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cAN YOU really BE BOTHERED WITH New Year’s resolutions?


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future is it?

10 - 11...The 1625ip Christmas Shindig 12...Hitch or Ditch 13...Boredom is so 2013 14 - 15...Furniture Ideas 16...The Clothes Line 19...Useful Numbers

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New Year New YOU?

If you’re going to make a New Year’s resolution you might as well take a run at it!

The beginning of the year always

feels full of promise, energy and possibilities. People make all sorts of new year’s resolutions - give up smoking, go to the gym, get a new job etc etc. Some succeed where others bite off more than they can chew! Everyone has will-power. Everyone. Even if you don’t feel like you’re very strong, somewhere inside you is the will-power you need to do what you want. You just have to find it. People are often so scared of failing or getting it wrong that they don’t even try. But getting it wrong is all part of the process, that’s how you get to know yourself.

“I was smoking 25g of rolling tobacco a day.” I stopped smoking in 2008 ago having smoked for 23 years, I started and continued from the age of 14. In 2008 I was smoking 25g of rolling tobacco a day. It wasn’t easy to stop, I’d tried loads of times and failed. But in the end it was something else that helped.

Ryan James, a guy who has been volunteering and fundraising for years (some of you will know him from the Christmas Social) challenged me to give up smoking and run a half marathon! All in aid of a fantastic charity I know called 1625 Independent People :o)

“I learned something about myself” I found that having a goal really helped me stay strong. Having a reason and a deadline made it easier for me to stay focused. That’s how I did it, it won’t work for everyone, but I learned something about myself; I respond well to a challenge. This year my goal is getting back to being fitter and losing weight, I have started already and can be found twice a week at a spin class at a time of the morning I would not normally be up. This issue of i-people is dedicated to inspiring you with small things that might help you do the things you want to do or figure out what they are. There’s stuff to help you reboot your career, your love-life, your fitness, even your furniture! We’re always looking for people to work on the magazine and special thanks to all those who contributed this issue. If you want to write an article, do some artwork or get involved in creating it - just get in touch with Pilar on 0117 317 8800. Here’s to a positive 2014. Dom Wood Chief Executive



Made a NY resolution to get fit? Or stay fit? We can help you do it for free or at least very cheap.



IPFC by Ed, Independent People FC

Here at 1625ip we have an exciting new opportunity for all ages, sizes and genders to come and play indoor football for a team we have put together. We play every Thursday at Easton Leisure Centre between 3.30pm and 4.30pm and meet at 1625ip Head Office Kingsley Hall, 59 Old Market Street at 3pm. We have a professional coach from Bristol Uni called Robbie. It’s only £1 a week subs and all the money raised goes towards the team’s needs e.g. new kit, new trainers, days out as a team etc. Come and have a go what could possibly go wrong. A word from our sponsors... Bristol Uni. Ok they’re not our sponsors but they are ‘The University of Bristol is committed to interacting helping us set up the team... with the wider community as much as possible. Sport is a very popular and powerful way of getting our students to engage with different people young, old, black, white, super sporty and not so keen. The people we’re accessing through working with Independent People are extremely important. Sport and physical activity can boost self esteem and confidence. The students that support these sessions are able to learn how they can create a positive environment and develop skills that can set them up for later life. The partnership means that both groups take real benefit from the sport that takes place.’ Robbie Fox Community Sport Outreach, University Football Coach


Interested? Call Tom 0117 317 8800

Enter the Homeless Dragon In June every year, Baltic Wharf (by The Cottage Pub) on Bristol’s harbourside is transformed into a battleground. 36 Dragon Boats compete in a charity championship.

This year the WHOLE event is raising money for 1625 Independent People. The money raised will go towards improving services for young people in Bristol, South Glos and across the South West. We’re looking for young people to take part. It’s a brilliant laugh with a BBQ on the day, free training session and the chance to be on the winning team! You don’t need any experience but you do have to be able to swim and be relatively fit, it’s quite fast paced for a very short time. Interested? Call Pilar on 0117 317 8800 (if you’re a service user you can ask your support worker if you prefer). We’ll hook you up with a team and take it from there. Anyone over 16 can be part of a crew. Every crew needs to fundraise £1000 (we will help with this). Last year we came 13th out of 33, the year before we were 14th, the year before that.. yes 15th. We are getting better! This year we want to get into single figures.


If you can’t stand the heat... Don’t put so much chilli in!

