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March 15, 2017

Traveler Watchman 1826

Independent / Richard Lewin

Yee Haw! Rustle Up Your Stetsons And Cowboy Boots For Denim And Diamonds -- A Hot Time On A Cold Winter’s Night. (See Page 4)



March 15, 2017

THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman







THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

March 15, 2017



March 15, 2017

THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman




Denim And Diamonds: Give Breast Cancer The Boot By Nicole Teitler

Saddle up, cowboys and cowgirls. Break out your boots, point your toes towards 230 Elm in Southampton Saturday night and give breast cancer the boot. The annual Denim and Diamonds roundup returns celebrating 20 years of The Ellen Hermanson Foundation. From 6 to 10 PM, folks ‘round here will put Nashville to shame with country spirit. All proceeds benefit The Ellen Hermanson Foundation, which commits itself to aiding patients and families coping with the physical and emotional struggles surrounding breast cancer. Founded in 1997, the organization followed hot on the heels

of Ellen’s Run, which celebrates its 22nd anniversary this summer. For cancer patients, the financial stress of treatment can become a burden. When fighting to survive becomes a daily battle, dollar signs have little meaning but unfortunate impact. Luckily, all services provided through the Ellen Hermanson Foundation are free of charge, Julie Ratner, organization founder and event chair reminded. “We’re very much involved in trying to ensure access to state-of-theart quality in healthcare, for the body and the mind. Which is why we work so hard to raise funds as a hospital . . . No one gets turned away because



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of a lack of health insurance,” Ratner reassured. “Access to health care is not a luxury and we all deserve the very best. I feel very passionate about that and I’m sure if my sister Ellen was alive today, she’d say the same.” All the money raised through the foundation’s events -- Ellen’s Run, the summer gala, and Denim and Diamonds -- is kept within the East End community. There’s no need to leave home to get quality care. “All the money we raise stays here and gets plowed right back into the community, where the need is tremendous,” Ratner explained. Since its inception, Denim and Diamonds has become an evergrowing, diversified event, bringing together those in need, those supporting and those celebrating life. “This is our third year holding a winter event, and the second year for Denim and Diamonds,” Ratner said. “We wanted to do a fun, casual winter event where people can come out in their jeans, their hats, everything.”

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“I just love how you have changed the Pharmacy and how bright and inviting it is... and the staff is so helpful and friendly.” -George & Jeanette Smith 120 Main Street, Sag Harbor

Phone: (631) 725-0074 Fax: (631) 725-8672

Independent / Richard Lewin

Some people come in their best jeans, others come in their best diamonds, Ratner said. Expect line dancing and, if last year was any example, Ratner reckons, “Everyone will be on the dance floor.” An array of food vendors will provide the vittles and there will be spirit vendors “to raise our spirits,” Ratner said. DJ Paul Cassella will be at the turntables adding to the fun. Live and silent auctions feature such prizes as tickets to see Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden, “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” a five night safari adventure in South Africa, a catered lunch in the VIP tent at the Hampton Classic horse show, and more. “The larger Hamptons is amazing,” Ratner observed. “There’s such incredible support and generosity.” Ellen Hermanson was an activist and advocate who was “an indominable warrior in the war against breast cancer.” She used her talents as a writer and journalist to give voice to the needs of breast cancer patients. She lost her battle in 1995 and her sister Julie Ratner took up the standard, organizing Ellen’s Run, and creating the foundation. Proceeds from Ellen’s Run support the Ellen Hermanson Breast Center at Southampton Hospital, which offers comprehensive patient-centric care. The Foundation has also funded such state-of-the-art technology as digital mammography equipment at the hospital. In 2000, the Ellen’s Well program began. It provides psychosocial support for breast cancer survivors under the leadership of a specially trained certified social worker. Saturday night’s event honors Stacy Quarty, President of Lucia’s Angels and Vice President of Coalition of Women’s Cancers. (See page 5 in this edition for a profile of Quarty.) Tickets are $125 for an individual, $75 for guests 29 and under and $250 for a benefactor. You can purchase in advance or buy at the door at the same price. Go to or call 212-840-0916 for more information. You can follow more stories from Nicole Teitler on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram as Nikki On The Daily.




THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

March 15, 2017


Girl Power: Celebrating East End Women

Finding Food For The Soul

By Kitty Merrill

This is the third in our annual “Girl Power” series recognizing incredible East End women during March, National Women’s History Month. Know an amazing woman? Tell us about her. Call 631-324-2500 or email news @ Stacy and Risa went sledding one day and, Stacy Quarty recounted, “We took a tumble.” Risa injured her collarbone. A lump grew and it turned out to be cancer. “She was the first person close to me to pass from cancer,” Quarty said. A college student at the time, occupied with the activities of school, Quarty lost touch with her friend as Risa’s illness progressed. Eventually she learned her friend had died. That she wasn’t able to be with her, is, admitted Quarty, “the biggest regret of my life.” Years later, she bonded with another woman, Lucia Terzi Bagan. “We were best friends. We went through our pregnancies together, it was such a special time.” One day, as she nursed her newborn baby, Lucia found a lump in her breast. “By the time she was diagnosed, it was stage four . . . she had a mastectomy, radiation, chemotherapy. It was really hard to watch her deteriorate.” Still Lucia remained strong in spirit. “She planned my 40 th birthday,” Quarty said. “But she didn’t make it, she went into the hospital and never came out.” When Lucia was first diagnosed, Quarty vowed to be there for her friend. “I wanted to be there for all the hard times, the terrible procedures. I wanted to make sure someone was with her 24 hours a day.” Testament to Lucia’s giving nature, she was surrounded by many friends and family during her final days. A strong advocate for the South Fork Breast Health Coalition, Lucia wished others could have the same kind of love and support during their final days. “She told me, “You need to take over my job . . . Lucia’s wishes became my wishes,” Quarty informed. It’s been 10 years since Quarty, a Water Mill resident, formed Lucia’s Angels. Its mission is to fill the need for care for late stage women’s cancer patients and their families. When Lucia was sick, a patient in an upisland hospital, the facility provided a special room for her guests. By contrast, visiting end of life patients in Southampton,

Quarty saw family members sitting on the floor outside hospital rooms, or sleeping in chairs. Lucia’s Room in Southampton Hospital is one of the Angels’ most beloved successes. It was conceived, designed, and built in just nine months, thanks to contributions from the local community. Businesses helped construct, furnish, and decorate a special space for families to stay while helping loved ones, many at the end of their lives, stricken with deadly cancers. Quarty has dedicated a decade of her life to helping such patients, but she hasn’t stopped learning. Last weekend, she and Suzie Roden

Independent / Courtesy Stacy Quarty

Stacy Quarty, Founder of Lucia’s Angels.

traveled upisland to attend a seminar devoted to end of life coaching instruction.

Quarty and Roden have been working together for years. Quarty Continued on Page 10.


March 15, 2017

THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

THE BIGGEST ASS This is old column that I’ve updated. Every word is true. I’m rushing this out today (Monday) because we have to go to press before the super-duper storm the weather forecasters are gleefully promising hits us tomorrow. If the storm turns out to be a dud (under three inches of snow), let it be known that I’m in favor of the death penalty for weather forecasters. So in my dream Dante Alighieri, the greatest Italian poet and writer, comes back to life and he gets himself a literary agent. Naturally the first assignment the agent gets him is to rewrite and update his greatest work: “La Divina Commedia.” Dante is encouraged to concentrate on the section about “The Inferno,” which depicts the suffering of those who are in hell. “ D a n n y,” s a y s h i s a g e n t , “Concentrate on the hell part of this because I can sell it as a movie. There’s a good horror flick in this and Amazon Prime will eat this up. You know, souls burning for their sins . . . no exit. Combine the horror part of it with the title ‘The Divine Comedy’ and this could be the fifth J-Lo comeback movie. Once again, Ben Stiller can be her boyfriend in hell and naturally we’ll get Bobby De Niro to play the devil.” In my dream Dante (a.k.a. Danny), who hasn’t been on earth since the day he died in 1321, comes to visit me to get my advice as to the place that best represents hell on earth in this, the year of 2017. Without a second’s hesitation I said, “LaGuardia Airport, Delta Airlines Terminal D.”

In my dream Dante and I are transported to Delta Airlines Terminal D and as we watch the thousands of lost souls milling around trying to get a boarding pass and get through security in time to catch their planes, Dante turns to me and says in a shocked voice, “This is far worse than the hell I envisioned when I wrote ‘La Divina Commedia’ in 1310. What have all these poor lost souls done to merit this kind of horrible treatment?” “They bought an airline ticket,” I answer. It was worse years ago when I tried to fly on a business trip. It was a nightmare . . . nightmare . . . a nightmare. With that I woke up and remembered the trip from hell. It was nine years ago. I was going to make a presentation for the advertising account of the British Virgin Islands on the island of Tortola. I had to catch a plane for San Juan and connect for a flight to Tortola. I missed that flight and every other flight on that trip because the airline business was totally screwed up then and is even more screwed up now. Since the flight to San Juan was at noon, I decided to leave East Hampton at 7:30 AM, giving myself plenty of time to catch my plane, or so I foolishly thought. I even stopped off at the McDonald’s in Manorville for my favorite treat, a delicious Sausage Egg McMuffin. Little was I to know that the McMuffin was to be the highlight of my trip. Now, I’m so old that I remember when getting on a plane was a pleasurable experience. I’m so old I remember when

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JetBlue was a great new airline and they were doing everything right. I remember when they didn’t charge you for extra legroom or for a bag that’s one lousy ounce heavier than their bag weight limit. Next I suppose they will ask you to take out your wallet and if it weighs more than three ounces, you have to pay $10 for every extra ounce. I’m so old I remember when airlines didn’t have to tr y to screw their employees out of their pensions to stay alive. I remember back in the 1970s when American Airlines put a piano in its 747s so that you could enjoy your cross-country flight listening to some passenger whose mother paid for piano lessons so that he could impress the other passengers by playing “Melancholy Baby.” I remember when they served caviar and lobster in First Class, and they would roll a cart with filet mignon and ask you if you wanted your steak rare or perhaps medium rare. Then came deregulation. The government decided to stop fixing the prices of airline tickets. The airlines had to fend for themselves in the old-fashioned free enterprise system. Unfortunately, the airlines were filled with boobs who couldn’t figure how to survive in an unregulated world. Add to that the security concerns after 9/11, and now a trip to any airport is a trip to hell. I arrived at Kennedy airport two and a half hours before my flight. I still had to run to get on my plane in time. The airport was filled with thousands of people trying to get their boarding passes all at the same time. Only five or six clerks were there to service thousands of passengers. Since most of the flights were overseas, one woman from American Airlines was just screaming, “You must have your passport ready.” She screamed at a young man standing in front of me, “Do you have your passport ready?” “But I’m going to San Francisco,” was his confused answer. It took me one hour and 15 minutes to get a boarding pass, another 45 minutes at security, and then a dead run to my gate. So there I was, out of breath. I stumbled on board with my carry-on bags. There were more than 300 people on this thing called an Airbus — all going to Puerto Rico. It was a Sunday in May. “Why the hell would anyone want to go to Puerto Rico on a Sunday in May?” I thought to myself. So I stumbled down the aisle looking for 34A, my window seat. That’s when I spotted her. She was a woman in her early 30s. She was big. Very, very big. But it wasn’t her


shoulders and breasts and waist that amazed me. It was her ass. Three quarters of her ass occupied seat 34B, but the other quarter of her ass was on my seat, 34A. She got out into the aisle so I could get into my seat. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her ass. Then she sat down and her ass was on my lap and hip. You must understand – I was trapped in my seat. Then I started to think, should I introduce myself? Should I comment on it? Should I say, “Miss, that’s one amazing big ass you have there. We’re going to be riding for three hours and 55 minutes and it’s clear I am going to be in constant contact with your ass, so let me tell you it is an amazing ass. It is the Godzilla of asses.” My mind was racing. Should I ignore it? Should I try to synchronize my breathing with hers for maximum comfort? There was no way to bring down the armrest because her ass was in the way. I fidgeted for five minutes under her ass and finally found my seat belt. We were about to take off when the pilot announced that the plane had a mechanical problem and we would have to wait for another plane to be brought out to take us to San Juan. Just enough time to miss our connection to Tortola. An hour and a half later I was on another plane with the same seatmate and the same ass. The flight was a nightmare. The woman, perfectly comfortable with the seating arrangement, spent the entire flight reaching into a Starbucks bag and eating cakes and buns. I was fearful that if her ass got any bigger I would be pushed out of the window and sucked out of the plane. When we were a few minutes out of San Juan I realized that I have been married to the beautiful Judy Licht for 23 years and in all those years I haven’t touched Judy’s butt for the sum total of time I was spending touching this stranger’s ass. The thought made me giggle uncontrollably and the woman stopped munching on cake to give me a dirty look. When I got off the plane I realized that I had my cell phone in my right-hand pocket that her ass was perched on. I said a thankful prayer that I hadn’t received a message during that time. My cell phone vibrated when I get a message, and if it had gone off and vibrated under her ass at any time during the flight, I might be rotting in some San Juan jail or, if she liked it, my seat mate would have picked me up and carried me off in the same way King Kong had carried off Fay Wray. If you wish to comment on “Jerry’s Ink” please send your message to jerry@



North Fork News


THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

In Pain? Get Answers Dr. Frank Adipietro, a leader F in the field of Interventional Pain Management, will present “When Pain Persists,” a free wellness lecture open to the public on Wednesday, March 22, from 2 to 3 PM at the Cutchogue New Suffolk Library located at 27550 Main Road, Cutchogue. coolness of women,” according to organizer Cindy Clifford. Slated for debut this summer at the historic Vail-Levitt Music Hall, the East End Fringe Festival is a diverse and intimate theatrical event designed to provide a catalyst for cultural and community development, according to its mission statement. It will feature original full length plays and a student poetry contest plus more. Visit the Fringe Fest website to learn more.

Traveler Watchman Truth without fear since 1826

The Future Is Female Festival Compiled by Kitty Merrill

It’s a different twist to the traditional ladies’ night. The Future is Female Festival is part of a nationwide program created and presented by women of all backgrounds, to share the imagined future in which the world is a better, more equal, place. Hosted by Dark Horse Restaurant on East Main Street n Riverhead at 7 PM on Thursday, March 23, the evening is tabbed by organizers as one that “promises to inspire and entertain as we celebrate not just women’s history, but women’s futures.” Special guest performers include Minerva Perez, Executive Director of OLA (Organización Latino-Americana) and Sharon We e k s , w h o s e l e t t e r t o h e r Wisconsin newspaper on “What Young Women May Not Know” went viral with over 500 thousand likes and counting on Facebook. Admission is free with food and drink available for purchase. Donations to Planned Parenthood and the East End Fringe Festival are welcome. The Future is Female is a bit of a microcosm of the East End Fringe Festival, and focused on “celebrating the quintessential




March 15, 2017

Get answers to your most n a g g i n g p a i n q u e s t i o n s . D r. Adipietro, Director of the Interventional Pain Management Center at Eastern Long Island Hospital can help you learn more about the type of pain you are experiencing and how to get relief. For more information, contact 631-477-5614.

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March 15, 2017


THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman


Am O’ GRAND Independent / Kitty Merrill, Patty Collins Sales

Faith and Begorrah, it was a wee bit frigid Saturday, but the hardy hamlet was well represented in the person of Grand Marshal Joan Tulp, marchers, and spectators at the annual Am O’Gansett parade.



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THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

March 15, 2017

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March 15, 2017

THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

after pleading guilty to robbery in the third degree and attempted burglary in the second degree.

Parolee Charged A man who robbed an elderly couple in the Walmart parking lot in Riverhead on March 2 was arrested Sunday. Riverhead Town Police detectives said Christopher M. Laterza, no known address, was picked up Saturday afternoon on Riverside Drive. Laterza was released from prison in 2015 after serving 31 months

Airlifted A Mattituck teen was airlifted to Stony Brook University Hospital on March 1 after he crashed his car while attempting to evade police, Southold Town Police said. The young man, 16, was apprehended on Main Street in Peconic at about 8:20 PM. Knuckled Under A Riverside man was charged with two counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon Fourth




Degree after a routine traffic stop in Flanders Friday night. The Southampton Town Police said its Community Response Unit pulled a driver over for traffic infractions and discovered a

passenger, age 61, was packing a gravity knife and a metal knuckle. He was charged with two misdemeanors and spent the night in the pokey to face arraignment the following morning.

Girl Power

together. We’re on the phone every day and we get a lot done,” Quarty said. Caring for a cancer patient at the end of her life can be a gut-wrenching experience. “Most people don’t know how to react when somebody is sick; the first impulse is to just stay away. But you have to take that step and be there,” said Quarty. While the work can be heartbreaking at times, Quarty finds innumerable rewards, particularly in the gratitude expressed for Lucia’s Room. “We get tons of letters,” she reported. “This room, what it’s meant to families. It’s very rewarding to get that kind of feedback. The serenity and peace it’s brought to patients and families . . . It’s food for the soul.” Speaking to The Independent this week, Quarty also made note of a network of volunteers, many of them survivors, that’s evolved over the years. “It’s just a whole sisterhood. We build each other up, and the things we can accomplish when we all work together are amazing.” Quick to credit the work of others, Quarty will be getting her place in the spotlight this Saturday night, when she’s honored at the Denim and Diamonds fundraiser for the Ellen Hermanson Foundation. See elsewhere in this edition for all the details about the annual event.

