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Two great holiday events—join us for both!

THE 2012 VESTRY Andy Welch, Senior Warden, Kay Beecherl, Junior Warden; Orrin Harrison, Chancellor; Edward Mercer, Treasurer; Liz Johnson, Clerk; Carol Roehrig, Melanie Brewer, Charles Powell, Lynn Bissett, David Aughinbaugh, Joe Harper, John Castle, Jim Bryant, Mark LaRoe, Holland Gary, Jacqueline Hill, Kathy Boyett, and Chris Adams.

THE PARISH STAFF Jennifer Alarcon Courtney Barrow Jill Bellew Justin Brooks Tiffany Brooks LaShon Christen Pam Coghlan Michelle Cox Sheri Crandall Micah Crissey Haley Dettra Scott Dettra Melinda Draper Shelley Eisenlohr Steven Haal Gay Hayslett G. Noel Gross Carol Kadel Martha Lang Alesha Lilly Kaycee Logsdon Anne Mackintosh Dusty Matthews Steffanie Methvin Charlie Moore Brian Mountjoy Lynn Neill Erin Pendleton Keith Quarterman Julane Swank Robert Vasquez Marie Walls

Cherub & Children’s Choir Director Graphic Designer Incarnation Academy Business Mgr. Uptown Worship Music Leader Uptown Ministries Admin. Assistant Middle School Admin. Assistant Middle School Minister Director of Development Children & Family Min. Admin. Ass. Incarnation Academy Head of School Assistant to Fr. Olver Music Director Bookstore Manager Controller Director of Communications Assistant to the Rector Web & Media Services Front Office Manager Director of Missions & Outreach Assistant to Fr. Hermerding Music Dept. Administrator High School/College Admin. Assist. Bookstore Manager Dir. of Children & Family Ministries Youth Choir Director High School/College Minister Business Office Manager Outreach Admin. Assistant Director of Ministry Support InterimAssistant Organist Facilities Manager Assistant to the Vice-Rector

A Message from the Editor Are you like me? I am nearly flabbergasted that so quickly another year has passed, and we are entering the Thanksgiving/Christmas “holiday corridor”—it seems as if we were just here! In last year’s editorial, I wrote about the choice of slowing down. Of truly evaluating what is important, and following after such activities, instead of that which may seem important, but is really only urgent— choosing to be a “Mary” instead of a “Martha”. Of the two, to whom did you most relate? Another year has passed (most quickly), and again, we find ourselves peering in to the tunnel of grand holidays and all the pressure and busyness that usually results. So what’s your plan? I frequently find that, while I am usually readily adept at identifying the better choice, I still must determine a strategy, before I get in to the thick of things. Benjamin Franklin is well-remembered for his habit of self-reflection upon his day; and the planning of his next day. Is it any wonder that such meticulous activity was met with such profound successes? So it is, that as we are swept in to the “most wonderful time of the year”, we should take steps to insure we are not simply swept away. Let us create our strategy for how we will stay attuned to what is truly important, and avoid the pitfalls that can so easily beset us. Is it consistent personal time each day, for reflection? Perhaps it is not over-extending ourselves unwisely? For me it will undoubtedly involve intentionally regarding the expectations of others in my life upon me, and how they intersect expectations of my own for these holidays—and seek to find resolution between the two. For me, I’ve found the matching of expectations to be a path away from strife. This is the most wonderful time of year, and my hope is that, once it has passed, we will have been wonderful!

Christmas Eve Services Monday, December 24 Noon Church

Traditional Choral Eucharist with Youth Choir

2pm Church

Children and Family Eucharist with Children’s and Cherub Choirs & bells

5pm Church

Traditional Choral Eucharist with Full Choir, strings & brass

5pm Great Hall 10:30pm Church

Uptown Traditional Eucharist Solemn High Eucharist with Chancel Choir, strings & brass (with incense) THE ANGELUS | NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012






