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Community Solutions Services for people with a disability or other physical need


About Independence Australia Independence Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that supports people with a disability or other physical need to regain, retain and extend their independence. We’re about supporting people... • • • • •

In their homes In their communities In their daily endeavours To improve their quality of life To achieve their dreams

Independence Australia offer a wide range of specialist community support services and accommodation options. Our services include: • In-home Support • Accommodation and Housing • Respite • Counselling • Case Management • Outreach Support • Recreation • Information • Post Polio Support



In-home Support We provide therapy support, personal care, community access and domestic support services to assist people with a disability or other physical need to live independently in their own home and participate in the community. We work closely with our consumers, their families, allied health services and funding bodies, to ensure the support provided is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. We can provide assistance with: •P  ersonal care including showering, grooming, toileting and communication •D  aily living tasks including cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and ironing •C  ommunity activities such as banking, shopping and attending medical appointments •R  ecreation, education and employment activities • Skill development and rehabilitation


Respite services give carers a well deserved break from their usual support routine while providing a positive experience to the person with a disability. We provide respite in a client’s home or in the community. We also provide short-term and extended respite support at a 24 hour staffed facility in Williamstown on a fee for service basis.


Accommodation & Housing We provide a range of accommodation options specific to the requirements of people with disabilities. These options include long-term shared supported accommodation in purposebuilt homes which are staffed around the clock by trained support workers. We also work in partnership with housing providers to support people with a disability to access transitional or long term rental accommodation and support them to maintain their tenancies thereafter.


Counselling People living with a disability experience a range of challenges. The lives of family members may also be affected in different ways. We offer individual, couples and family therapy and counselling. We also facilitate various peer support groups for individuals and families. This support can be a vital element in helping people overcome the challenges they face and realise the full potential of their lives.

Case Management Our Case Managers work in partnership with people with a disability and their families to address their personal goals and aspirations. Our staff operate within an interdisciplinary context seeking input from other professionals internally and externally as appropriate. Case Managers can: • Assist people to prepare a plan which identifies goals and strategies to achieve them •P  rovide information about services and help gain access to them •A  ssist people to identify eligible funding packages and lodge applications for a place on the DHS Disability Support Register to obtain an Individual Support Package •W  ork with family members or other support networks to resolve issues •A  ssist individuals to self advocate or obtain advocacy relevant to their individual needs



Outreach Support The Outreach Support Service provides one-to-one support to people with a disability, working to develop and enhance daily living skills and participation in the community. Outreach Support can assist with all aspects of life, encouraging and promoting independence.

Recreation Our Visual and Dramatic Arts Group offers people with a disability the opportunity to find some fun and release in artistic expression. We present a variety of activities including drama, painting, ceramics and several other mediums to choose from. Community festivals and exhibitions form part of the program and all participants are encouraged to actively contribute.

Information Services Our Information Service gives people living with a disability, their carers and families, up-to-date, accessible, independent and objective information that supports self management and individual choice. It also provides community awareness of general and specific disability issues.

Polio Network Incorporated into our Information Service, the Polio Network is a service that provides relevant and accessible information, referral and support services to people who have had polio, as well as their families, carers and advocates. 9


Who can access services? Our services are available to people of all ages and cultural backgrounds Victoria wide. Any person with a disability or other physical need who has funding or meets the Independence Australia eligibility criteria can access our services.

Am I eligible? Any person with a disability or other physical need may request services from Independence Australia, or someone else may request services on their behalf. Independence Australia will assess eligibility to determine if we can provide assistance. Our eligibility process is consistent with the Disability Services Act 2006, Aged Care Act 1997 and DHS Disability Access Policy.

How much will it cost? The cost of services will vary depending on the type of assistance needed. We will discuss how much it will cost to provide the support required and tailor a package to fit within the budget or funding provided.

More information For enquiries please contact us on 1300 704 456


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Independence Australia Community Solutions offers a wide range of specialised personal services that enable people with a disability or phys...