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The Summoning It was a small, desolate place. Made up of solid rock, and barely enough to lay down in. Only uprising there was, was a small pile of rocks to her left. It was solid black, the patch she woke up on, in stark contrast to the brilliant blue waters surrounding it. This is what she saw when she awoke, not knowing how, when, or why she got there. Last thing she remembered was going to sleep in her loft, high above the city. Standing and stretching herself, cursing the already hot sun, she paced the outcropping, trying to remember how she wound up here. But to no avail, it was a useless effort, for she had no idea how she got there. Looking up, she only saw blue skies, and on the horizon a few small dots, she thought were ships. Breaking the waters every now and then were the fins of sharks or dolphins. Thus being subdued, she simply sat down and watched the life of the ocean go by. Day after day, she watched and waited, hoping for rescue of any kind. Tired, thirsty, and hungry, she finally gave up hope of rescue, and thought about how to get out of this place by her own means. Praying to God for rescue wont bring any results, she determined. So she sought out a different God, one in which she knew would appease her, help her, and rescue her.

Kneeling down when the moon came up, she stripped off her clothes. Naked, shivering in the wind, and nipples hard as small pebbles, she began to play with herself, working up to that orgasm, for she knew that in orgasm, that was the highest point of mental energy any human can obtain. With feverish strokes on her clit, fingers running in and out of her, nipples being pinched and pulled, it wasnt long before her juices ran over the small pile of rocks. Excitement growing, passion brewing, she worked herself harder, grinding into her own fingers, pulling her nipples until they hurt, with one though in her mind. Help. She let out a scream, and had her orgasm on top of those rocks, all her juices flowing into that small pile, disappearing into the unknown beneath it. Her prayer being completed, she collapsed on the ground, exhausted from her efforts, drained from the orgasm, resting. Laying there with her eyes closed, she just waited and listened. For hours she lay there, until she heard one small rock fall, then another. Sitting up, she looked at the rock pile, and saw them coming down, one by one. Watching them more intently, she then saw s red hand poke up. She gave a small gasp, and stepped back, as that hand began clawing at the rocks, moving them out of the way until all there was was a black hole in the ground, with a red arm stretching up. Another hand appeared on the rim, and she saw horns rising up. Taking another step back, she watched as the beast drew itsself up from that hole. It's body was red-orange in

colour, covered in spikes and horns. It's eyes glowed with the furies of Hell, trapped in it's skull. Taking in all of it, she observed that it had nipple rings, it was covered in tattoos of pentegrams, and had a skull both on front and in back of it. On the backside, there was a whip like tail, whipping back and forth. On the front the skull held the things cock. She also noticed that it was not touching the ground, just hovering there. It smiled a grisly smile, then floated over to her. “You have summoned me, from my rest in the depths of Hell. Your prayers and wished have come alive within me. You may call me Daemon.� She smiled her lithe little smile, not quite sure what she had created, but liking it all he same. Leaning forward, she gave him a little kiss on the cheek. Looking a bit stunned, he stood back, and looked down at his hands. He looked back up to her, grabbed her round the waist, and drew her towards him. Planting his hot mouth on hers, she smelled the raw sex and sulphur eminating from him. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, exploring her, sucking on her tongue. His hands holding her ass, she jumped up and wrapped her legs around him.

Hands roaming across her ass, tongue in her mouth, she started to become aroused again. Her body started writhing on his, his demonhood growing. He pried her off of him, and pushed her down to her knees. Grabbing her head in his hands, he told her to open her mouth. Not knowing what to expect, she refused. Grasping her jaw, he pushed his hand together, and forced her mouth open. “Now suck on it. You wanted to eat, this is your meal. You wanted drink, I am your drink!” he pushed himself into her open mouth, watching her eyes grow bigger, the more he went into her. He forced his cock all the way into her throat. As his balls rested on her chin, she looked up at him, eyes pleading for him to take some of it out. He pulled out a bit, then rammed it back in. Grabbing her head with both hands, he began to fuck her face roughly, slamming in and out of her mouth, barely giving her time to catch her breath. With his balls quivering, his demonhood huge and throbbing in her mouth, she knew that he was close. Forcing her head all the way down on him, he started to dump his demon seed into her throat. “ Swallow it. Swallow all of it, it will keep you alive”

She began swallowing, noting that the taste was something like raw steak and mushroom sauce, something she really did not like. She couldnt help BUT to swallow, as his hands were there, holding her head on him. Looking down upon her, he watched and waited as she drew all of his seed out of his body. Sated, he let go of her head, and she pulled back, catching her breath. Taking in her surroundings again, getting her bearings, she noticed a huge eye watching her from the waters. Looking closer, she saw what she thought was a whale, watching her with one round eye. “Thats no whale, Godess in Training. That is the eye of Cthulu, watching you,watching your progress.” That being said, he picked her up in his arms, and set her down on the edge of the rock, so the eyes could see her better. On her hand and knees, looking into that huge eye, she could feel that Daemon pressing on her. She could feel his weight as his cock entered her pussy, stretching it, filling it. He pushed his demonhood all the way into her, slowly and steadily. When he finally got all of himself in, he grabbed a tit with one hand, and her hair with the other. Yanking on both, he told her: “ Now ride my cock. You wanted rescue, I am your rescue. With me, you will no wants, no needs left unfullfilled. Let Chtulu watch you, and you watch Him in return, thus you will be free”

She started to say something, but changed her mind and started rocking back and forth on his cock. Every movement was pure acstacy with it inside her. With that huge eye watching her, and her watching it, it wasnt long before she became lost in the rhythms of her fucking. She was feeling complete, filled, and at peace with his cock in her. Feeling it sliding in and out, with Cthulu wacthing her, she felt she was in command, in charge, and KNEW that this daemon would do anything to keep her happy. Smiling to herself, she rocked back and forth on the huge red cock, Riding it, enjoying it, loosing herself to it. The daemon started to push back into her, more with every stroke. She knew he was coming close again, and wondered just how much seed this daemon had left in him. He started to plow into her, grabbing and pulling on her hair and nipples. Forcing her head up to watch that eye, letting the eye watch her, she came with a loud scream of his name, the only thing she said aloud during the entire time: “Incedioussssss!!!!� At the sound of his name, the Daemon stopped, and dumped all of his seed into her. Filling her so completely, she thought that he would come out of her mouth if he put anymore into her. “Alas, you know my name. For this, you now have comeplete control over me. I am yours, eternally, My Godess, if you will

have me?� With that being said, the eye withdrew back into the waters, and the Daemon drew himslef back down that hole. When they were gone, only then did she realize that she felt desolate, alone, and afraid again. She realized that in the daemons coming, she had attained her true escape, knowing that as long as he was with her, no harm could come of her, that he would satisfy any and all of her needs. But now, as they were gone, she felt the need for him again. Smiling to herself, she began her ritual again, to summon her Daemon....

The summoning  

How My Godess created me..

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