A Message from the Editor



Growing BEYOND Limitations

Parish Calendar



Hymns and Psalms Released

10 Reasons Why Your Student Should be a Part of Middle School Ministry!



Special Message from Fr. Greg Methvin


Community Health Fair Reaches 600+


Hearts & Hammers Restores House

PHOTOS: Parish Life


Vestry Nominations


Altar Arrangements, Births & Deaths


FULL-TIME CLERGY Rector | The Rt. Rev’d Anthony J. Burton Vice-Rector | The Rev’d T. Gregory Methvin Associate Rector, Pastoral Care & Senior Adult Ministries | The Rev’d. Harry H. Hill Associate Rector, Worship & Adult Formation | The Rev’d Matthew S. C. Olver Associate Rector, Small/Growth Groups| The Rev’d Joseph Hermerding 20s/30s Ministry | The Rev’d Deacon Paul Wheatley PART-TIME CLERGY Assisting | The Rev’d Robert H. Johnston III Assisting | The Rev’d Canon Dr. Christopher Seitz Deacon | The Rev’d Dorothy Budd Deacon | The Rev’d Judy Frizzell RETIRED CLERGY Assisting | The Rev’d Frederick C. Philputt Assisting | The Rev’d Thomas G. Keithly Assisting | The Rev’d Grover C. McElyea



The Angelus (USPS 003430) is published bi-monthly by the Church of the Incarnation, 3966 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75204. Periodical postage paid at Dallas, TX. Postmaster, send address changes to: Angelus, Church of the Incarnation, 3966 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204. Telephone: 214-521-5101 Fax: 214-528-7209 Bookstore 214-522-2815 Marmion Library: 214-217-5625 Nursery: 214-522-0160 In case of an emergency after-hours, you may leave a message for a priest at 214-521-5101 ext. 2100.


Each year Church of the Incarnation participates in two very important ministry initiatives, The November Food Drive and Angel Tree. Both of these culminate in Angel Tree deliveries to families in need, and is a chance to change their lives and shine some light in to what may very well be a dark and troubling time for them.

Food Drive: Need Mac & Cheese, Cereal, Peanut Butter Begin by giving food during the November food drive. Simply drop off canned goods, and specialty items such as mac & cheese, peanut butter, and boxes of cereal in the recepticles located around the church propDECEMBER 6-7 erty, such as the main church office, and around the hallways, and then adopt a family for the holidays! Food sorting in the Great Hall


In December, the donated food is combined with gifts from the Angel Tree adopt-a-family program and prepared for delivery to the families. Last year we were able to provide food and gifts to over 100 local families! Contact for questions or to volunteer!


food drive Items needed to supplement our Angel Tree food baskets:


mac & cheese boxes of cereal peanut butter

Choose an Angel envelope from the tree located in the Great Hall or the hall outside the Main Church.

Please drop off donations in the baskets around the church throughout the month of November.



78-1902 “First Church” 18

1902-1928 “Second Church”

Psalm 121:1 I lift up my eyes… where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.

John 12:32 And Jesus said, “If I be lifted up…I will draw all people unto me.”


rom twelve parishioners on a Sunday in 1879, we have grown, as the parable puts it, to twelve “hundred-fold,” beyond the wildest imaginings of that handful of pioneers. Today we worship together in 7 different services each Sunday, a Healing service every Wednesday at noon, and at Morning and Evening Prayer during the week. Over 350 people have been baptized or confirmed in the past three years alone. Due to the generosity of spirit among you, our Outreach efforts last year alone impacted over 13,000 lives locally and almost 4,000 throughout the world.

Our Church has grown by 35% in the past four years, a remarkable testament when the national Episcopal Church has sadly seen a 23% decline in Sunday attendance from 2000 to 2010. Everywhere you look at Incarnation, you see the Holy Spirit at work. There is energy, there is excitement, there is enthusiasm – and, there is growth. At the Church of the Incarnation, it is thrilling to see overflowing services and burgeoning hallways. It is also uncomfortable. We are experiencing some challenges as a result of the vibrancy and engagement this parish radiates. Worship spaces, classroom spaces, meeting spaces, storage spaces and parking spaces are often taxed beyond our capacities, while God sends more and more of our neighbors through our doors



to see what’s going on in this place. We want individuals from all walks of life to join us as we serve together to fulfill God’s intentions for us and this parish. To accomplish these things, we must discover more effective ways of welcoming visitors and nurturing the new and long –time parishioners alike, helping all of us employ our gifts for God’s kingdom through the many facets of our Church.

