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Top row from left - right: Dave O’Donoghue, Michael Donnelly, Liam Doran, Mel Kilkenny Bottom row from left - right: Shane O’Grady, Sandra Gleeson, Mick Bristow, Miriam Dunne

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School of Professional Accountancy ACCA Full-time & Re-takers now available in Dublin

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) June 2010 Examinations Learn to succeed

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ACCA lecturers and Subjects P PAPE r

DublIn (P/T)

COrk (P/T)


DublIn (F/T)


F1 Accountant in Business

Miriam Dunne

F2 Management Accounting

Sandra Gleeson

F3 Financial Accounting

Sandra Gleeson

F4 Corporate and Business Law

Gary Fitzgerald

Gary Fitzgerald

F5 Performance Management

Mick Bristow

Michael Donnelly

Michael Donnelly

F6 Taxation

Mel Kilkenny

Mel Kilkenny

Patrick Mulcahy

Mel Kilkenny

Antra Bhargava

F7 Financial Reporting

Dave O’Donoghue

Sandra Gleeson

Patrick Mulcahy

Michael Donnelly

Sandra Gleeson

F8 Audit and Assurance

Dave O’Donoghue

Aidan Harty

Michael Donnelly

Michael Donnelly

Michael Donnelly

F9 Financial Management

Michael Bristow

Graham Crowley

Mick Bristow

Michelle Hourican

Liam Doran

P1 Professional Accountant

Shane O’Grady

Shane O’Grady

Colin Bradford

Shane O’Grady

Shane O’Grady

P2 Corporate Reporting

Liam Doran

Liam Doran

Michael Donnelly

Sandra Gleeson

Liam Doran

P3 Business Analysis

Shane O’Grady

Colin Bradford

Graham Crowley

Michelle Hourican

P4 Advanced Financial Management

Liam Doran

Graham Crowley

P5 Advanced Performance Management

Mick Bristow

Mick Bristow

P6 Advanced Taxation

Mel Kilkenny

Mel Kilkenny

P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance

Dave O’Donoghue

Dave O’Donoghue

Celebrating ACCA Student Success

IIndependent Colleges student placings and worldwide prizewinner June 2009 ACCA exams are (L-R) Simon Neilson (F7, 3rd in Ireland), Shane O’Grady, ACCA Lecturer, Gayle Dunne (P5, 1st in Ireland), Beibhinn Coman, ACCA, Jeanine Nolan (P4, 3rd in Ireland,) Dave O’Donoghue, School of Professional Accountancy, Aisling Kavanagh 1st place worldwide prizewinner for P1, Anna Pluta 2nd place worldwide for P2, Liam Doran, School of Professional Accountancy, Mark Kelly (P2, 3rd in Ireland) and Kenneth Kilmurray (F9, 2nd in Ireland), (not pictured Bartosz Tobolski 3rd place worldwide for P1).

Who are Independent Colleges? Independent Colleges is one of Ireland’s most dynamic educational institutions providing goal-focused, personalised tuition. Supported by Independent News & Media plc, the objective of the College is to develop successful and prestigious third level, professional and lifelong learning programmes. Enrolments for third level and professional courses, including Accountancy, Law, Journalism, Arts and Continuous Professional Development commenced in November 2007. Independent Colleges benefit(s) from a prestigious Dublin city centre location in Dawson Street. Surrounded by cafés, restaurants and bars, this location provides a wonderful atmosphere for students both before and after lectures. Our location is less than five minutes from St. Stephen’s Green and easily accessible with excellent transport links including Luas, bus and rail.

Lectures for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) course commencing on the 1st March 2010 will be delivered from state-of-the-art facilities on Dawson Street, Metropole Hotel Cork. Independent College Dublin has its library on Dawson Street, which provides students with a quiet and comfortable environment in which to study and prepare for assignments and examinations. The library is supplied with state-of-the-art computing facilities, comfortable study desks and chairs and multiple copies of relevant texts in each subject area. Extensive opening hours reflect the needs of the busy student. Furthermore, students can access any book or periodical that is not directly available through the use of the inter library loan service.

