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International Club of Rio de Janeiro April 2013

General Meeting Tuesday, 26 March Midrash Cultural Centre Rua General Ven창ncio Flores, 184 Leblon

10.30 am REMEMBER Donations for March General Meeting Disposable diapers for 0 - 2 years Hipogloss nappy rash cream Feeding bottles, teats, pacifiers Powdered Milk

APRILI S S U E First Word March General Meeting Reflections on a Close Call Charity Update 2013 Abrigo Evangeloco da Pedra de Guaratiba All Stones are Precious Transportation Speaker Series Gourmet Weekend in Anrgra dos Reis What’s on What’s on Italian Cuisine and the Tax Man For your Calendar The Back Page

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first word It is in the nature of the expat life to regularly have to say good bye to the dear friends we have made along the way. Wonderful people with whom we have shared some very unique experiences and the stories of our lives.

Thursday, April 11, Thursty Thursday We will surprise you this month with a cultural circuit in Ipiranga--a tour of Brazilian arts and crafts, a sampling of typical Brazilian instruments and music, and the grand finale Happy Hour with fabulous caipirinhas at a vintage bar. More details forth coming!

In this beautiful fall month of April we will see some significant changes in our InC team, as Marinda Gerber, Saturday, April 13, 2013, Gourmet Weekend in Angra our Echo editor and former president prepares her family We will be going to Ilha Grande with our very own for their new life in beautiful Singapore. French Chef David Mansaud for a gourmet weekend that again promises to be unforgettable. You can sign Jill Lewin Colby, our Communications Director will not be up for this great weekend, e-mail me at going quite so far, as she is moving to Macae but unfortunately, it would make it difficult for her to Tuesday, April 16, Barra Cafezinho and the second sescontinue with her responsibilities to her team. sion of our Doctor's Series Two important communications experts leaving at once The doctor’s will tell us all we need to know about would be complicated to say the least but the very Dengue Fever. organized Jolanda Maltha, who was formerly our Thursday, April 18, Speaker's Series communications director will again take over and guarantee a smooth transition. Our intriguing evening Speaker Series continues at Midrash cultural center in Leblon, with a fantastic panel Cathy Boudain, our incredibly competent treasurer will discussing Crime in Fiction and Reality in Brazil, with none be heading back to Houston and Tina Wagner, will be other than star screen writer and law enforcement taking over the coffers of the InC. official Rodrigo Pimentel, whose life story is portrayed in his own screenplay for the blockbuster film Elite Squad Jill, Marinda and Cathy, you will be missed dearly by all (Tropa de Elite). This is a no-miss, for sure. More info. in this of us who have had such great times with you. In the edition and coming up on our website, InConnection name of the InC, I would like to thank you for your and Facebook Page. incredible enthusiasm and the inspirational work you have left behind. Tuesday, April 30, 2013, Our General Meeting At the end of the month will have a truly special and Hopefully, through our NEW FACEBOOK GROUP page you unique speaker: Dr. Alex Botsaris, a doctor, business will keep in touch with us giving us a chance to keep up consultant and writer, specialist in Biodiversity and exotic medicinal plants and their application in business. with your incredible lives and that way we would never really have to say good bye. Dr. Botsaris is one of the developers of Brazilian eco-friendly cosmetics giant Natura, and is currently conOn another note let me tell you about the great things sultant for Pierre Alexander cosmetics as well. we have in store for you! April is jam packed with fun and informative activities. Please invite your expat friends Dr. Botsaris will be talking about the intersection between to come to our events and we have plenty of them this biodiversity, medicinal plants, and business--the possibilimonth. ties for investment and business development now and in the future. This is also a no-miss and we'll be waiting for Tuesday April 2, New Members Gathering. all of you at Midrash, once again, on the last Tuesday of A warm, informal cafezinho where new members are the month! welcomed by our board members and given information on all the useful activities the club provides. Bring your friends.....we have a very beautiful and valuable prize for the member who brings in the most Thursday April 4, Italian cuisine and the tax man new members. How can we make tax a fun thing? By adding some wines and great Italian food! Our member Adiane See you all at our events! Mitidiero, a tax specialist and lawyer, will talk about all the ins and outs of the Brazilian tax system and paying My best to you, your way through it. Tuesday , April 9, Zona Sul Cafezinho Member Adiane Mitdiero, our resident relocation agent and also a Tax lawyer will present a transportation workshop with extremely useful information on how much your transportation really costs and present all sorts of alternatives that are available here in Rio.


