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Front cover: Mark Simmons Photography

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A word from the Chief It’s Autumn again and we’re gearing up for our second Sleep Out powered by our friends at OVO Energy. We’ll be joined by 130 sponsored sleepers on Thurs 12 November to raise funds and awareness for the 83,000 young people facing homelessness every year. It’s been an exciting couple of months! We won the National Lottery ‘Best Charity Project’ Award in recognition of the amazing achievements of the young people we support through Future 4 Me. Ashley Banjo came to visit us at the Trinity Centre in Bristol to make the announcement before the star studded awards ceremony in London (p.18-19). There’s a lot to sort out when it comes to living independently, from rent to bills to registering with a GP... the list goes on. Ever feel like you’re being asked to climb a mountain? Don’t worry! We offer loads of support here at 1625ip to help you build up your skills and confidence. Come along to our free M.O.T. Moving On Training, Try It and Cashpointers drop-ins, or try your hand at practical skills like cooking and doing up furniture. Speaking of mountains, three young 1625ip supporters decided to climb an actual mountain- well three as it happens! They raised an amazing £1,625. Well done and huge thanks to Tom, Scott and Angus.

And they’re not the only ones who’ve been getting active. As this year’s chosen Varsity charity we received over £6,500 raised by students of Bristol’s two universities from the annual sporting series. We’re looking forward to next year’s games where we will, again, be the headline charity. Volunteers from Bristol University are also helping us run our new multi-sports project that has just started up at Easton Leisure Centre (p.8). Meanwhile, one of our residents, Shilah, took part in the Bristol Leadership Programme over the summer, gaining skills and connections to help her realise her ambitions of being a choreographer (p.6). Hope you enjoy reading. Dom Wood, Chief Executive 1625ip Contact Tia, our Comms Officer, on 0117 3177096 or if you have ideas for a piece in the next issue. 3


01 2 R E


G I B e O



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go n i t t


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tyl s s l ryl

would you?

Want to come to the next 1625ip social? It’s an end of year celebration, look out for the invite or ask your support worker.


taking the lead BY SHILAH

The Bristol Leadership Programme has been running since 2012, working with young people to develop skills and raise aspirations for the future leaders of Bristol.

It’s a two week intensive summer course. Participants attend seminars and presentations, then have the opportunity to access mentors from the worlds of business, politics and the public sector. Past participants are able to give an insight into how the program has changed the lives of other young people, as well as offering support to one another and building the basis of networks across the country. We asked one of this year’s crop of future leaders, Shilah, to tell us all about it... “This summer I participated in the Bristol Leadership Programme. It is a programme designed to empower young people to push themselves and to achieve their goals and give them the tools they need to do this. It is an intensive two weeks of lectures, seminars and discussions. I decided I wanted to participate in this year’s programme as I wanted to learn how to improve myself, and how to lead both myself and others better. I found that meeting other young people who have overcome barriers, but still have high aspirations was both inspiring and motivating. I was also able to meet inspirational professionals from within the local community, who have been through similar experiences and are now achieving highly in their field. I will also be allocated a mentor who will support me throughout finishing college and my future plans. I have always been quite confident and motivated to succeed, however completing the leadership programme has really built on this. It has given me physical methods of making myself feel more confident and motivated, such as believing in myself, and telling myself that I am good. I am still currently at college, completing Dance Level 3. My goal is to complete this and apply to go to a Dance School next year, with the hope of reaching my final goal of becoming a choreographer.”


Sporting Chance

Introducing 1625ip’s new sport sessions Is there a sport you’d love to try like cricket or basketball?

Come and join us We meet every Friday with our volunteer coaches from Bristol University to provide sporting activities for those supported by 1625ip and the wider Bristol community. Bring your friends. Make some new friends. Improve your fitness, meet people and be part of a team while having fun.

Want in? We meet at Easton Leisure Centre, Fridays 3-4pm. Ask your support worker or contact Duane 07534 278774 /



become a V.I.P We’re looking for volunteers with skills in: Copy Writing Graphic Design (Photoshop/InDesign) Journalism Photography To have a chat and find out more contact: / 0117 317 8800

Would you like to help us produce this magazine?


