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CLARA WEI FU +886911372505 Born in Taiwan, a tropical island full of friendly people. Have been doodling around with inspirations from stories of friends, my dreams, and pure imagination. Am a girl often lost in contemplation. Once my friend asked me what animal I would like to be, and my answer was a penguin. Penguins are very cute. They live in a beautiful and cool place called Antarctica, where I can see the aurora and don't have to sweat in the summer.


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I have heard stories about people showing immense courage when encountering adversities. Especially the adversities that are matters of life and death. Some of the stories are fictions from books and movies, while some of them are real ones from the news, my friends and my family. Sometimes a crisis is an opportunity for a fresh start.

ink and watercolour / 6.5" X 9" / 2012 The zombie trend continues... games, books, movies, and if you google it you won't miss the different versions of the "zombie survival guide." I suppose if the streets were full of zombies, pretending to be one of them is definitely the best survival tip. I mean, zombies are stupid and that's why they eat brains, right? 03


ink and watercolour / 8" X 10" / 2012 My grandpa stayed in the hospital for quite a while. There was one time that he got really sick and skinny. Although he couldn't talk, I could see through his eyes that he's still fighting back. He must be thinking of getting up to dance.


ink and watercolour / 8" X 10" / 2012 We were reading the novel "The Perfect Storm" by Sebastian Junger at school. One of my students raised his hand and said, " If I were one of the crew on Andrea Gail (the shipwrecked swordfishing boat), I'd jump into the sea to ride a shark and escape." Okay, he's only 12 years old, but that was such a brilliant idea!


ink and watercolour / 8" X 10" / 2012 My friend said she had an out-of-body experience when she went hiking. She was left behind and fell asleep under a shelf of rock, and suddenly she's looking at herself from outside. Her apparition saw people coming to her direction, and the next thing she knew was that she's in the hospital. She believed it was her apparition that summoned the people to rescue her. It could also be just a dream. A life-saving dream from her subconscious, trying to tell her to stay awake.


ink and watercolour / 8" X 10" / 2012 Jin Yong's martial arts and chivalry fictions are always my favorite. And cliffs are often an important setting in these fictions. The hero fell off the steep cliff, and got trapped in the deep valley for days even years, finally trained himself to be a martial master and climbed back to the top. I bet it's a metaphor about real life. The successful people often reach the peak after a downfall.


02 ABOUT R E L AT I O N S Relationships are hard now. It's hard to start, it's hard to define, and it's hard to maintain. Still we don't give up. We look for romantic relationships and we don't like to be alone. All the challenges and pains just spice them up.

HIPS. . .


watercolour and pen / 15" X 21" / 2012 Love is blind. It has to be. Or how else can we have the guts to be completely truthful and give all of ourselves to another person, while feeling happy and satisfied all along? 12

watercolour and pen / 15" X 21" / 2012 Rumours make things complicated. It's fun to gossip around for a little bit, but too much of it just makes people frustrated and annoyed. That's when one may grimace because of trying too hard to figure out what is true.


watercolour, pen and glitter / 15" X 21" / 2012 Sometimes people feel bored. They say to strangers, "Can I trouble you for a light?" And those who are interested may turn themselves into flames.


watercolour, pen and glitter / 15" X 21" / 2012 Love is in the eyes. They are full of passion, determination and dedication. Through them, the world becomes delicate and fragile. 15


03 DING-BO SELLS A GHOST Ding-Bo Sells A Ghost is a story I read when I was 8 years old. It's a story written by Cao Pi, an accomplished scholar as well as the emperor of Cao Wei, in the second century. It's a story about a young man called Ding-Bo nabs a ghost and sells it. I like the story very much. The plot focuses on how the character wittily tackles a suspenseful situation, which is very different from typical ghost stories. It's like telling the eight-year-old me that, "don't worry, keep your wit and problems will be solved."

DING-BO SELLS A GHOST ink / 7.5" X 47" / 2013

Ding-Bo meets a ghost.