Limitations exist in our parish life that, if left unaddressed, could prevent us from thriving:


ccontinued co on nttin tiin nued ued ne ue n next exxtt ppage aagge

Our temporary worship space in the Great Hall is not a long-term solution for those longing for a beautiful, sacred place of worship. New families visiting our church are not drawn to our dated children’s facilities due to space and aesthetic restraints. These restraints prevent us from providing the high level of services and amenities offered at similar size churches in our area. Limited parking creates frustrated attendees before ever setting foot inside our buildings. Limited teaching space is keeping us from forming additional adult Christian education classes and is currently preventing many of our dynamic classes from reaching their growth potential. Insufficient fellowship and gathering spaces prevent our swelling crowds from connecting as one vibrant, united parish.

Further complicating our current life in this parish are the promises of our future. Going no further than accommodatingg more of the same

would be to live in yesterday’s vision. It is our time to fulfill a much larger calling in a time of national spiritual crisis. With current average Sunday attendance at around 1200, the clergy believes, and projections support, that we could reach 2000 within the next decade. If so, as a parish we must prepare the table for them, to welcome them, to serve them and to equip them. Perhaps just as important, how do we overcome our current obstacles to ensure that the spirit and energy which fuels our present growth sustains God’s vision for us in the years ahead? Fortunately, our clergy, staff, and lay leadership have been working to answer these questions. A critical part of this journey was a strategic planning process to analyze worship and education attendance, and existing facility capacities. Extensive interviews of staff and parishioners were conducted to accurately assess current conditions and discern trends which have formed over the last five years. Furthermore, with the help of outside consultants, computer modeling was utilized to analyze

”Limitations exist in our parish life that, if left unaddressed, could prevent us from thriving” g

the data, and project numbers and needs over the next five, ten and fifteen years. Architects have been working for over a year to help us flesh out possible options that may address these projections. As a result of this process and in concrete response to our Church’s mission, a master plan, ambitious and forward-thinking, was developed to meet the following current and future needs of the parish. •

• • •

Quantify the needs for larger seating capacity at our Sunday services and study means of accomplishing this by enlarging existing worship facilities or construction of a new sanctuary. Plan state-of-the-art education facilities serving religious education. Address the space needs of ministry for parishioners of all ages. Develop a centralized destination area to make all feel welcome and informed.

Continued on page 16

FFAMILY: AMILY: 11920’s 920’s



CHRISTMAS POINSETTIAS FOR THE ALTARS The deadline for publication in the Christmas service leaflets is Thursday, December 13th One of the longest and loveliest traditions at Incarnation is the honoring and remembrance of our loved ones with donations to the Altar Guild. Those donations are then used to purchase the hundreds of poinsettias which adorn our altars through the Christmas season. After New Year’s Day, members of the Altar Guild deliver the plants to parishioners who are no longer able to come to church. DONATIONS MAY BE MADE IN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING WAYS: 1. EMAIL: with the names of those you wish to honor or remember. Please indicate: “In loving memory of…”, “In thanksgiving for….” or “In honor of…” 2. FORM: Complete one of the order forms found in the front office and return it with your check, as instructed below. Make checks payable to: INCARNATION ALTAR GUILD and mailed to: Church of the Incarnation, ATTN: Altar Guild, 3966 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX 75204. You may also deposit order/payment in to one of the specially designated boxes located near the Church, Chapel & Great Hall

wide range of musical influences among the band that come together into one unified sound. We have everything from classically trained singers and pianists, jazz bassists, rock and metal guitarists and singers, folk musicians all coming together and molding their influences to allow the music to be the best offering to God we can present. How did the vision for ‘Hymns And Psalms’ come about? Singing hymns and the Sanctus and Phos Hilaron are a big part of who we are as a congregation at Uptown. We also started taking our weekly Psalm reading and setting it to original music. We would teach the congregation the refrain while we sang the verses. All of this led to conversations on what it would look like to capture what it is like to attend a service at Uptown, a ‘liturgy of the ears’ so to speak. The end result is an album that includes ancient prayers, the versions of Sanctus and Phos Hilaron that our congregations sings, new arrangements of hymn texts and original musical settings of Psalms.