Continued from page 5. is President of Lucia’s Angels and Vice President of the Coalition for Women’s Cancers (formerly known as the South Fork Breast Health Coalition); Roden is President of the Coalition and VP of Lucia’s Angels. “Suzie and I work very well


Chalk It Up


1 E Main St. Patchogue, NY 11772 (631) 289-9899

T h e We s t h a m p t o n F r e e Library will be hosting a Family Chalk Project in front of the library on Saturday from 10 am till noon. The event aims to memorialize the 146 people who lost their lives in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City on March 25, 1911, by chalking their names in front of the library. The memorial is one of many that will occur across New York. Also this week at the library Irish chef and cookbook author Margaret M. Johnson will demonstrate mouth-watering Irish recipes on Friday at noon. The program will include free samples and participants are invited to bring a potluck dish with Irish flair to share. For details, call 631-288-3335; or visit http://westhamptonlibrary. net.




THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

March 15, 2017


In Depth NEWS March 15, 2017

Truth Without Fear

Volume 2 • Issue 7

Obamacare Replacement Plan Draws Criticism By Rick Murphy

Obamacare, defiled as one of the country’s worst initiatives just a year ago, has gone from being maligned to being cherished since January. Why the quick turnaround? Two words: Donald Trump. Our new president, with a GOP controlledCongress, intends to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and replace it, and that has set friend and foe alike to worrying. Of course, initial estimates about how much the American Health Care Act (dubbed Republicare) will cost, and its chances for success, vary according to which side of the political spectrum the analyst is on. Kevin Drum, writing for the leftleaning Mother Jones magazine, sees a catastrophe coming, but then again Mother Jones is against anything Trump proposes. “ We estimate that the bill would increase costs for the average enrollee by $1542,  for the year, if the bill were in effect today,” Drum wrote. “The impact of the Republican bill would be particularly severe for older individuals, ages 55 to 64.  Their costs would increase by $5269 if the bill went into effect today and by $6971 in 2020,” he added. Left unsaid that costs have skyrocketed under Obamacare and independent estimates see a bleak future for it, if it survives at all, especially after United Health Care and Aetna bailed out.

Independent / Courtesy

Congressman Paul Ryan, at a VFW event in Wisconsin, is the chief architect of the American Health Care Act.

An analysis of the Republican plan in the New York Times last week by Kevin Quealy and Margot Sanger-Katz concluded that many of the 20 million Americans who obtained health insurance for the first time will lose it. “Obamacare’s subsidies were structured to limit how much low and middle-income Americans could be asked to pay for health insurance,” The Times reported. “Under the GOP proposal, many of the people whose tax credits would fall sharply would be likely to end up uninsured. For people with few resources, a gap of several


Hamptons Septic Services 631-267-7515

thousands of dollars between their tax credit and the cost of coverage would be impossible to make up.” The Kaiser Family Foundation also concluded the GOP Plan would hit poorer Americans hard. Kaiser estimated tax subsidies  for every county in the United States. “The result reveals stark contrasts in federal support, particularly for lower-income Americans,” the foundation reported. As aforesaid, most of the naysayers haven’t acknowledged the sad truth of Obamacare – the HMOs are bailing, leaving many

states with one or two providers, and more HMOs have said they will be unable to continue in the current system. Obamacare, most independent experts agree, will sputter to a halt because of its own fatal design. The entire premise of Obamacare was based on competing providers. Without competition, the system was doomed to fail anyway. Regardless, premiums have risen astronomically in some states, dramatically in some others, and significantly in most of the others. The only clear winners of the ACA were the millions of poor signees who receive federal subsidies in one form or the other. Solvent individuals who declined to purchase health care were to pay a penalty for making that choice, but the Obama administration overestimated how much revenue the penalty would provide by millions. The Republican plan would do away with the penalty altogether. The key provision of the Republican plan allows interstate competition – opening the door for HMOs to truly compete for customers, the assumption being competition will cut costs, which is exactly what proponents of the ACA hoped would happen. Stripped of the political rhetoric, the success of the GOP plan hinges on competition and relies on the open market to reel in runaway costs.

Continued on Page 12.


March 15, 2017

THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman



will pin the blame if the Republican health care plan goes awry. Trump told conservative groups Wednesday that, should the GOP health-care reform bill fail, he will let the Affordable Care Act (ACA) sputter

and blame Democrats,” CNBC reported Thursday. Of course CNBC has become one of the poster children for Fake News, according to Trump. It cites “unnamed sources” for the information.

Watch For Scammers

Health Care

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11. Julie Rover broke down the major difference in the two plans in a special report on National Public Radio which was published on the NPR website on March 8. The biggest changes the Republican bill would make are to the Medicaid program. Currently, Medicaid costs are shared between states and the federal government, but the funding is open-ended, so the federal government pays a percentage of whatever states spend. Obamacare uses Medicare to subsidize policies, making them affordable to low or no income recipients. “Under the proposed bill, the amount of federal funding would be capped on a per-person basis, so funding would go up as more people qualify,” the NPR reports said. “Starting in 2020, it would roll back federal funding for the ACA’s

expansion that allowed states to provide Medicaid coverage to all low-income individuals under 138 percent of the poverty level, rather than just the specific categories of poor people (children, pregnant women, elderly, disabled) who were previously eligible.” I n o t he r w o rd s , c u r r e n t l y Medicaid will pay a chunk of any plan approved by the states. After 2020, it will eliminate Medicare contributions beyond a preset limit. The result: unless the states pony up their own funds, a significant amount of people receiving subsidies will lose coverage. The critics, some of whom questioned Obamacare when it became apparent it wasn’t working as planned, are blasting Republicare with gusto, painting the ACA as the lesser of two evils. No worries. President Trump has a fall back plan. “President Donald Trump reportedly knows where he

Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco wants residents to be on alert for tax season scammers who may attempt to obtain copies of your W-2 forms, file your taxes and steal your refunds. This may happen in the form of official-sounding phone calls asking you or your employer for copies of W-2s, or through email phishing scams that ask for personal and employment-related information. If you receive such an email, report it to the Internal Revenue Service by sending a copy to with “W-2 Scam” in the subject line. You can also call the special hotline set up by the Treasury Inspector General’s Office at 800-366-4484 or visit them online at https://www. Another common IRS scam involves phone solicitors calling people to demand money to pay for taxes. These callers can be very aggressive and typically threaten to arrest people who do not meet their demands. If you receive one of these calls, hang up immediately. If you do owe federal taxes, or think you might owe taxes, simply call the IRS at 800-829-1040. IRS workers will answer any questions. The IRS will never: • Call to demand immediate payment, nor will the agency call about taxes owed without first having mailed you a bill. • Demand that you pay taxes without giving you the opportunity to question or appeal the amount they say you owe. • Require you to use a specific payment method for your taxes, such as a prepaid debit card. • Ask for credit or debit card numbers over the phone. • Threaten to bring in local police or other law-enforcement groups to have you arrested for not paying.

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THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

March 15, 2017


Gregor, Schneiderman Rift Widens By Rick Murphy

Don’t invite Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman and Town Highway Superintendent Alex Gregor to the same party. In fact, it is possible the two, both of whom had Democratic and Independence Party endorsements when they last ran for office, might not even share the same party line come November. It is the time of year when the political waters begin to churn, and would-be politicians mulling a run for public office begin to call in their chips. Gregor thinks Schneiderman, who is up for reelection, is angling to get him off the ballot, despite the fact that Gregor, when he ran for office four years ago, was a top vote getter. Gregor garnered 62 percent of the vote in 2013 running against Dave Betts, and 1358 of them came on the Independence Party line. Schneiderman won in 2015 by besting Richard Yastrzemski with 56 percent of the vote including 548 on the Independence line. Assemblyman Fred Thiele, the head of the Southampton Town Independence Party, said he is committed to Gregor. “Alex will have the Independence line, and the Conservatives like him, too.” Thiele has also heard the rumors that the Dems are looking to dump Gregor. “Obviously, if he doesn’t have a major party line he could be vulnerable,” Thiele said. “If the Republicans and Democrats agree on one candidate, he’s toast. In a three way race, anything could happen.” Gregor said he screened recently with the Democrats and said Gordon Herr, the Democratic Committee chairman, told him he faced an uphill battle getting back on the ticket because he was “disruptive” and “not a team player.” Herr, asked to comment, said Gregor “was a good campaigner and he does a good job, but he is not good at PR.”

Though the screening process is just beginning, Herr said Schneiderman and town board incumbent Julie Lofstad would almost surely earn the nod to fill the Democratic line on the ballot. “Jay has done an amazing job. He is mild, and flexible, and he calms everyone down,” he said. He was less effusive about Gregor’s chances. “If someone wants to run, we will screen them,” Herr said. Gregor smells a rat. “Jay’s been working to get me off the ballot for quite some time,” he said. The pair has been locking horns since Schneiderman took office. In January, 2016 the supervisor pushed for a $3 million grant from the state’s Community Development Block Grant Program to refurbish Dune Road, which runs along the oceanfront barrier beach, but has been stymied by Gregor’s opposition. Gregor pointed out one requirement of the grant is that it has to be used in areas where residents earn below 50 percent of the county’s median income. Gregor called Dune Road “a millionaire’s road.” Recently, the town board sent a letter to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, asking the state to include an elevation project for Dune Road in the 400-page Fire Island to Montauk Point Reformulation Study Plan. Gregor

said he was more likely to approve a Dune Road plan that included the influx of federal funds. A prickly truce between the two evaporated when Schneiderman

seemed a bit too enthusiastic about a plan to close a portion of Shinnecock Road that ran through Shinnecock Hills Golf Club. The plan was championed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a member of the golf club. Schneiderman said he was keeping an open mind; Gregor said the supervisor was caving into pressure from the wealthy club members like Bloomberg. The rift widened even further after Schneiderman attempted to add 34 administrative workers to the town’s CSEA union agreement, joining the ranks of about 300 town union employees. Gregor balked, and because 59 of them work in the Highway Department, and Gregor had to sign off on the deal. He refused, and the two sides are Continued on Page 14.



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March 15, 2017

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Throne-Holst Accepts New Post Independent / Courtesy SCCNY

Anna Throne-Holst replaces Renee Lundholm as President of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce. By Rick Murphy

Anna Throne-Holst has landed on her feet, but that was to be expected. The former three-term

Southampton Town Supervisor lost her first election ever last year when she failed to capture Lee Zeldin’s U.S. Congressional seat, setting off speculation about what her next move would be. As it turns out, it is to Manhattan. Throne-Holst was recently named President of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, replacing Renee Lundholm, who held the job for 33 years. Besides her obvious management and leadership skills, Throne-Holst has specific qualifications for the job. She holds a Master’s Degree from the Columbia University School of International Affairs and she speaks fluent Swedish, one of four languages she is conversant in.


It doesn’t hurt that she was born in Oslo and raised in Stockholm, either. Throne-Holst said she is stepping away from politics for the foreseeable future. “It was a challenge I was crazy enough to enjoy but I never was or wanted to be a career politician,” she said. When she ran for the first time (for Southampton Town Board), “I only did it because people I respect and know wanted me to do it.” Having been once bitten, ThroneHolst isn’t ruling anything out. “I miss serving and trying to make politics and government work, so if it ever happens that a suitable and interesting challenge should present itself again . . .“


The New York Chamber is the largest Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in the world with 35 employees with headquarters on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. Throne-Holst has moved to the city from Noyack. The Chamber is a leader in knowledge sharing and consulting services to Swedish businesses seeking a US presence. “I’m loving it,” Throne-Holst said of the new job.




Good Fortune: Success that seems to happen by chance.

Wishing you the luck of the Irish!

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A letter - and a $50 check - to Southampton Highway Department workers from the town’s CSEA union president riled Town Highway Superintendent Alex Gregor.

now in a legal entanglement that is getting ugly. Last week Laura Smith, the local CSEA unit union head, sent a $50 check to every highway department union employees with a succinct message: “Hard times: thanks for sticking with us.” It sent a not-too-subtle message, Gregor said, in an attempt to turn his people against him. In fact, Gregor believes Schneiderman’s goal in wanting to add more people to the union was a maneuver to earn their votes come Election Day, though it could cost taxpayers a significant amount of money down the road. Gregor called it “a giveaway.” “Alex is a pain in the ass, but a popular one and other than his fights with the town board, there is little to criticize in his performance,” Thiele said. Schneiderman did not return a call asking for comment Friday. As for the Independence Party endorsements, Thiele said Lofstad and Tommy John Schiavoni are the leading town board candidates thus far. As for the supervisor’s race, Schneiderman may have a fight on his hands if Councilwoman Christine Scalera opts to run for the top spot. Thiele said he envisions a primary battle between the two for the Independence Party line.






The Man

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March 15, 2017


The Independent


March 15, 2017

Who Saved The World See Page 18


March 15, 2017

THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

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Independent / Camila Tucci, Magda Schneiderman

OLA of Eastern Long Island hosted a Pachanga for Peace and Unity at Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor Saturday night. Pictured (l to r) are OLA executive director Minerva Perez, Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman, and Electro Latino percussionist Mila Tina. Mambo Loco was in the house, as were Certain Moves, and Willie Fuentes and Friends adding to the musical extravaganza.

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Voices Of Resistance

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On Saturday at 5 PM Canio’s in Sag Harbor hosts a celebration of Women’s History Month. The theme for the community reading is “voices of women’s resistance.” Speakers include poet Kathy Engel, novelist Ursula Hegi and Gloria Primm Brown and others. Each reader will highlight a woman resister from history. The event is sponsored by Canio’s Cultural Cafe.  All are welcome to attend. Free will donations will be collected for a women’s advocacy organization. For information, call 631-725-4926.




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March 15, 2017


How To Murder Your Life By Jessica Mackin-Cipro

The Costume Institute

Independent/Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art/

Carrie Rebora Barratt, Rei Kawakubo, Andrew Bolton, and Anna Wintour at The Met’s Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the InBetween advance press event.

By Jessica Mackin-Cipro

The Metropolitan Museum of Art hosted a press presentation on March 6 at Pavillon Vendôme in Paris, France, to reveal early details about The Costume Institute’s upcoming exhibition, Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between, opening on May 4.

Rei Kawakubo and Anna Wintour joined Museum Deputy Director Carrie Rebora Barratt and Costume Institute Curator in Charge Andrew Bolton for a glimpse of some of the ensembles to be featured in the exhibition, on view May 4 through September 4 at The Met in New York City. 

How To Murder Your Life is a memoir about the life of writer Cat Marnell. Set in the glamorous world of NYC’s downtown nightclubs and fashion magazines, it’s darkly humorous and totally real. M o s t l y i t ’s a stor y of drug addiction and self-sabotage. And the story of Cat, a Condé Nast drop out, is almost as addicting as the drugs she takes. I t a l l begins with a prescription for Ritalin to treat her ADD at a New England prep school. It continues to New York, where the reader follows Cat’s amphetamine-fueled career rise and fall, and rise again. She starts her impressive resume as an intern in the beauty departments of NYLON, Teen Vogue, Glamour, and Lucky. Murder is a tale of a prescription drug addict and a “doctor shopper” who manipulates Upper East Side psychiatrists for pills, pills, and more pills. As a lonely bulimic she spends hundreds on binge foods. She starts her life in New York City as a promiscuous party girl who dances barefoot on banquets but later becomes a weepy and hallucination-prone insomniac who will take anything — anything — to fall asleep. This could include an entire box of Benedryl, which leads to hallucinations of mice inside her apartment (eek!). At twenty-six, Cat was working as an associate beauty editor at

Lucky, one of America’s top fashion magazines, while living the life of an addict. As a beauty editor at Conde Nast, a place where employees don’t come to work with split ends let alone bloody knees, she hides the fact that she hasn’t slept in days with selftanner. She spirals deeper into her addiction, overpowering her ambition, and coming to the realization that she is just too sick to continue working at the magazine. Cat later finds a different voice as a founding editor at xoJane. com where she writes honest columns about her drug addiction. Headlines include “Gonna Wash That Angel Dust Right Outta My Hair.” Even so, she is mandated by her boss to rehab yet again. The story gives the reader a large dose of cold hard truth through the eyes of a young female addict who just can’t say no. And no drug is off limits. It’s about being in one’s addiction and suffering through it, and all the highs and lows along the way. Follow Cat on her journey and the progression of her addiction, from the Condé Nast building (where she rides the elevator alongside Anna Wintour), to seedy nightclubs, abusive friendships, a suicide attempt, smoking angel dust with graffiti writers, rehabs, and metal hospitals. H o w t o M u r d e r Yo u r L i f e i s mesmerizing and brutally honest.

