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OFF magazine


“The OFF project represents the mindset I try to have in my free time, looking for the most authentic contact with nature and the philosophy which more generally also represents my lifestyle, made of essentiality, sharing and discovery.”

Here we are! By presenting the new brand OFF we also start our adventure in the outdoor world, which I am strongly attached to by a long-standing passion for life in contact with nature and made of sport, relax, travelling and living together. OFF wants to represent each and everyone’s need to disconnect from the everyday rhythms of life to take more care of ourselves, to also rediscover the sense of adventure found within each one, trying to live more simply and authentically. Living easily but being able to enjoy unique experiences each time; experiences that will stay with us forever and that will enrich us in an unforgettable way. OFF products are made for recreational outdoor activities. OFF celebrates liberty as personal aspiration and as freedom and independence from conventional energy sources, to go beyond mainstream tourist circuits until the limits of civilization. OFF was created in 2020

but it includes all the knowledge, technology, and philosophy of Indel B which, since its origin at the end of the 1960s, has been able to anticipate and interpret the needs of vanlifers with refrigeration and air conditioning solutions that have gone down in history for their innovation, efficiency, and reliability. As a company and especially as travel, nature, and outdoor life lovers we aim at creating a global community connected by the OFF philosophy and the sharing of unforgettable and authentic moments. I hope that in their own way everyone can spend as much time as possible searching for experiences that go beyond pre-made packages and are really personal, individual and without too much planning, or better, decided on the spur of the moment, unrepeatable. It doesn’t matter what or where, but how! 3

issue zero

Editorial — Luca Bora, CEO Indel B Group


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OFF magazine is a project of Indel B Creative Direction Gusto IDS Writing Luca Bora / Indel B Gusto IDS Photographer Gabriele Vinci Printed by Tipografico soc. coop, Santa Sofia FC

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Released on September 2020

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issue zero

Off manifesto


OFF magazine

We were born to explore: OFF means going with the flow, guided by the desire to discover, with no planned itinerary. Because what really matters is the journey, not the destination.


Friday, beginning of summer, the blazing asphalt seems to crack under the weight of the traffic of the last working day of the week. Another day is far behind, but a thought strikes me: start the engine and go, leave behind the noise and the smell of the city, even if only for a few hours, and delve into the refreshing slowness

of an unplanned, sudden, unpredictable journey. In a daily life marked by welldefined schedules and habits, letting the road guide us, changing path following the natural inclination of the landscape, and stopping to dive into the beauty of an unexpected view are privileges only the most daring travellers can enjoy. 8

OFF is an invite to get lost along the way to appreciate the joy of travelling and the beauty of discovery. No matter what your destination may be, you can always count on the reliability of OFF products for refrigeration and comfort while traveling, in full freedom and independence from the traditional power grids. 9



issue zero

OFF magazine


Why do we travel? Do we simply want to go places we have never been or is there something more? The desire to explore is an inborn natural feeling and travelling has always been a way to seek and discover the world around us, while getting to know ourselves better along the way. Travelling means letting go of our insecurities and discovering places off the beaten path to find “our places”, the ones that are not mentioned in tourist guides, far from the main routes and

mass tourism. Travelling in an unconventional way doesn’t mean extreme travelling but having the freedom to choose a different path each day, guided by our instinct and by what we meet along the way, discovering our own paradise on Earth where to explore the beauty of unfiltered nature and life outdoors, without compromising. OFF is the personal journey for the pursuit of authentic experiences, with a deep look at and an aware and attentive focus on respecting nature and ecosystems. 10

Uncontaminated places and new experiences allow us to enjoy authentic moments with ourselves and with nature. OFF is a personal, unconventional journey. 11

issue zero

OFF magazine


OFF is a lifestyle based on essentiality as a mindset to fully appreciate the deep meaning of travelling in complete independence.

Having less to enjoy more freedom. We are used to having our own personal space at home, and bigger more technological cars, even if we only use the car to drive from home to work. Having a 6-meter van to live in, travel and work may seem an impossible mission. The key words are organization, minimalism and flexibility: few and simple things mark the life of vanlifers who can very quickly go from being unstoppable road navigators to parking their home in complete freedom, each day somewhere different. The beauty of essentiality is being able to value small spaces with creativity

and flexibility, taking along everything one may need in daily life to live simply without having to give up on essential comforts, enjoying the pleasure of planning the journey day after day, travelling for longer and experiencing complete freedom. What you find in the van, the equipment we rely on during our journey, is more than just objects put together. OFF is the way we go from being who we are before the trip to who we will be when we return: with fewer things and a more essential lifestyle, but with way more knowledge, new friends, and new experiences. 12


OFF magazine

Disconnect from everything to reconnect with yourself. OFF means unplugging to fully enjoy adventure and independence in complete freedom.