ell me a bit about the history of the Uptown Worship Band. When I joined Incarnation’s staff in 2006, the Uptown service had only been in existence for about a year. Uptown’s founder, Fr. Bob Johnston, had a vision to honor ancient Christian liturgy, but minister to the young surrounding Uptown community by offering a means to worship through music that, had a bit of a beat to it, I guess you would say. Worshiping to music that had guitar and drums was nothing new to the modern worship music culture, like Passion and Hillsong, or even in DFW churches, but brand new territory for Incarnation whose worship music historically consisted of organ and choir. It interesting start for us. My first Sunday here, we had myself leading music on acoustic guitar, an electric bassist named Lou, and a classical pianist classmate of mine from college, Adrianne, who I saw in the congregation and more or less begged her to play. Not to mention an ice storm forced all but thirty people to stay home at our one service for the day. I’m glad to say we now are rotating around twenty band members through three different services. It is truly a privilege to lead music with these men and women and there is a great camaraderie and spirit among us. One of my favorite aspects is the

The Uptown Worship Band released an album of originals called ‘Thirst’ back in 2008. It has more of a rock sound with a lot of electric guitars. It seems like you guys have gone in a more acoustic, maybe even folky direction on ‘Hymns And Psalms’. Yeah, that’s a good point and great observation. What I can say to that is ‘Thirst’ was a season in our musical journey, trying to find the identity of what Uptown’s music would be. Sometimes you just have to try things out to see if they resonate with the congregation. At that time, those were the songs we were singing at Uptown and GET YOUR we played electric guitars a lot, did special COPY NOW AT: eucharists with U2 music, all that. The room we worshiped in (and still do) was a small chapel built around the turn of the century for choral music. Taking this into consideration, I began to drift back to the acoustic guitar, which is my first love. Then the day INCARNATION came where Shayne, our electric guitar BOOKSTORE player, got a mandolin and he and I thought it would be really interesting for him to start FOLLOW THEM playing it every Sunday. Then Jason started ONLINE: coming who played violin, Oliver started bringing his dobro, Lou his upright bass. @UptownBandDFW My family members started passing down random folk instruments to me, like the accordion and mountain dulcimer, and started playing those in the services. So we organiUptown Worship Band cally started moving to that type of sound which we have locked into for quite a while now. I think the earthy and elemental nature of it complements the ancient history of the liturgy and the acoustics of the space in which we worship. Continued on page 16




CALENDAR OF EVENTS Month of November ANGEL TREE FOOD DRIVE is all month long Food drive receptacles have been placed at various locations around the parish including near the Outreach department and front office. Tuesday, November 20 11:30am INCARNATION ACADEMY THANKSGIVING FEAST in Great Hall Wednesday, November 21 BEN MILAM TURKEY CUP GOLF TOURNAMENT The tournament will be held at the Golf Club of Dallas golf course, the site of the original tournament, with a shotgun tee off at 9:30am. The format will be a Texas Scramble. See full ad on pg. 13. Wednesday, November 21 7pm THANKSGIVING EVE SERVICE in the church November 22-23 CHURCH OFFICES CLOSED for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Wednesday, November 28 6pm ADVENT FAMILY NIGHT See facing page for full details Sunday, December 2 5pm INCARNATION CAROL SING-ALONG What better way to kick off the holiday season than with a carol sing-along, led by Justin Brooks and the Uptown Worship Band! December 4 ANGEL TREE GIFT WRAPPING Volunteers needed! Please contact December 6-7 ANGEL TREE Sorting Volunteers are needed for this important portion of the Angel Tree ministry–organizing all of the gifts and groceries to be given to those in need. To volunteer, contact December 8 ANGEL TREE Delivering Take part in changing the lives of those in need, and share in the joy of personally giving them their gifts! To volunteer, contact

