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2014 GI GI F T C A T A L OG Looking to give a Meaningful Gift for a Holiday, Birthday, Anniversary, Pastor’s Appreciation, or Special Occasion?

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20 Life Changing Gifts to Choose from Inside...


Dear Friends of Independent Church in India, We invite you to take a look at our first catalog on alternative gifts for occasional events. Does a special someone in your life need a birthday gift, an anniversary gift, or mother or father’s day gift? What about that pastor that you want to show appreciation? There are gifts in this catalog for anyone. Just look below to see some of the faces of lives that have been changed through the transforming power of the Lord Jesus Christ and your love and support.

Pastor R a despera zaq from Pak istan pr tely for a motorb m ike so h any years fo yed ra e distant c o u ld re vil Jesus C lages with th ach more e Gosp hrist.. T e l of hrough and sup y p lead ma ort, God is us our love ing ny souls to Chri him to st...

less ome e in a h a e v of fi s ecam he b t the age r parent ve s : a e y a o l h l a a e r i s s Kow n in Ind y becau hru you home a T orph sy colon icide… as a new I’s h I o u r s p w le ed he no ily at IC ... e mitt com upport s ew fam en Hom n s r d g d l i n n i h a a lov nd C and ised La Prom

Savariyammal: “I will never forget whatever you helped me because you changed my life. You brought me happiness. You gave me courage to live in this world. I want to live for Jesus until I die. All I think of right now is about Jesus, because he gave me life through you. Many people told me that I am cursed because of my disease of leprosy. Even though they rejected me, thank you for showing me how much Jesus loves me.”

Miche lle… O cause nce ne h a latrine er mother ha rly blind be d thro when wn her she wa tor fro m s i rescue Kenya hea a baby. A P n a d a r could her out of th d her cries a sno n a age. T t save her e t place, but d h y suppo ru one spon es from dam rt, Mic sor’s l ov h is able e to live lle can see a e and comin g soon a new life.. gain, and Her st ! ory

Each o have ne of thes a e Thru name and children ICII m a ing V ission story. B child S, each o aries hold re n writte n’s names e of these n of Lif in the La have been m e accep because t b’s Book h t Lord ed Jesus C ey have and S h avior rist as the …. ir

This catalog is dedicated to Kowsalya, Razaq, Michelle, Savariyammal, and the countless numbers of both children and adults that are coming to the Lord in India, Pakistan, and Kenya. Want to be a part of changing a life? You can be! The next time you sponsor a missionary, provide Bibles, VBS for children, or buy gas for a motorbike are building God’s kingdom and are helping to bring the hope of Jesus Christ into the darkness. Or ,maybe just by providing a bag of rice, wheat, or maize you may save the life of someone who was starving.. You are giving life… giving hope.. and giving them a chance to know the only One that can set them free… And while you are leading souls to the Lord and saving lives you are also blessing a special someone with an unforgettable gift that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Thank you for caring so much! We hope that our first occasional gift catalog will be used by compassionate people as yourself to help many more people in India, Pakistan, and Kenya… just like Kowsalya, Razaq, Michelle, and Savaiyammal, and the countless others whose lives have been changed by Jesus.. And those who cared enough... Please Note: Each gift will show an icon of the flag of what country your gifts will be given. India



Please note: If funds for gift 7 “Building an Orphanage” are provided to finish the project, then any extra gifts given will be used for providing the needs of the children who will be living at the orphanage.



Sponsor a Leprosy Colony 3



00 3 $ r

t: yea 5 s o s1 $2 : C st nth ft de o Gi rovi C mo e P th e s 1 e r d Share t ha ovi he Cros S Provid P t: $25

Your gifts will help to provide a poor and needy leprosy colony with their greatest needs: food, medical needs, clothing, sandals, personal needs, helps for the children living at the colonies, and more!

Residents of a colony giving their thanks!

“You did countless things for us to show your love and Jesus’ love. Whenever we needed food, you brought us food, and whenever we needed clothing, you brought us clothing. So thank you so much for all the help for us”. ..A Resident from New Life Leprosy Colony

Provide es 1 month s 100 b lankets

2 Vacation Bible School T You can provide a child with a New GIF 5 $1

t: os s for C d e en ft Gi ovi ildr Pr c h 12



24 $ : st New o C 30

t s Gif vides ment Pro Testa

4 T GIF 60

Testament, and a week-long VBS study booklet for only $1.25 per child! Native missionaries will travel to the villages to hold these VBS’s. These books teach children how to study the Bible, repentance, the life of Christ, how to have a relationship with Jesus, and more!

