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Going Nuts About Audio Most of us know someone that is a complete audiophile and that is the dictionary definition to describe a person obsessively trying to find the ultimate in recorded sounds. If they had unlimited amounts of money to burn they could buy a two-million-dollar home system that blasts an incredible 31,000 watts. Apparently that’s a bit like standing next to a jet engine at the point of the plane taking off. The most expensive home sound system is even more expensive at a whopping ten million US dollars. In both examples the system weighs several tons presumably to prevent any shake and vibration. Most people expect a good sound system in their new car and few are disappointed. In recent years these systems have improved dramatically even in modestly priced cars. It’s responsible for a dramatic drop in the trade of stolen car stereos. Thirty years ago there was such a huge difference between the different brands that cars were forever being broken into just for the theft of the stereo. Now that they are all generally of similar high standard there’s no real need to swap. However, there are many car owners that want to get more output from their factory fitted sound system and will go to great lengths to do this. A car audio centre Ilford will deal with many of these upgrades for the London district. They will not just sell replacement equipment but will also have the expertise and facilities to complete the work. All audio systems have to be looked at as three basic components. This consists of the DIN or double DIN head unit, the amplifier and speakers.

It’s usually best to upgrade all three at the same time. Normally in an average car audio system the amplifier is inside the head unit. But if the idea is to boost the output then a separate amp should be considered.

This can typically fit under the driver or passenger seat but if additional base in the form of woofer or sub-woofer speakers are intended then it’s probably better somewhere in the back. Speaker placement in a car is critical especially with new components such as tweeters and all the other pitched speakers. Contrary to

popular belief, the car is not brilliant for acoustics and is not helped by outside noise such as road rumble and other traffic sounds. This is why anyone considering a complete overhaul and upgrade to an existing system should also look at dampening the car. This can start with some fairly basic padding in the engine and boot compartments. Luckily engine noise on every car these days has been hugely reduced with sealed units. There can’t be many evening car maintenance classes as there were years ago when men tinkered about under the car bonnet at weekends.

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Going Nuts About Audio  

Car audio centre Ilford where aftermarket components are sold and if desired, fitted. Most new cars have more than adequate audio systems fi...

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