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Meeting Output TM

What we have discussed… ™ GM for 1st of March

™ How the Exit Interviews are going ™ ER Teambuilding

We have our new event manager

Wiktoria Staneva!

We’re sure that this colorful persona filled with ideas and energy will rock our world with interesting events!

We’ve talked about: Going together at Open doors day at Freyle 10 March, Saturday

ER Teambuilding The two ER teams want some get-toknow/teambuilding games from Talent Management. I still don’t have information about the dates and will inform you as soon as I know.

02.03; 15:00 aPARTAMENTA

Korfi and Mira (Eltimira) want to join the Talent management Team. Woohoo!

We won’t let it easy on them, though. We’re going to make an interview for joining our team. It will consist of serious questions, related to their motivation to be in the team, but mostly of funny, absolutely non-related to the topic questions. So, prepare your questions for tomorrow, because you’ll be the interviewers!




TM Meeting Output 28.02.2012  

We are Talent Management, Sexy and Intelligent!