanks for your reviews! Craig: Want to review a film for the next issue? Get in I learnt that the death of Martin Luther King touch! 0117 317 8800 made America fall into chaos and it was that bad


Narraser Gordon was recently elected

Labour Young People’s Rep for Bristol West

and is an active Anti-Knife


Ex-service user Narraser hopes to

inspire other young people to act for themselves. This year has gone past really quickly, but when it comes to young people and ‘youths’ in the news we have hit the headlines more than once and not for the right reasons. The government has been making cuts to save money and it seems young people are one of the target groups for these cuts. The 3 main issues are as follows:

Current Affairs

were involved in disturbances in Bristol. As a young person reading this - how did you feel?

So the question I want to ask here is what can

we do as young people to make sure that this does not happen again? Also, what can we do about the issues that affect us? Some people go on protest, I would not support that, and some people start up campaigns, join political parties, stand in local elections. You may be telling yourself “there is this, that and the other stopping me”, well can I say, there is nothing stopping you from making a change apart from yourself.

there is nothing as young people know about stopping you We the issues that are affecting us and

1. Scrappage of Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) 2. Rise in tuition fees 3. Youth unemployment But, as well as the cuts, young people were also in the headlines for another negative reason the UK riots in the Summer. I was away when the riots happened, but when I came back I was shocked to hear what had happened and to find out why it had started. What shocked me the most was that people

we know how to change them, so why are we not telling the decision makers what we really think about the issues that affect us? There are different ways that we can do this. You can write a letter to your Local MP or Councillor, you can start a online petition. So what is stopping you? Go out there and make a change.

I am doing it, so why can’t you?


Interview WITH



Graffiti artist Gastro recently donated a logo design for our charity T-shirts. Some of our residents wanted to interview him... We love the logo you donated for our t-shirts  Bristol’s “1loveart” (Urban & Contemporary Art Gallery) for a couple of years now selling my art -how long did it take – how did you design it and hand-painted graff stillettos. There’s more and what did you use? freedom of expression there. First of all, I’m glad you like it. I spent a couple of nights designing it, it started out on paper, and was developed from a style I’m using a lot at the moment, it has a fluid feel and flows really nicely. I started out looking at how the word flowed best as handwriting.

How old are you and how old were you when you started? What was your inspiration to become an artist?

I’m only 23 now, and I adapted started my it slightly, career only thickened up a few years the letters. ago. I guess I’ve always Scanned it then hid all my mistakes using adobe been an artist and wanted to show people the illustrator. world through my eyes. My main inspiration came when I met Bristol’s BC crew back in 2008 Do you have formal art training? I think it was. They showed me that there was I was brought up to not be an a real demand for street art, before artist, my dad wanted me to be that I didn’t really think of it as art, scientist, and I was, until my A and I think there are many cities that levels, when I ditched it all and still don’t view graffiti/street art as art. followed my dream. Bristol is one of the few that do, and Later I went to Art College and studied the first Bristol in itself inspired me. course I got accepted on, Advertising, I didn’t really like it. As for the stuff I do now, I’m pretty How did you become successful? much self taught, but influenced massively by I wish I were successful, real success is people I’ve met along the way. achieved by only a few, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be considered successful Where are you from? but as long as your doing what you want to do I I’m from the North. I think Bristol is a full on suppose that’s a type of success. place with loads of character and a different atmosphere to where I’m from. I’ve worked with

Bristol itself inspired me


How do you make money from Graffiti?

Graffiti art has been seen by the media as a way to reach out to the youth, it’s part of hiphop culture, and at the moment it’s the kool with a capital K thing to do. I don’t do graffiti to make money, I do it because I enjoy it, but if someone’s going to pay me to enjoy myself, well isn’t that the best way to make money? Over the years I have found a few ways to make money from graffiti. You can dress it up as typography, letter design and illustration, but to me it’s essentially the same thing.

What inspires you to get up in the morning?

I used to be more nocturnal, to me, there was no morning, and if there was I definitely wasn’t getting up for it unless I have something to do and a large coffee. Now is pretty much the same, but I’ve realised there’s always something I can be doing. My friends think I’m a bit of a control freak, they say I’m rushed too much and hate it when I’m on a mission. I have this one friend who would stay in bed all week if he could. I’m purposely in a rush mood when I’m around him, it’s funny seeing him getting stressed, I don’t really think he’s used to being up and on the ball.

Gastro’s hand painted stillettos What do you think about the Youth Riots that happened earlier in the year?

It’s difficult for young people to feel that they are being understood at the moment. There’s a lot of unemployment, and not many prospects for the future, the youth riots to me were a cry for help, there is so much talent wasted out there. And little in the way of opportunities for the younger generation. The devil makes work for those idle thumbs.

