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ISSUE SIX 17.10.2009

Welcome welcome welcome all. INCM 009 has begun, here is the sixth (that’s right I don’t really know when the others were) issue of the Ragaschiarmshhsagegsjf aka the Umbrella. Now that people have finally arrived we can get down to the serious business of reporting on you and what your up to. So just remember watch your back cause we are watching your every move.

WORKSHOP GUIDE WITH NO B.S. EASA Documents (Chiara) Buzzword: guide and pack This workshop seems pretty easy as the most important guides and packs are already finished to a high standard. Creating a new type of guide could be hard enough work. But how great would it be to have a guide on, for example “chat up techniques at easa” Work factor: 3/10. It’s just reading stuff and saying its okay.

Liechtenstein. Work factor: 5/10. It’s only talking but the topic seems interesting if not a little heavy

TOMORROW’S WALKING TOURS Time to explore Liechtenstein! Ready..? Put on your raincoat, scarf and go! Liechtenstein may not be as small as it looks after all, since the organizers found many different ways to introduce you to this palm-sized country.

EASA online/ Archive group (Henrik) Buzzword: internet The idea for an online historical archive and blog came in 2006, then boom Bebo, Facebook and Myspace all meant the idea got lost. This group will basically upload loads of stuff onto the online archive and make some kind of new and improved blog. Work factor: 6/10. Could be tricky, there are nearly 30 years of stuff to upload

Media Group (Yvonne, Katia) Buzzword: news Ah hem, that’s me. Do you like writing , reporting, recording and taking pictures? Well that’s what you do here. Work factor: 10/10. Yvonne is running it after all

CODE BREAKER In case anyone hasn’t noticed the internet code is not what I personally would describe as a word. But if you were to think that the organisers didn’t bother to change the default code you would be wrong. It turns out that TOERKAREBEL is actually the national food of Liechtenstein. Made up of a fine combination of corn salt and milk, it’s apparently not very good and only enjoyed by the native people of Liechtenstein. SKIWATER That’s right for only a meagre 9 tokens you can get a fantastic pink drink that is guaranteed to make you a winter sports pro. Get some at the bar now and hope for snow.

Workshop (Luis, Leo, Franziska, Thomas) Buzzword: Talking Got something to say? Well say it, here you will be talking about the “Future of the profession of Architecture” and meeting students of the University of


before........... after

Are you gonna spend your day drinking in pubs? Or are you gonna be introduced to some Liechtensteiner’s cows? Well…it’s not up to you, so look up your name on the list and be surprised! The only thing for sure is we’re all gonna realize at the end that…size doesn’t matter!

random images from google

DAMAGE BAR: DAMAGING PEOPLES WALLETS. By Joseph Frame and Julie Bart TThe rumors had been circulating all evening, that the local bar was one of the hottest joints in town, full of trendy kids with fantastic haircuts. With Luis expertly shepparding people in its general direction (although some managed to get lost following a straight line) there was a palpable sense of excitement in the cold air. On arriving at Damage Bar one can safely assume that most guests were struck by the interesting choice of decor, which can be summed up quite succinctly by the phrase ‘Gay Biker Bar’. The centre peace of a mirrored D with artfully painted cracks surrounding it was truly a work of a genius, with the low mood lighting accentuating the plumes of cigarette smoke. Once the shock of entering had been overcome people could proceed with the serious business of having a few drinks. Yvonne was possibly the most enthusiastic with regards to this task, once again displaying the dedication and organizational skill which she has applied to organizing this wonderful INCM. Most of the clientele opted for the local tipple; Liechensteiner Brauhaus, quite an expensive yet tasty beer, with Alex Maxwell showing his appreciation of it by throwing 3 pints of it onto the floor. For future reference people, telling the barman that you dropped three pints will earn you one free replacement, if only because the barman thinks you are a retard and wants you to leave him alone. The entertainment provided was absolutely top notch, including the Worlds Strongest Man featuring a Sam Patterson look alike, which got a few of ladies a tad hot under the collar. Some of the boys took part in a complicated game of ‘Try and Hit the Bullseye’, which no one managed to do, although there were reports of Ville getting closest. Trying to avoid the lecherous attentions of some of the local men was also another past time for a select few EASA ladies. Many

