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“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Jacques-Yves Cousteau



Editor’s Note

THIS month’s edition of IOL Travel focuses on cruise season. Now that Covid-19 regulations have eased, travellers are scouting for the best deals, especially for the festive break.

Admittedly, the idea of a cruise held little appeal as I’ve always struggled with motion sickness and spending several days at sea didn’t leave me jumping at the opportunity even though my friends couldn’t stop recommending it enough.

But several years back, I was invited to embark on my first cruise. Now, I was concerned I might be sick for the better part of my trip to Pomene. But I took the plunge and invited my mom to join me as she’s never been on a cruise either.

Her uncontainable excitement left me suppressing whatever anxiety lingered.

And we ended up having an amazing mother-daughter trip. I will never forget how chuffed she was to get to have dinner with the captain and insisted on a picture of them.

Being out at sea with limited signal was just what I needed, even if I didn’t realise it at the time.

If you had to ask us if we would do a cruise again, we would not hesitate with our response. We loved it.

In this edition, we review a stay on the Norwegian Prima. Think of the experience as being akin to a resort at sea. We also unpack the cruise etiquette that will ensure the smooth sailing of your trip.

We also look at the most popular cruise destinations and provide tips on how to tell if your cruise is green.

Of course, you need the right essentials for the trip and we offer a few suggestions.

That said, I hope my experience as well as the stories in this edition will leave you inspired to embark on a cruise sometime soon.

After all, what could be more liberating than being out in the open seas, sipping on a cocktail while soaking up the sun for a few days?



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Odayan ENQUIRIES A floating slice of heaven on the ocean blue Oceania Cruises unveils innovative mixology programme It’s smooth sailing if you follow these cruise ship tips 10 most popular cruise destinations Is your cruise green? Here’s how to tell How to travel in style Cover image | SHEILA JELLISON Unsplash


WHEN you think cruise ship you might think of the sun, sea and cocktails. You might even picture yourself sitting by the pool and lounging in the sun, but you do not think of Reykjavik, Iceland.

The Norwegian Cruise Line broke the mould when it launched the first of six ships in its groundbreaking Prima Class, the Norwegian Prima.

For the ship’s inaugural cruise, 2 500 lucky guests were invited for the christening in Iceland.

With my thickest jacket, furriest boots and warmest beanie, I hopped on a plane for the 15-hour journey from Cape Town to Iceland.

I was keen to understand how the ship compared to the hundreds of cruise ships I see entering the Cape Town port from my office window. I mean, if you’ve seen one cruise ship you’ve seen them all, right? Right?

Wrong! Measuring 294m and weighing more than 143 535 tonnes, the Norwegian Prima has a capacity for 3 100 guests and the highest staffing levels and space ratio for any contemporary or premium cruise ship.

On my arrival in Iceland, no amount of jet lag or difference in time could stop me from staring, mouth agape, at the land of fire and ice.

As I stared at the snow-capped mountains, volcanoes, steam floating out of the ground and volcanic rock everywhere, I realised nothing could prepare me for the natural beauty. You can Google as many synonyms as possible but it won’t do Iceland justice. And yes the cold, very, very cold.

But my ship awaited and I was ready to “rest”.

All the build-up leading up to my departure could not have prepared me for the giant of a ship. With 18 floors and the first three-level racetrack at sea – yes you read right, a three-level racetrack at sea –this was not just a ship. It was a luxury resort that just happened to change the scenery daily.

Frank Del Rio, the president and chief executive officer of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd, described the ship as magnificent.

“With her stunning design and unique offerings, Norwegian Prima is in a league of her own,” Del Rio said.

Balcony stateroom 11 788 was assigned to me. On most cruise ships, the rooms are the place you spend the least amount of time because they are so cramped and the bathrooms so small that you are unable to even turn around but, guys, these rooms are proper hotel suits.

The suit was decked out with a queen-sized bed,

The Drop slide, said to be the fastest at sea, is all thrills and spills.

a desk, two cupboards, a couch and a 40” TV. As a bonus, the balcony was big enough for two adults to lounge comfortably.

What surprised me most in the spacious and luxurious suite was the bathroom. It’s easy to see that the bathrooms were designed with the guest in mind. Goodbye cramped shower and hello shower karaoke, with enough room to perform Roar by Katy Perry –with the arm and leg movements.