& n F e r d l ih ministries amily C

Advent Family Night WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 28 6PM-7:30PM in the GREAT HALL Cost for the meal is $5 per person or $15 family max. Join us for a delicious catered pizza and salad dinner and a special Advent program. Families will spend time creating holiday crafts and doing an outreach project together. RSVP to Sheri Crandall at:

Sunday, December 9 CONFIRMATION 9am Traditional service Sunday, December 9 7pm HIGH SCHOOL FIGGY PUDDING PARTY For more information contact Sunday, December 9 MIDDLE SCHOOL CHRISTMAS PARTY - progressive dinner For more information contact Sunday, December 9 11:15am BAPTISM PREP for Parents in the Family Ministries Room Sunday, December 9 5pm LESSONS & CAROLS #1 Join us in celebrating the holidays, listening to Dallas leaders and celebrities as they read Christmas lessons combined with gorgeous carols sung by the Incarnation Choir! See ad on page 2

Sunday, December 16 Kids Christmas pageant in Great Hall during Sunday School hour For more information contact Sunday, December 16 5pm LESSONS & CAROLS #2 see description December 9 event Monday, December 24 Christmas Eve – Services of Holy Communion The Eve of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ Noon Full Choral Service -church 2pm Family Service with live nativity & children’s homily -church 5pm Full Choral Service w/brass -church 5pm Uptown Service -Great Hall 10:30pm Solemn High Eucharist w/brass and incense -church Christmas Day The Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ 11am

The Christmas Eucharist with organ and carols THE ANGELUS | NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012


Journey to the Land of the Bible

Israel & Jordan Hosted by Church of the Incarnation

JUNE 3-15, 2013

Download the color brochure at $5575 /person INCLUDES Airfare, First-Class Hotels, breakfasts/suppers, Deluxe Sightseeing, Visas, Tips, Taxes & MORE! Dear Friends, Our church provides beautiful worship, enriching Bible studies, meaningful mission opportunities and delightful fellowship. In June 2013, Church of the Incarnation will offer a life-changing experience to journey to and through the Holy Land.


Wailing Wall

Jerome, who translated an early version of the Bible into Latin, referred to Israel as the “fifth gospel.” His experience, studying and writing there, gave him so many new insights and experiences with our Lord that it felt as though he were meeting Jesus anew. Working closely with Morning Star Tours, we have carefully selected travel arrangements and accommodations that are safe, comfortable and memorable. In addition to an outstanding itinerary, we will also be joined on our trip by Dr. Carl Anderson, noted pastor, teacher and Old Testament scholar. Many of you enjoyed his Tuesday Bible Studies offered last school year at our church. He has travelled to Israel numerous times and will share his knowledge and insights as we go.

Petra in Jordan

I’m especially looking forward to joining you on our spiritual pilgrimage. My past trip to Israel stays fresh on my mind, and gave me such a deeper appreciation and insight into the Holy Scriptures and my relationship with God. We will renew our baptismal vows at the Jordan River, and share Holy Communion where Jesus called and cultivated friendships with his first followers. We will offer prayers of healing where Jesus powerfully healed the sick, distressed and burdened. I’m delighted to invite you to prayerfully consider joining me, and Dr. Carl Anderson, on this faith adventure.



Fr. Greg Methvin Vice-Rector

10 Rea asonss Why Yourr Student Shoulld Be A Partt of Middle Sch hool Ministry!! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Your student will meet new people and make priceless friendships that will help them through their teenage years. Your students will have more fun than they could dream of and laugh so hard that their faces turn red! They will learn to know what they believe and why they believe it! They will have opportunities to serve and be challenged to give of themselves They get to be themselves in a safe and loving environment They will grow in their faith and experience God in ways that is beyond their imagination They will develop spiritual habits (reading their bibles, praying, memorizing scripture, etc.) that will help them become Godly men and women 8. They will learn what it means to “love thy neighbor” and care about people-ALL PEOPLE 9. They will hear God’s voice and see Him at work 10. Their lives will be changed! Every year I meet parents who have the same concerns about their students…my student is so busy, my student gets plenty of bible from their Christian School, none of my students friends go to this church, my student is worried they will not fit in, my student is different from other students…the list goes on and on. The fact is this Youth Ministry plays a priceless role in students’ lives ESPCIALLY a Good Youth Ministry!

