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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Students, police injured in A-House incident By Danielle Gamble News Editor

Rockets head east to face Bulls / 7

Officers responded Monday to a fight at Academic House after a male resident went into a “manic rage,” resulting in the hospitalization of three officers and the suspect as well as the minor injury of four other students, police said. JaVonn Morgan, an 18-yearold freshman from Perry,

Ohio, was charged with one count of felonious assault and two counts of assault, according to Toledo Municipal Court records. Officers Homer Chapa and Fred Cerrone, as well as Sgt. Douglas Perry, were released that morning from Toledo Hospital. Chapa was diagnosed with a concussion, Cerrone with a

knee contusion and Perry was diagnosed sprained wrist, according to court documents. Morgan was also released from the hospital into the custody of the University of Toledo Police Department, police said. Police received a call around 1:30 a.m. at AHouse, said UT Police Chief Jeff Newton. Newton said the suspect

assaulted a female desk worker before heading to his room on first floor. Three students then attempted to detain the suspect and they sustained minor injuries. Officers then responded to the scene where the suspect “fought tooth and nail,” Newton said. UTPD then called for assistance from the Ottawa

Election 2012

On the trail A play that will eat your brains out / 9

Tent City looks to aid Toledo’s homeless Staff Reporter

We are obligated to help the poor /4

In brief

Two UT students are among those who were arraigned Friday after allegedly robbing two fellow students in Horton International House. Students Randall Whitehead and Stevon Nelms, with alleged accomplice Jerron Briggs, are accused of being involved in an Oct. 17 robbery of two students at gunpoint in their room, according to Toledo Municipal Court records. According to court records, surveillance video shows Whitehead letting one of the others into I-House. He later allegedly brandished a small caliber black semi-automatic firearm at the victims and demanded their possessions. Whitehead, who is listed in the campus directory as a resident of I-House, is roommates with Nelms, according to court records. Police said Nelms admitted dumping a bag with the stolen property in a dumpster at Whitehead’s request.

Community service

By Deena Mitchell

Student debate fizzles / 3

Two students robbed at gunpoint in I-House

Hills Police Department and Toledo Police Department. University officials confirmed that police have a “strong suspicion” that controlled substances were the cause of the incident, though the investigation is ongoing. Morgan was arraigned yesterday and bond was set at $25,000.

Bob Taylor / IC

Vice President Joe Biden meets UT students after his speech yesterday in the Student Union Building Auditorium. Biden discussed women’s issues, health care and employment during his speech.

Vice President Joe Biden campaigns at UT By Danielle Gamble News Editor

Cheers of “four more years” greeted Vice President Joe Biden this morning as he addressed University of Toledo students and community at the Student Union Building Auditorium. Biden discussed education policy, job creation and tax policy with a crowd of about 1,500, ac-

cording to the campaign. The opening ceremonies involved Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden, several UT students, including members of UT’s ROTC and Ohio congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, whom Biden invited onstage during his speech after Kaptur introduced him. The vice president discussed issues relevant to Toledo residents, including the bailout of the auto industry,

and reiterated accusations of Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s outsourcing jobs. “Judge us by our actions,” Biden said. “President Obama and I will not stand by and let China break international trade laws and hurt Ohio workers, it’s just that basic.” Biden drew several shouts of appreciation from the crowd as he cited his Violence Against Women’s Act

of 1994, which he introduced, and health insurance changes under the Obama administration. “One of the things that bound [Obama and I] together from the very beginning as a team is he is absolutely as committed as I… about one fundamental thing,” he said. “My daughter, my four granddaughters, See Biden / 6

Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Speaker’s comments cause controversy in Law Center By Lindsay Mahaney Staff Reporter

A Jewish speaker addressed students and community members Sunday, encouraging them to support Palestine in the current Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Speaker and activist Mark Braverman presented “The Path to Peace in Israel-Palestine: A Jewish-American Perspective” at the UT Law Center to a crowd of about 75 people.

The speech was not without controversy, with some applauding his words and others calling them wrong or even anti-Semitic. The event was sponsored by UT’s Students for Justice in Palestine, a pro-Palestinian organization of students, faculty and staff, and Northwest Ohio Peace Coalition (NWOPC), a group of area Bob Taylor / IC

See Speaker / 6

Mark Braverman addresses his audience Sunday.

UT students are donating their time this weekend to help improve the lives of hundreds of the city’s underprivileged at the 23rd annual Tent City’s Project Homeless Connect. From Friday through Sunday at Civic Center Mall in downtown Toledo, volunteers for Tent City will focus on giving the homeless in the Toledo area services such as medical care, housing information, food and clothing. Andrew O’Donnel, a junior studying physical therapy, is serving as the elected mayor of Tent City. He said last year Tent City provided over $140,000 of services to the homeless and underprivileged at a cost of only $7,000. This year, O’Donnel said one of his goals was to get more students involved, so he worked with Student Government to get students a free ride to Tent City. Students can sign up for one of 45 seats on the bus funded by a $125 donation from SG. “My priority is to help out the students on this campus in whatever way I can for the betterment of our university,” said SG Vice President Chris Dykyj, author of the legislation. The bus will be picking up students at the Transportation Bus Loop Friday at 4:30 p.m. and will be back by 8 p.m. Students can sign up for the bus at the event website. Students taking the bus will participate in the 1Mile Matters walk to benefit Tent City and are encouraged to interact with anyone at the event, O’Donnel said. O’Donnel said this is the first year organizers have gotten a bus for students to be transported to the event. Tent City’s goal is to help the Toledo community and O’Donnel said UT students should be willing to help fix issues concerning the surrounding area. “I grew up not knowing much about the homeless population,” O’Donnel said. See Tent City / 9

2 | The Independent Collegian | Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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This week in UT history 75 years ago: A red menace is on the lips of every coed at the University of Toledo, and it has nothing to do with communistic activities. The red menace which the University coed represents is none other than lipstick, that doughy crimson shield which can make the most anemic lips seem as red as accounting balances in 1930. Though it is hard to believe, actual figures prove that the normal coed uses enough lipstick annually to besmear a ruddy swatch of 19 square feet, while the 650 coeds of the University, in a year’s time, use enough lipstick to paint a house 100 feet long and 30 feet wide, on all four sides, and have 357 square feet left over to do some interior decorating. 25 years ago: There are still 1,000 tickets priced at $13.50 remaining to see the Detroit Pistons’ Isiah Thomas and the Boston Celtics’ Larry Bird, who will be among the featured players at an exhibition basketball game in Centennial Hall.

The UT Ballroom Dance Society Purpose: Restarted in 1998, the UT Ballroom Dance Society is dedicated to promoting, enhancing, rejuvenating and sustaining interest in social and competitive ballroom dance. Leaders: Jessica Peters, President; Wes Jones, Executive Vice President; Sean Coyle, Vice President of Competetive Dance; Vice President of Social Dance; Jamie Slyder, Treasurer Upcoming events: 1 Mile Matters, Oct. 26 and Pumpkin Carving, Oct. 27. How to learn more: Visit the UT Ballroom Dance Society at or email them at Would your group like to be featured as The Independent Collegian’s Student Group of the Week? Email Nate Pentecost at Vincent D. Scebbi/IC

Notetakers recognized by the Office of Accessibility From top left, Lauren Dudley, Younghyun Paik and Tamare Sweeting are serenaded by Pi Kappa Phi fraternity members Eric Moody and Peter Hill. The University of Toledo students were honored Friday for the efforts taking notes for the Office of Accessibility.

Question of the week

Is a vote for an independent candidate a wasted vote?

The Independent Collegian Staff

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No, not at all, every vote counts. Schevoen Trammell Freshman Undecided

No, you’re still able to voice your opinion and exercise your right to vote.

Allison Kotchman

Senior Bioengineering

Yes, because I don’t believe an independent will ever win. Ryan Fashempour Pre-Medical Sophomore

I don’t think it’s a waste. You’re voting for who you believe is the best choice.