April 2013 The ECHO


what’s on?

MARCH General Meeting C OOKING UP A STORM! Date: Time: Where: Speaker:

Tuesday, March 26 10.30am Midrash Cultural Center Rua General Venâncio Flores 184, Leblon Master chef David Mansaud

Our March General Meeting will feature international businessman and master chef David Mansaud, Executive Chef at the Alan Ducasse Educational School in Rio and São Paulo. Mr. Mansaud has broad experience in the haute cuisine business. Before coming to Brazil, he was a top chef in Paris, where he ran a luxury catering business and was Chef de Cuisine at Astor Saint Honoré--a 4star hotel in Paris. Mr. Mansaud will talk about several topics involving the beloved and important art of cuisine: the craft and secrets of becoming a master chef, and the business aspects of operating in the luxury food sector in Europe and in Brazil. Mr. Mansaud will be serving the SIGNATURE DESSERT from the Alan Ducasse restaurant Le Louis XV, at the hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo.

 

M EET OUR C HEF: Highly qualified and creative chef with ten years of professional experience in fine dining restaurants in France and United States of America. Managing, organizing and executing intensive gourmet cuisine in prestigious corporations. Successful and dedicated professional whose top concern is quality and client service while respecting budget mandates. Considerable experience in ordering, inventory and costing. Natural passion and flair for cooking, interest in continuing to learn new innovative culinary skills.

Look out for a personal interview with Chef David in next month’s ECHO

April 2013 The ECHO


news and views

Ellen Kuenstner/Tom Welsh teeth. Fortunately he was wearing a helmet which cracked in several places but undoubtedly saved his life. Tom’s fellow cyclists came to his rescue, summoning emergency assistance, administering first aid, and riding to our apartment to summon Ellen. The buzzer jarred Ellen awake and she experienced some of the most We moved to Rio de Janeiro in terrifying moments of her life. Aided January of 2012 and within a few by our fantastic driver Edson, she weeks concluded that we had arrived on the scene to find Tom arrived in paradise. Ellen got to walk incoherent but physically stable. Tom along the stunning beaches and Tom is a little better off in this regard since found an active cycling community he does not remember a thing for a to ride with in the mountains and 24 hour period and is spared the along the beach. We figured that if scary memories. we could just learn to speak a little bit of Portuguese we would be all set. The ambulance whisked Tom off first Of course, learning a new language to the local public ER at Miguel is not easy but at least that action is Couto and then later to the private somewhat under our control. Clinica Sao Vicente (CSV) in Gavea Unfortunately, navigating the streets where he was MRI and X-Ray from of Rio is a far more random, and as every angle, operated on and we found out, dangerous activity. stitched back together. Ellen’s RN experience came in handy as we On Friday August 3, 2012 at 5:00am navigated through the system which Tom was out riding his bicycle along worked for us as expats with fully Delfim Moreira in front of the Marina functioning international health insurAll Suites Hotel in Leblon when he was ance. The doctors at CSV, in the ER, struck from behind by a vehicle orthopedic surgery, and in the associdriven by a drunken young man. ated S.O.S center were very good, Some readers will now be thinking to and the care in general was solid. themselves that Tom is a bit crazy to Ellen was able to stay with Tom at all be riding at 5:00 am in Rio or times and there was even wireless anywhere else. In his defense it must internet throughout so we could be pointed out that on most keep in touch with family and friends mornings in Ipanema and Leblon easily. After six days in the hospital there are up to a 100 equally crazy and five at home Tom headed back riders all in a lane posted for the to work; he is still recovering from preferential use by cyclists who are some of the injuries but the human training. body is a resilient thing. Needless to say, drunks do not read road signs and Tom ended up in a heap on the pavement, sustaining, a concussion, a broken clavicle, multiple broken ribs and fingers, a cracked vertebrae, a broken nose, facial abrasions and a large hole in his cheek leading to some loose

