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Letter from the Clergy Dear Incarnation Family, Thank you for your generous gifts to Church of the Incarnation this past year. By God’s grace, the number of parishioners pledging a financial commitment to the church is up. Much of this has been fueled by exciting and explosive growth in all facets of the Church: • • •

Average Sunday attendance has risen 34% over the last four years Attendance records were set for both adults and children when Sunday School reconvened last month The number of children and families served during our third annual Community Health Fair exceeded those in the first two tears combined

These dynamic changes in our life together have not been without accompanying growing pains. When we renovated the Great Hall to allow our burgeoning congregation to worship

more comfortably (and meet fire code), many worshippers missed the sacred surroundings of Memorial Chapel, while the entire congregation struggled to find any space to have coffee and fellowship. As you know, finding a nearby parking space has become more and more difficult. Our pre-school, Incarnation Academy, has had to turn away dozens of children from enrollment for lack of space. Our Outreach team is doing more for the poor than ever, but struggles to keep up with ever increasing needs, especially in this tough economy. This is the season for the Church: • • •

To reflect on its blessings and its challenges. To pray for God to renew us through the Holy Spirit and empower us to do his bidding. To respond sacrificially to meet the needs God places before us.

We urge you to prayerfully consider your commitment to the Church of the Incarnation in 2013. Please return the enclosed commitment card or pledge at on or before Commitment Sunday, October 28. Blessings,

Bishop Burton Rector

Father Greg Vice- Rector

Father Harry Father Matthew Assistant Rector Assistant Rector Worship & Adult Formation Pastoral Care & Senior Adult Ministry

Father Joe Assistant Rector Small/Growth Groups

Father Bob Assisting



re you one of those people that each year looks at your financial portfolio to assess its performance? Do you wish you were one of those people? Do you wish you had a portfolio to assess? In truth, whether you have a lot or a little, you should take stock of your assets and liabilities and determine if adjustments are needed. Yet many of us just keep on doing what we have always done. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Even if it is broke, can I still “get by”? What about your spiritual portfolio? We all have one, but it doesn’t come in a statement from the bank or brokerage house. God blesses us with our own unique group of gifts when we are born, empowers us to be good stewards of those gifts for the rest of our lives, and provides us with our statement— written on our hearts and available for viewing anytime, day or night, 24/7. If we simply stop and reflect, we get a pretty fair accounting of our position. The church tries to make a similar accounting. Each year, the clergy and staff look back at the previous year to determine if we have collectively answered God’s call for the

work and service he would have us do. Are the members engaged? What classes received the most support? How many families in our community were we able to help? Did we bring more people to Christ? Does the building display the proper appearance and honor our Creator? The answers to these questions form the basis for our projections into the upcoming year at Incarnation. Schedules are set, missions are defined, teachers are secured, programs are tweaked and resources are allocated to better serve God in this place. As 1 Peter 4:10 tells us, “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace... in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ.” That’s the reason to reflect on whether, individually and as a church, we’re good stewards of God’s gifts: using God’s gifts for His service reflects back God’s glory to Him and to our community! This is a season for reflection.



hen we take stock of our financial health, we examine the data. Bar graphs, tables and spreadsheets are pored over to help us map a financial plan and improve our return. God provides a plan: “They are to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share, thus storing up treasure for themselves as a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of that which is truly life.” – 1 Timothy 6:18-20. As we examine our spiritual pie chart, consider if it’s time to allocate our resources in a way that more perfectly reflects God’s plan for our lives. Can the resources God has given us be put to work more effectively? More obediently? Maybe we’re ready to spend more time with Him in worship, prayer, and study. Maybe we’re ready to do more to serve others in His name, knowing all the while that no sacrifices we make can come close to the sacrifice He made for us. And, yes, when we consider all the blessings that the Lord has showered on us, maybe we hear a small voice prompting us to renew and even increase our commitment of monetary resources allocated to His kingdom. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Luke 12:33-35 This is a season for renewal.