Najuecha Lindsay Freshman Social Work

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012 | The Independent Collegian | Election 2012

On-campus debate fizzles Event turns into discussion between College Republicans and audience; third-party participants still shunned By Amanda Eggert Staff Reporter

What was originally billed as a debate Tuesday night between Republicans and Democrats at the University of Toledo turned into a discussion between College Republicans and members of the audience. Organizers also drew criticism for the exclusion of third parties. The debate was supposed to include members of either the College Democrats or UT Students for Obama, but College Republicans said both groups declined the offer. However, statements made by Students for Obama leader Landyn Jordan on the debate’s public Facebook event page suggested the group was never formally asked to participate in the debate, although Jordan confirmed an informal invitation was given and declined. Republicans said Lourdes University College Democrats were also asked to participate, but Lourdes’ Democrats were not in attendance. UT’s Student Government sponsored the event and the Dean of Students’ office provided free food. Patrick Richardson, vice president of College Republicans and a senior majoring in business marketing, said the original idea was that both major parties would have equal representation. Richardson said the debate was supposed to have predetermined topics agreed upon by both sides. The moderator, SG President Paulette Bongratz brought up topics of discussion included plans to solve unemployment, better plans to solve the deficit, policies about gas prices and energy and student loans. After each question, the

moderator allowed the audience to partake in the discussion. The audience also had 15 minutes at the end of the forum to ask any questions not discussed. No third-party representatives were allowed to take part in the debate, something that caused a controversy among Libertarians on campus. Richardson said the debate was supposed to mirror the presidential debates seen on TV. “If we let them in the debate, then where does it end?” Richardson said. “The Green Party will want to come and UT Socialists will want to come. Where do we draw the line?” Libertarians are not recognized in the political system, said Ron Johns, president of UT’s Young Americans for Liberty. “Once a third party is looked at as legitimate, people will start considering voting for them, and that becomes an actual threat,” the junior majoring in marketing and entrepreneurship said. “If you ask the majority of students who go here, they don’t know there’s a third candidate.” Johns protested the forum and stood outside the room with a Ron Paul sign. After a question was asked about Romney’s controversial “47 percent” comments, Johns asked what Romney’s plan is to phase out or fix Social Security and Medicare. Richardson said, “Look, I mean we were talking about 47 percent of Americans that don’t pay income tax.” Speaking after the forum, Richardson defended keeping third-party candidates out of the forum. “I respect the Libertarians,

but this was supposed to give undecided voters a chance to hear the sides of the two-party system and decide to vote for either Obama or Romney,” Richardson said. “Debating with the Libertarians is another debate for another time.” Libertarian Jimmy Kimmelman, a senior majoring in political science, said two-party systems will always be favored. “People always remember the last election. When it comes down to it, people say, ‘Oh it’s not the other guy at least’ when both parties are nearly similar,” he said. Richardson said Republicans and Libertarians have similar opinions on issues, but disagree on who to vote for. “I might as well write ‘Mickey Mouse’ and maybe get 4 percent of the vote,” he said. Kimmelman said America’s youth is flocking to the Libertarian movement. “They realize that what both parties are trying to do is their vision for America. Instead, why don’t we go for our own visions without government telling us what to do,” Kimmelman said. “A variety of people are coming together from every spectrum on the central idea that the government should leave us alone and live our own lives.” Even though the event wasn’t a formal debate, discussion still took place between the participants and audience members with opposing viewpoints. “I’m so glad we did have people on the other side because you can’t have a debate with just one side,” said Scott Mazzola, president of College Republicans and a senior majoring in psychology. “It’s a good thing to compare and contrast the ideals and give people an idea on where to stand.”


4 | The Independent Collegian | Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Bipartisan isn’t enough The exclusion of third parties in U.S. and UT politics hurts America

Yesterday, the University of Toledo College Republicans invited the UT College Democrats to debate over who should be the next president of the United States. Interestingly, the College Democrats declined the invitation. Noticeably or not, no invitations were sent to any third-party candidates despite the fact that members of third parties make up a significant portion of UT’s student body and the country as a whole. Being denied a place at the table for any third-party group on UT’s campus by the College Republicans is reprehensible. It perpetuates a broken system that is celebrated in America by polarized politics instead of dialogue and what’s best for this country. The last third party candidate who participated in the presidential debate was multi-millionaire Ross Perot in 1992. Before Perot, the most successful campaign was Theodore Roosevelt’s 1912 run for president with the Progressive Party. It’s a sad thing that in today’s America, in order to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, you must have an extreme and polarized platform. One can conclude based on presidential nominees that if a party’s nomination is to be gained, it’s not the moderates one has to win over, but the radical and steadfast party members. This means that in the end, moderate voters have to choose between two extreme candidates, not a moderate candidate. Because of the promotion of this extremely polarized system, people whose beliefs lie with a third party are made less significant. It then follows, as to the advantage of Democrats and Republicans, that third party vote is “wasted” if it isn’t spent on a mainstream candidate. The media perpetuates this system. They choose not to publish the views and events related significant third-party candidates. The result is people who don’t fall within the strict confines of the Republicans or the Democrats actually do feel their vote is wasted if it goes to someone whose ideals actually match theirs instead of to a mainstream candidate. Thus, they have to decide which issues matter and sacrifice some ideals for others if they wish to not “waste” their vote. What is perhaps most notable about UT’s student debate is that even upon the lack of Students of Obama, the Republicans continued to seek any Democrat organization to debate. They went as far as to invite the College Democrats at Lourdes University before considering a third party organization. This is in the face of the fact that third party organizations continually requested a seat at the debate table and were denied again and again to the point that only the Republicans and a handful of other students, some with differing viewpoints, were left. Of course, logically speaking, your vote, if spent on someone who is overwhelmingly likely to lose, is a vote “wasted” in the pragmatic sense. But, this is only because of the perpetuation of a broken system by the mainstream parties on a national and collegiate level who are joined by the media. For this, the participating parties should be ashamed because put their self-gain over accurately representing all of the voices in America.

We are obligated to help the poor Students should be active working at Toledo’s Tent City, 1Mile Matters walk This weekend, downtown Toledo will host Tent City, an event put on for the poor. It provides for those in need of basic things such as food, shelter, clothing and some basic medical attention. This event needs to be brought to students’ attention because addressing poverty in Toledo is imperative for students. Student Government and the student body are taking the right steps towards participating in this event. SG Vice President, Chris Dykyj initiated legislation, which was passed by Student Senate, to donate $125 to pay for a bus of students to travel to the event downtown. Representative of real and praiseworthy action taken by SG, this legislation will allow students to actually participate. At the University of Toledo, students learn in the classroom from professors about the problems in the world and theories of how to address them. This will give students the chance to encounter these issues face-to-face and truly come to terms with how many live in our society. The other side of the advocacy coin is raising awareness. The 1Mile Matters walk seeks to accomplish this and was spearheaded by UT student Andrew O’Donnel. While students will not directly encounter the poor at the walk in the way that they would at Tent City, funding and supplies for organizations, which directly work to uplift the poor, are always limited. This walk will attempt to do something about this underfunding and raise awareness amongst students and community members of the poverty in our city. Perhaps you have other things you need to do this weekend such as homework or enjoy a Friday night out. But this is an important cause and deserves your attention, because as a student, service is an integral part of your education if you wish to truly address adversity in this community and help create a world with more peace and less poverty. We at the IC commend these efforts and hope for the best for Tent City and the 1Mile Matters walk.

Bob taylor / IC

An anonymous community member left chalk graffiti outside the tennis courts Monday afternoon near the Flatlands. The comment references an Aug. 10 incident where a UT Medical Center nurse accidentally disposed of a kidney intended for an organ transplant.


Don’t hibernate for the winter, stay active and healthy As the summer weather finally comes to a close, and we enter the gray, cold season called winter, you might be tempted to shut down the exercise, break out the movies, and sit on the couch, drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies. This is your wake-up call to stop. While cookies are delicious and movies can help induce cuddle-mode, getting the weight off in the spring can be a pain. So safe-guard yourself this IC Columnist winter against extra pounds with a few an increase in endorphins, which are extra steps, and make the work in the signals that bind to your pleasure recepspring a little easier. One of the most important controllable tors in your brain, lowering the risk of certain cancers, maintaining a constant aspects of your diet is the sugar intake. weight and increasing sugar processing. Now, sugar is an important substance in Exercise can be as simple as jogyour body. It gives you energy and can ging, which is aerobic, or cardio. It make you feel better in a matter of 30 can also become a minutes if you haven’t had Eating healthy and more structured sugar in a while. However, it’s imporexercising regularly plan, with resistance training, aerobic extant to remember that can be difficult, but ercises and core too much sugar isn’t healthy for you. A high it has a lot of perks workouts. It all depends on what your level of blood sugar, in that many people body can handle. As combination with other don’t think about ... long as you’re exerfactors, can lead to type cising, you’re work2 diabetes, headaches, it also leads to ing toward a excessive tiredness and mental fitness. healthy lifestyle. dehydration. It can be Most people don’t easy to avoid excessive sugar by watching your intake of prod- think about it, but there’s also your ucts with added sugars – hot chocolate, psychological health to be concerned about. With winter approaching the energy drinks, artificial sweeteners in sun is out less, the weather isn’t as coffees and yes, even pastries. inviting and people remain inside, While watching your sugar intake out of sun exposure. The sunlight is may be a main point, exercise shouldn’t be ruled out. It doesn’t take a lot of exer- important, though. In the winter, when there is less suncise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Delight, a condition known as Seasonal pending on the intensity, exercising just Affective Disorder (SAD) begins to three times per week can lead to

Michael Baker

affect people. Sunlight is an important reactant that stimulates the body to produce vitamin D, which is important for psychological health. Symptoms of SAD include the regular signs of depression such as decreased energy levels, difficulty concentrating, weight gain and the increased need for sleep. Still, there are ways to safe-guard against the condition without using medication. The first and easiest to do is spend time outside in the sunlight whether it be sitting, exercising or relaxing. Eat a well-balanced diet and the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals. Regular exercise can combat SAD as well because when exercising, those endorphins I mentioned bind to your pleasure receptors. Eating healthy and exercising regularly can be difficult, but it has a lot of perks many people don’t think about. Not only does a healthy lifestyle lead to physical fitness, but it also leads to mental fitness. These suggestions are obviously not exhaustive, but they’re a good start towards a healthy winter. While some decisions can be made without medical consult, always talk to your primary care physician before making drastic lifestyle changes. It’s important to ensure health and to not harm your body. So, curl up on the couch and watch a movie, but do it after a workout, and the results will be that much sweeter. Michael Baker is a junior studying biology.


