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“People ignore design that ignores people.� Frank Chimero

Have you got‌ A terrific idea that wants to see the light? A business you want to boost, brand or re-brand? A product you want to promote and publicize? A message you want to express, expand or edit? What are you waiting for? Contact any advertising agency or branding company and let them get the job done for you..! Everybody does that!

Aha .. you don’t want to be like everybody. Congratulations. This is what we are here for and about: To enable you bring about your «unlike everybody» enterprise. Because it’s from you, about you and for you A distinguishable and authentic success can only arise when you become the owner of your success journey, from A to Z. You invent it, you make it and you earn it. This is the one fundamental formula for an unparalleled feat. Let’s partner And this is why we are so eager to become your partners: • To enable you discover and invest all the power and beauty that exist within you. • To protect you from individuality-contaminating agents, by having what you want with what you have. • To make your branding and advertising experience an incomparable one because it is: self-derived, self-driven and self delivered.

What we promise: • Consistency – In every project, and in every stage of your project, whether it’s drafting, designing, printing, packaging or delivery, you will sense the same level of will, warmth and quality that you witnessed when we first shook hands. • As seen on the screen – Our niche expertise with printed products is fixing the right blend and balance between optimum color combination and cost-saving. This will be fully employed in making the post-printing work just as brilliant as the pre-printing. From PC to paper, you will have the same big smile, if not a bigger one. • The perfect recipe – One difficult dilemma many face down the road of branding and designing is trying to preserve their identity from being dissolved. This is our specialty, to bring together the seemingly contradictory components, resulting in a one-of-a-kind combination: Trade and tradition Text and texture Culture and curvature Casualness and class Calligraphy and content East and west Principles and products Business and beliefs you name it… If they live peacefully inside you, why can’t they live and synergize outside you?! Don’t let go of the ingredients you cherish. We’ll get you the perfect recipe.

What we can’t promise Whether it’s a brand, an ad or an identity you want to create, we can’t promise you it will be one of the best, or even the best one, in the world; but we promise you it will be the only one, which – for some – is the definition of «the best». All you have to do is just .. Be you ..

“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” Oscar Wilde

Brandin’ You Branding is not about beautifying you but finding the beauty in you.. By digging deeper eliminating the extras By Brandin’ you .. We help you find .. the Brand in you ..

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it� MichelAngelo

Ad this .. Powerful ads add magic to businesses, create the chemistry needed to enhance products and sell ideas. This is what you get when you take on one of our advertising campaigns. We follow – and break – the laws of chemical attraction and interaction, mixing past with present, infusing goals with values, blending soul with sense, balancing tradition with modernity. So, add nothing, just ad with us.

Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’ Jef I. Richards

To read or not to read Editorial design is an exercise combining art and engineering. Color composition, typography, images, grids, framework, fabric, spaces and, of course, creativity are all wonderfully woven, in a way comforting and compelling enough for the viewer to read the whole content – word for word. Whether it’s a book, a magazine, a report, a newspaper or any written material, it is our job to make it readable. Even if it’s black and white, it will be vividly shining with life.

Design should never say, “Look at me.” It should always say, “Look at this.” David Craib

Brand in Hand Packaging is so powerful that it can make or break the relationship between your brand and your customers. They must first see it, like it before it finally lands in their hands. For us, packaging is our special handicraft. We examine it, test it and model it to make sure your brand stays as brilliant and lasting as possible throughout the entire life cycle of the package: printing, packing, preserving, displaying, purchasing, using, and recycling/disposing. Let the journey of your product end in their hands by starting in ours.

“To be successful, you must act big, think big and talk big.� Aristotle Onassis

A Way With Words «A picture is worth a thousand words.» True, still true, although originated almost a hundred years ago. Yet today, we are flooded with millions of pictures and billions of words in the ever mushrooming world of marketing and advertising. The challenge, then, is not to come up with the right words, but the best words, that convey your message best. That’s our promise to you: derive your best message and deliver it in the best way.

First I bought it because it looked cool. Later I bought it because it tasted good. (A 14 years old boy)

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“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” Oscar Wilde