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The best of both worlds

Tunnel & Underpass lighting

TRIPLE-C The perfect balance With LED technology in road tunnel lighting we can offer a new balance between Costs, Comfort and Care. The T-line road tunnel lighting luminaire integrates the quality and safety achievable with fluorescent linear lighting with the efficiency and Total Cost of Ownership of high pressure sodium point source lighting. Therefore, T-line perfectly suits Indal’s TRIPLE-C philosophy; providing the perfect balance between Costs, Comfort and Care.




A unique Total Cost of Ownership proposition:

High-quality cool white LED delivered by a linear lighting solution:

LED technology is an energy-saving solution with a positive contribution to the environment:

• Extremely long-life LED light source resulting in less maintenance and high availability. • Efficient lighting system reduces energy costs. • Light weight plug-and-play luminaires reduce installation costs. • Proven, robust mounting technique provides extended construction life.

• Linear lighting solution providing excellent visual guidance and near perfect light uniformity. • Cool white colour solution for improved visibility and a CRI index of 75. • Optimised lighting conditions can improve traffic flow and safety.

• Reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions. • No over-lighting due to unique dimming features. • Lower lighting levels are sometimes possible due to application of cool white LED linear light. • Luminaire manufactured largely from recyclable materials.

T-line’s perfect balance Comfort



T-line Combining the benefits of fluorescent linear lighting with the advantages of point source lighting Indal has developed a series of linear LED luminaires primarily for road tunnel lighting applications. The result is T-line: road tunnel lighting combining the ‘Comfort’, quality and safety of a fluorescent linear scheme with a Total ‘Cost’ of Ownership of a high pressure sodium point source scheme, with the added benefit of taking greater ‘Care’ of the environment due to LED technology.

In road tunnels, a fluorescent linear solution is the preferred

High pressure sodium point source lighting is however a more

choice for most users. With excellent lighting uniformity on

cost-effective solution. The high lumen output of each lamp

the road and walls, perfect visual guidance and high colour

means less luminaires and reasonable maintenance costs.

recognition (CRI index of 75 and cool white), it offers the driver

In addition, the luminaires consume less energy and require a

superior lighting quality and safety as well as high system

lower initial capital expenditure. All this adds up to an acceptable

redundancy compared to point source lighting solutions.

Total Cost of Ownership.


T-line tunnel lighting luminaire The T-line luminaire series is initially available in two different types. The 40 LED version for tunnel interior lighting and the 56 LED version for entrance lighting.

Generic T-line specifications LED module housing:

Optical system:

The main housing and lens cover are

Clear plastic DIRECTA™ lenses, adhered

manufactured from a high quality extruded

to lens cover plate by automated

aluminium (AlMgSi0.5 acc 6066 T66) with

silicone sealing process. The light

an anodised neutral colour finish (> 25µm

distribution has been optimised for road

thickness and sealed according URAS/

tunnel applications (symmetrical and

EWAA). The end covers are made in die-

asymmetrical available).

T-line 40 LED interior

cast aluminium (LM6/DIN230), having a high quality pre-treatment and polyester

Ingress protection:

powder coating finish (>65µm thickness).

IP 66, with 6mm EPDM gasket and flat free-draining surfaces (no cooling fins).

Impact resistance:

Equipped with pressure equalising filter

IK 09 (housing).

to prevent under and over-pressure.

T-line 56 LED entrance

Design Light weight, low-profile and fl at free-draining surfaces, no cooling fins.

Connectivity Suitable for plug-and-play installation. The driver is mounted remotely for ease of maintenance.

Protection Corrosion protection system and IP 66 ingress protection.

Optics Lens and LED are integrated, resulting in high lumen output performance and an accurate light distribution.


T-line characteristics Easy installation and maintenance T-line luminaires are compact and therefore easy to store and

To prevent corrosion resulting

handle. Their shallow construction means they can sometimes

from dissimilar metals, the

be installed over-lane, where traditionally a normal fluorescent

mounting system provides total

luminaire would be unsuitable. This results in a lower luminaire

isolation between the LED module

quantity, reducing installation costs and energy consumption.

and the support structure.

Each luminaire is fitted with a flying lead and plug, providing

T-line LED’s have an extremely long life expectancy; therefore no

faster plug-and-play installation and replacement. With linear

lamp replacements are required for the lifetime of the luminaire.

mounting flanges and clamps, the luminaires can be easily

Furthermore, the smooth self-draining surface with no cooling

adjusted in the horizontal plane for straight forward alignment.

fins, make the T-line easy to clean.

Driver installation Each T-line is supplied with a single highly efficient driver. These drivers operate remotely and can be mounted up to 15m away from the luminaire as standard (longer distances can be accommodated with larger cable sizes). As part of the M&E system design, the installation contractor will normally determine the driver installation method and location. However, Indal can provide a number of standard solutions if preferred. The T-line driver can also be integrated into Indal’s i-TunneLŽ Control & Monitoring system, to provide total automatic control of the lighting system.

