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Produced by In Between Time in collaboration with Arnolfini



Welcome to an extraordinary weekend of theatre, live art, dance, opera, feasts, talks, parties and public art. Watch a Fake Moon being hoisted into the night sky. Follow us into the trees for a dusk concert with Night Tripper, or experience an evening of Opera in a Bristol living room. Artists from all over the world fill four days with unique events, new commissions and premieres. Over 50 artworks spill out from leading arts spaces (Arnolfini, Circomedia, Wickham Theatre) and into the city’s docksides, urban glades, and alleyways. IBT13 features artists set to change the face of performance: the visionaries, the young bloods, the wild-cards and the one-offs. Step out of the ordinary and join us in an experience that will change your view of theatre forever.

“Go to the brilliantly curated In Between Time Festival” Helen Cole, Artistic Director, In Between Time

— The Guardian



IBT is a producer working with the world’s most exciting artists. At IBT13 we also launch the IBT Associate Artists scheme to create world-class new work in Bristol. See for details.

Director: General Manager: Producer: Associate Producer: Production Manager: Administrative Assistant: Press Officer: Design & Website:

IBT13 is produced by In Between Time in collaboration with Arnolfini. The festival is made possible by funding from Arts Council England and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Full list of thanks at

Helen Cole Anna Rutherford Joon Lynn Goh Jo Bannon Mat Ort Natalie Skidmore Louise Trimby Synth Media

F ESTI VA L H U B THE PARLOUR SHOWROOMS Thur 14 – Sun 17 Feb 10 am – late Café-Bar and Information Point Located within walking distance of IBT13 venues, the Hub is a friendly, social space serving drinks and snacks. Find out about IBT13, plan your day or simply stay for a chat. Arrive early for Festival Brunch (p 5), pop in for Fake Moon (p 19), stay late into the evening for drinks with artists, delegates and festival goers. Hosted with The Showroom Projects The Parlour Showrooms, 31 College Green, BS1 5TB

I BT 1 3 O P E NING PA R T Y FESTIVAL HUB Thur 14 Feb 6 pm FREE, First come, first served Join us for the opening of IBT13. Toast the appearance of Fake Moon on College Green, get the lowdown on the festival and celebrate the artworks ahead. At around 7 pm we’ll head over to Arnolfini for live performances from Reckless Sleepers and Tim Etchells, before returning to the Hub for late night drinks and some special interventions.

TI C K E TS Individual Tickets: £3 - £12

Arnolfini Box Office

All tickets can be purchased from Arnolfini Box Office. See booking details under each listing FFI.

16 Narrow Quay, Bristol, BS1 4QA 0117 9172300,

Festival Pass: £75


Experience the full festival at a heavily discounted rate (a saving of £80). Limited availability. See for details.

Many of the events are FREE. Please donate where you can and help us continue to make bold, beautiful and thought-provoking artwork. Your support has a genuine impact on the work we can deliver. We make your contribution count.

Taster Tickets: Dip your toe into the festival with a selection of shows chosen especially for new audiences. See for details.

F E STI VA L BR UNC HE S IBT & Guests Venue: Festival Hub FREE Long table brunch conversations about making and supporting live art and performance


Lighting up the city Peer into the darkest corners of the city. Find IBT13 embedded there in delicate gold, vintage light and distant slide guitar.

Start your day with coffee, croissants, and a bite of live art. Taking place each day of the festival, these brunches invite you to sit down and listen to, or take part in, lively discussion at our Festival Hub. Find yourself elbow-to-elbow with international curators and artists who will share their perspectives around making, participating and supporting live art.Â

Bloody Valentine IBT13 shakes the myth of St Valentine with artists of strong heart, thorny character and wild, willful bodies.

Important Info These informal talks will be particularly useful for artists and people working in or studying the arts. Each brunch lasts for one hour. All talks are free and held at the Festival Hub. Under the Moon Fri 15 Feb 11 am

ARTIFICIAL HELLS Live Art and Participation

As the winter sun dies and shadows lengthen, IBT13 lets out the night creatures.

Sat 16 Feb 11 am

TO THE FUTURE Supporting Artist Development Sun 17 Feb 11 am

FOREST FLOOR TO CITY STREET Live Art in the Public Realm

Voice in the crowd Into the limelight step the mavericks, the soothsayers, the charmers.





Living Room Opera - CMO, Zierle & Carter


Pave - Pete Barrett Field Test - Alex Bradley

9 - 10

We See Fireworks - Helen Cole


Version Control Untitled - Tim Etchells


A String Section - Reckless Sleepers

13 -14

Worktable - Kate McIntosh


Kein Applaus Für Scheisse - Holzinger & Riebeek


Interview with Helen Cole


Dead Line - Jo Bannon


Night Tripper - Fiksdal, Langgård & Becker

19 - 20

Fake Moon - Simon Faithfull


Moon Feast & Workshops


The Moon - Carmine Mauro Daprile


I Am Not Alone - Kim Noble


Art of Begegnung Comes Tomorrow Slowly - Sinéad O’Donnell Breathe For Me - Martin O’Brien


Too Late! - Motus How To Become a Cupcake - The Famous Lauren Barri...