Why not make a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier or learn how to cook? We’ve been running Cookery Sessions at Kingsley Hall every Friday, 2pm - 4.30pm, 1625ip Head Office, Old Market. The four week course covers Balanced Diet, Nutrition, Cooking on a budget, and Seasonal Cooking. Develop basic cooking skills, learn about cooking healthy food on a budget, have the chance to socialise with other people and to take some food home for the weekend! The course is 4 weeks long - so you will cook four different meals, which you can eat on the day and take the rest home. Anyone is welcome – from people who have never cooked before to people who like to cook all the time!

“I liked making the curry because you can put all sorts of spices and other things in it”

“I learned how to make delicious and cheap food!”

My favourite dish was...“the Pizza! Because it’s easy to make and it’s so nice. I learned it quickly and I can make it any time.”

“I will think more about my shopping and will know what I want to buy. I will cook more at home because it is easy and quick and better for you. I will save money.” Speak to your Support Worker or Cashpoint Worker if you’d like to do some cooking


Meatballs and Spaghetti This is really easy to make and will give you three meals which works out at about 62p per serving. What you will need..... Between £2.50 - £2.70 an onion (19p) some value sausages (pack of 8 - 66p) a tin of tomatoes (31p) a bit of garlic paste (75p) a pack of spaghetti (20p) a splash of oil and a stock cube (60p) Destructions Squeeze the sausage meat out of the skins and roll into balls (burgers and veggie sausages work too!) Finely chop the onion and fry gently in a little oil until soft. Add the sausage balls and fry them until they turn light brown. Add the garlic paste. Mix the stock cube with water then add this and the tomatoes to the pan of onions and sausages. Simmer gently till the sauce thickens. In the meantime cook up the spaghetti in a pan of boiling water. Dish it up and grate on a bit of cheese if you have it. Split the left overs into two lots and freeze for next time you want it. You can jazz it up by adding cheese and baking it in the over OR by adding chilli or any sort of veg you want to chuck in. The prices are based on Tesco value – you might find it cheaper elsewhere. You won’t use all the garlic paste or stock cubes so keep the rest for another meal.

If you’re being supported by 1625ip you can come and do cooking on Thursday evenings - and Fridays so you can cook yourself some food and take it home for the weekend. You can also buy a pack of 7 food items for £3 ask for Fareshare in reception at head office on a Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday



Unemployment figures are coming down, brilliant news. Unless you’re between 16-25 in which case they’re not. Not so great news. The future for young people is screwed and there is no hope.

future is it? joe

Rubbish. Codswallop.

The only person who can decide your future is YOU. We are helping young people to DESIGN and REBOOT their future.

Joe left school with 5 GCSE’s A-C. He went to college but didn’t like the course and started to feel uncomfortable in the classroom. He left after four months. He decided to look for work instead but after three months of applying he hadn’t had a single reply. His confidence and motivation was getting a battering. Joe’s Support Worker told him about Steve, our Education, Training and Employment Mentor and he agreed to go and meet him.

What happened? Firstly we worked on Joe’s CV. He was surprised just how much he had to offer when we focused on the good things. This alone made him feel a bit better about himself. We can find some positives in everyone. I went with him to hand out CV’s to shops and retail outlets in the city centre. While we waited for replies we went through interview techniques and found ways to stay positive. Three weeks later he was invited to interview. We did a mock interview where I fired a number of questions at him and we discussed other parts of the interview process like body language, what to wear etc. I even travelled with him and waited outside on the day, just to be there in case he had any questions or concerns. He didn’t get the job but they gave him very good feedback. About a week later he was invited to another interview which he went to on his own and got the job! Straight after the interview they offered him part time hours. Joe now has options.




E.T.E Worker 0117 317 8800

new futures Worker 0117 317 8800

Try It Coordinator 0117 317 8800

Steve can work one-to-on with any one who is supported by 1625ip.

16 -17 year olds not in education, training or emloyment and involved with Youth Offending Team (YOT).

Try It Sessions are open to anyone supported by 1625ip.

Steve Waters


Kate Ingham

Billy Tozer

Every Tuesday 2 - 4pm Head Office


Kath is a 20 year old supported by 1625ip. She’s on benefits, has few qualifications or experiences of work and has a criminal record. She struggles with social situations and can come across a bit stressy and over-excited. Kath says she would like to work or do something with her life but hasn’t got a clue where to start.

