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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE CONTINUED... part of their scope of practice. Indiana remains as one of the only two states that do not allow some from of physical therapy direct access. ISCA is poised and ready to continue this effort. There is an agreement once again this year that they will not advance any bills in this legislative session. However, the ISCA will continue to closely monitor any move the physical therapists may make. In the coming year let us continue to serve each other and to continue to :

If you have a talent you would like to share with your profession consider participating on a committee or perhaps a position on the board. Call Pat McGuffey or myself.


There are many other advancements and developments the ISCA is working on at the committee level. I am humbled by the many talented doctors that are “stepping up” to serve the ISCA and its membership at the committee and Board of Directors level. As active members I am proud to serve this profession with you! Let’s make 2010 our best year EVER!

Continue your Active Membership Contribute to PAC Participate in our Grassroots efforts Call your Senators/Representatives on a State and National level when requested

May God richly bless you, your family and this Great Profession this New Year. Anthony C. Wolf, D.C.,FICC


CHIROPRACTIC TREATMENT BEATS OUT ALL OTHER MODALITIES! Chiropractic physician treatment is both the most successful and cost effective treatment for lower back and neck pain! These are the commanding results of the October 2009 Mercer study. The Study concludes that Chiropractic treatment for lower back and neck pain is an excellent value for insurance coverage and reduces healthcare costs. The ISCA is distributing the Mercer study along with numerous other studies widely to legislators and policy makers. We will continue to utilize all tools to eliminate discrimination and fight for full parity for Chiropractors. The ISCA takes our responsibility seriously to protect the interests of the chiropractic physician in every venue. One venue is Legislative Interim study committees. We monitored a number of study commissions and committees that have met throughout the summer and fall. The Committees study issues and make a number of recommendations that are then introduced as bills into the legislative session that begins January 5, 2010. One key Commission, the Health Finance Commission, studied one of ISCA’s priority issues, “assignment of benefits” (AOB). As part of that process the Department of Insurance surveyed health care providers and insurers costs of implementing insurers’ direct reimbursement to out-of-network health care providers. The IDOI felt that the data was inconclusive and recommended that the State determine the impact of the new notice requirements that insurers are required to include in material sent to insured individuals. The new legislated mandate warns patients to send their insurance payment to their out-of-network providers. However, Senator Miller indicated that AOB legislation will be introduced in the 2010 Session. The ISCA will continue to fight for its passage. The ISCA will also support legislation that the Health Finance Commission recommended for the 2010 legislative session called open access legislation. The legislation would prohibit a health plan contract from including a provision that would require contracted Chiropractors and other health care providers to treat as many patients as they want to give you. Without this legislation, insurers will continue to require health care providers to take all patients they refer if they take one patient. The practice prevents health care providers from being able to treat patients from other insurance carriers and manage their own business model. The ISCA will also continue to push for legislation that allows all chiropractic services (including spinal manipulation) to be included in the Health Insurance Plan (HIP). We are utilizing the Mercer study results to attempt to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of including chiropractic care. The ISCA fights to protect Chiropractic Physicians rights in every forum. We have filed a complaint with the IDOI and implored them to investigate insurance reimbursement discrimination against chiropractors. We will keep you posted on this ongoing dialogue. You, our members, are the ISCA and our goal is to serve all your practice needs. Our office answers numerous questions for our members daily on Medicaid, Medicare, insurance issues, scope of practice, advertising and various other inquiries. We provide information through seminars, newsletters, web page, action alerts, as well as a person answering ISCA phones. Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you in your practice. We value our members and know that there would be no ISCA without you.




ISCA Winter Newsletter 2009  

news in chiropractic.

ISCA Winter Newsletter 2009  

news in chiropractic.