Lili Handel - Ivo Dimchev


If Your Decide to Stay - Sylvia Rimat Mental - The Vacuum Cleaner


Fatherland - Nic Green


Extraordinary Rendition - Action Hero Slideshow Birdshow - Emma Bennett


Early Days (of a Better Nation) - Coney

31 - 32

Festival Party - Dressage

33 - 34

Tickets, Map, Getting There

35 - 36


Lighting Up The City Photo: Alan Warren


LIVING ROOM OPERA Zi e r l e & C a r te r w ith C h amb e r M a d e O p e ra BETWEEN LANDS & LONGINGS A bespoke chamber opera made for a Bristol living room Chamber Made Opera (Melbourne, Australia) create operas of our time and place in living rooms, venues and festivals across the world. For IBT13, CMO join acclaimed UK live artists Zierle & Carter to create an intimate new performance. Between Lands and Longings explores questions of identity and belonging. Inspired by a residency in Australia, the artists weave personal reflections into a poetic, visually rich piece. Distant voices echo stories of displacement, migration, newfound connection and our search for a sense of home.


“Perhaps the most beautifully judged site-specific work I’ve seen... mysteriously joyous and profoundly beautiful.” — Theatre Notes

BOOKING INFO Venue: A Living Room Meeting Point: Arnolfini Thur 14 – Sat 16 Feb 9.30 pm £10 / £7 - #ibt13


It is a stage. It is a beacon. It is the ground. It is the sun.

Photo: Victoria Meachem

PAV E Pete Barrett

“…a beautiful, sedate action with strange, wordless inner logic.” —Real Time Arts

An artist slowly, methodically, applies gold leaf to a tiny portion of Bristol. A shiny gold surface interrupts the public thoroughfare. This golden shape might represent rarity, desirability, or perhaps it’s a portal – an intriguing thought given its proximity to the river running under the city. Either way, the shape soon surrenders to everyday motion, disintegrating to tiny fragments caught in the sole of a shoe, the roots of a tree or flecks on the wind.

EVENT INFO Venue: City Gate, St John the Baptist Church Wed 14 - sun 17 Feb 3.30 pm – 6.30 pm FREE

F IEL D TE ST Alex Bradley


Focus your eyes to the periphery and the darkness beyond As night falls, this flickering light and sound installation wakes; lighting up a forgotten space in the city, like fireflies gathering in an urban glade. Field Test is a solar-powered installation that begins at sunset. An explosion of the Humphrey Visual Field Test used by ophthalmologists to examine peripheral vision, Field Test uses speakers, LED lights, steel guitar and nightfall to entice you into a ‘test’ of your senses.

“beautiful and disorientating” —The Observer


Photo: Carl Newland

Venue: St Stephens Church Garden Thur 14 – Sun 17 Feb 6 pm – 10 pm


FREE Concept and installation by Alex Bradley. Soundtrack by Alex Bradley with Scott Smith. This installation uses solar power - there may therefore be slight variation in timings.


WE SEE FIREWORKS H e le n Co le 8

SECRET LOCATION Mon 11 - Sun 17 Feb An ever-evolving installation of voices, a room filled with memories and burning constellations of light We See Fireworks is an installation made from hundreds of voices that gently unfold in the darkness. Funny, haunting, vivid stories of incredible performances gathered from all over the world remind us what lies at the heart of every theatrical experience. Long-ago spectaculars, big dance numbers, accidents and ghost trains touch your heart to change your view of theatre forever. Here theatre lives on becoming ever more vivid as time passes. And we remain audience - still out there, urgent, present and true. With support from Bristol Temple Quarter Commissions

“We See Fireworks is as simple as it is brilliant, exemplifying the opening possibilities of a new form: no stage, no performers, but a deeply meaningful experience” — Real Time, Australia

BOOKING INFO Venue: Secret Location See for more information Mon 11 - Sun 17 Feb 11 am – 6.30 pm


FREE, Donations Welcome Tweet your ‘Firework Moment’ @In_Between_Time




VERSION CONTROL E x h i b it io n : Var i ous A r t ist s ARNOLFINI Sat 2 Feb – Sun 14 April Free


A group exhibition featuring Amalia Pica, Tim Etchells, Felix Gmelin, Andy Holden, Rabih Mroué and others

Version Control comes alive for the opening night of IBT13

Version Control explores performance in the expanded field of contemporary artistic practice. Rather than looking at  performance solely as ‘live’ activity, the  exhibition focuses on performance in a more general sense as a  method of making the past present.  