Talking about Katy Perry… The US pop star is the godmother of the ship and was on board for the inaugural sail. She treated the guests to a spectacular concert and, yes, Mr Orlando Bloom and little Daisy, who celebrated her second birthday, were also on board.

The Norwegian Prima delivers entertainment in spades, from The Price is Right Live, The Improv At Sea to Vibe Beach Club – Cabana to Summer: The Donna Summer Musical, you will always be entertained. I was. At times, it felt like there were not enough hours in my day to take it all in.

I know what you are thinking. What about the food, Kim? Well let me tell you, with so many

speciality dining restaurants on the ship, I just knew I was in for a treat.

Excitement built up as I read: “Speciality Dining –Bring your senses on a journey they’ll never forget,” on its website.

“Taste the essence of Greece at Palomar, our firstever Mediterranean seafood restaurant, and marvel at the hand-blown chandeliers and savoury French dishes at Le Bistro or see Teppanyaki in a whole new light at Hasuki.”

How could I not be excited? But, to my surprise, it was the complementary food halls that made me whip out my “chef’s kiss” hands.

Indulge Food Hall on deck 8 offered so many choices that at first, I was intimidated. With all those choices, and having to submit my order on a tablet, honestly, I thought it might be safe to just order one small meal, just to test the waters.

But within 30 seconds a waiter was at my table with my dish. I looked at him and asked if he was sure that it was mine because I had just placed my order, and he assured me that it was. What else could I do but test the speed of all the restaurants?

ONE of the many bars offering exotic drinks and entertainment.

“Dine around the world with cuisine from India to Italy to Latin America and more.” And dine I did. First, it was the ramen – 2 minutes 10 seconds. Then the brisket – 90 seconds, how about some nachos? Twenty seconds (yes, I was timing it on my phone). And all the food was fresh, delicious and of high quality.

As any sane person would, I decided to take a walk around the boat to help digest the truckload of food I had no choice but to consume – all in the name of science, of course.

And in my food coma, I happened upon The Drop. At 10-storeys tall, The Drop slide, said to be the fastest at sea, is all thrills and spills. And also the fastest way to get to my bed because I needed to sleep off the food baby. So down the slide, I went.

The best part is you can race someone else and my husband (Did I mention he was with me on this trip?) is half my size and there was no way he was going to win this race, bless his soul.

I won!

There are a host of activities to keep you busy, and if lounging by one of the magnificent pools, with a cocktail and a good book, is not your thing, then how about a game of darts at The Bulls Eye? Or maybe you fancy some minigolf at Tee Time?

How about a go down the waterslide? No, still not your thing?

How about a three-level race track at sea? The Prima Speedway is sublime. The speed and excitement while the fresh sea breeze blows in your face is so thrilling, you will book another round as soon as you get out of the car.

A spa, a gym and every drink and food you can think about or even wish for.

The Norwegian Prima is a resort at sea that happens to change its backdrop every day. This counts as a once-in-a-lifetime experience – if I were you, I would make sure to experience it.

* Norwegian Prima departed on its inaugural voyage to Northern Europe from the Netherlands, Denmark and England beginning September 3, 2022, before making her way to the US. She will then sail voyages to the Caribbean from New York City, Galveston, Texas, and Miami in October and November before settling into her homeport of Port Canaveral, Florida, and Galveston, Texas for the 2023 and 2024 cruise season.

THIS vast floating resort at sea includes a spa, a gym and a three-level race track. Right: Global pop superstar and godmother to Norwegian Prima Katy Perry performing at the ship’s christening ceremony in Reykjavik, Iceland to commemorate her first voyage. | TRISTAN FEWINGS Getty Images for Norwegian Cruise Line



Cruises unveils innovative mixology programme


ACCORDING to the cruise line Vista, the first of the brand’s all-new Allura Class ships will feature the latest cocktail-crafting trends and techniques, such as flavoured smoke bubbles, an extensive selection of low and no- sugar wines and zero-proof cocktails, plus Negronis aged in wooden barrels and speciality beverage carts like the Bubbly Bar.

Oceania Cruises president and CEO Howard Sherman said they continuously strive to raise the bar on every aspect of their luxury cruise experience, especially with food and beverages.

