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Inside... 3... Word from the Chief 4... We Are One 5... Youth Board 6-7... Future Builders 8... Future 4 Me 10-11... Rents 12... Five Ways To Be Well 15... “I, Daniel Blake” Review 18-19... Fresh Faced 20-21... Bananas for Foodcycle 22... Hitch or Ditch? 23... Useful numbers

Image credit: Mark Simmons Turn to p8 to find out why young Bristolian and Olympic gymnast Claudia Fragapane came to visit.

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Summer 2017

A word from the Chief

Welcome to a packed edition of i-people, a few highlights of which I would like to point out. There is a review of ‘I, Daniel Blake’, I love that film and am a big fan of the director Ken Loach. He is great at portraying gritty British life and has had a long career, he produced the great film Kes the year I was born and it’s still great today. Maybe you are deciding how to start your long career, of so have a look at the start in life you could have with Future Builders and hear from Anwar, Sophie and Yo-ell about how it was for them. Also inside are lots of ways of looking after yourself, we don’t all have a Daniel Blake looking out for us and so the ideas about connecting with people and being active are very important to us all; I have started cycling a lot more recently and feel a lot better for it. There are many opportunities advertised, to get involved with us as an organisation and with other young people, if you want more information talk to your support worker or the contacts listed. So whatever it is you want to do to take the next step in the rest of your life let us know and let’s see how we can help you get there.

At 1625ip we are always developing services and looking at new ways of doing things. We have just won a tender to deliver a Youth Hub which will be the route into youth homelessness services in Bristol but more importantly than that it will be the chance to work earlier with families and try to stop young people becoming homeless in the first place. More news on that next time but we will be looking for young people to help us design and set up the Hub (including renaming it) and so look out for the opportunities as we announce them. Here’s looking forward to a great summer of activity and I hope you enjoy this issue of i-people. Dom Wood, Chief Executive of 1625ip We want to hear from you. Contact Tia, our Comms Officer, on 0117 317 7096 or if you have ideas for a piece in the next issue.



We Are One

1625ip interviews Colin Moody, local photographer, who has been creating a series of composite (layered) portraits to show the face of Bristol. Colin came along to our Youth Forum and also joined us at last year’s Sleep Out. We caught up with him to find out what it’s all about.

Your photography project is called “We Are One” - what’s the idea behind it? I wanted to come up with an art project that was big and as inclusive as possible and would say something about us. A direct in your face answer to all that negativity in the media about ‘others’ in society. I wanted to show our differences as well as our similarities in art in a moment. Who are we right now? Well here we are! Have a look. How do you make one photograph out of so many faces? I use my home computer to turn each passport type photo into a group shot by layering all the individual shots together making sure the eyes match perfectly. Each person is a layer and has as much dominance in the final photo as all the others (so it’s a fair depiction of the overall face in any given group). What have been your highlights from the project so far? Meeting people from all over the city to make sure the groups I am getting are a good representation of ‘us’ as a city has been great. It’s meant meeting people from very far afield who are here in the city to work, study or seek sanctuary. 4

I would say that the face of the 1625ip sleepout people was my favourite so far as it was the largest group ‘one’ face so far and it has such a kind look.

The twin female and male faces of Sleep Out (above) and merged into one photo (below).

Photographer Colin along with some other members of the BCFM radio team as part of the We are One project

When are you expecting to finish the project and where will we be able to see it? It’s going to take about 2 more years to get enough faces into the project but you will see it in media along the way and hopefully the results will be shown somewhere very accessible to all in the end. I haven’t got that far ahead yet but I’m hoping city hall, central art space or ideally at many places that were part of the project. I was thinking of making the same number of posters of people who took part (about 5,000) and getting people to put them up over the city with the hashtag #WeAreOne on it. Are you still looking for new faces to add to your photograph? Please! I’m looking for any people who want their group, club, team etc to be part of it. Just get me on twitter at @moodycolin or message me at 07957 324351.