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The School of Professional Accountancy The School of Professional Accountancy at Independent Colleges is led by Dave O’Donoghue FCCA, MSc, Dip IFR and Liam Doran FCCA, FCPA, MBS Finance. The School of

Why study ACCA at Independent Colleges? • State of the art lecturing facilities

Professional Accountancy has received an overwhelming

• City centre locations with easy access to all modes of transportation

response from the student community since its inception

• Qualified and experienced lecturers

in February 2008. The School offers ACCA part-time courses in Dublin, Cork and Waterford venues. The School also offers full-time courses in Dublin and an innovative Re-takers course for the students who are familiar with the subject and need a structured direction to pass the exam. Independent colleges is a recognised educational institution in

• Extensive lectures/contact hours • Structured delivery of the course helps maximise probability of passing each examinations • Thorough coverage of topics covered on ACCA syllabus • The new ongoing Question Based Assessments*

preparing students to sit the ACCA and other professional

• Extensive use of practice questions including past exam questions

accountancy examinations.

• Easy access to lecturers • Quality study materials provided at the beginning of the course • Modern library and study facilities • Mock exams with feedback • Canteen facilities • Subsidised car park facility

*Question Based Assessments Students are given questions/assignments at the end of each session for self assessments. These questions/assignments are corrected and given back to students with constructive feedback. This learning style will improve understanding of each topic and give an opportunity to practice the topics regularly.

page 2 Independent Colleges

Independent Colleges Providing examination-focused tuition Our highly experienced lecturing team are exceptional communicators


who will provide students with the examination tips to help them to

You can register online at or

successfully negotiate the ACCA examinations.

by post by sending a completed Application Form (enclosed) to:

ACCA courses will be delivered over a fourteen week period in

The School of Professional Accountancy,

Dublin, Cork and Waterford commencing on March 1st 2010.

Independent Colleges,

Students are provided with extensive complimentary study materials

60–63 Dawson Street,

and notes throughout the course.

Dublin 2. Alternatively, you can register in person by attending one of our registration evenings on 23rd, 24th & 25th February between 5.30pm and 7.30pm at 60–63 Dawson Street, Dublin 2.

Independent Colleges page 3

Why ACCA ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

• Access to ACCA via CAT qualification

is the global body for professional accountants, aims to

No academic qualifications required. Sit Certified Accounting

offer business-relevant, first-choice qualifications to

Technician (CAT) qualification first and then transfer to the Skills

people of application, ability and ambition around the

module of the ACCA Qualification by claiming exemption from

world who seek a rewarding career in accountancy,

the first three papers in the Knowledge module.

finance and management. ACCA qualification is designed to provide the accounting knowledge, skills and professional values which will deliver finance professionals who are capable of building successful careers across all sectors. In order to qualify as an ACCA member, you will need to complete: • 14 exams (nine of which are eligible for exemption) • Relevant practical experience, with a minimum of three years • A Professional Ethics module.

Key Dates for mar – jun 2010 term. January 31 – Applications for exemptions must be submitted for June examinations March 15 – Last date to request for special exam centers March 30 – Last date to request for special circumstances / assistance. April 15 – Your examinations entry form for the June exams must be received by ACCA’s examination department.

Entry requirements

Applications to change variant papers must be received by

ACCA offers various entry points on to the Qualification,

this date or changed on my ACCA.

depending on your previous academic qualifications. • Minimum entry requirements Two A Levels and three GCSEs or equivalent in five separate subjects, including English and Mathematics. • Mature Student Entry Route (MSER) Normally over age 21 and no academic qualifications required. Students registered under this route must pass the equivalent of Papers F2, Management Accounting and F3, Financial Accounting within two years before further progression to the ACCA exams is permitted. • Graduate-entry route Relevant degree holders from ACCA-accredited institutions may be exempted from all nine exams within the Fundamentals level and register directly at the Professional level. Degrees with some relevance may also qualify for exemptions.

page 4 Independent Colleges

Fulltime Re-takers CBE The School launched its first ACCA full-time course in February 2009. The full-time course is specifically designed for students who are from non-accountancy related background.

ACCA Re-takers The ACCA course is very challenging and while nobody likes to be faced with having to repeat exams, unfortunately a number of students

The full-time course offers more contact hours with day-time

will find themselves in the position of not having achieved a first time

lectures and revision courses. Full-time students are also given

pass in every exam they attempt. Traditionally these students have

Question Based Assessments facilities.

either commenced a course from the beginning, even though the

ACCA full-time classes have small student numbers and focuses more on interactive learning. International students who require a study visa must register under the full-time course scheme. Students must register for four subjects per year in order to obtain study visa. This is in line with study visa requirements set out by the Department of Justice.