Where can our passion take your business?

Wendy Williams

By Nicole Teitler

With so much to do in the greater New York, from Manhattan to Montauk, being part of a live studio audience is an easy way to cut expenses. Not only is it free, in a city where drink prices can cost more than an actual meal, it's exciting. Did we mention it's free? See your favorite talk show personalities like Jimmy Fallon, Kelly Ripa, Stephen

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March 15, 2017

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He Saved The World

By Jessica Mackin-Cipro

One of Douglas Elliman’s top brokers, Hamptons resident, and film producer Raphael Avigdor tells the story of Stanislov Petrov, a Soviet officer who saved the world from nuclear holocaust in the award-winning docudrama film, The Man Who Saved The World. The film stars Kevin Costner with appearances by Robert De Niro, Matt Damon, and Walter Cronkite. Based on a true story, the gripping film centers around Petrov’s actions on September 26, 1983. Petrov discovered an incorrect satellite report that American missiles were headed toward the Soviet Union. Suspecting that the system was malfunctioning, he convinced his superiors to delay a counterattack until further confirmation, thus avoiding what could have been the end of life on earth. “It’s incredible to think how we have walked the world . . . not knowing that we wouldn’t have been here, if it wasn’t for Mr. Petrov’s decision,” stated

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Cronkite. The film shows viewers just how close the planet came to apocalypse in this epic Cold War thriller. Petrov single-handedly prevented a nuclear war but struggled with getting his life back on track as his family fell apart and he suffered extreme grieving and loneliness. It was up to Petrov to alert his leadership to launch the counter attack that would have wiped out half of USA’s population. For years this harrowing story about the man who saved the world went untold. “I’m lucky enough to get to play heroes. I’ve often said I get to play people braver than myself. Often times what we’re portraying are men like Stanislov,” said Costner about the film. “Most of you might remember when the Cold War was at its height. The Soviet Union had just shot down a Korean jet, 260 people killed.” The film screened recently at the Gold Coast International Film Festival’s popular Douglas Elliman Film Series last week and followed with a Q & A with the films executive producers, Avigdor along with Christian D. Bruun and Mark Romeo. Sponsored by Douglas Elliman Real Estate, the Elliman Film Series offers culturally, historically, aesthetically, and artistically important films to the Long Island and Queens communities. For more information on the film visit www.themanwhosavedtheworldmovie. com. For more details on the Elliman Film Series, visit www.goldcoastfilmfestival. org.

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Hamptons Visitors Council

The Hamptons Visitors Council hosted a successful “Meet & Greet” event on February 23 at Southampton Inn. The HVC unveiled its 2017 initiatives. The board members worked hard to produce this affair, meant to boost local businesses in the off-season. The board members include chair Donna Lanzetta, member Dede Gotthelf, executive director Sheila Minkel Barrila, secretary Tom Edmunds, treasurer Jessica Insalaco, and Victoria Gorman who handles social media. Guests included many business owners, and community and town leaders.




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Sweet Charities

By Jessica Mackin-Cipro

Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email to jessica@indyeastend. com.

ELIH Auxiliary Car Raffle

Eastern Long Island Hospital presents the ELIH Auxiliary Car Raffle, co-sponsored by Mullen Motors. Tickets are $50 and participants can win a brand new Jeep Renegade or walk away with $15,000 cash. The drawing takes place May 12 at noon. For more info call 631-477-5463.

Shamrock Shindig

Aid to the Developmentally Disabled will host its third annual "Shamrock Shindig" on Thursday from 6:30 to 10 PM at the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead. This evening of family fun will feature hors d'oeuvres, Irish food, live music by Tommy Sullivan of The Brooklyn Bridge, a raffle, and a 140,000 Gallon Shark Tank Showdown. The Shark Tank Showdown is where daring participants are sponsored to dive into the shark tank. The sponsor who solicits the highest donation total will take the plunge. Tickets are $65 per person, $25 for children and are available for purchase at All proceeds will fund programs, services, and community engagement efforts for over 160 of its differently-abled population at its residential and supported homes.

Lucky In Love

ARF's Lucky in Love Adoption Event will be held on Friday from 4 to 8 PM at the adoption center in Wainscott.

Bring the family and celebrate with raffles, giveaways, and a photo booth. ARF will be offering rabies, DA2PP, Bordetella, FVRCP and microchipping for $10 each. Open to all cats and dogs who are spayed and neutered. Admission is free but adoption fees apply. For more information contact or call 631-537-0400 ext. 203.

Denim and Diamonds

"Denim and Diamonds," a kick off party to celebrate The Ellen Hermanson Foundation providing access to stateof-the-art quality breast health care on the East End, will be held on Saturday from 6:30 to 10 PM at 230 Elm in Southampton. The evening includes food, fun, and dancing. Tickets start at $125 and $75 for guests 29 and under. For more info visit www.

Perfect Earth Project

Join Perfect Earth Project for a celebration of public landscapes in Southampton that are managed without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides at the Southampton Arts Center on Sunday from 2 to 3:30 PM. Locations without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides include Southampton Hospital, Parrish Art Museum, and Southampton Arts Center. Perfect Earth Project landscaping experts will be on hand to answer your questions about maintaining your own beautiful landscape without chemicals that are dangerous for your family’s health and the environment. At 2:30 PM, children and parents



are invited to make native bee hotels using upcycled and natural materials. For more info visit www.

Bowling Bonanza

The Riverhead Community Awareness Program (CAP) presents its 5th Annual Bowling Bonanza Fundraiser on Tuesday from 7 to 9:30 PM at The All Star. The lanes will be set up for team play. Guests are invited to organize a team of up to eight players for this event. You may also participate as an individual or pair, and you will be assigned to a team. Each team will bowl one or two games, time permitting. All ages are welcome. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. The cost is $20 per person. Register in advance to secure a spot. Bowling, shoes, soda, and chips are all included. There will also be raffles, prizes, and food available for purchase. For more info email Sponsor@ or call 631-7273722.

Rally For Alli

A benefit for Allison Duchemin who is battling breast cancer called "Let's Rally For Alli Breast Cancer Benefit" and will be held on Friday, March 24, at the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett from 7 to 10 PM. There will be live music, raffles, food, and more. For more info visit www.stephentalkhouse. com.

March 15, 2017

Rock The Retreat!

Join The Retreat at the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett for “Rock The Retreat!” on Thursday, March 30, for a live performance by GE Smith and Taylor Barton, followed by DJ Jack Luber. Doors open at 7 PM. Advanced tickets are $30 and can be purchased at

A Moveable Feast

The Joshua Levine Memorial Foundation and Slow Food East End will host “A Moveable Feast,” an evening of celebration honoring Joshua Levine and supporting Edible School Gardens on the East End. “A Moveable Feast,” which is now in its seventh year, will take place on April 2 from 4 to 7 PM at Dodds & Eder Landscape Design Showroom in Sag Harbor. As a result of this event, the East End of Long Island has one of the largest, most successful school garden programs in the United States, 27 schools in all. Guests will have the opportunity to meet and chat with some of the East End's best chefs and beverage purveyors, while moving from station to station and feasting on their latest culinary creations, which may include veggies grown in local school gardens. There will also be a silent auction featuring items donated from local farms, fishermen, restaurants, vineyards and merchants on the East End and beyond.  Tickets are $100 for members and $150 for non-members. For more info visit

“Yesterday’s Integrity With Tomorrow’s Technology” Specialist In Repair & Restoration Mon Thru Fri: 8AM-10AM Sat: 12 Noon To 3PM Ask For “Doc” Russ 324-6363 238 THREE MILE HARBOR ROAD H.C. EAST HAMPTON (Past Main Marina) Lamphospital@Hamptons.Com

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March 15, 2017

THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman



BBQ Facebook page.  

East Hampton Library


Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email to jessica@indyeastend. com.

By Camila Tucci


Wind Quintet

In celebration of 40 years, the Shelter Island Friends of Music presents a Season of Our Most Popular Artists for 2017 with WindSync, winner of the Concert Artists Guild International Competition 2012. The group consists of a flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, and French horn and will perform on Saturday at 8 PM at the Shelter Island Presbyterian Church. Wine and cheese will be served after the concert. Admission is free; donations are appreciated. Visit for more info about the wind quintet.

Irish Rock

Suffolk Theater will host Irish Rock Night with Dublin NYC on Friday at 8 PM. Hear the music of U2, Thin Lizzy, The Pogues, Van Morrison, and more performed by musicians who have worked with icons such as Elvis Costello and Ray Charles. For tickets visit

Wednesday Night Live

Ray Red and Mike Rusinsky host “Wednesday Night Live,” a weekly

Tom Twomey Series open mic at MJ Dowling’s in Sag Harbor from 8 to 11 PM. Performers include musicians, poets, comedians, and singers. Sign up starts at 7 PM. Performers get a free soft drink or tap beverage. Every Friday, it’s karaoke beginning at 10 PM.

Stephen Talkhouse

Friday night at The Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett it’s The Clear water Stills Band at 8 PM. NICOLE will follow them at 10 PM. Bollywood Dance Party is set for 8 PM on Saturday. LHT takes the stage at 10 PM. A Benefit for Jordan Johnson will take place on Sunday at 7 PM. Mama Lee and Friends will perform at the benefit. Visit or call 631-267-3117 to purchase tickets early or for more info.

Townline BBQ

Townline BBQ in Sagaponack presents Karaoke Nights ever y Saturday from 8 PM to 12 AM with a special food and drink menu as guests sing their favorites. Come for free pool and pub quiz night at 7 PM every Thursday evening and come hear some “smokin’ hot tunes” live alongside a happy hour menu every Friday from 5 to 8 PM. On Friday night Wiggle Boy Friday performs. For more info call 631-537-2271 or visit the Townline



East Hampton Library presents the third annual “Tom Twomey Series” today at 6 PM. On the third Thursday of ever y month, except the first meeting that will be today, there will be presentations regarding many topics that are important to the East End community. They will take place in the Library’s Baldwin Family Lecture Room and will start at 6 PM sharp. After the one hour presentation a Q and A will follow. Admission is free, and no reservations or tickets required. For more info call 631-324-0222, ext. 3.

Woman Suffrage Talk

Antonia Petrash will present “Long Island and the Woman Suffrage Movement” on Saturday at 1 PM at the Suffolk County Historical Society in Riverhead. Petrash will share stories of the Long Island women who fought for equality. Members are free; non members are $5. Price includes book sale and signing, light refreshments, and museum admission. Call 631-7272881, ext. 100 for reservations.

Writer Speak Wednesday

Stony Brook Southampton MFA, with support by Harbor Books in Sag Harbor, has arranged a calendar of different author readings and discussions. This Wednesday, March 22, Tim Murphy will speak. He is the editor of POZ Magazine and an HIV/ AIDS reporter. He will speak at the Radio Lounge on the second floor of Chancellors Hall on Southampton. The reception begins at 6:30 PM and the readings and discussion will start at 7 PM. Visit or call 631-632-5028 to register or for any questions.

Book Hampton

Book Hampton will host a Story Time for children on Sunday at 10:30 AM. Visit

Critic, reviewer, writer, and teacher Joan Baum will give a celebratory talk on America’s greatest fiction writer, Philip Roth on Saturday from 1 to 4 PM. To register call 631-324-0222, ext. 3.


East Hampton Library

Story Salon, a live storytelling venue based in Los Angeles, is coming to the East End with Story Salon East on Saturdays from 11 AM to 12 PM. Each week seven people from the group will each tell a story of up to seven minutes long. Story Salon East will be hosted by Steve Sobel, an East Hampton resident. Coloring, Coffee, and Conversation is set for every Thursday from 1 to 2:30 PM. To register for these events call 631-324-0222, ext.3.

Suffolk Theater

On Saturday at 8 PM it’s Big Topless Burlesque: Burlesque Tribute to the Circus presented by the kings of the New York burlesque scene and producers of the Mermaid Parade and Coney Island Side Show. This show will contain adult content. To get tickets visit; they are $35.

Bay Street Theater

Goat on a Boat at Bay Street presents Aunt Irene’s Talk Show on Saturday at 11 AM. Aunt Irene’s Talk Show is a children’s show filed with music and a variety of acts. Visit for tickets.


Film Series

The Hamptons International Film Festival will continue its 25 years: 25 Films series with three upcoming screenings in March at the Bay Street Theater. On Sunday they will screen Gray’s Anatomy, directed by Steven Soderbergh, at 6 PM. An appearance will be made by the Executive Producer, Kathleen Russo. For tickets visit

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Gallery Walk

THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

March 15, 2017


By Jessica Mackin-Cipro

Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email to jessica@indyeastend. com.

...As Humanly Possible

"Endangered," an exhibit of drawings by Shelter Island's Janet Culbertson is on display at Suffolk County Community College's Lyceum Gallery on the Eastern Campus in Riverhead through April 8.

East End Arts presents "...As Humanly Possible," a new art invitational exhibition at the Southampton Cultural Center featuring five regional photographers. Photographers include Marilyn DiCarlo Ames, Jim Lennon, Steven Schreiber, Meryl Spiegel, and Joan Wozniak. The exhibition, curated by Steven Schreiber, will be on display through May 21.

Art That Speaks

Suffolk Historical Society

ONGOING Endangered

The White Room Gallery presents "ART that SPEAKS to YOU" featuring the artwork of Kat O'Neill and Mark E. Zimmerman. The show will run through April 2. O'Neill tells a story with her images, often incorporating words with her photography. Zimmerman's paintings show a steady movement through the various schools of modern painting.  A group show featuring art by Michelle Dragonetti, Claudia Ward, Sally Breen, Melissa Hin, June Kaplan, Ellyn Tucker, Bob Tucker, Gabriel Vigorelli, and Ann Brandeis is also on display.

Inside And Out

Art Gallery at the Quogue Library presents its March exhibit "Pamela Thomson: Inside and Out of the Studio." Thomson is an artist who lives and works in Hampton Bays. She enjoys painting local landscapes, cottages, gardens and still lifes. The show will run through March 29.

Student Arts Festival

The Guild Hall Student Arts Festival, Part II, Grades 9 to 12, will be on display through March 26. The festival celebrates the young artists of our region and salutes their art instructors, school administrators, and families who nurture their creative pursuits. Visit



Your locally owned community pharmacy for over 75 years Bob GrisnikPharmacist/Owner

283-1506 Jagger Lane • Southampton

Suffolk County Historical Society in Riverhead presents "History in the Hall" Women's History Exhibit: 100 Years: Votes for New York Women (1917-2017). When New York State women won their right to vote one hundred years ago — making this the centennial of that historic civil rights victory — they changed the national political landscape. This exhibit celebrates the one-hundred-year anniversary by narrating the stories of Long Island women activists who dedicated themselves to the powerful grassroots movement. Curated by Wendy Polhemus-Annibell. The show is on display through April 5.  Concurrently, Suffolk County Historical Society presents "A Time Portal to the North Fork: Photographs of Riverhead to Orient." In the spirit of Long Island's rural and maritime past, this exhibit features documentary and fine art photographs of the bucolic North Fork by local photographers Neil Scholl, Peter Dicke, and Wendy Polhemus-Annibell in the Weathervane Gallery. The photographs on exhibit are available for sale, and a portion of the proceeds benefits the Suffolk County Historical Society. The exhibit will run through March 31. The exhibit "Mapping Suffolk County" is also on display through

Artwork by Joshua Abelow at Halsey McKay Gallery.

Spring 2017. It features a wide assortment of original and reproduction historic maps of Suffolk County locations, from the 1700s to the 1900s, in the Gish Gallery.

Halsey McKay Gallery

Halsey McKay Gallery in East Hampton presents "Beaumont sur Mer," Ted Gahl's fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. Inspired by the 1988 Frank Oz comedy, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, the title of the show is derived from the fictitious resort setting where the film takes place. In several large-scale works, Gahl continues to investigate the parameters of a signature painting practice and the fine line between abstraction and representation. The gallery also presents "Miss You" with artwork by Joshua Abelow. His practice involves large and small-scale oil painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, poetry, and curating. A reception will be held on March 25 and the shows will run through April 8.

Black & White

Tripoli Gallery in Southampton presents "Black & White," a group exhibition featuring works by Katherine Bernhardt, Ross Bleckner, Quentin Curry, Jamie dePasquale, Tracey Emin, Ryan Estep, Urs Fischer, April Gornik, Takesada Matsutani, Angelbert Metoyer, Ned Smyth, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Igor Vishnyakov and Darius Yektai. The

Little Bird Spa East Hampton Southampton

631-329-1119 631-287-1118

exhibition will be on view through April 16.

A Sense Of Place

Southampton Arts Center presents its first exhibition of 2017. "A Sense Of Place," organized by Bastienne Schmidt. This exhibition is envisioned as a dialogue among artists reflecting their own concept of "a sense of place" in different ways, might it be in a physical manner or as a conceptual representation of what an environment can be. "A Sense Of Place" includes artists Philippe Cheng, Louise Eastman with Janis Stemmermann, Christopher French, Saskia Friedrich, Mar y Heilmann, Toni Ross, Bastienne Schmidt, Michelle Stuart, Edwina von Gal and the Perfect Earth Project, and Almond Zigmund. The show runs through April 9.