No one ever said girls can’t love sports Last week may have been the best week in a long time for a Detroit Tigers fan. In case some of you are scrunching your faces in confusion, I will clarify — Detroit is going to the 2012 World Series! This is certainly exciting news, especially for the city of Detroit, who also received recognition with Miguel Cabrera’s winning the Triple Crown this season. Did anyone watch the series last week against New York? The Tigers swept the series in four games against the almighty and legendary sluggers, the New York Yankees. Reports have said it’s been nearly 36 years since the Yankees have been swept in a playoff series — talk about Goliath taking a tumble. Even though I’m a girl, I still love watching baseball, hockey and football — I’m a Detroit fan, if you haven’t already guessed. When I was watching Game 4 of the series on Thursday, I was at a bar with my friend, who doesn’t follow baseball, and I felt like I was the only girl cheering for the game. Can anyone relate to feeling alone in a crowded room? Yes boys, there are some females who dislike any sport, period. We have been stereotyped as individuals who attend the “blood, sweat and beers” events only to socialize with others in a party setting. Face it ladies, we have either been called a girly-girl, prim and proper from head to toe or a tomboy, willing to get our hands dirty and take down a couple beers with the boys. Sports are forms of entertainment,

watch. Some of you may remember how proud you felt last year when you heard UT won the 2011 Military Bowl at BFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. — I honestly hope you’re not hearing about this for the first time. What about when the Detroit Red Wings made it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs? My house was always in an uproar with parties when that time of the year came along. IC Columnist In my Sports Marketing class this semester, I’m proud to see fellow females nothing more, and it’s certainly not a enrolled in the class who actually undermust in life to enjoy. Either you like stand what some class discussions are them, or you don’t. Take UT football about. All girls aren’t stupid when it for example. Girls, do we go for the comes to sports; some just don’t know or tailgate at Rocket Hall and chat with friends in the student section, or do we care. It’s like most men when it comes to interior decorating or go to watch “manly Embrace yourself color coordination. men” knock each other They don’t know or senseless over a the way you are, care — sorry guys. 100-yard stretch? The whether it’s So girls, embrace answer will vary, but the ‘Pretty in Pink’ or yourself the way you stereotype comment is usually the same. ‘Slap Shot,’ ‘What a are, whether it’s “Pretty in Pink” or “Slap I grew up around my Girl Wants’ or Shot,” “What a Girl dad and brother who alWants” or “Major ‘Major League.’ ways discussed stories League,” it’s all about and stats about almost what interests you. Girls were created every single athlete. Everything they said was gibberish, and if I tried asking for an to socialize, and that’s just who we are. explanation, it seemed they answered out Boys, try to accept the fact that some girls just want to watch a game. It’s not of annoyance. The best thing I could do was cheer for the team everyone else was rocket science. Let’s go Rockets, and way to go Tigers! cheering for or pick the team with the more attractive jersey colors to win. Megan Gross is a senior studying If we know the athlete by name or marketing and minoring in that they’re from the city the team communication. plays for, the game is more personal to

Megan Gross

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 | The Independent Collegian |



Civil discourse is a must for America’s sake

Not too long ago, my sister posted a meme on Facebook that sported an image of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The caption surrounding the image read: “If you really want change, give us a Congress without the goal of making the president fail!” Later that day, one of her “friends” asked her what the (insert explicative here) she IC Columnist was talking about; he proStates are reduced to calling ceeded to inform the Faceeach other childish names book audience that Obama simply for presenting an arhad two years to do what he pleased and then berated her gument that opposes their own beliefs? for her political beliefs. These two questions open My sister and I have a up the gates and more quesvery close relationship, so I tions come flooding in. Are naturally came to her dewe so insecure about our fense. How can I best deown beliefs and our own scribe the interaction that followed between myself and political party’s ability to better our country that we this “friend?” must make the opposing Let’s just say the last time I party checked the look as conversation, Talk to others who horrible he said it was as possiquite obvious don’t hold the same political beliefs as you. ble? Have that I had we be“drank the Ask them questions come so Kool aid” and try to understand deeply and then proceeded to why they feel the way entrenched give me a les- they do. in this son on ChiRush nese provLimbaugh/Fox News and erbs. Apparently, “one should Rachel Maddow/MSNBC never have a battle of wits dichotomy that we can’t with an unarmed person.” help but demonize each Normally I have pretty other for having different thick skin, but this treatment viewpoints? upset me for many different It’s as if we no longer posreasons. I realized this was the sess the skills necessary to first time anyone had ever have a civil discussion, anacalled me stupid and actually lyze politics and compromeant and believed it. mise. This, unfortunately, is Furthermore, I especially not democracy. didn’t appreciate the way he In September, I had the belittled my sister. But beyond my wounded pride and opportunity to hear Dr. anger over his poor manners, Ralph Ketcham, Maxwell Professor Emeritus of Citithis conversation reflected something much broader and zenship and Public Affairs, speak on campus. A great more sinister. majority of his talk includWhen I see conversations ed the ways in which the like these on social media Constitution and the Bill of sites, listen to the talking heads on cable news networks Rights were written in order to promote the active banter or stare frustrated into my dinner plate as two family political participation of U.S. citizens. friends square off in a debate While his analysis of the about gun control, I question Constitution and several of our ability as Americans to have civil conversations about James Madison’s personal documents were quite interesting, some of the most pressing isone particular comment dursues of our times. ing the lecture stuck out to me. I have to wonder, is this In reference to a question the state of our current poliabout the polarization of our tics? Citizens of the United

Hillary Gyuras

political parties, Ketchum suggested that we had “already lost the game.” We completely misunderstood, or quite possibly overlooked, the purpose of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and one of the deepest desires of the framers of those documents — to create a union. One doesn’t have to look hard to find that the tone of the current political discourse is not exactly promoting the idea of American unity. And while I cannot claim to have a concrete plan to remedy this situation or pretend as though I don’t get frustrated or angry when others don’t take my views seriously, I’m certain of one thing. If we, as citizens, cannot find a way to work together, to see past our differences and to unite under the hope for a better future, this country is never going to get anywhere. Further, politicians who badmouth one another and refuse to work across the aisle to try to alleviate the economic burden facing many or protect the rights of all Americans are doing a disservice to the American people. We elect them to lead our country, not drag their feet. Undoubtedly, America has a history of messy political battles, so it won’t do to pretend that this is a new phenomenon and hope it’ll simply pass. It’s likely that with the use of technology, this trend will only continue to increase. I shudder to think what the future of politics will look like. So as this election season comes to a close, take steps to move away from this type of behavior, or set positive examples for others around you who may engage in it. Talk to others who don’t hold the same political beliefs as you. Ask them questions, and try to understand why they feel the way they do. And leave the name calling to those who are not mature enough to support their beliefs without resorting to grade school tactics. Hillary Gyuras is a senior double majoring in women and gender studies and law and social thought.


Why does Ohio get all the attention? The University of Toledo speaking at UT. So either don’t foresee this being the had the privilege of hosting Biden came to UT because Ry- last visit either of these canVice President Joe Biden yes- an was at BG recently, or bedidates will make to Ohio, terday. This past weekend, I cause northwest Ohio could be particularly northwest Ohio. was among a determining Do I foresee Fox News comthose fortufactor to decide if ing to UT for the 2016 midnate to get Obama/Biden term election? No, that’s not tickets to the will win Ohio. what I’m saying, but it’s curiIC Columnist rally. RegardLet’s turn the ous that we’ve hosted liberal less of party clock back two big name candidates and affiliation, it’s important to years ago and re-visit the news media in the past two have someone of that high an 2010 midterm election. elections. I’ll let you draw office to take his or her time Don Lemon and the CNN your own conclusions. to speak to Ohio collegians. crew came to UT as well. Furthermore, the goal in Anyone who doesn’t live They visited in 2010 to again mind for Biden or any of the under a rock realizes Ohio is get the word out to register potential candidates is to rea key state for the election, so and vote come Election Day. inforce the importance of it’s no surprise that Biden UT, and more importantly getting people out to the would appear at UT. HowevToledo, must have somepolls. At this point we see the er, on that same note, was thing special about it to lure percentage of people still unthere an alternative reason he the candidates and a major decided diminishing as the chose UT? news network during the election nears, so everyone College is a place where not election seasons. needs their base to hit the all students can vote or are So, the question as to why polls on Nov. 6 or any of the even registered to vote, so why we have had the major Dem- early voting days. would he speak to our group? ocratic news network and the I will credit the Obama adWell, this election we see a reDemocratic vice president ministration with the GOTV vival of Get Out The Vote, or visit our message. the GOTV movement. school Whether I’m It’ll be interesting to Obviously, we live in a pri- the past AOL see what techniques the on marily Democrat city and two elecnews, Youcandidates continue to Tube or any district so the Democrat base tions reknows he can get a strong mains website with use or what new showing while trying to gain unana political techniques they may other votes he may not alswered banner, it’s come up with. ready have. to some usually referYou should note that anyextent. ring to early time the president or presiOne would think the Revoting in Ohio sponsored by dential nominee visits some publicans would try to visit the Obama administration. place in Ohio, the other one and persuade some ToledoIt’ll be interesting to see is not far behind. Recently, ans to their side since Tolewhat techniques the candiwe saw President Obama do is a rather liberal place dates continue to use or what visit Scott High School with a strong Democrat base new techniques they may shortly after we saw Gov. and an active liberal group come up with for these final Romney at the Seagate Cen- ensuring votes come Elec18 days until Election Day, at ter in downtown Toledo. tion Day. However, we see which point we will see the Earlier this summer, Obama the Republicans focusing crowning of a continued was in Maumee. more on the surrounding ar- presidency or the 45th PresiAlso, Rep. Ryan, being the eas versus the heart and cen- dent of the United States. sports fan he is, stopped by the ter of northwest Ohio. BGSU football game last weekWith just under three John Eckhart is a junior end, and now we see Biden weeks before the election, I studying mathematics.