Clothes, Jewelry 8% Recreation 7% Education 2%

Personal Business 5%

Medical Care 9% Transport 13%

Personal care 1% Foreign travel 1% Religion, charity 1%

Food, Drink & Tobacco 27%

Household expenses 15%

Housing 15%




nce we’ve had time for reflection and renewal, it’s time for action. Often, this last step is the most difficult. We have engaged in serious self-examination and evaluated how we’re called to change our course, but then we let it drop. Maybe, even though we should save more and spend less, our day-to-day existence takes over and we return to the same patterns. Even though we should eat less and move more, our body tells us that the couch is waiting. Even though we know God listens intently when we pray, the cellphone distracts with its siren’s song. Even though we know we can find Him in worship, the Cowboys tease us with the promise of a win. And even though we know how good we feel in helping those less fortunate, that new titanium shaft screams at us for a tryout. How to break this cycle? The prescription for spiritual couch potatoes is the same as for physical ones: Just Do It. Easier said, than done, perhaps. But God’s love for us, and ours for Him, is powerful. Let that love—and God’s grace—move us to respond to God’s overwhelming generosity. “… for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” – 2 Timothy 1:7 This is a season to respond.


The process makes a circle. Reflecting on God’s abundant love leads to a renewal of our relationship with our Father. That relationship draws us to respond in love by putting our time and treasure into action for God’s glory. Finally, we come full circle, because by responding to God’s call to pray and worship, to serve Renew others, and to support His church, we reflect God’s love back to the world and are ourselves renewed.

Revelation Some members have expressed in the past that they want to know how their contributions are spent by the Church. The Church takes its responsibilities toward proper stewardship of your gifts very seriously and wants complete transparency in those endeavors. This information is available to any member of the Church from the Business Office by request, but the 2012 budget and its allocations are included here. Because of your generous contributions, the Church has been able to apply more reserve funds to programs and to meet unanticipated contingencies or projects. For example, we have expanded or added programs, such as our recent Leadership Summit, when we knew we could absorb the extra expenses. Likewise, the Church has been able to address needed physical projects, such as repair or replacement of deteriorating concrete in some of our drives and walkways. Each area of our many ministries has been able to benefit from your generosity.

2012Budget Incarnation Budget 2012 Incarnation 2012 Incarnation Budget Revenues: Revenues: Pledges 79.9% Revenues: Pledges $3,240,000 $3,240,000 79.9% Gifts 593,500 14.6% Pledges $3,240,000 79.9% Gifts 593,500 14.6% Offerings 194,000 4.8% Gifts 593,500 14.6% Offerings 194,000 4.8% Other 29,000 .7% Offerings 194,000 4.8% Other 29,000 .7% $4,056,500 Other 29,000 .7% $4,056,500 Expenses: $4,056,500 Expenses: Administration/Clergy 37.4% Expenses: Administration/Clergy $1,502,850 $1,502,850 37.4% Utilities 183,400 4.6% Administration/Clergy $1,502,850 37.4% Utilities 183,400 4.6% Property & Grounds 362,900 9.0% Utilities & Grounds 183,400 4.6% Property 362,900 9.0% Communications 287,400 7.2% Property & Grounds 362,900 9.0% Communications 287,400 7.2% Diocesan Assessment 499,100 12.4% Communications 287,400 7.2% Diocesan Assessment 499,100 12.4% Christian Formation 277,800 6.9% Diocesan Assessment 499,100 12.4% Christian Formation 277,800 6.9% Student Ministry 206,100 5.1% Christian Formation 277,800 6.9% Student Ministry 206,100 5.1% Music 396,400 9.9% Student Ministry 206,100 5.1% Music 396,400 9.9% Outreach 200,100 5.0% Music 396,400 9.9% Outreach 200,100 5.0% General Ministry102,800 102,800 2.5% Outreach 200,100 5.0% General Ministry 2.5% $4,018,850* General Ministry 102,800 2.5% $4,018,850* $4,018,850* from our pre-school revenues of $1,041,800 offsetsexpenses our nursery *Income from*Income our pre-school revenues of $1,041,800 offsets our nursery and expenses and goes toward our reserves against future unexpected expenses. This is forecast to be at *Income from pre-school revenues of $1,041,800 offsets our expenses goes toward ourour reserves against future unexpected expenses. Thisnursery is forecast to beand at least $40,000. goes $40,000. toward our reserves against future unexpected expenses. This is forecast to be at least least $40,000.