Keeping it all on track

Summer 2017

1625ip’s Youth Board is made up of young people who have experienced homelessness We are your Youth Board! We work with the Board of Trustees to make sure YOUR voice has an impact on services. We have just finished working on our last priority around communication - you told us how you felt 1625ip should communicate with you so Senior Managers are now looking into how we might use social media to communicate and give you information. You may have also seen our suggestions box in reception at Kingsley Hall - someone suggested 1625ip makes rent statements easier to read. Based on this, we have now decided our priority for the next 6 months will be rents. Making rent a top priority We have already started work on this. First, we are looking at what issues young people have around rent and why they may be having problems paying. We’ve attended the Youth Forum to consult with young people and met with the Rents Team at 1625ip. Once we’ve identified the issues and worked with the Rents Team to look at simplifying rent statements, the next stage will be to educate young people based on the info we’ve gathered. Want to know more?

We need YOU...

The Rents Team have already been looking at ways to make paying your rent as quick and easy as possible. Turn to p.10-11 to meet the team and find out what they can do to support you in paying your rent. They’ve also put together a simple how-to guide covering different ways you can pay.

To give us your suggestions in the suggestions box! Or you can email us at To join the Youth Board, please speak to your Support Worker or contact Hannah Panes, Participation Worker, on 07947 561610 or



Future Builders

Our Future Builders have just finished their pre-apprenticeship course and have been renovating two disused properties ready for them to live in when they start as full blown apprentices. We caught up with some of the team to find out why they got involved and see how it’s going so far... Anwar

“I started a college course before but didn’t get on with it so well, everyone was younger than me and I felt quite isolated. Then I tried working as a labourer but found that I wasn’t really learning much on the job. So Future Builders was perfect for me - it’s got more of an adult vibe, we all get on well and we come from a similar background so people understand where you’re coming from. The tutor and the rest of the group are really supportive of each other.

“It’s a great feeling when you look at a piece of work when you’ve finished it - we can look at it together and be proud of ourselves and what we’ve done as a team.” Anwar Now I’m looking to the future and have a trial with an employer to see if they will take me on as a full time apprentice.”

“I finished my hairdressing course and it wasn't for me, I wanted to switch it up and do something completely different.


I’m learning a lot of new skills and enjoying getting stuck in as part of a team. The atmosphere is really comfortable, everyone gets on really well. I knew we’d do it. It looked so nice when it was finished. It’s proof of what you can actually achieve and I’m proud of myself.

“We had a challenge to redecorate a house in 2 days - we went in there and worked so well, we cruised through it!” Sophie Now I want to work my way up to a fully qualified painter and decorator then maybe start my own business. It’s a good gateway, there's so many opportunities. There's so much that's been open to me.” 6

Summer 2017 “Before Future Builders I was just sitting at home doing nothing so I thought I might as well have something to do with my day.


I’m learning loads of technical things I didn’t know. Before I had some skills but now there’s knowledge to go with it, like the best way to do things. The best moments are when you finish a room!

“It’s like you’re best friends with the trade secrets!” Yo-ell We helped redecorate an empty house in two days. When we walked in it wasn’t in the best standard. It’s challenging, you’re thinking “How will I do this?”. Then it feels better when you get to see the improvements as you go along. I want to work as a property developer, owning houses. This has motivated me - now I know I can do this, I’m thinking - what else can I achieve?” What’s it all about? Future Builders is a groundbreaking new project supporting young people to complete apprenticeships in the construction industry, with the help of low cost housing. We know that getting young people into work is the best way to prevent future homelessness so we’ve been working alongside our partners OVO Foundation, South Gloucestershire & Stroud College and Bristol Council to do just that.

What’s next? Our Future Builders have just moved into the properties they have been refurbishing and can continue to live in them while they complete their apprenticeships. At a rent that is set to be affordable on an apprentice wage. Image credits: Huxley / OVO FOundation Feeling inspired? Get in touch with Cat, our LPW Linked Engagement worker. She can help you work out what you want to do and help you to find the right apprenticeship, college course or work opportunity for you. You can email her on or text or call 07717880098. 7


Future 4 Me

Back in January, we received £901,194 from the Big Lottery Fund to continue our award winning Future 4 Me project. And Olympic gymnast, Claudia Fragapane, surprised the Future 4 Me team by visiting us in Bristol to help us celebrate the news. The Future 4 Me project supports young people with their transition from leaving care or custody to leading independent positive lives. This funding will allow Future 4 Me to continue with its innovative and effective approach to working with care leavers and young people leaving custody. A key focus for the service is to put the young people in the lead by involving them in the design, delivery and evaluation of Future 4 Me. Which is where you come in... We’ve done some amazing work over the past few years, that’s been recognised locally and

nationally, but now it’s time to take it to the next level. It’s all about you! We want you, the young people who use our services, to help us to improve, design and shape the project moving forward.