East End Winter Salon

The East End Winter Salon is an artist collaborative conceived by Robin Rice, Amy Pilkington, and Sixtina Friedrich. Located in an historic house on Main Street in Bridgehampton, the first exhibition, "What We Love About the East End," includes photography, crystal jewelry, and textiles, all inspired by and created in The Hamptons. The show will run through April 2.

Shelter Tails

Clean Soothing Music Peaceful Atmosphere

Winter Special Price Foot Reflexology $38/1 hour Beauty Body Massage $58/1 hour Basic Facial $62/40 min Waxing-Eyebrow $13 More Choice Package Combo Gift Certificate Available Open 7 Days East Hampton 26 Park Place, East Hampton 11937 Southampton 16 Hill Street, Southampton 11968

March is Adopt a Kitty Month! Meet Spot! Spot was left at the shelter when her owners moved in 2011. She patiently waits each day for a new home. Please come and meet our silly senior girl; she’s in the book! Adopt a kitty and get a free Wellness Exam & a Rabies vax at our In House Clinic.

Please patronize our Thrift Shop located at 30 Jagger Lane in Southampton Village 631-728-PETS (7387) Adopt a Patient Pet and get a $50 Hampton Coffee Gift Card!


March 15, 2017

East End Calendar Highlights Compiled By Kitty Merrill

Each week we’ll highlight local community events and library offerings presented by area institutions and organizations. It’s on you to send ‘em in, kids. Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email news@

East Hampton WEDNESDAY 3•15•17 • AARP tax assistance is available at the East Hampton Library every Wednesday until April 12 from 10 AM to 1 PM. Call 631-324-0222 ext.3 to make an appointment. SATURDAY 3•18•17 • The East Hampton Library welcomes critic, reviewer, writer and teacher Joan Baum as she gives a celebratory talk on America’s greatest fiction writer, Philip Roth, one day before his 84th birthday. 1 to 4 PM. Call 631-324-0222 ext. 3 to register. • Get your annual corned beef and cabbage at the Springs Presbyterian Church on Old Stone Highway. It’s the corned beef, the cabbage, plus potatoes, carrots and Irish soda bread with dessert and coffee or tea for $22. Eat in or take out from 4:30 to 6:30 PM. Call 631-324-4791 for tickets. • Amagansett Free Library presents Listening With Your Eyes: Sign Language for Kids at 3 PM. The program is suitable for kids aged six to 10. Register by calling 631-267-3810.


THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

• From 2 to 4 PM, there’s a high school portfolio review workshop with School of Visual Arts (SVA) Professor and Sculptor Michael Combs at Guild Hall in East Hampton. High School art students preparing for the college admissions process will gain valuable insight on preparing an artwork portfolio. Free Admission. Reservations required. Visit the Guild Hall website or call 631-324-0806. • Take a moderate-paced hike past Fresh Pond in Hither Woods along a seldom traversed, somewhat hilly trail that offers glimpses of the ocean at the highest point. Meet at Hither Hills West Overlook on Rt 27, about 1 mile east of the Old Montauk Highway fork at 10 AM. 
Leader: Rick Whalen, call 631-267-6608 or 631-275-8539 for additional information. • Stop by the Montauk Playhouse at 4:30 PM for movies, pizza, popcorn, and treats. Curated by Patti Greaney, this collection of short films will bring out the kid in everyone. Tickets: $5/Child, $10/Adult, $25/Family.


THURSDAY 3•16•17 • The Rogers Memorial Library will offer “GlutenFree Cooking” at 1 PM with staff members Alexis Camarda and Kristina Muller, who will prepare dishes using organic and low-sugar ingredients. Register at or call 631-283-0774 ext. 523. Se Premium System Sp ason $2 eci al Cement based durable paste sq al . ft New Driveway & Parking Lot System . (Classic Hamptons Look)

❖ Ideal for existing pavement, oil and stone driveways and pitched driveways ❖ No Maintenance, No Weeds, No Washouts, Easy Plow ❖ Asphalt Driveway Installation ❖ Driveway Repairs ❖ All Phases of Masonry


FRIDAY 3•17•17 • From 10 AM to 1 PM the Suffolk County Department of Labor will hold a Spring Job Fair at Hampton Bays Public Library. All are welcome and no registration is required. Bring copies of your resume and dress to impress! SATURDAY 3•18•17 • Goat on a Boat @ Bay Street presents Aunt Irene’s Talk Show at 11 AM at the Sag Harbor theater. We’re talking puppets and music for the kiddies. Call Bay Street for ticket info. 631-725-9500. • Take a Spotted Salamander Search with Andy Sabin, board president of the South Fork Natural History Museum. It’s open to visitors of all ages and begins at 8 PM. Guests will meet at the SoFo in Bridgehampton. Guests are asked to bring a flashlight and wear boots. For more information and reservations call 631-537-9735. • The Peconic Land Trust will host its Annual Volunteer Orientation and Training at 10 AM at Bridge Gardens on Mitchell Lane in Bridgehampton. Volunteer your extra time in support of conservation. Opportunities to volunteer on the North and South Forks will be discussed, with activities that suit a wide variety of interests. Refreshments will be provided. RSVP to Kathy Kennedy at 631-283-3195 ext. 29 or KKennedy@


SUNDAY 3•19•17 • Come and enjoy the music of Fiddler’s Green, as they perform traditional music of Ireland and America in an authentic acoustic style at the Hampton Bays Library. This program is co-sponsored by The Friends of the Hampton Bays Public Library. 2 PM. • The Friends of the Rogers Memorial Library will offer “Argentine Nights with the Tango X Piano Trio” at 3 PM. It will cover the evolution of the tango from the traditions of Carlos Gardel to the New Tango movement led by Ástor Piazzolla, to the current World Music Tango scene in Buenos Aires. Register at or call 631-283-0774 ext. 523. • “May You Have Warm Words for a Cold Day.” Join a St. Patrick’s Day Walk with a Blessing and a Poem or Two at 10 AM. Co-Sponsored by Friends of the Long Pond Greenbelt and the Southampton Trails Preservation Society. Meet at Mashasimuet Park, Sag Harbor for an easy-paced journey through the GREENbelt. Leader: Joe Lane, 631-725-3942. MONDAY 3•20•17 • Young adults, aged 18 to 30, affected by the sudden loss of a loved one, can “Chat & Chill” in Bridgehampton the third Monday of the month at 6 PM at the Bridgehampton Community Center located on the Bridgehampton/ Sag Harbor Turnpike. Call 631-813-8047 to learn more.







631-871-7965 ❖

Friends. Family. Community. Dermot PJ Dolan, Agent 2228 Montauk Hwy Bridgehampton, NY 11932 Bus: 631-537-2622 Bus: 212-380-8318




We’re all in this together. State Farm® has a long tradition of being there. That’s one reason why I’m proud to support Local After School Programs like Project MOST. Get to a better State®. State Farm, Bloomington, IL


Vay’s Voice Voiceover Artist


audio samples available




astrology & all Week of 3/15/17 - 3/22/17 Highlights of the week: The Sun enters Aries and the Spring Equinox arrives to herald in the new season.
 Jupiter, the planet of enthusiasm and good luck, in Libra is making us examine our relationships. As Jupiter is fighting with Venus in Aries (passions and impatience) some of our relationships can get interesting. Eris, the planet of Discord, meets up with Uranus, the planet of unexpected happenings, on Friday for potentially explosive revelations or actions. Be careful on St Patrick’s Day and don’t give in to cranky behavior. ARIES (3/20 - 4/20) As the Sun shines on your sign this month, you are entering a powerful time to put those plans in action. Relationships are either sublime or ridiculous. TAURUS (4/20 - 5/20) Love is everywhere and you are enjoying it.

THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

Joanne Wolff

Communications with lovers, family, and co-workers are easy and lead to renewed joy. GEMINI (5/21 - 6/22) Time to release the people or situations that are draining you? Don’t cling to outworn behaviors as they will exhaust you. New love/job is on the horizon. CANCER (6/22 - 7/22) Try to be objective when dealing with a work or home situation that needs to be revised. You can’t get what you want until you speak up. LEO (7/23 - 8/23) You can now use all your creative energy to improve your diet, your job, or your finances. If your love life is not on sizzle, time to rework that, too. VIRGO (8/24 - 9/23) Try not to pull the rug out from everyone because you are tired of your kindness not being recognized. Plan to do for yourself for a change and watch what happens.

LIBRA (9/24 - 10/22) Success is in the air and you can almost taste it. There is still work to do but rest assured you will be rewarded. Don’t lose your famous “cool.” SCORPIO (10/23 - 11/21) If you suddenly find yourself feeling very vulnerable, don’t run away to hide. Express your needs and concerns as simply as possible to clear the air. Don’t speak from anger. SAGITTARIUS (11/22 - 12/21) Any new opportunities that appear this week are to be taken, as they may lead you to something wonderful. Your love life and work situations are soon going to change for the better. CAPRICORN (12/21 - 1/20) All work and no play is very boring. Stop worrying and take the time to relax with those you love. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. AQUARIUS (1/20 - 2/19) Inspiring ideas seem to come from out of nowhere. What you are feeling is correct. Is it time to make new plans? If you do, they will lead to greater satisfaction. PISCES (2/19 - 3/20) Money and self-worth issues are on your mind.


March 15, 2017

Caution is necessary, but worry is not. Time to come out of your shell and get what you want. JOANNE WOLFF is a Certified Astrologer who seeks to help her clients understand the workings of their own individual horoscope. If you know the trends, you can use them to help you achieve your goals. Joanne is available for private readings (either in person or by phone), private parties, charity events, and astrology lessons. You can reach Joanne at 516-9965354. (Text, too.)

Picture Your AD Here! To Advertise in The Independent call us at

631.324.2500 or visit our website THE INDEPENDENT NOW, FOR THE NORTH FORK, THE

East Hampton

Traveler Watchman TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR SINCE 1826




Shelter Island


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Cleaning Service 10 Years Experience

Reasonable Year Round & Seasonal Rates Weekly and Bi-Weekly Cleanings Home Openings & Closings


631-324-5218 Licensed and Insured Family Owned and Operated since 1970


10 St. Francis Place, Springs, East Hampton, NY 11937 631-324-4944 • Fax 631-329-3669

March 15, 2017

THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

Broadway Reporting From

(& Sometimes Off)

By Isa Goldberg

When Glenn Close created the role of Norma Desmond in the 1994 Broadway production of Sunset Boulevard, it was something of a camp Hollywood event. Her oversized gestures and vibrant voice seemed like a humorous counterpoint to the image of the fading silent film star she portrayed. Watching her now – 23 years later – there won’t be many titters in the audience. Nor is there a sweeping staircase that lands nearly center stage as there was in the original production. T h e r e i s , h o w e v e r, a m o r e believable, more vicious, more fearful and frightening Hollywood icon to

discover. And that is the present day Close, who we follow in close-up throughout most of the two acts. Beyond any ordinary vanity, Norma is the object of her own ritualistic devotion. As Close portrays her, she is a universal character, embittered by her faded glory to the point of delusion. It’s truly old age that lurks here like a hideous evil. Deftly directed by Lonnie Price at the legendary Palace Theater, this revival feels like a concert-style production – in the manner of director John Doyle – and without the glitz of a Broadway musical. Sunset is a sung through musical, after all, and in this production there aren’t

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k Fuels se lls


e en

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62 Newtown Lane, East Hampton




any supersized dance numbers. The orchestra takes up most of the stage. With a minimalist set (James Noonan), darkly lit as though through a smoky camera lens (Mark Henderson), the production evokes a sense of impending gloom, as in a horror movie from the ‘40s. It takes a while before we even hear a splashy upbeat Broadway tuner. Fortunately, that song, “Every movie’s a circus,” ramps up with jazzy rhythms and a chorus of Hollywood kids, hanging around at Paramount Studios. This is one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s more beautiful scores, in my opinion. Its cynical lyrics are the work of his collaborator Don Black, along with Christopher Hampton. Close’s costumes (Anthony Powell) call forth not only the Hollywood icons of the ‘40s, but also the femme fatales and villains she helped to make famous – Cruella De Vil, among them. As Norma’s love interest, Joe Gillis, Michael Xavier is a dashing tenor, and




Independent/Joan Marcus

Glenn Close as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard. here he definitely wins the bathing suit contest. Shobhan Dillon, making her Broadway debut as the young woman who catches Joe’s eye, comes as a welcome relief to the vamps of old. Still, Close is in a class of her own. Hard Times In D.C. In Steve Levinson’s If I Forget, the dysfunctional American family stands at the verge of self-destruction with no safety net in sight. Billed as a comedy, it doesn’t take long before this tale, produced by the Roundabout Theatre at the Laura Pels Theatre, starts to sound like the Book of Job. Set in a white upper middle class neighborhood in Washington D.C., around 2000-20001, these are “hard times.” There is “another Bush in the White House,” and Michael (Jeremy Shamos) has just published his academic treatise, “Forgetting the Holocaust.” To his Jewish family, this is like inviting a suicide bomber to lunch. And the trustees of the university where Michael is up for tenure don’t feel too differently. To Michael’s credit, the book speaks to American chauvinism and the crisis over immigration. And it raises the question of what have we really learned from our history. Regardless, the entire family arrives at the home where they all grew up, and where their father, Lou (Larry Br yggman) is still living with the youngest of the three siblings, Sharon (Maria Dizzia). Lou can no longer take care of himself, and the family gathers to strategize. Two acts run by quickly despite the despairing nature of the material, thanks to a well-honed acting ensemble. Shamos, who has the gift of making every character look and feel like it’s just him, reveals Michael’s hypocrisy, even if the character doesn’t recognize it. Clearly, Michael, who is devoted to the life of intellect, cannot live by the values he professes. Bryggman, one of the great voices of the New York stage, portrays the aging Jewish merchant with crackling wisdom. We respect his insights, especially when

Continued on Page 40.




THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

March 15, 2017


Independent Dining Kids Make Your Own Pizza N i c k & To n i ’s h a s launched “Kids Make Your Own Pizza” night. Kids five to 12 years old can work with the pizza chef to create their own pizzas from 5:30 to 7 PM ever y Sunday, M o n d a y, We d n e s d a y and Thursday for $10 per kid. Reservations are required. Call the restaurant at 631-324-3550 to reserve a spot. Independent/Joanna Froschl

Weekly Specials at Cliffs Elbow Too! Tuesday-Steak Night


16oz. Steak • Soup or Salad Choice of Potato • Special Dessert

Friday ur HapcapnsyofHiceocold $3

ght Coors Li ht g Miller Li er plus oth als ci e drink sp

Wing Wednesday’s $9.99 All you can Eat $12.99

Wings All Day • Large Selection of Sauces & Rubs

Thursday-Date Night Free Glass of Wine, Beer

or Soft Drink with the purchase of an entree

Saturday Spe Happy cHiaol ur 4-7p m

Burger Sunday $6.00 All Day

Cliff’s Elbow Too!

1085 Franklinville Road, Laurel



Wainscott 358 Montauk Highway 631-537-5553 East Hampton 100 Pantigo Place (Hgwy 27) 631-329-8300 Montauk 28 South Etna Avenue 631-238-5976 Open 7 day a week: Mon - Sat 6-4 • Sunday 6-3


March 15, 2017

THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman




Food & Beverage

Compiled By Jessica Mackin-Cipro

The Springs Tavern Dan and Charlene DeSmet will launch The Springs Tavern this month in the location that was formerly Wolfie’s Tavern. The historic location has served the local community as a tavern, restaurant, bar, live music venue and gathering spot for over 80 years. The Springs Tavern plans to honor and perpetuate this historical role by providing its customers with a comfortable, clean, tavern environment with good food, live entertainment, and a full schedule of sports viewing. Frequented by famed abstract artists Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning in the mid 40s, the décor will pay homage to the history of the neighborhood. After a complete renovation and redesign The Springs Tavern will feature a restored original hardwood floor in the dining room with bead-board wainscoting and wood trim. A completely new oak bar provides the focal point of the tavern. Eight stateof-the-art HD and 4K televisions will feature NFL Sunday Ticket, every MLB game, and Premiere League Soccer games with a multi-zone eight-speaker sound system. Historical framed photos of Springs, East Hampton, and the previous iterations of the Tavern will dot the walls. Prints of works by Pollock and de Kooning are also featured to celebrate and acknowledge the


Independent/James J. Mackin

impact that these two artists had on the Springs neighborhood and the tavern specifically. The friendly atmosphere, casual dining menu, and flexible seating plan of The Springs Tavern will allow customers to have a range of experiences whether it’s a full sit-down dinner, a quick appetizer and drink at the bar, or an afternoon of sports. Scheduled live music, occasional karaoke, and even darts will all work together to recreate the historical role of the community tavern that has served generations of Springs residents from this location throughout the decades. The Springs Tavern will feature American pub-style fare executed by Chef Michael Ruggiero at an affordable price point with a children’s menu, in a warm and family friendly environment. Ruggiero brings his culinary experience including Nick & Toni’s, Harvest on Fort Pond, Fresno, and Montauk Lake Club. Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, the menu will feature seasonal soups, salads and appetizers with entrée selections that includes fish dishes, burgers, fries, grilled chicken, specialty sandwiches, and fries. Vegetarian and gluten free items will also be available. The Springs Tavern will be serving dinner seven days as well as a lunch menu on weekends and holidays.