New Testaments

Help ICII native missionaries give out New Testament Bibles to people in remote villages, tribal areas, leprosy colonies, to youth, to children in the Vacation Bible Schools, and those who call to receive a free Bible during ICII’s TV broadcasts. Each New Testament costs 80 cents!

Sponsor A Leprosy Friend Your sponsorship will provide for one person with leprosy a home at our leprosy community, nutritious food and snacks, healthy water, medicine and health care, clothes, personal needs, and will help to keep ICII’s Promised Land Leprosy Community running smoothly. Only through your support you saved

$3 ar : t e 0 os s 1 y $3 C : e t t f d os onth Gi rovi C m P he s 1 t e e ar ovid h S Pr Gifts 1, 2, 3, and 4 are for: 3


my life… Even my own family has forsaken me, but you showed Jesus love to me. a leprosy friend


Persecuted Families


40 $ : t e os rovid r C fo p ft Gi elps mily th! H a fa on for ne m o


Bags of Wheat


5 $1 : t os es 3 eat C ft id h Gi rov f w P so g ba



the 0 e r 0 a Sh t: $1 s Co


Help provide food, clothing, and other needs for those who have been persecuted for their Christian faith and are suffering without jobs or disowned by their families. Also helps widows and children in Pakistan with family members who were martyred for their faith in Christ.


0 $2 : t os C s4 ft de Gi i ov bles r P Bi

Your gift of only $5 will provide a 22pound bag of wheat, which will give long-lasting nourishment for a hungry poor family in Pakistan. Providing bags of wheat will also open many doors to preach the Gospel among unreached Muslims.

Build An Orphanage Help to build an orphanage for up to 15 children in Pakistan. For a gift of $100 towards building supplies, you can help to build a Christ-like home to rescue desperate children out of slavery, prostitution, and other miserable situations.


New believers are hungry to read the Bible but are too poor to afford to buy one. In Pakistan, Bibles are also hard to get and can only be purchased in some big cities which makes them difficult to get. Pastors are asking for full Bibles to give to the new believers that are coming to their churches. Gifts 5, 6, 7, and 8 are for: 4


Gifts for India, Pakistan, and Kenya

Sponsor A Missionary T9 IFCost: GGift $30 Gift Cost: $360 For 1 year

Share Cost: $30 Provides 1 month

Now, here is your chance to help fulfill the Lord’s last command! Your support, along with others, will provide for the physical needs of a native missionary and to help equip them with Gospel supplies for a whole month! Every day of the week, your missionary will be working for the Lord. They will be preaching the Gospel, holding church services and Bible studies, doing children’s ministry, and reaching out to the poor. India

Gift 9 is for:

Missionaries in India and Pakistan who have schoolage children struggle to pay the fees for their children to attend school. They must also provide school uniforms, sandals, school books, book bags, and other materials so their children can attend school in a proper way. It costs only $100 per child to provide all these things for one complete school year.

Gift Cost: $100


Gift 10 is for:


Gift Cost: Gift $800 : Cost: ost C t Gif $100 $20

GIFT 12 Gift Cost: $1250 Share the cost $250


Sponsor A Pastor ’s Child To Attend School

0 1 T F I G





Providing a gift of a moped will allow missionaries and pastors to travel to unreached villages and tribal areas so more souls can hear the good news of the Gospel. More home churches, Bible studies and children’s ministries can be started. Gift 11 is for:

Motorcycle for Kenya

Provide a Motorcycle for a missionary team in Kenya for a gift of $1250. This is a real motorcycle to travel to rough areas and bumpy roads in the mountains and bush areas where many people are still unreached with the Gospel. Gift 12 is for:





Gifts for India, Pakistan, and Kenya

Gas For Motorbikes

GIFT 13 Gift Cost: $240 For I year

Share Cost: $20 Provides 1 month

4 GIFT 1 Gift Cost: $10 Provides 10 books

When a missionary receives a motorbike, they need gas money to use them. You can help provide gas to help them run their bikes for a whole year!

Gift Cost: $300 Share the Cost: $50



Bible Study Books

You can provide Bible study books for new believers, verse-by-verse Bible study books, and books on teaching believers to do evangelism in their own languages. With these effective Biblical study tools, believers can be equipped in God’s life-changing Word to grow in the Lord and to tell others about Jesus! Books in India cost approx. $1 each!

(Book costs may vary in Pakistan)

15 T F I G


Gift 13 is for:

Gift 14 is for:



Evangelism Seminar Do you want to store up great rewards in heaven? By sponsoring an evangelism seminar in India, you will provide for up to 50 Gospel workers to be trained and equipped to preach the Gospel. These seminars are bringing revival and boldness to Christian workers in India. Each seminar will provide transportation to the seminar, lunch, and equipping books and a gift for each person attending.

