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CPA IN Perspective


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Chair’s Perspective

Celebrating the Past While Looking To the Future By Steven A. Eichenberger, CPA, CGMA


hen I began my term as chair of the INCPAS Board of Directors and had the initial opportunity to share my perspective with you, I wrote about the pace of change and related skills required to keep up in today’s world. Included were thoughts regarding competencies such as knowledge sharing and collaboration, as well as the need for strategies that are adaptive and emergent. As I have the opportunity to share my perspective in this space one last time, I want to again emphasize the importance of keeping up with the demands of our profession in a world of change and share how INCPAS is providing members with the tools to succeed. These tools are just a part of the content included in the CPA Center of Excellence®. The CPA Center of Excellence® is a dynamic and evolving repository for knowledge growth and sharing. It is a result of the efforts of many groups including board and member task forces, students and educators, dedicated staff members and business partners. Throughout this issue you will find articles and information related to the CPA Center of Excellence®. I encourage you to read about the CPA Excellence Quick Start Guide and CPA Excellence – Online Interactive Courses which will focus on enhancing competencies critical to professional success today and in the future. I believe you will find these tools to be more practical, relevant and beneficial than items you may have seen elsewhere. Also included in this issue are comments from INCPAS members regarding various aspects of the competency model and thought-provoking information from the 2014 annual student survey. The 2014 legislative session came to a close in March and we can count this year in the plus column for the Society and its members. Our legislative agenda included multiple objectives. Among those that were passed into legislation include extended term limits for Indiana Board of Accountancy members, changes to the definition of attest to better reflect the changing nature of today’s standards and engagements, changes to the enforcement fund to ensure sustainability and the establishment of a “retired” status for CPAs. The positive results can be attributed to active engagement from our members, staff and the Society’s lobbyist, Lou Belch. There are many ways members can be involved in this process including the INCPAS Government Relations Advisory Council (GRAC), Tax Resource Advisory Council (TRAC) or key legislative persons.


CPA IN Perspective


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In addition all members who contribute to the INCPAS PAC should be recognized for this year’s successes. A strong PAC provides the profession with the opportunity to have a stronger voice in the political process. I encourage you to consider supporting and contributing to the PAC. Next year will hold a special place in the history of the Indiana CPA Society as we celebrate the Society’s 100th anniversary. The Society has played an important role in the careers of many CPAs in Indiana over time. Items such as the current year’s success of the Society’s legislative and advocacy efforts, the further development of the CPA Center of Excellence®, diversity programs and their related impact, and the ever-present dedication of members, volunteers and the Society staff provide strong evidence that this organization is remaining relevant and adaptive well into the future. Plans are currently underway for the one-year countdown which will culminate with a special edition of CPA Celebration to be held in Indianapolis on May 15, 2015. Mark your calendars now and reserve the date. As we celebrate the past we should also look to the future. Today’s younger members will become the leaders of tomorrow. I encourage each of you to become involved in your profession and take advantage of the opportunities available with the Indiana CPA Society. First, volunteer recruitment continues through May 31. Also consider attending events such as the second annual Young Professionals Conference to be held in Indianapolis on July 10. This event provides a great opportunity to not only develop competencies to help you be successful, but also is a great way to meet fellow professionals who may become important parts of your professional network in the future. In closing, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to the fellow board members I have had the honor to serve with and learn from over the past five years. The experience of being on this board and serving as chair has returned many more benefits to me personally and professionally than I could have imagined when my initial term began. I also want to thank the entire staff of the Indiana CPA Society for their support and tireless efforts in making our profession stronger for the future. As I turn over the chair’s role to Kent Williams, CPA, CGMA, I am confident that the Society has a great leader for the future. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your chairman for this past year.

Your Trusted Network

Your Trusted Network APPOINTMENTS


David Cochran, CPA, principal, Bogdanoff Henderson PC, Indianapolis. Anne DeLaney, CPA, manager, Aimee Reavling, CPA, manager, Brittany Schutter, CPA, manager, and Clint Singleton, CPA, manager, Katz Sapper & Miller, Indianapolis. Katrina Harder, CPA, senior accounting and budget analyst, SIHO Insurance Services, Columbus. Rex Miller, CPA, CGMA, partner, Donovan Certified Public Accountants and Advisors, Avon. Paul Roth, senior manager SALT, and Priya Singleton, CPA, audit and assurance quality control manager, Blue & Co., LLC, Carmel. Justin Schwartz, staff accountant - audit department, Alerding CPA Group, Indianapolis.

Mike Bedel, CPA, CGMA, partner, Sponsel CPA Group, Indianapolis. Shannon Borden, CPA, director Blue & Co., LLC, Seymour. Joshua Burkhart, CPA, senior manager, and Gregory Krupinski, manager, Bradley Associates, Inc., Indianapolis. Brittany Cooley, CPA, senior associate, Jared Defore, CPA, senior associate, Christina Richardson, CPA, senior associate, BKD, LLP, Bloomington. Erica Haston, CPA, manager, and Nick Wallpe, CPA, CGMA, manager, RBSK Partners PC, Greensburg. Katz, Sapper & Miller, Indianapolis announced new directors Randy Hooper, CPA, Amanda McGinity, CPA, CGMA, Casse Tate, CPA;

managers Neil Giannini, CPA, Eric Land, CPA, Brittani Maletta, CPA, JP Moore, CPA, Brittany Schutter, CPA; and partners Ryan Miller, CPA, Brian Schmidt, CPA, CGMA, and Ron Smith, CPA, CGMA. Tina Perez, CPA, CIFFP, director, Baden Gage & Schroeder, Fort Wayne. Brian Sherer, CPA, senior accountant, LaRosa & Co., LLC, Indianapolis. MEMBER NEWS Paul Bogdanoff, CPA, Bogdanoff Henderson PC, Indianapolis, was sourced in Yahoo Finance’s “Here’s What Really Happens if You Don’t File Your Taxes” article. Jeff McGowan, CPA, CGMA, Kruggel, Lawton & Co, LLC, South Bend, has successfully completed requirements to earn Level III Indiana-Assessor-Appraiser certification. Continued on page 38

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CPA IN Perspective


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New Members

INCPAS welcomes new and returning members from October 1-31, 2013.


Rachel E. Sterling, Blue & Co., LLC

Business Professional

Richard S. Templin, AutoVIN

Char Dolbeer, Ramusack, White, CPAs, P.C.

James R. White, Katz, Sapper & Miller, LLP



Non-CPA Accounting

Ellen E. Byer, Umbaugh

Ian K. Clark, Winters CPA Group

Traci M. Fuqua, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP

Leslie D. Flynn, Olson & Company, P.C. Christopher S. McDonald, Olson & Company, P.C. Courtney Griffith Myers, Small Business Accounting Bethany A. Quinn, Bucheri McCarty & Metz LLP Joellen M. Thackston, A.C.T. Services, Inc.

Cristina Tajadura Martinez, BGBC Partners, LLP Renee N. Urrutia, Crossroad Child & Family Services Donald R. Walker Jr., Dehmel & Associates, PC RESIDENT

Carolyn D. Jack, CPA, Midwest ISO

Marcia D. Whitlock, Allman Johnson Company, LLC

Thomas R. Alvarez, CPA, BGBC Partners, LLP

Jeffery M. Janssen, CPA, Resin Partners, Inc.


Angela B. Balser, CPA, Cummins, Inc.

Jeffrey S. Koons, CPA, WCG, LLP


Kyle E. Blue, CPA, AGS Capital, LLC

Donna S. Haworth, Stephen C. Haworth PC

Lori K. Bragg, CPA, PDF, Inc.

Jonathan P. Kubaszyk, CPA, Crowe Horwath LLP

Dawn M. Rockwell, Stephen C. Haworth PC Lisa K. Spangler, Perq, LLC ASSOCIATE Rachel S. Adoba, Crowe Horwath LLP Gary W. Bishop III, BKD, LLP Kyle Burcham, Cummins, Inc. Laura Harman, BKD, LLP Seth D. Maddox, Gauthier & Kimmerling, LLC Jessica T. Poeppelman, Ernst & Young David L. Rottman, Katz, Sapper & Miller, LLP Jacob A. Sowers, Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC


Jeremy J. Gillingham, Summit CPA Group

CPA IN Perspective


2 0 14

Christine M. Breisch, CPA, Crowe Horwath LLP Karen S. Brenneman, CPA, Miller Poultry Christopher Cobbins, CPA, Cox & Company Rachel E. Davies, CPA, BKD, LLP Stephanie L. Furnish, CPA, Stephanie L Furnish, CPA Thomas R. Glenn, CPA, Indiana Packers Corp. Sonya L. Hall, CPA, Ascension Health Jeremy R. Hardymon, CPA, Midwest ISO Sarah L. Hunter, CPA, Rodefer Moss & Co. PLLC

Xin Liu, CPA, Calumet Specialty Products Partners, LP Nicole J. Loeffelholz, CPA, Crowe Horwath LLP Joel D. Martin, CPA, Kemper CPA Group, LLP Paul D. McCann, CPA, Dawes & Pugh CPAs, LLC

Roger P. Seiler, CPA, Cox & Company Cynthia J. Smith, CPA, Summit CPA Group Josiah D. Southworth, CPA, MS Companies, LLC Jennifer L. Stoops, CPA Judith I. Thames, CPA, International Business College Heidar Thordarson, CPA, IU Health - Ambulatory Surgery Center Rick A. Torres, CPA, Gurley Leep Automotive Lucinda Ward, CPA

Mark W. O’Dell, CPA, McGuire Sponsel

Adam C. Yohler, CPA, Katz, Sapper & Miller, LLP

Laura A. Pedde, CPA, L. M. Henderson & Company, LLP

Vicki R. Zeller, CPA, Article VI, LLC

DiAnna K. Peffley, CPA, Gibson Insurance Group Michael D. Petry, CPA, Wellfount Corp.

Sarah K. Hutson, CPA, KPMG, LLP

Tom J. Price, CPA, Citizens Energy Group

Andrew R. Idzior, CPA, Pinnacle Hospital

Jayanagendra P. Rayapureddi, CPA, Lilly Ventures

STUDENT Fahad M. Althukair, University of Evansville Joseph J. Arroyo, Indiana University Northwest Yaa K. Asabere, Indiana University Northwest

New Members

Michael D. Barton, Marian University

Casey A. Griffith, IPFW

Alexander C. Martin, Grace College

Derek T. Snep, IPFW

Ricardo J. Bedon, Grace College

Amy Hamstra, Grace College

Nicholas T. Mast, Grace College

Elizabeth M. Henderson, Indiana University Northwest

Kyle M. May, Grace College

Philip J. Sopiarz, Indiana University Northwest

Tyler J. Birmingham, Indiana University Northwest

Devon R. Hill, Ball State University

Shane M. Bradley, Grace College Erin K. Bullman, IUPUI Danilo Carnelos, Grace College Robert J. Clements, IPFW Allison R. Curtis, IPFW

Brett E. Dunn, IUPUI Geoff P. Eickmann, IPFW Derek T. Erny, Indiana University Northwest Jacob M. Faust, IUPUI

Jeremy M. Hopper, Saint Joseph’s College

Michail J. Paunwar, Indiana University

Tracey Palmer, IPFW

Sheila Gauntt, Indiana University Northwest

Kristin M. Spoelhof, Purdue University North Central Laurel M. Spurgeon, University of Evansville Charlotte E. Sullenger, Grace College Brett N. Taulbee, Grace College

Jenna L. Petefish, Ball State University

Bethany Taylor, University of Evansville Lindsey B. Tomer, Grace College

Dylan M. Johnson, IPFW

Heather Pickens, Indiana University Kokomo

Keirstyn C. Waddell, IPFW

Steven T. Kent, Grace College

Jason Pratt, Indiana University

Chelsea K. Whitesell, Grace College

Frank S. Leemhuis, Xavier University

Jade N. Reinoehl, IUPUI

Quentin E. Wright, Grace College

Alyssa M. Robins, Ball State University

Chante’ N. Zimmers, Indiana University East

Laikyn M. Rutherford, IPFW

Brock Zogopoulos, University of Evansville

Ethan Levi, University of Indianapolis Jessie M. Lewis, IPFW

Jonathan E. Freeze, IPFW

Mitchell T. Graff, Grace College

Cari O’Hara, Grace College

Christopher D. Jackson, IUPUI

David M. Dollinar, Indiana University Northwest

Brittanny M. Gookins, Ivy Tech

Jinre K. Holman, Kent State University

David A. Howard, University of Evansville

Daniel H. Cole, IPFW

Ivick J. Nuttall, Indiana University Northwest

Lori Schaaf, Grace College

James R. Lowes, IUPUI Erin L. Maile, University of Southern Indiana Caitlyn P. Mains, Indiana Wesleyan University

Brenna E. Sherwood, IPFW Katherine G. Sherwood, University of Evansville Arniel G. Sia, Grace College

Want your name on the list? Become a member of the Indiana CPA Society. Visit

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CPA IN Perspective

SPRING 2 08:26 14AM 1/29/14


Day in the Life: Corey Stark, CPA

Day in the Life

Corey Stark, CPA Work History: I graduated from Franklin College in May 2010 and came on at Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC in October 2010, after accepting an offer prior to graduation. Why I became a CPA: I have always wanted to succeed in business, and accounting offered security other areas in business could not deliver. I was exposed to the CPA profession early through high school classes and through my brother – who works for PwC in Chicago; I knew it could be a successful path. DOZ also was a major contributor as I graduated with my B.A. in Accounting and Broadcast Journalism from Franklin. At graduation, I was still very interested in pursuing a career in media; however, DOZ showed me an opportunity allowing me to utilize both the analytical and creative side of my brain. Coolest thing about my job: The diversity of my work. In a typical day during busy season, I am solely focused on audits of multifamily housing projects and real estate clients. When the spring comes and through remainder of the year, I put on many other hats keeping the days interesting, ever-changing and challenging. On a typical day outside of busy season, I can be leading staff to complete audit work, working on branding and getting new work for the firm, or developing a special case study for in-house use, all before leaving the office.