Hampton Coffee

Hampton Coffee Company is ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with specially themed beverages and delicious special menu items all month long. The local espresso bars and cafés are serving their delicious Leprechaun Latte, which tastes like chocolate mint, and Irish Crème-flavored coffee that’ll definitely put the Irish Jig in your step. Both beverages are available every day throughout the month of March at Hampton Coffee Company’s cafés in Westhampton Beach, Water Mill, Southampton, and Aquebogue. Plus, enjoy free samples of the Irish Crème coffee every morning until lunchtime through St. Paddy’s Day.  

Lulu Kitchen & Bar

ASTPORT LIQUORS Monday 9-6, Tuesday-Thursday Friday• &•Closed Saturday 9-9, 12-6 Open 12pm 6pm onSunday Monday OpenSunday Sunday 12pm-9-8, - 6pm Monday 12-7pm

Tastings Every Sat. 3-7 pm

Senior Discount Tuesday

All Cards AllMajor Major Credit Credit Cards & DebitAccepted Cards Accepted

Gift Wrapping LOTTO IN STORE


Submit your specials! Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email to

1.00 Off 10.00 Purchase $

Not to be combined with other offers.


2.00 Off 20.00 Purchase $

Not to be combined with other offers.

15 Eastport Manor Road • Eastport • 325-1388 • Open 9 am (In the Eastport Shopping Center, next to King Kullen)

Montauk Asset Holdings, owned by Apollo Global Management co-founder Marc Rowan, has announced the newest addition to its restaurant group, Lulu Kitchen & Bar in Sag Harbor. MAH is a new hospitality group with a small collection of restaurants in Montauk including Duryea’s Lobster Deck and Arbor and most recently Lulu Kitchen & Bar in Sag Harbor. Taking the place of the former Doppio Artisan Bistro on Main Street, Lulu Kitchen & Bar will be a year-round convivial bistro. The menu and open kitchen will be centered around a woodburning grill and oven. Lulu Kitchen & Bar will be open seven days a week for lunch and dinner

and brunch on Sundays. A special late night menu will be offered every night from 10 PM to 11:30 PM. Lulu Kitchen & Bar plans to open late March/early April.

Nervous Breakdown

East End entrepreneur Keith E. Davis is growing his newest brand, Keith’s Nervous Breakdown Ultra-Premium Cocktail Mixes, with the roll out of two new mixers in 2017. The new brand launched in the summer of 2016 with its inaugural mix, Keith’s Nervous Breakdown Margarita Mix. New for 2017 are the Rum Punch Mix and Bloody Mary Mix. All mixers are made in small batches and made with only the finest ingredients including agave nectar for sweetening, not highfructose corn syrup like other brands. The mix is 90 percent juice content, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Keith's Nervous Breakdown Cocktail Mixers are available for purchase online and across Long Island and The Hamptons at retail locations. The retail cost is $16.95 per bottle. Visit www. for more info.

Rowdy Hall

Rowdy Hall is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with special Irish fare and drink specials on Friday. Anthony from WEHM Radio will be at the restaurant broadcasting live from 4 to 6 PM. The food specials will be brought back on Sunday, March 26, to honor the Montauk St. Patrick’s

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THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

Peach & Mango Smoothie

Wölffer Estate Vineyard The Wine Stand has been winterproofed and is ready for guests. Enjoy Candlelight Saturdays from 5 to 8 PM each week. This week, Hopefully Forgiven plays at the Sagaponack vineyard. www.wolffer. com Lieb Cellars Lieb Cellars Friday night music series continues with The Second Hands from 6 to 9 PM. On Saturday there will be live music with Jesse Barnes from 3 to 6 PM. www.liebcellars. com.

March 15, 2017


Gallo from 1:30 to 5:30 PM. Shinn Estate Vineyard Shinn Estate Vineyards hosts self– guided vineyard walks on Friday. Reservations are required. On Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 PM join Barbara Shinn for a Vineyard Walk. At 2:30 PM on Saturday and Sunday, there’s a winery and barrel cellar tour.

Raphael Chuck Colombo performs from 1 to 4 PM on Sunday. www.raphaelwine. com.

Castello di Borghese Vineyard There will be a winemaker’s walk, vineyard tour, and wine tastings every Saturday at 1 PM. $20 entrance fee. Call to reserve your spot or sign up online. www.

Clovis Point Vineyard and Winery Clovis Point Vineyard and Winery presents TJ Brown on Saturday from 1:30 to 5:30 PM. From 7 to 10 PM, it’s the Hoodoo Loungers. Sunday sees Bryan

Baiting Hollow Farm Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard presents 3EZ from from 2 to 6 PM on Saturday. The vineyard will also host Acoustic Soul from 2 to 6 PM on Sunday. www.

Ingredients (serves 4) 2 mangos (peeled & cut off the pit) 3 peaches (cut off the pit) ½ lemon (juiced) 1 c almond milk 6 ice cubes

Open Year Round

Method Once the ingredients have been prepared, place them all in a blender cup and blend on high until smooth.

18 Park Place East Hampton 324-5400 Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner Take Out Orders

Wholesale 725-9087 Retail 725-9004

Prime Meats • Groceries Produce • Take-Out Fried Chicken • BBQ Ribs Sandwiches • Salads Party Platters and 6ft. Heroes Beer, Ice, Soda

Open 7 Days a Week

Monday Madness All Day $5 Pints $6 Wings $7 Burgers All Day Tuesday 2-4-1 2 Entrees for the price of One Prime Time Thursday 3-course Prime Rib Price Fixe Dinner $24.95 Weekend Brunch Happy Hour Monday - Friday 4-7pm 62 Jobs Lane, Southampton



March 15, 2017

Food & Beverage CONTINUED FROM PAGE 26..

Day parade. Drink specials include Magner’s Original Cider ($6), Irish Mimosas of OJ & Magner’s ($3), and St. Patty’s Rowdy Tap ($6).

Indian Wells Tavern

Indian Wells Tavern is hosting its annual St. Patrick’s Day Party on Friday from 10 PM to 1 AM. The evening will feature live music by DJ Erick and drink specials will be available. Beads will be thrown throughout the restaurant and the girl who collects the most will receive a $50 gift certificate to Indian Wells Tavern. There will be a $5 cover at the door. Drink specials are $6 tap beers, $4 cans of beer, and $6 Bushmills Irish Whiskey shots.


Service Station in East Hampton offers Happy Hour from 4 to 7 PM every day. Happy Hour includes $5 pizza, $5 cocktails, $5 wine, and $5 beer. For more info visit www.

Prime Time

Prime Time at The Palm in East Hampton takes place Sunday through Friday from 5 to 7 PM with half off "Prime Bites" at the Palm Bar.

Southampton Publick House

Southampton Publick House presents Monday Night Madness specials. Enjoy

THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

$5 pints, $7 burger platters, and $6 wings from 5 to 10 PM. Tuesday is twofor-one entrees with two dinner entrees for the price of one. Wednesday is Ladies Night with draft and drink specials in the taproom starting at 10 PM. Thursday is Open Mic Night showcasing East End musicians hosted by David Kirshy starting at 8 PM, along with an 8 PM Happy Hour. In the dining room Thursday offers a three-course prime rib dinner. Friday is all night Happy Hour from 4 PM on with DJ Dory starting at 10 PM. Saturday night is DJ JetSet starting at 10 PM. Saturday and Sunday brunch takes place from 11 AM to 3 PM for $18 per person. Monday to Friday is happy hour from 4 to 7 PM with beer, wine, and drink specials. For further information visit or call 631283-2800.  

Indian Wells Tavern

Sen Happy Hour

The 1770 House

Almond Specials

Japanese RestauRant and sushi BaR

Fine Dining Specializing in Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Offering Lunch & Dinner Menus and Exotic Cocktails We also have a Tatami Room


East Hampton, the premier year-round destination for authentic Hamptons fine dining and luxury accommodations, presents its best dining deals of the year by Chef Michael Rozzi. Each Thursday through March, in the casual downstairs Tavern of the 18th century colonial home, The 1770 House presents $17.70 dishes including its signature burger and meatloaf plus Chef Rozzi's new Tavern favorites – Korean BBQ Berkshire ribs, lamb and chick pea curry, and chicken parmigiana-style; $9 house wine, red or white, by the glass; and a $5 house beer selection. From Sunday to Thursday, except holidays, complementing nightly menus in the dining room and downstairs Tavern, The 1770 House presents a $35 three-course prix fixe of popular a la carte dishes as well as $9 wine and $5 beer selections. For reservations call 631-324-1770.

Indian Wells Tavern in Amagansett offers half-price bottles of wine every Thursday and Sunday night. On Thursdays diners may enjoy half-price bottles of wine alongside their prime rib promotion which includes a soup or salad to start, followed by prime rib served with baked potato and vegetables for $29. On Sunday, diners may enjoy half-price bottles of wine alongside a la carte Chef Specials that will change weekly. The 1770 House Restaurant & Inn in


Sen in Sag Harbor presents Happy Hour Monday through Thursday from 5:30 to 7 PM. Enjoy $8 cocktails and $6 red and white wine.

Phil's Waterfront

Phil's Waterfront Bar and Grill in Aquebogue presents Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 4 to 7 PM. They also feature live entertainment on Saturdays. Call for details. Almond Restaurant in Bridgehampton presents daily specials. Meatless Mondays will continue offering a three course meatless menu for $35 all night. Tuesdays are steak frites night with a featured steak frites for $19.95. Thursday nights enjoy ½ dozen Montauk pearl oysters or ½ dozen shrimp cocktail for $10 at the bar or at tables. On Sundays grab a burger and a beer at the bar for $15. A $29 three-course prix fixe will be offered from 5:30 to 7 PM every night. For reservations contact Almond at 631-537-5665.

Monday Night Paint

The Salty Canvas presents Monday Night Paint Parties at Townline BBQ in Sagaponack happening every Monday from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Nikki Payne of the Salty Canvas will host a paint party complete with step-by-step instructions and all painting materials. Cost for the evening is $45 and includes one complimentary Happy Hour drink. The Happy Hour menu will be available for


guests as well as the full Townline menu, so get there early to enjoy dinner before you paint. To participate guests must register at www.saltycanvashamptons. com within 24 hours of the event.

Living Room

c/o The Maidstone in East Hampton offers a prix fixe that includes three courses for just $35 at the cozy Living Room restaurant, Sunday through Thursday, from 5:30 to 7 PM. Happy hour is Sunday to Thursday from 4 to 6 PM. Enjoy drinks and appetizers at 50 percent off.

Free Soup Days

Tuesday and Thursday are "Free Soup Days" at Clamman on North Sea Road in Southampton from 11 AM to 3 PM, with the purchase of a sandwich or entree. For more info call 631-283-6669.

Nick & Toni's

Nick & Toni's in East Hampton has introduced its own variation of "Nonna's Sunday Sauce." Ever y Sunday, diners may enjoy slow-cooked "Sunday sauce," served over pasta. Cost for the dish is $20 per person. Spaghetti squash will be available as a gluten-free substitution for pasta. N i c k & To n i ' s o f f e r s t h e i r famous woodburning oven pizzas. The pizzas are available Sunday through Thursday all night. The Choice prix fixe menu is available Sunday through Friday (restaurant is closed Tuesdays) beginning at 6 PM. The restaurant also hosts happy hour every Monday through Friday from 5:30 to 6:30 PM and Sundays from 2:30 through 6:30 PM. During Happy Hour a sommelier selected glass of wine will be offered for $8, select cocktails are half price including the Meyer Lemon Cosmo, Seasonal 'Rita, and the Spanish G&T, and a rotating bottled brew is available for $6.  A select bar menu of small plates are available including meatball sliders for $6, pizza margherita for $10, formaggi plate for $10, and seasonal bruschetta for $5. Call Nick & Toni's at 631-324-3550.

Buckley's Inn Between

Happy Hour weekdays at Buckley's Inn Between in Hampton Bays runs from 4 to 7 PM. On Thursdays, it's Buckley's famous wing night with $15 all you can eat wings and all you can drink Miller Lite from 10 PM to 1 AM and music by DJ Pauly.

123 delivery

Open 7 Days for Lunch & Dinner

631-267-7600 40 Montauk Highway Amagansett, NY

Restaurant delivery to Your Home $5.99 delivery Fee Serving the Hamptons Enter promo code BEACH and get a $3 discount





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East End Business & Service

March 15, 2017







Dan W. Leach Custom Builder

• Custom Renovations & ConstRuCtion speCiaList • aLL CeDaR • mahogany • CumaRu + ipe DeCks DesigneD + BuiLt W/WiRe RaiLing • FinisheD Basements + BathRooms • siDing • painting • tiLe • masonRy • DRaFting & FuLL peRmits pRompt • ReLiaBLe • pRoFessionaL QuaLity DanWLeaCh@aoL.Com


of Long Island Air and Surface Decontamination Specialists • 631-606-2690

AUTO BODY V.A.V. CLASSICS Fine Paint and Body

The Ultimate in BMW and Mercedes Bodywork Foreign and Domestic

Spray Booth and Unibody Repair Detailing and Waxing


 ď€Ąď€›ď€žď€šď€˘ď€€ď€Žď€›ď€Ąď€˜ ď€œď€•ď€–ď€˜ď€€ď€‘ď€— ď€?ď€?ď€? ď€&#x;ď€žď€ ď€€ď€?

ď€“ď€€ď€ˆď€†ď€…ď€‚ď€‹ď€„ď€‰ď€‚ď€‹ď€†ď€‹ď€† ď€Žď€€ď€ˆď€†ď€…ď€‚ď€‹ď€„ď€‰ď€‚ď€Šď€ˆď€†ď€‹


PAYCHEX Payroll • HR Retirement Insurance Zachary Will

Sales Consultant 631-258-3491 CAR WASH


East End


• New • Existing • Repairs • Design • Powerwashing • Fencing

Residential & Commercial

Chimney Service & Repairs • Masonry Bricks • Roofing • All types of Roofing • Gutters Siding • Skylights, Soffits Fascia & Wood Trim Removal & Repair

Free Estimates


Lic #52276-H • Southampton Lic #L004369 • East Hampton Lic #8629-2015


East Hampton & Southampton Lic. & Insured


Complete Home Remodeling Interior / Exterior Painting Bathrooms • Finished Basements Windows / Doors Kitchens Power Washing • All Types of Decking Property Management


Licensed & Insured Miguel Morales

ď€ƒď€ˆď€ˆď€‡ď€’ď€‹ď€Žď€‰ď€€ď€?ď€?ď€ˆď€‡ď€“ď€“ď€‹ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€? ď€?ď€‹ď€”ď€˜ď€€ ď€?ď€„ď€‹ď€’ď€“ď€ ď€€ď€‚ď€Šď€‡ď€…ď€Œď€€ď€?ď€? ď€Ľď€Ľď€Ľď€ƒď€–ď€•ď€Ąď€Ľď€›ď€˘ď€˜ď€ƒď€–ď€&#x;ď€?


AWNINGS Canvas Awnings Marine Boat Covers


CE King & Sons Inc.