Gift 15 is for:


6 Provisions For Orphans GIFT 1 In Kenya, poor pastors who have dedicated their lives to Gift Cost: $35 Helps provide for a pastor’s family and orphans he is caring for one month!

preaching the Gospel and doing ministry have a huge responsibility of taking in orphans in their area whose parents have died due to AIDS. These pastors are already struggling to feed their own families, but out of love and compassion they each take in orphans because there is no other place for these grieving children to go. You can help to provide food, medical, school expenses, clothing, and more for a pastor's family and the orphans he has taken responsibility for in Kenya. Gift 16 is for:



Gifts for India, Pakistan, and Kenya

Medical and Food Outreach 7 1 T You can provide basic medical care and GIF a healthy meal for up to 100 people 5 12 : $ : st Cost o t C he Gif re t Sh

5 $2



8 T1

20 $ : t os es 5 e C ift ovid f ric

G Pr s o ag

who are hungry and are the poorest of the poor in India. A good meal and medical will be provided for orphans, poor and needy families, widows, the homeless, the disabled, the blind, and leprosy victims.

Gift 17 is for:


Rice Outreach

You can give an 11-pound bag of rice to a widow, a homeless family, a leprosy victim, a poor and needy family, a blind or disabled person for only $4. This rice may be their only hope to survive. Don’t let a poor person miss another meal. Many poor people who have to live on cheap, old rice (many times they have to pick out the worms) get terrible stomach pain and get sick often. When they eat the good rice ICII provides, they are much healthier. They realize how much Jesus loves them to provide their needs.



Gift 18 is for:


9 1 T

8 :$1 t s 4 o t C vides f f i o G o Pr ces g pie othin l c


Clothing Outreach Provide a new shirt (for a man) or a new sari (for a woman) for a gift of only $4.50 each. Many victims of leprosy, the blind, the poor and homeless have not received a new piece of clothing for many years, and they have to continue to wear their shamefully dirty and torn clothes to cover themselves. You can provide a gift that will bring a poor person hope again. Gift 19 is for

20 T GIF 10 $ : t os es 2 C ift ovid of

G Pr

gs ba aize m

Maize Outreach

You can give a 15-pound bag of maize to a poor and needy family, a poor pastor’s family, or a widow and her family for a gift of only $5 per bag. Help to feed the hungry in the nation of Kenya. Gift 20 is for:




Gift Combos 100 percent of your gift will go to any of the following combos:



Too many items to choose from? We can help! Each combo will give you a variety and will reach out to all three nations of India, Pakistan, and Kenya. You can feel good about how the Lord used you to provide these urgent needs for the lost and needy around the world. Cards are also available for combos and will list all the items that you have purchased in honor or memory of that special someone.

Combo 1: Includes 6 Gift Items Gift 2: Vacation Bible School for 12 children $15 (India) Gift 6: Bags of Wheat $15 (Pakistan) Gift 9: Sponsor a Missionary $30 (India) Gift 14: Bible study Books $10 (India) Gift 18: Rice Outreach $20 (India) Gift 32: Maize Outreach $10 (Kenya)

Combo 2: Includes 12 Gift Items



Gift 1: Sponsor a Leprosy Colony $25 (India) Gift 2: Vacation Bible School for 12 children $15 (India) Gift 5: Persecuted families $40 (Pakistan) Gift 6: Bags of Wheat $15 (Pakistan) Gift 7: Build an Orphanage $100 (Pakistan) Gift 8: Bibles $20 (Pakistan) Gift 9: Sponsor a Missionary $30 (India) Gift 11: Gas for Motorbike $20 (India) Gift 16: Provisions for Orphans $35 (Kenya) Gift 17: Medical/Food Outreach $25 share the cost (India) Gift 18: Rice Outreach $20 (India) Gift 20: Maize Outreach $10 (Kenya)


$1000 Your gift of $1000 could reach over 54,000 lives! -Gifts 1, 4, 17, 19 will reach 200 with leprosy. -Gifts 2, 7,16 will reach 30 children. t: over sequip -Gifts 3, 8, 14 will 130 believers in the o word of God. ift C G Gifts 9, 13 will reach 4,000 adults/children or more.. (each missionary will reach well over 1000) -Gift 15 could reach at least 50,000 or more& (each person attending the evangelism


seminar may reach 1000 or more)

-Gifts 5,6,18, 20 will provide physical needs for 10 families.

