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Presspack Incubate 2009


It stretches further than the festival terrain, further than the boundaries of Tilburg.

The Shape of Breakcore 2 Cum

History Incubate is the annual celebration of independent culture in Tilburg, the Netherlands. It is a festival exhibiting a diverse view on indie culture as a whole, including music, contemporary dance, film and visual arts. It brings more than 200 cutting edge artists in an intimate context to an international audience. Black metal next to free jazz. Street art next to academic dance. Incubate takes place from the 13th until 20st of September in the city of Tilburg in the Netherlands. From a squat to the mayors room. From music venue to museum. Incubate doesn’t need slogans. It doesn’t want to be labeled. Incubate wants to clash cultures. Incubate isn’t just a ‘festival’, it’s a community of independent minds, a spot where curious people meet. It stretches further than the festival terrain, further than the boundaries of Tilburg. Incubate not only creates a community through digital media but it also creates a whole new festival vibe. Visitors and artists from all over Europe recognize Incubate as their space. Germans rent a bus to come to Tilburg. An American moviemaker befriends an Italian composer and start a new project. The discovery is the product. The artist, the visitor, the journalist, the volunteer and the organizer are an integral part of this feeling.

Incubate started in 2005 under the name of ZXZW. It was a two-day festival with 47 artists. It focused merely on artists that never got the chance at other Dutch venues. Within three years it developed into a festival which spreads over 8 days and over 200 artists. The unique mixture of independent music, arts, theatre and movies generates massive national (Nieuwe Revu, NRC-Next, Volkskrant) and international press (e.g. Belgium, Germany, America, France, England and Israel). Because ZXZW grew not only in size, but also in disciplines, the festival decided in 2009 to change its name into Incubate.

Awards • In 2008 the people of Tilburg voted for Incubate (ZXZW) as the best event in their town. • In 2009 Incubate won the Think Ahead Award for their Social Festival Model. • In 2009 Incubate was nominated for an ‘IJzeren Podiumdier.’ An award for best festival of The Netherlands.

Number of days Number of artists Number of expositions Number of locations Number of paid visitors Number of visitors free program Number of own productions

Presspack Incubate 2009

2005 2 47 0 7 1.300 0 0

2006 2 90 0 11 2.600 0 1

2007 8 196 9 27 2.700 16.000 17

2008 8 276 16 34 4.996 25.595 12


Sun Ra Arkestra

Venues Incubate wants to bring independent culture to a bigger audience. Therefore it uses a lot of different venues. Music venues like 013 and Paradox, the library of Tilburg, galleries and museums like De Pont and Ruimte X, a synagogue, a bowling alley, the mayors room and a lot of café’s in the centre of Tilburg. For one week a whole city will be dedicated to independent culture!

Incubate wants to bring independent culture to a bigger audience. A selection of artists that performed Incubate Radio Birdman, Sun Ra Arkestra, Unwed Sailor, Wire, Monolithic, Japanther, Shining, Otto von Schirach, V/ Vm, Sylvester Anfang, Pole, Talibam!, Black Earth, Joop Visser, Agent Side Grinder, Ceephax Acid Crew, Crippled Black Phoenix, Jacob Kirkegaard, John Wiese, Taint, The Devil’s Blood, Mik Quantius, Negativland, Pantha Du Prince, Trad Gras Och Stenar, Rhys Chatham, Yoke & Yohs, Torche, The Locust, Rise and Fall, Psychic TV, Monotonix, Knut, Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat, Fear falls Burning, Drumcorps, Baroness, Amen Ra, Phill Niblock, Castanets, Watain, Enablers, Pelican, Erik Smith, Peter Beste

Visitor profile Incubate draws visitors from all over the world with an healthy dose of interest in contemporary and independent arts. The festival caters the early adaptors but also the random passer-by.

Origin of visitors


(based on internetsales) NL 71,1 % BE 8,58 % GBR 5,46 % DE 7,8 % FIN 2,34 % USA 0,78 % IRE 1,56 % Other 2,38%

0 - 19 20 - 29 30 - 39 40 - 49 49 - 60 60+


Educational level

44% in a relationship 26% Single 9% Married 2% Open relationship

An impressive 88% of our visitors went to University or attended Higher Education.

2,2% 70,2% 23,4% 2,1% 2,0% 0,1%

Quality of festival (Points given by visitors. Investigated by the Town of Tilburg) Vibe: 8 out of 10 Quality: 7,6 out of 10

Visitors recommending Incubate to friends: 97,5 %

Presspack Incubate 2009


Josine Beugels / Mayors Room


Others about Incubate “The festival looks overwhelming. 120 groups in 2 days, plus films and art programmes? My God!” (Tony Herrington, Editorin-Chief of The Wire magazine, 2007) “And with damn near every last square inch of the city littered with preamps and patch cords, that can only mean one thing: a killer lineup.” (Pitchfork, 2008) “ZXZW already is the best festival of the year.” (LiveXS, 2007) “After barely surviving a night of ‘Heavy Metal Bowling’, more out there than attack ships off the shoulder of Orion, it’s time to hit downtown Tilburg for an impossibly diverse bill. ZXZW festival operates like a transparent Temporary Autonomous Zone, tucked within venues around the centre, like a web of wonder hiding behind the ordinary local weekend hassle. (Terrorizer, 2008)

music and still holds a torch for the idea that independent culture can exist without having to compromise itself or secrete itself away in an elitist hidey hole. In a word, then, ZXZW is incredible.” (Drowned in, 2008) “In one year’s time, the festival in Tilburg has grown to one of the most fun happenings for adventurous music lovers and scouts for alternative talents. (...) Tilburg becomes the main meeting point for anyone who wants to be hip in 2010.” (OOR, 2008) “ZXZW has grown very big, very fast” (Volkskrant, 2007) “ZXZW is a unique alternative festival where the mainstream Tilburg scenery (café’s, venues, etc.) goes hand in hand with the most eccentric and uncompromised in the music scene. A daring line-up of performers, bands, laptop artists and visual

“This festival truly is the most remarkable experience and needs to be witnessed by anybody who genuinely loves leftfield music.” “Shining though the depressing morass of the now ubiquitous festival is a truly remarkable annual endeavor: Tilburg’s ZXZW, now in its fourth year. Put together with passion, wit, intelligence and a fervent integrity and commitment to independent culture (the festival’s subtitle), it redefines and simultaneously clarifies the potential for events of this ilk. (…) This festival truly is the most remarkable experience and needs to be witnessed by anybody who genuinely loves leftfield

artists, but it works and the weekend was just mesmerizing, meeting up with highly intriguing and interesting people, witnessing fantastic shows and just dwelling through the streets of Tilburg from one venue to another.” (Fear Falls Burning on his blog, 2007) “Leaving this festival felt a lot like being kicked out of musical heaven” (Harryparry in a reaction on the Drowned in Soundreview, 2008)

Presspack Incubate 2009


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Erik Smith / Svart Kunstykke Presspack Incubate 2009


Presspack Incubate 2009  

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