“As Vista will present a fresh perspective on the finest cuisine at sea with an astounding array of culinary options that range from informal to the extravagant, it’s only appropriate that we build

a bar programme to match. From new spirits selections and a wide range of mocktails to new pairing menus and the introduction of The Moët & Chandon Champagne Experience, our teams have truly outdone themselves,” said Sherman.

Daniella Oancea, corporate beverage manager of Oceania Cruises, said she worked hand-in-hand with their culinary team to bring naturally sourced ingredients to their cocktail crafting processes, like the creation of home-made syrups and reductions.

“On Vista, having a drink will be an experience unto itself – from the beauty of watching a skilled bartender smoke an old-fashioned to the table side preparation of an espresso martini,” said Oancea.

A cornerstone of Vista’s bar programme will be immersive, experiential beverage offerings including speciality beverage carts like The Bubbly Bar, which will serve exclusive champagne cocktails, and The Ultimate Bloody Mary Bar, where guests can DIY their perfect brunch accompaniment.

In addition, guests will savour the Casino Mixology Bar, a new concept on Vista, focused on the art of the cocktail; Baristas, a favourite spot on board for a delicious coffee; and The Aquamar Kitchen, serving lean and healthy cuisine.

For more details visit

It’s smooth sailing if you follow these cruise ship tips

CRUISE season is in full swing. Whether you are a seasoned traveller or about to embark on your maiden sea cruise, here are a few guidelines – or a refresher for some – that will help you navigate your way through the experience successfully.

Help with capturing those special moments

Being able to move away from that hustle and bustle of daily life to a more leisurely pace is bliss. Of course, you also want to give your followers on social media a bit of travel envy.

As such, you should befriend the ship photographers. Now, you are not obligated to purchase those images –after all, everyone has a smartphone that does the job really well – but if you have dressed to the nines and couldn’t be bothered with doing the work yourself, these guys have you covered.

Familiarise yourself with your emergency drill procedures

This is a very important part of the experience. Once on board, guests are required to report to their muster station for a roll call.

This is mandatory so make sure you arrive on time for it. Should there ever be an emergency, your designated area is where you should congregate at.

Lighting up

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. That means, smoking, including e-cigarettes, isn’t allowed in your cabin, balconies and most public areas. That said, there are areas on the open deck and in some areas of the ship, where you are allowed to light up.

Don’t be a hogger

While one favours a cruise holiday with family and friends, this doesn’t mean that you should extend that love by saving spots for them on the deckchairs.

If a towel is draped over a deckchair for longer than 30-minutes, a crew member will simply move it.


Give your cabin steward a helping hand

While your cabin is cleaned twice daily, you can make the task a little easier on your cabin steward by placing dirty towels on the bathroom floor if you require fresh ones. Also, place all your dirty dishes in one area. Try and keep your personal items organised neatly in the designated storage areas.

Noise levels

Not everyone is a late-night owl. So if you are making your way to the cabin after a fun night out, be sure to keep your voice down, especially in the corridors.

If you are not ready to retire, make use of the public lounges that are ideal for those more raucous chats.

Don’t forget your table manners

If you have booked a specific dining slot, be sure to arrive on time. Always be courteous to the servers and wine stewards and don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you”.

Dress appropriately

While the atmosphere is relaxed in the day, evenings are geared more towards gala and smart attire. As such, make sure you dress appropriately for the evenings.

Settle your account early and don’t forget to tip

Some cruise lines charge a daily fee for tips. Others give you the option to do so at the end of the trip by placing the tip in an envelope.

The tips will then be distributed fairly among the crew.

Of course, if you have found someone who was exceptionally attentive during your travels, nothing prevents you from tipping the individual.

You are able to check your account throughout your travels and, as such, should avoid unnecessary delays by settling your account at the service desk in advance rather than upon disembarkation.

popular cruise destinations

10 most


THERE are plenty of reasons to set sail and enjoy the “great blue”. Cruise holidays are easy to plan and a great way to have fun as a couple, friends or family.

A cruise offers great value for your money since the fares include nearly everything you’ll need for a fantastic trip.

From food to accommodation, daytime and evening entertainment and transportation between destinations, everything is covered and planned out for you.