Interested? Speak to your support worker to find out more.

We will need young people who are passionate and dedicated to help the project be the best that it can be for you and for other young people leaving care or custody. Look out for upcoming opportunities to get involved and be a driving force for Future 4 me over the next three years.

“It was brilliant to hear first-hand some of the success stories from the Future 4 Me project as a result of the great work they are doing for young people in my hometown. It is so important to help young people who may have had a difficult start and to give them opportunities through initiatives like Future 4 Me, to really support and enable young people to adapt to making positive changes in their lives to secure a brighter future.” Claudia Fragapane 8

Image credit: Mark Simmons


Meet the staff Names:

Anneka, Jane and Louise

Role at 1625ip: Rents Officers

Personal goals: A:To learn a second language. J: To run the 10k. Considering I haven’t really done Our rents team at 1625ip is made up of Anneka, Jane and Louise. They work behind the scenes to help you pay your rent and avoid losing your housing. We asked Louise to explain a little bit more about what they do.

any running this will be a challenge! L: To complete a triathlon in June!

So what does a rents officer do?

reading, gardening, wild swimming and camping.

We work closely with support workers to make sure young people can manage their rent payments and understand their statements and accounts. We also liaise directly with housing benefit to make sure young people are receiving the amount they’re entitled to.

How can we help?

We know the benefits system is no walk in the park but we are here to help you, alongside your support workers, to navigate the system and break it down into manageable chunks. We want to encourage young people not to bury their heads in the sand (don’t be an ostrich!).


If you have any questions around housing benefit, Universal Credit or rent accounts - always approach your support worker. We can offer advice and assistance to help them help you to successfully budget and pay for your living costs.

It’s an essential life skill and once you’ve got it sorted you’ll have more time and energy to focus on your aspirations and the things you really want to do. 10

Hobbies: A: Music, beer and food. J: Cooking, cycling and walking. L: Cycling, playing piano and singing in my band, Favourite colour: A: Pink. J: Chartreuse. L: Yellow or green. Favourite food: A: Cheese. J: Anything without a face. L: Anything Mexican & Italian or an Indian curry.

What would you do if someone gave you a single brick? A: Draw a smiley face on it :-). J: I’d block up the hole in the skylight in our office to stop the drafts. L: Paint it a bright colour.

Favourite quote: A: “When they go low, we go high.” - Michelle Obama J: “What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our heads of how it’s supposed to be.” - Socrates L: “If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow.” Queen Bey

Summer 2017

Don’t be an ostrich!

It’s really important that your rent and service charges are paid on time. Your rent is one of the most important payments you need to make. We want to help you keep a roof over your head not keep your head in the sand!

If you are housed with 2. Telephone or 1625ip we make paying internet banking your rent as easy as possible by giving you lots You can pay your rent directly from your bank account over the of ways to pay...

1. Card payments We now have swanky new card readers at our Bristol and South Glos offices as well as the Foyer and St George’s House.

phone or on the internet. Make sure you include a reference so we know who you are. This should either be your full name or your tenant key (if you don’t know your tenant key just ask your support worker).

3. Cheques or cash Nothing wrong with going old fashioned. If you’re using cash make sure you pay it in in person at our offices - please don’t send cash in the post! If it gets lost or nabbed en route there’s nothing we can do about it. If you want to post payments to us, you can send us a cheque, that way no-one else can use it and if it gets lost you can cancel it.

If you would like to chat to anyone about these options please call on 0117 317 8800 or pop into one of our offices and we will help to make paying your rent quick and easy.