facilities are located. We had no idea that Clinica Sao Vicente even existed and had only a vague idea of where Miguel Couto is located. Thirdly, an awareness of the applicable laws and practices is a generally useful thing to have. This brings us to the legal story and what happened to the young man who almost killed Tom. In short, nothing happened to him. He did not flee from the scene; he did call Dad who came to the rescue. In many other countries, particularly in North America and Europe, the police would have administered an ETOH breathalyzer test, locked Junior up and done a thorough investigation. In Brazil the laws regarding drunk driving are evolving and becoming stricter but last August they were pretty lax and with Dad present no breathalyzer was done. If Ellen had known that she did not just have to worry about Tom’s medical status she could have kicked up a fuss at the scene. And if Tom had known that in order to better press a civil case he needed to file criminal charges he would have done so. We were a little naïve and the system does not reward naiveté or doing the honorable thing, such as assuming some responsibility for one’s actions. However, Tom is looking forward to closing this chapter and moving on.

While our eyes have been opened in many ways and some of the shine is lost, Rio remains a wonderful city for us. What a great place to recover from a disaster; a few “Caipirinhas” There were a few lessons learned at sunset with friends and problems along the way. Firstly, it is a good melt away. Getting run over is never idea to always carry: some form of ID a good thing, but we are both even if that is just a Xerox copy, counting ourselves pretty lucky to emergency contact names and come through this together in more numbers, and a health insurance or less one piece. card (or credit card). Secondly, know where the local emergency April 2013 The ECHO


charity focus?

Towards the end of last year, the INC Charity Committee received ten applications from NGO's based in Rio de Janeiro for financial support in 2013. Many were from charities we have supported in the past and there were three from new organizations. All were from deserving and well run organizations and it was very difficult to choose the final six. By law, projects sponsored by the INC must be established and duly registered charitable organizations with a successful track record serving metropolitan Rio de Janeiro. We consider any worthy charity but priority is typically given to projects that target education and healthcare for those who few resources. We do not make donations to individuals or to individual families. With this in mind and a budget that would only allow us to support a limited number of organizations, we cast our votes. The projects selected by the charity committee all met our criteria as well as offering our membership hands on volunteer opportunities.

5. Lar Maria da Lourdes Project: O Loc é Meu Abrigo Award R$1,000 Proceeds to buy hygiene products, white t-shirts, sugar, oil 6. Associação Luta Pela Paz Project: Open Access Award R$1000 Proceeds to go towards birthday parties or cultural visits

Listed below are the sponsored charities for 2013 ( in no particular order): 1. Abrigo Evangelico da Pedra de Guaratiba Award R$2,250 Proceeds to buy table and chairs, educational toys, toy box, etc. 2. ReFazer – Grupo de Apoio á Criança e ao Adolescente Award R$2,000 Proceeds to buy a computer and monitor 3. Associação Amigos da Vida Project: Casa Jovem Award R$1,750 Proceeds to buy water purifiers, CD players

Each month in the Echo we will feature one of the charities, give an overview of who they are and what they do and ask the INC members to donate specific items that would benefit the particular organization. We have also decided to ask that powdered milk be our standard item for donation every month as this can be given to all of our sponsored charities.

4. Associação Semente da Vida da CDD Project: Projeto REI – Restituição Educacional Interativa Award: R$2,000 Proceeds to buy digital camera, computer mouses, web cams, headphones, data show

April 2013 The ECHO


charity focus?

This orphanage and shelter is located in Pedra de Guaratiba (just the other side of Recreio). The home serves as shelter for children, ages 0 -3, who have been neglected or abandoned. Some of the residents come to the center via a court order and others through direct intervention by the community. The center’s primary objective is to work with the families of these children, providing counseling and home visits in an attempt to improve the home situation so that the child can one day return to the family home. When they are unsuccessful in this mission, the child remains at the center until a suitable foster home is found or until they are adopted.

Staff is limited for the number of children cared for and many of the children show signs of lacking personal attention; exhibiting attention deficit issues and difficulty concentrating on interactive play activities. Volunteers from the INCRIO go to the orphanage every Thursday morning to play and interact with the babies and toddlers, providing much needed one on one time to these beautiful children. It is always a delight to hold these babies or cuddle and play with the toddlers. If you would like to join the group then please contact: Tina Wagner

REMEMBER Donations for March General Meeting Disposable diapers for 0 - 2 years Hipogloss nappy rash cream Feeding bottles, teats, pacifiers and powdered milk.

The INCRIO are sponsoring this charity in 2013 and have allocated R$2,250 to go towards buying educational toys, children's tables and chairs, toy boxes and colored cushions.