5:01 a.m.: Why 5:01 a.m.? Not really sure. I guess

that extra minute packs in just that little amount of sleep to push me through the day. I let our awesome golden retriever puppy, Lucy, out and give her some attention before the day starts.

5:25 a.m.: I get a workout in using Focus T25 (you’re welcome for the plug Shaun T). I moved to this workout from jogging, because I can get it done inside come rain, shine or the horrendous winter we had during busy season 2014. I have read, in many places, that successful people work out in the morning, and I’ve grown to love it. I encourage everyone to give it a try. 6:05 a.m.: Get a shower, get ready and eat some

breakfast. I hang out with Lucy some more while


CPA IN Perspective


2 0 14

After logging in, I start with a quick check of email and my calendar to compile my task list and the rest of my day. From time-to-time, a quick check on and Purdue basketball is required as well (no one tell Sean O’Connor and Steve Dauby).

as their sole asset. I enjoy having such varying clients because it provides very different learning opportunities. While one client may have more challenges with “nuts and bolts” accounting issues, another client may afford me the chance to look at new project developments and long-term strategy. Our typical engagement is composed of the audit and tax return of a single apartment complex, so moving away from the typical audit is a great change of pace.

8 a.m.: I dedicate the morning to audit work. I am an audit senior, which means I run two or three clients at any given time varying in size from large construction companies to not-forprofits with a multifamily apartment complex serving low-income families and elderly citizens

On this particular day, I am working for a management company with a couple of audits that have recently refinanced their debt, which also incorporates new compliance with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. So, today, I am not only wearing the audi-

eating, and rotate between “Mike and Mike in the Morning” and “Squawk Box” on television.

7:45 a.m.: I arrive at the office to start my day.

Day in the Life: Corey Stark, CPA

tor hat, but I have to wear the consultant hat as well. We will need to help our client with topics like paying out debt service contingent on cash positions, owner distributions and their timing, and further reporting required under the new mortgage. After reviewing the file and report my staff has prepared, I send it off for senior manager review. Now, it’s time for the fun part and a passion of mine – let’s get some new work.

Noon: After the morning of auditing and knock-

ing down a brown bagged lunch, I transition to marketer. On the docket today is preparing a proposal for a not-for-profit company in Michigan. This is a big one. A majority of the work takes place during the summer months and they need audits of about 60 different entities. That amount of work outside of busy season is gold. I prepare the draft and send it off to the lead principal on the proposed engagement, the marketing member, and managing members for their review and comments. I have tried to adapt this proposal to identify with this individual group, so they do not get a cookie cutter proposal they might expect. That’s not the client experience we strive to deliver.

2:30 p.m.: I move from preparing a proposal for the marketing member to reaching out to potential targets for the upcoming year to bring WATCH ONLINE: To hear more from Stark himself, watch his video at

some new work in on my own. This is the part I love. I mostly work on emailing and reaching back out to contacts I have made in the past at trade shows, conferences, dinners, on the street and everywhere in between. It’s been three months of busy season, so I want to pick up where we left off. I have found emailing in the afternoon gets me the best chance for replies. In the morning, people are focused on work. In the afternoon, all of us like to stray our eyes away from what we have been working on all day. I try to give these contacts an excuse to take a break from that work.

3:30 p.m.: Meeting time. I head to the execu-

tive conference room to go over comments, changes, and game plan for our proposal for the Michigan group. We work out proposal meeting strategy for the crew flying up, different aspects of the engagement and their business, and changes to the proposal. We decide our final pitch needs to be even more personalized. I go to work.

4:15 p.m.: Under the gun, I start working on

revamping the cover letter for this proposal. I have worked on an infographic previously about our service model and it becomes a great basis for the re-write. Working on a tight deadline (our members are flying out the next morning), and working on something that could directly impact our business gets the blood pumping and my energy up.

5 p.m.: The re-write is done, approved, and the proposal is off to the press. The proposal is ready to go and hopefully we get great results the next day. Now that my day is coming to a close, it’s time to finish up my review of a compliance audit before I head home. It has been a productive day and one that will pay big dividends later. 5:30 p.m.: Home is the destination to spend

some quality time with my wife and pup. My wife treats me too well most of the time and already has dinner ready when I get home. If not, one thing we love to do is cook and we will make dinner together. House favorites are homemade Italian or Mexican, and tonight it is taco casserole, a recipe we got from a co-worker’s wife. I’m a good eater, and this is fantastic so a second helping is necessary. Hence the morning workout.

7 p.m.: The rest of the night is family time and the constant back and forth with my wife of the dire situation we face each night, who will take out the dog this time? We play nice and take turns the rest of the night while watching TV.

Do you think a day in your life would make a good addition to our series? Contact INCPAS Senior Manager — Marketing Communications Stephanie Parton, CAE, at to find out how you can share your story.

CPA IN Perspective


2 0 14


Successful Exam Candidates

Indiana CPA

Successful Exam Candidates From the October/November 2013 Window


Jack K. Allgood, Deloitte Christopher Ambroziak Allison M. Bailey Zacharie L. Baird Carrie M. Baker Jaclyn A. Beattey Dan J. Berry, Harding, Shymanski & Co Chelsea Bessler Tom V. Blake, Umbaugh Matthew Bova Christopher Bramble Lydia C. Brown Garrett R. Cannizzo Kelly M. Collins Isaiah Counsellor Jared A. Defore, CPA, BKD, LLP Danielle L. Derrico, KB Parrish & Co, LLP Scott H. Dinnsen, CPA, Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC Austin Donovan Rob J. Doyle Jr., Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC Celeste K. Drew Nicholas P. Dulac Tabatha Dumas Jared R. Duncan, Sponsel CPA Group, LLC Thomas I. Ellis Kallie J. Farley Greg C. Flamion Kelly R. Foster Andrew W. Fuchs, Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC John A. Garlock Nicole A. Garrett, CPA, Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC James D. Gaylor Lauren M. Gazdick CPA IN Perspective


2 0 14

Brennan A. Granger Teressa Granville Ethan D. Grass Aaron D. Greiner, Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC Ryan Gruber Natalee K. Habermel Lynn A. Haller Robert Haltom Jamon M. Hammel, David Culp & Co. LLP Caleb W. Hartman David Hayes Laura Hensler Ryan T. Herr Lee M. Hoeppner Lauren D. Huber Todd A. Huettemann, CPA, Eli Lilly and Company Lauren A. Hulsey Sarah K. Hutson, CPA, KPMG, LLP Abe Jenkins, CPA, Fisher & Associates, Inc Alaina A. Jo Matthew T. Johnston Emily Kannenberg Bradley R. Kawiecki Mike D. Kniery, CPA, Crowe Horwath LLP Christopher Knight Rose A. Kousky, CPA, Crowe Horwath LLP Mike J. LaBuda Christopher Lagestee Thomas T. Lazaraton Kari N. Lengacher Hailey T. Lu Sweeney Machado Greg A. Manning, L. M. Henderson & Company, LLP Michelle McAloon Mikaela N. McDonald

Corey C. McSweeney, Baden Gage & Schroeder, LLC Joe M. Meier, Mountjoy Chilton Medley, LLP Sarah E. Merryman Lee Michael Cole A. Moffatt, BKD, LLP Tim R. Mohney, Kruggel, Lawton & Company, LLC John Musick, Jr. Michelle R. Musolf, CPA, Indiana Tech Matthew Nafziger Jared L. Neal Bridget O’Brien Coleton C. Oexmann, BKD, LLP Robert R. Padget, CPA, Myers and Stauffer LC Jonathan J. Pak, CPA, Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis Brandon M. Paladino, CPA, Crowe Horwath LLP Brent H. Parkinson Jessie Parsons Emily K. Payonk John J. Pettit Daisy L. Pham Lauren E. Plennert Jessica T. Poeppelman, Ernst & Young LLP Kate Pronina, Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC Lawrence M. Pugliese Joseph W. Reitsma Brittany N. Ross, Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC Adam P. Royer, CPA, DePuy, Inc. Chad E. Schenkel, CPA, Crowe Horwath LLP Zach A. Schiff, BKD, LLP Courtney L. Schnaus

Doug W. Schneider, BKD, LLP Patrick B. Schroeder Chase T. Seely Ashley N. Seibert Jordan L. Sherman Jiewen Shi Shilpi Singhania Kristen R. Sobol Billy S. Spurlock Justin M. Stephens Anna Y. Stolyarenko Benjamin C. Stone Sarah Stumpp Kimberly K. Sutherland Derek Tabor Andrew Taggart Rick S. Templin, CPA, PMP, AutoVIN Brian G. Thompson, Bradley & Associates, Inc. David A. Wagley, CPA, Hamil, Lehman & England, PC Christine M. Walker Patrick Walsh John T. Weatherwax, Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski, LLC Courtney White, CPA Frank Wu :INCPAS Member

Those listed above without a symbol are not current INCPAS members. If you know or work with any of these successful exam candidates, contact INCPAS Senior Manager — Member Services at

Enhancing the CPA Designation Through Diversity

Enhancing the CPA designation through


INCPAS Scholars: Where are they Now? This August, 47 INCPAS Scholars graduates will be attending college ... with a large majority studying accounting! Since the ultimate goal is to see these program graduates become CPAs, supporting them throughout their college career is essential. We checked in on a few grads to hear their summer plans and learn how the Scholars program impacted their lives. Ball State: 6

Franklin: 1


Purdue: 1

Butler: 1

Indiana State: 5

Ivy Tech: 4

Texas Southern: 1

Cornerstone: 1

Indiana University: 12

Manchester: 3

Pennsylvania: 1

Name: Yakov Adelfinskiy Year in school: Junior School: IUPUI Major: Accounting and Finance Expected grad date: May 2017 Why accounting: I chose accounting as my major because it’s a subject that clicked with me in the very beginning. After taking a few classes in high school, I wanted to take the next step to see what the CPA profession was really like. My accounting teacher told me about an opportunity to be part of the minority scholars program at the INCPAS and I applied right away. I was accepted into the program and I believe it was a big part in my decision of choosing accounting as my major.

so I believe it’s important to “get your foot in the door” and look for work experience as early as possible. Most memorable Scholar event: My most memorable Scholar’s event was the visit to industry. During this event, we visited Eli Lilly and Pacers Sports and Entertainment. The reason why this was my favorite event was because I was really interested in how both HUGE companies accounted for their finances. Most valuable lesson learned through INCPAS: The most valuable lessons I learned from going through the INCPAS program are that all of the resources you need to succeed are closer than you think and to network as much as possible because it only takes one person to give you a chance.