For Version Control, Tim Etchells has reworked and re-echoed Bruce Nauman’s 12-screen video installation Violent Incident. The 12 screens replaced by descriptive text, audio and a single channel video in which performer Wendy Houstoun attempts to single-handedly re-perform the multi-screen slapstick confrontation at the heart of Nauman’s seminal work.

This ‘performativity’ is about the conscious moment of staging, the appropriating and re-visiting of images and  other forms of representation. It  touches on questions of archiving, historiography, subjectivity and ownership. Version Control includes artists of  different generations and traditions including visual art, theatre and digital  culture, presenting film and video,  painting, drawing, and sculpture. A series of interventions and ‘  performing objects’ will make the exhibition itself performative. “Who controls the past controls the future, and who controls the present controls the past.”


Tim Etchells

For the opening night of IBT13, Wendy Houstoun also dances live in the gallery. Tim Etchells is an artist and a writer whose work shifts between performance, visual art and fiction. He also leads world-renowned performance group Forced Entertainment.

EVENT INFO Venue: Arnolfini Thur 14 Feb

8 pm FREE

1984, George Orwell Version Control is produced by Arnolfini in association with the collaborative AHRC funded research project Performing Documents and In Between Time. See the Arnolfini website FFI. Book Now for the Performing Documents Conferences: Redux Symposium, 8 Dec, 2012, Arnolfini and the Performing Documents Conference, 12-14 April 2013. See for details.



Photo: Herman Horsten


Reckless Sleepers ARNOLFINI Thur 14 Feb A symphony for saw and chair

“Haunting, beautiful, dramatic” — The Guardian

Five empty wooden chairs stand in a row. We (the audience) wait. Five women walk in carrying handsaws. They each stand beside a chair, bow and take a seat.

EVENT INFO Venue: Arnolfini Thur 14 Feb 7.30 pm

They start to saw into the legs of the chairs that they sit on. Each has her own rhythm, her own style. The piece ebbs and flows, rises and falls. The audience is free to come and go, though it’s pleasing to stay where we are. They finish up and leave. Only the lopsided chairs, bits of wood and the sawdust remain.


Part of opening night - #ibt13


WO R K TA B L E Kate M c I n tosh



ARNOLFINI DOCKS Thur 14 - Sun 17 Feb In Worktable objects fall apart. With your help, they come back together. This live installation takes place in a series of shipping containers. Outside the first container you cast your eyes over a shelf lined with objects. You can hear the occasional sounds of heavy blows, breaking or sawing. To enter you must sign in, but you can stay as long as you like. Once inside, you’re given instructions, equipment and safety goggles so you can get to work. Worktable is a large interactive art-work sited on Bristol Harbourside for the duration of IBT13. It is open to the general public - simply drop by to take part.

EVENT INFO Venue: Arnolfini Docks Thur 14 Feb, 7 pm – 10 pm Fri 15 - Sun 17 Feb, 11 am – 7.30 pm FREE Donations Welcome

#worktable Photos: Rachel Cherry





Hol z i n g e r & Ri e b e e k


“They dispense with the rule book. Jesus, if for only one second of our lives we could be free as they are!”

A portrait of a generation: an elusive mix of dance, trashy pop, theatre, roller skating, acrobatics and love Young artists will give everything for applause... In Kein Applaus für Scheisse, Holzinger and Riebeek flirt with the limits of each other and with everything that is possible onstage. The result is a surprising and rich portrait of contemporary pop culture. Victor Riebeek and Florentina Holzinger both trained at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Guided by a powerful sense of generosity, towards each other and the audience, this duo begin IBT13’s programme of exceptional new European performance.


— Zone 02

BOOKING INFO Venue: Arnolfini Fri 15 Feb 8 pm £10 / £7 W: T: 0117 917 2300 Please note that this performance contains nudity. - #ibt13

THE POWER OF IDEAS Andrew Kelly (Festival of Ideas, Bristol) and Vallejo Ganter (PS122, New York) interview IBT Director Helen Cole. AK Cities are critical for the creation of ideas. In fact, I think this will become even more important in the future. How does the city encourage and nurture ideas, and how can we do more to develop this? Bristol, like any city, is a concentration of different peoples forced together in time and place. This creates an incredible melting pot, a platform for expression and a provocation to action.  As result of this rich convergence, ideas inevitably explode, and wherever there are ideas you will always find artists. I believe that artists are any city’s lifeblood, so you will not be surprised to hear that I believe Bristol needs to attract more artists and to better support the ones it has. Artists are often the advance guard in any process of change – creating radical, brave, beautiful, and playful artistic endeavor. And of course cities are constantly in the process of becoming, of being re-written by the people that walk their streets and call them home.  In Bristol we should collectively better celebrate our homegrown artists – the ones who contribute to this evolutionary process to help shape the city we want.