agree that the most entertaining local was the man asleep on a table. The music was of the classic rock/metal persuasion, and a few devils horns were spotted waving through the air to the sound of Alice Cooper’s Poison, so it would appear that a few EASIANS are closet metallers. So after whiling away a few hours in the charming environs of Damage Bar and spending far too much money on beer, Pavle and Giom took the initiative of leading people back to the after party. So with stolen beer glasses in hands the convoy of people wended their way home, encountering a sober Christoph Holz and a drunk Jeanne Wood en route. Few people joined the ‘car park-Drum n’bass party’ coming from Alex Maxwell’s GB chav black car (well pimped by Patrick) teaching the locals how to party UK council estate style. Being shut down after 30 min, the party moved to the basement, crashing on the sumptuous recycled cushions, shaving hairy men faces, enjoying the red drink SKIWATER. Giom made his own party falling down behind the bar, and unfortunatly hurting himself, but those who witnessed it confirmed that it was a very graceful fall. He is obviously a professional. Julie had too much to drink but handled it with dignity. So to sum up, the first event was a rousing success, drinks were drunk, fun was had, and everyone is very happy to be here in charming and petite Liechtenstein, and if you plan to return to Damage Bar make sure your air guitar skills are up to scratch.

SURPRISE SURPRISE Our beloved organiser will have a little surprise for all participants of INCM this very evening. What do you think/ whish this will be? (The closest guess will win a specially made surprise) Pekka (Finland) Woman inside a cake! Sam (United Kingdom) Food, im soooo hungry!

Jeanne (Swiss) Free beer for everyone! Guillaume (Swiss) Foam party in the showers! Jesus (Spain) A private Micheal Jackson concert.. Edgaras (Lithuania) Georgio is gonna make Pasta! Ville (Finland) Cleaning duty!! Valeria (Italy) Uhmm.. uhmm.. uhmm.. SNOW! Marko (Serbia) Just a few female strippers would be enough for me! Dimitra (Greece) a day off Hugo (France) I’m sure there’s gonna be a lecture from Herr Zumthor Christoph (Germany) A huge screen where they project porn… Karolis (Lithuania) Female models for guys and Chippendales for Ladies Vicenzo (Italy) A specific person who does not belong to easa.. Bepe (Italy) A big, easa cake with someone inside (who do you have in mind?) If a gonna mention a Lady, all the ladies will think certain things.. If I come up with a guy all the guys will think certain things... Didem (Turkey) After the lectures? My guess? A proper lunch! Julija (Lithuania) A cows performance.. what else? Giulia (Italy) Some sun.. Berglind (Iceland) We got to year some Jodeling by the organisers. Pavle (Serbia) Cowriding Miro (Romania) A cool guest: Rem Koolhaas Thomas (Belgium) Cake, a gigantic cake, With Neal Patterson .. yes the cake has to be huge! Will (United Kingdom) Well, I know that Peter Zumthor will be giving me a lapdance!

Set a method for selecting participants based on the person and not academics, like an essay Meet with participants afterwards to gain feedback.

MINUTES Today’s meeting was to discuss the role of an NC, their duties and responsibilities. Neal Patterson opened the meeting by introducing the topic in his usual charismatic manner. Participants were split into five groups with a mix of experienced and new NC’s to discuss this and bring their conclusions to the group. Group 1 NC should be a tool for the organizers. They are a link between participants and organisers Make sure that his/her country does not get lost NC’s and participants should do more duties Process of selection is different in each country Organisers should not take advantage of NC’s

Group 2 NC should do pre-EASA work - informing participants of EASA, what to expect and what is expected of them through posters, giving presentations, emails Keep participants informed of EASA news, Promote EASA for tutors seperately, Ensure all payments etc. are on time and in full Onsite NC’s are mainly responsible that their participants complete their duties. Find a good group of participants, meet them before face to face, get team players. Group 3 Promote EASA clearly, make sure everyone knows that it is not a holiday. Give a personal presentation ensure a good balance of participants

Group 4 NC’s should be a human link, not just emails Be efficient in the information they give Anticipate problems such as transport or event problems and try to solve them before transferring this to the organisers. Try to make participants understand the EASA community and spirit Come to INCM if possible Act as a link between organisers and participants during event Encourage participants to be responsible and pro-active Choose a young and enthusiastic NC to take over when your time is over Group 5 Try to get new people to come the event Seek sponsorship fro their own participants and for overall EASA Meet with participants before the event



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