Are you still in contact with your mentor: Yes! Drew Grimm, CPA, was a great mentor for me as I progressed through the program. He was an excellent person to contact if I ever had questions about what classes to take or how to manage my time wisely in college. Drew and I still stay in contact to this day.

Name: Will Clinkscales

Ultimate career goal: My ultimate career goal is to move up the corporate ladder with the accounting firm I’m at and work towards becoming a partner or a CFO.

Expected grad date: December 2016

Summer plans: This summer I plan on interning with INCPAS and working in the accounting department. I am ecstatic to start learning about what I will be doing as a career. What you learn from class and what you learn from on-the-job training are usually completely different,


CPA IN Perspective


2 0 14

Year in school: Junior School: IUPUI Major: Accounting and Finance Why accounting: Accounting is something I was interested in since my junior year of high school. I knew with this major I would have a broad range of careers I could pursue and I think it’s fun! Are you still in contact with your mentor: My CPA mentor and I stay in contact and because of him and others, I will be starting an internship this summer at PwC. He was able to point me in the right direction

Enhancing the CPA Designation Through Diversity

with who to talk to and what to get involved in on campus in order to have opportunities such as these. Ultimate career goal: My ultimate career goal is to own my own CPA firm. Summer Plans: Internship at PwC in Indianapolis. Most memorable Scholar event: CPA Celebration because I could physically see others who were successful in passing the Exam and showing me hard work pays off. Also in Game On: CPAs in Action, CPAs were on a panel answering our questions and it gave me more insight into the profession and all of the opportunities I would have. Most valuable lesson learned through INCPAS: The Scholars program has really set the foundation for my success in the future. I was able to network with different members in the field and other CPAs that have guided me as well. Name: Nike Millard Year in school: Sophomore

involved with the scholars program, I saw my interest for accounting grow more. The program did a great job of teaching me what accounting was really about and that there are many opportunities within that field. What is something you learned from your mentor: I learned the duties they perform since I job shadowed with him and he has given me tips on how to stay on track and shoots me a text once in a while to see how I am doing. I still am in touch with him and we still get together once in a while. Ultimate career goal: To become a CPA and work for one of the Big Four or Eli Lilly. Summer plans: I will be traveling to Spain to study abroad for my minor in Spanish. Most memorable Scholar event: When we visited the firms and companies because we saw the fun side of accounting. How excited are you about accounting? My interest for accounting only grows. I am enjoying my accounting classes and I am staying on track. I am now part of INROADS and I plan to get more involved next year.

School: Indiana University

Name: Kesia Jones

Major: Accounting with a certificate in Journalism

Year in school: Senior (in credits … I took a lot of college classes in high school)

Expected grad date: May 2018 Why accounting: My brother studied accounting, but I didn’t really know what it involved. I started studying in high school and got involved with different groups like the INCPAS Scholars and Business Professionals of America and that made me want to study accounting. Then meeting people and networking with CPAs made me want to study it even more. What is something you learned from your mentor: Alex Anglin, CPA at Lilly & Co., told me to enjoy my summer before college, but to work hard during the school year. Even when it’s hard and doesn’t seem like it will pay off … it will. Ultimate career goal: I want to be a leader and someone who people come to for answers and who people look up to. Summer plans: Working, saving money, and volunteering. Most memorable Scholar event: Attending CPA Celebration. Getting to see CPAs receive awards was really inspiring. You could tell everyone was passionate about what they did. It made me want to be there one day. Most valuable lesson learned through INCPAS: If you want something you have to go get it. You need to put yourself out there. It’s important to meet people who are doing what you want to do and learn from them. Why I’m taking Journalism classes: During our visit to industry, a CPA at Eli Lilly talked about communication skills and told us that learning to write is important in business. I knew I wasn’t the best writer but wanted to learn more and get better.

School: Indiana State University Major: Accounting and Business Administration with a Forensic Accounting minor

Expected grad date: May 2017

Why accounting: I took accounting in high school and really enjoyed it, so I wanted to learn more about it. I applied for the INCPAS Scholars program and as I found out more, I really liked it. What is something you learned from your mentor: Not all CPAs have to travel and they can work in close groups and can even switch roles every so often. Ultimate career goal: Start in public accounting and then transition to private accounting. Most memorable Scholar event: I liked when we went to visit the firms. I liked talking to the CPAs and listening to the advice they gave. It was interesting to hear about the differences between firms sizes. Most valuable lesson learned through INCPAS: Get into accounting because you like it and not only focus on the financial benefits. I also learned a lot about the CPA Exam and what we need to do to reach that goal and how important it is to getting our CPA designation. Best thing about college: Freedom. Having the time to do homework, join clubs and getting to know a lot of people that act like you.

Name: Leticia Culajay

Name: Austin Cavazos

Year in school: Sophomore

Year in school: Sophomore

School: IUPUI

School: IUPUI

Major: Accounting and Finance with a minor in Spanish

Major: Accounting/Finance

Expected grad date: May 2018

Expected grad date: May 2017

Why accounting: I first decided to go for accounting in high school when I was debating between architecture or something in the field of business. I was taking a finance and accounting class. Once I got

Why accounting: I decided to choose accounting as a freshman in high school. I took an accounting class as a freshman and absolutely loved it. Continued on page 38 CPA IN Perspective


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Professional Development Tools & Resources

Professional Development

Tools & Resources

Tools and resources you need to advance your career beyond your reporting requirements. INCPAS is the source. NOT-FOR-PROFIT CONFERENCE Sponsored by The National Bank of Indianapolis July 24 NEW DATE FOR 2014 Judy Hissong, Principal Nesso Strategies, LLC SESSION:

Doing More With Less

Judy Hissong draws on more than 15 years of experience and is published on the topic of strategic and long-range planning, as well as the necessary elements for success. Her session will focus on fostering creativity and connection to get the most out of yourself and staff while also taking steps to identify and prevent burnout. Other conference topics include recent A&A updates for NFPs, legal and legislative frameworks for compensation, bridging the gap between development and accounting and more. CPAS IN BUSINESS & INDUSTRY CONFERENCE Sponsored by BMO Harris Bank June 19 Danny Goldberg, Founder GOLDSRD SESSION:

People-Centric© Skills – Leadership Dan Goldberg has over 16 years of audit experience and specializes in staff augmentation, executive recruiting and professional development services. Goldberg’s keynote address will take attendees through the leadership skills that help make successful leaders and key trends in the audit industry, as well as help differentiate management from staff and seniors. Other conference topics include information security for CPAs, legal status of most significant business expenses, practical ethics, A&A updates, leveraging the Affordable Care Act for employee wellness and more.


CPA IN Perspective


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YOUNG PROS CONFERENCE Sponsored by Becker Professional Education July 10 NEW DATE FOR 2014 Get a jumpstart on a successful career with this conference geared toward young professionals! Join and network with colleagues at Indianapolis’ newest and hippest hotel downtown - The Alexander - while learning about early career issues and planning for your future in the profession. SMALL FIRM: BIG BUSINESS August 8 Small Firm: Big Business will focus on the profitability and success of small firms … and small firms only. Find out what’s in store for your firm in the future, and what it’s going to take to improve client retention.

A&A AND ETHICS UPDATES AROUND THE STATE It’s a reporting year – make sure you are meeting your CPE requirements! These four-hour sessions will review the recent activity of FASB, IASB, ASB and ARSC. Topics include the status of convergence, the latest financial accounting and auditing standards, and an overview of current issues related to compilation and review and ethics. Go to this link to find course dates around the state:

FRAUD CONFERENCE August 21 The Fraud Conference will focus on the basics of fraud prevention and detection. This year’s speakers will address people-money patterns, investigation issues, business analytics, financial statements and information technology risks. Register today on the Society’s conference page. Register today at

INCPAS Members Register for 40 hours of CPE by September 2 and save 25 percent. The INCPAS ValuePlus program allows you to register for a minimum of 40 hours of CPE in any combination of seminars or conferences (excluding Knowledge Management courses, Professional Issues Update and webinars). New this year — register online!

Find webinars with just one click We’ve made it easier for you to find the webinars you want! Our online catalog now features a search option specifically for webinars. One click and you’re in.

Did You Know?


Congratulations to these Hoosiers who were selected to serve in AICPA leadership positions for 2013-14. ACA – STUDENT RECRUITMENT COMMITTEE


Angela N. Crawford, CPA Jeffrey D. Frank, CPA FLS DAMAGES TASK FORCE

Jarit T. Loughmiller, CPA

James W. Fuller, CPA Rachael K. Sarson, CPA







Terry L. Campbell, CPA, CGMA





Terry L. Campbell, CPA, CGMA








Randie Dial, CPA


Jeffrey P. Draper, CPA






Steven K. Stucky, CPA, CGMA




Theodore R. Batson, CPA = INCPAS Member



1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

























48.48% CPA IN Perspective


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INCPAS RANKS 8TH AMONG SMALL COMPANIES The Indiana CPA Society was recognized as one of the top companies in the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 Best Places to Work in Indiana. INCPAS placed 8 out of 41 companies in the small company (15-74 employees in the United States) category.

HOOSIER RECEIVES 2013 ELIJAH WATT SELLS AWARD Nearly 100,000 sat for the CPA Exam in 2013, and Indiana’s Ekaterina Pronina is one of only 55 to receive a cumulative average score above 95.50 on all four sections. Pronina is a graduate of the Kelley School of Business at IUPUI and is employed with Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski in Carmel.

READ ONLINE: Learn more about Best Places to Work on our blog I Was Just Thinkin’ ... at INCPAS NEWS

INCPAS CHIEF CELEBRATES 30 YEARS In June, INCPAS President & CEO Gary Bolinger, CAE, celebrates his 30th anniversary with the Indiana CPA Society (the last 24 of which have been as executive director and then president & CEO). Thank you Gary for all your years of dedication to INCPAS members and the CPA profession.

Is It Time for Your Firm to SHIFT


Participate in the CPA profession’s premier benchmarking study, which allows ALL size firms to consider where they stand in relation to their peers. Key metrics from firms of all sizes can be used to develop a plan for shifting your firm to the next level. It’s this easy: Visit

14832-386_2014 MAP Survey Postcard_GENERAL_final.indd 1


CPA IN Perspective


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Take the 2014 survey.

Get results in September.

4/4/14 9:58 AM


INCPAS Night at Victory Field — Our Most Popular Networking Event of the Year

INCPAS ANNOUNCES INTERN Yakov Adelfinskiy has joined the Society as an accounting associate intern. Adelfinskiy will be working in the INCPAS accounting department over the summer, assisting with processing dues payments, budgeting and assisting with preparation for the annual audit. Adelfinskiy is studying accounting and finance at Indiana University. He is an INCPAS member and an alumnus of the INCPAS Scholars program. IT’S TIME TO RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP Don’t miss out on great members-only benefits — renew your INCPAS membership today. Renew online to stay up-to-date with important issues, have a voice in the Indiana General Assembly, and take advantage of great benefits and discounts that cater to your needs. Renew by May 31 and save $25.

Renew your INCPAS membership online at

THIRD YEAR REPORTING REMINDER This year marks the end of the reporting cycle — do you know how to report your CPE? The Indiana Board of Accountancy Laws and Regulations state you should report your continuing education on your renewal form attesting you have complied with the CPE requirements, if applicable. The board may verify any information submitted by the applicant, and may request the applicant to submit evidence supporting the course information. (see 872 IAC 1-3-6)* * Excerpt from

Cheer on the Indianapolis Indians as they play a doubleheader against the Columbus Clippers. Enjoy great ballpark food and unlimited beverages from the terrace and party deck directly behind third base! Join us at 6:05 p.m. on July 10. Bring coworkers and clients to enjoy a summer evening at the ballpark. Plus, we’ll give away awesome door prizes — you don’t want to miss it! Members and guests: $34 Nonmembers and guests: $49 Recent Exam passers: FREE

Did you pass the Exam within the past year or know someone who did? Recent successful Exam candidates get in FREE.

(Passed after 1/1/13) To register, call the Society at (317) 726-5000 or 1-800-272-2054.




