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For obligation free advice on all aspects of pre-planning a funeral call Michele on 03 5221 4788. PACE6403 Servicing the Geelong region



Securing Your Future Centrelink’s Financial Information Service is an independent, educational and expert information service available to everyone in the community. We assist people to make informed decisions about investment and financial issues for their current and future needs.

BOUQUETS to Rod at the ‘non’ franchise bakery in Lara. Thank you for supplying us with a lovely Easter feast of hot cross buns for our special Easter morning tea for CREATE. Your buns were the best. Thank you very much. Leanne, Geelong

The following seminars will run from 6pm - 8pm. Wednesday 19 May 2010 Working Beyond Age Pension Age Wednesday 26 May 2010 Understanding Superannuation Wednesday 16 June 2010 Running Your Own Super Fund Wednesday 30 June 2010 Understanding Retirement Income Streams


These seminars are conducted at Dromoland House, 258 Pakington St, Geelong West. Light refreshments will be served prior to commencement.


BOUQUETS to Lyn and her son Jake from East Geelong who found my engagement ring, looked up the classifieds, saw my “lost ad”, rang me and returned it. I appreciate your honesty and I hope all good things come your way. One very happy owner, BUCKETS to Overwhelmed Parent (Buckets and Bouquets April 30). A good education is a privilege. Parking and tour arrangements for open day were outlined on the school website. Perhaps a polite letter to the school with helpful suggestions and an offer to volunteer at open day in 2011 would be more appropriate. School Open Day Volunteer, Geelong


Reserve your place now by email too: or phone 13 6357

BOUQUETS to council workers, who were constructing a new footpath in Barrabool Road, Highton, for making sure I crossed the road safely. All of you are gentlemen. Grateful Oldie, Highton

BOUQUETS to everyone who helped pick up empty alcohol bottles from the streets and in the school grounds in Lara. In one week I picked up 60 bottles. Please help us keep Lara beautiful. Happy Walker, Lara BOUQUETS to the lovely lady who found my handbag (with everything still in it) in the supermarket car park at Waurn Ponds. What a Good Samaritan. May your dreams come true. Grateful Shopper, Grovedale

BUCKETS to the fool riding a dirt bike down Church Street, Herne Hill on Friday April 30 at 9pm, without lights or a helmet. You probably won’t read this, but your parents will have to identify the body on the morgue slab if the next driver saw him five seconds later than we did. Still Shaking, Hamlyn Heights.

BOUQUETS to the people who go above and beyond to help. I found my car broken down at 6.45am and tried to flag down seven people with no success. John came along to help. He bought petrol, started my car and became my hero. A huge thank you to dear John. Robin, Geelong

BOUQUETS to Oliver of Saltwater Solar for his fabulous after sales service. Eighteen months after installing solar power for me he sent an email asking me to check how much per kilowatt my server was paying, and advising me to contact them if I wasn’t getting the premium. It’s much better now. Thanks Oliver. Powered Up, Wandana Heights

BUCKETS to the recycle place in North Geelong. They charge $1 per copy of National Geographic books, old or new. They had plenty down at the Salvos where they charge 20 – 50 cents. Birdman, Corio

BUCKETS to the idiot in flouro yellow lycra who sped past my children on the Barwon River bicycle track without ringing your bell to warn them of your presence. You knocked my four-year-old son off his bike by bashing into him and didn’t even stop to see if he was ok. Disgusting behaviour. Thankfully my son came to no harm. Please take care in the future. Melanie, Highton BOUQUETS to the neighbours of a person who decided to rip up and replace his front garden in Newton Avenue. Thanks for all your help, discussion and even opinion on how I should do things. It all worked out in the end. Thanks. Jason, Bell Post Hill BOUQUETS to Lindsay Read from Just Go Away pest control for his tireless effort in ridding us of our infestation. His commitment and professionalism towards our problem was outstanding. Thank you for a backyard we can enjoy once again. Flea Free, Whittington

BOUQUETS to Drs Grant and Murtagh, palliative nurses, all at Andrew Love Centre and Birdsey Oncology ward for their supreme care of my husband Frank. Much Appreciation, Leopold BOUQUETS to Pickled Jester restaurant, Geelong West. Friendly happy staff, great meals and resaonable prices. We’ll be back! Danny, Herne Hill BUCKETS to Richard of Portarlington (Buckets and Bouquets, May 7) for sending buckets to Lisa, who sent buckets to the drunk who fell on her and hurt her arm. She was quite justified to do this, as she was upset when the incident occured. Alcoholism is self-inflicted and those people affected by it, have no self control or willpower. They would not know the meaning of drinking in moderation. Keith, Corio

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Geelong Independent 14/05/2010 | Star News Group Local News, Sport, Entertainment  

Your local news and community information provider with newspaper editions serving the Geelong, Bellarine and Torquay-Jan Juc regions of Vic...

Geelong Independent 14/05/2010 | Star News Group Local News, Sport, Entertainment  

Your local news and community information provider with newspaper editions serving the Geelong, Bellarine and Torquay-Jan Juc regions of Vic...