10 St. Francis Place, Springs East Hampton, NY 11937 631-324-4944 • FAX 631-329-3669

east enD sinCe 1982 sh & eh LiCenseD & insuReD



Roofing • Chimney Gutters • Siding Skylights • Masonry *Cleaned *Repaired *Installed Family Owned & Operated 855-339-6009 631-488-1088 Licensed & Insured

Roofing Siding General Carpentry Painting Home Care 631-204-7797



WE KNOW THE HAMPTONS! Call The Independent to find out how our experienced Sales and Design Teams can create an advertising campaign tailored to suit your business. 631-324-2500



March 15, 2017


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East End Business & Service







East End


Driveway Gate Specialists • New • Existing • Repairs • Design • Powerwashing • Fencing


East Hampton & Southampton Licensed & Insured

house cleaning


Cedar Fence • Aluminum Deer • PVC • Pool Picket • Gate Service Complete Design Installation and Service







ď€?ď€?ď€˜ď€“ď€™ď€€ď€ ď€“ď€Œď€ˆď€•ď€?ď€?ď€€ď€–ď€Žď€Œď€˜ď€™ď€€ ď€–ď€˜ď€?ď€ˆď€•ď€?ď€Šď€€ď€–ď€˜ď€€ď€Šď€–ď€•ď€?ď€Œď€•ď€›ď€–ď€•ď€ˆď€“ď€€ď€Šď€“ď€Œď€ˆď€•ď€?ď€? ď€™ď€Œď€˜ď€?ď€?ď€Šď€Œď€™ď€€ď€‰ď€ˆď€™ď€Œď€‹ď€€ď€–ď€•ď€€ď€žď€–ď€œď€˜ď€€ď€—ď€˜ď€Œď€?ď€Œď€˜ď€Œď€•ď€Šď€Œď€&#x; ď€†ď€œď€˜ď€€ď€Šď€–ď€”ď€—ď€ˆď€•ď€žď€€ď€?ď€?ď€ˆď€”ď€?ď€“ď€žď€€ď€˜ď€œď€•ď€€ď€ˆď€•ď€‹ď€€ď€šď€ˆď€’ď€Œď€™ ď€—ď€˜ď€?ď€‹ď€Œď€€ď€?ď€•ď€€ď€Œď€?ď€Œď€˜ď€žď€€ď€‘ď€–ď€‰ď€€ď€‚ď€†ď€…ď€ƒď€&#x;

Let The Independent get all up in your business for as little as




Call Today to Advertise! 631-324-2500 Residential • Commercial-Industrial Custom Wood Fence (All Styles) • Electrically Operated Gates Arbors • Pergolas • Deer Fence • Bid Estimates for Contractors Ornamental Estate Rail • Fencing for Tennis Courts Chain Link • Pool Enclosures • Baby Loc PVC Fence • Railings

631-682-8004 • Design-Build-Install • Serving the North & South Forks Family Owned and Operated 39162



631-EAST-END 327-8363

Floor & Home

Dust Free Sanding System Latest Technology “The Atomic DCS� Sanding & Refinishing Staining/Custom Staining Installation

ď€‚ď€‹ď€‡ď€„ď€Šď€ˆď€…ď€€ď€ ď€‰ď€†ď€„ď€Šď€ˆď€Šď€‡ď€€ ď€ƒď€†ď€‹ď€?ď€ˆď€…ď€†ď€Œ

    CALL TODAY 631-567-2700   


ď€ ď€Šď€ˆď€†ď€€ď€Žď€€ď€„ď€‡ď€…ď€†ď€€ď€Žď€€ď€ƒď€Šď€?ď€†ď€€ď€‚ď€‰ď€€ď€Žď€€ď€ƒď€Šď€?ď€†ď€€ď€„ď€Œď€‹



Robert E. Otto,Inc. Glass & Mirror

“Yesterday’s Integrity With Tomorrow’s Technology� Specialist In Repair & Restoration

Serving The East End Since 1960 350 Montauk Highway • Wainscott


Glass, Mirrors, Shower Doors, Combination Storm/Screen Windows & Doors HANDYMAN

Residential Commercial Call for a free price quote


ď€Œď€Œď€Œď€Žď€‹ď€‚ď€?ď€„ď€…ď€ˆď€†ď€‰ď€ ď€†ď€ƒď€€ď€‡ď€…ď€‡ď€„ď€Žď€‡ď€ƒď€Š

Mon Thru Fri: 8AM-10AM • Sat: 12 Noon To 3PM 238 THREE MILE HARBOR ROAD H.C. EAST HAMPTON (Past Main Marina) Lamphospital@Hamptons.Com

THE LAMP HOSPITAL • 631-324-6363



• New • Existing • Repairs • Design • Powerwashing • Fencing


East Hampton & Southampton Licensed & Insured



CR Wood Floors Installations Sanding Refinishing Free Estimates

Licensed & Insured Miguel Morales


30 Years Experience-Owner Operated


Cell: 631-599-2454 631-849-1973



Marshall & Sons


Fuel Oil Delivery Plumbing, Heating & AC




WE KNOW THE HAMPTONS! Call The Independent to find out how our experienced Sales and Design Teams can create an advertising campaign tailored to suit your business. 631-324-2500





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March 15, 2017




Tick Trauma! Ant Anxiety! Mosquito




Prado Brothers

Plumbing, Heating & AC Fuel Oil Delivery Montauk




Mania! Relax...


PEST CONTROL Is your Solution

Botanical Products Available 50 Years of Honest, Reliable Service


✓ ✓ ✓ ✓






Roofing • Chimney Gutters • Siding Skylights • Masonry

Propane & Heating Oil Service & Delivery Available Plumbing & Heating

Heating & Air Conditioning

631-283-9333 631-287-1674

Licensed, insured. Locally Owned & Operated



WE KNOW THE HAMPTONS! Call The Independent to find out how our experienced Sales and Design Teams can create an advertising campaign tailored to suit your business. 631-324-2500



287-9700 East Hampton 631324-9700 Southold 631765-9700 631 REMODELING/ REPAIRS Specialist in fine remodeling repairs, solve many cracks, leak problems, in all kind of Stones/carving, creative, molding plaster, mosaic art, including historic houses for expertise.

References and portfolio available

Since 1968 Call Jean Louis (919)740-5249

*Cleaned *Repaired *Installed Family Owned & Operated 855-339-6009 631-488-1088 Licensed & Insured

Let The Independent get all up in your business for as lit le as




Call Today to Advertise! 631-324-2500


March 15, 2017

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East End Business & Service









RooFing • siDing Custom metaL & CaRpentRy WoRk 5% DiSCOuNT



THE INDEPENDENT Traveler Watchman 1826

CLASSIFIEDS ARTICLES FOR SALE FIREWOOD SEASONED.-fireplace and stove wood. stacking and kindling available. M. Clark 631-727-9272. 19-12-30

BUSINESS FOR SALE NAIL SALON FOR SALE Located in Wainscott. Staff wants to stay on. If interested please contact owner at 631-875-5178. Leave detailed message for call back if no answer. 27-4-30

CAR FOR SALE 1989 MERCEDES 300SE Blue with Grey interior. New brakes, 2 new tires. Runs great. $4,000 631-3291950.ufn 1999 BMW 528i. Silver exterior. Black Leather interior.

Vay’s Voi c e 

home impRovements ❖aLL types oF RooFing❖

❖ siding ❖ ❖ trim ❖ Windows ❖ ❖ Doors ❖ Decks ❖ Local owner/operator on site everyday Licensed and Insured

For all new Customers Free estimates



asphaLt, CeDaR, FLat

master Copper Work • slate

631-885-1998 CELL OR TExT

Frank Theiling Carpentry CompLete exteRioR


118k miles. Runs great. $4,850. Call 631-3295387. 28-2-29

are available. Email resume to



MONTAUK YEAR ROUND. Market/Deli: Hiring experienced Assistant Manager, Head Cook/Chef, Line Cooks, Prep Cooks, Deli Staff and Cashiers. Professional, friendly and works well in a fast paced environment. The Montauk Market (formaly Gaviolas). 631-2385433. 27-4-30 MONTAUK POINT LIGHTHOUSE MUSEUM. Part-Time Seasonal Help Wanted. Positions available in Gift Shop and as a Tour Guide. Please contact 631-668-2544. 28-4-31

WHITMORES TREE FARM is now hiring Sales Associates for our plant nursary in East Hampton. Full time and seasonal employment positions



 

631-283-2956 WWW.CCWINDOWS.NET 31654

All classified ads only $1.00 per word (10 word min) No zone pricing. You get it all! No extra cost for the internet. Call The Independent for more info 324-2500 Fax: 631-324-2544

Classified deadline: Monday at noon

point. A home with older teen children will be considered too. Please contact RSVP Inc at 631-533-2738 or or fill out an adoption application. Please call 631-5332PET “Sponsored by Ellen Hopkins” .R.S.V.P. (631) 728-3524 UFN

MICHELE WAS LIVING ON A CHAIN FOR 2 YEARS FROM THE TIME SHE WAS JUST A PUPPY!! RSVP outreach team visited Michele many times over the last year and finally got her surrendered to RSVP. She’s been in training/boarding for 2 months but is depressed and has lost 8 pounds due to stress. We desperately need to find her an adopter or foster so she can get the affection and attention she deserves. She is good with all people but an adult single dog home is preferred because we don’t know how she will be with other pets at this


ADOPTION BY OWNER American Bulldog 100% Johnson male. 3 years as of November 23, 2016. A silly gentleman needs family home. 516-220-2001. 28-2-29

REAL ESTATE FOR SALE/RENT GARAGE FOR RENT-East Hampton $250 per month. Call Eric 631-603-2823ufn LOCAL COUPLE LOOKING FOR-nice one/two bedroom apartment or cottage from Hampton Bays to Sag Harbor. Price range $1,000 -$1600. 631-903-2003. ufn

EAST HAMPTON - FOR SALE BY OWNER -2 story, 3/4 bdrs, 2 baths, 1596 sq.ft. one acrezoned commerical - NB/RES., Lg. shop w/loft and much, much more. By appt. only. 1st reasonable offer.. 631-2047006. ufn CHARMING COTTAGE STEPS TO MAIDSTONE PARK AND BEACH. Indoor and outdoor shower, I BR, fully air conditioned, clean, provate, and quiet. Can move in in April and stay until Thanksgiving -- a great deal at $14,900. Suitable for single or couple with baby. No groupers, no short-term rentals, no more than two cars on property. Complys with East Hampton Town Rental Code ( permit # 16-2325). Security plus full rent before moving in. Call for an appointment. See it at or call for an appointment: 631-276-8110. ufn

PRIMELINE MODULAR HOMES, INC. Builders of Customized Modular Floor Plans that Fit Within Your Budget. Licensed & Insured. Locally Owned Since 1993. Steve Graboski, Builder Amagansett, N.Y. 11930 Tel: 631-267-2150 Fax: 631-267-8923

email: 23-26-47







THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

By Rick Murphy

RICK’S SPACE Stop The Presses! This is big news. Really big. No, it is not Trump-related. I don’t really get all this talk about Russia and who talked to Russian officials and when and why. The Cold War is over, folks. We won. Any elected official, or anyone for that matter, can talk to whoever, whenever. The issue, someone said to me, is that Trump and the others (Sessions and Flynn) lied about it. Wait – a politician lied? Stop it. I’m not talking about the repeal of Obamacare. I’ve had health insurance for 30 years. The premiums went up every year. I fully expect that trend to continue. It’s the American way. Frankly, I don’t mind Obamacare because it was a cool name. “Republicare” just doesn’t do it for me. I wanted to name it “Donald Death” and suggested it to the White House. Now my house is bugged, my TV is a microphone, the CIA is Googling me, and I’ve been placed in the Assigned Risk Pool. Thursday I went to the Hamptons Market like I always do on my way to work first thing in the morning - 10:30 – and there was no New York Post. Shannon the owner told me it sold out. Being the kind of investigative reporter I am . . . ok, being the lonely gossip mongerer I am, I looked it up online, and there it was. “J-Rod” was the headline, along with pictures of Alex Rodriquez and Jennifer Lopez. Oh My God! First, of course, I went through all the variations of the new name. This is like the word scramble in the NY Times Sunday magazine where if you can come up with 26 words you reach the “genius” level. Al-Lo sounds too much like a shampoo, and Al-Pez sounds like candy. Al-Jen sound like a group of reformed alcoholics so that won’t work for me. Lex-Lo which sound like a Super Villian. A-Ho has its charms. The truth is, it was downhill after “Bennifer” (Lopez and Ben Affleck) and we all have to accept that. The tabloid practice of naming celebrity couples is an art form. Most of them last for as long as the relationship, which is to say not long. We h a d To m K a t . We h a d Brangelina. We still have Kimye - for how long is anybody’s guess.

Alex is no stranger to East Enders or New Yorkers. He survived 11 tumultuous years with the Yankees, which includes a 162game suspension for illegally using controlled substances. During that time he broke up with his wife and staged a secret rendezvous in The Hamptons with Madonna at Jerry Seinfeld’s house. I suspect neither was the master of their own domain. After that he dated Kate Hudson aka Goldie-Light.

They made a nice couple but he moved on. A-Rod dated Cameron Diaz for a while. While I never saw him, I saw Cameron in The Hamptons many times. Once, she was standing right next to an East Hampton Village traffic control officer chatting away in a mini-skirt up to there and a revealing blouse. I am not making this up – the guy, about 20, was staring at her, his mouth ajar, while she chatted away. It’s as close as I ever want to get to another guy’s orgasm. I like J-Lo. I think basically she is a nice Catholic girl. I think she has tried really hard to make a name for herself and succeeded despite the fact that she really isn’t a good actress and she is an awful singer. Someone says she is a good dancer, but I wouldn’t know – the only dance I know is “slow.”

March 15, 2017

Someone in the office complained that she has been married too much but I think that is an attribute. I think she wants to do the honorable thing. A-Rod? Not so much. I am no stranger to name changes. When I went to St. Augustine Diocesan High School in Brooklyn with 800 other guys we made John Trojan’s life so miserable he changed his name to John Grogan. I took it upon myself to nickname him “Ultra Ribbed.” But Alan Lipschitz had the last laugh. After years of being ridiculed in the PS-92 schoolyard near my house he announced he was changing his name and then he disappeared for a month. When he came back we all gathered around him. “What’s your new name?” I asked excitedly. He paused a moment for effect and answered, “Bobby Lipschitz.”

FREE Duct Work Inspection If you can’t remember the last time your ducts were cleaned, you are probably overdue.

We recommend a detailed inspection using digital cameras. There is NO cost for the inspection. It takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Call 631-324-0142 for an appointment. Why this is IMPORTANT to do now: Accumulated dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens can directly affect the quality of your indoor air. It’s wise to clean your ducts regularly to avoid any allergies or breathing problems that may arise. We are happy to perform the inspection for free. And should it be necessary to clean your ducts, you’ll receive a 5-percent discount if you schedule a cleaning within the next 30 days. Sincerely, Schenck Fuels Services



March 15, 2017

THE INDEPENDENT • Traveler Watchman

THE INDEPENDENT Min Date = 2/4/2017 Max Date = 2/10/2017 Source: Suffolk Research Service, Inc., Hampton Bays, NY 11946





Real Estate

* -- Vacant Land





Boak, C & K Gabyanna of NY LLC Rasulo Family Trust Napier, JS & A

McMahon Jr, H Chatfield, G 78 MHL LLC Napeague Beach House

125,000* 2,665,000* 4,750,000 1,625,000

314 Shore Rd 19 Ocean View Ln 78 Meeting House Ln 38 Napeague Ln

Dow, B Quadrant LLC Palombino, M & A Meyer, W Salsberg,B &Chessler Brooklyn 786 Inc Hagler, J & L Berson, M & S & H Esposito,J&Angiulo,C Kam, S Bailyn, D & S Fingleton, D & J Constantinides&Romer Desiderio Realty Inc Kravetz&Creo-Kravetz

Ackley, F 5 Quadrant Hill Road Dillard, J Frist III, T Forst & Silverblank Wells Fargo Bank NA Glassgold, E Rochas,P & Beaupre,C Esposito, L Perlman, C Hummel, J Croke, P Loscalzo, A & K DeSanti, C Teodorescu, V & R

470,000 440,000* 950,000 1,440,382 2,550,000 399,525 3,770,000 1,100,000 565,000 1,270,000 1,520,000 795,000 1,825,000 1,230,000* 2,200,000

4 Fanning Ave 5 Quadrant Hill Rd 83 Talmage Farm Ln 960 Fireplace Rd 221 Old Northwest Rd 16 Hollyoak Ave 2 Dering Ln 27 Montauk Ave 636 Stephen Hands Path 12 Coultes Way 70 Miller Ln E 144 N Main St 4 Chestnut Way 43 Stratton Square 7 Buckskill Rd

Thompson, D

Heanue, B


421 E Lake Dr

Voytac,T & Ocasio,L

Cahill, K


1227 Wading River MnrvlRd

Swieczkowski, R & E Marcy Avenue North Jemcap SD II LLC

Stoneleigh Woods RH Polacek, C Stephens,K&S by Ref

416,660 165,000 186,000

Stoneleigh Woods, #4203 371 Marcy Ave 271 Newton Ave

Your Home RealtyCorp Binkis Building LLC

Collier, C Lewin, A

30,000* 600,000

88 Bell Ave 72 Overlook Dr

Carroll, T & J

Baiting Hollow Owner


1215 Bluffs Dr N #3204

Martin, P & L

Nocerino,D & Lynch,B


5 Camp Ground Circle

Feiffer, J GBP 3 Conrad LLC Korchin,D & Rentz, J

Olinkiewicz, J 3 Conrad Road LLC 5 Pheasant LnShelter

629,000 525,000 755,000

5 Emerson Ln 3 Conrad Rd 5 Pheasant Ln

Town of Southampton Minister Real Estate

Krizek, I Madonia, T

130,000* 190,000

36 Pine Ave 108 Bell Ave

Sussman, A & L

272 B.K. LLC


272 Brick Kiln Rd

Spears, J Mautone, D & L Bay PostalManagement Holloway,M&Marconi,J 427 Montauk HighwayB

