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AIDA The AIDA model is applied to sites to help achieve persuasion. Attention: With XL Recordings, the site grabs attention from the viewer through the use of simple, bold, vibrant graphics displayed on the homepage. Similarly, Warner Music Group grabs attention from the bold graphics displayed, however on this particular site the graphics are more advanced. The Adobe Flash graphics in the centre of the homepage immediately grab the viewer’s attention by informing them of the artist the label works with. EMI also draws the attention in by using images. Interest: After XL Recordings site grabs the attention of the viewer, they are inclined to seek more information. A vast amount can be obtained from the ‘About’ page and the viewer can select an artist from the main page and a variety of information is displayed. Warner Music Group also has a large amount of information and content for the viewer to observe, including music videos of the artists. With regards to EMI, there is also a good selection of information and content on the site including updates from Twitter.


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