! ! U

O Y k

n a h


Varsity students ‘embrace the rivalry’ and raise over £6,500 for 1625ip The 2015 Varsity Series between Bristol’s two Universities saw an impressive £6,520 donated to 1625ip as their headline charity. Thanks to all involved! The sizeable donation will go towards our work supporting young people with housing, life skills, homeless prevention, advice, confidence building, budgeting, health, training and finding work. Back in February over a thousand students from the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England went head to head over a series of sporting events, organised by the Students’ Unions of both Universities. The aim of the Varsity Series is to enable students to compete in their chosen sport against their closest rivals. The series also promotes both universities’ extra-curricular activities on offer to the city of Bristol; this is done in the name of fun, rivalry and friendship, at the same time as raising money for a local charity. Careful with that cup! While they may be rivals on the field, both Students’ Unions are united in wanting to support young people faced with homelessness in our community. We are happy to say that we have been chosen as the official Varsity charity for the second year running. The 2016 Varsity Series will kick off in February with over 1,750 athletes from both institutions, in over 80 teams, participating in over 35 sports and activities. It is without question one of the biggest multi-sporting events in the South West. There were some tense moments last year, particularly at the boat race and the rugby match where 1625ip were in attendance, and we look forward to this year’s games - but we won’t be choosing sides obvs! In the spirit of healthy competition, next year the Varsity Committee is aiming to beat this year’s total and continue to make a real difference for the young people we support. 10

O TOM ur

The RESTORATIVE APPROACHES GUY Meet Tom, our new Restorative Approaches Advisor based at St George’s House and the Foyer... Name: Tom Douglas Personal goals: To play gypsy jazz well on the guitar. Umm, something about world peace?! Or does that make me sound too much like a hippy? Hobbies: Playing guitar, surfing, cooking. Favourite colour: Blue. Favourite food: Curry, I like cooking with interesting spices. What would you do if someone gave you a single brick? : Get together with some other people with bricks and build something. Favourite quote: ‘’We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars’’ - Oscar Wilde. So, Restorative Approaches Advisor - bit of a mouthful! What’s it all about? It’s not as complicated as it sounds! It’s about restoring relationships if things start to get strained. We all do silly stuff in the moment sometimes and don’t always realise how it might affect us and others. Sharing a living space isn’t always easy, and

we want everyone living with us to feel safe and comfortable. I am here to help residents resolve any issues or conflict; it’s not about blame or punishment, it’s about finding a way forward that works for people. We’re not robots - we’ve all got thoughts and feelings about what’s going on around us. What’s the point? The idea is to give everyone a safe space to be heard and look at ways to make things better in the future. I’m here to help you find a solution - not tell you what to do! Get in touch with Tom: Any issues, doesn’t matter how small they seem, come and see me. It’s much better to talk things through before they get out of hand. Don’t worry, it’s all confidential. And no pressure! I work Mon / Tues / Weds at the Foyer and St George’s House. Call me: Foyer = 0117 927 6805 St George’s House = 0117 927 6600 or email me I promise I’ll get in touch with you as quick as I can. Need advice but don’t live at St George’s or the Foyer? Speak to your support worker. We also run a Homelessness Mediation Service which is open to anyone in Bristol. Contact Sally Maby, our Mediation Coordinator 0117 317 8800.



After the success of our first Sleep Out with our partners OVO Energy last year, we will be getting out our sleeping bags and braving the cold again on Thursday 12 November. This year OVO are bringing the event home by hosting it in front of their head quarters in the busy business district, Temple Quay on Thursday 12 November 2015. The aim is to raise awareness amongst the business community and general public about the growing number of young people who are not succeeding in our communities and ending up homeless. Sleep Out events will be taking place in a total of 13 locations across the UK organised as part of End Youth Homelessness, a national fundraising and campaigning movement. Up to 2,500 people are expected to sleep outdoors at the same time raising over 12

half a million pounds. Nationally, money raised by Sleep Out will help provide them with a safe place to stay and support to turn their lives around. All funds raised by the Bristol Sleep Out will stay local and go to 1625ip to aid the 1,800 young people we help as a charity each year. Last year we raised over £25,000. According to new research commissioned by OVO Energy, over 83,000 young people aged 16-25 experience homelessness each year in the UK. Gaby Sethi, OVO Foundation Manager said; “Bristol is our home, our community and we should all do everything we can to support the local issues hundreds of people - most of them young, all of them vulnerable - face, everyday. It’s far too easy to turn a blind eye, to carry on walking past someone who is homeless. Especially if you haven’t a clue how to genuinely help them. We are not pretending to be

homeless at the Sleep Out, but trying to sleep on a cold, hard floor in the middle of winter surrounded by the noise of the city is a real challenge. We hope that by doing this, for just one night we can raise both awareness of youth homelessness and money for the fantastic work 1625ip do here in our City.”