UPDATE August 22 August 26

14 Programs/13 Cities Members: Free Nonmembers: $125 Sheraton Louisville


Hillcrest Country Club


August 28

Holiday Inn City Centre Lafayette

August 29

Kokomo Country Club

September 2

Hilton Garden Inn Bloomington

September 3

Holiday Inn Evansville Airport Evansville

September 4

Scott College of Business Magna Carta Room 223

Terre Haute

September 5

Hyatt Regency


September 9

Ritz Charles Carmel

September 12

Horizon Convention Center Muncie

September 16

Century Center

September 17 September 23 September 26


South Bend

Radisson Hotel at Star Plaza Grand Wayne Center

Merrillville Fort Wayne

Renaissance Indianapolis North


For more information or to register, visit

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Indiana CPA Society Conference Calendar 2014 Save the Date



Young Pros Conference The Alexander, Indianapolis

SEPTEMBER 24 A&A Conference The Ritz Charles, Carmel


Not-for-Profit Conference Indianapolis Marriott East, Indianapolis


Construction Conference The Ritz Charles, Carmel


Small Firm: Big Business Flagship Enterprise Center, Anderson


Indiana Tax Institute Wyndham Indianapolis West, Indianapolis


Fraud Conference The Ritz Charles, Carmel

DECEMBER 18 Financial Services Conference Indianapolis Marriott East, Indianapolis

INDIANA CPA MEMORABILIA Do you have photos, news articles or printed materials around your office or home? Send it in for the Indiana CPA Society’s 100th anniversary in 2015. It could be featured in: • Centennial book • Communications • Event decorations • Virtual memento wall List names, years and background if you can. Mail or email materials to INCPAS — include a note and mailing address if you would like your print materials to be returned. SEND ITEMS TO: Indiana CPA Society Attn: Jess Halverson 8250 Woodfield Crossing Blvd., #100 Indianapolis, IN 46240 or


PACKAGES START AT $289 $231 FOR MEMBERS Receive 20 percent off the purchase of a single 60-day online job posting. Enter code: magoffer14 Expires January 31, 2015. Contact INCPAS member services at (317) 726-5000 or for more information.


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CAN YOU REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Yes you can, by participating in the 12th annual CPA Day of Service on September 26. Join hundreds of Indiana CPAs and accounting students as they volunteer with their community and help worthwhile organizations. To volunteer call Leadership and Outreach Manager Ali Paul at 1-800-272-2054; Sign up by September 6 to be included in media coverage.

What if the property tax deadline was March 15th? Mayhem, right? Well that was the legislative threat INCPAS faced in a previous legislative session. Contributions to the Indiana CPA-PAC ensure the Society has a voice when issues arise. Have you made your PAC contribution yet?

CHECK YOUR INBOX FOR THIS YEAR’S re:SOURCE 2014 marks the end of the reporting cycle and a critical time to evaluate your professional development records. Have you met your requirements? Look for the re:Source in your inbox and use the chronological and regional listings of over 300 courses, along with helpful reference information to stay on track.

STUDYING FOR THE CPA EXAM Passing the CPA Exam can increase your earning potential as well as give you more career choices in the CPA profession! As a benefit of being an INCPAS member, Becker offers a $300 discount on their Becker CPA Review course. Contact Debbie Copp for information at (317) 726-5008 or


Be sure you maintain records of all completed CPE in case you’re audited. You can count on the Society to provide you with accurate records of the INCPAS professional development you have completed. To view your CPE transcript history online go to, sign in and click on the “INCPAS Membership” link under the Member Center dropdown menu. Click on “My INCPAS Account” and then click on “My CPE History.”

Contribution form at

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Upholding Integrity

Upholding Integrity The Indiana CPA Society does many things to uphold the integrity of the CPA profession. Its leadership groups work hard to enhance the value of your CPA designation and facilitate your access to the resources that are important for you as a professional. BOARD OF DIRECTORS The board met via conference call on March 21. One item of discussion was whether the Indiana CPA-PAC should fund its own administrative expenses, or if INCPAS should continue funding them. A decision was postponed until the board retreat in November to allow for further discussion and the gathering of background information. Updates were given by staff on the various components of the CPA Center of Excellence®. These included the interactive online education modules based on the CPA profession’s core competencies and the related handbook titled CPA Excellence: A Quick Start Guide to Defining and Mastering Vital Skills for Success. Both the modules and the handbook will be available in late May. Discussion continued with the regulatory success regarding INCPAS obtaining approval for a pilot program from the Indiana Board of Accountancy so that members can waive up to 16 hours of CPE if they complete two of the online modules. In addition, the board adopted a motion that enables INCPAS to form a for-profit subsidiary for the CPA Center of Excellence® as a C Corp. The call concluded with updates from Chair Steve Eichenberger, CPA, and staff on the recent AICPA Regional Council meeting in Chicago, a review of the agenda for the spring meeting of INCPAS Leadership Cabinet and Emerging Leaders Alliance, and an update on the key performance indicators and action steps developed by staff to support the updated Society strategic plan. For more information on the INCPAS Board of Directors, contact Gary Bolinger, CAE LEADERSHIP CABINET/EMERGING LEADERS ALLIANCE LC/ELA will convene in French Lick May 29-30. In addition to AICPA Chair Tommye Barie, CPA, and Urban Investment Strategies Center Director Dr. James H. Johnson, the speakers include INCPAS knowledge management and complexity advisor David Griffiths, Ph.D. Griffiths will present a future-oriented session and team with INCPAS Graphic Designer Jess Halverson to discuss the competency-based online courses. The meeting will feature two breakout sessions in which members will be divided into groups to discuss two questions: 1) What is INCPAS’ image of the future; and 2) What will impact INCPAS’ future? For more information on LC/ELA, contact Sherrill Rude, CAE DIVERSITY ADVISORY COUNCIL The INCPAS Diversity Advisory Council had a conference call on March 21 to discuss the new INCPAS Scholars Reception and Scholars Alumni


CPA IN Perspective


2 0 14

Workshop. DAC will meet again in June to discuss the campus ambassador program, how to engage past scholars, promote membership, and review applicants for the 2014 scholars program. Campus ambassadors will be at Indiana University, Purdue University, Ball State, Indiana State and IUPUI. The scholars program will expand in 2014 to include more participants from the South Bend area. The Game On: CPAs in Action was held on May 6 in Fort Wayne. Game On events in Indianapolis and South Bend will be held in the fall. For more information on the INCPAS Diversity Advisory Council and the Diversity Programs Project Team, contact Ali Paul GOVERNMENT RELATIONS ADVISORY COUNCIL GRAC met on May 23. Among the agenda items was the Society’s success with Senate Bill 421 that dealt with professional licensing issues. Governor Pence signed the bill in late March. GRAC identified the areas that needed to be changed and worked to get the original legislation drafted. For more information on GRAC, contact Sherrill Rude, CAE TAX RESOURCE ADVISORY COUNCIL At its May 1 meeting, TRAC met with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and Department of Revenue. The Department of Workforce Development portion of the meeting was designed as a get-to-know-you session between the two groups, and to serve as an early stage for discussion of issues important to members like unemployment insurance. Other topics centered on the property tax bill that went through during the 2014 General Assembly. INCPAS supported the successful movement of the assessment date to January 1. INCPAS opposed the proposed change of the property tax due date, and that opposition helped the date remain unchanged as May 15. For more information on TRAC, contact Sherrill Rude, CAE INDIANA CPA-PAC The PAC met via conference call on April 2 and will also have a meeting in early June. PAC Trustees approved $3,500 in pre-primary contributions to legislative candidates. The primary matter at the June meeting will be approving contributions for 2014 political campaigns. Up to $45,000, the contribution goal reached in 2013, will be given to legislators’ campaigns this fall. For more information on the Indiana CPA-PAC, contact Sherrill Rude, CAE

g n i g n Cha e c a f e th E P C f o

CPA Excellence — Online Interactive Courses are ideal for CPAs who want a deep online learning experience with real stories and real experts. This is not the boring “surface learning” you may have experienced in the past. With CPA Excellence — Online Interactive Courses there’s no need to look for the shortcuts or jump through hoops to get through the material faster.

This is Better.

With CPA Excellence — Online Interactive Courses you will walk away inspired and filled with knowledge that will take you to the next level in your personal career development.


CPA Excellence: Leadership The aim of the course is to provide an overview of what leadership is and what it is not. In this course you will: Understand the difference between leadership and management, compare the views of leaders and followers, discuss leadership characteristics, describe how leaders can better inspiring action, discuss the benefits of situational leadership, explain how feedback and self-reflection can improve leader performance and communicate the impact the environment has on leadership.

CPA Excellence: Critical Thinking Skills The aim of the course is to provide an overview of what critical thinking looks like, why it is important and the techniques that can be used to improve your critical thinking ability. In this course you will: Gain access to practical tools that will improve results and impact in your workplace, participate in exercises that will prompt reflection upon your current abilities and opportunities to further your professional development and demonstrate the use of critical thinking tools such as the Simplex model and the Six Hats approach.

Order Now at

Learn how at Available exclusively through:

CPA Center of

CPA Center of CPA Core ® Excellence OnlineStudy Excellence® Online Competency

CPA Core CPA Excellence — Competency Study Live Simulation Event

CPA Excellence —

CPA Excellence — Online CPA Excellence Live Simulation Event Quick Start Guide Interactive Courses

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Advocating for Members

Advocating for Members Advocacy: from the peer review and ethics committees to the government relations advisory council and legislative key persons program, the Society advocates for you and monitors the regulation of the CPA profession in Indiana. BOARD OF ACCOUNTANCY

CPE waivers for online pilot program focused on competency-based learning A new, more flexible and personalized style of online learning will launch at the end of May. The pilot stemmed from INCPAS’ 2013 White Paper, “Future of Competency: What’s Next?,” that identified the growing need for core competencies in the workplace and evolving needs for professional development. The Indiana Board of Accountancy has agreed to waive eight to 16 CPE hours for current Indiana licensees who successfully complete one or two courses of the seven courses as part of the pilot program.

Reminder: 2014 is a Reporting Year Be aware 2014 is a reporting year for CPE requirements. All active CPAs are required to have completed 120 hours of CPE for the three-year period ending December 31, 2014. At least 20 hours must be taken in a year, 10 percent must be A&A and no more than 50 percent can be self-study. Inactive licenses are not required to have CPE but must renew to maintain their inactive status. LEGISLATIVE UPDATE

INCPAS advocacy successes from 2014 legislative session A majority of initiatives championed by INCPAS members that were included in SEA 421: Professional Licensing Matters, which was signed by Governor Mike Pence in March and becomes effective July 1, 2014. Through the efforts of the Government Relations and Tax Resource advisory councils and lobbyist Lou Belch, INCPAS worked with three state agencies, the Governor’s office, 11 key state senators, eight key state representatives and several business organizations to make the following happen:


 pdating the definition of “attest” to ensure attestation services are U provided by CPAs.

 embers of the Board of Accountancy can now serve a maximum of M three terms (formerly it was two). CPA IN Perspective


2 0 14

Creating a “Retired” status, with similar requirements to “Inactive” status.

I ncreasing the enforcement fund cap from $750,000 to $1,000,000 and directing additional civil penalties to the fund.

 orming the Jobs Creation Committee, part of the Governor’s F initiatives, which will review licensed professions under the Office of Management and Budget. INCPAS will work with the Board of Accountancy on a comprehensive review of the effectiveness and efficiency of the State’s regulation of the profession.


INCPAS provides letter of support to U.S. Senator Dan Coats The Society has submitted a letter of support to Sen. Coats (R-Ind.) as he introduced the “Notice for Organizations That Include Charities is Essential” Act on May 15 (S.2351). This act will require the IRS to provide notice to organizations before exempt status is automatically revoked. An unintended consequence of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, which was designed to purge federal databases of defunct organizations has been that many non-profits and charitable organizations have been unaware of the revocation. We generally support reinstatement without application for those organizations that were unaware of the annual filing requirement and automatic revocation of tax-exempt status to bring organizations into compliance. INCPAS encourages Senator Coats to continue to confer with the CPA profession as the bill is considered by Congress. Bill Status: referred to the U.S. Committee on Finance.

AICPA proposes simplifying or correcting current tax laws In a letter to Congress, the AICPA detailed 32 proposals that would promote simplicity and fairness for tax issues affecting individuals, businesses, trusts, estates and exempt organizations. Seven of the proposals are new and designed to improve tax administration by: simplifying the tax treatment of Roth IRA contributions; simplifying compliance burden of small business taxpayers for employee fringe benefits; creating a de minimis threshold for loss limitation rules; and modifying several tax methods.

