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42 days from now, you will enter the world of INCM009. Through snowstorms or sunshine - in october you can get anything here. By then, incredible artwork from all over europe will be ready to enrich the Kunstmuseum. A group of easians will be eager to show the strategy to get the easa-homepage done by the end of the INCM. Tonnes of essays will be written, some of them already published in a magazine. Loads of ideas of what easa is and where easa should go will be waiting to be discussed and presented. We’re really looking forward to experience this world with you!

WE HELP YOU! Basically, we want all NCs and as many motivated EASA people as possible to come to the INCM. We are aware of some doubts and problems you have or will run into. If you have other ideas how we could help you, or other problems we didn’t think of, let us know!   financial problems: -> We’re working on getting free visas for those that need them. You can find the list of the Countries, who need visa, on our homepage. -> We’ll refound your travelling-expenses to a certain extent. For that we have to have all your original plane and train tickets. Please send us digital tickets as soon as you have them. The physical tickets have to be sent to us after the INCM. (mail-header: TRAVEL TICKETS) -> Don’t wanna pay the fee? Join the competitions!   get time off from university/office: -> If you think it could help, we will write a personal invitation for everyone, explaining your boss/prof/tutor the importance of your trip to Liechtenstein, joining INCM. Contact us, if that is so. (mail-header: INVITATION LETTER) -> Other ideas are welcome!   YOU HELP US! In return, we’d like to remind you of a few important things to make the INCM work: -> NCs, please send us an mail with the NCs during Italy and the future NCs. Name and e-mail. And post adresses

of everyone that intents to come to the INCM! -> go to make an account and join discussions on the EASA-Blog.  We want  to hear lots of opinions, so we can have topics ready for discussion during INCM009. -> put some effort in the poster-competition. Page 3 and 4 show two completly different approaches. Try to find new ways of representation! -> write essays about the future of the profession of architecture! We started a tread on for gathering inspirational material: existing videos, interviews or articles concerning the theme. Please contribute your knowlege and tell us sources you know!

AL-MAGAZINE! The next Rägaschiarm will be a printed version, sent to your home along with a copy of the “AL-Magazine” of the university of Liechtenstein. This months issue will be about easa, the workshop and will contain some of the most inspiring essays of yours! The expectations of the school are high and they doubled the number of copies to 3’000. It will be sent to students, NCs, professors and architects all over Europe!   FINAL REPORT! The core of this years’ INCMs Final Report is focused on the future of easa and in relation to that, the future of the profession of architecture. We will create a document based on the material we gather through the INCM that is not meant for easians only. We will spread

300 copies to NCs, professors, architects and schools of architecture. We have the extraordinary circumstances to gather among the most ambitious students of architecture at one spot. There is an unique variety of 40 Nations and even more schools of architecture. Most of the students are still at a stage in their career where they can dream, set direction to their own developement, have pure ideas of what architecture could or should be, largly untouched by the rough and often desillusionating conditions of ‘reality’. We will use this occasion to take a sample of the thinking of tomorrows architects of Europe. All Posters and the best essays will be included!   KUNSTMUSEUM! Your “XL ,L, M, S, FL” -artwork will be presented in the Liechtenstein national gallery, which is along with Bregenz and Chur one of the main art museums of the region. The museum was built 9 years ago by Morger, Degelo and Kerez, well-known swiss architects, and is a good example of the mythical swiss magic box: External shape simplicity and interior great complexicity, in this case structural and compositive. In this very simple and very shiny hand-carved box, Gaugin, Malevitch, Klee, Waarhol, Beuys, the Prince collection and the “XL, L, M, S, FL”- posters were and will be exhibited!

AND! We still love you! the organizers

the Liechtenstein Kunstmuseum website, the last el croquis (nr. 145) Reuters elected it as one of the 10 ugliest building in the world (place 7) Â








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