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Reducing your business costs to save you money

basingstoke together bid in association with Meercat Associates

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introduction Harnessing the collective purchasing power of businesses and organisations within the Basingstoke Together BID A key pledge within our business plan is to deliver a joint procurement service to enable businesses and organisations to achieve cost savings and ultimately reduce overall operating costs. Through specialist procurement and economies of scale, in partnership with Meercat (who work with many BIDs across the UK), we will provide added value and tangible economic benefit to help your business meet economic, corporate social responsibility and environmental ambitions.

basingstoke together bid in association with Meercat Associates

The process is simple; contact Meercat Associates (details are on the back page of this booklet) to arrange a visit from a Business Improvement Consultant, who will then review your business costs against the areas contained within this booklet (utilities, telecoms, testing and pest control). The opportunities outlined in this booklet represent the first stage in this work programme and we welcome your thoughts and suggestions to help inform our on-going work. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the BID team. Best regards, Karen Wild Chief Executive, Basingstoke Together

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ENERGY Basingstoke Together BID Joint Procurement Service covers all aspects of the procurement process to secure cheaper prices for your gas and electricity and fix these prices to protect you from changes in the energy market. We will monitor and manage your contracts to ensure Basingstoke Together BID members are always on the best market rates. If you are currently tied into a contract, we will plan and secure the best terms in preparation for the renewal and, by tracking contracts, we will ensure that your contract is terminated at the right time to prevent it from rolling to a higher rate. Our energy experts are on hand to ensure that you have the right energy strategy, monitoring and contract for your business.

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TELECOMS Basingstoke Together BID Joint Procurement Service is able to provide a concise solution that is tailored to your telecoms requirements. Looking at business landlines, business mobiles and broadband, we will analyse often complicated itemised bills and secure the best market rates to save you time and money. Our telecom experts will navigate this complex market and use our buying group to secure the best market rates whilst taking away the confusion.

basingstoke together bid in association with Meercat Associates

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PEST CONTROL Pests can carry disease and cause food poisoning; they can also cause physical damage to properties and leave nests, droppings and odours. Following an extensive procurement process, the Meercat team have negotiated an exclusive package which provides affordably priced pest control with a friendly and professional service. Through the Basingstoke Together BID Joint Procurement Service, Meercat will commission pest control advisors to arrange a site inspection at a time that is convenient for you. During this visit, they will create a detailed recommendation based on your individual circumstances and recommend an approach that will work for your business. The service covers infestations across food and nonfood premises, including rodent, bird or insect control.

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TESTING By law, every business and organisation has to ensure that their building and equipment is safe and regularly tested to ensure compliance. Basingstoke Together BID Joint Procurement Service can source the right supplier at the right price for your testing requirements. Without compromising on customer care and quality, we will ensure that costs for these services are the lowest in the market place. Basingstoke Together BID WILL TAKE CARE OF: • Fire Risk Assessments

• Fire Extinguisher Servicing

• Health & Safety Risk Assessments

• Thermal Imaging

• Fire Warden Training

• Emergency Lighting Testing

• DSE Assessments

• PAT Testing

• Legionella Water Testing

• Electrical Maintenance; Planned & Reactive

• Periodic Inspection Reporting – Fixed Wire Testing • Fire Alarm Testing

• Carbon Monoxide Detection and Gas Safety Checks

basingstoke together bid in association with Meercat Associates

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basingstoke together bid in association with Meercat Associates

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HANDYMAN Our one stop shop for all maintenance and handyman requirements. If you are looking for a professional, reliable and cost effective approach with a team you can trust to get the job done, we are the perfect solution. We will save Basingstoke Together BID members money and remove the burden of finding the skills and people you need.

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PRINT & STATIONERY No matter how digital this world is, every organisation still requires printed material such as business cards, letterheads and other products. We have therefore put together the best quality service at the best rates, exclusively for BID members. We will also analyse all your stationary requirements and carry out a market test to ensure you receive exactly what you want. Working together, we can reduce deliveries into the BID area while also saving you money.

basingstoke together bid in association with Meercat Associates

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INSURANCE By bringing together and negotiating for businesses within the same sector we can consolidate your needs and offer better premiums. Your BID insurance team will do all the work for you and provide you with all the support you need.

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MERCHANT FEES Businesses are faced by an array of complex pricing and industry coding and are primarily unaware of excessive merchant fees, particularly members who are based in the retail, restaurant and hospitality sectors. Our experts only need a recent merchant account invoice to produce a comprehensive report showing the potential savings that can be achieved by our BID members. Get charged less for all of your card transactions!

basingstoke together bid in association with Meercat Associates

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WATER The commercial water market in England has become deregulated. Businesses are now able to choose their water supplier, rather than being tied to their default, location-driven provider. It is envisaged that deregulation will lead to competition among suppliers, with savings available to businesses who are prepared to test the market. Â Meercat will be using their wealth of experience in dealing with national suppliers to help our Basingstoke Together BID members minimise their water bills, managing the process from start to finish.

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basingstoke together bid in association with Meercat Associates

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Basingstoke Together BID working in partnership with Meercat Associates Ltd.

TO START SAVING CALL: 01444 416529 Or Email: Basingstoke Together Chute House Church Street Basingstoke RG21 7QT T: 01256 331010 E:

basingstoke together bid in association with Meercat Associates

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