180 minutes. On average, this is the amount of time we spend on our smartphone every day. If we were to add all the other technological devices we use daily, we could say that we spend a considerable amount of time looking at a screen. We do it to stay up to date, to work, or in our free time, and also to keep personal relations alive, or at

least that’s what we like to think. We are so immersed in a digital and multitasking daily life, we are constantly connected to the internet. OFF is an invite to disconnect to regain the analogical areas of independence, relax and freedom; a freedom that doesn’t mean “going back to the past” as such, but is a way to reconnect with 14

ourselves and nature, enjoying the luxury of isolating ourselves from the whole world while discovering that same world. A way of “living disconnected” that allows us to redefine our relationship with technology, the internet, and electricity to become more and more independent and less connected. 15



How far, fast or high do we need to go to overcome our limits? The OFF project was created on the love for life outdoors with the belief that a journey and exploration have the power to lead to change and help us see the world from a different point of view. Whether in the street by our house or on the furthest mountain on Earth, OFF wants to inspire a new generation of travellers to help them discover unknown paths, new routes and unexplored landscape, because no matter how far or remote


the destination may be, we need to get out there and push our limits a bit further every time. Our mission is to make your trip by campervan longer, easier, and more pleasant thanks to a series of off-grid, reliable, and efficient products for refrigeration and comfort to be used while traveling, in any condition. We have pushed the limits of technological innovation so that each one of you can push the limits of exploration. 16


issue zero

OFF magazine

Being curious, overcoming challenges, and going beyond one’s limits: these are the experiences that connect us and inspire change. OFF is a limitless journey.

OFF magazine


When was the last time you sat on the grass to look at the stars? Or you ate in nature lit by the dim light of a candle? Sleep under a sky full of stars, have breakfast at dawn, quietly listen to nature, light a fire at the end of the day. These are forgotten, almost primitive actions that temporarily further us from our habits, our routine, and our home, to welcome us in a new dimension of personal rediscovery. Deep and personal rituals to work on with ourselves, or to be

shared with our travel companions, creating a global community of travellers who identify with these same rituals with different shades and styles. “Vanlife” is more than an easy and comforting way of traveling: it is an on-the-road life philosophy that has slowly captivated an increasing number of travellers and followers all over the world, contributing to spread the culture of slow living and travel, and rediscovering quality time and a new relationship with nature. 18

OFF is a world of small, shared rituals that mark the time of our daily life in plein-air and create a global community of on-theroad travellers. 19


OFF magazine

issue zero


OFF’s mission is to provide the best solutions for refrigeration and comfort in the camper, travelling for longer or simply to live off-grid. We have pushed the limits of innovation so that each one of you can push the limits of exploration.


OFF magazine


No matter where you are, enjoy a plein-air stop without giving up on the comfort of an ideal inside temperature in the hot summer nights. Plein-Aircon 12V is a roof air conditioner system that celebrated the most authentic mindset of traveling in complete freedom and in contact with nature. It cools and dehumidifies up to 6 meters of the camper, van, and motorhome without needing to connect to 220V energy sources or backup generators. Plein-Aircon 12V is made for roof installations, positioned above the bed area to improve comfort while you stop and during your night rest, or to maintain the ideal temperature while driving, ensuring an optimal distribution of the cold, integrating the work of the air conditioner system powered by the vehicle’s engine. The great efficiency of the

system is the result of the most advanced technology on the market applied to a continuous current compressor for conditioning in mobility, and thousands of hours of testing to ensure a refrigerating power comparable to traditional systems, with the comfort and convenience of a 12V power source directly linked to the camper’s backup battery. Compared to the 220V solutions currently present on the market, Plein-Aircon 12V gets rid of the need to install an inverter or a combustion backup generator, considerably reduces energy consumption and spreading, and eliminates CO2 emissions when you stop. Plein-Aircon 12V also works when connected to the 220V network thanks to the optional power converter. 22

Plein-Aircon is the innovative 12V air conditioner for campervan and semiintegrated which fuels with a backup battery, without having to install inverters or generators. 23

Technical overview

Plein-Aircon 12V Compressor

Direct current single compressor

Input Voltage

12V DC

Refrigerant Gas


Cooling Capacity

1150 Watt (max)

Power consumption 12V

18 amp/h (auto) - 48 amp/h (max)

Dimension external unit

246x720x800 mm




1150W (max) remote

Innovative and revolutionary 12V air conditioner, without having to install inverters or generators.

Efficient airflow in two directions with the possibility of separately regulating each flow.

The Smart Switch control unit automatically regulates the refrigerating power based on the energy source.


Temperature and operational parameters can be easily regulated thanks to remote control.

issue zero

Dimension of evaporating unit

50x533x600 mm

(HxWxD) Dimensions roof cut-out

400x400 mm

(WxD) Roof thickness

30-70 mm


28 Kg

Number Air Vents

2 (front/rear)

Number of Blower Speed

3 + auto

Air flow


Remote control




Battery protection

With Smart Switch (Optional)

