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inCITES Newsletter No.2

09/03/2018 Ofcom auctions 5G spectrum; Proximus to invest EUR3 billion in fiber in Belgium; Fixed voice declines further in Moldova in 2017

inCITES News 5-9/3: Participating in the final review meetings of two H2020 projects, namely SESAME and CHARISMA in Athens and Ljubljana, respectively 11-15/3: Presenting two papers at the OFC 2018 in San Diego: techno-economic analysis of 400G optical transceivers for Next Gen Data Centers Techno-economic analysis of Immersive Video Services in 5G Converged Fixed/Wireless networks 13/3: Participating in the “Data Centers, GPUs and Machine Learning” event in Luxembourg 17-18/3: Participating in the “Layered Realities Weekend - A 5G Showcase” event in Bristol inCITES: Drop us a line at if you want to meet our reps at any of the events

Mobile Connectivity Ofcom auctions spectrum to be used for 5G in the mid-range (3.4Ghz) band “Roam like at home” initiative might be scrapped for UK consumers after Brexit Cellnex and HELLIOT build Sigfox network in Switzerland, aiming for 90% population coverage by 2019 Deutsche Telecom expands its NB-IoT network footprint in Greece

Fixed Connectivity Proximus accelerates fibre deployment in Belgium with EUR400 million loan from EIB; aiming to invest EUR3 billion in fibre over the next 10 years Ioannis: Belgium has one of the lowest fiber penetration rates in Europe according to inCITES data; fiber deployment is key to meeting the EU digital agenda targets and backhauling for 5G networks

Data Moldova: Fixed telephony sales revenue down -20% y/y in 2017; subs down -2.3%

Dimitris: Data in-line with Prognosis database which shows a continuous decline in fixed voice revenue in the past decade accompanied by y/y declines in subs since 2014 Bangladesh telecoms NRA to block 3 million SIM cards; plans to cap SIMs per person allowance to 15 from 20 currently Cybersecurity incidents grew by 6.8% y/y reaching 123k in Spain in 2017 (paywall)

Other Mobile phone ownership makes people happier according to a GSMA study





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inCITES Newsletter #2  
inCITES Newsletter #2