Ding-Bo deceives the ghost, saying that he is also a ghost.

Ding-Bo and the ghost travel together. Ding-Bo feels tired, so the ghost carries him on the back.

The ghost paddles in a stream without a sound.


Ding-Bo paddles in a stream with water splashes everywhere.


Ding-Bo nabs the ghost and carries it on the back when approaching a market.

The ghost turns into a sheep since it is scared of masses of people in the market. Ding-Bo ties the ghost and sells it.

My father has a dingy suitcase full of old books. He said that when he was little, reading these books had been the supreme recreation, and that's why he keeps the books for such a long time. Despite yellowed and gnawed by worms, the books remind him of the old days. When he sees the books, the old memories surge back, and sometimes he shares some of those with my sister and me. I, too, am so fascinated by the old books and the look on my father's face when he tells his stories. Thus I decided to illustrate the storybook in a vintage style. 22

04 HEART NEVER DIES My little cousin loves bedtime stories. Once I made up a story about a boy and his robot friend. My cousin was very curious about what the robot looks like, so I made a robot out of paper clay for her.

MY HEART NEVER DIES paper clay and acrylic / 4" X 6" / 2011 The robot was the boys best friend. But one day they had a fight and the boy wanted to desert the robot. The robot still followed the boy around, and in the end it rescued the boy from a car crash. The robot lost its legs and broke down. My cousin felt rather upset about the ending, so I added that the robot's heart never dies. And that after a few days, there were flowers growing out from the robot's heart.


I saw the line "It's nice to be nice to the nice" from the TV series M*A*S*H. And it makes me wonder why some people treat the nice ones violently. I suppose one of the reasons is that the victims' responses thrill the abusers. By provoking screams and panic the abusers feel satisfied. The victims' suffering makes the abusers excited and eager to trigger more reactions. It's just like children avidly unwrap gifts or curiously take alarm clocks to pieces because they want to see what's inside. So I did this project, hoping to remind people to be nice.




cardboard, oil pastel and others / 9" X 15" / 2012 We take a lot from them. We get fruits and vegetables because water buffalos help the farmers plough. And then we eat their meat. Some of us like to order beef steak in the restaurant. Is that too much to ask for?


cardboard, oil pastel and others / 9" X 15" / 2012 Horses do not merely carry things for us. They are also attached to the owners. I saw in movies that horses sacrificed for their owner and was very much agitated.


cardboard, oil pastel and others / 9" X 15" / 2012 I often see cats on the streets stop and look timidly at me. Their eyes shine like pearls in the dark. They don't know that ironically, it's the fear in their eyes that grabs attention from others.


cardboard, oil pastel and others / 9" X 15" / 2012 Dogs' loyalty makes them our best friends. Some of us tease them, abuse them or abandon them, and the dogs keep their loyalty. Let's not take it for granted.


06 S K E TC HB


! ink and oil pastel / 8.25" X 10" / 2011 My friends and I were studying for the final exam together. We joked that the exam was a monster, and we needed to cautiously eliminate it as soon as possible.


ink and watercolor / 8.25" X 10" / 2012 I like wearing hoodies a lot. They are comfortable and warm, and they cover part of my face so I don't need to put on my makeup :P


colour pen and gel pen / 8.25" X 10" / 2012 I had a nightmare about my look turning into the combination of animals. My hair was a crow, my ears were snails, my neck was a coiled snake, my collar bones were frogs and my hands were squids. I woke up and rushed to the mirror. Thank god I was still the way I was.


ink and oil pastel / 8.25" X 10" / 2012 The girl’s heart is on the right side. It’s not only abnormal. We should see it as special.

ink and colour pencil / 5" X 8.25" / 2013 I take the bus to school every day. It’s like I’m in a transparent box to tour the city. The city is very pretty, but I soon get tired of sitting motionless all the time. I want to break the bus roof apart and fly up through it.


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