VG Can we afford to keep privileging the role of the artist in cultures that today value creativity across every sphere of endeavour? There is no doubt that we have a lot to learn from other sectors where investment is targeted towards enabling creativity to flourish and where the focus is research and future development. However, in other industries, creativity is always linked to the means of production and above all the creation of profit. It is only in the Arts where creativity is authentic and

independent. This underlines the reason why the Arts are important. It’s the job of PS122 and IBT to shout about the true value of the Arts until we are blue in the face.

VG Tell me about the last work that changed the way you perceive the world. How? Why? Art does not often change the way I perceive the world. To be fair I do not actually expect it to. Yet art can make me so angry I burn and send hot tears pouring down my face. It can touch me, challenge me, make sense of things. It can be a call to arms and a reminder of what it means to be here, to be alive. I saw a piece last night by Brazilian choreographer, Marcelo Evelin. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. Using the theatrical conventions of light and dark it made me unable to trust my own eyes. Literally I was drowning in light as 6 bodies moved as a rhythmic, unpredictable, heaving, breathing mass amongst the audience. At times they fell into us. At others they split apart and just stood and stared. They were utterly unlike us, but strangely we were them. It was beautiful and full of integrity and intent. The dancers were the best they could be, all knotted, powerful, sinew, flesh, sweat, muscle and bone. It utterly unsettled me. I have a searing memory of what it felt like to be running away from them, always in complicity with the other 50 people in that room. This is all that performance should be.

VG What would a perfect collaboration between PS122 and IBT look like? (seriously, lets do it...) I think we should create a PS122 in Bristol and an IBT at PS122 - even if we achieve it only once. Now let’s breathe…! And then let’s make it happen… Selected Excerpt - full interview at

Andrew Kelly

Vallejo Ganter

Helen Cole

Director, Bristol Festival of Ideas

Director, PS122

Director, In Between Time


Under The Moon


DEAD LINE Photo: Paul Blakemore

Jo Ba n n o n THE PARLOUR SHOWROOMS Fri 15 – Sun 17 Feb Because you can’t talk to the dead but you can talk to the living… Dead Line is a live encounter that creates a space to talk a little more openly about our fears, hopes and desires for living and dying. This publicly sited work is part-installation, partperformance, for one person at a time. Dead Line invites you to confront your own mortality, to ask another what you daren’t even ask yourself. It’s a one-to-one encounter that will help you sleep at night.

BOOKING INFO Venue: The Parlour Showrooms Fri 15 – Sun 17 Feb 11 am – 2 pm and 3.30 pm – 6.30 pm £5 / £3 W: T: 0117 917 2300 Individual slots available every 20 mins.

Original concept by Jo Bannon and Lucy Cassidy.

“the wonderful Bristol artist Jo Bannon’

“A very intriguing and moving performance. A really beautiful experience.”

— Lyn Gardner, The Guardian — Audience Member

16 - #ibt13


NIGHT TRIPPER Photo: Signe Becker

Fiks d al, L a n gg å rd & Bec ke r ‘A journey into the dark sides of your soul. No drugs required.’

THE WOODS Sat 16 Feb

— Thomas Frank, Artistic Director, brut Vienna

Follow us into the night for a unique concert performance Beginning at twilight, Night Tripper is a walk, a concert, a ritual and a social event. Made for the fading light, Night Tripper draws from the animism of nature. A world where lingering too long at the crossroads can turn true believers into ‘Divine Horsemen’. Your companions include performers, curious instruments, an invisible choir and potent spirits. Choreographer Ingri Midgard Fiksdal, composer Ingvild Langgård, musician Øystein Wyller Odden and stage designer Signe Becker explore nature as a place of both healing and destructive powers. This is an outdoors event, and involves some walking. Please wrap up warm for this performance.

BOOKING INFO Venue: The Woods Meeting point: Wickham Theatre Sat 16 Feb 4.45 pm £10 / £7 W: T: 0117 917 2300 Meet at the Wickham Theatre, University of Bristol, just off Park Row at 4.45 pm. - #ibt13



FA K E M O O N S im o n Fa ith full

COLLEGE GREEN Thur 14 - Sun 17 Feb 6pm - 7:30pm FREE For four nights of IBT13, a fake moon creates an improbable arc across the Bristol sky Blink, you’re not seeing things. Fake moon is a perplexing apparition in the night sky. Rising slowly, an intense ball of light illuminates the city skyline, casting long shadows across the grass. Simon Faithfull’s Fake Moon makes its wobbling ascent every evening of the festival, powered by man, helium and pulley. Join us in welcoming this extraordinary lunar guest to Bristol. Other information: Drop into the Festival Hub opposite College Green for a glass of mulled wine. Wrap up warm. This event is FREE, but donations are welcome.