John Eckhart


Don’t hate me just because I abstain from voting candidate X wins. If I vote During the last presidenAfter Nov. 6, my immediate for X and then complain tial debate, I was watching and long-term future will be about X, then the response with one eye on the televichanged regardless of which will be “Well you voted for sion and one eye on my candidate wins. For both him. You can’t complain.” If I scenarios, there’ll be imTwitter feed. Interestingly vote for Y, and then comenough, about half of my provements and setbacks. plain about friends were pro-Obama, “You’re X, then the half were pro-Romney and not voting almost all of them were con- response will because you IC Columnist be “You have vinced their candidate didn’t do to respect would be the winner. your reour president Every so often, the simple search, so let and not be a sore loser about me tell you why candidate X “be informed and vote” or your candidate losing.” “do your research and vote” is better than Y” If I vote for neither, I can message would pop up. Of By taking an independent objectively complain about course, there were several and objective stance on poltheir negative qualities harsh “if you don’t vote, you itics, I do my best to rewhile recan’t comsearch both candidates and If I vote for neither, specting plain!! reflect on how their plattheir positive forms would affect my life. #stupidI can objectively qualities. face” or “it’s There are many policies becomplain about Whoever your recause of which I support wins will still both the Romney and the sponsibility their negative have those to vote! Obama platforms. qualities, while qualities, and #unAmeriI can’t vote for one withrespecting their my opinion can” tweets out regretting not voting as well. My positive qualities ... of them will for the other. Yes, candiprobably be fellow studate X is probably better the same. dents, I am an informed and for you than candidate Y, “There are millions of educated American citizen, and candidate Y is better people who would be affect- for someone else than canand I won’t be voting for a ed by your vote and billions president in this election. didate X. That’s the beauty in the world who don’t have of the U.S.; we’re a democHow many of you are scoffing or rolling your eyes the privilege of voting.” racy and every opinion has I don’t vote for anyone right now? Just hear me out the opportunity to be repbut myself. I have a diverse and let me respond to most resented. Every opinion group of of the criticisms and reacshould friends and tions that I’ve received. also be ... Whoever wins “Just vote for the lesser evil” associates, and respectwill still have those ed. Let either candiBy voting for either candate is going didate, I’d still be voting for me conqualities, and my to both help something that I strongly by opinion of them will clude disagree with. I don’t see the and hurt saying probably be the many people I logic in this. Voting for a that the “lesser evil” is still voting for know. Neither opinions same. candidate is an evil, and I would rather I voice in ideal for my current and fu- this article are specifically not have my name go down ture plans. As for the rest of as a supporter of a policy for this presidential electhe world, I understand that tion, not all elections. I do that is against my morals. I voting is a privilege, and I disagree with many of the plan on voting for local believe it’s a right. policies of both candidates, and state candidates and This is why I’m voting and I can’t justify voting for issues, many of which I something I disagree with to on the local and state level have a clear stance on. and in the legislative that extent. Also, don’t allow my pobranch of the federal level. Both candidates have litical opinion to sway The president doesn’t have yours. If you strongly supsome good ideas and many a single and absolute influ- port a candidate or one of awful ones. Furthermore, I ence on the world. His find that these candidates their proposed policies, abilities and decisions are clash on just about every please vote for them! Your highly affected by Contopic, and that their camvote does matter. All I ask is paigns have gotten too gress. That’s how this govthat you don’t criticise me messy. Most of the answers ernment ideally works, and or any other non-voters for to the “What will you do I’m still doing my part by our decision not to particiabout this issue?” questions voting for members of the pate. Just as you feel strongin the debate were basically judicial and legislative ly about your preferred can“Well not what the other branches, instead of the didate, as do we feel strongguy would do.” executive branch. ly about not settling for a “You can’t complain if you “Don’t you want to have a candidate with whom we don’t vote.” voice in your future?” aren’t comfortable. Both candidates give me I’m letting my lack of a plenty of reasons to comvote decide my future and I Sally Itawi is a junior plain either way. Let’s say understand and accept that. studying biology.

Sally Itawi

6 | The Independent Collegian | Wednesday, October 24, 2012

classifieds puzzles To place a classified ad, go to and click on the “Classifieds” tab. You can also call Lindsay Mahaney at 419-534-2438 or email Ads must be received by 5 p.m. Monday to be in Wednesday’s issue. Read your ad on the first day of publication. We accept responsibility only for the first day its running, call us immediately. Adjustments will be limited to the cost of the first insertion. All classified ads must be prepaid with a credit card or a check. You can stop by our office during regular business hours or mail us your ad and payment. All display advertising must be prepaid until sufficient credit has been established.

For Sale

Help Wanted

For Rent

Wells Bowen Realtors 1027 GREENHILLS Near UT. Arty, kicky, mid-century modern home nestled in a park-like setting. $187,000. 2200+ square feet. Fabulous! Susie Thomas, 419-367-3974

Driver/mother’s helper for 3 children, ages 11,13 & 15. M-Th, 2:30-5:30 pm. Duties to include driving to/from school & activities, children’s laundry & meal prep, errands & homework supervision. Need references, experience. Competitive rates. Email letter of interest & resume. Email

Room for rent: Across the street from university on Bancroft and Meadowwood. Rent includes free internet, DirecTV and access to laundry room. Room goes for $350 with parking, $300 without. No pets, smoking or illicit drug use permitted. Call 419705-2880. Ask for TJ.

Help Wanted Tutor wanted: All subjects for third and sixth grader, two hours per day, five days a week, starting at 6 p.m. Email

Biden from page 1

his daughters, deserve every single opportunity my sons have ... without exception.” Biden also reminded college students of his administration’s support of Pell Grants and extended coverage of health care for collegeaged students under their parent’s plan. Biden chided Romney’s campaign for “betting against America” by encouraging a “negative” view of the country’s prospects. “Folks in Ohio know … there is no quit in America, there has never been any quit in America,” Biden said “The American people are bringing their country back, they’re not going to go back, and where we come from there’s only one direction and that’s to move forward.”

Light housekeeping and experienced typist. Hours are after 5 p.m. Please call 419-5317283 between 11 a.m. to 11 p.m

Two-bedroom duplex for rent, 141 Dartmouth Drive, by the zoo. $650/month. No pets. Call Alicia at 419-973-6118.

Biden, known for his sarcastic and sometimes rough humor, caused several outbreaks of laughter by calling Romney “etch-a-sketchy” and citing Obama’s newly coined phrase,“Romnesia.” John Madison, a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering, said he is a lifelong Republican but wanted to hear what the vice president had to say about financial aid for college students. Even though he voted against Obama four years ago, Madison is “not a huge fan” of Republican candidate Mitt Romney. “Some of [Romney’s] stances are a bit harsh, and a lot of the things he stands for are a little too radical,” he said. “I’m still probably going to vote Republican, but I’m a little undecided.” Cheyenne Brumfield, an undecided freshman and a

lifelong Democrat, said she will definitely be voting for the current president. “Nothing was good before [Obama] started, and he’s already done so much in the past few years,” Brumfield said. Katherine Sabharwal, junior pre-nursing and an undecided voter, said she wanted to hear more about Obama’s policies. She said she watched clips from all the debates, but wanted more information before she decided which candidate to support. Adam Widrwille, junior majoring in chemical engineering, said even though he was raised Republican, he wants to be informed. “It’s an echo chamber effect,” he said. “If you surround yourself with people who think the same things … I’m going to vote that way, because that’s all I hear.”