Standard Topology

T-line lighting system topology

Driver enclosure

Drivers Standard & UPS power supplies

Extension leads hard wired into driver enclosure and plugged into flying leads

Control signal cable

Standard T-line installation topology T-line

2core LSOH flying leads plugs

The diagram on the right represents a typical standard installation. Up to ten drivers are grouped into one driver enclosure.


i-TunneL® C&M Topology

An appropriate power supply is required for each enclosure with the addition of a suitable control signal, when dimming is necessary. This layout enables efficient and straight forward system design,

Link to SCADA system

Driver enclosures

and requires significantly less power supply connections than an equivalent fluorescent scheme.




i-TunneL C&M installation topology ®

Driver enclosure

The T-line luminaires can also be integrated into Indal’s i-TunneL® Control & Monitoring system, providing a total lighting


Local interface unit Standard & UPS power supplies

solution. Similar to the standard layout, typically ten drivers are grouped into a number of driver enclosures. The drivers are connected

RS-485 cables with plugs

Extension leads hard wired into driver enclosure and plugged into flying leads

to a local interface unit (housed in the same enclosure) - each enclosure is then connected to the B-ScoutMaster control panel via a robust RS-485 single-layer communications network. Formed by factory prepared plug-and-play assemblies of high quality LS0H cable. For detailed information about the dedicated i-TunneL® C&M system please contact your local Indal Tunnel Support contact.

logo eps aanleveren T-line

2core LSOH flying leads plugs



Advanced REVOLED technology ™

T-line is based on REVOLED™ technology developed by Indal. Thanks to REVOLED™, T-line offers all the benefits of LED light sources. Powerful, high-quality LED’s, the COO-LED™ cooling system and DIRECTA™ lenses give you excellent light quality, high energy savings and low CO2 emissions.

REVOLED™ High-quality power LED’s REVOLED™ uses powerful, high-quality LED’s that contain no mercury and emit no UV radiation. They provide efficient, uniform and comfortable cool white light with superb colour rendering. This improves visibility of vehicles and objects in tunnels and as a result, the safety of drivers and passengers. REVOLED™ also offers energy savings and a big reduction in CO2 emissions.

COO-LED™ For increased LED life span COO-LED™ delivers superior temperature control by combining low current LED’s with a large cooling surface that’s an integral part of the luminaire housing. LED’s are bonded directly to the outer skin of the luminaire eliminating any insulation in the heat dissipation path, which not only ensures high LED efficiency, but also provides an extremely long system life span.

DIRECTA™ Lenses for high optical efficiency and accuracy Patented DIRECTA™ clear lenses are integrated into the luminaire housing with no additional cover required. The result is high luminaire efficiency of 85 to 95%. That’s 10 to 25% more efficient than conventional lighting solutions. DIRECTA™ also allows you to direct the very small LED light source with extreme accuracy, ensuring the best and most efficient lighting solution. What’s more, the lenses are watertight and dustproof (IP 66+) offering extra protection.


By clever application of the unique characteristics of the T-line luminaires the lighting designer can make additional savings compared to traditional lighting schemes. Precise L20 control

Entrance lighting

Improved lighting system efďŹ ciency Stage very sunny over-lighting required lighting level

Stage sunny

Stage clouded



Dawn Hours

T-line is fully dimmable and if combined with precise L 20 control (like the

The above graph demonstrates the several switching stages for entrance

i-TunneLÂŽ C&M system), it can provide the exact level of light needed at

lighting. The vertical line shows the common lighting stages.

any given time, providing significant energy savings. This is in contrast

The horizontal line shows the hours per day from dusk to dawn, showing

to systems which use conventional group switching with a minimal

the highest lighting level (top stage very sunny) at noon. The orange

number of discrete lighting stages, which by their very nature are often

curved line is the required entrance lighting level and the grey planes

over-lit and therefore wasting energy. T-line even saves energy compared

represent the over lighting due to stage switching. T-line combined with

to traditional dimming systems employing high pressure sodium light

the precise L 20 control allows the system to exactly follow the orange

sources. Unlike high pressure sodium dimming, T-line can dim both

curved line and therefore eliminating the over-lighting, and as a result

instantly and down to extremely low levels at high efficiency.

saving extra energy consumption.

Compensation of depreciation Like any light source, LED’s are subject to lumen depreciation over their lifetime. But with LED’s this is very predictable. In combination with T-line’s continuous dimming feature, the system can be designed to compensate for LED depreciation. So even as the light output of the luminaires weakens over time, depreciation compensation ensures a constant level of cool white light and prevents significant over-lighting.

Lower lighting levels T-line offers extremely high uniformity levels across tunnel surfaces, including the walls. It also provides excellent visual guidance and better visibility with a high CRI of 75. There is potential to reduce the required lighting levels in certain tunnel projects in relation to the superior quality of light when compared to some traditional light sources.

