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INAVATOF MAGAZINE VOLUME 1 suitable for ages 8 and up





Dominoku + word puzzles + ambigrams + character design + fold up toy + more

Get your brain off the shelf!

Innovative word games, graphic puzzles, character design, activities & evil vegetables from the dark side of the fridge.

Š text and illustrations Thomas Hamlyn-Harris 2008 All rights reserved. For information on how to licence Dominoku or other puzzles for newspapers and magazines contact Selected illustrations are available as royalty-free vector downloads from (follow the links from online catalogue) Editing by Jodi Hamlyn-Harris.

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Game 1 is easy. Just match the domino number pattern on the adjoining tiles. The 4 pattern is done for you in red. game 1


game 2


adjoining tiles


How to Play

The tiles are laid together in matching pairs. By process of elimination, fill in the blank circles (pips) according to the classic domino format so that the domino patterns on each end of adjoining tiles match. Make sure you match the domino pattern not just the number of pips!


• Numbers only go from 1 to 6. • All 6 number patterns must be used in each puzzle • There is only one correct solution. • The open ends are always the same *Answers on the last page.




game 3

game 5


game 4


game 6



monkey mandala

How many words can you make with these letters? Two letter words don’t count and you can only use each letter once.






10 - 15 words Keep trying



15 - 25 words Good over 25 words Excellent

Can you find the eight letter word? see last page for answers



Mandalas are geometric patterns made up of circles and other shapes to represent the universe, the unconscious mind or aspects of spirituality. They are sometimes used as a tool for meditation by Tibetan Buddists who spend hours making beautiful sand mandalas which the wind just blows away. Try making your own mandala using things you find in the garden.

what the?


1.03 Q. What dinosour had the healthiest teeth and gums? A. The Flosso-raptor

Saurus is a Greek word which means lizard. The meaning of Velociraptor is “swift thief”.

Make up your own “What-the?”-a-saurus. It can be anything-a-saurus that you like.

ambigrams WORD PUZZLES


Ambigrams are word puzzles that are a bit like palindromes*. With a palindrome you just read from left to right and right to left. With most ambigrams however, you read them upside down as well as right way up. Some of them are really hard to work out. Some go around and around in a circle and some of them can even make your brain explode! A palindrome is a word or number that reads the same forwards as it does backwards. EYE and DEED are palindromic words and 20302 is a palindromic number. Phrases and sentences can also be palindromes — “Rats live on no evil star”, “dr. awkward”, “stressed desserts”, “Neil, a trap! Sid is part alien” and “Mr. Owl ate my metal worm” are some great examples. If these words are scaring you, you might have Aibohphobia. The fear of palindromes is called aibohphobia and is, in itself, a palindrome.

A simple ambigram is pod (turn the page upside down and read it again - see!). Some letters look like another letter upside down (p & d) and some look the same (o & s). Ambigram designers sometimes need to use special ways of writing or optical tricks to make you see something in a certain way. John Langdon is a well known ambigram designer and created some amazing ones for the book “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown. You can see them at his web site -

Above is a tricky ambigram. The word “Breathe” is written eight times — can you find them all?




Draw or make your favourite movie character or monster as something that you might find in your refrigerator.

Character design is drawing a character for a specific purpose. This could be for a range of things like stories, comic books, animations, games or advertising. Designers think about how the character would look from different angles and in different situations. Character designers often use simple shapes and create a ‘model sheet’ (like the one above) to show other artists or illustrators how to draw or design their character. Sometimes, separate teams of artists working in different countries all use the same model sheet so the character looks the same every time.




Print out the following page and follow the instructions to make your own Bad Carrot. You will need:

scissors glue paper clip

Send photos of your Bad Carrot to


Cut out along the dotted line. G l u eh ere


Put glue on the white tab.


Make a cone shape so that the glued white tab goes under the opposite side. Hold firm until the glue sets.

fold along the line. 5.

Fold here

Bad t Carro one

b Bad to the

Place the wings on the back and fold over inside.


Secure the wings using a paperclip.

Bad Carrot character, design and instructions copyright Thomas Hamlyn-Harris 2007


Dinner decider WHAT ‘S FOR DINNER?


Can’t decide what to have for dinner? Write or draw dinner ideas in each of the squares. Cut out and fold along each line. Lay the paper flat again and apply glue to the grey tabs and fold into a cube. Now deciding on dinner is just a roll of the dice - who’s cooking!

No icecream for dinner!

solutions 1.01 game 2

game 4

game 3

game 5


game 6

Check out www. m


The eight letter word is cupboard. Other words include: rod, cod, pod, cup, board, bar, bad, card, boar, pour, car, crab, arc, drab, cord, orb, bud, cud, pad, prod, broad, proud, our, drop, rob, cop, dab, cab, cap, rap, curd, crop, oar, curb, road, pub and cob.

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The word Breathe runs around the outside 4 times and around the inside 4 times.