Dix, D & M Woods, M 6 Bay Avenue LLC Seerman, D & S Campsey, K

835,000 679,000 850,000 894,000 365,000

5 Tamarack Ln 26 Squires Ave 6 Bay Ave 8 Jackson Ave 427A Montauk Hwy

Molinelli, J & J Gonzalez&Gonzalez-Fl Bank of NY Mellon McAulay, D & C Lodato,S &Rosswaag,G Frederiksen, B

Robert, R Hanna, K Bottazzi, F by Ref Sullivan, J &L Trust Stanya, N 58 34 84th StreetLLC

335,000* 530,000 1,685,326 420,000 561,000 1,150,000

1 Channing Cross 27 Aberdeen Dr 7 Emily Ct 185 Wakeman Rd 256 E Montauk Hwy 7 Nautilus Ct

Mackie,J & Madhav,A George III, R & S Sadlier, M

Metz, M & A Trusts Post Girls LLC Malone, W

979,000 775,000 2,275,000

15 Eagle Close&902-1-1-22 12 Scrub Oak Rd 39 Quaquanantuck Ln

Singer,A &Jones-Prus Yehuda, D

Citarelli Jr, L Goodman,A & Yuran,S

730,000 999,500

14 Heather Dr 39 Shore Rd

99 Parsonage LLC

Waitman, B


99 Parsonage Ln

Sahargun,D&Lashley,K Schneider, J & J 41 Crescent LLC RC Sag Harbor LLC Guszack, G & C Gilston, B

Peretz, D & C Clay, B & D Niewenhous, J Capital One, NA Jones, C by Exr Sag DevelopmentPrtnr

1,605,000 1,595,000 1,399,000 5,000,000 990,000 3,100,000

2211 Deerfield Rd 15 Hawthorne Ave 30 Bayview Ave 89 Main St 156 Division St 15 Church St, PH-416

Miller,E &Sakowitz,A Zonligt-Hopfensitz,M Sklar, M & K Wells Fargo Bank NA

Badilla,J & Leous,M Gargiulo, J & A 116 Fish Cove Road RE 8989 LLC

985,000 430,000 2,300,000 80,000

31 Old Fish Cove Rd 87 Bay Ave 116 Fish Cove Rd 52 Inlet Rd

Gazza, B J.L.Farrell Real Est Hidrobo, I French,A & Lacey,A

Lafayette CapitalGrp Ronick Family LLC Pagliaroli, G & J Berkoski, R & L

3,500 300,000* 1,300,000 1,570,000

710 Little Noyack Path Water Mill Towd Rd 460 Blank Ln 449 Blank Ln

Zeltman Jr,A &Artsis Gupta, R & P Salazar, J & J Romano, P & J Schreibman, J & L Miller, I & M

Rodin-Kotin, F Demiray, N Heithaus, A & A McCarthy, C Logrippo,A &Tighe,J Kapur, S & T

785,000 780,000 530,000 1,965,000 985,000 715,000

169 Jonathan Ln 3 North Quarter Rd 13 Summit Blvd 11 A Brushy Neck Ln 34 Brushy Neck Ln 41 Tanners Neck Ln

Rosinsky,M&R &Levy,M

Shadiack, R & A


48 BridlePath&900-359-1-4

FI Ordnance Building

Doherty, C


FI Sound

Hawkins Bioventures Hawkins Bioventures Walsh, S

Manzi Jr, J Trust Manzi Jr, J Trust FHP Enterprises Inc

1,000,000* 1,000,000* 200,000*

14032 Oregon Rd 14124 Oregon Rd 665 Moose Trail

Antoniadis, N &M &S Dechance, B

Cole, E by Exrs Fisher, D & D & C

340,000 699,000

8295 Route 25 2165 Old Orchard Rd

Darne, A & J Brien,C & Harwood,M

Doroski, B Azmak,O&Utzschneider

449,000 820,099

845 Wiggins St 138 Bay Ave

Psyllos, P & E Guo, J

Shannon,J &IIITrusts Vadala, C by Exr

275,000* 385,000

2874 Ruth Rd Ext 465 Farmers Rd

2Joes LLC Shenker, M & N Costello, J Palmer, K Dimotsis,D&McConnell Baktidy, S & T Dolan, J & D Foley, T & K

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Editorial St. Pat’s Stats Usually we get a kick out of the stats our favorite survey website, WalletHub, provides. But this week, they tabbed New York an abysmal 80th out of the 200 best cities for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. As friends on the Emerald Isle might exclaim, “Go way outta that!” The Big Apple lost points when it came to accessibility, safety, and expense. Begrudgingly, we have to admit, that’s no blarney. The survey didn’t include Long Island’s East End. If it did, surein’ we’d get plenty props as one of the best places for locals to celebrate the wearing of the green. Last week saw revelers in Westhampton Beach, Cutchogue, and Amagansett, despite unseasonably freezing temperatures. Hardy organizers painted shamrocks in the snow and had a whale of a time. This weekend, there’s a parade in Hampton Bays and next week, it’s the Big Kahuna, the annual Friends of Erin fete in Montauk. WalletHub did provide us with a couple of statistics that got our Irish eyes smiling: Nearly 33 million people in the United States claim Irish ancestry. That’s more than the entire population of Ireland itself! The first ever St. Patrick’s Day parade began in our country in the 18th century. Some claim it started in Boston, some say New York. Wherever the parade’s origin, 56.1 percent of Americans plan to celebrate St. Pat’s on Friday (or throughout the month), with 82.5 percent of them donning green attire. Some $5.3 billion will be spent this year on the holiday, with 13 million pints of Guinness consumed worldwide. This week cabbage shipments will see a 70 percent increase, as 31.4 percent of Americans plan to cook a special dinner on Friday. (A pound of cabbage has just 109 calories, 6.5 grams of protein and less than a gram of fat, by the way.) There are 16 places named Dublin in the US. And that pot of gold leprechauns seek at the end of the rainbow? With 1000 gold coins weighing an ounce each, its market value is a cool $1.22 million. On a serious note, be sure you don’t spend the day after crying into your green beer. If you plan to imbibe, get a designated driver. Slainte!

Independent VOICES

Zeldin’s Obliged

Dear Editor, Congressman Zeldin has an obligation to meet with his constituents, that’s part of the job! The question is why he is so scared of speaking with voters at public forums. Other House members have been holding forums and answering constituents’ questions, especially about

IS IT JUST ME? What did the snowflake say to her kids? Chill-dren! Get in the house right now or you’ll catch a cold!

the “TrumpCare” changes to the Affordable Care Act. Zeldin refuses to do this! If he refuses to listen to the people and answer questions, maybe he shouldn’t be our elected spokesman in Congress. Read the TrumpCare bill and you will see that it will cost us more money for healthcare, while giving us all less benefits. It will cut taxes on the very wealthy and give them a YUGE tax break. It will raise premiums on older Americans, approximately $3200 for seniors. If you have a pre-existing condition, you will not get affordable coverage. It allows

March 15, 2017



Ed Gifford insurance execs to makes millions off your health care. It will also cut funding for maternity care, birth control, and Planned Parenthood.

The TrumpCare bill will send us back to the Dark Ages. Maybe that’s where Congressman Zeldin wants us to be. RONA KLOPMAN


March 15, 2017

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Chamber Breakfast The Southampton Chamber of Commerce hosts its first membership breakfast of 2017 tomorrow at the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill. Attorney Tom Walsh will discuss “Workplace Law in Changing Times.” The breakfast takes place from 8 to 9:30 AM and all are welcome. Limited seating for the breakfast buffet is available, so call the chamber or find the gathering on eventbrite to RSVP. Admission for chamber members is $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Nonmembers pay $20 in advance, $25 at the door. 631-283-0402. Happy Hour Mixer The East Hampton Chamber of Commerce will hold a Happy Hour Mixer at Nick & Toni’s on North Main Street on Thursday, March 23, from 5 to 7 PM. Executive director Steve Ringel will offer updates on village projects including a May street festival and summer farmer’s market. Call 631-324-0050 for additional information. PRFCT Hospital Perfect Earth Project has named Southampton Hospital a PRFCT Place, the first healthcare facility to earn the designation from the East Hampton-based nonprofit. The PRFCT Places program honors public spaces that are committed to maintaining their gardens and lawns without toxic, synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. “We’re thrilled that Southampton Hospital has pledged to end the use of synthetic lawn and landscape chemicals on their property,” said Edwina von Gal, Founder/President of Perfect Earth Project. “We hope their commitment to protecting their patients, visitors, and staff from toxic landscape chemicals will serve as an example for other healthcare facilities on Long Island and across the nation.” “We are pleased to be on the vanguard of support for PRFCT Places. The health of Southampton Hospital’s staff, volunteers, patients, visitors, and pet therapy dogs is critically important and joining the Perfect Earth Project is another opportunity for us to maintain a healthy environment on our campus,” said Robert Chaloner, Hospital President & CEO. The growing list of PRFCT Places on the East End includes The Village of East Hampton, Parrish Art Museum in Southampton, Bridge Gardens in Bridgehampton, and Madoo Conservancy in Sagaponack.





By Karen Fredericks

CompiledHow by are you preparing for the possible snowstorm? Miles X. Logan

Laura Otto I’m just stocking up on the kind of food I can make ahead of time. I’m not going crazy, I’m just making sure to pick up a few extra things. I’ll just hope the storm won’t really be that bad.

Birgitta Corneille I’m from Scandinavia. You’d think I’d be used to this weather by now but I’ll never get used to it. I want Spring! We already have all the staples like candles and batteries at home but I am stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables and things like that. Christine Smith I’m doing some stocking up on fresh food and maybe some water. But when you live out here you learn to have the regular items like flashlights, batteries and candles, on hand on a regular basis. But it doesn’t make sense to buy things that can go bad if you lose power. Di Lin I live with a group of students so we’ll be fine. Although I guess we’ll have a snow day if it’s too deep. We have no generator but we’ll be fine if we lose power. We always have a lot of food in the house. We’ll just play poker or card games, hang out and have fun.

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The Independent publishes all letters to the editor we receive provided they are not libelous and emailed to We strive to print all obituaries as well but in the event we can’t, they will be published online at Please try to keep copy under 400 words.

Seeking Special Veterans Senator Ken LaValle is requesting nominations for induction into the NY State Senate Veterans’ Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is designed to pay tribute to the men and women of New York who selflessly served in the U.S. Armed Forces.  The Senate will honor distinguished veterans from our area and throughout the state on Tuesday, May 16, during a ceremony in Albany. Each honoree’s photograph and biography will become part of a special online exhibit proclaiming the contributions of these exemplary New York Veterans and in a printed book to memorialize their status. The New York State Senate Veterans’ Hall of Fame honors and recognizes outstanding veterans from the Empire State who have distinguished themselves both in military and civilian life. In order to nominate an individual for the Hall of Fame, visit the Senator’s web page at and click on the link above the photo to download the form.   Required information includes a biography, high-resolution photograph, nominee’s rank at the time of discharge or end of service, as well as military awards, honors, or achievements.  In order to be considered, submit the forms and related information by Thursday, April 6, 2017.

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March 15, 2017


Independent/Richard Lewin

On Thursday evening, the East Hampton Lions Club held its regular meeting at the Harbor Grill. The first, and most important order of business announced by East Hampton Lions Club President Tina Piette, was Lion Vice President Dennis Fabiszak’s presentation of the Lions Club Foundation’s $2000 donation to the East Hampton Food Pantry. In addition, as part of the Lions International 100th Anniversary this year, the International Lions Club sent the EH Lions Club a limited number of special commemorative pins for certain members, in recognition of their service to the club. Lion Club Secretary Lynn Ryan introduced the recipients and presented the pins to Lions William McGintee, Steve Lynch, Russell Calemmo, and Former EH Lions Club President, Bob Schaefer.

Independent/Richard Lewin

On Thursday afternoon at the East Hampton Historical Society's Clinton Academy in East Hampton, Deepwater Wind of Providence, RI, held an open house where the public could meet the company's team, including CEO Jeffrey Grybowski. Guests could ask questions about their offshore wind power project 30 miles southeast of Montauk, and go home with a souvenir hat and pen. Deepwater has entered into a 20-year power purchase agreement to sell the energy generated to LIPA, with operation scheduled to begin in 2022.


March 15, 2017

Time Travelers The Shelter Island Historical Society hosts a week-long summer program for children aged six to 12. Participants will journey back in time to explore Shelter Island’s story through music, art, performance, crafts, gardening, and games. Monday, July 31 through Friday, August 4. For more information, email info@shelterislandhistorical. org. Bulldog Ball Club summercamps Based in East Hampton for this summer, the multi sport camp is now open for registration. The Bulldogs camp programs are designed to improve children’s knowledge and skills of sports for both beginners and experienced player alike. All children can enjoy sports with the right coaching and approach. Camp offerings

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include soccer, flag football, and basketball in the mornings and baseball or softball in the afternoon. All coaches are year round professional youth sports coaches. SoFo Camp 631-537-9735 South Fork Natural History Museum in Bridgehampton hosts a marine science program each summer. Visit their website to learn more. YMCA East Hampton RECenter 631-329-6884 YMCA East Hampton RECenter Summer Day Camp offers a robust and fun-filled camp program which provides children with positive developmental experiences and encourages them to forge bonds with each other and with staff, building confidence through skill

Camp Blue Bay Girls Sleepaway Camp East Hampton, NY

Come enjoy a summer in the outdoors with girls your age! For a complete brochure visit our website at or CONTACT: 631.604.2201



building activities suited to their age. Children can experience a sense of achievement through opportunities in the outdoors and are welcomed to a physically and emotionally safe and stimulating environment. Summer day campers are also able to explore creativity, teamwork and leadership in a wide range of physically active programs that influence lifelong healthy living. The Art Farm 631-537-1634 The Art Farm on Wheels hits the road! Small groups and tailored schedules that meet the desires of each camper, create the unique Art Farm experience. Campers spend their morning on the water and the afternoon on Art Farm’s organic, sustainable farm in Sagaponack. Mornings are about being active, challenged, informed and fulfilled while exploring. Afternoons add a chance for creativity, time spent nurturing the animals, teamwork & fun; always combined with composting, reducing, reusing and recycling. Camp Shakespeare camp 631-267-0105 Going into its 18th year, Camp Shakespeare is a fun, creative, and welcoming place for kids and teens, ages 8-15. Activities involve acting, improvisation, movement, voice, and theatrical arts and crafts, and are led by trained theater educators in an atmosphere of discovery and cooperation. Each weeklong session culminates in a performance for family and friends. Camp Shakespeare is held on the expansive grounds of and within beautiful St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in central Amagansett, and in partnership with the Southampton Cultural Center, both at the Center and in adjacent Agawam Park. The summer 2017 schedule will be announced in late winter.


Camp Invention 800-968-4332 Camp Invention is where BIG ideas become the next BIG thing! Local educators lead a week of handson activities created especially for children entering grades first to sixth. Camp Invention gives boys and girls the opportunity to investigate circuits, disassemble household appliances, and much more! As they dream, build and make discoveries, they will have a chance to examine science and technology concepts during team-building exercises. Locations throughout your area including at Springs School! It runs from July 31 through August 4 at Springs School. East Hampton Indoor Tennis 631-537-8012 The Davis Cup Tennis Program provides top summer tennis instruction on a daily, weekly, or seasonal basis. Players of all skill levels are welcome to attend and each camper is placed into an appropriate group. East Hampton Sports Camp @ Sportime 631-267-CAMP (2267) East Hampton Sports Camp @ SPORTIME offers children between the ages of 3 and 13 an exciting program of sports and games that includes tennis, baseball, swimming, basketball, soccer, dodgeball, capture-the-flag and more! Experienced art and music teachers also provide campers with a variety of creative activities, special events and fun theme days. The Country School Summer Camp 631-537-2255 www.countryschooleasthampton. org The Country School Summer Camp is for kids ages two and a half through seven. There is a full range of activities to choose from,



including art, music, gymnastics, jewelry making, team sports, swimming, and much more. Located on Industrial Road in Wainscott – call for dates and rates. Peconic Dunes 4-H Camp 631-727-7850 ext. 328 The Cornell Cooperative Extension sponsors a sleep away and day camp for youngsters eight through 15. Includes training in outdoor survival, marine science, forest, pond, and woodlands study. Call for more information. Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue Pony Tails Compassion Camp 631-537-7335 For the camper who just can’t get enough of the world of horses, have we got a camp for you. Beginning June 26, camps will run at the Bridgehampton farm Monday through Friday. Sign up for one week or the season for kids ages four to 12 from 9:30 AM to 1 PM. Raynor Country Day School 631-288-4658 camp The best gift you can give a child. Kids can enjoy an all inclusive summer camp offering both indoor and outdoor options. 12-acre grounds offer manicured fields, gymnasium, two heated pools, aquatics center, and sports courts designed for various uses. Flexible options include two-day, three-day, and five-day experiences from 9 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday. A mature and experienced staff is on hand. Located in Westhampton Beach. Future Stars Camp 631-287-6707 Future Stars Camps is offering junior summer camps focusing on multi sport, soccer, tennis, basketball, lacrosse and baseball programs. Future Stars Southampton LLC, which operates the 46,000 square foot, state of the art indoor complex is an affiliate of


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Future Stars Tennis, LLC, on of New York’s largest sports management companies. Buckskill Tennis Club 631-324-2243 Located in East Hampton, the Buckskill Tennis Club offers a program to help develop wellrounded tennis players. Instruction is given in form, technique, fitness, and proper tennis etiquette. Buckskill instructors stress the importance of enjoying tennis, “a game for life.” Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck 631-878-1070 Specifically designed for campers with disabilities. Each session is designed to help the campers (children and young adults up to the age of 21) achieve equality, dignity, and maximum independence through a safe and quality program of camping, recreation, and education in a sleepaway environment. The camp aims to help each child reach beyond the limits of their physical and mental challenges, encouraging them to join fellow campers in activities. It’s on Chet Swezey Road in Center Moriches. The Girl Scouts Camp 631-604-2201 Camp Blue Bay Sleepaway Camp, located in East Hampton, provides girls with an outdoor experience in which campers can choose to live in a troop house or go tent camping. A variety of program choices are available for one or two week sessions. Girls will participate in general camp activities including swimming, boating, crafts, nature, campfires and more. Girl Scouts and non-girl scouts can sign up. Hamptons Baseball Camp 631-907-2566 For children of all experience levels, ages four to 14, who want to play baseball in a safe, fun, positive and organized learning environment. Emphasis is placed on effort over talent, team concepts and core fundamentals. Also

include are tips on diet, fitness and “intangibles.” Week-long summer sessions are available from June through September. East End Hospice Camp Good Grief 631-288-8400 Every year East End Hospice offers a summer camp for children who have experienced the loss of a loved one. This year Camp Good Grief will be held August 21 to August 25 at Peconic Dunes Camp in Southold. There are fun activities and plenty of surprises, plus the camp gives the children a chance to bond with others who have had similar experiences. Sandy Hollow Day Camp 631-283-2296 The Southampton-based camp, for ages four through 14, offers a wide variety of activities including swimming, tennis, sports, and arts and crafts. It is family owned and operated. Transportation is available.