Join us at the seventh annual Ben Milam Turkey Cup for a round of golf and fellowship the day before Thanksgiving, Wed., November 21st, to benefit the students at Ben Milam Elementary School, a Blue Ribbon School! 2012


The tournament will be held at the Golf Club of Dallas golf course, the site of the original tournament, with a shotgun tee off at 9:30am. The format will be a Texas Scramble. Trophies will be awarded for the lowest & highest score, longest drive, and closest to the pin, for both women and men. The $125 entry fee includes green fees, cart, range balls and a hamburger buffet. Mulligans and refreshmentswill be available for purchase during the tournament.

There are also opportunities to contribute by sponsoring a golf hole, the Longest Drive or Closest to the Pin competitions. Sponsors will receive on course signs recognizing the contribution by themselves, their family or their company, for a $250 donation. Pass the word and get your teams together and let’s go have some fun for Ben Milam! Please contact either Mark Morganfield at or (214) 649-0049, or Erin Pendleton at or (214) 217-5639, with any questions or to provide your handicaps. DEADLINE: Monday, November 14, 2012 MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE to Church of the Incarnation, with Ben Milam in the memo line MAIL CHECKS to Erin Pendleton, Church of the Incarnation, 3966 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204. THE ANGELUS | NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012


1. Bishop Burton and Deacon Paul Wheatley posing at RALLY DAY, Deacon Paul with his Texas Rangers ballcap on, as the 20s/30s crew had a group event at the ballpark! 2. Music Director Scott Dettra during his inaugural organ recital. Many professionals and community friends attended, along with our parishioners 3. Packed halls during RALLY DAY are the perfect example of consistent parish growth! 4. What a heart-warming moment, with Incarnation kids holding high the banner of a saint, processing in with the clergy! Such wonderful bright, shining smiles! 5. INCARNATION 101: Bishop Burton regaling the crowded hall with his personal journey 6. One of our community outreach ministries—The HEARTS & HAMMERS crew! 7. Father Greg Methvin teaching the new Great Hall Sunday school class on SUNDAY SCHOOL KICKOFF SUNDAY!



3 7








parish life

2 4

3 1. Contemporary Music Director Justin Brooks leads the crowded Great Hall during the 2012 INCARNATION LEADERSHIP SUMMIT 2. Father Harry Hill talks with parishioner Stan Humphries




3. BALMORHEA (pronounced bal-mor-AY) is the headline


act following Doug Burr during our last community

concert event 4. Always a crowd favorite—OUTDOOR FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT with THE LORAX! 5. DFW Favorite DOUG BURR croons to the packed house during the latest concert event 6. Children & Family Ministries Director Steffanie Methvin showing a parishioner class details, during RALLY DAY 7. High School/College Ministries Director, Brian Mountjoy, teaches the HS class on SUNDAY SCHOOL KICKOFF SUNDAY



Behind the Scenes continued from pg 9

Growing Beyond Limitations continued from pg 7

In the promotional video you mentioned a desire for this project to “resonate with other congregations” and be used as a tool for worship. Could you elaborate? Hymns allow us to sing poetic and imagery-filled lyrics that are centered on truths of the Gospel and the foundational principles of God’s character. They allow us to remember that the kingdom of God and His Church is bigger and goes deeper than our lives now. That people have been worshipping deeply throughout the ages. We are seeing a renaissance of sorts in the Church, especially in the ‘modern music realm’ of wanting to return to that sort of creativity. There have been grassroots movements of new hymn and music writing, such as Indelible Grace, Red Mountain Music, Cherry Creek Music and Ascend The Hill. We at Uptown want to join those movements and find ways to honor hymn texts with music that speaks to our congregation. If ‘Hymns And Psalms’ can be used as a stepping stone to inspire others to do the same, then we thank God for that. How can people get a copy of ‘Hymns And Psalms’? You can find it digitally at your favorite online music store (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify). CDs are available at the Incarnation Bookstore (3966 Mckinney Ave. Dallas) other local bookstores will be carrying it soon, so stay tuned. If a congregation or individual wants to use these songs in their own worship settings, is there sheet music available? Chord charts for all full-length songs can be downloaded for free at:

MARMION LIBRARY We’re located in the Incarnation basement!