April 2013 The ECHO


News and view?

by Flip Shelton

Edu Rizzo, 32, lives a double life. By day he is Carlos Rizzo, Financial Advisor. By night he is Edu Rizzo, the jeweler. For some Inc Rio members there was the chance to meet Edu and see some of his precious stones and jewelry at the recent Wine and Cheese night, held at Ana Khouri’s home. Edu’s fascination with precious stones began when, at the age of 13, Edu’s late grandfather, Antonio Nascimento, gave him his own collection of jewels and coins. He had worked at a jeweler and over his lifetime had amassed a beautiful collection of stones through commissions and his own purchases. “All stones are precious,” Edu tells me when I mentioned precious and semi-precious stones. At the age of 15, Edu visited London and saw the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London. It was there he saw HRH The Queen’s ‘priceless’ scepter and this he says is his most favorite piece of jewelry as it contains some of the world’s biggest diamonds. Brazil is rich with ‘colored’ stones – Citrine, Amethyst, Emeralds, Garnet, Blue and Imperial Topaz and the rare and expensive, Paraiba Tourmaline. Interestingly there are no Rubies found in Brazil. Edu loves his ‘hobby’, which he works on every night and the weekends. “I start by looking at the stone, then I design the ring, bracelet, necklace or ear-rings.” Is the plan to design jewelry full time? “No, I like both aspects of my life and I think they compliment each other actually. Many of my financial clients are interested in the jewelry I make.” And is there someone he’d like to design some jewelry for? “Angelina Jolie! She loves emeralds and has her own very large collection.” For those of us without our own collection, you can make an appointment to meet Edu and see his collection of precious stones and jewelry. Contact Edu Rizzo at April 2013 The ECHO


News and view?

Making an ideal choice Private drivers or executive taxi drivers; here are some facts to consider;

The convenience of a private driver eliminates a number of concerns. With the traffic in Rio de Janeiro showing itself to be progressively more stressful, having someone to drive the car is a relief. Especially during rush hour, when you could be spending your time checking emails and making phone calls along the way. To take advantage of a service like this, there are two options: you ca hire a professional driver or ask for the services of a specialized company, like an executive transport service. The choice will depend on your needs. According to Brazilian law, if a driver works full time for a family, he is considered a “domestic employee�. Thus, there are laws the employer must abide by. He must sign CTPS (labor and social identification), pay the annual bonus compensation, equivalent to one month's salary (13th salary) and INSS (Social Security) corresponding to a total of 23% depending on the salary. Providing transportation assistance is another obligation. Night shift overtime pay is required if a driver works from 10 pm. to 5 am. Furthermore, the employee has the benefit of a thirty-day paid vacation after one year on the same job. It is important to note that there is a new law which is scheduled to be voted on in Congress--which aims to give these same benefits to all employees under CLT law (Code of general labor law)*. With this change, domestic employees will be required to work up to 44 hours per week; for extra hours, the employer must pay overtime and FGTS costs (unemployment assistance fund), which until now had been optional.

Having a private driver can be expensive. The minimum wage is around R$ 2.000,00 but can reach up to R$ 12.000,00 according to the driver's qualifications. The monthly cost may be worth it if you need the service on a daily basis. On the other hand, you can choose an executive taxi drivers’ company that may be more advantageous for those who make short trips throughout the week. The charges of a professional driver are established by the executive transport company. The value of the ride is predetermined and fixed, thus facilitating the control of the budget. Short distances can cost about R$ 12, 00 and for a long distance about R$ 80,00. At any time of the day you can request this type of taxi service. For those who find it more convenient, you can request a bilingual driver. By the way, it is better to schedule the rides in advance, to ensure that you will not miss your appointment. For those families with children, combining an executive taxi service with school transportation may be an economic option. Kids arrive at school for a fixed price; depending on the route and the school transportation company. The rates may vary from R$ 160 to R$ 500 monthly paid.

Our member Adiane Mitidiero, a tax specialist and lawyer, will present a workshop on the Cost of Transportation in Rio at our Cafezinho in Zona Sul on Tuesday April 9 @ 10.30.

April 2013 The ECHO


what’s on?