MOON SALONS To celebrate Fake Moon, we invite you to these lunarthemed talks. Step into an intimate gathering of drinks and debate, with special guests Simon Faithfull and Bristol Astronomical Society.

M O O N SALO N Simon Faithfull The artist and creator of Fake Moon, playfully explores the history of apparition, hoax and myth. Venue: Council House, College Green Fri 15 Feb 6 pm – 7 pm £3 W: T: 0117 917 2300

M O O N SALO N Bristol Astronomical Society Bristol Astronomical Society share 70 years of looking at Bristol’s night sky. Venue: Council House, College Green Sat 16 Feb 6 pm – 7 pm £3 W: T: 0117 917 2300




FA R E W E L L MOON FEAST Wi t h Th e F u ll Moon O rc h e st ra Bring your instruments and savour the flavours of the moon with a feast specially prepared for IBT13’s finale. As Fake Moon shines on College Green for a final time, what could be more fitting than food and friends gazing out together from Arnolfini’s panoramic 5th floor? Leading the hootenanny The Full Moon Orchestra invite all age groups of any ability to form a musical ensemble to serenade the feasting. All welcome (just don’t forget your guitar / bongos / triangle / xylophone). Vegetarian options available.

BOOKING INFO Venue: Arnolfini (fifth Floor) Sun 17 Feb 6 pm £5 (includes feast) Children under 12 FREE

Inspired by Full Moon Feasts, Bristol.

MOO N WOR KS HO P S Explore pathways to the moon As part of IBT13, Arnolfini will explore through online discussions, practical workshops and print, the mythical and sensorial pathways to the Moon. Join open workshops for all ages that explore galaxies, universes and delve into the myths that we associate with the cosmos.

EVENT INFO Venue: Arnolfini Tues 12, Wed 13 Feb 1 – 5 pm FREE Open to all ages

20 - #ibt13

THE MOON Car mi n e M a u ro Dap rile

Photo: Matte Tunin

SECRET LOCATION Sun 17 Feb An interruption to the everyday experience of central Bristol celebrating imagination and the power of fiction Carmine Mauro Daprile is interested in real environments which appear staged or changed by the presence of unusual figures or circumstances. In The Moon the artist challenges our understanding and perception of our immediate environment. Working with cosplayers, a subculture of people interested in costume and role play, he intends to interrupt the everyday experience in central Bristol for one hour and celebrate our imagination and the power of fiction.

EVENT INFO Venue: Follow #cosplayers Sun 17 Feb 12 noon

Commissioned by Bristol City Council

Get involved with this event via Twitter. Follow #cosplayers for updates and a meeting point.

FREE, Donations Welcome

This work engages cos players from across the South West and UK. - #ibt13



“Kim Noble is a genius”

A short filmic journey of one man’s attempt at connection, friendship, and employment at B&Q

“Just how annoying is Kim Noble?”

— Time Out

— New York Times

“We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.”


— Orson Welles Bristol. Listen up. In this work-in-progress piece, Kim Noble attempts to connect with other people on this planet. Keith for instance. You maybe. And Jon. Let’s not forget Jon. IBT13 welcomes back performance and video artist Kim Noble. Best known as one half of Perrier Award-winning, BAFTA-nominated comedy duo Noble and Silver, Kim also featured in The Mighty Boosh and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace.


Venue: Wickham Theatre Sat 16 Feb 3.30 pm £10 / £7 W: T: 0117 917 2300 - #ibt13


A Voice In The Crowd

ART OF BEGEGNUNG COMES TOMORROW SLOWLY Sinéad O’Donnell An exploration of violence, using dinner plates Artist O’Donnell works with hundreds of white dinner plates, meticulously stacking them until they tower above her head - the inevitable collapse creating a fragmented sculpture on the floor. Part of the Violent performance series exploring the sound of the word violent and its imminent threat, rather than its physical force. The works draw upon past experiences of domestic violence. A workshop on Fri 15 Feb is followed by a performance on Sun 17 Feb. The performance is ‘durational’ - stay as long as you like.

BOOKING INFO Venue: Arnolfini Workshop: Fri 15 Feb, 3 pm – 7 pm Performance: Sun 17 Feb, 2 pm – 6 pm FREE

B R E ATH E FO R M E Martin O’Brien I am my body but my body is against me. I’m drowning. Breathe for me; will some body breathe for me? Sometimes survival is an act of physical endurance. Artist Martin O’Brien suffers from cystic fibrosis, a serious and chronic disease where the body produces excess mucus, blocking major organs, including his lungs. Breathe for Me, considers a medicated body which suffers in order to survive.