Call to increase IRS resources The AICPA submitted written testimony to the House Ways and Means Oversight Committee for its “State of the Internal Revenue Service” hearing. The letter expressed concerns about the IRS not having enough funds to administer, enforce and assist with the current tax laws that are further complicated by increased taxpayer identity theft, the Affordable Care Act and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

Advocating for Members

Reformatted CPA Code of Professional Conduct effective December 15, 2014 The AICPA’s Professional Ethics Executive Committee recently adopted a new conceptual framework for the Code of Professional Conduct restructured for more intuitive navigation. The most significant change is the incorporation of two frameworks to accommodate members in public practice and members in business. CPA firms must learn and incorporate their respective frameworks by the December 15, 2014, effective date.


Indiana Department of Revenue public hearing on June 3 The hearing is set for 9 a.m. EDT in Conference Room 1 of the Conference Center at Indiana Government Center South, 402 W. Washington St., Indianapolis. You may also submit your questions or comments in writing to: Indiana Department of Revenue, Commissioner’s Office, MS #101, 100 N. Senate Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204. INCPAS’ Tax Resource Advisory Council chair, Dave McDaniel, CPA, will present comments on behalf of members. If you would like additional information about the hearing, contact INCPAS Vice President — Advocacy Sherrill Rude, CAE, (317) 726-5016.

IDOR COMMISSIONER’S CORNER Mike Alley, CPA-Inactive Indiana Department of Revenue

As I write this column, we are wrapping up a very successful tax season. Indeed, we have been able to process returns faster than ever before and are seeing a significant increase in electronic filing – which, of course, also speeds up all of our processing. Indeed, we expect to realize about a three percent increase in electronic filing of individual tax returns this year taking us above the 80 percent threshold that has long been our goal. We are also realizing significant success with our Identity Theft Protection campaign. As most of you are aware, identity theft via tax returns has reached epidemic proportions in the country and the state. We have already stopped more than 1,800 attempts at tax fraud via identity theft saving more than $3.5 million in fraudulent refunds. We fully expect to catch more as we process additional returns and I’ll keep you posted on our progress. Tax professionals have been very helpful to this process by helping taxpayers understand the identity confirmation process we established this year. Governor Pence announced recently a Tax Competitiveness and Simplification Conference to be held on June 24. Working with the Office of Management and Budget, we will be inviting tax experts from around the country and Indiana to participate in wide-ranging

discussions about Indiana’s current tax structure and how it can be improved to make Indiana more competitive and make our taxes easier to understand and prepare. As many of you know from personal experience, in 1997 our IT-40 tax booklet included just two forms and only 28 pages of instructions. By 2012 the booklet had mushroomed to two forms, eight schedules, and 63 pages of instructions. Clearly there is room for improvement. We certainly invite your observations and experience, your ideas, and your recommendations. We will be providing a mechanism for you to share those thoughts with us in the near future, so stay tuned.* Also, mark your calendar. We will conduct our annual hearing on June 3 starting at 9 a.m. in the Indiana Government Center South. We’ll be sending additional information about this meeting soon.* Finally, I’ve just set my calendar for a round of visits to our district offices beginning in late May and continuing through early November. I’ll visit every office and, as always, visit with tax professionals on each visit, so watch for the details from the association. I look forward to seeing and talking with as many of you as I can about how we can continue to make Indiana a great place to live and work. *INCPAS members can share their ideas or concerns with Sherrill Rude, CAE, for TRAC to deliver to each meeting.

CPA IN Perspective


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New Board Members

New faces on the INCPAS Board Meet Jennifer Clutter, Shannon Kane, Erland Porter and Robert Woods — the newest members of the Indiana CPA Society Board of Directors, effective July 1. They’re no strangers to INCPAS. They come onto the board with already-impressive resumes and previous involvement with various committees and task forces. They’re prepared to utilize their expertise and help move the Society forward. JENNIFER R. CLUTTER, CPA As a board member, Jennifer Clutter, CPA, wants to contribute by bringing the perspective of not-forprofit organizations and issues to the Society. Clutter first joined the Society in 2009 and became a member of the INCPAS Leadership Cabinet in 2013. For nearly four years, Clutter has worked for the Indiana State Teachers Association (ISTA) in Indianapolis and currently serves as the director of finance and accounting/CFO. Clutter graduated from Indiana University Bloomington in 2000 with a degree in accounting/finance. She’s also a member of the AICPA, ISTA and Indiana Political Action Committee for Education (I-PACE). Additional community involvement includes being a board member and treasurer for both the ISTA Foundation for the Improvement of Education and I-PACE. SHANNON E. KANE, CPA, CGMA As a board member, Shannon Kane, CPA, CGMA, wants to contribute by moving the Society to the next level. Her experience working at a membershiprun organization will help build the foundation for future INCPAS improvement, integrity and success. Kane first joined the Society in 1999, became a member of the INCPAS Leadership Cabinet in 2003 and served on the Leadership Advisory Council from 2010 to 2012. For the past 15 years, Kane has served as the CFO for the Monroe County YMCA in Bloomington. She also has served as faculty for the YMCA of the USA from 2003 to present, teaching Introduction to Fiscal Management and Advanced Fiscal Management. After graduating from Xavier University in 1991 with a degree in accounting, she had worked as a senior accountant for BKD, LLP; Spaeth & Batterberry, LTD and as an auditor for the Government Accountability Office.


CPA IN Perspective


2 0 14

ERLAND C. PORTER, CPA, MBA As a board member, Erland Porter, CPA, MBA, wants to help provide a voice for professionals in all stages of their careers, as well as to promote and influence the profession. Porter first joined the Society in 2008, is currently an INCPAS Leadership Cabinet member and has chaired the Diversity Advisory Council. He received the INCPAS Emerging Leaders Award in 2010 and Chairman’s Award in 2012. Currently Porter is the internal audit manager at Stanley Black & Decker, with a focus on the internal audit of United States and international business units, buy and sell due diligence, fraud investigations and SSAE 16 reviews. After graduating from Indiana University, Bloomington, in 2004 with a degree in accounting, he had worked as a senior auditor for Ernst & Young and internal audit manager for Ingram Micro (formerly Brightpoint, Inc.). Porter also is a member of the National Association of Black Accountants and was chapter president from 2009-12. ROBERT A. WOODS, CPA, CGMA As a board member, Robert Woods, CPA, CGMA, plans to use his diverse professional and community experience to capitalize on new ideas and opportunities for the Society to serve its membership and the profession. Woods joined the Society over 40 years ago and has served on the INCPAS Not-for-Profit Conference Committee for the past eight years. For 15 years, Woods has been the CFO at CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions, a $20+ million dollar non-profit agency serving the elderly and disabled in Central Indiana. After graduating with honors from Indiana University, Woods had worked in the for-profit sector practicing public accountancy as a partner in both large and small local firms. He also served as the executive director of an international association, managing and planning over 20 national conferences. Woods volunteers with several other local groups, has been a guest speaker at both national and local organizations, and still advises individuals and businesses.

What do you see? A partner who works as hard as you do.

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Student Survey

Students Rank Work/Life Balance over Compensation In March, the Society asked Indiana accounting students to share their opinions and expectations for the ninth annual INCPAS Student Survey. This survey helps gauge the career plans and expectations of accounting students and provides information on their interest in the CPA profession. The survey gives insight into several areas that are important to the future of the CPA profession, one being students’ views on the top considerations in choosing a career path. Work/life balance was the most important factor for students when considering their future career. Compensation ranked second, with advancement potential ranking third. This is the second year in a row students are more interested in work/life balance than compensation. When asked if they feel employers put equal

importance on these considerations, 68.8 percent responded “no” or “not sure” while 31.2 percent said “yes.” Another insight is into their planning for the CPA Exam, which indicates more students are eager to sit for the Exam right away. This is a drastic change from years before when only 63 percent of students planned to sit immediately. Additionally, the majority of students are planning to work in Indiana after graduation. Last year, 20 percent of students indicated they plan to never work in Indiana. This year, that number fell to 12.5 percent. Take a look at the results of the survey for a peek into the profession through an accounting student’s eyes.

Students Planning to Stay and Work in Indiana 2014 2013 2012 I do not plan to work in Indiana after graduation 13% 14% 20% 1-5 years 32% 23% 25% 5-10 years 12% 12% 9% I do not plan to leave Indiana 43% 51% 46% Student’s Plans to Sit for the CPA Exam After Graduation 2014 2011 2008 Immediately 77% 74% 63% 1 year 16% 17% 24% 2 years 7% 7% 9% 3 years .5% 2% 3% More than 3 years .5% .5% 1% Students Future Career Plans in Accounting 2014 2011 2008 Not-for-Profit 3% 2% 4% Government 4% 6% 6% Public Accounting - National Firm 31% 23% 26% Public Accounting - Regional Firm 13% 18% 19% Public Accounting - Local Firm 21% 16% 21% Industry 16% 20% 13% Education 2% 3% 4% Other (please specify) 10% 12% 7% Students Ultimate Future Career Goal 2014 2011 2008 CEO – Publicly Owned Company 8% 8% 7% CEO – Privately Owned Company 11% 11% 7% CFO – Publicly Held Company 15% 14% 13% CFO – Privately Held Company 14% 18% 12% Partner – National Public Accounting Firm 10% 10% 10% Partner – Regional Public Accounting Firm 9% 4% 11% Partner – Local Public Accounting Firm 13% 12% 15% Educator – Higher Education 6% 7% 10% Other (please specify) 14% 16% 15% 24

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The percentage of students who do not plan to work in Indiana after graduation is the lowest it has ever been, dropping to 13 percent.

Students are more enthusiastic about accounting as a major than ever before…81% in 2014!

This year, 77 percent of students reported that they plan to sit for the CPA Exam immediately following graduation, the highest in the history of the survey.

Student Survey

Top Influences for Students in Choosing Accounting High school accounting class Other Introductory accounting class in college Parents Friends Career fair High school counselor

“My uncle is a CFO, and I absolutely love what he does. He has

2014 26% 26% 21% 16% 8% 2% 1%

inspired me in so many ways. I became closer to him during my senior year of high school, and I realized how strong my passion was for business. My introductory accounting class in college reassured me that accounting was the right major for me.” “I wanted a career that I was passionate about but something that could be flexible enough with a family.” “Getting involved with the Indiana CPA Society helped me out for the future because it gave me various learning tools and resources to help

In terms of ethnicity of respondents, Indiana is comparable to national averages (we have a higher percentage of African American and Asian students).

me succeed as I pursue my major. I realize that the people I would communicate with would be extremely beneficial to my advancement as a student because they have already been through what I have in school and made it successfully. The Society provides great programs and seminars for learning purposes. Being a student-member in the Society, I’ve gotten to enjoy the benefits first-hand and it will be one of the decisions that will help me out for the rest of my career.”



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Member FDIC CPA IN Perspective

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GR WTH It’s what CGMA stands for. Officially, of course, it’s Chartered Global Management Accountant. A new designation representing accomplished professionals that drive and deliver business success, worldwide.

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The CPA Center of Excellence® is the place for CPAs who don’t settle for compliance, but strive for the highest level of competency development from their professional education and their network of peers. It is an attitude as much as a resource and is aimed at providing ways for CPAs and future CPAs to: • assess where they are and where they want to be in vital skill areas, and how to get there; • collaborate professionally and intelligently; • and engage in continuous, meaningful discussion to benefit their businesses, themselves and the profession as a whole. Turn the page to learn more...

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This isn’t your typical online community. Use this unique space to connect with professionals and keep up with the latest trends in the CPA profession.

Use this step-by-step guide to improve your core competencies and the longterm success of your firm.


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This is Better Beginning July 1, you will have access to a new community forum for INCPAS members only.