If you think about it, cruise ships are floating cities with all amenities you can consider under one roof. From spas, theatres, discos, restaurants and gyms, you name it, it’s there. Tired of being at sea, then you can always put your feet on the ground at the nearest port.

A cruise also offers the opportunity to go to multiple destinations at once so here are some popular cruise destinations to consider for that much-needed break.

ABOVE: EXPLORE Japan’s greenery and mountains when you dock at the island. | Unsplash

ABOVE RIGHT: EXPERIENCE the rich culture and romance of old Italian towns. | Unsplash

RIGHT: THE Caribbean islands are the perfect destination for cruises with easily accessible ports. | Unsplash

Durban, South Africa

Most Africa cruises run from October to May, with the most popular months being December and January. Africa cruises have port stops in the Indian Ocean, such as the Bay of Natal or islands in the ocean.

Durban’s cruise ship terminal is found in a commer cial hub or port. However, the closest tourist facility to the port terminal is uShaka Marine World, which has an open-air mall, Village Walk, that contains souvenir and surf shops, and restaurants. Being at the Point Waterfront will give you access to new restaurants overlooking the bay and you can also watch ships coming in and out of the port.

A scenic walk along the promenade or Golden Mile is also on the cards or take a trip further inland to visit the Valley of Thousand Hills.

The Mediterranean

Cruising the Mediterranean is an all-round, comprehensive cruise experience. There are plenty of breath-taking destinations like the Greek isles, Rome, Barcelona, Monaco, Venice and Dubrovnik to explore in one go if you give yourself time.

The Mediterranean has served as the birthplace of civilisation and likely the first area that connected dif ferent cultures. With the comfort of being on a cruise ship, the world’s your oyster.

Norway fjords

There is nothing more exhilarating than a cruise along the Norwegian coast. Experience winding in and out of fjords, some home to picturesque fishing villages.

You will get to see Norway’s stunning natural beauty up close. The drawcard to this cruise is that it is epic every season of the year. Summer brings long days and wonderfully green scenery, while winter is perfect for watching the Northern Lights.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean continues to live up to its status as the top cruise destination. It consists of numerous island nations, all boasting their own character, spirit and culture.

Typically, cruises to the Caribbean are divided into the Western and Eastern Caribbean and the Southern Caribbean.

The Western focuses on Mexico and the central

EXPERIENCE winding in and out of towering fjords, some home to picturesque fishing villages. | Unsplash

American coast while the Eastern will take you to The Bahamas, The Cayman Islands and the Dominican Republic. The latter will take you to St Kitts, Antigua and Martinique.

Mombasa, Kenya

As east Africa’s largest port, Mombasa is a cosmopoli tan city rich in diverse cultural influences in Kenya. The city provides travellers access to the city’s white-sand beaches lined with coconut palms, a historical and walkable Old Town, a colourful spice market and even a crocodile farm.

Explore Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve for terrific diving and snorkelling among colourful coral reefs and cerulean waters or head to the Haller Park animal sanctuary to meet ancient tortoises, giraffes and crocodiles. Fort Jesus, a 16th-century Portuguese military stronghold that overlooks the Indian Ocean, is a Unesco World Heritage Centre worthy of a visit.


Japan is one of the best Asian destinations to set sail to and explore. The country is rich with culture and technology worthy of envy.

Japan has the mesmerising crowds of Tokyo but also the tranquillity of mountain retreats. There are volca noes and lakes, myriad temples and towering skyscrapers to look forward to seeing.

Nosy Be, Madagascar

Off the northwest coast of Madagascar lies Nosy Be, which translates to “big island” in reference to the smaller islands that surround it.

Disembark off your cruise line and swim, snorkel, sail and surf as Nosy Be is regarded as having Madagascar’s best and most beautiful beaches.

Inland, lose yourself in the scenic landscape of waterfalls and crater lakes, home to the island’s unique inhabitants, such as the endangered black lemur, cha meleons, camouflage geckos, snakes and frogs.

Cape Town, South Africa

The Mother City of South Africa has stunning coastal views, a captivating history, exceptional food and wine and incredible wildlife.

Possible adventures include taking a cable car up the famous Table Mountain to take in the impressive vista or surfing, hiking and paragliding.