EVENT INFO Venue: Arnolfini Fri 15 Feb 3 pm – 7 pm FREE

Martin will journey through central Bristol towards this performance from 1 pm, culminating at Arnolfini.

This is a durational piece, stay as long as you like.

“Utterly compelling…a real tour de force” — Real Time Arts Australia


Photo: Timothy Fluck


Photo: Elena Zannoni


Motus Compelling and intensely physical theatre from a company that takes-no-prisoners Too Late! is a modern take on an ancient tragedy. Celebrated Italian company Motus reinterpret Antigone in typically fearless style. Sophocle’s themes of anarchy, state control and civil disobedience parallel current world events in a powerful and urgent piece from one of Europe’s leading political voices. Pierre Biner called Antigone ‘a tragedy of the too late’, where all the characters come to their senses only after irreparable actions. This contemporary reworking poses the question – is it also too late for us? “...the biggest revelation this year is the ferocious Italian company Motus, whose Too Late! takes a series of well-worn parts… and plays them with such abandon and skill that they feel fresh.” — New York Times

H OW TO BECO M E A C UP C AK E The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein Attitude, excess and whipped cream The Famous needs to know you’re listening. Have a taste, lick it good, and shut the hell up. Featuring choreography and live video, How to Become a Cupcake plays with and against visual fetishizations of the female body. The Famous brings delight and dismay, pleasure and panic, entertainment and nausea to audiences. A hot, if controversial, property, her fantabulous choreographic productions have toured everywhere from Duckie to the Barbican. Fasten your seatbelts.

“Darling of the alternative performance scene” — Time Out

BOOKING INFO Venue: Circomedia Fri 15 Feb 4pm

£10 / £7 W: T: 0117 917 2300

This show contains nudity and strong language

BOOKING INFO Venue: Arnolfini Fri 15 Feb Time: 2 pm £10 / £7 W: T: 0117 917 2300

LILI HANDEL I vo D im chev ARNOLFINI Sat 16 Feb


Blood, poetry and music from the white whore’s boudoir Lili Handel is the story of a diva unable to admit that her time is over. It’s not just her beauty that’s faded; Lili has become a sexless and faceless creature. She has created a phantom in the struggle to keep her former-self alive. Ivo Dimchev explores the visceral human body. He is more than an external form to be observed by audiences. Dimchev extends his insides to you, through voice and movement - even offering up his own blood.

“An elegant, excessive creation and a very special physical performance” — Egoist Magazine

“Simply fantastic’” — New York Times

BOOKING INFO Venue: Arnolfini Sat 16 Feb 8 pm Photo: Tamas Katko

£10 / £7 W: T: 0117 917 2300




Sylvia Rimat Fight or flight? Left or right? Stay or go? If You Decide to Stay is a playful investigation into decision-making - the neurons involved in the process and the difficulties of knowing what we want…really.

Photo: Carl Newland & Stephanie Sarlos

BOOKING INFO Venue: Arnolfini Sat 16 Feb 1.30 pm

£10 / £7 W: T: 0117 917 2300

One of Bristol’s most talented artists, Rimat’s new work is informed by encounters with a Neuroscientist, a Mathematician and a Psychotherapist. The result is part-lecture, partperformance, part-live-experiment. Retrace a lifetime of decisions and celebrate your choice to be here.

“A unique, charming and thoughtful talent” — Gscene Magazine Commission

M E N TA L The Vacuum Cleaner The Metropolitan Police call him a domestic extremist. The NHS labelled him schizophrenic. He prefers the term mental. For ten years, artist activist The Vacuum Cleaner has been outlaw and inpatient. Mental is an autobiographical performance told through psychiatric records, police intelligence files and corporate injunctions all obtained through the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts. Vacuum Cleaner is an art and activism collective of one. He uses legal and illegal tactics to playfully disrupt and brandalise concentrations of power.

BOOKING INFO Venue: A Bedroom Meeting Point: Arnolfini Thur 14 – Sun 17 Feb

9.30 pm £8 / £5 W: T: 0117 917 2300

“One of the most significant artists working in the UK today.” — Live Art Development Agency


This show is not suitable for under 16s.

FAT H E R L A N D N ic G re e n WICKHAM THEATRE Sun 17 Feb Evoking the lands of ancestors through the dance of drum and moustache Born to a Scottish father (whom she met only once, aged sixteen), Green follows the mystery of her paternal line. Accompanied by Tim Harbinson (drums) she draws on the energies and archetypes of her bloodline: the cathartic, intoxicating dances of the terra firma; the ancient warrior women painted and wild; the sadness of the songs, lost and forgotten and the complex psycho-geography of this land. Fatherland celebrates the complex beauty of relationships and of realising one’s place in the world. Direction from Deborah Richardson-Webb.

