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Issue 2 (Here comes the...) Spring 2012

Film, event and sport reviews By young people for young people.

“That’s mental!”

A young woman’s view about mental health...

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Thhaet’s happen W

“I refuse to sit back”

Independent People’s Quarterly Magazine

CONTENTS 3 ......Current affairs

Young person’s comment on the cuts to homelessness services in Bristol

4 - 5......Christmas Reviewed

This magazine is produced by

young people, volunteers and staff at Independent People. Please forward it on to as many people as you can!

A review of Independent People’s Christmas parties

6 - 7......FEATURE - The Station

Update on what’s happening at Bristol’s new venue

8.....Rugby Review

James goes to the rugger!

9......Film review

Jack and David went HAYWIRE

10 - 11......Events/ Opportunities/Offers Free stuff to do!

12 - 13......Fill this space

Naomi’s view on mental health, a new mum’s poem to her son and your chance to write your own piece or a poem,make some art, you decide!

14......Food for a fiver Chicken pasta salad

15......Useful numbers Cover story...Thanks to our budding model

Maryse and photographers Usman and Tom for braving the freezing cold weather for our front cover. Worth it though!

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Current Affairs Naomi, ex-Independent People service user gives her views on...

Cuts to Bristol homelessness services I recently attended a meeting about cuts to homeless services in Bristol. Councils have been given certain targets to achieve and they plan to do this by shutting many of our shelters and hostels and merging certain organisations. The problem is that there is already a shortage of beds for the homeless, and there is not very much successful prevention work going on, not to mention the lack of money and jobs and the benefit cuts. This means homelessness is likely to increase.

But doesn’t that mean more people will be moved on before they are ready? Before they get the support they need? This means they will end up back in the system and the problem never gets solved! I understand cuts are necessary, but why target our frontline services?

I understand cuts are As a young person in a hostel myself and necessary, an ex-service user with Independent but why target People, I know how important these are and the our frontline places good they can do. So my question is: How is cutting the number of services? I refuse to sit back places going to help? To be honest I don’t think it will! I think it will probably make the problem worse!

The government and councils are also hoping to increase turnover. In plain English this means they want services to move people on more quickly and cut staying times down.

and put up with these plans. If you agree you should write to the local council, send petitions. We have a right to speak for ourselves. To write to your local MP visit and type in your postcode. 3

Christmas reviews...

It ain’t over till the big man in the red suit sings! Young parents

from Independent People and Southern Brooks got together for a family-friendly Christmas party. Robyn, a new service user had never been on a young parents trip - she tells us her experience ...

Getting off the minibus fumbling with toys and a nappy bag, I was greeted by the staff members of Independent People, they guided me into a room. I felt so intimidated. The strange girls I had never met before were so inviting and chatty. I soon felt calmer and as though I had known a lot of them before.

Then in came SANTA! With a bag full of toys and every good little boy and girl received a present. Then there was a buffet of crisps, sandwiches and fruit. While we enjoyed our plates full with food we had a lovely sing song of all the classic Christmas songs including ‘oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday!’, we were accompanied by our very own guitar playing Singing Santa! After some rather varied vocals we continued with our chatting, playing and excitement. It was a most enjoyable day.

Then in came SANTA!

When we had all arrived and settled in we began a small session of arts and craft making some lovely Christmas cards and covering the table and floor in glitter, glue and felt tip.

Robyn L


Don’t miss out on the next party!

Every year we host a Christmas Party for the young people we support. It is funded and run by the Bristol Bridge Rotary Club and this year they outdid themselves. We’d like to thank all the people who donated money online to make sure this party sparkled. It did! This is what Christina thought of it... This was a great party! Myself and my children were invited to a Christmas party at Easton Community Centre where we had a great time with fancy dress and an opportunity to have your photo taken. My children loved the face painting. There was apple bobbing, a donut eating

competition, raffle tickets with some great prizes. There was also a lovely meal and some delicious desserts and a good disco. When we were eating a magician came round to us table by table. He was incredible! He left you wondering ‘how did he do that?!’

How did he do that?

There was also a quiz and a chance to be silly and dress up one of your team mates as fast as you could with tin foil, bin liners and tissue. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and see some faces you might not have seen for a while. My best part was the chance to have a photo taken with my children dressed up in our Christmas outfits so its something you can keep to remind you of a great time. Christina T



Coming to the heart of the city in 2012, a revolutionary new venue for young people. far it’s been decided that the station So the word on the street is the big launch So will include; for The Station is at the end of October.

Young people from IP went to a meeting to discuss some ideas for the big day and find out a little bit more about the project. Thanks to them for their review... (Naomi) - Basically The Station is going to be a huge new youth centre right in the middle of town for young people all over Bristol. It’s being steered by a group of young people called the ‘Station Drivers’ who help make decisions on how it’s going to be run, how it’s going to look, and what should be included.