“83,000 young people aged 16-25 experience homelessness each year in the UK.” Katie Bunting, an OVO employee volunteering at the event added: “I was part of the team that slept out last year. It was a very emotional experience and made me realise how easily life can take a turn for the worse and how important just a small amount of stability can be when helping somebody get back on their feet. The work that 1625ip do for young people in Bristol is simply incredible and I hope this year’s Sleep Out raises record amounts for them.”

Sky’s the limit! Not many seventeen year olds can say they’ve climbed the tallest mountains in England (Scafell Pike), Scotland (Ben Nevis) and Wales (Mount Snowdon) but that’s exactly what Tom, Angus and Scott did this summer. And they raised an amazing £1,625 for 1625ip while they were at it! Our Comms Officer Tia caught up with them to find out more... Wow! That’s quite an achievement. What inspired you to take on the three peaks? “We all do Duke of Edinburgh and really enjoy walking. We came up with the idea to do the three peaks as a challenge that we thought we could do. It was just after our exams, where we had been sitting inside for weeks in good weather, and this was a way to get outside again and see how unfit we had become.” How was it? “It was hard! We did it over three days and were really lucky with the weather on the first day climbing Ben Nevis. It was a beautiful day and although there was still a lot of snow on the ground we only needed to wear t-shirts (the orange 1625ip ones so we were easy to spot). There was mist on the second day for Scafell Pike and we didn’t get any views but it was still fun. Snowdon on the last day was the easiest but busiest with lots of people.” Best part? “The top of Ben Nevis looking down on the rest of Scotland!” Worst part? “The first 20 minutes on the first day.” Why 1625 Independent People? “We wanted to raise money for young people in Bristol and we found out about 1625ip’s work with young people our age that need support from one of our Dads. It felt like a good idea to try to raise £1,625 - which we did - and were sure that 1625ip would put the money to good use helping local young people.” What’s the next challenge? “Passing our exams this year then we will see!”

£££ ENERGY CHEAT SHEET Turn your heating down by 1 degree

Turning down your thermostat by just 1 degree can save you about 10% on your energy bills. Stay at 18 - 21 degrees - that’s fine for healthy people.

Change your old light bulbs

Replacing all of your standard bulbs and halogen spotlights with energy efficient ones, or LED ones, could save you around £35 a year. They also last much longer!

Keep the heat in

Make the most of your curtains by closing them at night time and tucking them behind the radiator. Also make sure that your furniture is not blocking the radiators since it will take all your heat.

Install draught excluders

Heat can escape through draughts around windows, doors and the letter box but also gaps in floors. DIY draught-proofing can save up to £35 a year. See p16 for how to make your own.

Hang clothes in the sun

Whenever possible dry your clothes outside, giving your tumble dryer a rest. If you need to dry them indoors hang them on a clothes horse by an open window and not on the radiator.

Put a lid on it!

Cover your saucepans while cooking and only fill the kettle with as much water as you’ll actually use. Keep the oven door shut as much as possible- every time you open it a quarter of the heat escapes.

Understand your bills and don’t miss out on extra help

Getting your head around energy bills can be quite hard. The Energy Advice Project runs Energy Workshops to help you understand your bills and keep your costs down. If you attend two sessions we can also offer a home visit. Also, remember to check if you are eligible for the Warm Home Discount – a rebate of £140 of your winter electricity bills. We’ll be happy to help you out, just give us a ring on 0800 141 2004.

Free Online Money and Energy Advice Open Access Drop-In:

We provide free help using computers and the internet to access online banking, money budgeting, energy deals, job hunting, and more… TALKING MONEY 1 Hide Market, West Street, St Philips BS2 0BH Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 9.30am - 5pm and Wednesdays 1pm - 5pm 0117 954 3990


Taking matters (and scissors) into your own hands. Don’t you hate that feeling when you’re sitting watching telly or reading a magazine and a cold breeze is coming from somewhere but you can’t tell where? Most houses have draughts from small gaps around the window frames and doors. You can save tonnes on your heating by blocking them up but why do it with an ugly old rag ? Chloe our Cashpoint Community Partnerships Lead shows you how to make your own draught excluder for next to nothing.

You will need:

- Scissors - A rectangular piece of fabric or an old piece of clothing (like a trouser leg or skirt) that is at least 40cm wide and the width of your door plus a few centimetres - A needle and thread or iron-on hemming tape - An old pair of tights - Stuffing (old clothes, lentils - I used rice) - Pins - Iron and Ironing Board - Buttons, Ribbon or decoration (optional) - About 30 minutes and a little patience

Step 1: Chloe

Step 3:

Fold the material in half lengthways so that the pretty material is on the inside. If you are going to sew it, pin it.