This is Better. Community Forum: Instead of juggling assorted social media, websites, emails and ListServs, utilize this new, one-stop site for professional information and collaboration with colleagues across the state. Personalize. Build your online profile with photo and professional area/s of interest – you can even populate it by connecting to your LinkedIn account. *Badge Tracker: as part of your profile, share your Mozilla backpack to show what Center of Excellence® Online learning modules you complete. Network. Collaborate with other INCPAS members. Networks are automatically made based on demographics, geography and area/s of interest. Connect. Add those colleagues you know and trust as contacts with the easy-to-use “Find a Member” search feature. Share Knowledge. Ask fellow professionals for insights into areas where you could use some help; likewise, share your expertise where it’s needed. Resource Library. Upload or download useful documents, articles, videos, best practices, etc. Archives. Search all discussions and materials to find answers to existing questions or start a new discussion if no answers have been posted. Private messaging. Use the email feature to message fellow members. Issue Updates & Blogs. Get a Daily Digest or real-time notification from the forum to your inbox letting you know when new discussions, materials or blogs have been posted, including The Smoke Detector and I Was Just Thinkin’ …

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Outside of technical knowledge, how would you differentiate one CPA from another?

Scott Geans, CPA

There are two key areas that I will look at. Number one is personality and number two is their frame of reference from which they view the world. What do those mean? By personality I really mean how well they can communicate and interact with our clients, and how well they communicate and interact with our staff. They can be the most technically competent CPA on the planet, but if they can’t make staff or clients feel comfortable by interacting well with them, then they are going to be a drag and not a help to our firm. How about this frame of reference, how they view the world? There are some CPAs out there, and some people out there in general, that just look at the future and look at the challenges with a downcast spirit — we want somebody that is upbeat, that’s solutions oriented, that wants to problem solve, that isn’t afraid to collaborate with CPAs from other firms, that isn’t afraid to take on a challenge that seems insurmountable. So, technical skills aside, we’re looking for somebody who can interact well with other CPAs, verbally, non-verbally, with communication skills that just make people feel comfortable. One of the greatest compliments that I’ve ever received about our firm is “your staff is so friendly – they are personable.” That is a huge blessing to have that as a firm.

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CPA Center of Excellence®

THREE THINGS you would probably never guess about me are: I have a book on coaching soccer available on Amazon (The Weekend Warrior: A Comprehensive Guide for Coaching 8 to 10 Year Olds). At one time I was a professional coach and in 1999 I purchased a player for $25,000 (the highest transfer fee I ever authorized). In 2005 I ran for political office in Wales and came second on the ballot, losing by just over 500 votes. And, I played rugby for the Royal Air Force U21 team. I live in the coastal village of Pembrokeshire in Wales with a population of about 120 people in a national park — the beach outside my house was used during WWII to prepare for the D-Day landings.

LEARNING is my passion. I’m very lucky in that I come from a family of teachers. My sister, dad and grandfather were all teachers, and the one thing I said I’d never do was go into teaching. So what do I do — I go into knowledge management and eLearning and end up lecturing at the University of Edinburgh. Go figure.

WHEN READING, I tend to gravitate toward people who disrupt the norm such as fellow Welshman David Snowden, ex-IBM and Chief Scientific Officer for Cognitive-Edge (no relation to Edward).


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CPA Center of Excellence®


. s h t i f f i r G d i v I’m Da anagement M e g d e l w o n . INCPAS K iffiths, Ph.D r G Get to know id v a D r o ity Advis and Complex

I THINK the biggest challenge for CPAs is quite simply, dealing with change. The future is going to be heavily influenced by complexity and that means dealing with the soft and fuzzy side of management science … something that is going to be really uncomfortable for CPAs. The biggest challenge for business is making sense of a hyper-connected and hyper-interdependent world that is in a constant state of flux and highly ambiguous.

I’M BASED in the UK and end up traveling a lot, much to the annoyance of my wife. I’ve spent most of my working life traveling. I’ve lived in the United States for 10 years, and in Reykjavik, Iceland for three years. I’ve worked with Welsh government for four years. I bring a wealth of experience in operations and project management — real world experience.

INCPAS Knowledge Management and Complexity Advisor David Griffiths, Ph.D., is a popular international speaker, advisor and founder of K3-Cubed, Ltd. (K3). Griffiths, based in Wales in the United Kingdom, holds a Ph.D. in knowledge management and an MS in the management of training and development, both from the University of Edinburgh. Griffiths has been widely published in professional journals, with his practice-focused work on Knowledge Management models. He won an Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence in 2012. In December 2011, he was recognized in a German report, “Visionary Knowledge Management: Trends and Strategies” as one of four key, worldwide influencers in the Knowledge Management field. In April 2013, MindTouch, Inc., listed Griffiths as one of the Top 30 Knowledge Management influencers in the world (“Top 100 Names to Know in KM.”). He has been an advisor to the Society since 2011.

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CPA Center of Excellence®

Fusion Network The Fusion Network is a group of INCPAS members who are responsible for identifying and creating awareness of emerging issues and trends in the CPA profession. They accomplish this through weekly blog posts and the comments that follow, quarterly audio blogs that are downloaded as podcasts, tweets, and articles in Society publications. The Smoke Detector is the name of the Fusion Network blog. It will soon be integrated with the CPA Center of Excellence® Online, giving members a better opportunity to be exposed to the issues and trends being blogged about, and to participate in discussions about them. There is also a Twitter feed on The Smoke Detector blog site that pulls in all tweets with the hash tag #FusionNet. If you have not been reading The Smoke Detector, you need to start. Technical and non-technical topics are covered in both the written and audio blogs. Obviously this is important since CPAs going forward into the future will need to be proficient in a combination of technical and non-technical skills. Technical topics have been everything from tax regulation and audit reform to GAAP developments and health care reform. Non-technical topics have included succession planning, mentoring, collaboration and leadership. INCPAS members are encouraged to comment on the blogs, tweet and even post comments and links about CPA profession issues and trends via their own personal networks.

Become a member

... of the Fusion Network. Volunteer online at

leaders talk core competencies

Outside of technical knowledge, how would you differentiate one CPA from another?

J. CLARKE PRICE, CAE, FASAE Former CEO, Ohio Society of CPAs

The number one issue for me is the ability to communicate clearly, to tell a story, to be able to say here is the situation and here’s what we ought to do about it. Here is the situation and here are the alternatives, and here’s what I recommend. All too often you’ll get people who can understand the issue and can identify the problem, they can identify the solution, but they can’t, in a clear manner, tell the story of why this is the best way to go. So, as you think about the skills and attributes that are critical for long-term career success, I think very high on that list is the ability to tell that story, to communicate clearly and mobilize people to action, having them believe that you know more about it than anybody else, and that your recommendation presents what we really ought to be doing.


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From The Smoke Detector Make Your Personal Development Plan and Stick To It By Greg Clark, CPA In a follow up to Rachael Sarson, CPA’s blog from April 1 “Lessons From The Tax Season Trenches,” I thought it would be good now that tax season is over to look at what we “can” do. Rachael made several excellent points in regards to the feelings we have during tax season and creating the “After Tax Season” To-Do List. Now that it’s all over, we’re tired and just want to crawl in a hole and recover, spend time with our loved ones, and do any activity that does not involve thinking about taxes! I actually started to write this blog on April 14! Our firm had slowed down at that point so I had already started to reflect on the tax season as it was drawing to a close, and I realized all I really did for the past three and a half months was “tread water!” While I got a few new clients during the busy time, I did not really grow professionally or personally. Now as I look to the next eight and a half months of the year, I am filled with hope for what might be in store for me. I have learned a lot in my first five years of being in the CPA profession, but one of the biggest things you learn is that someone else always knows more, has more experience in certain areas, etc. One thing I see many people do is sit back, review the tax season, and say “what we can do better?”Then they might (and that’s a big MIGHT) change a few things, but for the most part our profession likes to stay in the status quo. I challenge you this after tax season! ...

CPA Center of Excellence®

Competency-based Development Components Designed to be companion pieces, these three offerings from the CPA Center of Excellence, Inc. are the perfect way to develop your CPA core competencies. 1. CPA Excellence: A Quick Start Guide to Defining and Mastering Vital Skills for Success 2. CPA Excellence – Online Interactive Courses 3. CPA Excellence – Live Simulation Events

CPA Excellence A Quick Start Guide

Think You Can Handle HR Strategy on Your Own? CPA Excellence: A Quick Start Guide to Defining and Mastering Vital Skills for Success is ideal for CPA firms that want their employees to be even better CPAs. The guide is based on the core competencies of the CPA profession and includes the CPA core competency descriptors created by INCPAS members that can be used to engage in a process of self-reflection and development of personal knowledge, skills and experience. It is intended for CPAs, human resource experts or professionals tasked with HR policy, processes and strategy within a CPA firm. The guide also can be used by individual A Quick Start Guide to CPAs to understand the importance Defining and Mastering Vital Skills for Success of the CPA core competencies. It contains checklists, charts, diagrams and frameworks to visually guide users through the content. With CPA Excellence’s step-by-step process, CPAs will differentiate themselves from their competition, and firms will improve their START long-term success.

leaders talk core competencies

Outside of technical knowledge, how would you differentiate one CPA from another?


Senior Vice President and CFO, WellPoint commercial and specialty business division

For one, their compassion and their caring for their customers and clients, and I think that’s a hard thing to teach but an important thing to have. Really and truly caring for what’s in their best interest rather than what’s in your best interest. I think that shows in many ways, but one way I’ve been successful with that is in being flexible. If a client calls you at 7 p.m. at night, a willingness to take the call. If they want to meet for coffee on a Saturday morning, a willingness to do that. Being flexible, to me, needs to be there to show them that you’re ready to meet them on their terms, and again that needs to be a two-way street to build that relationship. By being flexible and not being so rigid to the normal day suggests that your relationship is unique and special and different and you become a much more trusted advisor.

CPA Excellence

Available now

Go to to order your copy today for $19.95.

By David Griffiths, Ph.D.

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CPA Center of Excellence®

CPA Excellence – Live Simulation Events and CPA Excellence – Online Interactive Courses The CPA Center of Excellence® is changing the face of CPE with two unique professional development opportunities specifically designed to fit learning preferences of CPAs. If you are visual learner who likes to learn at your own pace, you will want to enroll in CPA Excellence — Online Interactive Courses. If you are a hands-on learner that likes to learn in a group setting, CPA Excellence — Live Simulation Events are perfect for you. Both have been developed under the guidance of INCPAS Knowledge Management and Complexity Advisor David Griffiths, Ph.D. of K-3 Cubed Ltd.

CPA Excellence Online Interactive Courses

Earn Digital Badges These online learning courses are ideal for CPAs who want a deep online learning experience with real stories and real experts. You will walk away inspired and filled with knowledge that will take you to the next level in your personal career development. Earn digital badges for the profession’s core critical success skills: leadership, critical thinking skills, decision making, collaboration and networking, entrepreneurship, communication skills and knowledge sharing.

Earn Digital Badges

... in Leadership and Critical Thinking. Log on to to find out how. Try a CPA Excellence Online Interactive Course — Intro to Social Media — for free. Does not qualify for CPE waiver.


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Earn a Waiver For Up to 16 CPE Hours The Indiana Board of Accountancy has approved a CPE waiver for those who complete the online interactive courses. With the waiver, course participants with an Indiana CPA license can complete one or two of the new modules as a substitute for regular CPE hours. The waiver enables each participant to take a maximum of 16 hours of education from the online modules (two courses). The waiver is in effect through December 31, 2015, and the courses themselves must be completed within 90 days from purchase. INCPAS will report to the Board of Accountancy in February 2015 to provide them with an overview of participation and results, an evaluation of the learning experience and content, and evaluation of the overall effectiveness.

CPA Center of Excellence®

CPA Excellence Live Simulation Events

Choose Your Adventure Are you up for a challenge? Then get ready for something different! Leadership, critical thinking and communication skills are essential CPA Core Competencies, but how do you develop these skills? We know the traditional classroom method may not be the best approach, so we’ve developed something better. CPA Excellence – Live Simulation Events start with a brief 60-minute introduction to a practical plan that will help you create an impact in your workplace. Next you and the other event participants will take part in a live simulation to put this plan into action, solving real-world challenges. The day ends with a 60-minute debrief, focused on “reflections in practice” that can be transferred to your day-to-day job. This is better. All you have to do is select the focus for your adventure: leadership, communication skills or critical thinking.

