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Breakfast Seminar  5th  April  2014   United in diversity: A Christian view on the European Union

The  Institute  of  Leadership    &   Ethics      warmly  invites  you  to  a   breakfast  seminar  on  

Saturday 5th  April     8:30am  -­‐  10:30am  

If  you  would  like  to  attend  the   breakfast,  please  email,  your  name   and  the  number  of  attendees  by   the  31st  March  2014.     The  breakfast  program  is  open  to   all  at  no  charge  although  voluntary   contributions  towards  the  cost  of   these  events  are  always  welcome.  

Introduction Europe stands   at   a   crossroads.   The   euro   crisis   moves   the   debate   on   the   future  direction   of   the   European  Union   (EU)   to  the  forefront.  Participants  in  this  debate  are  inclined  to   take   an   extreme   position.   They  either   cling   to   the  nation-­‐ state   or   go   for   a   centralised   federation,   as   in   the   current   campaign   for   the   European   Parliament   elections,   to   be   held   22-­‐25   May   2014.   What   position   should   Christians   take?   From   a   Christian   perspective,   there   are   good   reasons  to   be   both  positive  and  critical  about  the  EU:  positive  about  the   EU   as   a   community   of   values   and   in   its   efforts   for   public   justice   in   Europe   and   globally;   and   critical   because   this   ideal   is   continually   overshadowed   by   economic   and   financial   motives   and   because   further   integration   threatens  cultural  diversity  and  democratic  legitimacy.   The  essence  of  a  Christian  view  is  a  relational  approach  to   Europe’s  values   and   to   European   public   justice.   It   aims   to   find   a  proper   balance   between  unity  and  diversity.  This   is   expressed   well   in   the   EU's   official   motto:   'United   in   Diversity’.  Now  more  than   ever,  European  leaders  must  act   according   to   this   motto   to   lead   the   EU   forward   to   a   flourishing  and  hopeful  future.  

Dr. Sander Luitwieler

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Sander Luitwieler   (1978)   studied   Political   Science   at   Leiden  University,   the   Netherlands.   During   his   studies   and  as  a  Ph.D.   student,   he   specialised   in   European   Union   politics.   In   2009,   he   got   his   Ph.D.   degree   at   Erasmus   University   Rotterdam.   In   2012,   he   concluded   the   Master   Christian   Studies   of   Science   and   Society   at   VU   University   Amsterdam.   In   his   research,   he   focuses   on   developing   a   Christian   perspective   on   European   culture   and   the   EU.   In   addition   to   several   academic   publications,   he   has   produced   a   number   of   publications   for   the   Research   Institute   of   the   Christian   Union   and   the   European   Christian   Political   Foundation   (ECPF).   The   latest   one   is   “A   community   of   peoples.   Europe’s   values   and   public   justice   in   the   EU”.   At   the   moment,   he   is   a   Research   Fellow   at   the   Evangelical   Theological  Faculty  in  Leuven,  Belgium.