Los Angeles Times Crossword Puzzle Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

Across 1 Run headlong into 4 Leave in stitches 8 Soupçon 11 Ostrich cousins 13 Henchmen 14 Printing measure 15 Speech therapist’s concern 16 Certain music teacher 18 Keen on 19 Je ne __ quoi 20 Freebies near the register 21 Outmoded street fixture 24 Play a good joke on 25 Moose feature 28 Word with tie or cord 31 It may be bleeped out 34 Write to a disk 35 News initials 36 Succulent part of a rack 39 Mario Brothers letters 40 “The Mod Squad” role 42 “Way to go!” 43 Insurance worker 45 Study intently 47 “The Simpsons” shopkeeper 48 International Tennis Hall of Famer who won consecutive US Opens in 1997 and 1998 55 __-load: prep for a marathon 57 Liposuction target 58 Overdue book penalty 59 Louisiana nickname 61 “Absolutely!” 62 Upbeat 63 Farm girls? 64 Telegram 65 Fleur-de-__ 66 Cabled carrier 67 With “the,” muchwatched index, a different component of which is hidden in 16-, 21-, 36-, 48- and 59-Across Down 1 Museum piece 2 Acid type 3 “__ paint you a picture?” 4 Sand bar 5 Desi’s daughter 6 Shocked 7 Maker of Opium, initially 8 “Unfaithful” Oscar nominee 9 Money in the bank: Abbr.

By Michael Dewey

10 Curmudgeonly cries 12 Cleaning aid 13 Best Buy buy 14 Shows the way 17 “Hurry up!” 22 Okla., before 11/16/1907 23 “Good one!” 26 Square, moneywise 27 Sit for a spell 28 Juicer refuse 29 Mayberry boy 30 Napa equipment 31 Back-tied sash 32 “Breaking Bad” cable channel 33 Place to start a hole 37 Kind of verb: Abbr. 38 Bite with un aperitivo 41 Cantankerous 44 Belly laugh 46 Yours, to Yves 47 Chain with Market Fresh sandwiches 49 Lead-in to bad news 50 Silicon Valley’s Santa __

Speaker from page 1

residents who list their as as promoting peace, social justice and environmental responsibility. Lakshmi Radhakrishnan, a biology major and SJP steering committee member, said Braverman has a unique perspective as a person of Jewish background who urges nonviolent measures against Israel until the nation decides to comply with Palestinian demands. “We invited Mark Braverman because he is a very prominent Jewish voice in support of the Palestinian struggle. He has seen both sides — the Zionist perspective and the the Palestinian plight — and written several books about this,” she said. “Many people shy away from talking about Israel because it comes with immense political and religious baggage.” Braverman gave his personal views on the conflict. As a devout Jew, he said he is both pro-faith and pro-Israel, and that his issues lie with the current Israeli government. “This is not a religious struggle. It’s about land access, movement, water; it’s about human race,” Braverman said. “It’s about an indigenous population that’s been dispossessed.” Braverman said the time for peace talks is over and that Israel is wrong in its

Last Week’s Puzzle Solved

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51 Deejay Casey 52 Like a wallflower 53 Madrid month

actions and should be dealt with accordingly. He labeled the current Israeli government as corrupt and “sick” in how it treats the Palestinian people. “The Palestinians, for all they have suffered, have not forgotten who they are. They won’t be humiliated and haven’t learned to hate,” he said. “Palestine will get their freedom; it is inevitable.” Derek Ide, a UT alumnus and member of SJP, said he feels the most important point Braverman made was the need for action within schools and churches. As an activist on UT’s campus, he said he felt this was the most relevant part of the speech. “I thought Braverman did a fantastic job giving a counter narrative to what most of us typically hear,” Ide said. “Most importantly his stance on a campaign getting started in churches and on campus, which is particularly important for us here at UT.” Steve Miller, a current NWOPC member, said he found Braverman’s talk informative and compelling, especially given his perspective as a member of the Jewish faith speaking about Israeli policies. However, some of Braverman’s comments were met with disagreement. He spoke on the views of churches on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,

54 Ask for more Money? 55 PC key 56 Shout between ships 60 London hrs.

particularly mentioning the Methodist, Presbyterian and Catholic denominations. “Never mind what the pope says, you need to work on this in your diocese, schools, churches for real changes,” Braverman said. Peter Feldmeier, UT Catholic Religious Studies professor, said this is not necessarily so in the case of the Catholic religion. “Pursuing peace is a core value for Catholicism. I wouldn’t follow violent options, unless they followed just violence,” Feldmeier said. “The status quo of the Israeli-Palestine conflict is unacceptable — anyone would agree to that. The pope is drawing in on that.” Megan Waxman, a freshman liberal arts major, said she found some of Braverman’s remarks inappropriate and almost offensive. Waxman said she found the comment, “Obama follows the 11th commandment of politics: ‘I pledge allegiance to the State of Israel,’” particularly offensive. “I believe the Jewish people have just as much a right to live in Israel as the Palestinians,” Waxman said. “America is right in supporting the Israeli people.” Waxman said she found Braverman anti-Semitic. “He speaks of justice, but the Jewish people have suffered too,” Waxman said. “He can’t forget that.”

Sudoku Puzzle Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit 1 to 9. Solutions will appear next week. Solutions from last week

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 | The Independent Collegian | 7

sports Follow us on Twitter @IC_Sports

in brief

college football

Rockets travel east to face Buffalo Sat.

Wells dismissed from women’s basketball team Head coach Tricia Cullop has dismissed freshman guard Cat Wells, the school announced Tuesday. Wells was suspended indefinitely Sept. 21 for a violation of team rules. Cullop said she was still on the roster at the time but had to earn her way off suspension. Swish Appeal, a blog run by SB Nation, cited sources close to Wells who said her attitude and insubordination were issues.

By Jay Skebba Sports Editor

freshman this year, including former first-team AllOhio guard Josh Lemons, forward Aubrey Williams (17 ppg last year at the IMG Academy) and 6-foot-9 Nathan Boothe, who Kowalaczyk has already named UT’s starting center. “He can do it all. I think he’s the best post player we have right now,” Brown said.

The cups, hot dog wrappers and leftover thundersticks have been swept up from the Glass Bowl turf and the Rockets have turned the page on Saturday’s thrilling 29-23 victory over No. 21 Cincinnati. For the seventh time in school history, UT topped a nationally ranked team, improving their record to 5-1 at home in those matchups. “I thought it was a great win for our football team,” said UT head coach Matt Campbell. “More impressively, it was a great win for our city and our campus. The atmosphere here was electric Saturday night and it was great to be able to give everyone a great win to talk about.” After receiving a couple votes in the Top 25 Coaches Poll the last two weeks, there was much speculation that a victory Saturday would lead to a spot in the polls. In a somewhat surprising result, the Rockets found themselves on the outside looking in when the rankings were released Sunday afternoon. UT was essentially ranked 26th (49 votes) in the AP Poll and 31st in the Coaches. Cincinnati fell out of the top 25 in both, but still received 21 more votes than Toledo in the Coaches Poll. The players and coaching staff refuse to let the snub bother them. “It’s not a concern for me or anyone else on the team,” said senior linebacker Dan Molls, who continues to lead the nation in total tackles. “That’s strictly just a number for us, it really doesn’t mean anything. Would it be cool? Yeah, but it’s not something that we really place an emphasis on. Week by week, we’re just trying to win the next game.” The next game for the Rockets (8-4, 4-0 MAC) won’t have quite the same level of intensity or attention as they travel east to face the Buffalo Bulls. Buffalo (1-6, 0-3) has struggled all season on both sides of the ball, scoring just 20.4 points per game (106th nationally, 12th in the MAC) and allowing 32.7 (98th nationally, seventh in the MAC). The Bulls’ schedule has not done them any favors. They began the 2012 campaign on the road at Georgia and have also traveled to Connecticut. They then played backto-back road games against two of the best teams in the conference — the top two front-runners in the minds of some — Ohio and Northern Illinois. Last week, they faced another Big East opponent, falling 20-6 to Pittsburgh. “They probably have one of the tougher schedules that any MAC team has played up until this point,” Campbell said. Despite their poor record, Campbell is aware of a few playmakers more than capable of giving his squad some headaches. “Offensively, they’ve got two great players, their running back is tremendous,” he said. The Bulls use a pair of talented junior backs in Alex Zordich and Branden Oliver. Zordich has run for 434 yards (4.9 YPC) and a touchdown while Oliver has run for 426 (6.0) and three touchdowns. Oliver did not play last week because of a knee injury, but Campbell expects him to play Saturday. Standout receiver Alex Neutz also missed their last game because of an injury to his ribs and is listed as questionable.

See Media Day / 8

See Buffalo / 8

Kertesz qualifies for world relay event

UT senior track standout Emma Kertesz was selected Oct. 19 to represent the USA at the World Road Relay Championships after her fourth place finish at the USA 10K Championships Oct. 8 in Boston. Kertesz is the only college runner who made the team and will be joined by professionals Chelsea Reilly and Neeley Spence. “Anytime we have the chance for our athletes to represent their country, while still a student-athlete representing the University of Toledo, is special,” coach Kevin Hadsell said. “Emma is really making a nice name for herself and I am excited to see how this all translates to the indoor and outdoor track seasons.” The event will take place Nov. 23 in Chiba, Japan.

