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EPISOD-1 Make Your Online Poker Game Into a Business You might have a thought or question playing in your mind which you would need to get answers with. If you're great in playing online poker games and have mastered the craft of the game itself. Add to that your use of the online poker odds calculator that allows you to win more at a bigger percentage, say around 80% of the time. You might be asking yourself, would it be possible to turn real money online poker playing into a business? Can I totally rely on it as my immediate source of income? I have some experiences to share, during my early ages, some of my friends invited me over to join them as they had fun in the casino for a real money poker. But I don’t had any knowledge about how to play poker actually joined the group where upon entering, they started to split up and went to the different games that were present there. One friend went to the poker table where he was immediately able to sit and play. I was going around, and observing when I encountered this guy who had a lot of chips with him. Counting the denomination of the chips, these were not plain 10's, 20's, or even 30's. He was holding with him 100's, and even 1000's worth of chips. I greeted him and told him, "You've got a huge amount there sir!" He answered, "You know what, this is what I do for a living." Amazed at his response, I never thought that playing in the casino could be a source of income for a person. What am I pointing out? It is plain and simple. In India, If you're good at playing online poker and have mastered the art of it, you can always make real money. Remember that the advantage of online poker is that you can play it at the convenience of your home. You don't need to physically travel, no need to take a bath, spend for transportation but simply sit back and relax in front of your monitor screen. You simply have to login and that's it. But the question is which online poker site should we believe, or, which one is most trusted? It is true that maximum sites are fake .But don't worry, we have a solution too. In India is the most trust site for online real money poker game. It has a trust payment gateway, global certificates, 24/7 customer service, easy inner face, secure data management system. Whenever you are facing problem, you can contact Poker Lion directly. Moreover, you don't get intimidated by the other players who are playing along with you; no need to pay tips to the dealer in case you win; the rate is much lower. In short, you get your money and have it for yourself. Of course, you just have to remember that your online poker game is hooked up or linked either to your bank account, credit/debit card. Whenever you are sign up to the Poker Lion, only need to submit your PAN card scan copy, Residential proof, for verification, and after that you will get a chance to win free 200 rupees bonus money. Money simply flows into your pocket without any delay. Well, here are some things you might also want to take note of:

Give the game 100% of your attention and focus. Always read and practice the game as often as possible. Play with the amount of money you can afford to lose. Play in rooms that have only a few fish playing on the table. So, if you're thinking of playing online poker and making some real money, I would simply say go to! There's nothing to lose for as long as you know that you have that 80% probability of winning at every round or hand.

EPISOD-2 Poker Online Games In India Poker online games are going to seem something that is ambitious for any player to excel in skill and to make money constantly.And as a online poker gaming site,Poker Lion is becoming one of the must to experience pleasures of life for many people that love poker games. Though it is still a burden to play poker online. Poker Lion will never make someone bored because there is a vast and exciting range of poker variant games in collection. There are a lot of monthly updates of poker rooms that are new additions to the games that one does play. There is lot more than one can chew in Poker Lion and even a pro that makes millions will not be able to enjoy everything that poker lion can offer. Poker Lion has enough choice for someone to choose from and the variety of the poker rooms keeps someone feeling like they are just in touch with the tip of the iceberg. No matter what game of poker variant one is interested to play, no matter what stakes one likes to play, no matter what bonuses they expect there is something for everyone in poker online. After you make a right choice of the poker online site to play, one can feel rest assured about their efforts being paid correctly. With Poker Lion There is a sure guarantee for protection and security if one has been smart enough to register with the site with a good certification from famous gambling authentication and hacker proof certificates. We understands how important money is to a person. The new trend catching up with poker online games is the multi-table playing and also multi-variant playing at the same time. This is one of the challenging kinds of games. Soon, to develop multi-table tourneys where each player will be playing more than one table at a time! Yes, the poker world is going to go exciting than ever with Poker

EPISOD-3 Casino-Gaming :: Five Advantages of Playing Free Slot Games

You can play lot of online poker game, especially if you are a casino person. Online real money Poker games and all points in between, you can spend hours at a time with your very own tailor made casino that doesn't have to cost you a cent. Of all the games out there, however, one of the best online poker game is Texas Holdem. In India Poker game is becoming more popular day by day. is now one of the most popular online poker gaming platform in India.

Here are five advantages of playing online real money poker games :

1. Practice your skills. Yes, slot machines require some skill and planning. Planning you will hear about in a moment, but first focus on skills. By playing online poker with Poker Lion, you can learn to control factors, which may or may not lead you to success in an easier environment than traditional casinos. How much will you wager? Is this slot game or that one working better for you? Approximately how many pulls does it take for you to produce a win?

2. Play without risk. When there is no real money involved, there is no real risk. This is definitely a good thing for casual and excessive online gamers. Most of the time, the house stands to win. This is no big mystery. That's why it's called gambling. Yet every year, many citizens make a living in the hallowed halls of the casinos. Before you get to that point, you will want to learn the nuances of any game in an environment that does not require you to ante up the money.