Choose your own adventure with a CPA Excellence Live Simulation Event and ask what do you want to be better at… Value Based Leadership: November 18, 2014

Communication Skills: November 19, 2014

Critical Thinking Skills: November 20, 2014

¨¨Support, connect and coach others

¨¨Dealing with opposition

¨¨Executing decisions more timely

¨¨Be an agent of change not satisfied with status quo

¨¨Using negotiation and networking skills

¨¨Show confidence in decision making abilities

¨¨Achieve results

¨¨Actively listen to audience

¨¨Influencing an audience

¨¨Enables group to understand and align orgs vision and strategies

¨¨Persuading others on viable communication skills ¨¨Being viewed by others as a resource

These courses will help participants stretch their abilities with simulation exercises. Participants will model and demonstrate these practical skills so they are better able to implement them in their organization. Courses cost $319 for members and $469 for non-members.

Choose your own adventure and register today at leaders talk core competencies

Outside of technical knowledge, how would you differentiate one CPA from another?

ROBERT E. REYNOLDS, CPA, CGMA Audit and Assurance Services Director, Brady Ware

In our firm, one of the challenges that we confront all of the time, particularly with the respect to hiring talent, is how do you differentiate between one CPA and another who may be looking to join the firm. We found, particularly with experienced hires … technical skills are technical skills. All of us are going to teach them our way of doing things. So what really becomes important to a firm like ours is: do they possess those soft skills and the other things that are necessary to have a long-term successful career and to rise to the ownership ranks. Some of those skills, the more important ones, are critical thinking and problem solving. Have they demonstrated leadership, not only within the firm but have they demonstrated leadership in other avenues — their involvement in the community, their involvement in civic activities. Have they demonstrated the ability to train and develop others, and that one right there is perhaps the key for us, because for the firm to live many generations past Bob Reynolds’ active involvement, we need people that have the ability to develop processes in other people. CPA IN Perspective


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Think LinkedIn is the way to connect with other CPAs?

This is Better. CPA Center of Excellence® Online is ideal for CPAs who want to make connections with other CPAs that will actually make a difference in their careers. Stop wasting your time checking your LinkedIn news feed. This is better. CPA Center of Excellence® Online will make you a better CPA by providing you with your own unique space to connect with professionals just like you. CPA Center of Excellence® Online isn’t your typical online community. It is an intelligent collaboration space complete with relevant discussion boards, a cpa resource library, blogs, and a profile page tailored for your profession.

Learn more at

CPA Center of Excellence® Online

CPA Core Competency Study

CPA Excellence — Live Simulation Event

Powered by the Indiana CPA Society.

CPA Excellence — Online Interactive Courses

CPA Excellence Quick Start Guide


Whether you are a CPA or an aspiring CPA, your membership with the Society can go a long way.



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SPRING 14PM 8/13/132 0 2:06


Continued Continued from page 11

Ultimate career goal: My plan is to be a CPA for the first part of my career and that will teach me the fundamentals of business. Then eventually I’ll be able to go out on my own and start my own business. Most memorable Scholar event: Our trip to IU was when I was convinced to go into the Kelley School of Business. I thought it’d be the best environment for me and the place where I could learn the most. Most valuable lesson learned through INCPAS: Networking for sure.

We met so many people through the INCPAS Scholars program and that is a lesson I’ll carry with me throughout my entire career. Best thing about college: Being on your own schedule. You learn what works best for you and can balance school work and social life. Still talk to Scholars from your class: I see a bunch of scholars. Some are in my classes others around campus at extracurricular activities.

2013-14 Scholars Update This year, scholars from central Indiana, east Chicago, Elkhart and Warsaw explored the CPA profession in great detail, with the help of their mentors. Scholars toured the offices of CPAs, visited the Kropf park model vacation home plant, and toured Bankers Life Fieldhouse and Eli Lilly and Co. They even made trips to Indiana University and University of Notre Dame. Once the scholars complete the program, what’s next? At many meetings, INCPAS Diversity Advisory Council members discussed the importance of continuing to engage and support scholars throughout their college career. After this August, 55 students will have participated in the scholars program and making sure they’re supported in college is essential to our end goal of increasing diversity in the CPA profession. This year, the Society will host an INCPAS Scholars Alumni Workshop in August to provide necessary tools for success as the scholars progress through college. They’ll hear from influential and inspiring CPAs, financial aid experts and even go through a resume and interview boot camp. Following the workshop, current

Continued from page 3

Rita Miller, Kruggel, Lawton & Co, LLC, Granger, was published in The Journal of Medical Practice Management with an article focusing on physicians and their CPAs. Pete Ugo, Crowe Horwath, LLP, Indianapolis, was one of Indianapolis Business Journal’s “Forty Under 40.” FIRM NEWS DWD Technology Group, Fort Wayne, was named one of Bob Scott’s Insights 2013 VAR Stars, a group of 100 organizations honored for their accomplishments in the field of mid-market financial software. McGuire Sponsel, Indianapolis, announces a merger with consulting firm previously known as BT ProjectPoint and the addition of a financing and economic incentives practice. IN MEMORIUM Leo Buttrum Jr., Evansville, passed away on April 2, 2014. He was CPA with Umbach & Associates, LLP in Evansville. Your Trusted Network announcements should be sent to Elise LeBlanc at


CPA IN Perspective


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IU Scholars visit Indiana University in Bloomington

Scholars and alumni will come together with parents, sponsors and stakeholders for a reception honoring their accomplishments. Additionally, throughout the school year, the Society will have scholar alumni on Indiana campuses serve as ambassadors for the profession. They’ll recruit student members, promote the profession to their peers, host networking events and even blog for us. These student ambassadors will be instrumental in continuing to support scholar alumni as they progress in their college careers.

Classifieds Accounting Practices for Sale IN1043 South Central Indiana - CPA Firm for Sale • Gross revenue of $227,000 • Tax preparation (63%), accounting (22%) and payroll (14%) IN1046 - South Central Indiana - PA Firm for Sale • Gross revenue is $125,000

• Tax preparation (49%), accounting (37%) and payroll (14%) Note … Opportunity to consolidate for combined revenue of $350k plus. Sellers willing to assist in making consolidation seamless to ensure smooth transition and good client retention. Call 1-800-272-7355 or e-mail

Thinking of retirement or a career change? Naab Consulting has been assisting sellers of accounting and tax practices in Indiana for over 17 years. We specialize in selling only accounting practices and therefore understand the market. We offer no-obligation, confidential on-site personal consultations to discuss your situation personally. We offer a large database full of qualified buyers, financing for your buyer and confidentiality throughout the entire process. If you like the idea of an experienced professional to guide you through the selling process, please contact us today at 888.726.6282 or Mention promo code #24 for additional incentives. Indiana CPA Practices Available For Sale: Southwest Indiana Area CPA Practice Grossing $1,300,000. North Central Indiana Area CPA Practice Grossing $185,000. Central Indiana Area Tax Practice Grossing $160,000. Please call (888) 726-6282 or for more additional information.

Read it Online

Read it Online Risks of Telecommuting Randy Johnston, K2 Fundamental building blocks that all firms must have to mitigate risk include 1) firewalls, 2) spam control and 3) anti-virus protection. The bad news is that each of these three major product classes doesn’t do as good or comprehensive job as they did last year or in many of the years before that. Why? The intruders and bad guys are getting more sophisticated at writing their code and creating effective attacks. Even the best of the firewall, spam and AV providers are now routinely letting more attacks, bad messages and malware through. Firewall vendors such as Cisco, WatchGuard and SonicWALL are the best options for protecting your firm today, and entry level versions of these products should be considered for use by telecommuters. Home vendors like DLink, Belkin and Linksys have no chance of protecting your firm, and little chance of protecting telecommuters. As more firms choose to use hosting companies as a public cloud strategy, and more firms allow telecommuting using private cloud technologies like Citrix, Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP, the former Terminal Services), GoToMyPC, LogMeIn Pro or other remote access products, you will need to manage the risks of the remote users and home environments. The best anti-virus products have been debated among technical suppliers and network administrators on a regular basis. Products that work well when used with CCH, Thomson and Intuit products include GFI Vipre, and McAfee. Products that tend to cause more issues include ...

Doing More with Less: Why Accountants Need to Measure and Report on Sustainability Efforts John F. Levy, MBA, CPA Executive Education, Inc.


I am not a tree hugger or a wild-eyed environmentalist. My idea of communing with nature is 18 holes of golf on meticulously maintained fairways, greens and unfortunately too often roughs, bunkers and hazards. However, I have been thinking about what kind of world we will leave to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and what we, as CPAs, can do to preserve and enhance our companies and world, our only true lasting legacy.

Efficiencies Mean Lower Costs Why should accountants think about sustainability? I believe sustainability efforts will increase company profits by encouraging our organizations to be more efficient; doing more with less. Less waste means not only less pollution but also less cost.

CPAs Need to Measure and Report CPAs are ideally suited to measure sustainability efforts because we collect and analyze our organizations’ information. CPAs should ... For the complete articles, visit the digital edition of CPA INPerspective online at

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100 Year Anniversary

100 YEARS OF PROFESSIONALISM The Indiana CPA Society is preparing to celebrate a momentous occasion in 2015 … the centennial anniversary of the organization (and the profession it represents). Look to this page in the next several issues for anniversary-related tidbits and anecdotes. MEMBERSHIP IN THE EARLY YEARS By Todd Gould, INCPAS Historian Nowadays, passing the CPA Exam and joining INCPAS is certainly something to celebrate. Nearly a century ago, when the organization was first founded, it was something that was practically impossible to do. When INCPAS (then known as the Indiana Association of Certified Public Accountants) was founded in May 1915, the founders determined that any new public accountant who wished to join must first pass “... a rigorous (membership) exam.” While other state societies throughout the country tested, passed and welcomed dozens of new CPAs each year, practically no one could even come close to passing the IACPA exam. By November 1915, only one young accountant, David Litsey of Fort Wayne, was able to pass the exam with an 81.5 percent score (at least 75 percent was required to pass) and then earn membership in the small but stringent IACPA. Litsey was a true credit to the group. Not only did he endure the difficult exam, but at the request of the group, Litsey secured no fewer than 14 professional and personal references (founders noted that Litsey’s


references were “... eminently satisfactory”) and survived a 90-minute interview with all five founders of the IACPA. After being accepted, he committed to attending monthly meetings 125 miles away in Indianapolis at a time when road travel between Indy and Fort Wayne was arduous at best. Despite the manufacturing of more than 200 makes and models of automobiles during the era (more than any other state), paved highways between Hoosier cities were virtually nonexistent. Therefore, auto transportation was still rare in 1915 (Litsey probably traveled by rail). Membership required remarkable ability and determination. MEMBERSHIP TODAY INCPAS offers eight different membership categories – resident, non-resident, government or education, associate, CPA candidate, student, senior (retired) and affiliate (four types: business professional, firm administrator, non-CPA accounting professional and paraprofessional). All have basic requirements (for example, an associate must have successfully completed the CPA Exam but has not yet met the two-year experience requirement to obtain a CPA license). However, none of the categories requires a membership exam or attending monthly meetings! SAVE THE DATE The 100-year anniversary will be officially celebrated at a special CPA Celebration on May 15, 2015. Mark your calendar early and plan to join us for this historic occasion. The event will be held at the Indiana Roof Ballroom in downtown Indianapolis as most previous CPA Celebrations have been, but this one will include special speakers, video and other elements that will make it memorable. READ ONLINE: Learn more about the Society’s 100-year anniversary on our blog I Was Just Thinkin’ ... at



1915: 1,150 (AAPA and AIA) 2014: 380,000 (AICPA)

1915: 6 2014: 7,816

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Honoring exceptional CPAs for 100 years and counting... CPA CELEBRATION ◊ MAY 15, 2015 INDIANA ROOF BALLROOM ◊ INDIANAPOLIS In honor of the Indiana CPA Society’s 100-year anniversary we will be throwing a huge celebration on our centennial — May 15, 2015. Therefore we will not be hosting a CPA Celebration in 2014.

