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These precious moments

Words by Tim Carter Illustrations by Anthony O’Callaghan

Contents And I am always with you

The clock


Too young

Somewhere on another plane

In the gallery

The table

Wanting to love you

The horizon

The passage of life

Little baby

Being safe

No action

Something new

The journey

And on each day they had a choice


In pieces

The hurting


It’s gonna happen!

Like a child


Froze to the bone in my igloo home

Just Looking

What a cheek! What a liberty!

Shouting into the void

Enter the new day

The balance

The pain and the presence

Closer Sometimes it almost seems too much As if the two of us are joined into one Talking, joking, laughing, sharing, loving We follow each others lead without a prompt Time stands still Just for that moment And then it’s gone It can’t be held It can’t be kept Like trying to hold water in your hands When something slips through your fingers you know how precious it is Make me treasure these moments Make me search them out Make me believe in them

Somewhere on another plane She always smiles—Always It doesn’t seem to matter what she is dealing with, what she has been told Who wants something from her, good or bad She smiles—Always Sometimes you want her to react to exclaim that it isn’t fair that the man is an arse Or the woman’s motives are see-through Yet all she does is smile—Always And I begin to realise that the smiling doesn’t mean there is no judgement The smiling doesn’t mean there is no assessment The smiling doesn’t mean she doesn’t hold an opinion Yet she smiles and holds her peace long enough to be measured and respectful in her response She smiles—Always—And I want to learn from that Always. Smiling. Always.

The table And around the table they sat Looking, hoping, waiting No one knew what to say The words had been exhausted long ago All that was left was each other And in the quiet they could hear the silence The more they listened The louder it became Until the silence was louder than they could bear For within the silence Was the answer Shouting back at them

Little baby Little baby So demanding

Little baby Full of promise

Little baby So responsive

Little baby Desperately wanted

Little baby Always absorbing Little baby Gives so much Little baby Oh so vulnerable

Little baby Is only here for a while Little baby Can’t stay little Little baby Make us realize how special you are Before we’ve helped you to grow

No action Well I tried I really tried

And I know it is too soon to ask So I sit here wondering

But it wouldn’t happen today Maybe it was my fault What do you think? Did I do something different ? Was I rude? Did I miss something? Whatever it was you weren’t yourself You didn’t respond as I expected You made me question if I had got it all wrong – again

Waiting Pondering Worrying Hoping Asking Fill me with understanding Fill me with perceptiveness Fill me with peace

Just looking Look up Look down Look around Look in Look out Look about Look at her Look at him

Look in the mirror Look at the reflection Look at yourself And what do you see No What do you really see?

Wanting to love you The sound in the trees The noise of the wind rushing past the buildings The squawking of the birds overhead But the quietness of my head The brain never sleeping The complexity of what goes on up there The ineptitude of understanding each other Trying to pick up the clues

Often failing Asking for wisdom Looking to gain insight Desperately wanting to love you

Enter the new day And so I enter this day With new energy With sustenance and rest With quiet expectation And anticipation. What lies in wait and who am I going to come across? What is going to be said and what will I hear? What will I say and what effect am I going to have? Fill me with life, love and hope Help me to expect good things to happen Make me a creative force That I may end the day a better, more informed and wiser person than when I started.

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These precious moments - sample  

These precious moments - sample  


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