Billy Tozer runs our Try It sessions every Tuesday at Kingsley Hall. Kath popped in a few times, this is how it worked out...

What happened? At first, Kath struggled in this learning environment and somewhere new. We explained that even though Try It is very sociable and not like school or formal education it is still about learning and work opportunities and not just chatting and messing about. So one of the first things for her to learn is how to act in that environment because she’ll have to do that in college or in a job. We were really up for helping her adjust and finding something positive and fun and that would that would increase confidence and self esteem.

h e n r y

That was a deal-breaker – we thought she might vote with her feet and never come back. She stayed and started to take things a bit more seriously (we do still have a laugh) but she started to see what she might achieve. Over the next few weeks we helped her build a great looking CV and started to look at courses to get her ready for work. Kath often said no to ideas and suggestions as her confidence was not high. But she eventually settled on an Employability Course at a local College, a short, fun and lively course

for those who are not quite ready for the work place. She wasn’t confident making important phone calls to big organisations - but with our help she booked herself onto the course. She was brilliant on the phone and a bit surprised at herself! Kath admits she was nowhere near ready for work but that the first step was increasing her confidence and self esteem. Coming to Try It was a safe place to explore a new side of herself without any pressure and with other young people in the same boat. One small step.

Henry is at risk of custody. He understands that. He wants to get himself sorted. He knows the life he wants, but he finds it hard to concentrate on things, didn’t finish school and dropped out of the Prince’s Trust. His new order will keep him out of custody, if he sticks to it. He asked to speak to Kate our new futures Worker who specialises in helping young people who have offended.

What happened?

Henry wants to be busy doing positive things he enjoys, which will keep him out of nick. He wants to join the gym and IPFC the 1625ip football team. He needs things other than YOT appointments in his week. He thinks he wants to try college, but also wants to earn. We put together a CV and chatted about why he thinks he hasn’t been able to complete things in the past. We looked at his triggers and made a plan to increase his support around those. He wants to do some taster sessions in Graphic Design. We work on how to tell people about his offences- what he does and doesn’t need to say, this boosts his confidence. At college the tutor is welcoming, honest and friendly and books Henry to do one day a week for a few months. He also signed up do a Warehousing and Forklift course to get his CSCS card. The college are really keen to help him turn his level 1 English and Maths into Level 2s. 9 People ask him what he’s doing now and he says he has a plan.



The Christmas Shindig

“I felt captivated by the lyrical flow of the kool ‘King Kifle’. Food was decent.”

It was great knowing everyone was happy and had a good time. There was sudden silence when I took the microphone and rapped to my tracks. There was a lot of clapping and applause from the young people and staff and it made me feel good knowing I put a lot of effort into my performance and mc/hosting the show. But for me it was better knowing everyone had a good time.

There was a Santa Clause table, a snowman table and a Jack Skeleton table. I really enjoyed ‘King Kifle’ which made me get really in the mood for Christmas.


“The music was very good and when the food came it tasted very good and I ate loads of it. Alex should have come as Santa Clause.”

“The Christmas party was mint! Had a really good time. I liked the food! The best bit of the party was getting Brad to dress up!”

“Had a really good time, catching up with old friends, chatting and making new friends and I got to take home an amazing photo.”


hitch or ditch

Do I hitch or ditch? I’ve met a gorgeous bloke (19) and invited him over for dinner. We’re planning to watch a few films and I’m cooking for him. I really like him and I think he likes me too. A couple of the girls at college said he posted pictures on Facebook of him and another girl snogging a few months ago. Apparently he didn’t ask her if she minded.

Straight talking , no b*llshit advice from from Chrissy our Mediation Coordinator, Na and Kifle 1625ip Youth Board members.

I think its best to get to know him well. It might be a rumour or just people trying to make him look bad. Not everything people say is true so it’s best to get to know him personally to see things for yourself, so you can be the judge of whether it’s true or not. Also get to know him a bit longer before getting into any kind of relationship. Kifle


I’ve asked him and he said it wasn’t him in the pictures and that his mates set him up, but I think it was. Not sure what to do - should I take the risk? (he is proper gorgeous mind) Sarah, 17