Visit us on Sunday mornings or during the week—check out the new books in our fiction, biography, and children’s sections, and enhance your spiritual journey with our outstanding religious collection! We have 1000’s of books! Pssst—don’t forget: Trade paperbacks on our swap shelf ! Buy books for $1.00 in our ongoing book sale!



In concrete response to our Church’s mission, a master plan, ambitious and forward-thinking, was developed to meet the current and future needs of the parish.

• Plan a common fellowship area. • Provide campus visual and functional unity. • Address central support systems for our existing facilities. • Develop timelines and budgets for the implementation of the master plan. • Continue to reach out to local and world-wide communities through our mission and outreach ministries.

Not all of our needs can be met immediately. The master plan has been divided into phases that can be implemented over time and can allow for the full use of our current facilities while construction projects are underway. Priorities must be set and agreed upon. Determining what will make up our first phase, to be confined to our long-held lots to the north, is being refined for presentation to the parish. More information and details will be forthcoming, but for now, we thank you for being a part of this great movement and ask you to prayerfully consider how you will participate in this shared experience.

COMMUNITY HEALTH FAIR RECAP By Sandy Secor, Event Champion

For the last three years, Church of the Incarnation has provided free, needed childhood immunizations to low income families in our community, primarily the schools and families helped through the Mission 75204 ministry and the surrounding East Dallas areas. Our target audience has been the uninsured and underinsured who need no cost vaccinations for adolescents and younger children. A Dallas County study conducted by Rincon and Associates reported that more than 11% of white and African American residents had no health insurance coverage and about 34% of Hispanic residents were without insurance, these immunization rates are significantly below childhood immunization rates in the United States. This year we had about 600 people attend Incarnation’s Community Health Fair. 301 vaccines were provided to students 18 years old and under, 175 bike helmets were given away, 50 sports physicals were provided at no cost. Over 60 COTI volunteers helped welcome and assist the families we served. We ran out of some of the immunizations, including the meningitis and pertussis vaccines. Our Parish was honored to be able to offer this back to school event for our brothers and sisters in our neighborhood!

Vestry Nominations Due by November 25 E

ach year a Nominating Committee prepares a slate of candidates for the parish’s consideration at the Annual Meeting, to be held in January. At the Annual Meeting, we elect five parishioners to the Vestry for a term of three years.

The Nominating Committee consists of the five retiring members of the current Vestry, along with up to 10 additional “members at large,” i.e. lay people selected from the congregation who meet the same standards as those whom they propose to nominate for election. The goal is to convene a Committee that fully represents the Parish and its activities and interests. The Chairman of the Committee is the Senior Warden, and the Rector is an Ex-Officio member. The Bylaws of the Parish, which conform with the Canons of the Diocese of Dallas, prescribe the conditions that must be met to be eligible for election to the Vestry: “Any confirmed communicant in good standing who is at least 18 years of age and who has been a financial contributor of record for one year before the election takes place is eligible to serve as a Vestry member.” One condition requires further explanation: A communicant, i.e. one who is confirmed and is formally on the rolls of the Church of the Incarnation, must have established a record of giving that includes a pledge for current calendar year. The minimum requirements aside, members of the Vestry and candidates for this position of leadership must have demonstrated a strong commitment to be in Church every Sunday, Holy Days of Obligation, and other days of special devotion. The first and most solemn duty of a member of the Vestry is to lead by deed and example. Vestry candidate recommendations are due Sunday, November 25, 2012. You must have the consent of the person you wish to nominate. All members in good standing of the Parish are encouraged to become involved in the nominating process. You may do this by submitting your recommendation to the Recor’s office.

Please use the provided form, below, for this purpose and return to the Rector’s office.

