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inCITES Newsletter No.12 18/05/2018

TPG to offer free data for everyone for 6 months; BT to launch 5G in 2019; Germany to auction 5G spectrum in 2019; operators in MENA claim 5G-ready networks; Virgin and TalkTalk to share fiber costs; consumers’ value for money for telco services improved in 2017 according to Ofcom

inCITES News

May-18 marks inCITES Consulting’s 5-year anniversary ! We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients and partners for the last 5 action-packed years which have allowed us to look confidently into the future. inCITES Consulting will participate in the “5G – Putting Intelligence to the Network Edge” workshop as part of the 14th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations in Rhodes, May 25-27 inCITES: Drop us a line at if you would like to meet our reps on the event day

Mobile Connectivity

TPG enters the Australian market as the fourth Mobile Network Operator offering free data to all new subscribers for 6 months, following Reliance Jio’s example Dimitris: The dynamics of the two markets are very different in terms of ARPU, penetration, maturity and regulation. Hence, it will be interesting to see the impact of this launch on the competitors' bottom line and how the existing MNOs and regulator will respond. BT to launch commercial 5G services by end-2019 Ioannis: Prognosis database shows that the UK will be one of the first countries to launch 5G services in W. Europe, although it launched 4G later (2012) than other countries, such as Finland, Norway and Sweden Germany:

German regulator to hold a 5G spectrum auction in early 2019, later than the initial plan for 2018; plans to auction spectrum in the 2 GHz and 3.6 GHz frequency bands Vodafone Germany activates 5G beamforming technology to provide higher speeds and more bandwidth to its users (source in German) 5G in MENA: Ooredoo Qatar claims world’s first 5G NR-based live network in 3.5 GHz band Etisalat claims launch of first commercial 5G network in MENA Have Ooredoo and Etisalat actually launched commercial 5G networks? STC claims first 5G network in Saudi Arabia Beeline Russia to stop investing in 2G and 3G networks by 2H18 and focus on 4G Tele2 and Telia Sweden to phase out their joint 3G network and focus on 4G NB-IoT and LTE-M in the context of 5G report US: Verizon names Los Angeles as the second city for 5G after Sacramento Verizon plans to launch standards-based 5G along with non standards-based 5G this year AT&T to showcase a pre-standard 5G standalone network at the US Golf Open Sprint reveals 3 more 5G cities; promises to launch a 5G-enabled device in 1H19 along with its network launch French operator, Iliad, to launch its Italian operations by June 21 and become the fourth MNO in the country Vodacom to be the first operator to launch 4G in Democratic Republic of Congo

Fixed Connectivity

Virgin and TalkTalk on talks to share fiber deployment costs and put pressure on BT Theodoros: Smaller, alternative operators invest in fiber, driving competition in the market and forcing also the incumbents to invest; infrastructure sharing makes investments by smaller players possible and creates additional benefits towards this direction Orange Spain to connect 391 schools in Asturias with 1 Gbps symmetric fiber before year-end (source in Spanish) Dimitris: In-line with Digital Agenda Europe target that all main socio-economic drivers, providers of public services and enterprises relying on digital technologies, should have access to gigabit connectivity by 2025

Germany: Telekom Deutschland VDSL network now covers 145 cities Vodafone Germany to deliver 25 million Gigabit connections by 2022 Safaricom expands its FTTH network in Kenya to connect over 140k households Italetel and Open Fiber extend partnership to connect underserved areas in Italy with fiber networks


Most firms (60%) see GDPR as an opportunity to improve their own systems, according to a survey UK tech sector grew 2.6x faster than the overall economy between 2016-17 Facebook: suspends around 200 apps that might have misused data deletes over 583 million fake accounts in 1Q18 Cambridge Analytica likely shared Facebook data with Russian intelligence agencies Big Data applications that can make our lives easier BT employees strike against the proposed cut of 13,000 jobs Apple now has 55 registered self-driving cars, up from 3 a year ago


Ofcom study reveals that consumer value for money improved in 2017 BT to marry its fixed networks with EE’s 4G network to offer a converged hybrid home broadband router by 2022 Cyber attacks in Europe grew by 30% y/y in 1Q18, according to a report; it cites an evolution from short, isolated peaks of fraud attacks to more sustained, high-volume attacks across a number of days or even weeks South Korea to collect data from hospitals, research institutes and healthcare firms to develop personalised medicine using Big Data analytics Here They Come: A Look At The Future Of Cities In The Internet Age

Self-driving cars legislation eases in Europe Rotterdam port works with IBM on self-driving ships US: Should Google sell its AI expertise to the US military? Some 4,000 Google employees have signed an internal petition that urges the management to refrain from cooperating with the military US department of homeland security considers a cyber defence model similar to the UK’s Trump set to recall US ban for ZTE following discussions with his Chinese counterpart, President Xi

India: Indian telcos to deploy blockchain technology in 2018 to drive revenue growth and bring down costs, according to IBM Indian regulator approves Bharti Airtel - Telenor India merger Reliance Jio unveils new postpaid tariff that further undercuts its rivals’ offers Indian telcos raise capital amid fierce price wars





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inCITES Newsletter #12  
inCITES Newsletter #12