How to Apply for ACCA full-time courses • EU Applications last date – February 22, 2010 Fully completed application form with a passport size photograph Copy of ACCA registration letter. (Please provide a reference number if registration under process) • International Applications last date – February 22, 2010 Fully completed application form with two passport size photographs

majority of the information is known to them or else they have waited until the month before the exam to attend a revision course. The School of Professional Accountancy at Independent Colleges now offers an alternative to this where you can join others in a similar situation to yourself within a couple of weeks of the results coming out and follow a course of study specifically designed for students who are retaking the paper.

ACCA Computer Based Exams (CBEs) The School is delighted to offer its fundamental level students (F1, F2 and F3) the facility to sit the Computer Based Examination (CBE). Students will be able to sit these exams in the main college campus on Dawson Street. CBE dates will be communicated to all the students in due course. Benefits of Computer Based Exams: • Flexibility - You are not restricted to June and December paper-based examination sessions as you can sit CBE at any time of year. CBE also offers flexibility for re-sits, which you can take at

Copy of ACCA registration letter

any time. There is no restriction on the number of times you can

Certified copies of previous qualifications and transcripts

resit the examinations by CBE.

Curriculum vitae (CV)

• Instant feedback - Your result is displayed on the computer screen at the end of the examination. • Results are uploaded by the licensed centre and will be transferred to your ACCA account within 72 hours.

Independent Colleges page 5

Our Lecturing Team Lectures are delivered by a team with vast experience.

Dave O’Donoghue

Liam Doran


FCCA, FCPA, MBS (Finance)

Dave is the Joint Head of the School of

Liam is the Joint Head of the School of

Professional Accountancy at Independent

Professional Accountancy at Independent

Colleges. He was previously the Course

Colleges. He was previously a senior lecturer

Director of Professional Accountancy at

with Griffith College specialising in the

Griffith College. He has lectured on ACCA

areas of Financial Accounting and Financial

auditing and financial accounting subjects

Management for ACCA, CPA, CIMA and ACA.

since 1997.

He is an immensely confident and popular lecturer.

page 6 Independent Colleges

Shane O’grady

Michael Bristow

Sandra gleeson


BSc, (Mgmt), Grad Dip, ACCA


Shane is a full-time Senior Lecturer with

Michael is a Senior Lecturer in the area of

Sandra is a Senior Lecturer with

Independent Colleges in the areas of Ethics,

Management Accounting and Performance

Independent Colleges and specialises

Corporate Governance and Strategy. Prior to

Management. He has extensive experience

in Financial Accounting and Management

joining Independent Colleges, Shane was a

in the area of Management Accounting. He

Accounting. She has lectured to ACCA,

member of the Enterprise Risk Services team

has lectured on both ACCA and CPA courses

CPA, IATI, CIMA and ACA students for the

in Deloitte. Shane has lectured on ACA, ACCA,

and worked in both senior Management

past six years. Sandra has an exam focused

CPA and IATI courses for the past number of

Accounting and Analyst roles. Michael

teaching approach and an ability to simplify

years and he has developed an outstanding

is an ACCA qualified lecturer and received

the more difficult areas of the subject.

reputation due in no small part to his

a number of placings during the course of

approachability and focus on examinations.

his own examinations including a remarkable 1st in the world placing on paper 3.3, Performance Management.

Independent Colleges page 7

Our Lecturing Team

Michael Donnelly

Mel kilkenny



Michael Donnelly has been lecturing

Mel has been lecturing ACCA taxation

accountancy students since 1998 on ACCA

subjects since 1992. Students find Mel

and other accounting course. Michael has

very exam focused, approachable and

also lectured for state bodies and other

entertaining. Mel is the author of textbooks

training firms. He has acted in positions of

and revision kits for P6 and F6 (Kilkenny

financial controller and director in retail,

Tax Publications); these books are used by

construction and property development

many colleges throughout the country. He

companies since 1996.

spent a number of years as examiner for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland and also for the Irish Taxation Institute.

page 8 Independent Colleges

Miriam Dunne

Michelle hourican ourican

gary Fitzgerald



Barrister at Law, BA

Miriam is currently the Head of Finance

Michelle is a daytime lecturer with

Gary has been lecturing on the F4 course

for Dolmen Stockbrokers. Miriam is an

Independent Colleges specialising in Business

since the introduction of the new syllabus in

ACCA qualified lecturer and was placed

Strategy Financial Management. Michelle has

December 2007. He is a practising barrister

third in Ireland in her ACCA final examinations.