Combo 3: Includes 19 Gift Items Gift 1: Sponsor a Leprosy Colony $50 (2 months) (India) Gift 2: Vacation Bible School for 12 children $15 (India) Gift 3: New Testaments $72 (90 New Testaments) (India) Gift 4: Sponsor a Leprosy Friend $30 (India) Gift 5: Persecuted families $40 (Pakistan) To ICII’s Missionaries Gift 6: Bags of Wheat $15 (Pakistan) and Sponsors: Gift 7: Build an Orphanage $100 (Pakistan) “That day when Gift 8: Bibles $20 (Pakistan) God brought your Gift 9: Sponsor a Missionary in India $30 feet to our place, Sponsor a Missionary in Pakistan $30 through you Jesus brought the blessSponsor a Missionary in Kenya $30 ing to us and our Gift 13: Gas for Motorbike $20 (India) place. Thank you Gift 14: Bible study Books $40 (40 books) (India) for bringing the Gift 15: Evangelism Seminar $300 (India) hope of Jesus into Gift 16: Provisions for Orphans $35 (Kenya) our lives… Gift 17: Medical/Food Outreach $125 (India) ...Residents from Gift 18: Rice Outreach $20 (India) a Leprosy colony Gift 19: Clothing Outreach $18 (India) Gift 20: Maize Outreach $10 (Kenya) 8

REMEMBER! You can give “in honor of” or “in memory of” your family and friends. Just fill out the order form below and complete the information requested on the back of this form. Gift Description Where Most Needed For the Ministry of Independent Church In India Gift 1: Sponsor a Leprosy Colony

Gift Cost Any Amount $300/share the cost $25

Gift 2: Vacation Bible School


Gift 3: New Testaments


Gift 4: Sponsor a Leprosy Friend

$360/share the cost $30

Gift 5: Persecuted Families


Gift 6: Bags of Wheat


Gift 7: Build an Orphanage Gift 8: Bibles Gift 9: Sponsor A Missionary

Share the cost $100 $20 $360/share the cost $30

Gift 10: Sponsor A Pastor’s Child to Attend School


Gift 11: Motorbikes


Gift 12: Motorcycle for Kenya


$1250/share the cost $250

Gift 13: Gas For Motorbikes

$240/share the cost $20

Gift 14: Bible Study Books


Gift 15: Evangelism Seminar Gift 16: Provisions For Orphans Gift 17: Medical and Food Outreach

$300/share the cost $50 $35 $125/share the cost $25

Gift 18: Rice Outreach


Gift 19: Clothing Outreach


Gift 20: Maize Outreach


Combo 1


Combo 2


Combo 3

$1000 Total Amount

Your Gift Amount

INDEPENDENT CHURCH IN INDIA Only three steps to changing lives while giving your loved one a special gift they will never forget!



Choose your gifts in this catalog.

Fill out the form in this catalog (on the reverse side of this sheet and the gift card sender information below) and send

it along with your payment to ICII.

STEP 3 After receiving your payment, ICII will send you a card describing the gift you have bought for that special someone with room left for you to personalize the card and send to the one you wish to honor. (Please keep a copy of your gift choices so you are able to personalize your card).

Please note: The information below must be filled out or we will assume that you are just giving a gift towards the ministry and you will not receive a gift-giving card. GIFT CARD SENDER INFORMATION Please check the type of card(s) you want: Please limit one card per gift item. ___ Please send me ‘in honor of’ card(s) ___ Please send me ‘in memory of’ card(s) ___ Please do not send any cards at this time. YOUR NAME _______________________________________________ YOUR ADDRESS____________________________________________ CITY___________________________ STATE________ ZIP__________ EMAIL__________________________ PHONE (

All gifts are tax deductible!

) _____________

Please fill out this order sheet and make check or money orders payable to: All gifts Independent Church In India or “ICII” Please send this order sheet with your gift to: Independent Church In India PO Box 238 Fredericksburg, PA 17026 Contact us at: Email: Phone (717) 865-7885

are taxdeductible

The official registration and financial information of Independent Church In India may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1 (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

Please pick your gifts early. After we receive your payment, please allow up to one to two weeks for a processing time until we send you your card(s).



Contact info: Please send love gifts to: Independent Church In India PO Box 238 Fredericksburg, PA 17026 Please share this catalog with others If you would like extra copies of this catalog, contact us at:

Email: Phone: (717) 865-7885 Visit Our Website: All gifts are tax deductible

Independent Church In India's 2014 Gift Catalog  
Independent Church In India's 2014 Gift Catalog  

Independent Church In India's alternative gift catalog for 2014. Give your friends and loved ones a very special gift for a holiday, birthda...