CSM announces preseason AllMAC teams, Shafir snubbed

College Sports Madness released their preseason all-conference teams last week for men’s and women’s basketball. Junior guard Rian Pearson was selected to the first team and reigning MAC Freshman of the Year Juice Brown was placed on the third team. Pearson’s 16.4 points per game last season led the MAC and he was third in rebounding with 8.3 a game. Brown averaged 11.9 points and 4.9 assists in his first year. On the women’s side, junior guard Andola Dortch (13.6 ppg, 4.8 apg in 2011-’12) was named to the first team and senior center Yolanda Richardson (10.3 ppg, 6.7 rpg) landed on the second team. Guard Kendyl Nunn was pegged to be Freshman of the Year. Senior guard Naama Shafir was noticeably absent from the list. She missed almost all of last season with a knee injury, but brought home NIT MVP honors in 2010-11 and was a first team AllMAC selection.

Volleyball squad struggles over weekend The UT volleyball team stumbled in both of their matches over the weekend, falling 3-0 (25-23, 2515, 26-24) to Miami (OH) Friday and 3-1 (26-24, 20-25, 25-20, 25-10) to Bowling Green Saturday. Toledo trailed 22-21 in the first set and failed to close it out. After dropping the second, UT was one point away from staying alive in the match taking a 24-22 lead. However, the RedHawks rattled off three straight points to take the match. Junior outside hitter Lauren Rafdal led the Rockets with 12 kills. Toledo failed to turn their fortunes around Saturday night as they fell to rival Bowling Green. The Rockets used a 6-1 rally to begin the second set to even the match 1-1. After UT dropped a close third, BG used a 9-0 and 6-0 run in the fourth set to come away with the victory. Rafdal again led Toledo with 12 kills.

vincent d. scebbi / IC

From left senior linebacker Robert Bell, senior safety Mark Singer and junior running back David Fluellen celebrate on the field with cheerleaders and students after Toledo’s 29-23 upset over No. 21 Cincinnati Saturday.

Haden’s pick seals Toledo’s huge victory over No. 21 Cincinnati By Jay Skebba Sports Editor

With less than 20 seconds to play, sophomore cornerback Jordan Haden made what will surely be one of the most memorable plays in Toledo football history. Undefeated Cincinnati — ranked No. 21 in the initial BCS standings — faced a six-point deficit but had the ball down to the Toledo 46 with a chance to steal a lastsecond victory. With no timeouts remaining and the game hanging in the balance, junior quarterback Munchie Legeaux’s pass was picked off by Haden near the left sidelines. One kneel-down

later and the party officially started. “Getting that pick, it meant the world to me,” Haden said. “It’s the third game my parents have been to since my senior year of high school and I’ve been here for two years now. Having my mom, my dad and my brother out there and tomorrow being my 21st birthday, it meant the world to me.” That play sealed the deal on a 29-23 upset victory and sent a crowd of 24,124 into a frenzy which spilled out onto the field as players and students started the celebration. Head coach Matt Campbell was even more animated and

emotional than usual as he roamed the sidelines Saturday night, jumping up and down and throwing his fists into the air after seemingly every big play. As he said earlier in the week, Campbell didn’t view this game as any more important than the rest. However, the meaning this victory has for him and his program cannot be stressed enough. “Our football program is getting better,” he said. “We’ve been in these football games so many times. We’ve been in big games year in and year out. You can go back to Syracuse, Ohio State and Boise State. We’ve been in

these games and so close to winning them but we haven’t been able to win and take the next step.” Toledo (7-1, 4-0 MAC) is no stranger to knocking off bigtime opponents. Since 2000, UT has beaten the likes of Minnesota, Penn State, Colorado, Michigan, Purdue and No. 9 Pittsburgh. After beating Cincinnati in the 2001 Motor City Bowl, the Bearcats were added to that list a second time. “It was a great win here in the Glass Bowl,” Campbell said. “It was a great win for the student body and a great win for the city.” The Rockets

defense took the field first to a raucous crowd hungry for an upset victory. The Rocket faithful became even more amped when senior linebacker Dan Molls brought down running back Ralph Abernathy behind the line for a threeyard loss and forced a three-and-out on the next play. Junior wide out Bernard Reedy hauled in a 22-yard catch on third down on UT’s first possession, leading to a 43-yard field goal by sophomore Jeremiah Detmer to put the Rockets in front 3-0. See Victory / 8

Men’s basketball

New faces, improving veterans highlight Media Day Nate Pentecost Managing Editor

The stakes have changed drastically but the goal remains the same — win the Mid-American Conference. Such is the message that resounded from Savage Arena Monday morning as the University of Toledo men’s basketball squad hit the hardwood before media day. In April, a month after the Rockets completed the second-best turnaround in NCAA Division I basketball (4-28 in 2010-11 to 19-17 in 2011-12), the NCAA ruled Toledo ineligible for the 2012-13 postseason. The ban, which is a result of a low Academic Progress Rate under former head coaches Gene Cross and Stan Joplin, also reduces the Rockets weekly practice time from 20 weekly hours over six days a week to 16 hours in five days. In addition, three games have been eliminated from the upcoming season. “Our situation is obviously very unique, I’ve never been in this position in my career,” said UT head coach Todd Kowalczyk. “But I don’t think it’s effected our guys at all. We still have an opportunity to compete for a championship, to hang banners and buy rings. We’re still playing to win a championship regardless of the postseason.” Second-team All-MAC honoree Rian Pearson (league-high 16.4 points and team-high 8.3 rebounds per

Bob taylor / IC

Toledo men’s basketball head coach Tod Kowalczyk gets the attention of his players during their first practice of the season Monday Oct. 22 at Savage Arena.

game last season) slashed his way to the basket as usual Monday, and also showcased an improved outside shot. The junior WisconsinGreen Bay transfer said this year’s transfers, 6-foot-4 guard/forward Justin Drummond (Loyola University) and 6-foot-6 forward D.J. Weatherspoon (Ohio State) played a part in his improved range. “We did team workouts in the offseason, it was very

intense,” Pearson said. “The transfers pushed us every day to get better so we can prepare for the season.” Reigning MAC Freshman of the Year Juice Brown (second on the team last season with 11.9 ppg, fourth in MAC with 4.9 apg), who packed on some muscle in the offseason, ran the point effectively, playing alongside several new and emerging faces. Toledo touts three true

8 | The Independent Collegian | Wednesday, October 24, 2012 soccer

Rockets go 1-1 in final MAC weekend By Nick Delwiche Sports Reporter

The Rockets split a pair of road games over the weekend, defeating Ohio University 2-1 Friday but losing a tough decision 2-1 at Kent State Sunday. Toledo (7-10-1 overall, 5-4-1 MAC) has secured a spot in the Mid-American Conference tournament and currently sits in sixth place. UT edged out the Bobcats (8-8-1, 3-5-1 MAC) for the sixth-straight time Friday. Junior forward Rachel MacLeod scored both of the Rockets goals in the first half of play, her first multi-goal performance of the year and fourth in her career. The Rockets dominated the cross-division matchup and finished with a commanding 21-3 edge in shots and 4-1 cushion in corner kicks. MacLeod fueled the attack with five shots, followed by senior defender Rachael Kravitz and freshman midfielder Megan Connor with four shots each. MacLeod and the Rockets struck first, gaining a 1-0 lead in the 10th minute. She redirected a blocked shot from sophomore midfielder Meghan Topolewski, who

Upset from page 7

Detmer was 5-for-5 on field goals in a game where the UT offense failed to score a touchdown. On Cincinnati’s ensuing drive, Legeaux launched a pass deep down the field that found the hands of Toledo senior safety Jermaine Robinson who took it back 75 yards to the house. Robinson — who picked off his fourth pass of the year — received a huge block near the UC 40 and cruised the rest of the way to put the Rockets on top 10-0 with 7:50 to play in the first. “We practiced disguising coverages all week and we knew we could confuse [Legeaux] with some of our shift and calls,” Robinson said. “Once I had the ball in my hands, I just tried to make a play and fortunately it worked out.” The Bearcats roared back with a six-play, 75-yard drive capped off by a twoyard keeper from Legeaux to make it 13-7. Detmer added another field goal before the half and his counterpart, sophomore Tony

MBB from page 7

“He’s very smart, he’s a good passer, sets good screens and he can shoot mid-range.” The absence of a particular player was also noticeable at media day. Named All-MAC Honorable Mention last year, senior to be Curtis Dennis (third on team with 12.7 ppg in 201112) opted to transfer to Iona this offseason in light of To-