Check the width of your material is as long as the width of your door plus a few centimetres, and measure out 40cm length ways. Cut it out!

Step 2:

Iron the material.

Step 4:

Stitch up the length of the fabric as close to the seam as possible, or cut iron-on hemming tape to the right length and place this in-between the fabric (where the pretty fabrics meet) along the seam. Follow instructions on the packet to bind it together with the iron. 16

Step 5:

Manipulate your fabric (which should now be the shape of a Pringles tube) so that the seam is in the middle and not at the top or bottom. Sew one of the two ends of the fabric tube up, or use hemming tape as above. Iron it again so that it is not crinkled.

Step 6:

Turn your fabric inside out so that the pretty fabric is on the outside and it is starting to take shape!

Step 7:

Step 8:

Cut the leg off an old pair of tights and stuff it with whatever you choose - I used rice. Tie the end of the tights once they are full. Place this inside your material tube. It should fit inside so it is slightly smaller than the fabric tube.

With the open end of your tube fold the two edges of fabric that are yet to be sealed inwards so that the edge starts to go inside the tube about 2cm. To seal this you can either stitch together or use hemming tape (placed along side where the two edges of pretty fabric meet). Stand back and admire your work!


If you want to add decoration such as ribbon (I used pom pom ribbon) to the edges of your draught excluder you can cut these to size and either stitch or use hemming tape to secure them in place.

Find out more about making useful, beautiful things out of preloved furniture and textiles at RenewALL Tuesdays 1-3pm. Contact Chloe on 0117 317 8830 to find out more!


Diversity’s Ashley Banjo surprised unsuspecting Future 4 Me staff and service users by attending an art workshop to announce 1625ip’s Future 4 Me project had won the coveted National Lottery

“Best Charity Project Award”.

Over the last three years, Future 4 Me has helped 365 young people in the West of England get their lives back on track after they have left care and custody.

Ashley stuck around and put our young people through their dance paces.

The project’s unique approach provides intensive one-to-one support around housing, mentoring, independent living skills, mental health, education, training and employment opportunities – helping young people rebuild their lives. Ashley Banjo, leader of dance troupe Diversity, which won the third series of Britain’s Got Talent, was delighted to meet young people supported by the project and youth workers. Future 4 Me Ambassador Sophia was helped by the project when she left care at 17. She now works for North Somerset Council designing services and courses for other care leavers: “I am delighted that the British public have recognised that 1625 Independent People is such an amazing charity. I don’t know where I’d be without Future 4 Me. Before I had their help, I was getting into trouble and I didn’t care about much. Now my life is exactly where I want it to be – helping other young people leaving care so they can get the right support they need too.” 18

Ashley Banjo: “Future 4 Me is an incredibly inspirational project which has turned hundreds of young lives around. Those helped speak volumes about the practical and intensive support they have had through difficult times. National Lottery players should be proud that their money is having such a positive impact on so many young people.”


shoulders with the stars

Future 4 Me Young Ambassadors Sophia and Tyler joined 1625ip staff Dom, Jamie, Paul and Fern at the glitzy awards ceremony in London to officially collect our award. While they were there, they got to hobnob with the stars including Michaela Strachan, John Barrowman and Barry McGuigan. Jamie may have bitten off more than he can chew there...

post halloween pumpkins Pumpkins. They look pretty cool carved up into scary lanterns; they’re also great to eat and cheap after Halloween. Pumpkins are part of the squash family so if you can’t find a pumpkin these recipes work well with butternut squash which is easy to find anytime in Autumn.

Pumpkin soup: Put the oven on at 220 Celsius, gas mark 7 or 425 Fahrenheit and leave to preheat. Chop pumpkin in half, or quarters if it’s a large one, and scoop out seeds and the stringy bits of flesh around them (you don’t have to throw the seeds away- you can roast and eat them). You’ll also need to remove the top with the stem. Chop two red peppers in half and take out seeds and stem. Pour enough oil in a roasting dish so it completely covers the bottom, add pumpkin and pop in the oven for half an hour. Chop up an onion (red onions give a nice flavour and a bit more colour but any kind will do), put a bit of oil in the bottom of a large saucepan, add the onion, put on a low heat, stirring regularly until soft- should take about three or four minutes. Turn off the heat. Take out the roasting tray and allow to cool. The pumpkin flesh should be nice and soft now so scoop it out with a spoon and add to the pan along with the peppers chopped up. Add two pints of vegetable stock and stir. Warm on a low heat for about five minutes, turn the heat off and dish up. (P.s you can liquidise it if you don’t like chunky soup) Squashes are packed full of vitamins and minerals that are good for your skin, bones and mood. Winner! If you want to learn more about healthy eating and cooking come to Skills Kitchen on Mondays 2-4pm at the Foyer. Call or text Duane on 07534 278774 or email 20