If you can’t pay your rent - don’t ignore the problem. Whether you’ve had a change in circumstances, you’re finding it difficult to budget or there’s been a cut in your your benefits - make sure you talk to us about it. Your support worker and the rents team can work with you to help you get back in control of your money and avoid eviction. Make sure you talk to us as soon as you can if you’re having difficulty paying your rent. If you don’t pay your rent and we don’t hear from you 1625ip (or your landlord if you are not housed directly with 1625ip) may have to take legal action which could lead to you losing your home. 11


5 Ways to Be Well

Lydia and Marriane, two Occupational Therapy students from UWE, joined us for a few months last year - working with young people to improve their wellbeing. We asked them to share their top tips... Connect...

Be active

...with the people around you. With family, friends, people you work or study with and neighbours. At home, work, college or uni or in your local community. Invest time in people. These connections can really help you to feel supported.

...go for a walk or run. Step outside. Cycle. Play a game. Garden. Dance. Exercising makes you feel good. Most importantly, find something that you enjoy and that you can do without pushing yourself too hard - you don’t have to try and run a marathon (unless you want to)!

Take notice curious. Catch sight of the beautiful. Remark on the unusual. Notice the changing seasons. Savour the moment, whether you are walking to work, eating lunch or talking to friends. Be aware of the world around you and what you are feeling. Thinking about your experiences will help you realise what matters to you.

Keep learning

...try something new. Rediscover an old interest. Sign up for that course. Take on a different responsibility at work. Fix a bike. Learn to play an instrument or how to cook your favourite food. Set a challenge you will enjoy achieving. Learning new things will make you more confident as well as being fun.


Give something nice for a friend or a stranger. Thank someone. Smile. Volunteer your time. Join a community group. Look outside of yourself - seeing yourself and your happiness as part of the community around you.

Get colourful

Summer 2017

Colouring in isn’t just for kids - it’s a great way to give your mind a rest from the daily grind and get in touch with your creative side. We found this one at - they’ve got loads of great designs you can download for free!




Review: I, Daniel Blake

Summer 2017

I, Daniel Blake is a film following Daniel’s experiences of accessing the benefits system following a heart attack. Youth Board member Sarah went to watch the film to find out what it was all about and how relevant it is to young people.

What is the film about?

The film is about a man called Daniel Blake, who has had a heart attack which has stopped him from working as his doctors have told him to take time off work. He then had to go on to ESA (Employment Support Allowance).

What issues does the film look at?

The issues that it looks at are benefits and the different benefits you can get / are entitled to if you’re not working. Also it looks at what happens when you’re not working and if something happens like missing an appointment with your work coach at the Job Centre.

How relevant do you think these issues are for young people? I think this is very relevant because it shows what is actually happening. There are a lot of young people in a similar situation, there are so many different reasons you could be on benefits, and a lot of people get judged just because of this.

Why do you think this film is important? I think this film is very important because it shows the reality that even if you have a medical condition confirmed by your doctors, the people who do the ESA assessment might still tell you that you have to work.

I know how Daniel Blake feels when he has his ESA assessment and they stop his money because they say that he can work. He’s been strictly told that he cannot work by his doctors but they didn’t take his heart attack into account in the assessment and say that he has to work. I also think that it is not fair that when he had his ESA assessment they were asking him questions that were not relevant to his heart attack and he had to appeal against the decision they

made. He then had to go onto JSA (Jobseekers Allowance). This meant he had to sign on every week and to look for work even though he had been told by his doctors that he shouldn’t be working. Also Daniel didn’t know how to use the computers which he had to go on to look for work. His money got stopped becase of this, he didn’t have any income and had to sell most of his stuff so he could have money to live and buy food for himself. Want to write a review of something of a film or book or play that you think would appeal to other young people? Get in touch with our Comms Officer Tia on tia. or talk to your support worker.

Who was your favourite character and why?

My favourite character was Daniel Blake. He is a lovely man who is always helping people and putting other people before himself, even though he should be looking after himself and resting.



Get your craft on

Here at 1625ip we have loads of regular activities to help you build your confidence and learn new skills. This issue we wanted to give you the lowdown on our our regular Arts and Crafts sessions at Kingsley Hall. So what’s it all about? Join us for our new drop in Arts & Crafts group. Each session lasts for two hours so that you can creat something to take away with you at the end of each session. The group is really relaxed and friendly, everyone chats and shares ideas. So far we have made items for young people’s homes; decorated candle holders, decoupaged picture frames and storage boxes, made pompom garlands and cards and so on. We’ve even customised cushions with words, pictures, or whatever we wanted. Future projects will include tie-dying and bath bomb making.