BOOKING INFO Venue: Wickham Theatre Sun 17 Feb 1.30 pm £10 / £7 W: T: 0117 917 2300

Photo: Peter McMaster

“Elemental, eerie, affirmative, harrowingly beautiful…another triumph for Green, a joy for the rest of us.” — The Herald


EXTR AO R D I N A RY REN DI TI O N Action Hero “see why this maverick company, with its engaging DIY aesthetic, is attracting so much attention” —The Guardian

Action Hero explore songs used for torture, karaoke and the Boston Red Sox’s aeroplane In August 2012, James Stenhouse sang David Gray’s ‘Babylon’ to a room of Americans in a karaoke bar in San Francisco. During IBT13, Action Hero begin a new project called Extraordinary Rendition. Inspired by songs used in both the torture of ‘enemy combatants’ and the world of karaoke, they will spend the festival in a shipping container - exploring these ideas, singing more songs and welcoming curious audience members (and experienced karaoke singers) into their process.


EVENT INFO Venue: Arnolfini Docks Fri 15 – Sun 17 Feb 11 - 6.30 pm


FREE, Donations welcome Photo: Sam Tyler

SL I DE S HOW B I R DS H OW Emma Bennett A short piece for voice and uncooperative powerpoint presentation. Slideshow Birdshow is a songful paean to nature in all its uncooperative glory, and to the gasps, stutters and fluffed lines that emerge when we try to describe it. Inspired by the attempts of ornithologists and poets to unlock the secret life of birds, Emma set out to find her own explanation. She discovered the scratchy music hidden in nature book descriptions. She impersonated a blackbird, got too close to a chaffinch and repeatedly failed to pin down a thrush. Here, with flickering slideshow and a tremulous voice, she attempts to present her findings.

“Emma Bennett has something of

BOOKING INFO Venue: Wickham Theatre Sun 17 Feb 12.30 pm


£5 / £3 W: T: 0117 917 2300

a cult following… both funny and charming.” — Postcards from the Gods

Watch this in a neat double bill with Fatherland pg 28 - #ibt13


ARNOLFINI Sun 17 Feb The revolution is over. How do you want to live?

“An important pointer to how theatre

It is time to start shaping your new nation. What are the rules you want to live by? Who leads you? Early Days (of a Better Nation) is about the opportunity to start again.


is developing”

Some extraordinary events have taken place in the past two years: the Arab Spring, the England riots, Occupy and the Indignants. They have been shocking, thought-provoking and sometimes inspirational. This large-scale, interactive work, combines theatre, a playing audience, live soundtrack and video to explore what it takes to build a better nation.

BOOKING INFO Venue: Arnolfini Sun 17 Feb 3.30 pm – 5.30 pm £10 / £7 W: T: 0117 917 2300



DRESSAGE Of f i c i al Fe st iva l Party

Lakota Sat 16 Feb, 10 pm - late #dressage

IBT team up with party-starters Horseplay to deliver a night like no other. Mixing leading DJs with cuttingedge performance the Dressage line-up includes: Brian Lobel’s one-to-one performance project Cruising for Art (Latitude, BFI, V & A) and Liz Clarke’s Kustom Kunst Kommandos. Italo/disco duo Pardon My French (Kiss fm) headline


The Stable alongside nudisco/indiedance jockeys Horseplay. London’s ‘joyous mess’ Sink the Pink, last seen hosting the Grand Palace at Bestival, bring pop silliness and fruity couture to The Paddock. Dressage is an arty party with a fun, dress-up vibe; a dance sanctuary for misfits and thrill seekers. Go equine crazy; pull on your riding gear, polish your hooves, comb out your mane and dance until you’re ready for the knackers yard! Dress Up!: Sparkling Showponies, Butch/Glam, Stableboys/ girls, Equestrian Alter Egos.

Photo: Jak Flash Photography

A freewheeling arts party with an equestrian edge, featuring live performance, gogo dance, and DJs.

Photo: Christa Holka

Photo: Carl Newland

CRUISING FOR ART Brian Lobel Your hankie is your ticket to Cruising for Art, a night of fleeting one-on-one performances by some of the country’s most exciting performers. A peepshow of delights, Cruising is created in conjunction with Dressage to ensure every corner of Lakota comes alive. If you see someone with a matching hankie, then eye contact, a smile, or a wink, may start a wild journey, a tender moment, a dangerous detour or an intimate conversation. Featuring new work by: Stacy Makishi, Mitch & Parry, Lucy Fizz, R Justin Hunt, Season Butler and more. Part of your Dressage ticket. Supported by Theatre Bristol.