Bristol Women’s Voice works to represent and empower women in Bristol and make gender equality in Bristol a reality. The organisation is currently recruiting young women aged 14-25 to get involved in an exciting new research project. They want to talk to young women about their experiences of living in Bristol and the issues that affect them. This is a great opportunity for young women to get their voices heard. It will involve participating in an anonymous, one off focus group in a location which suits the participant. From this, Bristol Women’s Voice will create a ‘Young Women’s Manifesto’, gathering together all the thoughts and concerns of young women across the city. This manifesto will highlight the issues young women experience and present a list of priority issues to tackle. If you would like to get involved or for more information contact: Sian or Aisling on 0117 916 6555 or email

Dear Hitch or Ditch, I’m about to move out of supported accommodation into a house share with some friends. I’m really excited about it but a little bit worried about the practical bits. Bills and stuff aren’t included in the rent and I’m not sure how to go about setting them up. They’ve always been included in rent or service charges before and I’m not really sure where to start. We don’t want to end up freezing cold with no lights on! Any pointers? Cheers, Marcus

hitch or ditch

Straight talking, no b*llshit advice from Hannah Panes and da Youth Board...

Hi Marcus. The most important thing is that you’re thinking about these things now, if you’re organised and have an idea of what needs to be paid when you move in then it will make things a lot easier. I’d suggest sitting down together and working out a ‘house budget’ of all those new bills you will have to pay. These will include: electricity, gas, water, TV licence (if you have a TV), council tax. These are called ‘priority debts’ and bills you can face court action and fines for not paying! A ‘non priority debt’ would be something like your mobile phone and a television package - so make sure you budget for your priority bills first. Depending on your circumstances there are discounts and benefits you can apply to for reduced rates on things like water, heating and council tax. If you meet with a Cashpoint Worker or attend the Cashpointers drop in on Mondays 2-4 at Kingsley Hall we can help. You can also attend our MOT (Moving on Training) course which covers topics on how to manage in independent living (Wednesdays 2-4pm at Kingsley Hall). It’s important all of your house mates are on board and sticking to payments too to avoid your living situation becoming stressful; you also don’t want to be out of pocket for other people. Good luck!

Youth Board Advice Try not to get too stressed out about bills, once you get your head around it, it’s not too difficult and you should all chip in together. If they’re good friends they should all pitch in no problem. Buying a big warm quilt, and making sure you have an extra jumper, rather than putting the heating straight on when the temperature starts to drop is a good way to save money on heating, as is making sure all electrical appliances are turned off - no leaving the lights on! Our top tip is to get a separate savings account so you can put little bits away to save for emergencies. You can also seek advice from 1625ip’s Cashpoint project or your Support Worker. Remember there’s lots of other services to help too, like Citizens Advice or Talking Money.

Useful Numbers

In an emergency for Fire, Police and Ambulance services dial 999 SHELTER 24 hour freephone number: SMELL GAS OR SUSPECT A LEAK? Call National Grid using a phone outside your home and then call your landlord’s repair line POWER FAILURE- ELECTRICITY 24 hours

0808 800 444

0800 111 999 0800 365 900

Councils Bristol City Council (8.30am- 8pm) 0117 922 2200 Emergency Control Centre (24 hrs) 0117 922 2050 South Glos Council (Switchboard and out of hours) 01454 868 686 Police

(main switchboard) Emergency Hospitals and Health Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) Southmead Hospital Frenchay Hospital NHS Direct (24Hrs) GP / Health Centres

0845 4567 000 999

0300 1234 999

RSPCA (pets)

0117 923 0000 0117 950 5050 0117 970 1212 0845 4647 0845 4647

Useful Mental Health contacts: tel: 0117 980 0370 tel: 0300 5000 927 tel: 01249 468 000 Avon and Wiltshire NHS: Bristol active life project

Why pay? If you’re a Service User use the


0800 731 7213 FROM LANDLINES

to contact your support worker

If you need help, advice or want to talk about something that’s worrying you - your support worker will try to help you or will put you in touch with the right people. There’s always someone to talk to. Check the back of your Service User Handbook for other useful organisations and freephone numbers. 23

i-people Autumn 2015 - Issue 14  

The quarterly magazine for service users and supporters of 1625 Independent People.

i-people Autumn 2015 - Issue 14  

The quarterly magazine for service users and supporters of 1625 Independent People.