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Risks of Telecommuting By Randy Johnston, K2 Fundamental building blocks that all firms must have to mitigate risk include 1) firewalls, 2) spam control and 3) anti-virus protection. The bad news for 2013 is that each of these three major product classes doesn’t do as good or comprehensive job as they did last year or in many of the years before that. Why? The intruders and bad guys are getting more sophisticated at writing their code and creating effective attacks. Even the best of the firewall, spam and AV providers are now routinely letting more attacks, bad messages and malware through. Firewall vendors such as Cisco, WatchGuard and SonicWALL are the best options for protecting your firm today, and entry level versions of these products should be considered for use by telecommuters. Home vendors like DLink, Belkin and Linksys have no chance of protecting your firm, and little chance of protecting telecommuters. As more firms choose to use hosting companies as a public cloud strategy, and more firms allow telecommuting using private cloud technologies like Citrix, Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP, the former Terminal Services), GoToMyPC, LogMeIn Pro or other remote access products, you will need to manage the risks of the remote users and home environments. The best anti-virus products have been debated among technical suppliers and network administrators on a regular basis. Products that work well when used with CCH, Thomson and Intuit products include GFI Vipre, and McAfee. Products that tend to cause more issues include Symantec, Kaspersky, and Panda. It is still wise to use different anti-virus products on your desktop and server computers than you do on your firewalls. In prior times, we recommended a third different product for your servers, but this strategy is much harder for an IT team to execute properly today. Further, the end-point protection suites don’t seem to do a better job AND they run slower. One final note: with Windows 8, the built in Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus isn’t perfect, but it may be “good enough,” which should reduce your need to license AV on every desktop.

Getting Mobility Right for Telecommuters Many of you have invested in tablets, smartphones and of course portable computers to improve the productivity of your team members, professionals and firm. Have you protected your firm properly by managing all of these mobile tools? Our fundamental advice is to encrypt all mobile devices. Managing mobile devices properly is difficult. There are many technologies involved from 1) hosting software such as Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop or VMware View, to 2) wireless and cellular data connections to 3) the devices themselves. If a computer is used on a team member’s home network, other users in the home can infect the team member’s machine and access to your office can be granted via these other home machines. 4) We recommend isolating telecommuter’s business computers from other home users using a hardware firewall. Finally, it’s wise to have 5) software that can manage all of your firm’s mobile resources. Remote workers must be savvier and understand how to use cellular data cards or shared cellular wireless access points (MIFI) or WIFI. Remote users frequently find that MIFI is not quick enough to provide satisfactory performance although this is improving with the new 4G coverage in the larger cities in South Carolina. Your firm should have

control procedures for using wireless. Some firms do not allow the use of any public wireless, which is a reasonable safety position. Wireless access in most people’s homes is not secure enough to prevent unauthorized access, so you may want to consider a wired connection from homes mandatory. For your mobile devices, make sure that every device is encrypted. Further, for tablets and smartphones, make sure your IT team has required PIN codes or swipe codes required through Microsoft Active Directory. You do not want any user on a portable device without at least a PIN code. For portable computers, require user IDs and strong passwords. A more recent innovation is mobile management software to control and secure mobile devices. Example products in this category include AirWatch, MobileIron, Good, MaaS and Level Platforms. These software products control the software that can be installed, remotely update the devices and can wipe the device clean if it is lost or stolen. This ability to wipe a device is important for controlling risk for breach reporting law compliance or when someone leaves the firm. Another risk element to the firm is any portable USB hard drives or thumb drives that are not encrypted. Consider purchasing drives that are encrypted full-time like those made by IronKey, or simply enforce a policy for using Microsoft Bitlocker on all removable USB drives. For client and team member convenience, you may want to leave a small section of the USB drive that is not encrypted for temporary transfer of files. Alternatively, use your portal for transferring files, and continue to eliminate the use of USB drives everywhere.

Other Considerations In this article, we have tried to cover the big risk items on telecommuting: firewalls, spam, anti-virus, risk of using wireless, remote access, PIN codes, remote device control, management software as well as encryption. These items are the highest risk items, and there are many other fine points in a comprehensive telecommuting plan and risk mitigation. For example, note that we did not talk about having a formal telecommuter policy, secure email, physical security of the computers including security locks, two factor authentication, phone/voice quality, video conferencing, web conferencing, intellectual property theft, password managers, VPNs, Direct Access, intrusion detection tests or the need to keep all of this technology updated on a regular, almost daily basis. When telecommuting is done right, team members can work as effectively at home or at a client site as they do at the office. Speed and the use of multiple monitors should be comparable, too. The main things you give up are wasted time spent around the water cooler and on commuting. It is also more difficult to keep engaged, personal relationships. You’ll have to have a plan to keep team members engaged with others in the organization to keep them from being susceptible to predatory hiring by other companies who use telecommuters. Randy Johnston and his K2 Team provide CPE courses through the State Society offices, in-house at your firm or via webinars. His NMGI team provides IT consulting services and recommendations to CPAs as a benefit of your membership and attending K2 events. If you have questions on any hardware, software, procedures or IT strategies for your firm, contact with your questions or to schedule a time to speak.

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Doing More with Less: Why Accountants Need to Measure and Report on Sustainability Efforts By John F. Levy, MBA, CPA Executive Education, Inc.

I am not a tree hugger or a wild-eyed environmentalist. My idea of communing with nature is 18 holes of golf on meticulously maintained fairways, greens and unfortunately too often roughs, bunkers and hazards. However, I have been thinking about what kind of world we will leave to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and what we, as CPAs, can do to preserve and enhance our companies and world, our only true lasting legacy.

Efficiencies Mean Lower Costs Why should accountants think about sustainability? I believe sustainability efforts will increase company profits by encouraging our organizations to be more efficient; doing more with less. Less waste means not only less pollution but also less cost.

CPAs Need to Measure and Report CPAs are ideally suited to measure sustainability efforts because we collect and analyze our organizations’ information. CPAs should lead efforts to report on sustainability because we have the experience and knowledge to create clear, concise and informative documents.

What is Sustainability? Sustainability means different things to different people. One major impediment to engaging organizations in serious


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sustainability discussions is a lack of a common vocabulary. A CEO may hear a proposal to spend money appeasing “treehuggers,” while her CFO may really be proposing an initiative to reduce wasteful spending. A commonly accepted definition of sustainability comes from a 1987 report by the World Commission on Environment and Development. The United Nations convened the WCED to address growing concerns about the accelerating deterioration of the human environment and natural resources. The report, commonly referred to as the Brundtland Report, defines sustainable development as “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Doing More with Less Successful companies in the 21st century will be more efficient. Companies responded to the 2008 global recession with dramatic workforce reductions and ruthless cost cutting. In a resource constrained world, efficient use of all resources is mandatory. More efficient business processes result in fewer resources used, including energy, water and raw materials. More efficient resource usage also results in less waste, including air and water pollution and solid waste. Howard Brown, founder of dMASS, a consulting firm dedicated to reducing waste, often says that nothing goes out the back end that did not come in the front end. Companies first purchase the contaminants and pollutants they emit and their inefficient use not only costs society, it costs the company. Reducing waste and pollutants not only benefits the environment, it also financially benefits the company. Forward-thinking businesses are now reducing all wastes, even non-toxic or non-polluting waste. Current waste reduction efforts include reducing excess materials, reusing materials if possible and recycling non-reusable materials. While these efforts are laudable, they will not lead to truly sustainable prosperity for an individual business nor society as a whole. In particular, while recycling is important, it is only part of the solution to environmental or resource problems. Improper or inefficient recycling can be energy intensive, expensive and may even create more waste. Accepting the idea that your product is mostly waste might not be easy at first. After all, you have customers who buy your product. Customers are not really paying you money because they love your product. They want the benefits they get from using your product. If they can get those benefits more cheaply, with less environmental impact, and with some cool but completely new delivery method, they will do it. So where is this drive for efficiency headed? Eventually, someone will find a way to deliver the same benefits that existing products do, but with much less resource mass and energy usage. They will be able to serve customers in a more sustainable manner for less money. Your company is at risk from game-changing innovations from a fast moving competitor or a start-up not even on your industry’s radar screen. The way to avoid a crisis then is to start now down the path of doing more with less.

Measuring Sustainable Practices The Measurement Dilemma Shareholders, board members and senior management may understand that sustainability is “good,” and they may even believe that it is “good business.” However, until we adequately measure and quantify the return on sustainable investments in terms of time and money, many businesses will not fully embrace sustainability efforts.

Accounting for Externalities Accounting for externalities may be the greatest sustainability accounting challenge. An externality is the benefit or cost to third parties of an organization’s action, but not accounted for by the organization. Externalities can be positive or negative. For example, a famous chef opening a new restaurant in a troubled neighborhood may create a halo effect, attracting more restaurants, art galleries and theaters to the neighborhood. The additional evening traffic reduces crime by having more people on the streets. Lower crime and attracting new hip businesses increases the neighborhood’s desirability for both residents and businesses, increasing property values. Property owners, both commercial and residential, benefit from a positive externality created by the chef and her restaurant. Most sustainability discussions focus on negative externalities. Instances of air and water pollution are externalities that at one time had no cost. Legislation mandating limits on air and water emissions and imposing fines and penalties transformed these externalities into expenses. Much of sustainability accounting attempts to measure and quantify other externalities, such as greenhouse gas emission, labor abuses, or excess water or energy usage. Traditional business theory assumes that as production increases, per unit cost goes down. Negative externalities (waste, pollution, labor abuses, etc.) increase as production increases, so the old theories about cost reductions from mass production may need reconsideration.

Internal Reporting Goals, objectives and users’ needs should guide internal sustainability reporting. Reports need to be timely, consistent and actionable. As the information keeper, an accounting department wields great power in sustainability efforts. However, simply having information provides no value to the organization. Collect and disseminate information on a regularly scheduled basis. We have the responsibility to report all information – good and bad. Provide bad news on sustainability efforts quickly to those who can act on it. Unless the information has significant financial implications, distribution to others can be slower and follow appropriate review and consideration of ameliorating actions. Verify good news but get it out to everyone quickly. Even small wins in the beginning stages of a sustainability effort are energizing.

External Reporting According to the Global Reporting Initiative, an international nonprofit organization encouraging sustainability reporting and providing reporting guidance, 95 percent percent of the 250 largest companies in the world reported on corporate responsibility (sustainability) activities. Reporting on your organization’s sustainability efforts requires you to answer two questions: •

Why are you reporting?

Who are your intended readers?

Most preparers provide reports because they want to improve processes, describe achievements and communicate with stakeholders.

Report types vary considerably; however, GRI guidelines are providing more uniformity. Determine your report’s primary users at the onset. If your goal is to meet a supplier’s mandated performance level, your report will conform to their requirements. If you believe your sustainability efforts will provide a positive differentiator with consumers, your reports should be attractive, easy to understand and generally user-friendly. Initial reports do not need to be complex or comprehensive. Determine what you want to include in a report. Sustainability efforts are multi-faceted and no requirement exists to report all efforts. Reporting only successes leaves no room for improvement. Readers may understand the difficulty of many of your goals and appreciate measuring effort as much as measuring results. Determining what to include ultimately comes down to what your readers care about. Reports must be verifiable. Some companies provide third-party assurances on their sustainability reports and more large companies now consider using large CPA firms or other consultants to give their reports credibility. Requirements for “audits” similar to public company financial statement audits are a long way off and will probably never be required, but prepare auditable disclosures.

Summary Sustainability means many things to many different people, but at its core sustainability means building a lasting organization as part of a lasting planet. Sustainability is about long-term thinking. Sustainability also means doing more with less. In an ever more resource-constrained world, doing more with less will not only save money, it will help ensure your organization’s continued existence. No sustainability effort succeeds without measuring progress. While measuring some sustainability efforts are hard, without objective and verifiable information, progress is impossible. Information is useless unless others have it and can act on it. Internal reporting on sustainability is necessary, and external reporting is becoming more commonplace. Think about why you want to communicate, what you want to communicate, to whom you want to communicate and how you want to communicate. Finally, we need the conviction and courage to get our sustainability ACT together. •

Awareness that sustainability is required and opportunities to create and improve our organization’s sustainability efforts are all around us

Commitment to building a lasting organization as part of a lasting world, and

Transparency in everything we do, measure and report.

We all have the opportunity to make a difference. Our actions today will define not only our tomorrows, but also our children’s, grandchildren’s and all future generations.

John F. Levy, MBA, CPA, is the CEO of Board Advisory, a consulting firm that assists public companies, or companies aspiring to be public, with corporate governance, compliance, financial reporting and financial strategies. He has served as CFO of both public and private companies. Levy currently serves on the board of directors of three public companies, including as chairman of one company and lead director of another. He is the author of several seminars and popular discussion leader for Executive Education, Inc.

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