And we’d love to hear your suggestions for what you would like to try. You can get your bus fare back if you bring your ticket along.


Every Thursday from 2pm-4pm


The group is open to any young person supported by 1625ip, and you’re welcome to bring along a friend as well.


We meet in the Conference Room at our Head Office on Old Market Street.

Interested? It’s a drop in but it’s best to get in touch with Nicole in advance so that she can make sure there are enough materials for everyone to make something. You can text her on 07875 074 725 or email 16

Winter 2017


Fresh faced

Changes in the weather can make your skin feel a little bit tired and stressed at this time of year. So our Cash Pointers team have been hard at work in the kitchen putting together some fab facemask recipes that are good enough to eat AND won’t break the bank...

The cleansing one Ingredients:

1 egg white 1 teaspoon of honey 1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Step1: Separate out egg white

and put into a bowl. (You can whisk up the yolk and use it as a hair conditioner.)

Step2: Add one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice.

Step3: Beat the mixture with a fork. Step 4: Smooth onto skin, leave for 10 mins, then rinse off with

Top tip

The longer you beat the mixture, the easier it will be to put on your face.

warm water.

Been there, done that and got the money saving know-how? Why not volunteer with one of our new projects aimed at helping young people manage their money? Our Money Tree project volunteers are there to help out with things like opening a bank account. Our trained community volunteers support young people with activities like opening bank accounts, personal budgets and understanding contracts for things like mobile phones. They can provide tips on how to save on utility bills and help applying for grants for things like furniture. 18

And our Cash Pointers Upfront project trains young people who have experienced money troubles to educate other young people about how to manage their money.


Get in touch with Puegee on 07964 467 252 to find out more about Money Tree or Hannah on 07947 561 610 to find out more about Cash Pointers Upfront.

Summer 2017

The moisturising one Ingredients:

1/2 banana 1/2 avocado 1 tablespoon of honey

Step1: Peel the banana and avocado and chop them up into small pieces.

Step 2: Put the chopped up banana and avocado in a bowl and add the tablespoon of honey.

Step 3: Mash the mixture with a fork until there are no lumps.

Top tip

Use a ripe banana and avocado - it will make mashing even easier.

Step 4: Smooth mixture onto face and leave for 15-20 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.

The energising one Ingredients:

1 cup of sea salt 1/3 cup of olive oil 1 teaspoon citrus zest

Top tip

Try using lime or grapefruit zest instead for a bit of variety. And feel free to add a little more for some extra zing!

Step1: Measure out 1 cup of sea salt and 1/3 cup of olive oil and pour both into a bowl.

Step 2: Grate the zest (yellow layer of the peel of a lemon) and add 1 teaspoon of this to the bowl.

Step 3: Mix all ingredients together. Step 4: Rub on skin while you’re in the shower and then rinse off.

“Easy peazy lemon squeezy.” 19


The fab Foodcycle volunteers cooking up a surplus food storm at our last fundraising Sleepout. Our fantastic banana cake costs around 30p all in (not including the brown bananas, preferably too squishy to eat) and is vegan. I have a deal with my colleagues that if they bring me brown bananas, I’ll make them banana cake. This stops food waste and reduces our consumption of resource intensive chocolate and dairy filled cakes (not that those don’t taste great too!)…

Bananas for Foodcycle Food Cycle Bristol is made up of an amazing bunch of volunteers who rescue food that’s almost past its best and make sure it used to feed people instead of ending up in the bin. Here are their favourite banana recipes... Cinnamon Spiced Banana Cake 225g plain flour 100g soft brown sugar 1 ½ tsp baking powder 3 tsp cinnamon 75g vegetable oil 50g of nuts and /or raisins (optional) Just whack it all in a bowl, stir it up and spoon it into a greased loaf tin. Cook at 170°C for 20 minutes, cover, and cook for another 40 minutes. This is quite a long time in the oven, so you may as well fill it up with a pie or, y’know, some more banana bread.


