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5 Golden Tips How To Sleep Better Having a good night sleep is one of the most important and fundamental necessity to living healthily. A lot of people never thought about having a good night sleep because they only care about their physical health that may give instant impact on them. However, more and more people are getting conscious about their sleeping health nowadays. And in this article, you will discover the 5 golden tips how to sleep better at night... 1. Make sure you have a welcoming bedroom. Use a comfortable mattress and if the mattress started to slump in the middle, change it. Use a dim light before you sleep and totally turn off all the lights in your bedroom after that. Your pillow, bolster and even pillow cases are all important factors that can affect your sleep. If your pillow is hard and makes you feel uncomfortable, it will distract your quality sleeping hour. 2. Keep an eye on your diet. Do not take in any meal 3 hours before your bed time. Your digestion system is slow during the evening, thus, if you take in heavy meal, it will be difficult to digest and you will feel uncomfortable to Spanjet. Take in less water during the night, but not during the day. If you want to, you can drink warm milk 1 hour before you sleep, this will help you sleep better. Never sleep with a full stomach or an empty one. 3. Regular exercise during the day. Exercise is one of the most crucial activities that can help you stay healthy and prevent you from all disease infection. It can boost your immunity and help you sleep well in the night. Unfortunately, it is also one of the activities that most people neglect and never do due to their hectic schedule of work. Never workout or exercise before you sleep, you can do it during day time but not night time. 4. Use meditation to sleep better. Do you know that meditation is a very powerful technique that can calm your mind and help you get a better sleep? You do not need to be a saint or a guru to do this. In fact, anyone can meditate and it all starts from a small little step. What you need to do is to relax yourself, either to sit down or to lie on your bed. Take in deep breath and focus your thoughts on your breathing. Do this for only 3 minutes when you start. And slowly increase the duration until you can do it for as long as you want. 5. Take a warm bath before you sleep. This will help you feel more relaxed especially for young people below the age of 20 and seniors above age 50. Taking a warm bath will tend to refresh your body and calm your mind, it helps to sleep better too

5 Golden Tips How To Sleep Better  

system is slow during the evening, thus, if you take in heavy meal, it will be difficult to digest and you

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