Cut along dotted line

Vestry Candidate Nomination Form You must have the consent of the person you wish to nominate (Return to the Rector’s Office by Sunday, November 25, 2012)

Candidate Address


Areas of Service in the Parish and the Diocese

Areas of Community Service

Recommended by



15 3


puzzle relief 63

9gel Sud 1hallen 7 The Angelus Sudoku Challenge




6 2

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill all the blank squares. Every row of 9 numbers umbb must include all digits ts 1 thro through 9 in any order. Every column of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in any order. Every 3 by 3 subsection of the 9 by 9 square must include all digits 1 through 9. It’s that easy!

Easy Sudoku

Challenging Sudoku #1




3 8 5 2 5 4 6 7 9

8 2 5



6 1 7

5 2 3 4 4 6 1 8

9 3

8 2 4 7 6 1

9 5 7

8 4


9 3 4 8 9 3 1





8 5 1



3 2 5

1 5




5 6



Difficult Sudoku #1

Challenging Sudoku #2



1 5

6 8

8 9 1 7


1 9

9 2

6 1

1 7 2 5 4

2 5



8 5





1 8

2 5

7 1 3 7

8 A

Incarnation Volunteers Restore House in South Dallas

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n two Saturdays in September, a team of Incarnation volunteers helped with the restoration of Willie Mae Brown’s home in South Dallas. Ms. Brown has been a resident of the neighborhood for her entire life and is actively involved in her community. She needed some exterior repairs and fresh paint to bring the home into code compliance but she was unable to do the work herself. Incarnation has a long history of working with low-income homeowners in Dallas. This year’s program, called “Hearts and Hammers”, is the latest effort. In previous years, Incarnation Births volunteers have participated in similar programs such as Habitat for Humanity and A Brush with August End 8/31 – James Robert Wills V Kindness.

Incarnation’s volunteer team was captained by Peter Overland and David LeBlanc. The team consisted of diverse Incarnation members. Some of the volunteers had extensive construction and remodeling experience, but many did not. The team worked hard on both days and the results were impressive. Ms. Brown’s code violations have been cancelled and she is very grateful for the help. The mission of Hearts and Hammers is to refurbish qualified homes owned by low income citizens. It is a cooperative program that matches volunteer groups with qualified homeowners. The organization is completely run by volunteers. The City of Dallas provides the majority of the construction supplies, case management services, and waste handling. The organization was established in 1986 and has provided assistance for hundreds of homeowners in Dallas. Interested volunteers should contact the Outreach Department for future opportunities.

September 9/5 - Gabriela Nicole Rangel 9/14 - Caroline Elizabeth Theriot 9/30 - Crayton Mitchell Webb

October None

Deaths August End 8/25 – Nancy Kay Farina 8/31 – Ann Knight Bower

September 9/2 – Mamie Lois Byrd Jannette 9/2 – Russell John Brydon, Jr.

October None

ALTAR ARRANGEMENTS are given to the glory of God... September 2 In loving memory of Arthur Caldwell Norman, Mildred Orr Norman September 9 In loving memory of Bill Harris and in thanksgiving for the clergy and Altar Guild members September 16 In celebration of the marriage of Lauren Suzanne Dwyer and Jeffrey Ryan Montoney, and in loving memory of Mary Jane (Miji) Reoch September 23 In celebration of the Baptism of Susanna Fenton Allen, the marriage of Mary Katherine Freeman and David Maurice

Cathcart, and in loving memory of Sue Jones Allen and Lee Mitchell Hilgartner September 30 In loving memory of Michael Steven Loy October 7 In loving memory of David Derek Moore and George Franklin Longino, Sr. October 14 In loving memory of Louis Campbell Hilgartner, Patricia Caving King, Jean P. Nelson; and in celebration of the birthday of Linda Jones Rayes October 21 In loving memory of Marjorie Jean Fuquay, Gene Higginbothan Jones,

Dorothy Ann Bivin Murchison, William Polk Murchison; and in celebration of the wedding of Sara Moss and Mark McDow. October 28 In loving memory of John Barre King, Tom Mairs, Sara Mayes, and William David Moore, Jr.; and in celebration of the wedding of Margaret Elizabeth Skorburg and John Denton Arnold

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