• Music studio • Theatre • Gig room • Art spaces • Dance studio • Sexual health clinic • Counselling area • Cafe • Places for organisations to hire.

g Gi m Da nce o o s r tud io

Pretty cool huh? (Usman) - “I went along to the meeting to find out more about what it is. I found out

It’s being steered by a group of young people called the ‘Station Drivers’

that it will be opening in October and anyone aged 11 – 19 can go along at any time. I found out that there will be loads of activities to do. I want to go to the drumming and DJing workshops. I was a bit surprised that it was only open to people under-19 but I did find out that people over 19 could volunteer there and that there will be apprenticeship opportunities.

Sandy Hore-Ruthven had this to say to us; “The Station will give young people a place to show their potential and help change people’s views of who young people are. Did you know that 76% of the media reports young people in a negative light? We want to showcase what young people are really about!”

We want to showcase what young people The Station Drivers are currently a huge launch event are really about organising and want more young people to

I also signed up to the Station Drivers.” The Chief Executive of The Station,

help make the event happen. If you have any ideas for the event or the new youth centre then fill in an application form from or go to We’ll send you more information when we get your form. For more information get in touch with: Sandy Hore-Ruthven on 0117 947 7948 sandy.hore-ruthven@creativeyouthnetwork. Old Fire Station, Silver Street 7 Bristol Avon BS1 2PY


Bristol Rugby v Bedford Blues

Bristol Rugby Club kindly gifted a few tickets for the Bristol v Bedford match to young people we support .

This was a very important game as it was the two top teams in our league, Bristol being 1st, Bedford in 2nd. This meant the game was that bit more interesting for me and others who attended from Independent People. On the days leading up to the match there were talks all over local radio about how big this game was. It made me even more excited and appreciative for the tickets and the chance to see the boys play the game Bristol does best.

On the day, I got my shirt and ticket and as I was getting ready ...a thrilling I was listening to BBC Bristol and Somerset getting all the team listings, captain for the match etc. and tense We got there about an hour early so we had a little look around. game There was a Father Christmas wagon, playing music for charity.

Once we had paid our contribution we went to get a drink, not forgetting my programme on the way. We went to our spot to watch the game, at the very front. This is the usual spot where I like to stand (when I’ve got the money to go which is very rare due to my circumstances). “Brizzly the bear” came out to liven everyone up and I grabbed the chance to get a photo. I am very grateful to Bristol Rugby Club for the opportunity to watch such a thrilling and tense game. I would like to thank everyone who made it possible for me to be there that day and I’m sure every one else who got the chance would say the same. James.


Young people and staff would also like to thank Urban Outfitters, Lush, Mendip Raceway, Bristol Rugby Club, At Bristol, Aardman Productions, BiTC, Me Time Beauty, Osbourne Clark, Bristol City FC, Nemesis paintballing, Caring for Christmas and Burgess Salmon for their wonderful generosity over Christmas!



Service Users Jack T and David B were given tickets to see a film of their choice in exchange for a review for the magazine. They chose to watch ‘Haywire’ ...

Jack: Really good film, it’s about a woman who is trying to escape from assassins because she decides that she doesn’t want to be an agent anymore. It’s an action thriller and the story is told through a series of flashbacks from the main character telling the story. The film then catches up with itself for the ending. David: The film was a spy thriller though could have been a comedy! It was about a girl who gets into a lot of fights and then becomes a target herself. Jack: I really enjoyed the fight scenes because she kicks ass. There is a great scene when she takes on two blokes with massive machine guns. David: The fight scenes were impressive. The plot was quite different – not like a normal thriller Jack: It was hard to get the story line at first, I found it a little confusing David: The acting was bad – the female lead was stunted and the ending was cheesy. Jack: I thought the main character could have had more help from the other characters which would have been more realistic, there needed to be more action, at times it was a bit slow.

...could have been a comedy!


David: I would recommend going and seeing it and would give it a 7. Jack: I wouldn’t see it again. I was told that it would be really good but it didn’t turn out to be what I wanted it to be. I give it 7/10.

Do the next review - call Tom FREEphone 0800 731 72 13 9




not working, studying, training or on an apprenticeship? flick to the back cover now... 11

Fill this space That’s mental! by naomi

What’s your idea of someone with mental health problems? Straitjacket? Rocking in a corner? Talking to yourself? Well did you know that even a panic attack is classed as a mental health problem? The thing people don’t understand about mental health is it’s not something you can just snap out of. It’s a battle everyday to stay afloat. It’s hard work to keep “well”.