3. Target a game plan. Once you get good at picking machines, calling your bets, and playing to win, you have developed a game plan that will serve you not only in the online world, but also in the real life casinos of the Vegas strip. Pure luck produces more losers than it ever will winners. Make sure you have done your homework, so you can call the shots on which you turn out to be.

4. Avoid the crowds. One of the biggest drawbacks of playing in a real world casino is the shoulder-to-shoulder congestion that too often populates the players' machines and tables. By

playing free slot games online, you never have someone breathing down your neck wishing that you would go away so they can have their turn. You can sit and play for as long as you would like, and never hear a word of unruly descent targeted your direction.

5. Learn something about yourself. The more you play free slot games online, the more chances you have to win and lose. And with each win, and with each loss, you will learn something about yourself as a player and as a person. Are you the kind of person that can reach a contented level with your winnings? Do you think one more turn of the one-armed bandit will be the difference maker that sets everything wrong, right? In other words, do you take unnecessary risks, or do you know when to say when?

Consider the advantages of playing free slot games online before you ever take a step toward the real thing. And remember, every coin has another side. How can something go right? How can something go wrong? The kind of gamer that asks these questions, and makes wise decisions will always be a winner at the end of the game. And that is no gamble!


Texas Holdem - The Mother of All Poker Games at Poker Tournaments Worldwide

Texas Holdem is the poker game of choice for millions of players everywhere. Poker rooms in casinos feature it for cash games, low limit, and no limit events. The 2017 World Series of Poker hosted more than 8.000 entrants in the main event at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The recent poker craze actually began in 2003 when Chris Moneymaker (yes, that's his real name) won a seat at the World Series of Poker main event by winning a tournament online for only a $40 entry fee! Chris won the event and took home $2.5 Million! How Tournaments are Played Perhaps you've seen tournaments on television. You like the excitement but are a little confused when you hear, "he's on the button, she's under the gun, the big blind gets a free flop". Here are some explanations: Players first purchase poker chips for a fixed amount. For example, a $100 + $25 buy-in may be worth $1,000 in poker chips: $100 towards the prize pool, and $25 for the house. For tournament play all players start with an equal amount of chips. The game is played on an oval table that seats six or nine players and a house dealer.

Before any action, all players must put an ante in the pot. The amount is pre-set.

Dealer places a white disc called the button in front of the player immediately to his/her left. The button, A represents a theoretical dealer and holds an advantage at the table because s/he is the last to act during a hand. After each round the button moves to one player at the left.

The first player to the left of the button is called the small blind. The player to the immediate left of the small blind is called the big blind. Both players must put a pre-determined amount of money in the pot before any cards are dealt. The amount of the big blind is twice that of the small blind. The amounts of the ante and blinds increase after certain time periods called levels. Two cards are dealt face down to each player. The first player to the left of the big blind is under the gun and starts the action with one of three actions: Muck (fold) the cards to stay out of the hand. Call, by betting the amount of the big blind. Raise, by betting twice the amount of the big blind.


Casino-Gaming :: Reasons To Play Poker

There is a question why people play poker and there are many possible answers for this question. There are millions of players involved in poker game . Poker is originated from card games. Go Fish and War is an earliest memory which then formed into games like Rummy, Pinochle, Spades, Canasta and Hearts poker etc. In past, playing cards was a good solution for fun and entertainment bringing people together. We used to play cards regularly in schools, college and after graduation. After graduation, the priorities of people changed and they got busy in their other activities of marriages, jobs and kids etc. No one had time to play cards together.

Internet Poker

In January 2004, the new phenomenon to play online poker on internet was introduced. People used to download party poker and Eurka is famous ever since. Initially people didn?t wonder why they play poker but there are many solid reasons to play pokers which are given below:

Reasons to Play Poker

There are several reasons that why people play poker. These reasons are: 1

Because of its competitive nature and they love compete and win people play poker.


They play poker to win money.

3 They play poker because they like to gamble. For them poker is an entertainment and they can afford it. 4

They play poker to forget the stress of their lives.

5 They play poker because they are inspired from their friends who play and talk about the poker and they want to become a part of it. 6

They play it because it doesn?t seem very hard to play.

These are majority of the responses from randomly selected poker players and these are the reasons for them to play poker. Any one of them can be right and many of us experience all of the reasons throughout our lives. For example initially people start poker because they can afford it to play. They don?t win initially but at the same time, they don?t lose much. They play many games like limit cash poker games, multi table tournaments and SNGs and they start winning regularly and steadily. As people move through many stages, they also move to the stage to win the money. For them, their bankroll become important and good number makes them happy and satisfied. The feel of winning regularly and the significant increase in the number of bankroll make them happy and motivated to play poker again and again because the more the play, the more they win. Poker is like and addiction for many players. They make money, buy their desired things and they get to know their reason to play poker. Because there are many things which are not affordable but people buy them by winning the money. That is why poker is defined as an activity that allows people to win money and to do something which is not possible through other means. This is not the right answer for everyone but many of the poker players would be agreed on it.

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More about poker(pokerlion com)