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Incenza Incenza The One-stop Shopping Destination for a range of premium incense sticks to help you make your room, house, and surroundings happy, uplifted, positive, and smelling good.

About Us People wish to have varied incense stick scents according to their liking that set their mood. Therefore, our incense stick scents involve essential oils, natural ingredients, and no carbon to create pleasant spaces. Each fragrance comprises French lavender, Madagascar vanilla, Nagpur orange, Arabian Oudh, Oriental lemongrass, and sweet & camphor. Enjoy a unique incense stick experience with Incenza Premium Incense sticks. High-quality handcrafted incense sticks made from pure, natural ingredients are the perfect way to relax and enjoy the exquisite aroma of the surroundings.

SCENTS OF GOD (Bamboo-less) Our team understands the essence of people’s offerings to Lords and Saints from the core of hearts and pure belief in them. Thus, we prepare bamboo-less incense sticks to extend such feelings of gratitude and thankfulness towards our God. We craft such sticks with essential oils with no chemicals and charcoal that other manufacturers might use. Also, our incense sticks contain natural ingredients that remain lung-friendly and offer no concern about releasing harmful soot.

GAJANAN ₹150.00

AADI YOGI ₹150.00

MAHAVEER ₹150.00

GURU NANAK ₹150.00

SCENTS OF EARTH We help create an ingenious or fragrant world by bringing each fragrance in our incense sticks. These sticks assist in forming optimistic and enjoyable spaces in people’s houses, offices, or other environments. Such fragrances mainly involve Arabian Oudh, French lavender, Madagascar vanilla, Nagpur orange, and oriental lemongrass. Again, each incense stick in our scents of earth range promotes good health and mood through antibacterial properties.

Arabian oudh ₹45.00

French Lavender ₹45.00

Madagascar Vanilla ₹45.00

Nagpur Orange ₹45.00

INCENZA SHADES Our Incenza shades of incense sticks assist in making room, house, and surroundings happy and filled with positive vibes. We craft these sticks by keeping environmental safety in mind apart from people’s health. For this purpose, our manufacturers prepare these incenza shades sticks with essential oils mixed with joss powder, non-toxic and eco-friendly colours. These incenza shades involve joy, confidence, romance, and boldness with bursts of Kasturi musk and flowers, with woody and mossy notes of bergamot, oakmoss, patchouli, and more.

JOY ₹110.00


ROMANCE ₹110.00

BOLDNESS ₹110.00


Scents Of God Pack Of 4 (Aadi yogi, Gajanan, Guru Nanak, Mahaveer)

Shades Pack Of 4 (Romance, Joy, Confidence, Boldness)

₹600.00 ₹549.00

₹440.00 ₹399.00

INCENZA HEXAGON DHOOP STICKS 3 in 1 Summer Autumn Spring ₹125.00 A Set of 18 Sticks Spring: The fragrances of berries, currants, Oakwood, fruits, patchouli and spicy fragrances waft through your spaces and help you imbibe that indomitable spirit.






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