People often think if they ignore it, it will go away, but it doesn’t. You may have seen the recent adverts on telly about mental health. They show how people sometimes think if they ask you about it you’ll go crazy or something, but actually it’s ok to ask how we are. We don’t bite (honestly) and it can mean the world to someone that you’re treating them like a normal person. That’s all we want and it’s actually really helpful to our recovery to be able to talk about what we’re going through. People don’t always know what it’s like having mental health problems. Society seems to think that it’s ok to lock us away and keep us from


everyone else and dope us up. It’s funny how society has moved on in terms of racism and disability etc. We don’t segregate black people or discriminate against a disabled person, but in many ways we are still very prejudiced against people with mental health issues. We are a very misunderstood section of society, but our problems are as valid and real as a physical disability and we are no different to anyone else. We shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed of ourselves. It’s about time society faced the problem and started to learn the truth about mental health.

Stand up and be counted. If you know

someone with a mental health issue, don’t be ashamed of them and don’t be afraid to talk to them. As someone who suffers from a mental health condition I know that often it’s a frightening situation and the scariest thing is telling others. Often we are met with fear, prejudice and misunderstanding. But there are people who care and understand. That’s the most important thing to remember – you’re not alone and whether it’s you or someone you know struggling with mental health don’t be afraid to talk about it. See the back page for useful websites. Image courtesy of Edward Monkton - thanks Ed!

Fill this space To my son, The more you grow, the more beautiful you are, Every time you smile it’s like the headlights on a car Every time you cry it breaks my heart, I knew I loved you right from the start, For I knew I couldn’t love you more than I do ‘Cos everything I do my little boy, I do it for you. Chantelle

Draw a picture, write a story, send it in!




Chicken pasta salad

INGREDIENTS: 100g pasta shapes 1 baby lettuce 1 tomato 1⁄4 cucumber EQUIPMENT: Pot for Pasta Wooden Spoon

1 carrot 100g cooked sliced chicken 2 x tablespoons low fat dressing

Knife and board Large Dish / Bowl

METHOD: • Bring a small saucepan of water to the boil, and then add the pasta. Simmer for about 8-10 minutes. (Check the packet instructions) • While the pasta is cooking, prepare the other ingredients: • Shred the lettuce and chicken • Slice the tomato • Chop the cucumber into small chunks • Peel and grate the carrot • Drain the boiling hot water away from the pasta into a colander in the sink. Cool the pasta by rinsing it under a cold tap for a few moments. Drain well. • Place the pasta in the serving dish and stir in the 1 table spoon of dressing. • Add the other ingredients and mix with a spoon • Lastly, drizzle over the remaining dressing


Peeler Grater Colander


Swap the chicken for grated cheese or fish: tuna, salmon and mackerel all work brilliantly Go for different dressings – why not try balsamic vinegar? Create your own Caesar salad, using cos lettuce, croutons, dressing and parmesan cheese Why not add some fruit, seeds or nuts for extra texture? Recipe taken from the department for children, schools and families ‘Real Meals’ book.

Useful Numbers In an emergency for Fire, Police and Ambulance services dial 999 SHELTER 24 hour freephone number:

0808 800 444

SMELL GAS OR SUSPECT A LEAK? Call National Grid using a phone outside your home and then call your landlords repair line 0800 111999 POWER FAILURE- ELECTRICITY 24 hours 0800 365 900 Councils Bristol City Council (8.30am- 8pm) 0117 922 2200 Emergency Control Centre (24 hrs) 0117 922 2050 South Glos Council (Switchboard and out of hours) 01454 868686 Police (main switchboard) Emergency Hospitals and Health Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) Southmead Hospital Frenchay Hospital NHS Direct (24Hrs) GP / Health Centres

RSPCA (pets)

0845 4567 000 999 0117 923 0000 0117 950 5050 0117 970 1212 0845 4647 0845 4647 0300 1234 999

Useful Mental Health contacts: tel: 0117 980 0370 tel: 0300 5000 927 tel: 01249 468 000 Avon and Wiltshire NHS: Bristol active life project

Why pay? If you’re a Service User use the FREEPHONE number to contact your support worker 0800 731 7213 If you need help, advice or want to talk about something that’s worrying you - your support worker will try to help you or put in touch with the right people. There’s always someone to talk to. Check the back of your Service User Handbook for other useful organisations and freephone numbers. 15

w e n e h t om r to f e m m a r g o r p t . n e l e p m o e e v l P Invo endent Meet new people p e Have a good time Ind

p u n g Si Starts Tuesday 6th March 3 days a week 10.30 – 3pm for 9 weeks.

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ipeople Magazine Spring 2012  

The quarterly magazine for Independent People service users, supporters and young people everywhere.

ipeople Magazine Spring 2012  

The quarterly magazine for Independent People service users, supporters and young people everywhere.