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Afternoon Tea Served From 3pm to 6pm at €26.95 pp


Kids Menu

Available 11am to 10pm

LITTLE BITES Freshly Made Soup of the Day Homemade with local Ingredients served with a selection of Soda Breads (v) €5.95

Crisp fried Prawn wrapped in a Potato Shell Timoleague Ham with Peppery Rocket and Sundried Tomato Finger Sandwich Smoked Organic Salmon and Crème Fraiche on Homemade Brown Soda Bread with Peppercorn Infused Cucumber

Freshly Baked Parisienne Garlic Bread Oven Baked French Bread with Fresh Garlic and Parsley Butter €7.95 Or Cheese it with Melted Coolea Cheese (V) €8.95 Also Available on Gluten Free Bread (GF)

Brioche Bun with Homegrown Rosemary and Sea Salt

Homemade Smooth Duck Pâté Homemade Duck Pâté with a Tomato Relish, Oven-dried Tomato Salad and Homemade Soda Bread €7.95


Baby Bowl Potato, Seasonal Vegetables and Homemade Soup €5.50

Homemade Scone Flavoured with Lemon and Thyme, Fresh Cream and Homemade Jam ‘Paris Brést’ Hazelnut Mousse in an Earthy Pistachio Choux Pastry Bun Home made Brazil Nut and Date Fruit Cake Rosewater Macaroon Passionfruit Meringue Pie Lodge and Spa Tiramisu flavoured with Orange

BIG Bites Monkfish Goujons Crisp Fried Monkfish Goujons served with Fresh Cut Chips and Tartar Sauce €12.95 Chicken Goujons & Chips 4 Crisp Fried Strips of Breaded Shannonvale Chicken served with Fresh Cut Chips €11.95 Pork Sausages & Chips 4 Clonakilty Pork Sausages and Fresh Cut Chips €9.95

SELECTION OF TEAS Earl Grey/Peppermint/Lemon/Yunnan Green Tea/ Jasmine/Bombay Chai/Wild Berry/Barry’s Gold Blend €4.95

COFFEES Espresso/Cappuccino/Latte/Freshly Brewed Filter Coffee/Decaffeinated Coffee €4.95

HOUSE FAVOURITE Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows €5.95

SANDWICHES Sandwiches are available on White, Brown or Gluten Free Bread Served with Tortilla Chips €6.95


Selection of Swiss Mövenpick Ice-Cream garnished with Fresh Berries (GF) €6.95 Fresh Local Bushbys Strawberries served with Whipped Cream, Hazelnuts & Homemade Chocolate Sauce €8.95 Rose Crowley’s Banoffi Pie with Fresh Banana, Fruit Coulis & Fresh Berries €7.95

AVAILABLE 24 HOURS A DAY Freshly Made Soup of the Day Homemade with local Ingredients and served with a selection of Homemade Soda Breads (v) (h) €7.95


WICHES Served on Homemade Brown Soda Bread Chicken & Grain Mustard Mayonnaise €14.95 Roast Sirloin of Beef with Horseradish & Oven Dried Tomatoes €14.95 Timoleague Ham with Mayonnaise & Spring Onion €14.95 Smoked Organic Salmon, Crème Fraiche, Cucumber & Spring Onion €16.50 Coolea Cheese, Shaved Shallots and a Spiced Tomato Relish (v) €14.95 All of the above Sandwiches are available as Closed Sandwiches on White or Brown Irish Pride Bread €10.95 and can be made on Gluten Free Bread on request


Smoked Organic Irish Salmon Salad from the Ummera Smokehouse Timoleague with Fresh Horseradish Cream, Lemon and a selection of Homemade Soda Bread (h) €18.50 Prosciutto Ham and Cashel Blue Cheese Salad Prosciutto Ham & Cashel Blue Cheese Salad with Organic Leaves and a Port Wine Reduction (c) €19.50

DESSERTS Selection of Irish Cheese Irish Farm House Cheeses, Plum and Sultana Chutney, Dried Apricots, Crushed Walnuts, Fresh Fruit and Homemade Parmesan Biscuits €16.95 Homemade Ice Cream Selection of Homemade Ice Creams or Sorbets with Fresh Seasonal Berries and a Raspberry Essence €9.95 Profiteroles Baked Choux Pastry Profiteroles filled with a Vanilla Pastry Cream and Coated in Callebaut Chocolate €10.95 Traditional Apple Pie served with freshly whipped cream €10.95 If you require Ice. Please dial 519


service menu

Breakfast - Available 7am to 11am PLEASE SEE BREAKFAST CARD ON BACK OF DOOR Tray charge will apply to Breakfast Room Service: €6.95

Available from 11am to 10pm Smooth Duck Liver Pâté with a Spiced Tomato Relish, Oven-dried Tomato Salad and a selection of Homemade Soda Breads €12.95 West Cork Mussels West Cork Mussels with Shallots, White Wine and Parsley in a Cream Sauce and served with Lemon and a selection of Homemade Soda Breads €17.50 West Cork Seafood Chowder Chunky Pieces of Fresh Atlantic Salmon, Local White Cod, Warm Water Prawns and Bantry Bay Mussels cooked in a White Wine, Cream and Saffron Sauce and served with a Selection of Homemade Soda Breads €13.95 Monkfish Goujons Crisp Fried Monkfish Goujons, served with a Homemade Tartar Sauce, Fresh Cut Chips and Organic Leaves €21.95 Marinated Chicken Tortilla Breast of Shannonvale Chicken Marinated in Yoghurt and Paprika served with crisp Iceberg Lettuce, Red Peppers and a Toasted Flour Tortilla with Harissa and a Spiced Tomato Salsa (h) €19.50 Char-grilled Fillet Steak Sandwich Medallions of Fillet Beef served in a Soft Bap with a Homemade Red Onion Marmalade, Cashel Blue Cheese and Fresh Cut Chips €25.95 Wild Atlantic Way Castletownbere Monkfish, Hake, Scallop and Salmon with a Creamy Potato Puree, Samphire, Mussels, Dill and Lemon Cream Sauce (c) (h) €21.95 Inchydoney Chicken and Ham Melt Timoleague Ham, Shannonvale Chicken and Grilled Bandon Vale Cheese in a Brioche Bun with Spiced Tomato Relish, Mixed Leaves and Fresh Cut Chips €21.95 Fresh Tagliatelle Fresh Egg Tagliatelle with Sun Dried Tomatoes, Organic Rocket, Wild Mushrooms and a Pesto Cream Sauce (v) (h) €17.50



Selection of Seasonal Vegetables €7.50 Fresh Cut Chips €7.50 Potatoes of the Day €7.50 Mixed Organic Leaf Salad €7.50

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Room Service Menu  

Room Service Menu  

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