ABOVE: ENJOY Cape Town’s scenery with a Table Mountain Cable ride. | Ross Jansen

RIGHT: NOSY Be has some of Madagascar’s most beautiful beaches. | System

LEFT: SILVER Endeavour, Gibraltar. Set sail across the seven seas to one of these a popular cruise destination. | Supplied

Most cruises dock at Cape Town’s port and foodies will love the outstanding cuisine on offer or take trips to the famous wine-growing regions, including Stellenbosch, Constantia and Paarl.

Meanwhile, history fans will discover a raw and compelling history in Cape Town centred around Nelson Mandela and apartheid.


Alaska is arguably your best option if you’re after a scenic cruise to wild extremes. Cruises to the “Last Frontier” of America typically start from cities like Seattle and Vancouver.

On the way, the ships will stop at epic locations such as the Tracy Arm Fjord, Glacier Bay National Park, the Inside Passage, Juneau and Skagway. This is also one of the best cruise destinations for wildlife watching, including everything from bears and eagles to orcas and sea otters.


Also known as the White Continent, cruises to Antarctica are exclusive and a learning opportunity.

Your Antarctic expedition cruise will thoroughly acquaint you with Antarctica’s wondrous ice wildernesses, bringing out your inner explorer as you tour colossal glacier fronts, dazzling berg-filled bays, and shorelines surrounded by towering, snow-swept mountains. Some cruise lines offer special science-based activities that delve into the incredible Antarctic ecosystem.

On board a cruise liner, guides lecture about the region’s natural history, weather, and captivating Antarctic animals like penguins, seals, and whales. Dozens of ships sail the Antarctic waters, some offer a range of activities such as skiing, sea kayaking, and camping.

THE small cruise ships of the Hurtigruten fleet, which serve Norway’s picturesque coastal routes, are painted red and black. But on the inside, they are green, the company says.

A decade ago, the cruise line ditched heavy fuel oil in favour of cleaner-burning marine gas oil. More recently, it stripped all single-use plastics from its fleet.

It added three new hybrid ships that partially use battery power, cutting emissions by 20%. And this year, it announced it would introduce its first zero-emission ship by 2030.

“Sustainability isn’t a marketing exercise for us,” says Daniel Skjeldam, CEO of Hurtigruten Group. “It’s a core part of our business.”

Historically, cruise lines haven’t been model citizens when it comes to environmental protection. So, when a cruise ship claims to be green, travellers have every reason to be sceptical.

With consumer interest in green travel on the rise, many cruise lines are making bold environmental claims and hoping to get your business. Question is, do they deserve it?

Most do not, to hear environmental advocacy groups talk about it. The latest cruise ship report card issued by Friends of the Earth gives most major cruise lines failing grades for inadequate sewage treatment, air pollution and lack of transparency.

The highest-scoring cruise line was Regent Seven Seas, with a C+. (Hurtigruten did not receive a rating from the organisation, which graded only major cruise lines.)

Marcie Keever, the oceans and vessels programme director with Friends of the Earth, says cruising remained “one of the dirtiest vacation choices”.

Still, cruise lines are trying to be greener. Among the major cruise lines, MSC Cruises, which received a D+, is among those talking the loudest about sustainability.

It introduced low-emissions exhaust gas cleaning systems last year, which it said reduced sulphur dioxide emissions by 98%.

It also fitted its fleet with certified ballast water treatment systems and announced plans to reduce on-board water demand by 3% a year for each ship by monitoring use, installing water-saving technologies and training crew.

The riverboat cruise line Uniworld is also

one of the most vocal when it comes to the environment. (The company, like Hurtigruten, did not receive a Friends of the Earth rating.)

This year, it introduced an environmental impact report, detailing progress against 11 sustainability goals. They include reducing food waste by 50% across all ships by 2025 and building ships that run on cleaner fuels.

On Hurtigruten's ships, an oversized, fourbin recycling sorter with the words “you are the difference – reduce, reuse & recycle” emblazoned on it, greets passengers as they check in.

Small shampoo and conditioner bottles and soaps have been replaced with large dispensers in the cabins. In its on-board lectures, the crew discusses the fragile marine ecosystem and the company’s responsibility to preserve it.