Summer 2017

Banana Pancakes These are super yummy and super easy to make - they are quite sugary though so go easy unless you want a trip to the dentist... 50g plain flour 100ml ginger beer 1/2 tsp baking powder Pinch of cinnamon I banana, sliced Mix together flour, baking powder and cinnamon. Add ginger beer slowly whilst mixing with a fork. (You can add or take away a little bit of ginger beer depending on how thick you like your pancake batter. Then just slice the banana, dip the slices in batter and fry in a thin layer of hot oil until brown on both sides.

Shopping list Shopping list cost £6.10 (I bought everything at Asda, but shop around for even better deals!).

5 bananas 70p Plain flour 1.5kg 67p Soft brown sugar 500g £1.39 Baking powder 170g 90p Ground cinnamon 79p Vegetable oil 1l £1.15 Ginger beer 2l 50p You can save all the leftover ingredients to make again and again!

Got the cooking bug? Come along to our weekly cooking sessions at Kingsley Hall and St George’s House (residents only) from 3.30 - 6.30pm on Thurdays. Contact Hetty on 07964 468 031 or to book.


i-people Dear Hitch or Ditch, I’ve been with my boyfriend for four months and have realised I don’t want to be with him for another four! It’s nothing bad, I’m just not feeling it. I’ve tried dropping hints that I’m not that interested anymore like saying I’m busy all the time but he doesn’t seem to be getting it. I was hoping it would just fizzle out without me having to actually dump him. I don’t want to be harsh but think I need to just tell him and have no idea how to say it! Ideas please?

hitch or ditch

Straight talking, no bullsh*t advice from 1625ip Floating Support Worker Jackie Williams and Amy from da Youth Board...

Afia Hey Afia,

Hi Afia, I always believe that honesty is the best policy when it comes to these things and although it’s going to be hard for you to tell someone that you don’t want to be with them, it will be better for you both overall. I would advise you to arrange to meet in a neutral place for you both and explain to him the reasons you don’t want to be with him. If you can have a friendship based relationship in the long term why not. But give yourself time for this to happen.

It’s understandable that you don’t want to be with your boyfriend and that you don’t want to be harsh by dumping him, but telling him you’re busy and avoiding him in the hope it will fizzle out may not have been the best way to handle it. No one can tell you specifically what to say, that has to come from you. You know how you feel about him and now that you’re being honest with yourself, it’s time to be honest with him. If you get stuck, try starting with what you told us, (not the dropping hints part), the bit where you say ‘it’s nothing bad on his part, but that you’re not feeling it’ and see where it goes from there. Good luck, Amy

Hope that helps, Jackie

Got a relationship problem you could use a little advice with? Speak to your support worker and ask them to pass it on to the Hitch or Ditch crew to see if we can help. 22

Summer 2017

In an emergency for Fire, Police and Ambulance services dial 999 SHELTER 24 hour freephone number: SMELL GAS OR SUSPECT A LEAK? Call National Grid using a phone outside your home and then call your landlord’s repair line POWER FAILURE- ELECTRICITY 24 hours

0808 800 444

0800 111 999 0800 365 900

Councils Bristol City Council (8.30am- 8pm) 0117 922 2200 Emergency Control Centre (24 hrs) 0117 922 2050 South Glos Council (Switchboard and out of hours) 01454 868 686 Police

(main switchboard) 0845 4567 000 Emergency 999 Hospitals and Health Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) 0117 923 0000 Southmead Hospital 0117 950 5050 Frenchay Hospital 0117 970 1212 NHS Direct (24Hrs) 0845 4647 GP / Health Centres 0845 4647

RSPCA (pets)

0300 1234 999

Useful Mental Health contacts: tel: 0117 980 0370 tel: 0300 5000 927 tel: 01249 468 000 Avon and Wiltshire NHS: Bristol active life project

Why pay? If you’re a Service User use the


0800 731 7213 FROM LANDLINES

to contact your support worker

If you need help, advice or want to talk about something that’s worrying you - your support worker will try to help you or will put you in touch with the right people. There’s always someone to talk to. Check the back of your Service User Handbook for other useful organisations and freephone numbers. 23

i-people Summer 2017 - Issue 17  

The quarterly magazine for services users and supporters of 1625 Independent People

i-people Summer 2017 - Issue 17  

The quarterly magazine for services users and supporters of 1625 Independent People