March 15, 2017


MBX Surf Camp 631-537-2716 The leading surf camp in the Hamptons provides 10 weekly session, Monday through Friday 9 AM to 3:30 PM. Pathfinder Country Day Camp 631-668-2080 Treat your kids to a summer they will remember in scenic Montauk. Activities include swimming instruction in a heated pool, basketball, baseball, archery, tennis, cookout and much more. Transportation included! Theater Camps 631-725-0818 Bay Street Theater’s summer camps and classes run the gamut from puppetry to musical theater to Shakespeare. An array of offerings suitable for kids between the ages of four and 14.

Ages 2 1/2 to 7

Sports • Swimming • Art • Yoga Science • Gymnastics • Music • Special Events 7 Industrial Road P.O. Box 1378 Wainscott, NY 11975



March 15, 2017


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New On The Market

A stunning modern home designed by noted architect Stuart Narofsky on the Sag Harbor waterfront comes with bulkhead and a deepwater dock which accommodates a 42 foot boat. It boasts spectacular views overlooking Sag Harbor Cove and the village. Features include an award winning infinity pool, four bedrooms, 3.5 baths, complete chef’s kitchen and Geothermal heating and cooling burning no fossil fuels. All modern custom fixtures were imported directly from Italy. Outdoor wood burning pizza oven imported from Italy included. This listing is courtesy Brendan Skislock and Vincent Frezzo of Douglas Elliman. Call 631-537-5900 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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he carries on about the concentration camps. As his most devoted child, Sharon appears transparent and somewhat one-dimensional, but in Maria Dizzia’s hands she, too, emerges as a complex, unresolved character. The others, including a highly acquisitive Ellen (Tasha Lawrence), her liberal wealthy philandering husband, Howard (Gary Wilmes), and Michael’s depressed wife Holly (Kate Walsh) mesh into this tangled dystopian web. Firmly directed by Daniel Sullivan, the production is engaging, not to mention moralizing. An ingenious set by Derek McLane shows us the characters on two levels – with the bedrooms upstairs and the living areas downstairs. Indeed, there is a kind of doublespeak going on. Mamet’s Latest Victim or victimizer? In David Mamet’s new play The Penitent, off Broadway at The Atlantic Theater Company, a mass murderer, whom we never meet, is the central figure. But he’s not the one who is on trial here, anyway. It’s his psychiatrist, Charles (Chris Bauer), who becomes the object of the inquisition that surrounds the murder of

631-287TOTS 631-287-TOTS

10 innocent people. In the metaphorical sense, Charles, his wife Kath (Rebecca Pidgeon), and his attorney (Jordan Lage) count foremost among the triage. Their lives are ruined. The issue here is less about gun control, but rather about the tragedy of a society in which so much is deregulated, while so much else suffers from rigid regulation. What are we regulating or deregulating, and why? Who has the right to hold guns? What are our responsibilities as citizens? What are we free to believe and enact? Is good faith and loyalty meaningful? What is law and what is morality? While these issues emerge clearly through an intriguing plot, it would be unfair to give too much away. But the fact that Mamet is raising these questions makes us party to the inquisition, and therefore partners in the crime. This is one of his most thought-provoking plays, and the dialogue is especially rich. Capturing the rhythms of Mamet’s clipped overlapping lines of dialogue with utmost finesse, director Neil Pepe takes charge of complex relationships, peeling away at triangulation and betrayal with a formidable eye to revealing the truth. Tim Mackabee’s set design is as simple as possible, leaving us only the bare outlines of the space where these events take place. Given that they all occur in the here and now, we may simply conclude that it’s any space, all space, and perhaps a space anyone and everyone can inhabit. The acting is uniformly excellent. Bauer brings a soulful thoughtfulness to his role, which makes the talky nature of the play manageable. And if he isn’t the most honest card player in this game, it’s pretty clear that his attorney, a straight-faced Jordan Lage, isn’t either. Lawrence Gilliard Jr. as the attorney who needs to identify guilt (in the case of a mass murder, where the murderer is caught with the gun in his hand) is outrageous and totally credible. The most vulnerable and undermining character here is Kath, a role Rebecca Pidgeon embodies quite brilliantly.




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March 15, 2017


S chool D ays

Submitted by local schools

Independent / Courtesy Westhampton Beach Schools

Westhampton Beach Elementary School kindergartners Olivia Tillman and Victoria Tillman with their science project, called “Liquids, Solids and Gas.” Students at WBES displayed their science smarts at the 19th annual Math, Science and Technology Fair last Thursday.

Independent / Courtesy Hampton Bays School District

Members of Hampton Bays Elementary School’s service club, K-Kids, recently raised more than $500 for Camp Flying Point as part of an autism awareness fundraiser. To raise the money, the students sold paper puzzle pieces that they made and bubbles between Feb. 28 and March 10. All of the sold puzzle pieces were displayed outside the school’s library.

EHHS Due to the inclement weather forecast, the Taco Loco Dinner was rescheduled to tomorrow night from 5 to 9 PM in the East Hampton high school cafeteria.   This dinner coincides with t h e s cho ol’s March M a d n e ss Competitions, offering a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together with students to enjoy an exciting evening of  delicious food  and great fun. Students will be competing in activities such as dancing, floor hockey, and potato sack, scooter and balloon pop relay races.

Springs School On March 8 Springs School had a special assembly for P.S. I Love You Day. John Perricone spoke about Inner Strength. He was a Health Educator and Psychology teacher in the Maine-Endwell School District in upstate N.Y. for 31 years. Come on down to American Legion Hall in Amagansett on Sunday, from noon to 3 PM to get endless soup refills at the Empty Bowls event. Over 30 local chefs and restaurants are participating in this event, including Bostwick’s, Harbor Grill, Indian Wells Tavern, and more. Please join us and enjoy

The Law Office of William D. Shapiro 631-594-2712 (O) • 631-377-1168 (M)

a steaming cup of soup. Next week Springs School will hold its first Empathy Week. Each day is designed to encourage awareness and acceptance of a different condition. On Monday, kids will wear purple and a helmet for Epilepsy Awareness Day. Next Tuesday kids will honor World Down Syndrome Day. On Wednesday they will recognize those with Juvenile Diabetes by wearing blue. Autism will be highlighted on March 23 by wearing red. Empathy week culminates on Friday with students wearing their favorite sports jersey

Independent / Courtesy Southampton Schools

The Southampton School District appointed Dr. Nicholas Dyno to the position of permanent Superintendent of Schools, effective immediately during the March 7 regular Board of Education meeting. Dr. Dyno has served as the district’s interim superintendent since the fall. Over the past 11 years, he advanced from principal of Southampton High School to the district’s assistant superintendent for instruction and, most recently, as interim superintendent.

as the Special Olympians prepare for their bowling tournament the next day.

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March 15, 2017

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Independent / Rick Murphy

Andre Franklin put on a show Southampton fans will never forget, to carry the Mariners to the State Final Four Tournament.

Mariners Go For The Gold By Rick Murphy

Only a few names are etched onto Basketball’s Eternal Wall. It is the rarest accolade, reserved for those players whose feat was so extraordinary that their performances rose above the merely spectacular to the highest level, to live on as long as fans talk about the game of basketball. Step right up, Mr. Franklin. That would be Andre Franklin, the Southampton basketball player who, on the biggest stage of his career, in the most important moments of his life, took his team on his shoulders and said, “I got this.” Southampton was playing Elmont, the Nassau County Class A champion, in a State Regional Game at Stony Brook on Sunday. The two teams lolly-gagged through a listless first period. The Mariners were ice cold, missing nine three-pointers, and when they did get a look inside

K.C. Ndefo was blocking shots away like King Kong sitting on the Empire State Building swatting planes. The unfortunate beginning left the locals on the short end of an 11-6 score and earned the players a sharp rebuke from Coach Herm Lamison. The cold shooting, and the sparse crowd, can be blamed on the brain surgeons at the NYSPHSAA, the governing body of the state tourney. They scheduled the game at 11 in the morning - keep in mind it was really 10 because of Daylight Saving Time - at Stony Brook University, a good two hour drive on icy roads for fans and the Southampton basketball team as well. Franklin, who did not even start the game, entered the fray and things changed in a hurry. After Micah Snowden converted two free throws to bring Southampton within three at the beginning of the second stanza, the Mariners

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worked the ball to Franklin outside the arc. His shot found nothing but net, and the Mariners had tied the game. Victor Olawoye answered on the other end, but Franklin responded with another three-point bomb to put the locals up 14-13. Franklin then forced a tie-up on defense, and with the arrow going Southampton’s way, the Mariners attacked again, working the ball around the horn until it found the waiting hands of Franklin. He let loose from downtown immediately – swish. Elmont, the defending Nassau Class A champions, responded. After Ndefo drilled a trey the freshman Jevon Santos drove the paint in heavy traffic for a layup. The Spartans were back in business. With time running out, once again the Mariners worked the ball, this time finding Franklin in the far corner, and once again he let fly and connected with his fourth trey. Southampton was up by three at the half, 25-22. All this is not to imply the rest of the Mariners didn’t do their part to keep the opportunistic Spartans off the offensive boards. And as is usually the case, the team was spot-on from the charity strip. The Mariners opened a 10-point lead and relaxed behind a 2-3 zone. Then, it happened again. With 1:30 left on the clock in the third quarter Franklin found room from behind the three-point line and dropped home yet another bomb. With 50 seconds left he let go again, and as if it was guided by radar, the ball nestled into the net. Ndefo answered with a bucket. But

Chad Pike drilled a trey as the third quarter was about to end to make it 42-27. Franklin’s two free throws made it 50-32 when, their season on the line, the Nassau champions made one last run, and whittled down the lead, with a chance to get it to single digits as the seconds ticked off. But of course, Franklin wasn’t done. The dagger came with a minute yet to go – yes, another three-point bomb. Game, set, match, Mariners, who advance to the NY State Final Four in Binghamton. The first step: a semifinal encounter with Our Lady of Lourdes Saturday. For the nonplussed Franklin, it was all in a day’s work. “We like to shoot from beyond the arc,” he said matter-of-factly. “That’s what we do.” His day’s work: seven treys in only eight attempts en route to a game-high 29 points. It’s not the first time he’s played hero: he leads the team in scoring for the playoffs and was the vital cog in the ABCD title game as well. Ndefo had 28 points and eight blocks for the losers. The win was the fourth straight Long Island Championship for the locals, but the first in Class A. Southampton hasn’t made it to the Final Four since 1999 – until now. Aaron Krzyzewski, Timmy Alejo and Snowden combined for 31 rebounds, which kept Elmont from critical second and third shots. Alejo had 11 points for the winners, though the leading scorers are interchangeable from game to game, as are the heroes. On this day, the spotlight belonged to Dre.





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March 15, 2017


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March 15, 2017


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Platinum 7X Vodka

750 ML





Johnnie Walker RED



Basil Hayden's Bourbon







Jack Daniels Mag.








Glenlivet 12 Year 750 ML



Glenmorangie 750ML




26.99 $ 36.99







2- 40



12 Year Old

Chopin Vodka









Knob Creek




Johnny Walker 750ML



Cutty Sark








1-$24.99 2-$42 3-$60 2 FOR

$Grey Goose


750 ML









Sauza Hornitos Plata and Reposado




DeLeon Reposado







2- 40

DeLeon Platinum



750 ML





Belvedere Mag.




Baker’s Bourbon 7 year Old Bourbon 750 ml.



Goslings Black Rum








Skyy Vodka

750 ML







Silver or Reposado




750 ML .


Makers Mark

Canadian Club






1800 Tequila

Kettle One Courvoisier V.S. Vodka

Dewars White Label




Aviation Gin

Milagro Silver


Single Malt Whisky




Absolut Vodka 99





Jim Beam Black Label

Bulleit Bourbon


3 Olives Vodka

Pinnacle Vodka



Light & Dark 750 ml

Johnny Walker Gold

Boodles Gin



Cruzan Estate Diamond Rum

99 29. 39.99







Mag Mag.

18. 2- 30.00





Malibu Rum





Smirnoff Vodka


1-$21.99ea. 2-$20.99ea. 3-$19.99ea.

Come see Our New Rosé Selections

We will match any of our local competitors’ coupons presented at the time of purchase!

Wine 750 ML Livio Fellugia PG ................... 19.99

Ruffino Gold Label ................ 39.99 Blackstone (all varieties)3 for 30.00 Antinori Christina Pinot Grigio & Red Blend ................10.99 2 for 20 Sterling Napa Chard ............. 11.99 Santa Rita 120 All Types2 for 10.00 Simi Chardonnay .................. 14.99 Kim Crawford Sauv. Blanc..... 13.99 Sterling Meritage .................... 9.99 Crane Lake ...................2 for 10.00 Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio .......8.99 Da Vinci Chianti Reserva .....19.99 2 for 35 Chateau Ste. Michelle Chard .10.99 Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling 9.99 Coppola Rosso ... 9.99 or 2 for 18

FREE Wine Tasting

Fri & Sat • 4-7 PM

Cupcake (all types).................9.99 Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio21.99 Bogle Chard ............................ 8.99 Bogle Cabernet ....................11.99 Bogle Pinot Noir...................11.99 Bogle Merlot ..........................9.99 Cornin Pouilly-Fuisse ............24.99 Excelsior All Types .... 8.99 3 for 21 Nozay Sancerre 16.99 3 for 40.00 Baron Fini Pinot Grigio 2 for 18.00 Louis Jadot Macon Village ....11.99 BV Coastal Cab, Chard, Pinot Noir, Merlot.. 8.99 3 for 24 BV Coastal Sauv Blanc ..........7.99 ................................... 3 for 21.00 Conundrum Red or White .....19.99 BV Tapestry .........................34.99 Apothic Red or Dark...............9.99

Wine Magnums Lindemans (all varieties) ......... 9.99

Beringer White Zin .................. 9.99 Frontera (all types) ...6 for 7.99each Rex Goliath (all var) ................ 9.99 Yellowtail (all var).6 for 10.99 each Il Giardino PG ....................... 12.99 Fetzer (all varieties)................. 9.99 Woodbridge...........6 for10.99 each Barefoot (all types) .......6 for 60.00 Gekkeikan Sake ..................... 9.99 Estrella All Types ..................... 9.99 Mark West Pinot Noir ........... 19.99 Santa Marina Pinot Grigio ..... 10.99 .......................... or $60 for a case Not responsible for typographical errors. Subject to Inventory Depletion All Prices expire 3/29/17


Cristalino Brut ................... 8.99 Veuve Clicquot ................ 42.99 La Marca Prosecco . ............. 12.99 90+ Prosecco .... 11.99 2 for 20 Mionetto Prosecco ........... 12.99 Francois Montand Brut or Rose .. $11.99 2 for $20 Roederer Estate Brut ....... 19.99 Laurent-Perrier Brut ........35.99 Laurent-Perrier Rosé .......75.99

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Hampton Bays Town Center (Next to King Kullen) • 46 East Montauk Highway


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Independent 3 15 17  

Independent 3 15 17

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