Starting current

very low starting current

Soft Start function


Best for vehicle lenght

max 6m vehicles

Interchangeable internal filters


Test markes

E-mark / EMC

Eco Sustainable System

no generator needed


issue zero

OFF magazine


No matter how far the destination may be, LiON Cooler is the ideal companion for travelling in complete freedom, thanks to the battery power supply which allows to perfectly store and refrigerate food and drinks also without direct (vehicle) or alternating (power supply) current. LiON Cooler is made of a compact and efficient compressor that ensures excellent refrigeration performance, even in extremely high temperatures. Its design is made for outdoor and recreational use. The light and robust structure, reinforced in the most stressed parts, integrates two rubber wheels and an extractable telescopic handle to make it easier to carry outside

the vehicle. LiON Cooler’s control unit is simple and intuitive, with a digital, user-friendly interface and integrated Bluetooth connectivity, to monitor functioning parameters. It also has a retractable USB plug to charge your personal devices. The flexibility and versatility of its use are a pleasant discovery and make it hard to live without: the 173Wh extractable integrated battery (patent pending) ensures up to 21 hours of life and can be recharged through solar panel, with the 12V of the vehicle or with the dedicated transformer for connecting to the traditional energy source. 26

All the refrigerating energy and power whenever and wherever you want: LiON Cooler is the revolutionary family of portable refrigerators with extractable battery to fully enjoy the freedom of traveling without giving up on comfort. 27

Technical overview

173 Wh


-18/+10 °C

Up to 21 hours of life with battery power supply. It can be charged through solar panel, with direct (vehicle) or alternating (transformer) current.

Extractable, interchangeable, and rechargeable 173Wh lithium-ion battery with 4 levels of automatic control of the charge.

30-50 litre compartment with repositionable basket and divider for full flexibility of the inside space.

Full flexibility for the operating temperature with control through dedicated app and digital panel on the fridge.


issue zero

21 hrs

X30 A

X40 A

X50 A

Gross Volume




External dimensions (HxWxD)

399x635x405 mm

509x635x405 mm

580x635x405 mm


13.5 kg

14.9 kg

15.4 kg

Installed power

45 Watt

45 Watt

45 Watt

Consumption 12-24V

0,21 KWh/24h

0,23 KWh/24h

0,25 KWh/24h


DC 12-24V + AC 115-230V

DC 12-24V + AC 115-230V

DC 12-24V + AC 115-230V








Thermostatic regulation









Direct current

Direct current

Direct current







OFF portrait — Gabriele Vinci, Photographer

“The alarm goes off and it’s still pitchblack outside; my first thought is always “why am I doing this?”, but one simple action is enough to leave the laziness behind. I open the window blind of the van and I can clearly see the dark and deep sky, only lit by an incredible carpet of lights, and I understand that today is a good day.”

I am always amazed at how the sky above us can change completely just a few hours outside Milan even though, in reality, the sky never changes. What changes is our point of view which allows us to look at it with different eyes. For those of us who have chosen photography as a privileged way to see the world, the point of view has become a sweet obsession. In just a few minutes I’m ready to go. I just need time to enjoy a warm cup of coffee to awaken my whole body and I can start walking with my backpack towards that natural terrace, overlooking the peaks, which are saved in my mind in the folder called “unmissable sunrise”. While walking on the path lit by stars I think of how initially photography pushed me to rediscover my other great passion: that for mountains and life in contact with nature. Just for fun I started a list of “30 places to photograph before turning 30”, and every weekend or day off was a chance to get out there on my own, with my partner or our dog, to try to find the perfect shot. Trip after trip, the list and the search for the perfect shot were quickly set aside to be replaced by the pleasure of slow travel, of sharing and discovering unplanned itineraries, guided by the desire to recharge the mind and the body with the regenerating power of nature to be inspired by it for my daily work. Even though photography is an important part of my life, I am an interactive designer and every day I put together 3D scenarios, planning, IT, photography, video and sound design to create immersive and interactive experiences for the web and digital apps. It may seem absurd but even though my world is 100% digital, my inspiration always comes from nature and its divine proportion.

When I reach the natural terrace overlooking the peaks I feel like a privileged guest at the premiere of a new movie by my favourite director. Almost automatically my hands open my backpack and with a consolidated and comforting action they prepare the camera and the lens. My eyes stare at the horizon which is slowly lighting up at sunrise. It took me some time to get in line with nature, follow its rhythms without forcing it, and truly appreciate the most authentic beauty, privilege of those who know how to wait and to move depending on the situation. There is no right way to take a picture, because taking pictures is a bit like traveling: we all create our own style and philosophy which becomes our personal look and unconventional mark on the world. I usually prefer to keep moving to find side perspectives and unpredictable points of view, with a growing tension that floods my body and ends in a click. I keep my eyes on the horizon and my index finger on the button. The sun is rising and night-time is kindly being replaced by a new day; the landscape slowly starts to become visible under a soft light that seems to brush things. That half an hour between night and day, or vice versa, is technically called “golden hour”: this soft, dim, and welcoming golden light enhances life without burning the eyes. With its unpredictability, it enchants us with a scenario that changes minute after minute, almost unreachable. Click. I wait another moment at the presence of the majestic and silent power of nature before going back to start a new day on-the-road. At first photography was the aim of my trips, now I understand that traveling is the only way to feel free and that click is the most precious thing I take back home with me. 31

issue zero

OFF magazine


Off is a project of Indel B, cooling solutions.