worked with a diverse range of clients from

specialising in Planning and Environmental

Miriam has a practical approach to F1,

multi-national firms to the public sector. She

Law. He also lectures Contract Law and EU

drawing on her extensive experience as

has experience in the areas of Strategic

Law to law students. His practical experience,

Financial Controller for several financial

Planing and Implementation, Business

confident lecturing style and exam focused

services businesses and a large solicitor’s

Process, Re-Design, Change Management

classes make him very successful at explain-


and IT. She is a member of the ACCA Leinster

ing legal concepts to non-law students. Gary

Network and has presented CPD lecturers.

is a graduate of University College Cork and

She has had the privilege of presenting an

King’s Inns, winning the Antonia O’Callaghan

intensive ACCA revision course to final year

award for Oratory and Constitutional Law.

students in three locations in China.

Independent Colleges page 9

Our Lecturing Team

page 10 Independent Colleges

Colin Bradford

Aidan harty


BComm, HDip Computer Science, ACCA, QFA

Colin is a part time lecturer with Independent

Aidan works as a financial accountant in

Colleges in the area of Business Analysis

Cork having previously worked in practice

for the ACCA. He has a number of years’

and in the Banking Industry. He is an

industry experience which he brings into

ACCA qualified lecturer and has previously

the classroom. Colin is a qualified member

achieved a number of prizes during the

of the ACCA and also lectures for the Irish

course of his own studies including 1st place

Funds Industry Association.

in the world in paper 3.2 Advanced Taxation.

graham Crowley

Antra Bhargava

Jason Lambourne




Graham currently works as a Management

Antra is a graduate of Trinity College and a

Jason is a member of the Association of

Accountant with the Musgrave Group. He has

Member of both the Institute of Chartered

Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and

held a number of Management Accounting,

Accountants of Ireland (ACA) and also the

he is a chartered financial analyst (CFA). He

Financial Accounting and Financial Analysis

Institute of Taxation Advisors in Ireland.

has a degree in accounting and a masters

roles within Musgrave. Prior to joining

She trained with KPMG where she was a

degree in Finance. Jason has previously

Musgrave he worked as an Analyst with

Manager, Financial Services (Tax). She has

worked in banking and investment and is

Fidelity Investments in Boston, USA. Graham

been preparing students for the final exams

currently working as a business analyst for an

is a CIMA qualified Accountant and received

of the professional accountancy bodies and

e-commerce company based in Dublin. While

a number of placing during the course of his

the Institute of Tax over the last number of

studying for the ACCA exams he was awarded

own exams including two 1st places, two

years. She will bring significant experience

the highest mark in the world in the paper

2nd places and three 3rd places in Ireland.

to the classroom and will ensure you are

equivalent to the current Paper F7 Financial

well prepared for the examinations.


Independent Colleges page 11

Why Choose Independent Colleges Teaching and Learning Support

Exam-Focused Lectures

1. Each student is provided with the most up-to-date manuals which cover all of the key concepts.

1. Specifically designed for the needs of ACCA students.

2. Our tailored course notes are the ideal companion piece to weekly lectures and present the course material in an easily digestible form. 3. Provision of this material in print form allows students to concentrate on the lectures as a result of being freed from the distraction of excessive note taking. 4. Students have an opportunity to attempt questions from past examination papers, and have them corrected by the lecturers who will provide the class with general feedback on performance Students will also receive a copy of their questions with personalised feedback. 5. All courses are designed with one thing in mind, the ACCA examinations and ensuring students success.

page 12 Independent Colleges

2. Lecturers focus on explaining the key principles and fundamental issues contained in the syllabi of each of the subjects as prescribed by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in a straightforward and uncomplicated way. 3. All lectures are examination-orientated. Each class includes consideration of the key concepts and practical advice on how those principles can be applied to the examination papers.

Why Choose Independent Colleges? State-of-the-art Lecture Facilities With full air-conditioning, wireless high speed internet networking and the latest presentations and video-conferencing facilities, Independent Colleges is an ideal teaching and learning environment designed with the needs of the professional student in mind.

‘I would like to thank the lecturers and staff for all help and support before and during the course. The quality of the lectures was excellent. Lecturers always encouraged questions and took the time out to mark both course and extra course work, making a difficult subject accessible. One of the few lectures I have had that has brought learning and ACCA exam preparation alive and practical. A big thanks.’