Buffalo from page 7

He dressed for the game last weekend, but did not participate. If Neutz — who is leading the MAC with seven touchdowns — is on the field, he could present a challenge for the Rocket corners. Perhaps the best player on the roster and one of the best in the MAC is one of their linebackers. “From a defensive standpoint, they truly have one of the best defensive players in our conference in Khalil Mack,” Campbell said. “[He] makes plays all over the place.” Mack has piled up 52 total tackles and sacked the quarterback 4.5 times, the most of any player in the MAC. He should have quite a few opportunities to bring down UT running back

was credited with the assist. MacLeod struck again in the 26th minute taking advantage of an OU turnover deep in Bobcat territory. The All-MAC performer maneuvered her way past the defense to record her fifth goal of the season, a team-high for the Rockets. Ohio quickly responded just over a minute later when Cat Rogers blasted her team-best sixth goal of the season. UT failed to register any goals in the second half, but a solid effort on defense kept the Bobcats from tying the game. “I think in soccer the phrase is ‘it may be more effective than it is attractive,’” said UT head coach Brad Evans. “We’re not trying to do anything with style points; we’re trying to find ways to win games.” Sophomore Kelsey Borowitz did not record a save during her time between the posts but still recorded her fifth victory of the season. Toledo was unable to top Kent State (11-4-2, 6-3-1 MAC) as they lost a 2-1 decision Sunday. UT allowed a pair of second half goals, snapping their fivematch win streak over the Golden Flashes. Although the Rockets

held an edge in both shots (9-4) and corner kicks (5-1), they were unable to find the back of the net and headed to the locker room in a 0-0 tie. KSU was finally able to break the deadlock in the second half when Stephanie Haugh scored off of a header in the 54th minute. UT continued to attack the net and was rewarded when senior defender Natalia Gaitan recorded the tying goal in the 59th minute, her fourth of the season. Kent State finally broke the tie and took the lead at the 83rd minute when Madison Helterbran found the back of the net off a corner kick from Jaclyn Dutton. The Golden Flashes held their 2-1 advantage for the rest of the match. Connor led UT with four shots, while Kravitz and Gaitan had three shots each. Borowitz totaled three saves between the posts. “I think we created as much goal scoring opportunities as we have all year,” Evans said. “But I think at the end of the day we just didn’t finish.” The Rockets will wrap up their regular season against Northern Illinois Oct. 25 at Scott Park.

Miliano, converted twice more as UT took a narrow 1613 lead into the locker room. UC took their first lead of the night with 2:08 to play in the third when Legeaux hooked up with senior receiver Damon Julian on a jump ball between a pair of Rocket defenders in the back right corner of the end zone. The Bearcats went up 2019, but the one-point advantage didn’t last long. Reedy took the ensuing kickoff and put the Rockets back on top 13 seconds later on a 91-yard return for a touchdown. He found a crease in the middle of the field and exploded through it for his third return touchdown in as many weeks, giving UT a 26-20 lead with just over a quarter to play. “They kept kicking it deep left, trying to pin us in the corner,” Reedy said. “So I just told coach Lou that maybe if I take it back across field and read the blocks I could get it, and I did.” Late in the fourth, UT was clinging to a 26-23 lead and had a first and goal at the UC 3 with under a minute left and a chance to

close it out. The stout Bearcats run defense stuffed Toledo three straight times — the last coming on a direct snap to junior running back David Fluellen — and forced UT to settle for his fourth field goal of the game, giving Cincinnati a slice of hope for a last second comeback. Haden and the UT defense responded just like they did all night with a stand to capture a huge victory. “Hopefully everyone now understands that our defense has made great progress since last year,” Campbell said. “I just couldn’t be prouder of the team effort tonight on defense, offense and special teams. “We’ve been down this road so many times before and we’ve been in big games every year. We just haven’t been able to win these games, but tonight we showed how far we have come as a program and I’m proud of our football team.” This was the sixth time Toledo hosted a nationally ranked team and improved their record to 5-1 in those games.

ledo’s postseason ban. Though the Rockets lose one of the best sixth men in the MAC in Dennis, they return all five of their starters from last season. “Curtis was a great contributor for us,” Pearson said. “He came in, shot the jumper and played good defense. We’ll need people to step up and fill his minutes but we’re going to move forward with who have.” UT will get a better feel for the team dynamic Oct.

26 when the University of Northwestern Ohio Racers come to Savage Arena. Toledo’s first exhibition game of the season is set to tipoff at 7 p.m. The regular season starts with three road games over a six-day stretch, beginning with Loyal on Friday, Nov. 9. The Rockets then head to Minneapolis to face Big Ten foe Minnesota Nov. 12 before finishing off the road trip at Northern Iowa Nov. 14.

David Fluellen, although that task has been much more easily said than done. The junior’s 953 rushing yards are the most among MAC running backs and he has rushed for 666 yards in his last four games. “I said this to our team two or three weeks ago, but he is honestly one of the best running backs in the Midwest right now,” Campbell said. “He’s such a hard runner, he’s got the ability to make cuts in space where he’s getting that extra four or five yards because he’s making somebody miss in the hole. I know I said this before the season, but I really felt that he was going to have a breakout year.” Something else to keep your eye on is Bernard Reedy who looks to score a special teams touchdown for the fourth straight week. He brought home MAC West

Special Teams Player of the Week honors for the third week in a row after his performance against the Bearcats, which included a 91-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. “We knew we had a really good player in the return game and thought Bernard was going to be really special someday when he had the opportunity to do it,” Campbell said. “I think Bernard has done a really good job of settling into that role. It’s hard to practice that situation because when live bullets are coming at you, it’s hard to practice that.” Reedy has become one of the most dangerous double threats in the country. He rankes 13th in the nation with 738 receiving yards to go along with his 715 total return yards. Saturday’s kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 | The Independent Collegian |


A bloody tune Theatre

Valentine stages ‘Evil Dead: The Musical’ By Danielle Gamble News Editor

A group of college students heads to a secluded cabin in the woods, hoping to have a weekend of good-natured mischief but instead must fight a horde of blood-thirsty zombies. The students’ response? To sing and dance, of course. That’s the logic for “Evil Dead: The Musical,” an interactive and multi-sensory production opening this Friday at downtown Toledo’s Valentine Theatre Studio A. The irreverent musical based off of the ’80s cult horror movie series has premiered in theaters across the nation for almost a decade, fueled by a score of catchy pop and rock tunes like “Do the Necronomicon” and "All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons." Director James Norman said he was “out of [his] comfort zone” when the Valentine approached him in the spring of 2011 about attempting the zombie-filled show in Toledo. Now on his third run of the show, Norman couldn’t be more at home. “Horror films aren’t really

Tent City from page 1

“When I got to UT, it really opened my eyes and allowed me to see that I have so much I can give to people who have so little.” This year’s event will have several activities each day with highlights such as a community dinner, Project Connect, a pancake breakfast and worship service. Project Connect is the keystone event and will provide guests with proper identification documents. It will provide services that will help guests get into housing programs. These services will include birth certificates, health screenings, state IDs and hygiene items. The main purpose of providing the guests with these services is to ensure that they

releases Comics Dancer, graphic novel by Nathan Edmonson and Nic Klein. Published by Image. Available Wednesday. Ghost #1, by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Noto. Published by Dark Horse. Available Wednesday. Wolverine and the X-Men Vol. 1, by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo. Available Wednesday. MOVIES Cloud Atlas, starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and Hugh Grant. Opens Friday. Chasing Mavericks, starring Gerard Butler and Jonny Weston. Opens Friday. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, starring Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harington. Opens Friday. BOOKS Bruce, by Peter Ames Carlin. Available Tuesday. Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1945-1956, by Anne Applebaum. Available Tuesday. CDs Anthology, by Thrice. Available Tuesday. Cee Lo’s Magic Moment, by Cee-Lo Green. Available Tuesday. Psychedelic Pill, by Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Available Tuesday.

my thing,” Norman, a partacknowledging audience time English instructor at the members and, in one particUniversity of Toledo, said. ular ballad, warning attend“But I like the musical beees about a key change. cause they’re a lot campier “This show is the one than the movies are. We don’t chance you get to not take try to be Hollywood studios theater seriously,” Glover with our special effects. We said. “The show’s almost a shoot blood, and we don’t try character of itself, really.” to hide that.” With heaps of carnage, In fact, they shoot so much suggestive dialogue and ex“blood” — a mixture of hand pletive-filled lyrics, the prosoap and food coloring — duction is meant for those 16 that the first three rows are and older. However, that designated as a If you go doesn’t seem to “splash zone.” dampen atten“Evil Dead: The Musical” Because the dance. Norman will run at both 7 and 10 splash zone is a p.m. every Friday and Sat- said over the staple in every urday from Oct. 26 through past two years, Evil Dead pro- Nov. 10. the production duction, music Tickets are available for has sold out 30 $20 through the Valentine performances director Josh Theater box office at 419- in a row. Glover said 242-2787, or online at some fans are Norman said disappointed to attendees come learn the Valfrom everyentine’s gore is non-staining. where, including Cincinnati, “We get people with white Cleveland and even West shirts a lot,” he said. “They Virginia. Many of the loyal want to keep it as a souvenir.” movie fans show up in cosHowever, Norman said tume and shout out words fans are rarely dissatisfied from the film. with the overall experience at “We get a lot of repeat custhe Valentine. The downtown tomers,” Glover said. “It’s theatre’s Studio A stage is great to perform for such a mere feet from the front row, dedicated audience. They redelivering a bigger impact to ally love this stuff, and they audiences. get as involved as much as “We usually have people they can.” fighting for those front seats,” The attendees aren’t the Norman said. “It enhances only dedicated participants. the whole feel of the musical With a majority of veteran for the audience. You’re part production staff, as well as of the action.” six out of eight returning cast The actors are encouraged members, Norman said this to actively “break the fourth show was pulled together in wall” of reality by throwing six rehearsals. blood, winking at and “Normally you rehearse get connected with people who can help them find jobs and homes. Sponsors and partners such as Mercy Health Partners, United Way, the Veterans Administration and Toledo Mayor’s Office will provide these services. O’Donnel got involved with Tent City when founder Ken Leslie spoke at UT during O’Donnel’s freshman year of college. “What Ken talked about really hit me as being something important in our community,” he said. The same speech also inspired Mary Page Dalrymple, a senior in nursing and president of the Catholic Student Association Every year, Dalrymple and fellow CSA members make a meal for the volunteers and guests of Tent City.

