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There was a father who used to tell her daughter, Emy that we have to work hard to be rich people. Many ways to be, but the important thing is we get the money rightly. Unfortunatelly











forbidden. Emy wanted to help her father to be rich people, but she did not know how to do. She used to dream to be a businesswoman but she did not have anything to begin her business. So Emy looked for a manner to

exteriorize her

dream as businesswoman. One day, Emy came outside the house she hoped that she can find something which was valuable. She went to public places around the city where she lived, and before she went out from the house she has never forgot to recite Basmalah. Emy has visited many places, unfortunatelly she could not find anything. Emy begun to surrender nder and she decided to back home. When she arrived in the house, she immediately went to bed. “ Oh Allah I have to sleep earlier because tomorrow I must find something, something that will make my dream come true, and d I hope you will help me ”, Emy said, before she finally fell asleep. Emy has been in public garden since last morning. She looked very excited today, she believed that she could find a good idea in this time. She trough thinking about what should she do to begin her business?. She sat at the guard house and observed all of thing around her. The time has showed 5 p.m but she has not found anything. Emy griped lethargicly, over and over she went home with nothing. On the way home Emy met a grandmother who was collecting trashes. Emy came close to her and asked her curiously, “ I am sorry, what for you collect these craps?”. craps?”. Then the grandmother said that she would like to get money with those craps. Listened the grandmother’s answer Emy shortly went to her house and came to her father. “ Daddy, we will be rich people ” she said confidently. confidently. Her father smiled and said,

“ Do you find something my princess? ”. Emy just noded with a smile and run to her bed room. “ Oh God I am so tired ” Emy said while putting a sack of used goods. Now she started to make handicraft from the craps that she has gleaned. She made a pencil case and toys such as a plane, car, and robot from a bottle, and she also made a bag from snack pack. Emy planed planed to sell it in the maket tomorrow and she would like to invite her father. On the next day, Emy and her father has been in the market. “ Come on every body, let’s buy these unique crafts ” They peddled their wares h heartily. Beside that, they did not forget smiling to every people. Many people who interested to buy Emy’s creation, was not only because her crafts were good but also because she is very kind to the buyer. “ Alhamdulillah...your Alhamdulillah...your handicrafts are sold ” her father said.

“ Yes daddy we have to be grateful for all of gift that God given us today,

I hope next will be better ” Emy said. Afterwards, her father took her to the bed and said id “ Have nice sleeping my princess ”. Two years have been passed, Emy carried out her usual







handicraft, but what

her now is that she has been a

well well-known

entrepreneur, she has a very large store and many employees who help her to produce various handicrafts from trashes. Since the first time Emy believed that she is able to actualize her dream, then because of her effort, prayer and support from her father can prove it.

now she

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This is a short story that tells us about a girl who is able to become a young entrepreneur by utilizing used goods.


This is a short story that tells us about a girl who is able to become a young entrepreneur by utilizing used goods.