The lecturers are very professional and approachable. They responded to student queries promptly. All the topics of the subject were covered in detail. The college is perfect and I will come back again to complete my qualification’

Fully Equipped on-Campus Library The college has its own library on campus. The library supports the courses by providing students with a comfortable, quiet environment in which to study and prepare for examinations. The library is fitted with study desks and chairs and with multiple

Y Yang, F8 student

copies of the core texts in each subject area.

Kirk Houghton, ACCA Student

Independent Colleges page 13

TAx ReLIeF All ACCA fees paid are eligible for tax relief at the rate


of 20%. This is a benefit especially to the students Main Course

Revision Course













paying fees on their own.

InDIvIDuAL ATTenTIOn TO The neeDS OF STuDenTS Our goal is to combine a student-friendly and interactive learning environment with the talents of an outstanding academic faculty. We will give our students every support needed to enjoy a rich and thorough educational experience.

page 14 Independent Colleges

LOCATION Independent Colleges is located at 60–63 Dawson Street, Dublin 2. This city centre location is ideally situated within a few minute’s walking distance from Grafton Street and St Stephen’s Green. In addition Independent Colleges has negotiated a special rate with Q-Park, at their Setanta Place Car Park. Students can avail of a 50% discount on parking by purchasing a SmartCard at the Customer Service Desk (on production of an Independent Colleges student card).

Independent Colleges page 15


To be eligible to sit the ACCA examinations,

If you would like to speak directly to

you must register with the ACCA directly.

one of our Heads of School about the

Contact details for the ACCA:

course, please feel free to contact:



9 Leeson Park, Dublin 6

Telephone 01 498 8900

Telephone 01 672 5058

Fax 01 4963615

Mobile 086 043 6259

DAvE o’DoNoghuE


Telephone 01 672 5058

2 Central Quay, 89 Hydepark Street,

Mobile 086 043 6231

Glasgow, United Kingdom, G3 8BW Telephone +44 141 582 2000

Or please contact the Programme

Fax +44 141 582 2222

Co-ordinator gRETChEN DE BuRCA RCA Telephone 01 635 5820 Fax 01 635 112

For more information or to view sample tutorials online, visit our website at

D u b l i n | C o r k | Wat e r f o r d An Independent News & Media Company

Venue: Dublin Title: Mr

Cork Ms

Waterford Mrs

Correspondence Address:

First name:

School of Professional Accountancy Independent Colleges ACCA Application Form June 2010

Surname: Home Phone: Mobile Phone:

Date of Birth:

Email: ACCA Registration Number:

Employment Details Employer:



Payment (Cheques payable to Independent Colleges) Cheque

Bank Draft

Postal Order

Debit/Credit Card


Amount to Debit: Credit Card Number: Laser Card Number: Expiry Date: Cardholders Name: Please send completed application form to Independent College or alternatively register online at Independent Colleges 60–63 Dawson Street, Dublin 2 Telephone +353 1 672 5058

Declaration I hereby confirm that all particulars given in this application are true and correct, and understand that I must take responsibility to register myself as a student and for examinations with the acca. i also understand that course commencement will depend on student demand and that fees will not be refunded once the course commences. I also grant permission to Independent Colleges to release my name and ACCA Registration number to the ACCA to obtain statistics. Signature:


D u b l i n | C o r k | Wat e r f o r d An Independent News & Media Company

Application Form Please tick the subject(s) you wish to register for: Revision Course

Total Fees € Main course fees includes the revision course. 15% discount to repeat students on production of a copy of exam results.


Main Course


Paper F1




Paper F2




Sponsored Students

Paper F3




Paper F4




If your employer is responsible for payment, please complete the sponsorship section below.

Paper F5




Contact Name:

Paper F6





Position within organisation:

Paper F7





Paper F8





Paper F9






Main Course


Paper P1






Paper P2





Employers Signature:


Revision Course


Discount not available for re-takers course.

Address for Invoice:


please choose one of these study options: Tues: c or Thurs: c

Paper P3



please choose one of these study options: Tues: c or Thurs: c

Paper P4




Paper P5




Paper P6




Paper P7




Please send completed application form to Independent College or alternatively register online at Independent Colleges 60–63 Dawson Street, Dublin 2 Telephone +353 1 672 5058

Fax +353 1 635 1120

Independent College | Cork The Metropole Hotel MacCurtain Street, Cork Telephone +353 21 420 4180

Independent College | Dublin 60–63 Dawson Street, Dublin 2 Telephone +353 1 672 5058

Independent College | Waterford Telephone +353 21 420 4180

Independent Colleges ACCA Prospectus  

School of Professional Accountancy Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

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