KU STOM KUNST KO M MAND OS Liz Clarke Charting the chrome, the shine, the buff of a motoristic love affair. Using the backdrop of the city and the intimate thrill of in-car entertainment, Kommandos offers a glimpse of a strange cinematic reality. A live female take on Kenneth Anger’s 1965 homoerotic short, Clarke performs this short and dreamlike piece, for an audience of five, inside a sleek black car Sited Outside Lakota. Ticketed separately to Dressage. Book individual slots: 10 pm – 11 pm Tickets: £5 / £3 Arnolfini Box Office

“a mischievous living installation”

“Clarke’s work evokes a Glitterball in a Junkyard’”

— The Guardian

— Ron Athey

BOOKING INFO Venue: Lakota Date: Sat 16 Feb Time: 10 pm - late

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Dressage is produced by IBT in collaboration with Horseplay


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Catch We See Fireworks by Temple Meads. - #ibt13


Thu 14

Fri 15


HOW TO BECOME A CUPCAKE (p.25) The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein Arnolfini 2pm

BREATHE FOR ME (p.24) Martin O’Brien Arnolfini 3pm - 7pm

ART OF BEGEGNUNG... (Workshop) (p.24) Sinéad O’Donnell Arnolfini 3pm - 7pm

TOO LATE! (p.25) Motus Circomedia 4pm



FESTIVAL OPENING (p. 4) Festival Hub 6pm

FAKE MOON (p.19) Simon Faithfull College Green 6pm - 7.30pm

FAKE MOON (p.19) Simon Faithfull College Green 6pm - 7.30pm

A STRING SECTION (p.12) Reckless Sleepers Arnolfini 7.30pm

UNTITLED (p.11) Tim Etchells Arnolfini 8pm

KEIN APPLAUS FÜR SHEISSE (p.15) Holzinger & Riebeek Arnolfini 8pm

LIVING ROOM OPERA (p.7) CMO, Zierle & Carter Meeting Point: Arnolfini 9.30pm

LIVING ROOM OPERA (p.7) CMO, Zierle & Carter Meeting Point: Arnolfini 9.30pm

MENTAL (p.27) The Vacuum Cleaner Meeting Point: Arnolfini 9.30pm

MENTAL (p.27) The Vacuum Cleaner Meeting Point: Arnolfini 9.30pm

Sat 16

Sun 17

Every Day

IF YOU DECIDE TO STAY (p.27) Sylvia Rimat Arnolfini 1.30pm

THE MOON (p.22) Carmine Mauro Daprile Secret Location 12pm

WE SEE FIREWORKS (p.9) Helen Cole Secret Location 11am - 6.30pm

I AM NOT ALONE (p.23) Kim Noble Wickham Theatre 3.30pm

SLIDESHOW BIRDSHOW (p.29) Emma Bennett Wickham Theatre 12.30pm

DEAD LINE (p.17) Jo Bannon The Parlour Showrooms 11am - 2pm 3.30pm - 6.30pm

FATHERLAND (p.28) Nic Green Wickham Theatre 1.30 pm

NIGHT TRIPPER (p.18) Fiksdal/Langgård/Becker Meeting Point: Wickham Theatre 4.45pm

WORKTABLE (p.13) Kate McIntosh Arnolfini Docks Thur 7pm – 10pm Fri – Sun 11am – 7.30pm

ART OF BEGEGNUNG COMES TOMORROW SLOWLY (p.24) Sinéad O’Donnell Arnolfini 2pm - 6pm

EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION (p.29) Action Hero Arnolfini Docks 11am - 6.30pm

EARLY DAYS (OF A BETTER NATION) (p.30) Coney Arnolfini 3.30pm - 5.30pm

FAKE MOON (p.19) Simon Faithfull College Green 6pm - 7.30pm

VERSION CONTROL (p.11) Exhibition Arnolfini 11am – 6pm open later Fri/Sat

FAKE MOON (p.19) Simon Faithfull College Green 6pm - 7.30pm

FAREWELL MOON FEAST (p.21) The Full Moon Orchestra Arnolfini 5th Floor 6pm - 7.30pm

LILI HANDEL (p.26) Ivo Dimchev Arnolfini 8pm

PAVE (p.8) Pete Barrett City Gate 3.30pm - 6.30pm

FIELD TEST (p.8) Alex Bradley St Stephens Church Garden 6pm - 10pm


LIVING ROOM OPERA (p.7) CMO, Zierle & Carter Meeting Point: Arnolfini 9.30pm

MENTAL (p.27) The Vacuum Cleaner Meeting Point: Arnolfini 9.30pm

DRESSAGE (p.31) Official Festival Party Lakota 10pm

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“Go to the brilliantly curated In Between Time Festival” — The Guardian

IBT13 is produced by In Between Time in collaboration with Arnolfini


IBT13 Programme  


IBT13 Programme