More online Students interested in finding out more about and/or signing up for the Tent City bus can do so at

“You can’t tell the difference between the volunteers and guests,” Dalrymple said. “Everyone is socializing together and the typical divisions of social status cease to exist for a few minutes.” She said one of the main goals for this year is to help as many guests as possible receive a state ID or driver’s license. Dalrymple said at the end of 2012 some laws are planned to change, making it more difficult for the homeless to receive any form of identification. “We want to help as many people as possible before those laws change,” Dalrymple said. “We hope to make sure

Photo Courtesy Matt Lentz

A one-handed Ash (Ryan Zarecki) hits a high note before decapitating a demon. “Evil Dead: The Musical” is infamous for its dark, gory humor and blood-drenched front row.

five to six weeks for a production,” he said, “but I knew they could do this. You got to know your cast and what they’re able to do. They love it. I mean, they wouldn’t come back if they didn’t.” “Everyone falls into their role very quickly,” Glover said. “It’s kind of like a family reunion. It’s a thing that draws a particular group of people together and we’re like, ‘Hey, let’s run the show.’” Newcomer Katelyn Lesle, a UT junior majoring in individualized studies, said that family atmosphere and the cast’s level of experience made her feel very comfortable slipping into her role. “I got to learn it all on everyone knows that everyone matters.” O’Donnel said a great number of people are impacted by Tent City and it is not just the homeless but also those living in poverty. He said his favorite aspect of the event is getting to know everyone that comes to Tent City and sharing compassion with them. “Showing someone even just a little bit of love can change their life,” O’Donnel said.

my own and skipped straight to the fun part,” she said. Lesle play’s Linda, a “typical good girl” and love interest of the lead character Ash, a nice boy who eventually slaughters hordes of zombies with a chainsaw for a hand. “At first I wasn’t sure how closely I was supposed to play the character to the previous actress,” Lesle said. “But there’s freedom throughout the whole thing, definitely the most freedom I’ve ever had with a show.” Lesle said the production style, which she describes as “rehearsed chaos,” is one of her favorite things about the musical.

“Most of the time when you’re performing, you have to pretend the audience is not there,” she said. “This is totally different. It’s like you’re saying, ‘Yeah, we know this is funny, and we want you to be a part of the joke.’” Glover said it’s that connection that brings audiences back over and over, and he encourages attendees to preorder tickets. This Friday’s premiere 7 p.m. show is already sold out. “Get the tickets sooner rather than later,” Glover suggested. “It’s a blast, or more of a gush.”

10 | The Independent Collegian | Wednesday, October 24, 2012

rocket life Follow us on Twitter @IC_Arts

calendar Wednesday 9 a.m.: FOCUS Exhibition, Center for Visual Arts. 6 p.m.: MSA Movie Night, Student Union Building, room 2591. Thursday 9 a.m.: FOCUS Exhibition, Center for Visual Arts. 2 p.m.: Study Abroad Information Session, Snyder Memorial, room 1100. 7 p.m.: Lecture, Mockery and Sarcasm: Biblical Satire in Its Social and Policical Contexts, Law Center, McQuade Auditorium. 8 p.m.: Spectrum Halloween Ball, Student Union Building, Ingman Room. FRIDAY 9 a.m.: Focus Exhibit Opening Reception, Center for Visual Arts. 1 p.m.: Study Abroad Information Session, Snyder Memorial, room 1100. 7 p.m.: Showing of Jan Svankmajer’s Faust: A New Take on an Old Text, part of A Soldier’s Tale Event Series, the Center for Visual Arts, Haigh Auditorium. 7:30 p.m.: Showing of Orpheus, Center for Performing Arts, room 1039. Cost: $3, includes small popcorn and soft drink. 8 p.m.: CAP Movie Night, showing of Corpse Bride, Rocky’s Attic. SATURDAY 9 a.m.: FOCUS Exhibition, Center for Visual Arts. 7:30 p.m.: Showing of Tales of the Maya Skies (Spanish translation), Ritter Planetarium. Cost: $7, adults; $5, children 4-12, seniors, students, faculty and staff; free, children 3 and under. Sunday 9 a.m.: FOCUS Exhibition, Center for Visual Arts. MONDAY 9 a.m.: FOCUS Exhibition, Center for Visual Arts. 5:30 p.m.: Decision 2012: The Christian Perspective, Law Center, McQuade Auditorium. 7 p.m.: Performance by comedian Robin Cloud, Student Union Building, Ingman Room. TUESDAY 9 a.m.: FOCUS Exhibition, Center for Visual Arts. 12:30 p.m.: LGBTQA Poetry Reading, Student Union Building, room 2592 5 p.m.: Rane Arroyo Memorial Writers’ Service, Sullivan Hall. 7 p.m.: Lecture, Fighting and Embracing Evil Empires: Goethe’s Egmont and Faust, part of A Soldier’s Tale Event Series, Libbey Hall. 8 p.m.: Halloween Spooktacular Concert, Doerman Theatre, University Hall.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month


f all the events supporting this month’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, none were quite as sexy as “Brothers for Bras.” Members of UT’s Student African-American Brotherhood and Sigma Phi Epsilon raised money for breast cancer research Thursday, Oct. 18, by wearing bras around campus. SAAB financial chairman Joshua Ddamulira said the event’s second effort raised over $600 for the Susan G. Komen of Northwest Ohio Organization. The senior pharmacy major said the event was a creative way to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. The group also managed to turn some heads.

“[We received] a lot of weird looks,” said Tre Simms, SAAB service chairman. “We also got a lot of people that were excited that we were doing the event ... [it was] complete opposite ends of the spectrum.” Ddamulira said the bras for the event were a combination of SAAB purchases and loaners from members’ female acquaintances. The bras were worn over shirts, and a few female students also participated. Particpants spent three hours at various locations around the Student Union Building collecting donations. Simms said it was important for everyone involved to feel comfortable, and participants could remove their bras at any time. “It was a little strange at first, but as the day went on I kind of forgot I had one on, especially walking around with the other guys [wearing bras],” he said.

‘Brothers for Bras’

Members of SAAB and Sigma Phi Epsilon stage unique fundraiser

Ddamulira said the group’s sense of camaraderie helped participants overcome any “fears or stigmas” about their appearance. “Everybody pretty much swallowed their pride and was good about fully participating in the event,” he said. While the event encouraged a lighter tone, Ddamulira said it was also a way for participants to connect with those who have suffered from breast cancer. “When women go through breast cancer, sometimes they lose their hair, they lose their breasts, and they experience embarrassment and shame. As men, I know we can’t ever truly experience that,” he said. “It’s a horrible comparison, but we wanted to wear bras and kind of experience a small taste of that.” Simms, whose aunt is currently battling breast cancer, said the event was important for him since so many people are personally affected one way or another by the disease. “A lot of our [SAAB] brothers knew somebody who had been affected by it, or they knew somebody personally that is going through it or had been through it,” he said. “So we knew it was big issue, and that there was something we could do. So why not take the chance ... since we have the tools and the people that want to do it.” The event was created last year by SAAB members Christopher Scott and Michael Jones, and SAAB raised over $400. Ddamulira said SAAB approached Sigma Phi Epsilon over the summer about joining the event. For next year, Simms said he wants to extend the event’s duration beyond the three hour limit since many members were unable to attend the brief time window. Ddamulira expressed long term ambitions, saying he wants Brothers for Bras to become an annual, multi-day event that covers Scott Park, the Health Science Campus and, eventually, off campus. “We’re happy with what we did this year,” he said. “We’re proud of the amount that we raised in the time we had.” — RussellAxon

Photos courtesy of Joshua DDamulira

Members of Student African-American Brotherhood and Sigma Phi Epsilon showcase their bras and collect donations.

Independent Collegian 10/24/2012  

The student-run newspaper of the University of Toledo proudly present the 11th issue of the 20112-13 academic year.

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