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How To Prepare For The Zombie Apocalypse What can you do to increase your chances of surviving the Zombie Apocalypse? Nothing is certain and there are no guarantees where the undead are concerned. But you can take steps now to improve your odds when the Apocalypse does happen. Leta€™s break it down into two categories: mental preparation and physical preparation. Mental preparation: To be suddenly, unexpectedly, and unceremoniously tossed into a world overrun by undead cannibals may prove to be an unmanageable shock. Apart from fear, the biggest factor to consider here is likely to be surprise. Despite our cultural fascination with the subject, a zombie apocalypse is simply not something we honestly expect to witness. Most of us, anyway. Mentally prepare yourself for the possibility with an aggressive training regimen. This should include plenty of video games, zombie flicks, and horror novels. And remember: no matter what your mother/girlfriend/roommate has to say about your newly acquired (or perhaps long-established) habits, there is no such thing as too much training where survival is at stake. Physical preparation: Be a survivor, not a meal. With nearly 1/3 of Americans seriously overweight, the undead will have lots of fodder, but it wona€™t last forever. When all the easy pickings are gone, they will necessarily step up their hunting activities. To evade zombie hordes, survive surprise attacks, and generally make do in the wild or on the run, you will need to be in decent physical shape. Strength training, endurance, and cardiovascular exercise should all be given equal attention. And dona€™t forget about flexibility; being fit and limber will allow you to make narrow escapes in tight places that will easily ensnare the larger members of our species. Keep in mind that, at least in the early stages of the Apocalypse, you really only need to be faster than the person behind you. So if youa€™re not in top condition yet, dona€™t sweat it. But dona€™t put your exercise regimen on the backburner, either. Another aspect of physical preparation is verifying that you have a fully functional zombie survival pack, or bug-out bag, to survive zombie apocalypse. Bug-out bags are emergency travel packs that can hold enough food, water, clothing, and survival gear to see a person through at least 3 days of travel. Apart from basic first aid and medical supplies, your zombie survival kit should include: flashlights, a utility knife, matches or other fire starter, important documents, hat, plenty of durable clothing, at least one poly tarpaulin, special medications, sunglasses, duct tape, sleeping bag or emergency blanket, melee weapon (capable of delivering blunt force cranial trauma a€" the only reliable means of dispatching the undead), and a pistol, shotgun, or hunting rifle. For more information on how to survive zombie apocalypse, be sure to visit the Zombie Defense Brigade. Having a zombie survival pack with you at all times is essential when preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workout

How To Prepare For The Zombie Apocalypse  

emergency blanket, melee weapon (capable of delivering blunt force cranial trauma a " the only

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