Join us for a spectacular panel with Rodrigo Pimentel, former BOPE (the Brazilian Swat--or elite units) policeman, who wrote the screenplay for Elite Squad, the major Brazilian blockbuster film of international impact. The film is based on his real life story in the special Brazilian units responsible for combating drug trafficking in Rio. Debating with Rodrigo will be Brazilian author and crime fiction specialist Lilian Fontes, PhD in Communications from the Federal University of Rio and author of Eyes Wide Open, a fictional crime novel. This is a no-miss: Rodrigo is a major Brazilian television and law enforcement personality, a great speaker, whose firsthand experience with Brazilian crime, and bringing it to the screen, is nothing short of electrifying. And Lilian Fontes is one of the most knowledgeable analysts of crime fiction -and its relation to Brazilian reality - in the academic field. This promises to be a riveting evening.

April 2013 The ECHO


Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande, located 20 minute of the Continent, is a natural paradise that ranks amongst the best in the world. On the weekend of April 13th and 14th, the InC is planning an excursion down the Costa Verde to the Verolme Marina, which is the largest and finest in South America. It is about a 2 hour drive from Barra and the beginning of an amazing adventure. Two speed Cruisers will be waiting to whisk us off to a beautiful Posada that will be our home base for the weekend. Waiting to greet us on the dock will be none other than our own French Chef David Mansaud, our General Meeting speaker, this coming Tuesday at the Midrash Cultural Center in Leblon.

A late breakfast snack will be waiting for us and after we have settle into our rooms, we can enjoy our friends over a beautifully, fruity, Leblon Cachaca Caipirinha while anticipating our lunch. We will then go cruising around the Island, exploring and discovering some amazing beaches. After this afternoon out, we will come back for a delightful evening meal. I don't know what David's menu has in store but the last time, we all prepared our own pasta while enjoying some lovely wine and enjoying each others company. That plus a beautiful moon over a very placid ocean. Sunday morning you will awake to the smell of fresh coffee and a chef's delight of a breakfast and then off we will go again as the cruisers fire up and take us to a beach called Palmas where we can then walk through the rain forest over to Lopez Mendes, one of the best beaches on this planet. When we get back to the Posada, David will have a French chef's dream BBQ prepared on the deck. As it is a Gourmet weekend, you will get all of David's spectacular recipes and memories that will last you for years to come. At around 4:00pm we will be heading back to the Marina, where a tour has been arranged at Verolme. You will shown some of boats that dreams are made of...... After all this is the Coted'azur of South America. This will be the first Gourmet excursion of 2013.In June, David and I will be heading for Buzios and in July for Itaipava. This is a fund raising event and will cost R$1200.00 per couple for the weekend with everything included. (only special request drinks might be charged extra.) If you would like to go please RSVP to

what’s on? Special Thursty Thursday

Ipiranga Circuit, April 11th, as of 5.30pm

tour of Braziliana - that is, a visit to a museum of Brazilian arts and crafts, then a musical presentation with typical Brazilian instruments, and finally a full-throated Brazilian Happy Hour

Special Thursty Thursday

Special Thursty Thursday

This Thursday, we'll be offering all of you a

with fabulous caipirinhas. All of this in select locations in Flamengo and Laranjeiras. More details to come soon on our Website, InConnection and Facebook Pages - stay tuned!

Special Thursty Thursday

Cafezinho NOT ONE BUT TWO OPPORTUNITIES TO GET TOGETHER: ZONA SUL - Tuesday April 9 @ 10:30 - with Speaker Adiane Mitidiere presenting a workshop on transportation cost in Rio. RSVP

BARRA - Tuesday April 16 @ 10:30 - 2nd Doctor Series on Dengue Fever. RSVP Robyn at

April 2013 The ECHO


what’s on?

Deep DOWN and dirty

Tree planting day for the whole family at

Where: Santana Deserto ( 2 hrs north of Rio). This is a large deforested area of Minas Gerais. When: Sunday, April 7. We plan to leave Barra at 8am to arrive at the location by 10am. If there is enough interest, we can organize a mini bus. When you RSVP please tell us whether you want to drive yourself or would prefer to go by bus. Please tell us where you are coming from so we can select a central pickup point for the bus and those driving. What to bring:  Spades, garden tools, gardening gloves.  Picnic lunch and plenty of water  Hats and sunscreen

ECOLOGIA VILA Children's Aid is a NGO that the INC supported last year. They have an Eco-garden located outside of Rio de Janeiro that helps teach the children there about the environment, gardening, sustainability and recycling. They have organized a tree planting day on Sunday April 7 and we have been invited to join in the fun! So if you would like to get your hands dirty, plant some trees, help the environment and spend some time with your family and friends in the country side, then please join us! All ages are welcome!