As with other travel industry companies, there’s no universally accepted green certification for cruise lines. The Green Marine certification is a voluntary environmental certification programme for North America’s maritime industry.

The certification guarantees “that the operator has undergone a rigorous vetting process of their sustainability practices and has agreed to do so on a regular basis”, says Jeremy Clubb, the owner of Rainforest Cruises, a tour operator that specialises in riverboats and small ship cruise packages in the Amazon and Southeast Asia.

No certification is required or has risen to the level of a universally accepted guarantee of good environmental citizenship.

Confusing, isn’t it?

James Newcombe, the CEO of the tour operator French Waterways, says travel advisers do their best to differentiate between green businesses and those that are all talk.

When he vets a cruise partner, he looks for conscious environmental choices, such as reducing energy consumption and waste or securing a Blue Flag marina certification.

The Blue Flag, a certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education, certifies the environmental commitment of cruise companies, marinas and beaches.

Lately, Newcombe recommends Avalon Waterways, a riverboat cruise operator, to his clients with green concerns. | The Washington Post

Is your cruise green? Here’s how to tell

Historically, cruise lines haven’t been model citizens when it comes to environmental protection. So, when a cruise ship claims to be green, travellers have every reason to be sceptical


NOW that travel restrictions have been lifted in most countries, globetrotters are once again able to catch flights and collect

Whether you’re a sun chaser seeking warm sandy beaches or a snow bunny looking for a cosy cabin in the woods, travelling to and from your destination isn’t always that much fun.

However, if you’re well prepared, you can step off the plane feeling happy and refreshed rather than exhausted and irritable – an unpleasant way to start or end a holiday.

Whether you’re travelling economy or first-class, nothing prevents you from travelling in style and comfort.

Here are tips and must-haves to leave you feeling like a jet-setting celebrity.

Know what bag to use.

Having the right travel bag (or three) is the first step to effortlessly stylish travelling.

Once you’ve checked in the suitcases, you will need the perfect carry-on bag and a simple tote to hold everything you need on board.

Your carry-on should be light and compact to be stored overhead. This can hold a change of clothes, if it’s a long flight. Your tote bag is your most stylish accessory. This bag is ideal for popping in all your little things like your make-up, purse and just about everything a woman can’t live without and needs at her

We love: Portia Tote Bag What’s in the bag

While it’s tempting to take a full-on make-up kit and your entire beauty range, you really only need a few items.

It’s best not to wear make-up when travelling, but if you simply cannot do without it, keep it simple. A tinted moisturiser, mascara, creme blush and a tinted lip balm are all you need.

We love: Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Blush Stick

When using hand sanitiser (a must-have) your hands tend to get dry frequently. So you should always have rich moisturising hand cream in your bag.

We love: Woods Of Windsor Lily Of The Valley Hand Cream

If there’s one beauty item worth splurging on, it’s a good face mist. A few spritzes on landing, and your skin will instantly feel refreshed and positively glowing.

We love: Uriage Eau Thermale Water

When it comes to travelling in style, what you wear is of importance.

Again, you don’t want to wear your entire wardrobe. Keep it stylish but comfortable.

Loungewear is perfect for flights. Let’s not confuse loungewear with sleepwear, though. Stick to neutral tones for a sophisticated look.

We love: Poldark Two-piece Knitted Set

Always have something warm at hand. Opt for a long wool cardigan, a large shawl or a lightweight coat. It shouldn’t be anything too bulky.

We love: Heavenly Shaggy Coat

When it comes to shoes, once again, comfort is key. Needless to say, high heels are not an option. Opt for shoes you can easily slip on and off. And don’t forget a pair of warm, fuzzy socks.

We love: Allison Slip-on Mule Accessories are key. A beautiful neck scarf can double as a hair accessory to cover up the morning after bad hair. Hair ties and clips are essential, so you might as well make them pretty ones. Never board an overnight flight without a sleeping eye mask. Here’s where you can go as fab as you want.

We love: Square Silky Touch Scarf


Portia Tote Bag

Left: Heavenly Shaggy Coat

Poldark Two-Piece Knitted Set

w w w

Uriage Eau Thermale Water

Woods Of Windsor Lily Of The Valley Hand Cream

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Blush Stick
w w

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