Lighting on demand Some tunnels are located in areas with low traffic density, where few vehicles pass through the structure during certain parts of the day. Because T-line offers an instant dimming facility, certain tunnels may be suitable to benefit from traffic based control mechanisms. During low traffic use, the lighting could be dimmed to a certain percentage of the required lighting level providing an on-demand energy efficient system.


T-line guarantees high lifetime expectancy T-line offers some of the best lifetime expectancy figures available from a high output LED luminaire, made possible by the variety of unique design features, not least the COO-LED™ technology. T-line is built to exacting standards and uses some of the highest quality power LED’s currently available. In addition, the application of the unique REVOLED™ technology means the longevity of the luminaire is assured. The luminaire design guarantees a very low LED junction temperature, which is the main contributor to early mortality or light depreciation.

T-line LED’s

The T-line 56 LED version is designed for the entrance lighting

The T-line 40 LED version is designed to operate 24 hours per day

and is driven therefore at 700mA, providing the higher light

for long periods at full output. This version is therefore powered

output required. Whilst the higher drive current and density of

at a relatively low drive current of 350mA. This low drive current

LED’s results in a higher LED junction temperature, this version

in combination with the large spacing between LED’s and clever

still manages to achieve an expected lifetime of the LED’s (L70)

luminaire design, results in an exceptionally low junction

well in excess of 80,000 burning hours. LED’s however will last

temperature. All this results in an expected LED lifetime (L70)

longer when dimmed, because of their lower temperature and

well in excess over 140,000 burning hours.

given that the entrance lighting will be in a dimmed state or switched off for some time, the net result will be that entrance luminaires will last at least as long as the interior luminaires.


T-line warranty concept

As with all electronic parts, the lifetime of the driver is

In order to demonstrate our confidence in the expected lifetime

determined by the temperature. If the driver is installed

of these new luminaires and as a commitment to our customers,

according the driver design specifications, a lifetime

Indal can provide each T-line luminaire with a robust and extended

expectancy of 100,000 burning hours can be obtained.

warranty plan. Please ask your local Indal Tunnel Support contact for the latest warranty statement on the T-line.


Lamp replacement costs (labour, lamps & road closures) Energy consumption Luminaires, support structure & installation (excluding wiring)

Attractive Total Cost of Ownership T-line is like no other LED lighting solution. It offers unique benefits, not only compared to

Total Cost of Ownership

fluorescent linear lighting, but also compared to high pressure sodium point source lighting and other LED products currently available. Through a variety of comparisons prepared for a number of different structures, Indal demonstrates that the T-line interior lighting solution contains the benefits of a linear fluorescent lighting scheme combined with the Total Cost of Ownership of a standard point source lighting scheme.

Fluorescent linear

LED linear

High pressure sodium point source

Compared to a linear fluorescent lighting scheme, T-line can offer:

Compared to a point source interior lighting scheme, T-line can offer:

• Reduced energy costs

• Reduced energy costs

• Reduced CO2 emissions

• Reduced CO2 emissions

• No lamp replacements required

• No lamp replacements required

• Accurate light distributions to limit wasted light

• Increased lighting uniformity

• Faster installation

• Significantly better colour recognition

• Significantly improved Total Cost of

• Improved driver comfort and safety


• Comparable Total Cost of Ownership

The graph above shows just an example

It doesn’t matter what lighting solution is chosen, T-line offers an attractive long-term

between the relative Total Cost of

investment for road tunnel lighting.

Ownership levels of fluorescent linear, LED linear and high pressure sodium point source lighting based on a

The best of both worlds

15 year period.

With T-line it is now truly possible to have a superior linear lighting scheme for the same cost as a less popular point source lighting scheme, whilst significantly reducing your CO2 emissions and energy costs.

T-line technical specifications T-line specifications MODEL


T-line interior

40 LED

T-line entrance

56 LED








DIRECTA™ Symmetrical (SRN)

9 (excl. driver 1.3kg)

Class II



DIRECTA™ Asymmetrical (ZRN) & Symmetrical (SRN)

9 (excl. driver 1.3kg)

Class II

*Both models use cool white LED’s and CRI-index 75.

Driver specifications







> 0.90

1-10V analogue (down to 15% light)

Class I

56 LED


• Different optics/light distribution on request • Alternative luminaire module lengths • Different lumen packages on request • Standard driver enclosure solution

Driver is supplied separately, one driver per luminaire. Check for latest driver

• Integrated driver solution


• Prepared to accept i-TunneL® Lighting Control System


40 LED



56 LED

40 LED




40 LED

56 LED 1990

56 LED



Indal has an international dedicated tunnel support facility for advising you on the unique T-line system 65

design possibilities. Please ask your local Indal Tunnel Support contact. 1990

40 LED



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Brochure T-Line EN  

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