MAKE YOUR 2013 PLEDGE ONLINE! 2013 Commitment or “Pledge” No matter which method you choose to pay your pledge, you may send us your pledge electronically by visiting and completing the form in Step 1, selecting 2013 for your commitment. Then click the Submit button. The Business Office will receive notification of your commitment and you will receive an email confirmation. Or you may return the commitment form on the next page to the Business Office. Credit Card Giving If you are currently making payments on your 2012 pledge via your credit card through our online giving partner, Network for GoodTM, you don’t need to do anything else at this time. The Business Office will send you a reminder in early January 2013 to log into your account and make adjustments to your gifts for your 2013 giving. If you would like to start giving now, visit, scroll down to Step 3 and click on the Give Now button. Complete the form, choosing the frequency of your gift. All costs are tax deductible but only the amount sent to Church of the Incarnation will be applied to your pledge. Please consider sending 100% of your gift to Church of the Incarnation. Your credit card will be charged immediately and then on the same day each month or quarter, depending on the frequency you’ve chosen.

Withdrawals from Checking Account If you would like your 2013 gifts to be deducted from your checking or savings account, please complete the EFT authorization form on the reverse side of the next page and return it to the church. You may also download a copy of the EFT Authorization form by visiting and scrolling down to Step 2. As a reminder, if your 2012 gifts are being deducted from your checking or savings account, that authorization form will expire on 12/31/12 and a new form is required for 2013. Another option for recurring payments from your checking or savings account might be available through your bank’s online bill paying feature. Set up Church of the Incarnation as the Payee, using your account/envelope number as the account number for identification, and your bank will mail us a paper check drawn on your account. Call the Business Office to request your account/envelope number. Please review your bank’s schedule of fees to determine if there are any costs associated with this option. Church of the Incarnation is not responsible for these costs, if any.

Church of the Incarnation Commitment Form Name *Account/Envelope# Address City




tear here

☐ I/We will support Church of the Incarnation in prayer and commit to an annual gift of $ I/We will fulfill this commitments by means of: ☐ Check/Cash ( Please send envelopes) ☐ Credit Card (go to ☐ EFT bank draft (complete the form on the reverse side)

in 2013.

*If you don’t know your envelope number, you will find it next to your name on the address on the back cover.

You may now make your commitment and/or set up credit card giving via our website. EFT Authorization

A new authorization form is required each pledge year. 2012 forms expire on 12/31/12 and will be destroyed. Complete account information must be provided on this form. I/We would like $ withdrawn/charged:

☐ ☐ ☐ ☐

one time immediately one time on monthly beginning on /15/13 and ending 12/15/13 quarterly beginning on /15/13 and ending 12/15/13

All recurring payments are processed on the 15th of the month. Electronic Funds Transfer (Bank draft) Checking account information. Please attach a voided check from your checking account.

Routing #

Account #

I authorize Church of the Incarnation to process debit entries from my bank account noted above. This authorization will remain in effect until 12/31/13 or until the last specified payment date unless I give reasonable notification to terminate the authorization early. Call 214.521.5101 x2015 if you have any questions.


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Authorized signature on account

Please remember to insert your envelope number in the appropriate field on the Commitment Form. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

3 9 6 6 M C K I N N E Y AV E N U E 214 -521-5101

DA L L A S , T X 75 2 0 4 —2 0 9 9 I N C A R N AT I O N . O R G

Reflect, Renew & Respond  

2013 Church of the Incarnation Stewardship Brochure