I don’t do graffiti to make money

What’s the story behind Graffiti and what’s the purpose of tagging?

What advice would you give to someone who Graffiti is a long story, there are writers and there wants to get into art as a career? are street artists, taggers, bombers and those who paint the odd mural from time to time. Kings, toys, capping, dogging, beefing, blaming and a whole load more words that you need to know to even begin to understand what it’s all about. I can’t tell you the whole story, watch Style Wars.

Its good to get messy, experiment and use materials in different ways. Think outside the box and never stick with your first idea, there’s always room for improvement.

One last thing?

Shout outs: Eyup, hp, llb, bc migs tfb, horor tfa, bn, triple t and the real nsk, Meso, Beth and Vince. And Jesska<3. Funkflow.


Sent in A poem sent in by a service user... Ibi THE LOST MAN As he walks through the frosty night, there is no one in sight, Then he walks through the dark alley with a shiver of fright. So helpless and alone he then turns round to hear a big bang, He opened his eyes with fear to see a very big gang. He runs away as far as he can, Thinking I am not a boy, but I am a man. He then walks across the miserable field to see some light, Then he sees a big clock and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s almost midnight. So he goes to sleep to think how lost I am, oh heck who gives a damn. So as he wakes he gets up with joy to see a big blue lake so he runs and jumps for joy but he lets out a great big scream as he stood on an old broken toy. He carries on with his walk with a bad foot as hops, but he keeps telling himself heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not going to stop. All he can do now is hope to see his home again, He hopes he will get there before dark so he can see his best dad, Mark.

10 10

Fill this space Draw a picture, write a story, anything you want. All we ask is that whatever you do send it in to us and it could appear in the next issue! Hand it to your support worker or send it to: i-people Magazine, Kingsley Hall59 Old Market Street, BS2 0ER


FOOD HEALTHY MEAL FOR A FIVER A huge thank you to Jordan J, Liam H, Bradley L, Craig B and Ellen H who decided which healthy meal to cook for a fiver. They had many ideas like smoothies, pizza and special fried rice but thought the best recipe to go into the magazine was Lasagne. However they then agreed that it was too expensive to get all the cheese needed to make a Lasagne so went for the next best thing:


1 Onion 1 clove garlic 1 green pepper 1 x 10ml spoon oil 250g minced beef

Chilli Con Carne 1 x 10ml spoon flour 250ml stock ( water and stock cube) 1 x 400g can red kidney beans 1 x large spoon tomato puree 1 x tea spoon chilli powder or 1 fresh chilli

1. Prepare the vegetables: -Peel and chop the onion -Peel and crush garlic -Deseed and chop the pepper 2. Fry the onion and garlic in oil for 3-4 minutes 3. Add the minced beef and cook until it has browned 4. Stir in the flour 5. Pour in the stock 6. Add the pepper 7. Drain the red kidney beans and add to the meat. 8. Stir in the tomato puree and chilli 9. Bring to the boil, then allow to simmer for 20 minutes


• Serve with rice, jacket potato or mash. • Cook the rice by bringing to the boil then turning •the heat off with a lid on. • Vegetarians can just replace the mince beef with Soya Mince or Veggie mince and use a veggie stock cube • Freeze the leftovers for another day • Add extra chilli for a kick or a little jam to sweeten • Always wash your hands after handling raw meat and use a different surface for chopping veg. All the people involved agreed, “it’s worth making an effort sometimes to by good ingredients. You can always re-use what you buy, cook for cheap if you try and freeze for another day” “It’s much better than super noodles every day!!!”


Useful Numbers In an emergency for Fire, Police and Ambulance services dial 999


24 hour freephone number:

0808 800 444

Why pay?


Call National Grid using a phone outside your home and then call your landlords repair line 0800 111999



Bristol City Council (8.30am- 8pm) Emergency Control Centre (24 hrs)

0800 365 900 0117 922 2200 0117 922 2050

South Glos Council (Switchboard and out of hours) 01454 868686


(main switchboard) Emergency

0845 4567 000 999

Hospitals and Health

Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) 0117 923 0000 Southmead Hospital 0117 950 5050 Frenchay Hospital 0117 970 1212 NHS Direct (24Hrs) 0845 4647 GP / Health Centres (Via NHS Direct) 0845 4647

RSPCA (pets)

Use Independent People Service Users FREEPHONE number to contact your support worker 0800 731 7213

0300 1234 999

If you need help, advice or want to talk about something that’s worrying you - your support worker will try to help you or put in touch with the right people. There’s always someone to talk to. Check the back of your Service User Handbook for other useful organisations and freephone numbers.


Opportunities This page contains opportunities available to everyone


14 14

Opportunities This page contains opportunities for Independent People Service Users


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Ask your support worker whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s coming up next!

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