Hi Sarah, Sounds like you really like this guy. There are always two sides to a story so if you’re not sure who to trust, go with your instinct. If you really like him, have dinner, see what happens, but make sure you have your wits about you. If you’re planning to drink, don’t drink too much and make sure you don’t find yourself in an uncompromising situation. The problem is with pictures once they are out there you can’t get them back, and they can have a nasty habit of coming back and biting you on the bum! Good luck Chrissy works at 1625ip as trained Mediator. If you find yourself in a tricky situation where the talking has stopped and you might end up being homeless - give her a call. 0117 317 8800 It sounds like this is the first ‘date’ and I have to say that I’d be careful. Maybe you could meet up somewhere that isn’t your flat, and get to know him better first. If you feel that he might be lying about the pictures I’d say follow your gut, after all it sounds a bit suspicious that his mates set him up to me. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous he is you have to do what’s best for you and be careful. You don’t deserve to get hurt, you deserve to be treated with respect. Na

boredom is so 2013 Board”room’

We asked 1625ip Youth Board Members Jade and Naomi why they do what they do.

What qualifications did you need to become a Youth Board member? None – However we offer induction training to help you build a basic understanding about what skills are useful. The induction training also helps you understand what other projects you can do like peer education and peer support.

is where it’s at (ask Alan Sugar)

Is it Youth Board or Youth Bored? Is it good? Youth Board is good because you get to put your views and ideas across and help improve things for young people. You also gain more confidence and more skills and make new friends. How can that be boring? What’s the most important thing you have worked on so far? It’s all important. Everything we do is important. We just have to do things one at a time. I am just about to finish a film that I am making about how the organisation is ‘more than just a landlord’. I also had to present a report at the main Board meeting. Soon we will be working on how to improve the properties.

Naomi, also a Board member

How do the Youth Board meetings work? Youth Board meetings are once a month. The numbers range from 4- 10 people depending on whether people can make it. We provide food and bus fare is refunded. The meetings are held in the big conference room at Kingsley Hall (with all the pictures). It’s really good and we do have some great laughs.

“I want to find out more about the Youth Board”

What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying Youth Board but maybe a bit shy? Just Do it! Honestly, the youth board is made up of lovely people-none of us bite! We were all shy when we first started so we will look after you!

That’s it - that’s all you have to say to your Support Worker :o)

Do you have to deal with “the Management” and be all business-like? Is it intimidating or scary? No it’s not scary really and we certainly aren’t business like! We do have management involved but it’s only Jamie and he’s not scary at all !!!!

Or email

Or call 0800 731 72 13 Free from landlines.

boredom sucks. Volunteer

Is Bristol’s Old Market Street turning into some sort of second hand furniture/vintage Mecca? Seven 2nd hand shops opened in as many months...

Brad and Jenny went out to find out if there are any bargains to be had.

The Sofa Project.

West Street Bazaar.

Old Market Quarter Aecade

This charity has been going for ages.

Here they chatted to Simon who said when the signs are ready it will be called “West Street Bazaar”.

The last stop was the Old Market Quarter Arcade run by co-owners, Ben and Phil. This is a big store with all sorts of stuff in it - big and small and a cafe.

It provides quality furniture and electrical goods cheaply.

Brad: Where do you get your stuff from? Car boot sales, other 2nd hand shops, house clearances but we also get people bringing in things they want to sell – we sell it for them and take a commission.

They met up with Kevin who has worked there for seven years.

Jenny: What are the advantages of buying second hand stuff? Old things are usually much better quality, the materials are much

Jenny: Where does the furniture come from? Some of it is donated but lots of it is brand new direct from the manufactures. Take this fridge freezer. It is for sale for £220 because it has a little dent in the door – it would cost of £700 brand new. And the beds are new too. Brad: How can people pay – is there any credit arrangement? People can pay in two payments over of two/three week period. Jenny: Can the furniture be delivered? Yes we have a couple of delivery lorries that do deliveries. Brad: What sort of prices are things? – Is it affordable for young people? Well you can get a decent sofa for £50 – they are all cleaned and health and safety checked too! Brad also found out that Kevin is open to a bit of negotiation on prices – so don’t be afraid to make an offer! Our intrepid investigators then went on to check out a new place that has opened in the old surf shop.

better. A lot of modern stuff is made of really cheap materials so it wont last. I would much rather find an old piece of furniture and fix it up, bring it back to life. It’s a way of recycling so it’s really good for the environment as well.

Brad: What sorts of stuff do you have? Ben: All sorts. Chests of drawers, sofas, tables and chairs as well as all the bits and bobs. Jenny: How can people pay? Ben: Cash only.