Donations: A suggested donation of R$10 per tree. If you cannot come on the day you can still participate in the project by sponsoring 10 trees for R$100. For further details and to RSVP please contact Robyn Thompson at

April 2013 The ECHO


what’s on?

April has a very unique cuisine-culture event in the works:

Italian Cuisine and the Tax Man What's it all about? Well, how about wining and dining to the finest Italian cuisine at a select restaurant in Rio, aaaannnd, learning about the most effective way to deal with the Brazilian tax system to boot? Sounds like an unlikely combination? Not really. There are few things worse than taxes, especially Brazilian taxes, and few things better than Italian cuisine, so come and mix pleasure with tax business: we will have a very special guest speaker, Adiane Mitidiero, a tax specialist and lawyer, who will talk about all the ins and outs of the Brazilian tax system and paying your way through it. Listen to all this while sipping fantastic Italian wine and sampling wonderful Italian food. Adiane will address: Tax residence and Double tax treaties - Deductible expenses - Tax on investment - Tax compliance: tax returns (Declaração de ajuste anual, Carnê-leão, Bacen, Saída definitiva) Adiane will be available after the talk and dinner to answer any and every question on this thorny subject. More Info. to come soon on our websites, InConnection and Face-

Thursday April 4 @ 7.30pm RSVP: we have choosen two wonderful Restaurants, one in Barra, Tizziano and one in Copacabanna, . The Choice will depend on the number of people letting us know their preference through their RSVP. If we get a high number for both we will schedule a second date attending two groups. Contact: Adiane

April 2013 The ECHO


for your calendar

April Monday 1








4 Italian Cuisine & Tax



New Members Gathering

Sunday 7 Tree Planting Day



11 Thursty Thursday


13 Gourmet Weekend In Angra



16 Cafezinho Barra


18 Speaker Series



21 Brazilian Holiday: Tiradentes


23 Rio de Janeiro Holiday: San Jorge







30 General meeting


Cafezinho Zona Sul

Happy birthday to all our Members that celebrate their birthdays in April. We hope you have a wonderful day!

        

Gwen Hilton 2 Marinda Gerber 8 Bonnie Kobert Harrison 12 Anneli Albertsson 18 Tamea Connell 18 Sonia Glatt 22 Jenny Lindsay 23 Marjo Paardekam 24 Patricia Geerligs 26

New Members Gathering Tuesday, April 2 @ 10:30 at the home of Robyn Thompson in Barra RSVP at Join Robyn and some of the most experienced ladies in Rio for an informal chat and "cafezinho" sharing a wealth of information.

March 2013 The ECHO


the back page

those who make it happen Executive Board 2013 President Bonnie Kobert Harrison 7281.1866 Vice President Mike Royster 8128.7910 Treasurer Cathy Baudoin 9607.4550 Secretary Mary Dwyer 6716.7697 Membership Director Jackie Stern 2540.0958 Charity Director Robyn Thompson 9895-8855 Fundraising Director Anna Whyte 2422.7286 Communications Director Jill Lewin 7362.1414 Events Director Melissa Mello e Souza 8015-2020 Coordinators Communication Team Webmaster Jolanda Maltha 3647.0578 / 8362.5398 The Echo vacant InConnection Denise Luna 2267.1285 / 8635.7879 Facebook page Victor Harrison Facebook Group Naomi Cohen General Meetings Jackie Stern 2540.0958 Hospitality Catherine Bruce 9180.5353 Welcome Coordinator Tanya Matheus Cafezinho’s: Zona Sul Jane Wood Barra Carolyn Stacey Activity Coordinators Book Club Robyn Thompson 9895 8855 Bridge Coca Caputo 2491.7830 / 9601.7413 Concert Information Margarita Mari 2256.8419 Cuisine Workshops Christa Pickering 8040.4100 Needle & Thread Club Maria Lu 6922.5369 Tennis Cathy Baudoin 9607.4550 Fun Cooking Club Lucia Helena Assad 9982.9596 / 2434.8167

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