Brad: Do you deliver? Ben: Yes no problem Jenny: What would you say are the advantages of buying second hand ? Ben: You get quality goods for cheap prices.

Brad: What sorts of things do you sell? All sorts – try to keep it to smaller lighter things that people can take a away with them but we do have a few sofas and tables. We can deliver stuff if need be. Jenny: What sort of prices are things? Anything from £5 to really quite expensive if it’s something is a high quality piece of furniture. All prices are negotiable though! (although it is cash or card only)

So, you can get some great quality stuff for less than you’d pay in the shops, probably better made and will last longer. And remember – THEY WANT YOU TO NEGOTIATE! Get your bargaining head on...


You’ve probably heard of it, but what exeactly is


Local furniture restorer and artist Laura came into 1625ip’s Head Office (the garage actually) to show firsttime upcyclers Cartelea and Leanne how to turn tired old furniture into fresh pieces fit for your home at very little cost. They asked around and found some furniture that was bound for the big furniture store in the sky and set about givng it a new lease of life. Cartelea wanted something for her bedroom where she could store clothes and spotted the old desk unit. Leanne wanted to convert an old filing cabinet into a toy cupboard for her son.

A bit of sanding and a few licks of paint and these bin-bound wrecks turned into useful and totally unique bits of kit! Leanne said, “It’s a brilliant idea to take something that would otherwise go into landfill and make it so it can be used again” “it was a really enjoyable experience, I would love to do it again and hope we can carry on doing this next year” “the advice I would give other young people is don’t look at something and judge it on first impressions – try to see the potential and think about what you could turn it into” Cartelea “It was a really good experience. It was amazing that we could change something so much in so little time” “Other young people could really benefit cos we don’t have much money and this is great way to furnish your flat ...... the best thing is you can make something completely unique – no one else will have the same thing and when your friends find out you made it yourself they will be really impressed” Buying and doing up second hand furniture is great way of saving money when you don’t have a lot to spare. If you find it hard to manage your money ask to speak to one of the Cashpoint Team. They can help you with all sorts of financial stuff. REALITY CHECK: Brighthouse - 29.9% interest so if you go for a new sofa costing £199 – you will end up paying about £260 – when you could get one for £50 or free!


If you have any good ideas for other money saving activities give us a call and we can see about setting something up. Ask for the Cashpoint Team 0800 731 72 13 (Free from landlines)


I’ve been volunteering with 1625ip for two years now.

Something I’m really passionate about is The Clothes Line Pop Up Shop. I volunteer to help run the shop each month. I help set up, organise the clothing and promote it. The shop has been running for a while now and we are currently working on improving it by providng casual clothes as well as smarter work clothes. The aim of the shop is to provide free smart clothes for anyone who is 16 to 25 and unemployed to help them out with interviews and the first few weeks at work.


Come down, try it out, try it on.






Useful Numbers In an emergency for Fire, Police and Ambulance services dial 999 SHELTER 24 hour freephone number:

0808 800 444

SMELL GAS OR SUSPECT A LEAK? Call National Grid using a phone outside your home and then call your landlord’s repair line 0800 111999 POWER FAILURE- ELECTRICITY 24 hours 0800 365 900 Councils Bristol City Council (8.30am- 8pm) 0117 922 2200 Emergency Control Centre (24 hrs) 0117 922 2050 South Glos Council (Switchboard and out of hours) 01454 868686 Police (main switchboard) 0845 4567 000 Emergency 999 Hospitals and Health Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) 0117 923 0000 Southmead Hospital 0117 950 5050 Frenchay Hospital 0117 970 1212 NHS Direct (24Hrs) 0845 4647 GP / Health Centres 0845 4647

RSPCA (pets)

0300 1234 999

Useful Mental Health contacts: tel: 0117 980 0370 tel: 0300 5000 927 tel: 01249 468 000 Avon and Wiltshire NHS: Bristol active life project

Why pay? If you’re a Service User use the


to contact your support worker

If you need help, advice or want to talk about something that’s worrying you - your support worker will try to help you or will put you in touch with the right people. There’s always someone to talk to. Check the back of your Service User Handbook for other useful organisations and freephone numbers.


Profile for Independent People

i-people magazine winter 2014 issue 8  

The quarterly magazine for service users and supporters of 1625 Independent People.

i-people magazine winter 2014 issue 8  

The quarterly magazine for service users and supporters of 1625 Independent People.